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Hugh Higgins, Baker, Van Brunt and Tremont - Brooklyn.

Hugh Higgins was born in Sligo (?), Ireland circa 1830 He was a baker by occupation but appears to have had a liquor saloon in the mid 1870s. He did not marry and had no offspring. At his death in 1912 there were quite a number of potential inheritors of his estate.

1876, September, 23, A counterfieter named John Nolan attempted to pass a fake 50 cent coin at the larger beer saloon kept by John Powers, at the corner of Van Brunt and Delavan. Powers recognized it for what it was. Nolan also visited the saloons of Patrick Creamer at King and Van Brunt (where he got rid of two of the coins) and Hugh Higgins at Van Brunt and Tremont (where he passed off another coin).

Note: Patrick Creamer does not come up as a liquor dealer in the directories or censuses. There was Patrick Creamer, laborer in Ward 12. John Powers was at 233 Van Brunt in 1875. See Powers

1863 Hugh Higgins baker Van Brunt and Tremont.

Hugh Higgins, 1866, 573 Columbia, Baker, Brooklyn, New York, City Directory, 1866

Hugh Higgins, 1870, 92 Hamilton av, Baker, Brooklyn, New York, City Directory, 1870

1870 Census: Ward 6, Higgins, Hugh age 40 born Ireland, baker, $6,000, with a family of bakers, Conlon, John, age 28, baker, Annie wife, Mary, Jon and Lawrence, age 18, baker. Adults born Ireland. Children born New York.

Hugh Higgins Residence Year: 1878 Street Address: 269 Van Brunt Residence Place: Brooklyn, New York Occupation: Liquors Publication Title: Brooklyn, New York, City Directory, 1878

1880 Census: Grand Street, Charles Springer 41, baker, Mary Springer 39, Josephine Springer 3, Henry Schneider 24, Hugh Higgins 47, boarder, baker

1892 Ward 12 Higgins Hugh age 65 born Ireland baker.

1900: 336 Van Brunt with the Carey Family, hotel keepers, and other boarders, Higgins, Hugh, boarder, born May 1835, age 65, Ireland, immigration 1860 Naturalized, baker.

1910: 334 Van Brunt, Brooklyn Ward 12, the grimes family, Higgins, Hugh age 84, boarder, baker "own shop".

1912: Died Hugh Higgins, Hugh HIGGINS.. died July 29 and by will of October 15, 1910, leaves a personal estate of $2,856. to be divided as follows: St John's Orphan asylum $800.; St Vincent de Paul's Society $100; James HOPKINS 334 Van Brunt street, $800.00; residue to the Rev. William J. WHITE, of the church of Visitation.

1912 New York Death Index: Higgins Hugh 83 y Jul 29 1912 14730 Kings

Probate: Hugh Higgins had no descendants but he had a hoard of kith and kin. It was stated that the Rev. William J. White of the Visitation Church, had been appointed executor but he had predeceased Hugh Higgins. Other listed who may have had some claim were:

  1. Bernard J. Higgins, nephew, full age, of 374 Bronx Park Avenue Manhattan, next of kin

  2. Paul Higgins, U. S. Army Post Boston, Mass nephew

  3. Hugh Higgins, Rathosey, Coolaney, Sligo, Ireland, nephew

  4. Ellen Higgins, same address niece

  5. Elizabeth Higgins, same address, niece

  6. Bridget Shields, same address, niece

  7. Frank Higgins #37-1/2 Blessington Street, Dublin, Ireland, nephew

  8. Thomas Higgins, same address, nephew

  9. Mae Higgins, same address niece

  10. Nellie Higgins, same address niece

  11. Kathleen Higgins, same address niece

  12. Margaret Higgins, same address niece

  13. Peter Higgins, address unknown, nephew

  14. James Hopkins, No 102 Visitation Place Brooklyn, (also given as #334 Van Brunt) legatee

  15. Thomas Casey*, Visitation Place and Richards Street Brooklyn legatee

  16. Thomas Quinn*, Central Islip, Long Island, legatee

  17. St John's Orphan Asylum, Brooklyn legatee

  18. Rev. Fathers Quinn* and Casey*, Church of the Visitation, visitation Place, Brooklyn legatee

All full age. Hugh Higgins left, no widow, no children, no father or mother no brother or sister, etc. Estimated value of estate $2,856 no real property.

An attempt to contact all kin was ordered by the court and duly executed as show by clippings from the Brooklyn Eagle. An document shows that letters were mailed to all of the foreign next of kin. St. John Orphan society $300. St Vincent De Paul $100. Frank Higgins Dublin $100. James Hopkins 334 Van Brunt $800. Fathers Quinn and Casey each $50. for a total of $1,400.

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