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🍎 William Ropke (c 1816-1863 ) Germany, children: Wilhelmina Ropke Haack, Anna Ropke Depperman Meyers, John Albert Ropke and Lena Ropke Steneck

119 Conover - South east corner of Conover at Williams

1870 liquor deals list, Black, F. Conover corner Williams

Birth: of William Ropke Circa 1816, Germany



  1. A brother who had a son named William born German circa 1843

    He also had a niece Margaret. Mentioned in probate. Listed with him in the 1860 census, age 22.

    He also had some connection to Richard Ropke born Germany circa 1849.

    See below.


1849: William Ropke passport info, born May 8, 1816. naturalized in the superior Court, New York October 12, 1849, corner King and Conover age 45, 5 ft 8 inches, blue eyes, brown hair.

Marriage: Anne Margretha ________. After the death of William Ropke in 1863 she married Frederick Black and had two children. See Black


  1. Mena Ropke c 1851

    Wilhelmina Ropke Haack (wife of Heinrich August Haack)

    In a 1885 law suit she said she went to school until she was 14.

    Marriage: Henry Haack. He was born in German c 1838. (per 1880 census.) Married Brooklyn September 8, 1870 per law suit.

    Children: None from her marriage to Henry Haack.

    A niece of Henry Haack's, Wilhelmina Oest, lived with them for a number of years.

    ✟ Haack Henri 45 y Jun 3 1883 5695 Kings

    After the death of Henry Hack his widow contested his will. See below. The suit revealed some interesting information on the family and its connections to other Red Hook families. It also indicated that: Henry and Whilhemina Haack had traveled to Germany at least once circa 1882 and that Wilhelmina Ropke Haack had suffered some sort of mental health issue. She said she was troubled in her mind - out of her mind - but not insane. She was in a facility in Connecticut around the time of her husband's death. In fact, in October 1882, her mother, Anne Ropke Black, had committed suicide "while insane" by drowning herself in the East River.

    Mena Haack lived a various times at a house at Whitehall and Pearl in Manhattan and at Willoughby and Marcy in Brooklyn.

    1869: Henry A Haack William and Conover liquor.

    1880: The page is smudged. Haack, ---- age 42 liquor store, Haack, ---- ina, age 28, Oest, Wilhemina age 16 sister in law, Oest, Henry ? age 18, brother in law, bar tender, and a servant

    Henry A Haack 1876, 1879, 1882 84 Whitehall New York, New York Liquor New York, New York, City Directory, 1876, 1879, 1882

    Henry A Haack 1884 419 Marcy av Brooklyn, New York Liquors Brooklyn, New York, City Directory, 1884

    Others mentioned in the suit that must have been relatives of Henry Haack's were Mary Oest and Diederich Haack. see more on the suit below.

    1883: Death of Henry Haack - probate - petitioner John H Weichen - his widow, Wilhelmina Haack - no children or children of children - no father, but his mother, Catherine M Haack and brother and sisters Deidrick w. Haack residing at --dleda -- Ottendorf Germany, Catherine Marie Oest widow, and Elise M Wilkelmine wife of Heinrich Hopke residing at Oster end Groden, Altenbruch Germany all of full age - no descendants of deceased brothers and sisters.

    In his will dated June 1883, Henry Haack left: His wife the property on Mary Ave, Brooklyn, and $10,000 in cash, "in lieu of dower", his nephew William Haack his gold watch and chain and $4,000, his niece Wilhelmina Oest $4,000, the rest of his estate to his sisters, Wilhelmina Hopke and Mary Oest and his brother, Diedrick Haack, share and share alike.

    Death of Wilhelmina Haack:

    GREENWOOD: HAACK HENRI A. 1883-06-06 22020 176

  2. 🍷Anna Ropke Deppermann Meyers 1853

    Married: Ferdinand Depperman


    1. Fernando Depperman c 1873

      In 1892 Census with his mother

      1910 Ward 8, 57th street, Fernando Depperman 37, married 13 years, 3 children 3 living, wine and liquor emp. Martha Depperman 35 Ethel Depperman 12 Fernando Depperman Jr. 8 Edward Depperman 4 Carolina Rathje 70, mother in law,

    2. Frederick Deppermann c 1876

      In 1892 Census with his mother

    See Deppermann Death: Deppermann Ferdinand F C 38 May 5 1877 3610 Kings

    1880: India Wharf, saloon keeper, Ann Diperman 25, Fernando Diperman 7, son, Frederick Diperman 4, son, Richard Rupke 28, boarder, bartender Christina Alsessa 15, servant

    Marriage: Edward Meyers before 1892


    1. Lilly c 1883

    2. Stella c 1887

    3. Harry c 1889

    1892 Census: Edward Myer, age 35, Germany, barkeeper, Anny Myer age 34, US, Lily Myer age 9, Stella Myer age 5, Harry age 3 Fernando N "Depperm" age 20, Frederick Deppermann age 16

    Anna M Meyer (wife of Edward Meyer) per law suit.

