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Lever, Henry, 204 Hamilton

Source: 1870 Brooklyn directory - liquor dealers in Red Hook Under the heading LIQUORS (SEE ALSO ALE AND PORTER)

Birth: Germany c 1836

Marriage: Margaret born Germany circa 1838



  1. Francis c 1858

  2. Henry c 1858

  3. Ernest c 1860

  4. George Lever 1862

  5. Elizabeth Lever c 1863

  6. Mary Lever c 1865

  7. Anthony Lever c 1867

    1892 Ward 12 ED1, Toney Lever, age 23 liquor Celia age 22, Mary age 1, Court street between 614-624

  8. Barbara Lever c 1870

  9. William Lever c 1874

Lever, Stark, Brinkman and a fight in a lager beer saloon in 1863:

A BIG FIGHT AMONG THE LAGER BEER MEN - An article on June 17 1863, told the following story: Jacob Lever, Philip Lever, Henry Lever, Catherine Lever and a number of members of the Stockie (or Stark) family, were arrested for assault preferred by Louis Brinkman of 201 Hamilton ave. Brinkman had a lager beer saloon and the the Levers and Stockies were said to each had competing saloons in the same neighborhood. Considerable rivalry was claimed to exist. The Levers and the Stockies decided to form a coalition and they made a "forced march" on Brinkman's establishment. Brinkman constructed a beer keg barrier around his store and hurled a "volley of mistles" from the upper windows. This did not stop the attackers who burst through the door and smashed the contents of the place including the face of the owner.

The case when to trial. The trial testimony revealed a slightly different tale.


The Brinkmans were said to keep a lager beer saloon at # 2 Hamilton ave. The male defendants were at the saloon Monday June 15 "imbibing lager and listening to the dulce strains of an accordion". There wives went to herd them home.

Mrs. Brinkmen's testimony indicated: there was dancing at Brinkmen's, Mrs. Starky and Mrs Brinkman had a physical fight at the door of Brinkmen' saloon, the fight spread to others in the place, the widows, chairs, tables, "everything" was smashed, Mrs Stark's husband knocked Mrs Brinkmen down.

Mr. Brinkmen testified that: Mr. Starke, Catherine Lever, and Henry Lever "all pounded away at his wife".

Margaret Lever testified that she went to Brinkmen's to fetch her husband and when arrived there was a big fight going on. Mrs. Starks and Mrs Brinkman were on the floor pulling each other's hair out and "pounding each other". " Mrs. Stark's dress was nearly all torn off her body". Margaret Lever did not get involved but took her husband home.

Catherine Lever testified that she went to the Brinkman's saloon with Mrs. Stark and Lena Hoffman, to fetch her husband. When Mrs Stark attempted to go in and fetch her husband she was accosted by Mrs. Brinkman.

Thomas Kennedy, bar keeper for the Brinkman's, testified that while he was drawing lager Philip Lever entered the saloon and "Made a demonstration with his boll against his base". Kennedy told Lever not to do that again, but he did. Kennedy in response struck Lever and they "got into a fight". Kennedy saw Mr. and Mrs. Brinkman on the floor but did not have a chance to assist them as someone "pitched him though the window".

The judge fined the several of the parties: Mary Starke $25, Henry Lever $20, Philip Lever $25, Adolph Fesler $12, Catherine Lever $13, Jacob Lever $1-, Adam Hoffman $10, Lena Hoffman sentence suspended. The complaint agains Mrs Brinkman was dismissed.

(Note: The spelling of the names is not consistant through the article.)

Civil War Draft Registration: Lever, --- n Hamilton, Lever, Henry, age 32 liquors married born Germany.

1860: Ward 12, Henry Lever 24 peddler, Margaret Lever 22 Francis Lever 4 Henry Lever 2 Ernest Lever 6/12

1867: Henry Lever a "saloon keeper" was arrested and charged with "rescuing a prisoner" who had been arrested for intoxication.

1870: Lever, Henry, 36, lager beer saloon, born Germany, Metta 35, Germany, Frances 15, Henry 13, Anseth 11, George 9, Elizabeth 7, Mary 5, Andrew 3, Hisor ???? 1

1872, July 19, warrant issues for Henry "Lever" 350 Hamilton Avenue violation of excise law.

1875: Ward 12, near Hamilton Ave, hard to read Henry Lever M 40, laborer, Germany, wife Margret Lever F 38, son Francis Lever M 20, son Henry Lever M 18 , son Ernest Lever M 16, son George Lever M 13, daughter Elizabeth Lever F 12, daughter Mary Lever F 10, son Anthony Lever M 8, daughter Barbara Lever F 5, son William Lever M 1

Probate: No

Greenwood: No

NYC Death Index: No

More: No clear and definite connections in later records. There are some vague potential records: George Ward 12 Dikeman street, 1910, George 1920 Court St., Ernest 1892, age 33 with family truckman Ward 22.

Other Levers in Ward 12

There were at least two Lever families in Red Hood in 1863 when the brawl broke out in the lagaer beer saloon. The wives names were Margaret and Catherine.

1860: Lever, Jacob, age 50, laborer, $150, Hesse Darmstadt, Teresa age 40, Hesse Darmstadt, Philip age 20 peddler, $50, Lean age 16

Next listing Lever, Henry, age 47, $50, Hesse Darmstadt, no occupation, Marie age 46, Beyern, Peter 18, Margaret 16, Alice 6 months. Catherine Lever, age 2, born New york

1870 Census: Philip Lever 34, vegetable peddler, born Hesse Darmstadt, Catherine Lever 29, born Ireland, Leonard Lever 4, Mary Lever 1/12

1875: Ward 12, Phillip M, laborer, Germany, wife Catherine F 32, Germany, son Leonard Lever M 10 daughter Mary Lever F 6 daughter Henrietta Lever F 2

1875: Ward 12, Joseph Lever M 35. Germany, laborer, wife Sarah Lever F 37 daughter Barbara Lever F 15 son Geroge Lever M 6 son Joseph Lever M 2 daughter Elizabeth Lever F 0

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