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Gillen, Patrick, (c 1827-), Ireland, 270 (near Verona on the west side of the street) and 276 Van Brunt corner Ewen (Verona), Red Hook, Brooklyn - liquor

On the 1886 map 276 Van Brunt is a brick building on the south west corner of Van Brunt at Verona. 270 Van Brunt is not labeled as such.

276 Van Brunt (270 Van Brunt)

On the 1886 map 276 Van Brunt is a brick building on the south west corner of Van Brunt at Verona. 270 Van Brun is not labeled as such.

Birth of Patrick Gillen: Ireland c 1827


Marriage: Jane born Ireland c 1828


  1. John c 1858

    In 1892 census with his sibs.

  2. Michael c 1857

    In 1910 census unmarried age 50 with his sibs.

  3. Thomas c 1855

    In the 1910 census unmarried age 48 with his sibs.

  4. Annie Sept 1870

    I do not know why she does not show up until 1900. She appears to have been born after the 1870 Census. Maybe just missed in 1880 and married by 1892/1900. Or she could be Ann Gillen age 24 with a family on the same page as John, Michael and Thomas.

    Married ---- Moloney


    1. John S. (c 1896)

      In 1910 with his mother and brother.

    2. James (c 1898)
1870 Brooklyn Eagle liquor dealers list VAN BRUNT, Gillen, P. corner Ewen

In 1886 260 Van Brunt was a wood frame building on the west side of the street in the block north of Ewen (Verona). 276 Van Brunt was on the south west corner of Ewen (Verona) and Van Brunt.

1855: Brooklyn, brick, Patrick Gillen 35, laborer, Jane Gillen 27 John Gillen 4 Michael Gillen 2 Thomas Gillen 1

1860: Patrick Gillin 40, dealer in grease, $400, Ireland, Jane Gillin 39, Ireland, John Gillin 8, Michael Gillin 7, Thomas Gillin 5, Sarah Curry 21, servant.

1863: Fencing: Van Brunt Ewen Imlay and Williams block bounded by several people including Patrick Gillen.

1864 New Temperance Hall members of the Father Matthew T. A. B society of south Brooklyn donations to erect the new Temperance Hall at Hicks and Hamilton. Patrick Gillen Ewen st near Van Brunt $3.00.

1865: February improvement sewers and drainage Patrick Gillen, Imlay Street at Ewen and William

1868: Excise charges agains Patrick Gillen of Van Brunt near "Everett" was dismissed. (Brooklyn Eagle) The NY Times said Patrick Gillen "corner of Van brunt and Ewen" was acquitted by a jury.

1870 Directory, Gillen Patrick, liquors Ewen and van Brunt. 1871 liquors, Ewen and Van Brunt. 1872 Ewens and Van Brunt liquors. 270 Van Brunt liquors 1874.

1875: Brooklyn Ward 12, King street, Patrick Gillen 54, lard producer, Jane Gillen 48, John Gillen 32, Michael Gillen 20, Thomas Gillen 18, Anne Gillen 12

1876, 1877, Gillen, Patrick, 276 Van Brunt liquors.

1879: Gillen Patrick h Verona and Van Brunt, John laborer, home, Verona and Van Brunt, Gillen, Michael, driver h Veron and Van Brunt, Gillen Thos. h Verona and Van Brunt.

1885: Gillen, John H barkeeper h 276 Van Brunt, Gillen, Patrick, liquors, 131 Imlay h 276 Van Brunt, Thomas and Michael not listed. 1887, Gillen John, liquors, 131 Imlay, h 276 Van.

1870 Census: Gillen, Patrick age 40, Jane age 42 keeping house, Ireland, Annie age 9, New York. Same page, Gillen, Patrick, age 36, ret liquor, $500, Anne, age 36, keeping house, Thomas age 1.

1872 12th ward, Patrick Gillen lot and House Imlay and a lot and house Van Brunt.

1872 Patrick Gillen "who resides in Verona street near Van brunt" filed a complaint agains Michael Duffy for stealing four barrels of lard (valued at $100) from his factory in Columbia street. The property was recovered.


An old established cor. liquor store, within one block of the Atlantic Basin, the fixtures on the premises in good order, and can be bought reasonably, water and gas on premises, reasonable rent. Corner of Van Brunt and Verona up stairs of "Patrick Gillin."

1880 Census: 276 Van Brunt, Gillen, Patrick age 53 born Ireland, at home, Jane age 51 wife, born Ireland, John age 23, laborer, Michael age 22, laborer, Thomas age 20, plumber

1885 Patrick Gillen, liquors 131 Imlay, h 276 Van Brunt. 1883 Real Estate LIS Pending Verona st s. s. 115 e Van Brunt st 50x100 Walter Barnes agt Patrick Gillen et al. attys Smith & bowman.

Death of Patrick Gillen:

Death of Jane Gillen:

1892 Gillen, Michael, age 34, labourer, John age 36, labourer, Thomas age 32, plumber.

1896: ????? Died John E (or H) Gillen 11 (or 119) Wolcott age 40 late officer of the 11th Precinct Bridge. Funeral Visitation Church???? (Gillen John H 40 y Mar 31 1896 5801 Kings )

1900 census Ward 12: 180 Conover street, Thomas F Gillen 32, plumber, Annie Moloney 29, sister, Sept 1870, "Divorced" John S Moloney 4, nephew, James Moloney 2, nephew, Michael J Gillen 36, boarder, day laborer, six families in the house all renting.

1910: Brooklyn Ward 12: Annie Maloney 41 John Maloney 15 James Maloney 12 Thomas Gillen 48, brother, plumber department of parks, Michael Gillen 50, brother, painter, machine shop

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