    1900: 91 Dikeman st, Edward Meyer 48, m 18 years, no occupation, born Germany, Anna Meyer 50, wife, born NY, 7 children 7 living, Frederick J Deppeman, step son, 24, saloon keeper, Lillie J Meyer 17 Stella W Meyer 14 Harry H Meyer 13

    See Meyers

  3. John Ropke c 1856

    Marriage: Johanna Doscher (per Obit) after 1879 (per 1885 law suit.)

    Children: None

    Death: August 16, 1897 age 42, husband of Johanna Doscher, 121 Conover corner William. 12t Ward Independent Guards.

  4. Lena Ropke c 1859 married Steneck, John

    Marriage: Ropke Helene M Oct 26 1875 2036 Kings - Steneck Johann Oct 26 1875 Kings 2036

    Helena Stenk (Helena M Steneck, wife of John Steneck)


    1. Minnie c 1877

    2. August 1878

    3. Kate 1880

    John Steneck 1876, 1878, 1879, 1880, 1881, 1883, 63 Union Brooklyn, New York Liquors Brooklyn, New York, City Directory, 1876, 1878, 1879, 1880, 1881, 1883

    1880 Census: 63 Union Street, Age Johann Steneck 28, liquor saloon, Lena Steneck 22, Minnie Steneck 3, August Steneck 2, Annie Steneck 3m, Kate Steneck 20, sister, Hermann Steneck 18, brother, works in liquor store.

    1925: Ralph Ave, Steneck, Helena head age 66, August Jr son 46, elec clerk, Helen daughter 27, glass Emma roomer

    STENECK JOHN 1890-03-12 10964 51
    STENECK HELENA 1967-10-05 10964 51
    STENECK HELENA M. 1929-10-20 10964 51
    STENECK RICHARD 1961-03-11 10964 51
    Same grave as ROPKE WILLIAM 1861-08-02 10964 51, ROPKE WILLIAM 1863-07-19 10964 51, ROPKE HERMAN 1863-01-09 10964 51

1863: Death of William Ropke: Ropke William 46 y Jul 17 1863 3750 Kings
According to the 1885 law suit he had a will, which appears to have left his estate to his children as tenants in common if his wife remarried. He left two properties on in the first Ward Manhattan on the west side of Whitehall street and the other in the 12th ward Brooklyn

When he made his will in August 1863 William Ropke declared himself of "feeble health" but sound mind. He asked his funeral expenses and all debts be paid including liens and mortgages. He left: his nephew William Ropke and his niece Margaret Ropken each $150. He left his "affectionate, wife, Anna Margaretha, all of the household furnishings. He also left her four lots at the corner of Conover and King as a dowery should she remarry. He left the rest of his estate to his wife, but in the event of her remarriage everything but the four mentioned lots was to be left to his four children. He appointed his wife guardian of his children and entitled to receive rents from his properties and responsible for the maintenance of the properties. He appointed his friend John Morgan of Brooklyn and his brothers-in-law Nicholas and Albert "Peters" of New York City, the executors of his will.

1855 Census: Ward 12, ED 1, brick, $2,800, Ropke, William age 33, Germany, grocer, Hannah, age 29, Germany, Mena, 4, New York, Hannah, 2, New York, all living in Brooklyn for 9 months as of the date of the census, William Klenke, age 22, clerk, Lean "Peterson" age 20, sisiter-in-law, born Germany

1860 census: 255, 534, William Ropke 44, grocer $29,000 $3,000, Hanover, Anna Ropke 34, Mena Ropke 9, Anna Ropke 7, John Ropke 4, Lena Ropke 1, Margaret Ropke 22

1863 Civil War Draft Registration: Roepke, William age 42, grocer, born Germany Summit and King

1862 tax: William Ropke King and Conover, income

William Ropke 1862, 1869 Grocer Brooklyn, New York, City Directory, 1862, 1869 (Conover c. Wolcott street)

