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🍺 John Baumann, "Conover corner Richards" Red Hook Brooklyn

In the 1870 Brooklyn Eagle liquor dealer list as "W. Barlmann", "CONOVER cor. Richards"

Note: Conover and Richards do NOT intersect.

Not listed 1870 directory.

Nothing else under this Barlmann. Nothing starting "Barlm" in the 1871 directory. Nothing under "Bar...." on either Richards or Conover. (Black, Fredrick at 119 Conover and Brickwedel, C. H. 136 Conover.)

I believe the adress should have read Wolcott at Richards. The Baumanns were at 52 Wolcott on the north west corner of Wolcott and Richards

John Baumann (Banman/Bauman/Baumann) (circa 1848-1910) Germany & Mary Sheehan

John Baumann was born circa 1848 in Germany.


Occupation: According to the obit of his son, John A in 1912, John Baumann was "a well-known and popular hotelkeeper in the Twelfth Ward. For twenty-five years the elder Baumann was the proprietor of several cafes and hotels. On his retirement in 1900 his five sons succeeded him in business."


Marriage: Before 1871 to Mary born Ireland circa 1848 - maiden name Shuban (per death of John born 1881 died 1912) maiden name Sheehan (per death of William born 1877 died 1945)

Sibling of John Baumann: Henry Baumann per 1910 obit "recently of Texas"


  1. Mary Baumann (1871-) and Thomas Sheils

    Mary, circa 1871

    Married Thomas Sheils

    Children: Elizabeth (Lizzie) married Lum.

    1900: Manhattan st. Thomas Sheils 34, Ireland, saloon keeper, Mary Sheils 29, New York, Lizzie Sheils 3 Kate Doherty 28 servant, John Gallagher 30 John Flood 29 Charles Quinn 39 John Mc Ginnis 31 Michael Burke 35 William Davison 28 Mortimer Stevenson 51 Alfred J Graham 26, all boarders,

  2. Michael H Baumann (1874-1926) & Loretta

    Michael H. Baumann, c 1874 - died 1926

    Married: Loretta:

    Children: James 1909, John, Michael, Virginia, and Doris

    1910: Michael H Banman 35, Lorretta E. Bauman 25, James A Bauman 1 [1 6/12]

    Michael, became an New York State an assemblyman. In 1907 he was listed as a Democrat from Kings. (Directory for the Year ... of the Cities of Albany and Rensselaer)

    In 1902 he was an alternate district delegate to the state convention.

    Michael H. Baumann (b. 1875) - of Brooklyn, Kings County, N.Y. Born January 7, 1875. Democrat. Restaurant owner; member of New York state assembly from Kings County 3rd District, 1907. Burial location unknown.

    ✟Loretta Samsony Baumann d. Jan. 22, 1925

    1925: Albemarle Rd, Baumann, head, 50 moving pictures, no wife, James son 16, John son 14, Michael son 13, Virginia, daughter 11, Doris, daughter 6 Mary Sheils sister 54, Lum, Elizabeth, niece

    ✟Michael H. Baumann d. March 1926 at St. Peter's Hospital

    For Auction November 1926 - estate of Michael H. Baumann by Wm. J. Baumann exec. 213 Albemarle Rd between E. Thrid and E. Forth strs. 1 family, 9 rooms and bath, detached 33x105 2 car garage

    1928: June 1928 Appraisals: Baumann Michael H. gross estate $77,775. to three sons and two daughters, James, John, Michael, Virginia and Doris Baumann all fo 213 Albermale rd each $13,641, as sister in law, May Sheils, same address, brother William executer, 120 Dikeman st and James Baumann 52 Walcott st each $500, two nephews and a niece each $500. Assets, equity in realty at 213 Albemarle rd 50 and 52 Walcott, and 83 Pioneer st total $20,066: cash $2,437, other personal &866, a partnership interest in a theater, realty and motion picture business at 83 Pioneer st $54,404.

    1930: 52 Wolcott Street

    Baumann, James, head age 21, none, John brother 19, none, Michael, brother 18, --- clerical brokerage. Virginia sister 11, Doris sister age 9

    Same building as their uncle James Baumann, 43, own $9,000, retired saloon keeper, Catherine Baumann 40, wife, Regina Baumann 15, daughter, Robert Baumann 11, son, Joseph Baumann 9, son, Madeline Baumann 1, ---

  3. "Bowman", Birth 28 Feb 1877 Brooklyn, Kings "Female" Father's Name: John Bowman Mother's Name: Mary Sheehan (LDS)

  4. William Baumann (1877-1945) and Margaret

    William J Baumann, c 1877,

    Marriage: Margaret

    Children: ??

