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Graef/Greff, Frederick, (c1837-1902) Wurtenburg, Germany, beer/liquor, corner Partition, also 320 Van Brunt (corner of William) and 358 Van Brunt (on the west side of Van Brunt below Sullivan) - Red Hook, Brooklyn

Birth of Frederick Graef: c1833/37 Baden-Wurtenburg Germany (May 02, 1837 son of Fredrick Graef (1820-1873) and Minnie 1820-?? [info from May, March 2016])

Immigration: 1841 [May, March 2106, source 1900 census]

Marriage: Jacobina born Bavaria circa 1837 - about 1862 - Maria Jacobina Cook Koch (1837-1878) [May March 2016]


  1. Edward c 1863

  2. Mary circa 1865 (1870 census)

  3. Emma circa 1868 (1870 Census)

  4. Mathilda Rose, 23 Sept 1871 - 1923 married Elmer Elsworth Hamilton [May March 2016]

    Death: [May, March 2016]Matilda Tillie Hamilton Birth Date 23 Sep 1871 Birth Place Kings County (Brooklyn), New York, USA Death Date 1 Feb 1923 Death Place Oyster Bay, Nassau County, New York, USA Cemetery Greenfield Cemetery Burial or Cremation Place Uniondale, Nassau County, New York, USA

  5. Lillie circa 1870 (per 1875 census)

  6. Fredrich Jan 1, 1873

    Birth Cert [May, March 2016] Frederich Graef boy, January 1, 1873, 404 Van Brunt Street Mother Minnie Graef nee Koch born Bavaria father Frederick Graef beer saloon keeper born Bavaria mid wife Catherine Stoch

    1915: Car Accident [May March 2016] Frederick Graef age 42, of 333 Hamburg ave was in the German Hospital with a fractured skull, and contusions of the face head and body. He was hurt while leaving work when he fell down as he was getting down from a car of which he was the driver on the Myrtle and Central avenue lines.

  7. Katie circa 1877 (per 1880 census)

1878 Death of Jacobina Graef: March 07, 1878 358 Van Brunt Street Cert #1774 - Newspaper extract March 3, "58" Van Brunt, Marie J Graef w Frederick 40 yrs 5 months [May March 2016]

Maria Jacobina Graef Birth Date 14 Oct 1837 Birth Place Germany Death Date 7 Mar 1878 Death Place Brooklyn, Kings County (Brooklyn), New York, USA Cemetery Green-Wood Cemetery Burial or Cremation Place Brooklyn, Kings County (Brooklyn), New York, USA [May, March 2106] - Greenwood Cemetery Minnie Graef Burial Date 10 Mar 1878 Burial Place Kings, NY USA Household Members Name Age Minnie Graef [May, March 2016]

Greenwood - GRAEF MINNIE 1878-03-10 17263 15 (No other Graef in that plot)

1900: 168 Ridge street, Manhattan Graeff, Frederick head widowed, born May 1837, Germany retired, immigrated 1841, with daughter Katie, single, born Jan 1877 New York, examiner skirts - Note: When she married in March 1889 Mathilda Rose Greaf daughter of John F. Graef and Marie "Cook" lived at 168 Ridge Street, New York.

1902: Death of Frederick Graef Frederick Graef Birth Date: May 1837 Birth Place: Germany Death Date: 15 Dec 1902 Death Place: Kings County (Brooklyn), New York, USA Cemetery: The Evergreens Cemetery Burial or Cremation Place: Brooklyn, Kings County (Brooklyn), New York, USA Spouse: Maria Jacobina Graef Children: Matilda Tillie Hamilton URL: http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-. [May Bartens]

1854: FOR SALE 7 lots north west corner Van Brunt at Partition. "a rapidly improving neighborhood" 160 ft on Van Brunt and 116 on Partition. "both streets are regular and paved"

A J Greif 58, merchant, $15,000, 50,000 C Trinette Greif 58, Charley Greif 27, clerk, Frederick Greif 26, clerk, Antony Greif 23, clerk, Edward Greif 17, clerk, Erens Henry 25, clerk, Lina Erens 20 Johanna Gleeson 24, servant Kate Carroll 21, servant, Fernande Napoleon 23

1866: liquor licence granted Graef, F. Corner Van Brunt and Partition.

1870: Graef, Frederick, beer, Van Brunt and Partition.

