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🍞 Hoehn, Martin (1811-1877), Baker, Partition and Van Brunt Streets 🍺 Hoehn, Henry (1848-1894), business 404 Van Brunt Street, home 125 Partition Street and 🍎 George Hoehn(c 1848 - ), home and business 125 Partition Street, Red Hook, Brooklyn

404 Partition was on the north west corner of Van Brunt and Partition (now called Coffey street). The 1886 map shows a brick building at this location. 125 Partition was on the south side of Partition between Van Brunt and Conover closer to Van Brunt. The 1886 map shows a brick building at this location.

The Hoehns were still in Red Hook at 404 Van Brunt as late as 1946. 404 Van Brunt is now an empty lot.

Martin Hoehn (1811- 1877)

Martin Hoehn was born in Germany circa 1811. He had at least three children by his wife, Ann: Henry circa 1848, George circa 1848 and Elizabeth circa 1852. Martin Hoehn had at least 5 children by his marriage to Mary ann. Martin Hoehn was a baker at 125 Partition street. His sons, George and Henry, were successful business men in Red Hook.

Birth: c 1811 per death and 1860 census

Death: Hoehn Martin 66 y Apr 17 1877 3108 Kings

Martin Hoehn at his late residence 125 Partition street, age 66. member of the United Brotherhood No 52.

Marriage: Ann born circa 1836 - Died before 1877


  1. Henry Hoehn: circa 1848 to 1894

    Birth: circa 1848± (maybe as early as 1842) New York

    In the 1875 census with his father.

    Marriage: Minnie Kate

    1891 February The Joppa Masquerade Largest Ball held at Saegerbund Hall this season: attendees Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Jayne, Mr. and Mrs Henry Hoehn.

    1892 Death: Hoehn, Wednesday February 17, Minnie Kate the beloved wife of Henry Hoehn age 26 years, 3 months and 9 days, 404 Van Brunt (Hoehn Minnie K 28 y Feb 17 1892 2986)

    Marriage: Martha Schultz, per death of Henry

    Death: 1894 Death of Henry Hoehn, husband of Martha Schultz 404 Van Brunt, Jun 28.

    See more on Henry below.

    Death of Martha Hoehn:

  2. George Hoehn c 1848± to

    Birth circa 1848 New York

    1876, 1880, 125 Partition Baker

    Marriage: Mary Ann, per 1880 census and her death


    1. Hugh J Hoehn, c 1869

      Occupation: Plumber, listed 1898, 1904, 1907, 358 Van Brunt

      Hugh J. Hoehn, of 88 Richards street, down on-the-point, Brooklyn, while still a young man, paradoxical as it may seem, is one of the old timers. Hughey keeps eternally at it, and all in all his experience in the plumbing business has been a pleasant one.

      (The Plumbers Trade Journal, Volume 46, 1909)

      Marriage: Mary


      1. Mary

      2. Leo

        In the 1920s Leo Hoehn was the manager of Hoehn Poultry Farm at Bayville New Jersey. H. J. Hoehn of 136 Dikeman street, Brooklyn was the proprietor. They advertised prize winning high-laying Leghorn Pen day old chicks and hatching eggs "or good COCKERELS and PULLETS bred from the same mating as our winners in egg production". The Hoehns won Special Prizes for egg laying: Grand Central Palace, 1916, Cornell University 1917, 2nd Vineland Pen 1918 and Richmond Hill 1919

      1900 Ward 12: 126 Wolcott, Hugh J Hoehn 31, plumber, Mary E Hoehn 31, Mary V Hoehn 4/12

      Also listed in Red Hook in 1910, 1920, 1930 and 1940. Owned home at 126 Dikeman in 1940.

      Hugh J Hoehn, Mort $4,250, Dikeman, st nes 140 n w Van Brunt

      1907: Brooklyn, Day Nursery and kindergartens: Visitation cor Verona and Richards strs. Pres: Huhn J. Hoehn, 126 Dikeman St.(Directory of Social and Health Agencies of New York City, Volume 1907)

      In 1936 Hugh J Hoehn was president of the Erie Basin Community and Civic League and was fighting for the extension of bus, trolley and subway lines to the area.

