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Coogan (Cogan/Coogars) James, (1834 -) Ireland, and his son, John (1857-) Dikeman near Richards, 78 Dikeman, liquor dealers

Dikeman near Richards - 78 Dikeman Street (North side between Van Brunt and Richard)

James Coogan married Mary ______. They had one son, John, who married, Agnes Murtha. John and Agnes had one daughter, Agnes, born circa 1886. After the death of James Coogan, his widow married William Butler. John Coogan died in 1900. His mother evicted her daughter in law and granddaughter and did not leave them anything in her will when she died a few months after her son.

Birth: c 1834 Ireland


Marriage: Mary

Child: John c 1857

Marriage: Agnes Murtha born c 1865


  1. Agnes c 1884 - Married Unknown

    Agnes Coogan Birth 21 Jan 1884 Brooklyn, Kings Father's Name John J. Coogan Mother's Name Agnes Murtha

Death of John Coogan: January 1890
Death of James Coogan: 8 February 1871

1871 Probate: Mary Coogan widow of James Coogan one child, John, age 13, leaving no personal property

Remarriage of Mary Coogan to William Butler before 1880.

The 1886 map shows a frame house at 78 Dikeman near Richards - mid way on the north side between Richards and Van Brunt.

Civil War Draft Registration: Coogan, John age 34, caulker, married born Ireland, Dikeman and Van Brunt

1860 Census Ward 12: Coogan, age 25, caulker, $150, born Ireland, Mary age 23, born Ireland, John 3

1864: James Cogan, Dikeman n Richards Brooklyn, New York, Carpenter, Brooklyn, New York, City Directory, 1864

1870 Census: Coogan, James, 36, ret. liquor dealer, $6,000 Ireland, Mary 30, John 13

1870: James Cogan, Dikeman and Richards, Brooklyn, New York, Liquors Brooklyn, New York, City Directory, 1870

1871 James Coogan liquors, Dikeman

1880 Census: 12th ward, no address, John Coogan 23, grocer, Agnes Coogan 21

Directory 1881 to 1886: John Coogan Residence Year: 1881, 1882, 1885, 1886 Street Address: 78 Dikeman Residence Place: Brooklyn, New York Occupation: Grocer Publication Title: Brooklyn, New York, City Directory, 1881

1890, January: Died, COOGAN, John at his residence 78 Dikeman

1890 Probate:

March 13, 1890: Mrs. Mary Butler brought an eviction notice against her daughter in law at 100 Dikeman Street. The article and other records explain the relationship between Mary Butler and Agnes Coogan as follows: Mary _____ married James Coogan. They had one son, John. James Coogan died without a will. Mary _____ Coogan married William Butler and became Mrs. Mary Butler. Her son, John Coogan, married Agnes Murtha. They had one daughter, Agnes, before John Coogan died prior to March 1890. Mary Butler had never liked Agnes Murtha Coogan, hence the attempt to have her evicted from a property which belonged to Mary Butler.

(13 MAR 1890, PAGE 6):

TO EVICT HER DAUGHTER-IN-LAW Mrs. Mary Butler Brings a Peculiar Suit

An action to dispossess Agnes Coogan, a widow, who has apartments at 100 Dikeman street, was brought in the First District Court this morning, but owing to an error in the papers the action was withdrawn. The landlord in the case was Mary Butler, of 184 Hamilton avenue, the mother in law of Agnes. Mary Butler was Mary Coogan. She had one son, John, and to him his father intended his property to go in case Mary remarried. But it happened that the husband died without making a will and so the legal disposition of the property was made. Mary Butler did not like her son's wife and has not been very friendly to her. Agnes lived in her present abode with her husband, and proposes to stay there now without paying rent, although her mother in law does claim the property as her own. On the day the constable served the dispossess papers upon the daughter in law it is said that her husband's mother was in the Church of the Visitation saying masses for the repose of his soul. New papers will be drawn and another attempt made to evict the daughter in law. Agnes has one child, a girl, about 6 years of age. She and John were married about eight years. The latter having died but a short time ago.

Another article says the property was at 78 Dikeman. It reiterated that Mary Butler wanted Agnes Coogan out of her house. A summons was tacked on the door. The court declared in favor of Agnes Coogan and informed Mrs. Butler that she would have to find some other method to get possession of her house. Mary Butler died June 13, 1890.


Agnes Coogan, of 78 Dikeman Street, through her guardian, John R. Kuhn, has filled notice of contest of the will of her grandmother, Mary Butler, who died at 134 Hamilton avenue on June 13. Undue influence is alleged. Mrs. Butler was on bad terms with the mother of the granddaughter, who married a son of the deceased by her first husband, and cut her off with $1. She divided her property among her nephews and nieces and left her husband, William, the interest on a $3,000 mortgage. She also left $100 for masses for the repose of her soul. Brooklyn Eagle

Death, Coogan, John 30 y, Jan 29 1890 , 2073 Kings

No death listed for Mary Butler June 13, 1890.

Probate of the estate of Mary Butler: Executors, John Dunne, of NYC and Sarah J McMahan of Brooklym death 13 June 1890, witnesses, Patrick Coogan, Hamilton ave, and John E Decker 109 Hamilton ave. - surviving husband William Butler, of 134 Hamilton ave. - her only heir at law and next of kin Agnes Coogan, granddaughter, residing with her mother, Agnes Coogan, at 78 Dykeman Street - a court appointed guardian was charged with protecting the interest of Agnes Coogan infant - the petition stated that Mary Butler was not "sensible" and "was out of her mind" when she made her will that the will was not properly witnessed - that Mary Butler did not sign the will - that the will was procured by undue influence - that Mary Butler was "instigated to engage in litigation with the mother of the infant and incited to maintain unfriendly relationships towards her by depriving said infant of her rightful inheritance". The courts ruling was that the will was signed and witnesses - That Mary Butler was of a sound a deposing mind - and the will was valid. The will was not with the probate papers.

So who got the money?

1892: Edward Martha, age 60 born Ireland cooker, Mary 55 born Ireland, Edward Jr 35 born US, Agnes Coogan age 8 born US, Agnes Coogan 32, Mary Martha age 25 Otto Nelson 38 Germany

1925: Agnes Coogan age 60 lodger

More on Butler and Murtha:

1860 Census: 383, 929 William Butler age 29, liquor dealer $3,000 $500 Ireland, Bridget, age 30, John age 79

1880 Census: 134 Hamilton ave.: Butler, Wm., age 51, liquor dealer, Mary wife age 37, John son age 16.

1870 Census Ward 12: Edward Murtha 38, cooper $2,000, Mary Murtha 35, Hugh Murtha 17, cart driver, Andrew Murtha 15, errand boy, Edward Murtha 13, errand boy, Agnes Murtha 10, at school Mary Murtha 8, Patrick Mckenna 33, carman,

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