    At his death in 1945 - Dr. William J. Baumann, 66 who had practiced medicine here for the last 37 years died yesterday at his home 120 Dikeman St, heart ailment...... Born in Brooklyn the son of the late John T and Mary Baumann he attended St Francis College and the Long Island College of Medicine here and graduated from Baltimore Medical College. He served interne and house surgeon at St. John's Hospital, Long Island City before beginning his practice in this borough..... Member of the King County Medical Society, Columbus Council, K. of C., and Brooklyn Lodge of Elks...... 30 year trustee of the R. C. Church of the Visitation, Richards and Verona Strs. Funeral at Visitation. Burial Holy Cross. Widow, Margaret and a brother, James survive. Brooklyn Eagle January 24, 1945

    1915, 1925, 1930 censuses at 120 Dikeman, doctor. No children

    1940 census: 120 Dikeman, William J Baumann 53, own $6,000, doctor general, Margaret L Baumann 45

    1945: Death - William Joseph Baumann death, 23 Jan 1945 Brooklyn, Kings, New York, 120 Dikeman St Age: 67 Marital Status: Married Occupation: Physician Birth Date: 28 Feb 1877 Birthplace: Brooklyn, NY, USA Burial Date: 26 Jan 1945 Cemetery: Holy Cross Father's Name: John Father's Birthplace: Germany Mother's Name: Mary Sheehan Mother's Birthplace: Ireland Spouse's Name: Margaret Reference ID: cn 1987 , GS Film Number: 2166845 (LDS)

  5. Charles Francis (1880 - ) and Sara

    Charles Francis Baumann, c 1880

    Occupation: Liquor business

    Marriage: Sara

    1915: 52, Wolcott street, Baumann, Charles, age 35 liquor business, Sarah 35, Marion 13

    1917: Charles Francis Baumann 152 Nelson St, Brooklyn, born Sept 11, 1897, Real estate dealer wife Sarah

    1930: Wolcott Street, Charles Baumann 50, painting, self, father born Germany, mother born Ireland

    Sara Baumann 56 Marion Degnan 28, daughter, Joseph Degnan 35, son in law - Next listing - Bernard Degnan, 62, head, Ireland, Mary Degnan 60, Ireland, John Degnan, 29, son, Katherine Degnan, son 26, Joseph Mcattea son-in-law and Joseph Mcattea age 1, son

  6. John A Baumann (1882-1912) and Catherine Hopper

    John A. Baumann, 1882

    Listed at 96 Beard at the death of his father in 1910.

    Education: Graduated Public School 27 Hicks and Nelson in 1893.

    Marriage: Catherine P. Hopper


    1. John G. . born 1906


      Children: Gerard (Jerry) R born 1933 - Gerard Robert Baumann, Sr. - Born 31 July 1933 Brooklyn NY (Naval Officer)

      Married to Regina Ellen Kelly, Born 23 March 1938 Brooklyn NY. Date of marriage was 3 June 1957. Gerard's son is Michael B. Baumann born 1960

    2. Francis

    3. Margaret

    Death: John A Baumann - 1912

    John Baumann death, 17 Jul 1912, Brooklyn, Kings, New York, 96 Beard St. Brooklyn, Kings, N.Y. age 31, Married, Saloon Keeper, born USA Burial Date: 20 Jul 1912 Cemetery: Calvary Cemetery Father's Name: John Baumann Father's Birthplace: Germany Mother's Name: Mary Shuban Mother's Birthplace: Ireland Reference ID: cn 13939 , GS Film Number: 1324254

    Bauman on July 17, 1912 after a brief illness, husband of Catherine Baumann (nee Hopper) son of Mary and the late John Baumann. 96 Beard Street, mass at Visitation

    Probate: 96 Beard street, 17 July 1912, personal property $100, real property $5,000, Catherine Baumann petitioner, widow, John G son, Francis G son and Margaret R daughter

    Undated photo of John Baumann and his wife, Catherine Hopper, courtesy of Michael Baumann, June 2015

    1910: 96 Beard street, John Bauman 29, bartender, hotel, Catharine Bauman 27, 3 children 2 living, John G Bauman 3, Francis G Bauman 1 [1 9/12],

    1913: Catherine P. Baumann a widow of John Baumann Jr, hotelkeeper died at her home at 96 Beard street. She was born in Red Hook and was a member of the Church of the Visitation. Survived by three children, John, Francis and Margaret, her mother, Mrs. Margaret "Hooper", a brother William "Hooper". Buried Calvary Cemetery.