      1919, 1920 Hoehn Poultry Farm 136 Dikeman St Brooklyn, Farm at Bayville, N. J. H. J. Hoehn, proprietor, Leo Haehn, Manager

      Death: Hoehn Hugh J 74 y Nov 25 1941 22850 Kings

    2. Eliza c 1875

    3. Martin c 1877

      1900 Brooklyn Ward 12, Kings, New York [Kings] Martin Hoehn 22, bar keeper, Mary Hoehn 20

      WWI DR: Martin F Hoehn City: Brooklyn County: Kings State: New York Birth Date: 13 Jul 1877 Race: White Draft Board: 28, 404 Van Brunt, July 13, 1877, Clerck 322 Van Brunt, mediu, height, medium build, brown eyes. 1920: Ward 12, 382 Van Brunt, Martin Hoehn 25, bartender cafe, [28] Maria Hoehn 26 Edwin Hoehn 7

      WWII: Martin Francis Hoehn, 404 Van Brunt own business, plumber Van Brunt

    4. Henry 1873 - died as a child

      1878 Henry Hohen, age 5, fell under a car and suffered a sever fracture of his leg. He was brought to his parents at 125 Partition st.. 1880 Henry Hoehn age 9 Ward 12 died of nephritis, beloved son of George and Mary Ann.

    5. George Jr 1881

      1910 George Hoehn 29, driver wagon, Gertrude Hoehn 27 Willian Hoehn 5 Gertrude Hoehn 0 [3/12]

      1920 Brooklyn Assembly District 9, Kings, New York George Hoehn 39 Gertrude Hoehn 36 William Hoehn 14 Gertrude Hoehn 10

    6. Fred 1883

      1910: Ward 12, 121 Coffey street, Ambrose W Jayne 60, pilot tug boat, Ambrose W Jayne Jr. 22, son, Sarah Campion 28, daughter, Raymond F Campion 4, grandson, Fred'K Hoehn, nephew, 27, fireman, dredger

      1925: Centre street, Fredrick Hoehn 40, engineer, Agnes Hoehn 35, George Hoehn 06, Frederick Hoehn 04, Caroline Hoehn 03

      WWII DR: Fred Joseph Hoehn, wife, Agnes, Gowanus Towing Co Smith Street Brooklyn 207 Centre Street.

    Death of Mary Ann Hoehn: Hoehn, Saturday July 1, after a short illness, Mary Ann beloved wife of George Hoehn, in the 46th year of her life. 180 Partition St buried Holy Cross.

    1892 Hoehen, George, 47, watchman, Mary 43, Hugh 23, plumber, Martin 14, George Jr 11, Fred 9

    1894: Listed in the probate papers of his brother Henry.

    1900 Ward 12, 180 Coffey street, George Hoehn 62, wid, laborer, George Hoehn 20, son, plumber, Frederick Hoehn 17, son, Eliza Hoehn 25, daughter, Anna S Knudsen 33, servant, Denmark Wilhelm N Knudsen 4

  3. Eliza 1852

    Marriage: Ambrose W. Jayne

    1880: 310 Van Brunt, Ambrose W. Jayne 28, sailor, New Jersey, Eliza Jayne 27 Mary Jayne 4 Isaac Jayne 68, father

    1894: Listed in the probate papers of her brother Henry.

    1900: Ward 12, 130 Van Brunt, Ambrose Jayne 50, captain steam boat, Eliza Jayne 47, Sarah Jayne 18, Ambrose Jayne 13

    A. W. Jayne was the owner of the tug Henry Hoehn.

    1892 Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Jayne and children, Van Brunt street, are at the Brush house on East Broadway. Mr Jayne has become a great admirer of the bay and will purchase property on the shore front and erect a handsom summer residence before next season.

    Ambrose W. Jayne Jr was a policeman at the Rapelyae station in 1913.

Death of first wife: Before 1857. NYC Death Index starts in 1862 for Brooklyn and 1868 for Manhattan

Marriage 2 (and 3???) for Martin Hoehn Ann (or Mary Ann) born circa 1836 (1860 census) or 1848 (1875 Census) - Died before 1877 - no Mary or Mary Ann in the Greenwood Cemetery plots.

Children of marriage 2:

  1. Caroline circa 1857

    Married Maguire/McGuire

    Children: Sylvester and Charles

    Died before 1894

    1894: Listed in the probate papers of her half brother Henry.

  2. Carl (Charles) c 1857 to 1897

    Did not marry

    1894: Listed in the probate papers of his half brother Henry.

