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Daly (Dailey/Darly), Patrick (John), (1815- ), Ireland, VAN BRUNT corner Sullivan, 329 Van Brunt.

1870 Brooklyn Eagle liquor dealer list VAN BRUNT corner Sullivan, "Darley, P."

Nothing in directories or BE. Darley, Patrick, cooper, Wolcott and Van Brunt, 1870 directory.

The 1886 map shows brick buildings on all four corners of Van Brunt and Sullivan. 329 was on the north east corner of Van Brunt at Sullivan.

  • 352 on the north west corner. This was the location of the property of James Costello.
  • 354 on the south west corner. There was a drug store at 354 for many years - 1867, 1870, 1871, 1874, 1887
  • 329 on the north east corner. This was the location of Patrick Daly's saloon and the location of the sailors boarding house and restaurant in 1901.
  • 331 on the south east corner. This is the adress given ????

Nothing listed for liquor between 1868 and 1872 for Darby, Darcey, Darley, Darling.

Patrick Cream[er]1854- Licence refused - Patrick Cream cor Van Brunt and Sullivan Streets.

Birth: c 1815 Ireland

Marriage: Ellen born Ireland circa 1820


  1. James,

  2. Mary,

  3. Margaret

1860 Census: #265, 546 Patrick Cream, age 45, liquor dealer $5,000, $500, Ireland, Ellen age 40, James 16, Mary 14, Margaret 9, Anne Fayer age 20 servant, three others not apparently related

1866 liquor licence to Patrick Daly cor Van Brunt and Sullivan

1866 liquor licence to "John Van Brunt", cor. Van Brunt and Sullivan

No listing for John or Patrick Daily, Daley, Dalley, or Daly from 1862 to 1869 in Red Hook.

1867, May 11, liquor license granted "Daly, P." con. Van Brunt and Sullivan sts.

October 1867- Patrick Moran was charged with malicious mischief for breaking all the glass in the bar run by John Daly at the corner of Dikeman and Van Brunt. Moran was drunk and fancied himself insulted by Daly.

1870 Census: Did not find.

1871 Directory, "Daly", Patrick, Van Brunt and Sullivan liquor.

1872, 1873, 1874 - Patrick Daly 329 Van Brunt Brooklyn, New York Liquors Brooklyn, New York, City Directory, 1872

1874- August - Three people were arrested for fighting in Patrick Daly's liquor store corner Van Brunt and Sullivan streets.

Wednesday, March 31, 1875 - There was a fire at Patrick Daly's liquor store corner Van Brunt and Sullivan. It was extinguished by the police before much damage was done. On examination were found "a quantity of burned paper and charred shavings and a bottle and plate filled with kerosene, under a row of whisky barrels in the rear of the store." The barkeeper knew nothing. The building in which the store was housed belonged to Christopher Carney. Daly was insured.

1875 census: No Patrick or John Daly/Daily in Ward 12.

1875 April - The March 1875 fire at the rear of the store run by Patrick Dailey at the corner of Van Brunt and Sullivan, was suspected of being intentionally set . Patrick Daily was considered a suspect. He said he was in Williamsburg all day but some swore he was was in the neighborhood all evening.

1875 Dec - charges were preferred by bartender, John Hart, corner Van brunt and Sullivan against a customer who tried to pass a bad dollar bill.

1880 - June, A man received two cuts to the scalp in a bar fight at the corner of Sullivan and Van Brunt streets.

John Daily

1878 to 18--

1867 John Daly had a liquor store at the corner of Dikeman and Van Brunt when a customer smashed all the glass in the bar.

1878: Two men were arrested for maliciously breaking the chairs in John Daly's barroom corner of Van Brunt and Sullivan. Daly refused to make a complaint.

1881- December - Bridget Walsh of Dikeman Street went out last night to look for her husband and first directed her steps to John Daly's liquor store a No. "331" Van Brunt street, on of his favorite resorts."

1881 December John Daily of "331 Van Brunt street, had his licence revoked for sellin liquor on Sunday. The police officer "upon entering found a drunken man asleep in a chair and the barrom full of people".

1884 - February - public auction stock and fixtures of liquor saloon corner of Van Brunt and Sullivan consisting of about twenty cases of ale, bottled liquors, cigars, ice house, stove, chaires & etc.

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