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Michael & Ellen Sullivan and their children: Daniel, Owen, Dennis B., Hanna (Johanna), and Mary Sullivan - 144 Coffey street and 358 Van Brunt west side of Van Brunt south of Sullivan

Sullivan's Hall at 358 Van Brunt was a popular meeting place of the 12th Ward Democratic Association in the late 1800s.

Michael Sullivan (dob circa 1806) and his wife, Ellen, (dob circa 1810) and their children were born in Ireland according to the censuses. Their known children were: Daniel (dob c 1840), Owen (dob c 1848) Dennis (dob c. 1859), Johanna (Hanna) (dob c 1859) and Mary (dob c 1860).

Michael Sullivan kept a saloon at 358 Van Brunt street from perhaps as early as 1872. Sullivan Hall, a local political meeting place was also located at 358 Van Brunt street. The family lived for years at 144 Partition (later Coffey street).

Michael Sullivan seems to have run the saloon/hall until at least 1885. In 1886 the hall was referred to as Kane's Hall. Michael Sullivan died before 1890. Ellen Sullivan died in 1890 and was listed as the wife of the "late" Michael Sullivan".

The 1886 map of Ward 12 shows 144 Partition as a wood frame house set back from the sidewalk by a few feet and having a very deep rear yard. It was mid way between Conover and Van Brunt on the north side of the street. In 2016 it was an empty lot.

On the 1886 map of Ward 12 358 Van Brunt is show as a building with a brick front section and a frame rear section almost as large as the front section. I was third in from the SW corner of Sullivan street.

1870: Ward 12, Michael Sullivan 55, laborer, Ireland, Ellen Sullivan 56, Daniel Sullivan 30, porter, Denis Sullivan 15 Ellen Sullivan 21, evelope maker, Johanna Sullivan 18 Mary Sullivan 13, all born Ireland

1872: Saloon kept by Committeeman Denis Sullivan and run by his brother (not named).

1875: 12th ward, Brooklyn, Michael Sullivan Father M 55, laborer, Ellen Sullivan Wife F 55 Johanna* Sullivan Daughter F 19, envelope maker, Dennis Sullivan Son M 18, clerk, Mary Sullivan Daughter F 16, envelope maker


1875: Political meetings were regularly held at 358 Van Brunt throughout the year 1875. No mention of the name Sullivan.

1876: Michael Sullivan "123" Partition laborer.

1878: Sullivan, Michael lab. h 144 Partition

1880: 144 Partition street, Sullivan, Michael age 74, laborer, born Ireland, Ellen age 69 wife, "Cowhey", Mary age 12, grand daughter

1880: Sullivan, Michael h 144 Partition

1881: October The Arther S. Hunkele Campaign Club (Republican) met at Sullivan's Hall 358 Van Brunt

1882: August 9, Edward Sweeney age 11 was caught by Roundsman McMahon "in the act of tapping the till in Sullivans' saloon No. 358 Van brunt street." Sweeney had take $1.50 which was found in his possession.

1882: A political meeting was held in Sullivan's Hall 358 Van Brunt when it was announced that an attempt would be made to get the increasing Scandinavian population envolved in Democratic politics.

1883: Political meeting of 12th Ward Democratic Association at 358 Van Brunt, Sullivan's Hall.

1884: City Directory Sullivan: Owen stevedore h 169 Elizabeth, Dennis B. liquors 376 Van Brunt, h 144 Partition (Coffey), Ellen widow Michael, h 144 Partition

1884: In June 1884, 1885 Sullivan's hall was at 358 Van Brunt - a place for political meetings.

1884: Political meeting of 12th Ward Democratic Association at 358 Van Brunt, Sullivan's Hall. "The small and dimly lit room was uncomfortably crowded." There were "1,368 persons in the Ward Association."

1884: Political meeting of 12th Ward Democratic Association at 358 Van Brunt, Sullivan's Hall. "The ward is large and its voters mainly workingmen, who will not tramp a couple of miles to a meeting".

1884: January 1884 Michael Sullivan was cited for violation of the excise law at 358 Van Brunt for having his place open on the night of January 20 where men were playing cards.

1884: February, Michael Sullivan's "place" was under police surveillance presumably for violation of the excise law as the other mentioned in the article had had licences revoked for excise law violations.

1885: June regular meeting of the 12th Ward Democratic Association.

1885: Political meeting of 12th Ward Democratic Association at 358 Van Brunt, Sullivan's Hall The "assemblage" sat on "rather rickety seats" - attendees were smoking including one who was smoking a "12th ward Reina Victoria" - some members rested agains a coal box - "Mr. Sullivan" was appointed a committee head.

1886: May 30th, 12th Ward Democrats met at "Kane's" Hall 358 Van Brunt.

1886: September, Political meeting of 12th Ward Democratic Association at 358 Van Brunt Kane's Hall.

1887: Political meeting of 12th Ward Democratic Association at 358 Van Brunt.

1889: Political meeting of 12th Ward Democratic Association at 358 Van Brunt. The meeting was not well attended due to heavy rain.