    Death and probate 1897: Petitioner, William Hoehn for his brother Charles who died September 1897, personal property "ten hundren and fifteen", no widow, no children no children of deceased children, no father, no mother, but the following siblings, William Heohm, Frederick Hoehn, George, Justina Cooper, and Eliza Jayne and Sylvester McGuire, about 17, and Charles McGuire children of Carolin a deceased sister.

  3. Fred (Frederick) c 1864

    1894: Listed in the probate papers of his half brother Henry.

  4. William c 1866

    Marriage: Christine

    1892 Ward 12, William Hoehn barkeep, Christina

    1894: Listed in the probate papers of his half brother Henry

    1900 Census 404 Van Brunt, Hoehn, William born Nov 1865, New York, age 34 married 11 years, saloon keeper, Christine age 32 0 children 0 living, Florence, daughter age 11

    1910 Brooklyn Ward 12, William Hoehn, bartender saloon, and Christina o children 0 living, 404 Van Brunt

    1911: November William Hoehn who was in business for many years at 404 Van brunt died at age 46. Survived by his widow, Tenie, and one sister Mrs. Voight.

  5. Gestena (Justina/Ernestine) c 1868

    In 1880 Census

    Married Thomas Cooper

    1892 Census, Thomas age 24, Brooklyn Bridge??, Justina 23, Caroline 4 and Justina 1.

    1894: Listed in the probate papers of her half brother Henry.

    1895 Death of Thomas Cooper: Thomas Cooper, a gripman, age 27 of 131 Dikeman street was killed in an accident on the Brooklyn Bridge. Cooper had both of his feet cut off. It was a foggy morning and the "trains on the endless cable were running at intervals of one to three minutes. Cooper was looking out into the fog but apparently did not see the car stalled in front of his on the track.

    Thomas Cooper a guard was killed in the bridge car accident in November 1895. HIs funeral was held at 131 Dykeman st in connection with the church of the Visitation. Over 100 bridge employees attended and there were many beautiful floral arrangements. Interred at Greenwood.

    A Grand Jury investigation was made. The death of Cooper and a passenger were the first fatalities in the history of the Bridge transportation.

    Cooper Thomas F 29 y Nov 19 1895 20138 Kings

1860 Census: Ward 12, Martin Hoehn, age 49, baker $8,000 $1,000, Bavaria, Ann age 24, Bavaria, George age 16 app to baker, John H, 12, Eliza, 8, Charles 3, Caroline 3, children all born New York

1862, 1863, 1864 : Martin Hoehn, baker, Partition n Van Brunt (only Hoehn in the 1862 Directory.)

1866: Martin Hoehn 196 Partition Baker Brooklyn, New York, City Directory, 1866 (only Hoehn in the 1866 Directory.)

1865 Tax, Hoehn, Martin Partition st. Retail dealer

1875 Census: Partition Street, brick $5,300, Hoehn, Martin, age 65, Germany, Baker, owner, John G. son 33, baker, New York, John H 29, baker, New York, Caroline, 18, Kings co. Charles, 18, Kings co. Frederick 12, William 9, Kings co. Jesine 7, Kings co. Herbert 6 Kings co., Henry 4 Kings co., Elizabeth 1, Kings co., Mary A, wife, age 27, born Ireland

Interestingly a distinction was made in the birth places of the children - with the two Johns born in "New York" and the other children born in "Kings Co.". This could indicate a move from Manhattan (or somewhere in the state of New York) to Brooklyn between 1846 and and 1857. There is also a ten year break between the birth of John H and the birth of Caroline. Mary Ann is obviously a second (or even third) wife. Were Herbert, Henry and Elizabeth the children of Martin Hoehn or of Mary by a first marriage? They are not mentioned in his probate papers. Mary Ann Hoehn is only 27 - younger than the two oldest Hoehn "boys". Herbert, Henry and Elizabeth are not mention in Martin's Hoehn's probate papers. There were 46 people listed as living in the building, including a baker's apprentice who most likely was employed by the Hoehns.

1877 Death of Martin Hoehn: 125 Partition, 17 April, 1877. His sons, Henry and George, were the executors. "No Widow but eight children": George, Henry, Elizabeth wife of Charles Zulauff, all full age, Charles age 19, Caroline age 19, Fred age 14, William age 11, Justina age 9. Said minors have no father or mother and reside with said George Hoehn in Brooklyn. Value of estate $16,000. One of the affidavits listed Christian Veith (or Veitte) died in or about the year "1874". No actual will, although there was an affidavit that a will had been made on or about the 6th of June 1870 in witnesses by Christian Viett and signed by Martin Hoehn. No mention of Mary Ann or Herbert, Henry and Elizabeth who were in the 1875 census.