1870 Census: Black, Fredrick, 47 ret liquor dealer $1,000 Prussia, Anne 44 Hanover, Wilhelmina*, 19, Anne* 17, John* 14, Lena* 11, Fredrick 5, Henrietta 3, Schwanwapel, John 23 bartender, 1870 census (*These were children from the marriage of Anna Margretha _____ Ropke Black from her marriage to William Ropke. William Ropekn died in 1863. They should have been listed with the surname Ropke not Black)

1872, 1873, 1876, 1877, 1878, 1880, 1882, 1884, William Ropke grocer, 169 Conover. Note: The name was kept even though William Ropke died in 1863?

Anna Ropke widow of William Ropke married Frederick Black

1881: An articles in the Brooklyn Eagle says that John Ropkes had a liquor store at 119 Conover when a shooting incident occurred in the bar. Four shots were fired and one man received a slight wound near his eye.

1880: John Ropke collector for Irish Relief.

1882, 1886, 1888-89: Liquors, John A. Ropke, 119 Conover. John A Ropke Home 121 Conover

1887: Margaret Morris, a widow, brought action agains John A Ropke, to recover damges in a civil suit in which she claimed that Ropke was responsible for the death of her husband. She claimed John Morris when on a spree, the first night he did not come home at all, the second night he came home and beat her, the third night he came home and fell asleep with his pipe in his mouth set the bed on fire and burned to death. She does not say how Ropke was at fault.

1888 and 1889: John Ropke, South Brooklyn Independent Guard member - Saengerbund Hall annual ball.

1890 The 32nd Anniversary Ball of the South Brooklyn Independent Guard took place at the Ropke's Hotel, William and Conover Streets. There were 125 member the majority of whom resided in the 12th ward. They had a lot of fun in a "good old fashioned German way". Members included: William Ropke, ex-Captain John A Ropke, Richard Ropke, Albert Ropke, Henry Finkeldey, Frederick Black, Cornelius Shea (an Irishman - not a German), F. Deppermann, George Higgins (another Irishman).

1890 A picnic excursion of the South Brooklyn German Independent Guard met at Ropke's hotel corner of William and Conover to set out for Bay View Park. The marched through the streets and boarded "cars" for the park. Attending were among others, Fred Black, John Ropke, William Ropke, and Fred Finkeldy.

1892: Ward 12, John A Ropke, age 35, barkeep, born US, Hanna, age 28, US, Richard Ropke, age 43, barkeep born Germany, citizen

1897: DIED John Ropke August 16 beloved husband of Johanna T (Doscher) in the 42 year of his life. 121 Conover St corner of William. 12th ward German Independent Guard. Note: This was the address of Herman Mahnken - see Mahnken

1898 John A Ropke left a will involving over $50,000 in Brooklyn real estate. The bulk of the estate was left to Mrs. Johannah F. Ropke with a number of small legacies for relatives. Two of the sisters of the deceased, Anna M Meyer (wife of Edward Meyer) and Helens Stenk (Helena M Steneck, wife of John Steneck) "contested the will alleging that Ropke was of unsound mind when he made the will and was unduly influenced by his wife." The will was sustained. He died leaving a widow but no children. About $20,000 in property at the corner of Conover and Williams to his wife and several $500 bequests to each of his sister's children. His sisters claimed he was incompetent because of his drinking habits. While the judge found Ropke a "constant drinker of alcoholic drinks" he found the will justified.

Another suit in 1885 shows a relationship between: Anna Maretha Black (wife of Fred Black), Anna M Depperman (wife of Ferdinand Depperman) and Anna M Meyer (wife of Edward Meyer) and Helens Stenk (Helena M Steneck, wife of John Steneck). In this suit Wilhelmina (Mena) Ropke Haack contested the will of her husband, Henry Haack. The basic issue was that on the death of William Ropke he owned two properties one in Red Hook, Brooklyn and one at Whitehall and Pearl in Manhattan. The children were minors at the time of his death so nothing was done until the youngest, Lena, reached her majority. By that time Mena was married. The four siblings, Mena, Anna, John and Lena, came to an agreement. They determined that the two properties were each worth about $20,000. John would retain the property in Red Hook, Brooklyn paying his sister Ann $10,000 for her share in the total estate. Henry and Mena Haack would take the house at Whitehall and Pearl and pay Lena $10,000 for her share in the total estate. Henry Haack apparently payed Lena her share but then listed the Whitehall property in his name only. His will left the Whithall property to relatives in Germany. Mena got $10,000 and a property that Henry Haack owned at Marcy ave in Brooklyn, where they had been living at the time of his death and which had a value of $8,000 and a mortgage of $5,000. It appears the Whitehall property was rented. The Red Hook, Brooklyn property was described as four lots:

