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Dawson, Thomas J., (c 1839-) Ireland, No 33 and or 62 Hamilton, grocer/liquor/minor politician

1870 Brooklyn Eagle liquor dealers list No 62 HAMILTON Avenue

1886 map 63 Hamilton on the south side of Hamilton at Conover.

33 Hamilton was on the north side of Hamilton.

Marie Dawson born circa 1809 died age 50 in 1859

Thomas Dawson - Birth: c. 1839 Ireland, son of John and Marie Dawson

Marriage: Sarah


  1. John J. c 1864

    Single in 1925.

  2. ✟Lillian 1865

    died 1866, 33 Hamilton ave

  3. Hamilton (Joseph) c 1868

    In 1900 census with the family.

    Married: Helen McGowan

    Children: Joseph Dawson, Bernadette Dawson, Magaret Dawson, Helen Dawson

    1910: Ward 8, 16th street, Joseph H Dowson 42, letter carrier, post office, Helen A Dawson 34, wife, Joseph Dawson 10 Bernadette Dawson 8 Margaret Dawson 6 Bernard J Mc Gowan 30, boarder, Charlotte Palmer 17, servant

    1920: 6th ave., Assembly District 7, Joseph H Dawson 51, sampler merchandise, Helen Dawson 43 Joseph Dawson 20, investigator bank Bernadette Dawson 18, typist, Magaret Dawson 16 Helen Dawson 5 Bernard Mcgowan 40, brother-in-law, laborer forge factory

  4. William c 1869

    1870 census age 1 - not in 1875 census.

  5. Bernard I. c 1871

    On 1900 census with the family. ?? 1920: Hicks street, Bernard Dawson age 50, roomer, bartender, saloon, parents born Ireland.

  6. Thomas J. c 1872

    In 1910 census with the family singe.

    ✟ Dawson Thomas J 38 y Sep 9 1910 18391 Kings

  7. Rachael c 1874

    Married Milton R Renz

  8. Maud (Margaret) c 1882 - In 1892 census age 10. In 1900 census with the family as Margaret.

1850: Brooklyn Ward 6, John Dawson 38, grocer, Maria Dawson 40 William Dawson 17, clerk, Bernard Dawson 15, Thomas Dawson 13, Mary Anne Dawson 11, Elizabeth Dawson 9, Bridget Dawson 7 Rosa Dawson 5

1855: Brooklyn, 1st ED Ward 12, brick $4,000, Maria Dawson 45, William Dawson 22, child Barnard Dawson 20 Mary A Dawson 18 Thomas Dawson 16 Elizebeth Dawson 15 Bridget Dawson 10 Rose Dawson 8, all born Ireland

1859: January 30,

BURNED -About one o'clock this morning officers Cornell and Cumpston bearing a woman scream at No. 68 Hamilton avenue, went into the house and found a woman with her clothes on fire. They put the flames out, but the woman was so badly burned, that they thought is best to take her to the L. I. College Hospital. Her name was Mary Dawson. When she got to the Hospital she told the officers that her husband set her on fire with intention to kill her. The officers arrested Mr. Dawson, and he is held for examination, but the charge made by his wife is not very probable. Mrs. D. emitted an odor of strong drink, and the stove was red hot when the officers entered, which presents a more probable account of the origin of the conflagration of Mr. Dawson. Her injuries though serious are not considered mortal.
1859: Marie late widow of John Dawson of a short but severe illness in the 50th year of her age. 33 Hamilton ave corner of Commerce - Calvary Cemetery

1860 Census: 394, 965 William Dawson age 26, grocer, $2,500 Ireland, Mary Ann, age 26, bookfolder, Thomas age 22, clerk, Rose age 11, Elizabeth age 19, seamstress, Bridget age 13

Civil War Draft Registrtion 1863-1865: Hamilton Ave, Dawson, Thomas, age 24, grocer, married born Ireland 13 Reg, N Y S U.

In an September 1864 article about an explosion of the the tugboat Sanders, it was mentioned that among papers pulled from the water was account book with the following entry: "T. J. Darson, 33 Hamilton ave, corner Commercial street, south Brooklyn, shipped on board the B. B. Sanders August 24th 1864."

1866 licence Dawson, Thomas, 23 Hamilton

✟1866 Died December 1, Lillian daughter of Thomas J and Sarah Dawson age 1 year 1 month 33 Hamilton cor of Commercial.

1870 Census: Dawson, Thos., 31 ret liquor dealer, $8,000, $500, Ireland, Sarah 28, John 6, Hamilton 2, William 1

Thomas J Dawson Residence Year: 1862, 1863, 1869 Street Address: 33 Hamilton av Residence Place: Brooklyn, New York Occupation: Grocer Publication Title: Brooklyn, New York, City Directory, 1862, 1863, 1869

1867 liquor license granted Dawson, T. L., 33 Hamilton av.