1876: Henry Hoehn liquors, 404 Van Brunt h 125 Partition. 1878, 1879, 1880, 1885, 1888-89, 404 Van Brunt.

404 Van Brunt at Partition - 🍻 German lager beer hall

1870 Brooklyn Eagle liquor dealers listed Greaf, F. corner Partition and Van Brunt.

1854 FOR SALE 7 lots north west corner Van Brunt at Partition. "a rapidly improving neighborhood" 160 ft on Van Brunt and 116 on Partition. "both streets are regular and paved"

1870 Graef, Frederick, beer, Van Brunt and Partition.

1870 Ward 12, Graef, Fredrich, age 33, beer dealer born Wurtenburg, Jacobina age 33 keeping house, born Bayern, Edward, age 7, Mary age 5 Emma age 2 children born New York.

1871 liquors, van Brunt and Partition

1872, 1873 Graef, Frederick liquors 404 Van Brunt. 1874, Partition and Van Brunt. He appear to have moved after this to 358 Van Brunt. The property passed to Henry Hoehn.

See Graef

1879 - 30 January 1879
"BEER OR BLOOD." George FLOYD, of No. 251 Conover street, a young man of twenty-six years, who is without useful occupation, entered Henry HOEHN's lager-beer saloon with others, yesterday afternoon, and demanded to be supplied with drinks on credit. Frederick HOEHN, the bartender, refused to serve the thirsty men except for cash, whereupon FLOYD struck him on the head with a drinking glass, inflicting a severe wound, which was dressed by Dr. HARRIGAN, who extracted some pieces of the broken glass from the wound. FLOYD was arrested by Officer CAIN, of the Eleventh Precinct, and locked up to await the action of Justice FERRY on a charge of felonious assault.
1880, 1882 directories listed George baker at 125 Partition and Henry liqour at 404 Van Brunt, home 125 Partition. No other listed.

1880 Census: 125 Partition Street, George Hoehn 37, bakery, Mary Ann Hoehn 34, Hugh Hoehn 11, Eliza Hoehn 5, Martin Hoehn 2, Henry Hoehn 32, single, brother, lager beer saloon, Carl Hoehn 23, brother, ??? bakery, Fred Hoehn 16, brother, tend L B saloon, William Hoehn 14, brother, Gestenib Hoehn 12, brother, all born New York, Margaret Henninger 17, servant.

1884 - 404 Van Brunt was a saloon frequented by men of the "shipping trade" and run by Henry Holme. James Hann, who sported a beard to his waist, went drinking there one night. After consuming a large quantity of lager Mr. Hann was quite inebriated. The gas light was lowered, a pair of shears was brought out, and Hann's beard was shaven. He was so upset by his appearance that he bought suit against Mr Holme.

1890: New Buildings, Partition St w. s. 250 feet s Conover 25x100 partition David Barnett referee to Charles Lawless, same property George and Henry Heohn exrs Martin Heohn, to same. Also Partition st w s cor 225 s Conover 25x100 Henry Hoehn and George Hoehn excr. Martin Hoen to John H. Kell.

1890: Henry Hoehn plaintiff against George Hoehn property at Partition at Conover also Van Brunt at Williams to be sold in September 1890.

1890: - A tug boat named the Henry Hoehn was launched in 1890 to honor a "prominent twelfth warder". Among the guest at the launching were Mr. and Mrs. William Hoehn.

1890 Mr and Mrs William Hoehn attended the Liquor Dealer's Ball.

1892 Hoehn, February 17, Minnie Kate, wife of Henry Hoehn, age 38 years 3 months and 0 days. Others named in connection with the estate were, Martha wife, Elizabeth Jayne, Frederick Hoehn, William Hoehn, George Hoehn, Charles Hoehn, Charles McGuire and Sylvester McGuire both infants and Justin Cooper.

