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Cordes (Cortes/Cortez), Henry, (c1824-1897) Bavaria, 1 Summit, grocer/liquor - -

1 Summit Street

Birth: c 1824 Germany


Marriage: Mary


  1. Anna c 1860

  2. William c 1863. No listed with them in 1875.

  3. Louisa c 1867

  4. George c 1874 (1875 Census)

    George Cortes Residence Year: 1884 Street Address: 1 Summit Residence Place: Brooklyn, New York Occupation: Liquors Publication Title: Brooklyn, New York, City Directory, 1884

Cordes, H. 1870 Brooklyn Eagle liquor dealer list MISCELLANEOUS, 1 Summit.

1870 census: Cordes, Henry, 46, ret grocer, $2,250, Bavaria, Mary 40, Pennebacks (?), Wilhelm 7, Anna 10 Louisa 3, and clerk in store.

1870 directory, Cortes, Henry, liquors 1 Summit st.

1875: Commercial not numbered, brick value, $23,000 Henry Cordes, age 52, born Germany, liquors, Mary age 42, Marcella age 19, Anne 15, Louisa 8, George 1 (next page at 1 summit George Cordes, age 28 "father" born Germany bartender, Anne Cordes age 26, 1 summit street)

In October 1876 Henry Cortes of 13 Commercial wharf and H. H. Cordes of Clinton and Nelson street posted bond for a young German immigrant who was in trouble with the authorities regarding his citizenship.

1880 Census: "Charles" street, Henry Cordes 56, liquor dealer, Mary Cordes 50, Louisa Cordes 13, George Cordes 6, Johanna Hots 28, servant Herman Remer 24, boarder, bartender. Herman Kerls 20, boarder, bartender.

They were on the same page in the 1880 census as Peter Ehricks and Anna. See Ehricks and Depperman.

In July 1887 Henry "Cortes", "the Hamilton ave liquor dealer", was charged along with "Knuth Herman" with attempting a criminal assalut aganst two English girls. "Cortes does business near the Hamilton Ferry is a married man and has a family." The men were released on bond. The same month Eva Parisen, alias Eva Jerry, the owner of the hotel on Coney Island where the Joyce girls were assaulted by "Christian Kanuth" and Henry Cordes was arrested for "keeping a disorderly house."

In 1886 Henry Cortes paid a verdict of $100 on a suit brought by Mrs. Mary Wigmore who claimed Cordes had sold liquor to her husband after being warned not to do so and so contributed to making him a drunkard.

February 1886 LIS PENDENS Kings County "Clinton st. s e cor Nelson at 20v--, Louisa Cordes, agt Hannah H Cortes, et al Atty J. B. Meyerborg(?)

November 1900: John Schnakenberg against Mary Brockett, Henry Cordes, the wife of Henry Cordes, John F. Cordes and others, in pursuance of a foreclosure. To be sold at auction a brick building at the south-easterly of Clinton and Nelson - title of Louisa Cordes.


  • Louisa Cortes born circa 1867 was the daughter of Henry Cordes.
  • Louisa Cortes born 1839 was listed with Henry Cordes born circa 1840, Germany, liquors, in the 1892 census in Ward 12.
  • Louisa Cordes plaintiff against "Harmon H Cordes" and others summonsed to hear a complaint, April 1886.

Cortes, Herman, (C 1840 -) India Wharf, Liquor No 1., India Wharf

Cannot find Herman Cordes in 1870 census


About ten minutes before six o'clock yesterday afternoon Officer Buss, of the Atlantic Deck squad, while patrolling Summit street, found a man lyingon the sidewalk near Henry Cordes' liquor store No. 1 Summit street, pporently in a helpless siato of intoxication, and another man holding his head, which presented a frightful appearance, being covered with blood. His clothing was in many places saturated wiib the crimson stream which flowed frem wounds In the back of his head. The officer recognized the wounded man as Patrick Lysacht, residing at 342 Hamilton avenue, a shoemaker, and the friend who was playing the good Samaritan's part, proved to be James Hum, a helmsman on the canal boat Paris, now tying lying at the Atlantic pier". Hagan had found the man lying on the sidewalk, drunk, and beating his head against the pavement. Lysacht was taken to the 11th precincts station house where he died. He was about 40 years old and left a wife and five children. A "row" a Cordes's saloon was reported during which someone had kicked Lysacht's dog.