    1915: Beard st., Marguerite Hopper 53, head, William Hopper 28, son boiler maker,, Mark Cocher 20, ad son helper boilermaker, John Baumann 8, grandson, Francis Baumann 6, grandson, Margunite Baumann 3 granddaughter

    1916: William M Hopper age 32 son of Margaret Hopper died at 96 Beard street - member of Visitation church - buried Holy Cross - - lifelong resident of Red Hook.

    1920: Beard Street, Margaret Hopper 58, born Ireland, Mark Archer 24, foster son, boiler maker ship yard, John Bauman 12, grandson, Margaret Bauman 8, granddaughter

    1929: Margaret A Hopper widow of William Hopper died at her home 96 Beard street. Life long resident of Erie Basin. Survived by three children: John G, Frank, and Margaret C Baumann. Buried Holy Cross.

    1930: Ave. P, own $15,000, Anastasia Malone 81, born Ireland, Ellen M Malone 46, daughter, Anastasia C Malone 33, daughter, Agnes M Malone 29, daughter, Thomas Mosca 44, son-in-law, born Italy, --- own business, Laura M Mosca 28, daughter, John G Baumann 23, nephew, Frank G Baumann 21, nephew, Margaret C Baumann 18, niece

  7. James Edward Baumann (1885-) and Catherine

    James Edward Baumann - born October 12, 1885

    In 1910 census with his mother.

    Occupation: Saloon keeper

    Married: Catherine


    Regina, Robert, Joseph and Madeline

    Still alive in 1945

    1930: 52 Wolcott Street James Baumann 43, own $9,000, retired saloon keeper, Catherine Baumann 40, wife, Regina Baumann 15, daughter, Robert Baumann 11, son, Joseph Baumann 9, son, Madeline Baumann 1, ---

    Same building Baumann, James, head age 21, none, John brother 19, none, Michael, brother 18, --- clerical brokerage. Virginia sister 11, Doris sister age 9

    These were the children of Michael Baumann died 1926

    Working at Robins Dry Dock Dwight St. at time of WWII draft registration - living at 551 4th street Brooklyn,

John Bauman, 1879 home 184 Richard Brooklyn, New York Lab Brooklyn, New York, City Directory, 1879

1880: Richards Street, John "Bowman" Self 33 Germany, in packing box ---, Mary Bowman Wife 33 Ireland William Bowman Son 4 New York, United States Michael Bowman Son 5 New York, United States Charles Bowman Son 0 New York, United States Mary Bowman Daughter 9 New York, United States

1892 Kings: Ward 12, Baumann, John, age 45, saloon keeper, born Germany, Mary age 45, born Ireland, Mary 21, Michael 18, William 15, Charles 12, John 10, James 6

1896: A meeting was called to enlist help in rebuilding the church of the Visitation which had recently been destroyed by fire. Over 300 neighborhood men attended A Commette was formed which included John Baumann. A collection was taken among those present and over $3,000 was collected.

1900: Charles Baumann the son of "a saloon keeper and politician of the Twelfth ward" alerted others to a fire at 35 Van Brunt street and help rescue the Brierton family who were stranded on the roof of a shed.

1900 The property at the north west corner of of Richards and Wolcott was auctioned in June 1900.

1900 The Young Men's Democratic Club of the ninth District met in the club room corner of Wolcott and Richards. No Baumann mentioned.

1900 Census: 24 Dikeman, Banman (Bauman), John head born 1847, age 52, Germany, immigrated 1868, liquor dealer, Mary, wife, age, 52, Michael age 25, bartender, William, age 22, bartender, Charles, 21 bartender, John, 18 teamster, James, 15.

1901 Twelfth Ward Outing - annual picnic of the Wolcott Association held at Ulmer park with a large crowd attending - music and dancing. The floor commette included John Baumann.