1894: June 3 NYTimes - The tug boat Henry Hoelm was used in the Spring Regatta of the Brooklyn Yacht Club: "the thirty-seventh annual regatta of the Brooklyn Yacht Club will be sailed. Nearly forty yachts have been entered in the fifteen classes, and some rattling good contests are expected." The Gilbert M. Edgett was built in Brooklyn, New York in 1890 and originally named the Henry Hoehn (dimensions 62.6 by 17.5 by 4.8; 43 gross tons 21 net tons). Her home port was New York and she was owned by Newark Towboat Co. (American Paintings, Drawings and Sculpture, Sotheby's 1994 )

1894: Death of Henry Hoehn, husband of Martha Schultz 404 Van Brunt, Jun 28.

1894: Probate, petition of Martha S. Hoehn, 404 Van Brunt, widow of Henry Hoehn who died at 404 Van brunt 25 June 1894 personal property $500, real $10,000 subject to a mortgage of $5,000 (or $50.00), next of kin, Martha S Hoehn, widow, George Hoehn, a brother 180 Coffey street, Elizabeth Jayne (wife of Ambrose Jayne) a sister, 404 Van Brunt, Frederick Heohn a half brother 190 Liquer st, William Hoehn a half brother, 135 Coffey street, Charles Hoehn, a half brother, -27 Conover st, Ernestina Cooper (wife of Thos Cooper) a half sister, 130 Coffey, Sylvester Maguire and Charles Maguire infants under the age of 14, children of Caroline Maguire a deceased half sister, 1894, November Surrogate Court notice: General

1895 March: Surrogate Notices names: **Elizabeth Jayne, Frederick Hoehn*, William Hoehn*, George Hoehn*, Martha Hoehn, wife of Henry, individually and as administratrix of said Henry Hoehn, Charles Hoehn*, and Charles McGuire, and Sylvester McGuire, both infants, and **Justina Cooper

*brothers of Henry Hoehn. **sisters of Henry Hoehn - I do not know who Sylvester and Charles McGuire are.

1895: Real Estate of Henry Hoehn contested. 1895 November & December: Surrogate Notice: Charles Hoehn a creditor to sell the real property of Henry Hoehn deceased, for payment of dept, Van Brunt and Partition.

1899 12th ward Home Club picnic at Ulmer Park - music and dancing - reception committee William Hoehn, Frederick Graef

1901 - William Hoehn, age 36, was the proprietor of a saloon at 404 Van Brunt when a knife fight broke out between some seamen of the English ship Loch Tay and some boiler makers from Virginia. Several men were severely injured. Hoehn was arrested but promptly released.

1911: November William Hoehn who was in business for many years at 404 Van brunt died at age 46. Survived by his widow, Tenie, and one sister Mrs. Voight.

1943: Death of Martin F Hoehn of of 404 Van Brunt street died suddenly, plumbing business. His wife Mary Dishman had died in 1943. His brother Hugh had predeceased him. He was survived by a brother Frederick. and a son Edwin G Hoehn. Solemn mass at Visitation RC. Buried Holy Cross. It was noted that Hugh Hoehn was active in "civic work".

Greenwood Cemetery:
HOEHN CHARLES 1897-09-24 8320 1, (Hoehn Charles 40 y Sep 22 1897 15700 Kings)
HOEHN CHRISTINA 1865-04-21 8320 1,
HOEHN ELIZABETH 1854-07-27 8320 1,
HOEHN ERNESTINE 1863-10-20 8320 1,
HOEHN HENRY 1867-04-03 8320 1,
HOEHN HENRY 1880-04-18 8320 1, (Son of Henry)
HOEHN HENRY 1894-06-28 8320 1 (Hoehn Henry 46 y Jun 25 1894 9690)
HOEHN JUSTINA 1869-03-16 8320 1
HOEHN MARTIN 1877-04-20 8320 1 (Hoehn Martin 66 y Apr 17 1877 3108 Kings)
HOEHN WILLIAM 1911-11-20 8320 1 (Hoehn Wm 46 y Nov 17 1911 21760 Kings)

HOEHN CATHERINE 1916-05-02 16677 186,
HOEHN GEORGE 1900-04-28 29130 200
HOEHN GEORGIA MATHILDA 1951-04-09 29130 200,
HOEHN MARGARETHA 1908-07-10 29130 200
HOEHN WALTER N. 1975-06-20 29130 200
HOEHN GLADYS 1909-02-01 31394 128,
HOEHN HORST 2000-10-23 23025 142
HOEHN KATHERINE 1948-12-04 32179 207

Photo Maggie Land Blanck, 2012

North west corner of Coffey and Van Brunt. Formerly the business location of Henry Hoen's Lager Beer Hall at 404 Van Brunt.

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