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🍺 Black, Fredrick (c 1823-1894) Prussia, Germany, liquor store/tavern keeper, Conover corner Williams, 119 Conover and/or 23 Ferris and his wife, Anna Margarethe ____ Ropke Black (1826-1882)

119 Conover

South east corner of Conover at Williams

1870 liquor deals list, Black, F. Conover corner Williams

Birth of Fredrick Black: c 1823 German


Occupation: liquor dealer, tavern keeper

Marriage of Frederick Black and Anna Margaretha Ropke: Anna Margretha ____ Ropke Black. She was the widow of William Ropke. She married Frederich Black and was listed as his wife in an 1885 court document. The testimony said she was deceased by 1885. She was connected in the court document to Anna Margaretha Depperman (nee Ropke), widow of Ferdenand Depperman, (later married Edward Meyer), Lena Margretha Steneck (nee Ropke) wife of John Steneck Mena Margreta Haack, (nee Ropke) widow of Heinrich August Haack, William Ropke, deceased.

John Agust Ropke, Anna Margaretha Ropke Deppermann (later married Edward Meyer), Lena Margretha Ropke Steneck, Mena Margretha Ropke Haack and were the children by William Ropke.

Children William Ropke and Anna Margaretha:

  1. Wilhelmina Ropke c 1850

  2. Anna Ropke c 1853

  3. John Ropke c 1856

  4. Lena Ropke c 1859

Death of William Ropke 1863

See Ropke

Children of Frederick Black and Anna Margaretha ____ Ropke:
  1. Frederick W. Black c 1865

    With his parents in 1870 and 1880. With his father in 1892. With his sister in later censuses. He did not marry.

    ✟1922 - Probate - petitioners John G Meyer of 1573 Union Street and Gertrude Sophia Fuchs - Frederick W Black died 25th May 1822 - Brooklyn Hospital - residence 308 E. 7th street, no real property - personal estate valued at $19,144.99 - persons entitled to estate

    1. Anna Wilhelmina Boeckman $5,000 niece - she was the daughter of Meta Henrietta Fucks the deceased sister of Frederick
    2. Gertrude Sophie Fuchs $9,000, niece -
    3. Frederick George Fuchs $3,000 nephew he was the son of Meta Henrietta Fucks the deceased sister of Frederick
    4. Charles Everett Boeckman $1,500 grand nephew
    5. Anna Ruth Henrietta Boeckman $1,500 grand niece

    6. All listed at 308 East 7th Street, Brooklyn

    Will signed by Hermina M Meyer and Johanna F. Ropke, no widow, no fahter, not mother, no child, or descendent of deceased child, 1/2 sister Helena Steneck 278 Ralph Ave, Brooklyn.

    Also mentioned Charles Everett Boeckman, infant under 14 years, born Nov 27, 1914 and Anna Ruth Henrietta Boeckman born December 27, 1915

    Will included: payment of just debts and funeral expenses, to charles Evertt Boeckman and Anna Ruth Henrietta Boeckman children of his niece, Mrs. Ann Wilhelmina Boeckman $1,500 each, to Mrs Anna Wilhelmina Beockman $5,000, to niece Miss Gertrude Sophia Fuchs, $9,000, nephew Frederick George Fuchs $3,000, executers John G Meyer and Gertrude Sophia fuchs December 6th, 1921.

    Hermina Meyer was the wife of Henry G. Meyer. Henry Meyer was a retail grocer. In 1900 he was at St. Johns Ave. age 45, Hermina age 37, John15, and Hermina, 9, Johanna Ropke, sister in law age 38, widow, Conrad Jacob, father in law 79, Johanna Jacobs mother in law 62, and a servant. Note: Johanna Ropke was the widow of John Ropke a half brother of Frederick W. Black.

  2. Henrietta (Meta) Black c 1867

    With her parents in 1870 and 1880.

    Married: George Fuchs


    1. Gertrude

    2. Anna

    3. Frederick

    4. Catherine Henrietta

    1892: Ward 12, Fuchs, George, liquor, age 28, Henrietta age 24, Gertie 3, Anna 2, servant. 93 Ferris on top of page

    1900 Census: Brooklyn Ward 29, East 5th street, George Fuchs 36, beer bottler, "Meta" H Fuchs 31, Gertrude M S Fuchs 11, Anna A M Fuchs 9, Frederick G Fuchs 8, Catherine H Fuchs 6, Marie A Earler 18, Frederick W Black 35, brother in law, saloon

    1905: East 7ty Ave much the same - as 1900 and 1910 - George Fuchs saloon, Frederick W. Blanck, bother in law saloon.