Yesterday afternoon Charles Martin played a game of hand ball with a friend for two quarts of beer. Martin lost the game and went to George Cords' saloon 1 Summit street, for the "amber colored friend." When Mr. Cordes had measured out the beer, Martin seized the measure and ran from the place saying. "Chalk that down on your hair and I'll come around tomorrow and brush it out." Mr. Cordes followed Martin. His yells of stop thief attracted the attention of Officer Pelham, who arrested Martin. This morning Justice Delmar committed Martin to --- examination.

Herrman H Cortes Residence Year: 1874 Street Address: 543 Clinton Residence Place: Brooklyn, New York Occupation: Liquors Publication Title: Brooklyn, New York, City Directory, 1874

Herman H Cordes Residence Year: 1876 Residence Place: Brooklyn, New York Occupation: Liquors Publication Title: Brooklyn, New York, City Directory, 1876

In December 1878 Herman Cordes was found in violation of the excise law North Pier India Wharf. June 07, 1882 - there was an incident involving gun fire in a fight between two men who were drinking in Cordes' "liquor store" at the corner of the North Pier and India Wharf". A bullet was fired and went through the floor. No one was hurt. 1882 Directory: Cordes, Herman H. liqors, N. pier India wf h 553 Clinton. ALSO Cordes, Herman, Atlantic dock h 543 Clinton

Herman H Cordes Residence Year: 1882 Street Address: 553 Clinton Residence Place: Brooklyn, New York Occupation: Liquors Publication Title: Brooklyn, New York, City Directory, 1882

Herman H Cordes Residence Year: 1886 Street Address: 543 Clinton Residence Place: Brooklyn, New York Occupation: Liquors Publication Title: Brooklyn, New York, City Directory, 1886

Herman H. Cordes Location 2: 543 Clinton Year: 1888, 1889 City: Brooklyn State: NY

July 1883 - Herman H. Cordes of 543 Clinton street and his wife took a Court street trolley around seven o'clock on a May 24th to witness the fireworks display on the bridge tower that celebrated the opening of the Brooklyn Bridge, then called the East River Bridge. On their return Cortes was a victim of a pickpocket and his watch was lifted. He ran after his attacker who he was able to identify. The case was brought to court in July.

1872 Passport application: "Harmon" H Cordes a naturalized citizen of the US, on October 17, 1866, age 32, 5 ft 10 inches, grey eyes, wife Louise, witness John F. Cordes. May 1872

1883, July "Herman Cordez" of No. 1 Summit street was accused of selling beer on Sunday. In his defense he placed two small vials of liquid before the commissioners, one full of weiss beer the other full of lager beer and asked them if they could tell the difference by color. The commissioners admitted that they could not. "Cordez claimed he had sold weiss beer, not larger beer on the Sunday in question. He was deemed not guilty." July 23, 1883

The Commissioner gave a rehearing today in the case of George Cordes, of No. 1 Summit street. Mrs. Warner charged him with having sold her husband liquor on Sunday the 1st inst. Cordes swore today that no liquor or intoxicating beverage was sold in his place on that day, and that his store was opened to give some carpenters an opportunity to get their tools. He admitted having opened one bottle of weiss beer, which he claimed was not intoxicating. Warner was in the store and asked for a drink, which was refused. When Warner was ejected his wife was at the door, and shaking her hand at Cordes said, "I will fix you for this." Decision in the case was reserved.

1884 Herman Cordes lost his licence for his saloon on India Wharf for a place he had been running for several years. He was accused of attempting to seduce a "pretty girl" and selling liquor on Sunday. Herman Cordes was listed at #1 India Wharf in April 1884. He also had a place on Summit street. See Herman Cordes, Summit.