1870: Ward 12, Graef, Fredrich, age 33, beer dealer born Wurtenburg, Jacobina age 33 keeping house, born Bayern, Edward, age 7, Mary age 5 Emma age 2 children born New York.

1871: liquors, van Brunt and Partition

1872: 1873 Graef, Frederick liquors 404 Van Brunt. 1874, Partition and Van Brunt. He appear to have moved after this to 358 Van Brunt. The property passed to Henry Hoehn, see Hoehn.

Fred Graef on a list of Democrats of the 12th ward in 1876.

1870: Brooklyn Eagle liquor dealers listed Greaf, F. corner Partition and Van Brunt.

1873: Passport application from May March 2016

Kings, Fredrick Graef born May 2, 1837 Wurttenberg naturalized citizen, court of Common Pleas, Feb. 1, 1859, age 36, 5 ft 5 inches, blue eyes, brown hair.
1875: Ward 12, 358 Van Brunt, brick $4,500 Graef, Federick age 38, born Germany, liquor dealer, not listed as owner of building, naturalized, Minnie age 27, Edward 12, Mary 10, Ann 8, Lilly 5, Frederick 2, one other family in building.

1875: July 19 Fredrick Greff proprietor of a lager beer saloon, 320 Van Brunt was arrested on the complaint of John Smith. Greff stated that Smith came into his store in a "drunken state", had some drinks, refused to pay for them and finally had attempted to assault Greff who ejected him from the saloon." (BE)

1876, 1879, 1880, 1881, 1884: "358 Van Brunt", liquors

1878: Death: Brooklyn Union Argus March 11, 1878 Orbits Maria J.GRAEF, aged 40; funeral yesterday 358 Van Brunt street (archiver.rootsweb.ancestry.com)

1880: 358 Van Brunt Fred Grief, age 43, liquor dealer, widower, Edward, age 17, bartender, Mary age 15, Emma age 20, Lillie age 10, Fredrich age 7 Katie age 3,

Same page in 1880 John O'Brien, 354 Van Brunt, age 40 liquor dealer and family. Same page 360 Van Brunt, Conner, (Connor), Patrick age 48 grocer and family. Also 264 Van Brunt Fitzpatrick, Nicholas groceryman and family.
1880: Fredrick Graef was "right head" on the "eagle target", Brooklyn Schuetzen Corps shooting festival at Myrtle ave Park. .

1881: King County Graef Fredrick 358 Van Brunt, Jacob Hoffman Saloon fixtures etc. $150 (CU Libraries)

1884: Frederick Gref of 320 Van Brunt had his licence revoked, May 29.

1884: June, the liquor store of Frederick "Grant" at 320 Van Brunt was robbed of three revolvers and $20.

1889: Fredrick Graef at the northwest corner of Van Brunt and Sullivan, permission to replace storm door. This should have been No. 352 Van Brunt.

1890: "Sullivan's Hall" was at 358 Van Brunt in 1890. It was a popular place for Democratic meetngs in the 1890s.

1894: January, The Erie Gun Club met at its headquarters at 352 Van Brunt. F. Greff was the president of the club.

1895: Frederick Graef was secretary of the Brooklyn German Butchers Guard, "one of the oldest and best known organizations of its kind"

1900: Freidrick Greff, saloon keeper at Van Brunt and Sullivan

1900: November Thomas McCall a newsboy brought suit agains Frederick Greff a saloonkeeper at Van Brunt and Sullivan to recover $10,000 in damages. Apparently the newsboy was getting papers from a wagon near Greff's saloon and Greff felt he was making too much noise. So Greff kicked him so badly that he developed an ulcer and was in the Long Island hospital for a month. McCall was awarded $250.

See Red Hook Streets

1863 : Civil War Draft Registration: 6hr Ward, Clinton street: Graef, Edw L age 22 clerk unmarried born Germany, Anthony Graef age 26, same address clerk unmarried, born Germany, Fredrick E Grafe age 28, same address clerk unmarried, born Germany, Charles Graef, age 30, same address merchant, unmarried, born Germany

1890: Bonfort's Wine and Spirit Circular, Volume 33 page 148 January 1, 1890 Charles Graef and brother Anthony have business "Charles Graef & Co" with Charles' sons C. Alfred and Harry C. (Information from May, June 2016)

Butterflies and Whiskey: The Life of Edward L. Graef

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