1890: Political meeting of 12th Ward Democratic Association at 358 Van Brunt.

1891: Political meeting of 12th Ward Democratic Association at 358 Van Brunt, Sullivan's Hall.

1894: 3rd District 12th Ward polling place 358 Van Brunt "shoes"

1890: Death of Ellen Sullivan age 75 September 18, 1890 wife of the late Michael Sullivan, 144 Partition, buried Holy Cross. "Cork papers please copy"

1892: Sullivan, Owen, age 44, Ireland stevedore, Dennis age 32 clerk, Hanna age 30

1900: 144 Coffey street, Brooklyn Ward 12, Thomas Cruise 40, head, super (cannot read) R. R., imm 1885, naturalized, Hannah Cruise 39, married 7 years 0 children, imm 1866 Owen Sullivan 52, brother in law, widowed, imm a863, stevedore lumber, Dennis B Sullivan 40, brother in law, single, all born Ireland, imm 1864, shipping clerk

1901: Dennis Sullivan 144 Partition, clerk.

1910: Census - Thomas J Cruise M 43y Ireland, wife Hannah Cruise F 43y Ireland, Owen Sullivan M 57y Ireland, Dennis Sullivan M 53y Ireland

Note: There is an address connection between Michael Sullivan, Dennis B. Sullivan and Owen Sullivan.

1882 Directory: Michael Sullivan, home 144 Partition, laborer. Owen Sullivan NOT listed in Red Hook. Dennis Sullivan NOT listed in Red Hook.

1884: Dennis Sullivan 144 Partition laborer - 2nd listing "Dennis" B. Sullivan liquors, 358 Van Brunt h 144 Partition. Michael Sullivan NOT listed in the 1884 directory. Owen Sullivan laborer at 169 Elizabeth.

1885: Owen 169 Elizabeth, Michael liquors h[ome] 144 Partition, Dennis B Sullivan liquors 358 Van Brunt, h[ome] 144 Partition.

1888: Ellen Sullivan 144 Partition Brooklyn, New York, USA widow of Michael Sullivan Publication Title: Brooklyn, New York, City Directory, 1888

1890: 144 Partition, Dennis B. Liquors, Eugene 144 Partition stevedore

Sullivan siblings

  1. Daniel (1870 census) circa 1840

  2. Owen Sullivan

    Birth: c 1848 Ireland


    Single at age 57 in 1910.

    1892: Owen Sullivan 44 stevedore, Dennis age 32, clerk, Hanna age 30.

    Death 1916: Owen Sullivan 18 Feb 1916, Brooklyn, Kings, 144 Coffey St. Age 69, Marital Status Widowed, Birth Date 1847, Birthplace Ireland, Burial Date 20 Feb 1916, Cemetery Holy Cross Cemetery, Father's Name Michael, Father's Birthplace Ireland, Mother's Name Ellen Fitzgerald, Mother's Birthplace Ireland

  3. Dennis B Sullivan

    Birth: c 1859 Ireland

    Immigration: circa 1864 per 1900 census

    Single at age 53 in 1910

    1892: with Owen 1900: age 40, with Thomas and Hanna Cruise as a "brother in law".

    1890: Sullivan, Denis B, Liquor 376 Van Brunt.

    Death: 1935, Dennis Sullivan, 10 Dec 1935, 520 Gates Ave., Brooklyn, New York, Age 81, Marital Status Single, Occupation Chair Caner in Blind Home, Birth Date 29 Sep 1854, Birthplace Cork, Ireland, Burial Date 12 Dec 1935, Cemetery Holy Cross, Father's Name Michael Sullivan, Father's Birthplace Ireland, Mother's Name Ellen Fitzgerald, Mother's Birthplace Ireland

  4. Hannah Sullivan Cruise

    Birth circa 1859 Ireland.


    1892: with Owen and Dennis.

    Marriage: Thomas J. Cruise

    Children: ??

  5. Mary
Note: Mary Cowhey born circa 1868 was listed as the grandchild of Michael and Ellen Sullivan in the 1880 census

358 Van Brunt

1882: April 27, 1882:

"James Moran, who when arrested recently assaulted his captor, was arraigned before Justice Bergen today. A charge of assaulting tbe officer, another or drunkenness, and a thud of assaulting his mother, with whom he lives at No. 358 Van Brunt street, were made against him. On the last cbarge he was sentenced to the Penitentiary for six months."

"Simon Ryan, 25 years old of 358 Van Brunt street, was arrested by Patrolman Murphy, of the Eleventh Precinct Station, charged with having cut John Maddigah in a quarrel, in front of the latter's saloon, Van Brunt and Dlkeman streets, last evening. Ryan, when arrested, was suffering from a severe scalp wound received during.the fight. Maddigan refused to press the complaint, and Ryan was discharged by Justice Massey this morning."
1890: E Senger proposed "to lower the the floor of the main building at 358 Van Brunt street to correspond with extension of store and to cost $400."

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