April 1884 - Ella (or Bella and other aliases) Ferditz (Gerditz) made a charge of assault against the purser of the steamship India. She claimed he attacked her on the outside stairway of Heman Cordes' saloon No. 1 India Wharf. Herman Cortes was accused of being an accomplice. A number of witnesses, including four police detectives, and "others" were prepared to testify on

"...the respectability of Mr. Cordes and the character of his store. The upper portion of the building in which his store is situated, and to which place it is alleged the girl was dragged, is occupied by Custom House officials for government purposes."
As a part of the testimony Bella Gerditz said that she and the accused had drank three glasses of beer each in the "barroom" of Cordes' saloon. Cordes testified that he had been keeping a bar at that location for eleven years. Some time after this event the girl in question, then listed as Bertha Gorowitz, married the steward of the steamship India. The newlyweds "called" on Mr. Cordes at his saloon".

April 16, 1884 - Herman Cordes of No 1 India Wharf had a hearing to have his liquor licence revoked. Most of the article is missing. The commission reserved their dec(ision).

July 1884 - Henry Baach a bartender for Herman H. Cordes, who had a saloon at the North Pier, was arrested for violating the excise law by selling beer to a "number of persons" on Sunday.

By August 1884 Herman H. Cordes, "who used to keep a sporting house on India wharf for many years" moved to the north pier of Columbia wharf after he lost his licence in September 1883. "The policed believed that the unrighteous game of poker was being played at Cordes' new quarters. They also had reason to suspect that beer and stronger liquors could be bought there." Police officers in plain clothes went to the bar where they bought a dollars worth of chips and "sat down to play a friendly game." After a few minutes the regular police arrived and arrest Cordes for selling liquor without a licence. "A kitty and 374 chips were found." Cordes was fined $25 for violation of the Excise law.

March 12, 1885 - According to this article Lewis Price had been arraigned a month before for selling liquor without a licence at the establishment of Herman H Cordes. the police were suspicious of Price and were ordered to keep a lookout. Monday night about 8 o'clock a police officer saw a man coming out of the store with a can of beer. The office went inside and ordered a glass of cider. while he was drinking his cider a man came in and got a glass of whiskey. The officer pulled out his badge and arrested Price.

March 28, 1885 Lewis Price, a bartender in the employ of Herman H Cordes, paid a $50 fine and was sentenced to 25 days at the Raymond Street Jail for violation of the Excise Law. He had apparently been a "persistent violator" for the previous six months before his sentencing. Herman H Cordes had a restaurant at the corner of the North Pier and India Wharf and no licence to sell liquor. Although the place had a sign "Nothing but soft drinks sold here" the "thirsty longshoremen" knew they could obtain "something stronger than ginger ale". Lewis Price served whiskey to an undercover police officer who arrested him. Price had already paid $250 in fines for infractions of the excise laws.

March 1881 - Edwin L Ayres "age 32 the son of a wealthy paper merchant" was arrested on a charge of obtaining money under false pretenses. He borrowed $52 from "Mr. H. H. Cordes, a store keeper on the North Pier and India Dock". Ayres promised to pay Cordes back as soon as a check from Ayres' mother cleared. When Ayres failed to return Cortes obtained a warrant for Ayres arrest. Ayres had a past history of this type of offense and had spent time in prison for passing a forged note.

July 1881 The family of "H. H. Cordes are spending the summer at the Atlantic Highlands and took part in the camp meeting exercises here last week. Mr. Cordes is too busy to go away longer than a day or two at a time, and will continue to devote himself to the care of the United States grain products at his storerooms on the Atlantic Docks."

December 1889 - Herman Cordes of 543 Clinton street helped to rescue William Johnson who was drunk and fell off the Atlantic Dock.

Cordes' Deaths:

Cordes Henry 74 y Oct 31 1897 17635 Kings

Cordes Mary 84 y Apr 20 1906 8162 Kings

Greenwood Cemetery: CORDES HENRY 1897-11-02 29725 134, CORDES MARY 1906-04-22 29725 134

Cordes, Herman H, 59 y, Mar 13 1900 5075, Kings

William Wheeler, a colored cook, 80 years old, employed in Harry Cordes' hotel, at 1 Summit street, died suddenly this morning in his bed. He had been troubled with asthma for sometime."


The hotel kept by Joseph Cordes, at 1 Summit street, was yesterday afternoon badly damaged by fire, which spread to an extension in the rear. The loss is $5,000"
Three story frame.

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