1905: Dikemann street, 24, 3 family, John Baumann 56, saloon keeper, Mary Baumann 56, wife, Michl Baumann 32, bartender, Wm Baumann 23, doctor, Chas Baumann 25, clerk, John Baumann 23, clerk, James Baumann 18, clerk

1907: 14 November 1907 Michael H Baumann, age 32, and John Baumann GE 26, both of 96 Beard street, were arrested on charges of homicide. On October 21 they got into an "altercation" with James O'Connell, age 32 of 27 Coffey street "in a saloon owned by John Baumann sr. father of the prisoners". On Nov 13 James O'Connell allegedly died "from the effects of the beating". The were accused of striking O'Connell over the head with a rubber hose. O'Connell suffered paralysis of the arms and pains in the heard. William Kane, age 40, of 176 Richards st. was arrested as a witness. The NYC Death Index shows "John" O'Connell age 32 died Brooklyn Nov 12, 1907.

1907: A nineteen year old well dressed young woman named Carrie Smith was arrested for shoplifting at a Fulton street department store. She was accused of taking a pair of shoes and some "small articles". Miss Smith's $500 bail was paid by by John "Banman" of 96 Beard Street.

1906, 1909: John Bauman Jr. liquors 52 Wolcott home 96 Beard, Baumann, Chas, Richards and Wolcott h 96 Beard.

1910 JOHN BAUMANN, Suddenly on Jan 7, at 52 Wolcott street, Twelfth Ward, South Brooklyn, JOHN BAUMANN, Sr., beloved husband of MARY and father of ex- assemblyman MICHAEL H. BAUMANN, Dr. William J, CHARLES F, JOHN A Jr., JAMES E, and MRS.Thomas SHELLS, also one brother, HENRY BAUMANN, recently of Texas,. He was a charter member of the Eastern & Western Liquor Dealers Society, also the old New York Volunteer Firemans Society, the south Brooklyn German Independent Guards, the German Schuetzenbund, and an old member of the Visitation Parish. Relatives and friends are invited to attend the funeral, requiem on Tuesday, at 9am.

John Baumann death date: 07 Jan 1910 death place: Brooklyn, Kings, New York age: 63 birth date: 1847 birthplace: Germany occupation: Saloon Keeper race: White marital status: Married

1910: Probate - petitioner Michael H Baumann of 96 Beard st., for John Baumann died January 7 1910, personal property $4,000 real property $35,000 - Mary Baumann widow, Mary Sheils daughter 1115 Manhattan ave, Michael H. Baumann, 96 Beard street, William Baumann, son, 120 Dikeman, Charles Baumann son 96 Beard st., John Baumann son 96 Beard, James Baumann son of 52 Wolcott st.

1910 Beard Street (Formerly Elizabeth Street): Bauman, Michael H, born NY, age 35, married 2 years 1 child 1 living, bartender own saloon, Loretta, 25, James son one year and age 8 months,

Next to Bau(n)man, John age 29 married 5 years, 3 children 2 living, bartender, hotel, Catherine, wife, age 27, John G son age 3, Francis one year and 9 months

Father born Germany, mother born Ireland.

1910: 168 Richards Street, Baumann, Mary, age 63, married 42 years 6 children 4 living, born Ireland, immigrated 1863, none, James E. son age 24, bartender liquor store.

Next to them, but on Wolcott Baumann, Henry, age 59, born Germany, watchman private railroad, widow, Lydia, 21, Annie, 19, Lillian 17, Ernst 15. John Baumann's brother.

1912: John A Baumann died in 1912. At that time the occupation of his brothers were listed: Ex Assemblyman, Michael H. Baumann of the 3rd district, Dr. William J, Charles F manager of a cafe at 52 Wolcott st, and James E Manager of a hotel at 96 Beard Street

1913: Death of Mary Baumann, died December 17, 1913 - probate - personal property $400 - no real property - Michael H. Baumann, 96 Beard st, William J Baumann, Charles F Baumann, Mary Sheils, James E Baumann, chilren John G Baumann, Francis G Baumann, and Margaret R Baumann grandchildren

1917 Michael H. Baumann and William J Baumann plaintiffs against Loretta J Baumann wife of Michael H. Baumann and others. To be sold at public auction parcel No 1 50 Wolcott street north east corner of Richards and Wolcott mortgage for $3,500. parcel No. 2. 52 Wolcott street north east corner of Richards and Wolcott. Mortgage $13,000. Pcrcel No 3 -- Wolcott north east side of Wolcott. Parcel No 4 at Beard, Richards and Van dyke south east side of Richards. 200 feet on Richards street 70 feet on Beard. Parcel No. 5 corner 7th ave and 62nd street running along 7th ave to New York and Sea Beach Railroad.

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