Beginning at the southerly corner of William and Conover streets, and running thence southeasterly along the southwesterly side of William street one hundred (100) feet, thence southwesterly at right angles with William street and parallel with Conover street, one hundred (100) feet, thence northwesterly and parallel with William street one hundred (100) feet, to the southeasterly side of Conover street, and thence northeasterly along the southeasterly side of Conover sireet one hundred (100) feet, to the point or place of beginning, together with all and singular the 165 tenements, hereditaments and appurtenances thereunto belonging, or in any wise appertaining, and the reversion and reversions, remainder and remainders, vents, issues and profits thereof.
The real estate is not specifically mentioned in her husband's will, but the title had stood in his name for some years prior to his demise, while he had an indisputable interest in it to the extent of ten thousand dollars.

The terms of his will, in connection with the extent of his property, indicates an intention to dispose of the realty in question as the residuum of his estate.

The plaintiff was under the legal duty of declining the provision made for her in the will, did she intend to press her present claim. Not having done so, but accepted the benefits, she must be held to have elected to abide by the disposition of property made by that instrument.

She appealed in 1886 claiming that her name should have been on the deed from the time the property was transfered to Henry Haack.

Greenwood Cemetery:

ROPKE JOHANNA F. 1937-06-19 26714 166 (Ropke Johanna F 75 y Jun 17 1937 13604 Kings)
ROPKE JOHN A. 1897-10-06 26714 166 (Ropke John A 41 y Aug 16 1897 13468 Kings)

Richard Ropke 1886 119 Conover Brooklyn, New York Barkpr Brooklyn, New York, City Directory, 1886

Richard Ropke, 121 Conover, barkpr., 1889, 1890, Brooklyn, NY

1900: 169 Conover William Ropke, age 57, ??? dealer, Eliza age 44, Meta 17, William 15, and Lilian 8,

  1. William circa 1841

  2. 1870 Ward 12, Ropek, William age 29, Grocer ret 800 Hanover and Richard age 23 clerk in store.

  3. Richard circa 1847

ROPKE WILLIAM 1861-08-02 10964 51
ROPKE WILLIAM 1863-07-19 10964 51
ROPKE HERMAN 1863-01-09 10964 51

Ropke, William (C 1843-) Germany, Wolcott and Conover

169 Conover - South East corner of Conover and Wolcott

1870 Brooklyn Eagle liquor dealers list, Ropke, W., Wolcott and Conover, MISCELLANEOUS (Rolpke), W. , Wolcott and Conover

Not listed 1870 directory.

Birth: C 1843 Hanover, Germany


Marriage: Elizabeth


  1. Meta

    in 1905 census

  2. William George Ropke, November 12, 1884

    in 1905 census

    Married and had a family.

    1920: Ropke Brooklyn Assembly District 9, Kings, 76th street, own home, William Ropke 38, trafic manager exporting, Emily Ropke 28 Arnold Ropke 5 [5 0/12] Anna Dumberger 59, mother in law.

    William Ropke SSN: 093-01-5126 Last Residence: 11946 Hampton Bays, Suffolk, New York, United States of America Born: 12 Nov 1884 Died: May 1967 State (Year) SSN issued: New York (Before 1951)

  3. Maud born circa 1889

    She was adopted by Herman Mahnken and his wife Meta. Herman Mahnken lived for a while at 121 Conover. This was also the address of John Ropke at his death in 1897. See John Ropke above.

    See Mahnken

  4. Lillian c 1892

    Died March 1917 (Ropke Lillian M 25 y Mar 7 1917 5647 Kings) - probate - petitioner William Ropke father, address 8687 21st ave - Lillian died 7 March 1817 same address, personal property $460 -

1862, 1869 Directories, Ropke, William grocer, King n Conover.

1863 Civil War Draft Registration: Roepke, William, Summit and King, age 41 grocer

1870 census, Ropke, William ret grocer, 29, $800 Hanover, Ropke, Richard 23, clerk in store

1871, Ropke, William grocer Wolcott c Conover.

