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Lawrence Garahan/Gaharan (c 1833 - ) - 221 Conover corner Van Dyke, Red Hook, Brooklyn

221 Conover North East corner of Conover at Van Dyke

Brith: circa 1833 Ireland


Marriage: Bridget

1872: Mr. Garahan was president of the 12th Ward Workingman's Greeley and Brown Association a Democratic group.

July 1872 The 12th Ward Greeley Club met at Conover and Van Dyke.

"All wishing to join the Liberal cause are cordially invited to attend . All opposed to fraud and corruption are invited to join without distinction of party. Our platform is peace. On that we firmly stand. Thieving must stop and discord cease, while love must rule the land. Come one and all, and let our banner wave over hill and dale. Soon shall corruption's reign be over. God is just. We shall prevail. Shame and fraud must fly and honesty Greeley will come before the public eye."
Horace Greeley (1811-1872) was a newsman and founding member of the liberal Republican Party. He was opposed to slavery and a supporter of a wide range of social reforms. He ran against Ulysses Grant as a Democrat in the 1872 Presidential Election and lost by a "landslide". He died before the final tallying of the electoral votes.

The International Workingmen's Association (IWA) (1864-1876) was a left wing socialist movement.

In August 1876 Lawrence "Gaharan" said he had been fighting for 16 years for the causes of the workingman. He attributed the woes of the workingman to the mismanagement of the federal and municipal Governments.

In 1876 Larry Garahan was the "proprietor" of a liquor store at the "junction" of Van Dyke and Conover streets. He served superior whisky and ale.

Lawrence Garahan 1874, 1876, 1878 221 Conover Occupation: Liquors Publication Title: Brooklyn, New York, City Directory, 1874, 1876, 1878

1875: The total number of votes for Supervisor was 3,268. John Curran received 1,226. Lawrence Garrahan received 4.

1876: The Lawrence Garahan Workingman's Association was formed in 1876. Garahan claimed the working men of the country were oppressed by the politicians and wealthy contractors and would continue to be oppressed unless the workmen united. Another member of the group was Lawrence Fay who also owned a liquor store in Red Hook.

1876 At the Workingmen's party meeting Lawrence Garahan announced that he was no longer a candidate for Supervisor at Large

In 1876 Mr Lawrence "Gaharan" ran "Garahan's" Hotel corner of Conover and VanDyke.

1876 Larry Garahan a proprietor of a liquor store at Van Dyke and Conover streets had a reputation for his superior wit and practical jokes which were helpful in enlarging the contents of his till. He once ran for Alderman. All though his campaign his home and place of business were crowded with friends and neighbors who "largely increased his receipts, drinking goblets of superior whisky and ale to the success of the candidate." Larry went along until he realized that there was the potential that he would actually be elected. He had no wish to "jeopardize his peace of mind by assuming the questionable honor of an Alderman". From "sunrise to sunset he worked to defeat himself" and succeeded in not being elected. At another time "Larry" increased his business by telling a story of a barrel of Dynamite stored at Archers warehouse at the foot of Van Dyke.

"Here was a most efficient cause to attract attention to himself and bring an anxious crowd to his house, where the dangerous proximity of dynamite in the population of the "point" cousl be vigeerously discoussed while his bartender was kept busy in disposing of drinks to the multitude at a profitable price."

The Fire Marshall ended the "joke" by stating that there was no dynamite in the area.

1875: Ward 12, Ed 01., brick $6,000, Lawrence "Gaharan age 42, Ireland Tavern, naturalized, Bridget Gaharan age 35, wife, Ireland, three families in the building, page torn.


A communication was received from Edward F. Mordough, which has already been published in the EAGLE in regard to the refusal of the authorities of the different city hospitals to admit Lawrence Garahan a patient afflicted with mania a potu."
mania a potu: Pathological alcohol intoxication is an extraordinary severe response to alcohol, especially to small amounts marked by apparently senseless violent behavior, usually followed by exhaustion, sleep and amnesia for the episode.

1878 Lawrence Garrahan of No 529 Court street, announced that he was the workingmen's candidate for Assembly of the Third District.

1879 Mr Garahan was nominated to the office of Supervisor at Large by the South Brooklyn Workingmen. He later sent a letter that he did not wish to accept the nomination.

1879: Several taxpayers of the 12th Ward petitioned for the appointment of Lawrence Garrahan as inspector or supervisor at the County Buildings, "knowing him to be capable, trustful, and competent for such a place".

1892: 1st District Ward 8, Lawrence Gaharan, age 58 florist

1893: Mr. Lawrence Garahan addressed the Citizen's union meeting.

No Date: Garrahan Wants an $1,800 Job

"Old Larry Garrahan the well known character hearing of the illness of superintendent Murray of the almshouse has made a application to the commissioner of charities and correction for for Murray's place. He states in a letter that "the public to a great extent has urged him to call upon yez honorable body." It is not believed that Larry will land the plum.

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