1870 Directory, Dawson, T. J. liquors 33 Hamilton ave.

In September 1873 John J. Dawson was an inspector for the forth district 12th Ward

1875 Brick $9,000 60 Hamilton, Thomas age 36, Ireland, liquor store, Sarah 32, John J. D. 11, Joseph H 7, Bernard 4, Thomas Jr 3

In 1875 62 Hamilton was listed as a two story "extension brick".

October 1878 Thomas Dawson at Hamilton ave and commercial wharf was found in violation of the Sunday excise law.

In October 1878, Thomas J. Dawson was a delegate from the twelfth Ward to the County Convention.

1880 Census: 68 Hamilton Ave, Dawson, Thomas age 42 liquor dealer, born Ireland, Sarah age 37 born Ireland, John age 16, Joseph H age 12, Bernard age 10, Thomas J age 8, Rachael age 7 and a servant. They had one tenant family at the same address.

In 1884 68 Hamilton ave was described as a four story tenement building.

1884: In a Brooklyn Eagle article about views on the Excise Law, Thomas J Dawson of 62 Hamilton Avenue was of the opinion that the law took money away from Brooklyn. People who wanted to drink on Sunday went to Coney Island or New Jersey.

1892: Ward 12, ED4, Dawson, Thomas J 47, Ireland barkeeper, "Sarra" 45, Ireland, John J 28 barkeeper, Joseph H 24, barkeeper, Bernard T 21, Thomas G 18, Rachel 15, Maud 10

1900: Borough of Brooklyn, Election District 5 New York City Ward 30, Kings, New York, United States, 47th street: Thomas Dawson age 62, immigrated 1848, Naturalized, Sarah J Dawson, 58, immigrated circa 1844, children John J Dawson, 35 steam boat captain, Joseph H Dawson, 31 letter carrier, Brooklyn PO, Bernard Dawson, 29, steam boat captain, Thomas J Dawson, 27, clerk newspaper, Rachel S Dawson, 23 teacher public school, Margaret A Dawson 17 at School, and a boarder.

Death of Sarah Dawson: August 10, 1905

Probate: Death of Sarah J Dawson, of 1252 47th street, Brooklyn, petitioner, Thomas J Dawson, personal property $50, real $2,000 - Husband Thomas J Dawson , John Dawson son same address, Joseph H Dawson son 5522 6th ave, Brooklyn, Bernard T Dawson son N. E. cor President and Van Brunt, Rachael Renz, daughter 1252 4th street and Margaret Flannery a daughter Bogart St, West Englewood, NJ.

1910 Brooklyn Ward 30, 47th street, Thos J Dawson M 72y Ireland, widow, imm 1849, own income, son, John J Dawson M 46y New York, pilot, son, Thos J Dawson M 37y New York, none, Milton F Renz M 30y New York, son in law, salesman piano store, Rachel S Renz F 33y New York, daughter, Milton F Renz M 4y New Jersey

Listed in 1920, and 1925. He was still alive and living with his daughter in 1930 at age 91.

In March 1899 while investigating a stolen barrel of rum 62 Hamilton was said to be the "place of business" of Michael Cosgrove. Cosgrove lived and stabled his horses at 68 Sedgwick street.

In 1866 S. O'Reiley held the excise licence at 62 Hamilton. See O'Reilly below.

In 1880 the Campaign Club of the Twelfth Ward met at 62 Hamilton, corner of Conover, in September 1880 1900 - 62 Hamilton - The plate glass window of the liquor store belonging to Henry Henniger at 62 Hamilton was broken.

1920: Hamilton Parkway, Melton F Renz 40, ret. clerk, oil, Rachel Renz 43, wife, Melton F Renz 14, son, Thomas J Dawson 81, retired, John J Dawson 53 [55], brother, pilot steam boat

1925: Melton F Renz 46, Rachael S Renz 48, Milton F Renz 19, Thomas J Dawson 87, John J Dawson 61

1930: E 26th street, Melton F Renz 50 New York, sales manager, heat control, Wife Rachel S Renz 53 New York Son Milton F Renz 24 New York, bookkeeper, Father-in-law Thomas J Dawson 91, widow, Ireland, immigrated 1849, naturalized

Sarah A. Bulger (Hanley) Dawson (deceased 1886). Will proved June 20, 1886 - Sarah A Hanley otherwise known as Sarah A. Dawson. Born Ballacoo county Wicklow, Ireland circa 1842.

✟1886 Sarah A Dawson: Her death is not listed in the New York City death index for 1886. The Surrogate notice included Thomas Dawson residing in the city of Brooklyn, Edward Bulger, residing in Ballacoo county Wicklow, Ireland, and to all heirs and kin of Sarah A., Hanley, otherwise know as Sarah A Dawson whose maiden name was Sarah A Bulger. John Hanley of the city of New York had petitioned to have a certain instrument in writing bearing the date March 3, 1886, which was the last will and testimony of Sarah A Dawson.

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