1875 - William Ropke had liquor saloon at the corner of Wolcott and Conover when a black man named William Stephens came in and asked for a five finger drink of bourbon and then refused to pay. Guns were pulled. Stephens had a "severn shooter" (a Smith and Wesson) which he cocked and aimed at Ropke. The gun was loaded with one bullett. He was disarmed by others in the saloon.

William Ropke Residence Year: 1876 to 1882, Street Address: 169 Conover Residence Place: Brooklyn, New York Occupation: Groceries Publication Title: Brooklyn, New York, City Directory, 1876

William Ropke Location 1: 169 Conover Occupation: grocer Year: 1888, 1889 City: Brooklyn State: NY

1892 census: Ropke, William, age 50, grocer, Germany, Eliza, age 39, Meta age 9, William 7, Maud 3, Lillie 1 month.

1900 Census: Conover Ward 12, Ropke, William, Aug 1842 57 Married 23, Germany, ?? dealer, Eliza, wife, Aug 1855 44 Married 23 1877 Germany 1858, Meta Oct 1882 17 New York, William Nov 1884 15 New York Lillian Jul 1891 8

In February 1890 a merry crowd of Germans celebrated the 32nd anniversary of the South Brooklyn German Independent Guards at the Ropke Hotel Williams and Conover. 125 members, most of whom lived in the 12th Ward, attended a ball. Committee members included: William Ropke, John A Ropke, Richard Ropke, as well as Fredrick Finkeldey Fredrick Black, F Depperman, George Higgins. The party lasted until long after midnight.

The south Brooklyn independent Guard was a shooting club. They had numerous outings, picnic, balls, etc. The Ropkes were active members and were involved with the organization of many of the events.

1905: 169 Conover Street: William Ropke M 63y Germany, iceman, Eliza Ropke F 46y Germany daughter Meta Ropke F 22y United States, stenographer, son William Ropke M 20y United States shipping clerk, daughter Lillie Ropke F 13y United States

ROPKE LILLIAN M. 1917-03-09 4071 64 (Ropke Lillian M 25 y Mar 7 1917 5647 Kings)
ROPKE WILLIAM 1918-06-14 4071 64 (Not listed NYC Death Index)
ROPKE ELIZA 1943-12-08 4071 64

Ropke, Richard (C 1843-) Germany, Wolcott and Conover

Richard Ropke 1881 19 "India" Barkpr [barkeeper] Brooklyn, New York, City Directory, 1881

1886: Richard Ropke 119 Conover barkeeper.

1888, 1890: 121 Conover barkeeper

1870: Ward 12, Willam Ropke, age 29, ret grocery, Richard Ropek age 23, clerk in store.

1880: Naturalization, Apr 20, 1880 witness John Ropke County Courth, Kings,

1880: Ann Diperman* 25 New York, United States Fernando Diperman son, 7 New York, United States Frederick Diperman son, 4 New York, United States Richard Ropke, age 28, boarder, born Germany, Christina Alsessa F 15, servant New York, United States

*Ann "Diperman" was Ann Ropke (DOB c. 1853 Brooklyn) the daughter of William Ropke (DOB c 1816 Germany)

1892 Ward 12, John A Ropke age 35, born US Barkeeper, Hanna Ropke, age 28, US Richard Ropke age 43 Germany

Death of Richard Ropke: Not listed in NYC Death Index


ROPKE CHARLES H. 1884-07-19 19694 13
ROPKE FREDERICK 1905-06-09 19694 13
ROPKE HENRY AUGUSTUS 1888-06-25 19694 13
ROPKE MARY L. 1884-07-19 19694 13
ROPKE MARY L. 1884-07-19 19694 13

ROPKE JOHANNA F. 1937-06-19 26714 166
ROPKE JOHN A. 1897-10-06 26714 166

ROPKE JOHN H. 1881-08-15 17263 15
ROPKE MINNIE 1883-02-09 17263 15

ROPKE HERMAN 1863-01-09 10964 51
ROPKE WILLIAM 1861-08-02 10964 51
ROPKE WILLIAM 1863-07-19 10964 51

ROPKE LILLIAN M. 1917-03-09 4071 64
ROPKE WILLIAM 1918-06-14 4071 64
ROPKE ELIZA 1943-12-08 4071 64

ROPKE MAGDALENA 1902-09-22 21709 63

ROPKE MAUDE E. 1955-04-22 20374 174

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