    1910 Census: East 7th Street; George Fuchs M 46y New York, saloon, wife Henrietta M Fuchs F 41y New York dau Gertrude Fuchs F 21y New York dau Anna A Fuchs 19y New York son Fredrick G Fuchs 17y New York dau Henrietta C Fuchs 15y New York Fredk W Black M 45y brother in law, no occupation, New York

1870 Brooklyn Eagle liquor dealer list Black, F., corner Williams CONOVER.

Not listed 1870 directory.

119 Conover on 1886 map - south east corner of Conover and Williams 1860 Census: Ward 12 District 1, Prussia, Fredrick Black 37, tavern keeper, John Seavers 21, clerk, Bremmen

1870 Census: Black, Fredrick, 47 ret liquor dealer $1,000 Prussia, Anne 44 Hanover, Wilhelmina*, 19, Anne* 17, John* 14, Lena* 11, Fredrick 5, Henrietta 3, Schwanwapel, John 23 bartender, 1870 census (*These were children from the marriage of Anna Margretha _____ Ropke Black from her marriage to William Ropke. William Ropekn died in 1863.)

1877: A "melee" in the liquor store of Fred Black No 119 Conover on July 16 resulted in the severe beating of longshoreman, Michael Ryan, by Fred Black and his bartender, Charles King. Black and King were arrested at the time but the judge ruled that Ryan, who was drunk when he entered the saloon, had provoked the attack by threatening Black with a water pitcher.

1880 Census: Conover street, Frederick Black 55, liquor dealer, Anna Black 52, Frederick Black 15, Heneritta Black 11, Aldoph Myers 20, bartender.

1882: ✟Mrs. Annie Black age 53 of No. 23 Ferris street, while insane, drowned herself in the river at the foot of William street to-day" (BE Sunday, October 22, 1882) (Black Annie M 52 y Oct 17 1882 13058 Kings)

Burial Date:Annie M Black, 19 Oct 1882 Burial Place: Kings, NY USA, Greenwood - BLACK ANNIE M. 1882-10-19 10964 51

1883: Letters of guardianship Frederick W. Black and Meta Black to Frederick Black.

1883: Probate: Without a valid will, Frederick Black husband, Anna M Black, formerly, Anna Ropek, was drowned, 17 October 1883, children: Frederick W. Black and M. Henrietta Black, Minnie Haach, wife of A. H. Haach, annie Meyers wife of Edward Meyers, John Ropke, and Lena Stenack wife of John Steneck.

Meta H. Fuchs et al against Fredrick Black in pursuance to a sale of July 1891 for sale at public auction four lots on the southwesterly corner of King and Conover.

1888, Frederick Black, 23 Ferris, liquors, 1888, 1889, Brooklyn

1892 Ward 12, Black, Fredr, Germany, Liquors, age 72, Black, Fredr., age 26 liquors

✟ Frederick Black sr. 1894 - Black Frederick 74 y Jul 17 1894 11515 Kings Black, Tuesday 17, 1894, at his residence "13 Ferris" Fredeick Black, services from German Evangelical Zion Church on Henry near clark, members of the Star of Bethlehem lodge No 322 F and A, M invited to attend.

1894: Probate, no real property, $9,550, 17 July 1894, will 11 July 1894 witnesses by William Ropke and BernardH. Seemann, children: Frederick W Black and Meta H. Fuchs 23 Ferris Street.

1900 Frederick W. Black a liquor dealer in Red Hook posted $7,550 bond for B. C. Anderson, proprietor of the Jefferson Brass Foundry who had been accused of trying to bribe officers of the Brooklyn Naval Yard.

1902 Frederick W. Black owned 100 square feet at the on the corner of Ferris and King.

BLACK ANNIE M. 1882-10-19 10964 51
BLACK FREDERCIK 1894-07-19 10964 51

See Ropke, Haack, Depperman, and Meyers

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