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(Johann) Diedrich Winkelman (1848-1923) Germany

The Winkelman family had a Confectionary store at 304 Van Brunt from at least 1879 to at least 1958

Birth of Diedrich Winkelman circa 1848 Germany


Marriage: Marie Elizabeth Rugge - May 21, 1874

Occupation: Confectionary, ice cream and candy.

Naturalization: Brooklyn October 20, 1879 Kings County


  1. (Mary) Mammie, 1875

  2. Henry Fred, 1879

    Marriage: Nellie

    WWI DR: Henry Fred Winkelmann, age 37, 64 Woodhull Street, born November 22, 1879, candy maker, 304 Van Brunt Street


    1. Florence

    2. Minnie

    1930 Hicks Street: Henry Winkelman 50, confectioner, Nellie Winkelman 44, wife, Florence Winkelman 25, daughter, Minnie Winkelman 15 daughter

    Death: May 22, 1858 304 Van Brunt Street, buried Luteran Cemetery. He owned an "old-time" candy store at 304 Van Brunt that he had inherited from his father in 1923. Henry Winkelmann lived at 304 Van Brunt for 77 years and had been born two doors away. He was survived by to daughters, Minnie and Florence, two brothers, Fred and George, and as sister Mrs. Florence McDonnell.

    "his shop with its dark wood trimming and old fashioned mirror was a meeting place for neighborhood boys. Although some of the boys had become grandfathers they still came to chat around the store's pot belly stove.

    The candy maker had worked in the shop since he was 14. The family made ice cream in the cellar and stored it in homemade iceboxes"

    New York World Telegram

  3. Elizabeth, Lizzie, circa 1886

    Married Frederick Gunnarson

  4. Minnie

    Married Enoch Conrad Gunnarson

  5. George, 1892, engraver, litho

    1918: George Winkelman 304 Van Brunt, born Sept 28, 1892 lithographer single, registered for the WWI Draft Registration. WWII Registration: George H. Winkelman, 302 Van Brunt street Brooklyn, born Sep 28, 1892, relative Florence McDonald 304 Van Brunt, employer, Snyder and Black 200 William street, NYC

  6. 1930: 304, Street?, George Winkleman 37, own $7,500, engraver printing, Florence Winkleman 27, sister

    Death: George Winkelman SSN: 051-09-3103 Last Residence: 11231 Brooklyn, Kings, New York, United States of America Born: 28 Sep 1892 Died: Sep 1967

    WINKELMAN GEORGE 1967-09-18 38325 39 - Greenwood Cemetery

  7. Frederich, 1895, policeman NYC

    Married: Mildred

    Fred was listed in the 1930 census in Manhattan, police: Fred Winkelmann 32, born Brooklyn, Mildred Winkelmann 30, wife, Rose Smith 69, mother, Herbert Ralph Hoover 36, boarder.

    WWII DR: Fred Winkelmann 544 West 110 st NY age 46, born Brooklyn, April 30, 1895 contact F MacDonald 304 Van Brunt St. Brooklyn, employer police department, 28th precinct, NYC

    Death: Fred Winkelman SSN: 063-20-8641 Last Residence: New York Born: 30 Apr 1895 Died: Oct 1965

  8. Florence c 1898

    Married Peter Joseph MacDonald

  9. Note: This family is well documented in the Pennell Family Tree on Ancestry.com. Lots of great pictures.s of the family and the neighborhood.

Diederich Winkelman 1879, 1880, 1882, 308 Van Brunt, Confectionery, Brooklyn, New York, City Directory, 1879, 1880, 1882

Note: Confectioners made and/or sold sweets, candies, cakes.

1890, 1892, 1889/90 304 Van Brunt confectioner.

In 1890 D. Winkelmann proposed to put a new store front at 304 Van Brunt to cost $250.

1892 Census Ward 12, E. D. 04, Diderich Winkelman age 44, confectioner, born Germany, Maria, age 37, born Germany, Mammie age 17, Henry age 12, Lizze age 6, Minnie age 3, children born US.

1889, 1890: Diedrich Winkelman Location 2: 304 Van Brunt Occupation: confectionery Year: 1889, 1890 City: Brooklyn State: NY

1900 Census: 304 Van Brunt, Dedrick "Wingelman" 52 born Jan 1848, born Germany, m 26 years, 7 children 7 still living, immigration 1870, store keeper, Mary Wingelman 46, born Germany, immigrated 1873, Henry Wingelman 21, Elizabeth Wingelman 15, Minnie Wingelman 18, George Wingelman 8, Frederick Wingelman 5 Florence Wingelman 2, children all born New York.

1905: 304 Van Brunt, Detrich Winkelman M 58y Germany, candy store, wife Maria Winkelman F 51y Germany, daughter Mary Winkelman F 30y United States, daughter Elizabeth Winkelman F 19y United States, daughter Minnie Winkelman F 16y United States, son George Winkelman M 12y United States, son Frederick Winkelman M 10y United States, daughter Florence Winkelman F 7y United States

1910 Census: Ward 12, 304 Van Brunt, "Richard" Winkelmann 63, married 35 years 9 children 7 living, immigrated 1869 naturalized, confectioner, Mary Winkelmann 56, immigrated 1870, Minnie Winkelmann 21 George Winkelmann 17, engraver, litho, Fred Winkelmann 14 Florence Winkelmann 12

1919 Registered voters: Winkelman, George, Henry and and Dietrick 304 Van Brunt St

1920: 304 Van Brunt: D Winkleman 72, confectioner retail, Maria Winkleman 63, George Winkleman 27, lithographer, factory, Frederick Winkleman 23, time keeper, steamship, Florence Winkleman 22, none

Death: Winkelman, Diedrich, 76 y, Nov 28, 1923, #21037

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