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Curran, Bernard

Birth: c 195 Ireland.

Marriage: Mary

Children: In the 1875 all of the children were listed as born in Ireland

  1. Francis (Frank) c 1850

    In 1875 and 1880 with his parents

    Maybe in 1892 census Ward 12 age 45 fireman, wife Kate age 29, Mary age 2 and Frank age 6 months?

  2. James c 1855

    In 1875 and 1880 with his parents

  3. Curran, John, (c 1852-1899) Brooklyn, Hamilton ave. corner Hicks, saloon

    1870 Brooklyn Eagle liquor dealer list HAMILTON Avenue corner Hicks, Curran. J.

    There is NO Curran, John either liquor or Hamilton or Hicks listed in the 1870 directory. The only Curran in Red Hook was Peter, laborer at Bowne c Richards. NOT listed in the 1871 directory.

    Birth: c 1852, Brooklyn son of Bernard and Mary Curran Siblings: James, Francis, and Mary

    Marriage: Ellen


    1. Bernard c 1873 - in 1880 census - died 1891, age 18 listed as the son of ex-alderman John Curran.

    2. Frank

    Death of Ellen Curran:

    Remarriage of John Currran: Juanita circa 1891


    In September 1872 John Curran of "212" Hamilton ave charged John Farrell with "having feloniously entered his store by breaking a pane of glass, opening the window, and stealing $3 in currency from the till and some cigars."

    John Curran 1872 "224" Hamilton av Brooklyn, New York Liquors Brooklyn, New York, City Directory, 1872

    John Curran 1873, 1874 30, 31 Coles Brooklyn, New York Liquors Brooklyn, New York, City Directory, 1873

    John Curran 1876 212 Hamilton Av Liquors Brooklyn, New York, City Directory, 1876

    John Curran, 1877, 212 Hamilton av, Brooklyn, New York, Supervisor, Brooklyn, New York, City Directory, 1877

    John Curran 1878 12th Ward Brooklyn, New York Supervisor Brooklyn, New York, City Directory, 1878

    John Curran 1879, 1880, 1881 214 Hamilton av Brooklyn, New York Liquors Brooklyn, New York, City Directory, 1879

    1884 Curran, John liquors, 137 Degraw, h 486 Hicks and Curran, John, liquors, 214 Hamilton.

    1875: Hamilton ave. 216, brick $7,000, John Curran, born Ireland, box maker, age 30, Ellen 28, born Canada, Bernard 2, same building Bernard, Curran age 80, laborer, Mary 76, Francis 35, engineer, James 30, "sayler", Margaret daughter 28, Mary daughter 25, Bernard owns the building.

    In 1877 and 1878 John Curran was a supervisor of Ward 12.

    In 1880 John Curran was on the mayor's committee to collect for Irish Relief in the 12th ward.

    In 1882 John Curran was an alderman in the 12th ward

    October 1883 the twelfth ward Democratic Association met at John Curran's at 21 Hamilton.

    June 1884 the fifth District Convention was held at 214 Hamilton. John Curran was elected as a delegate to the State Convention.

    In 1884 John Curran, with a business at 214 "Hicks" street, was an alderman in the 12th ward. He was concerned about pool of stagnant water along Hicks street and desired to have them filled with sand and clean earth.

    In August 1885 Alderman Curran of the 12th ward, who kept a saloon at 214 Hamilton avenue, was charged with the assault of Patrick Duffy. Duffy claimed that he went into the saloon to buy a drink. After a few words he was struck in the face, knocked down, ill treated, thrown out in the street and set upon by Curran's dog who bit him. Curan denied having a dog. Curran complained that Duffy was "a low saloon loafer" and that he had ordered him out of the bar but had not struck him.

    In April 1887 John Curran was listed with a liquor store at the corner of Hichs and Luqueer streets when his barkeeper Thomas J. Broderick was arrested for grand larceny. Curran charged Broderick with purchasing $-88 worth of beer from the Long Island Brewing co. on Curran's account "for which he made no return".

    October 1889 214 Hamilton was described as on the west side of Hamilton between Luqueer and Coles streets. Curran's liquor saloon was at the corner of Coles and contained an annex that was the polling place for the election. It is mentioned in the article that the twelfth ward machine was in action. John Curran, a Central Democratic, was a candidate for the state assembly.

    October 1889 the Fifth Assembly District Convection at 214 Hamilton ave. endorsed Curran.

    1891: August 16, Curran, August 13 Bernard, son of ex-Alderman John Curran, age 18 214 Hamilton. Interment Holy Cross.

    In April 1895 John Curran sought to transfer his saloon licence from 99 (?) Columbia street to 482 Hicks street. He was refused on the grounds that here were already enough saloons in the neighborhood.

    In 1896 Juanita Curran was suing her husband John Curran for divorce claiming that he beat her and had done so in public at his saloons. Her step father was Louis Ebers who John Curran was suing for rent at 33 Second Place. Juanita said they were married in May 1891 when she was a widow with two children by her former marriage. She claimed that Curran had assets of about $12,000 and owned property at 823 and 680 Hicks street as well as an equity in a row house. He also had a hotel at Ocean ave in Coney Island. She asked for $50 and week and $300 in counsel fees. She was granted $7 a week alimony and $25 counsel fees.

    Wanted - Cook - 214 Hicks street June 27, 1897

    1890 Curran, John liquors, 137 Degraw, and 189 Hamilton

    Did not find him under that spelling in the 1860, 70 , 80 or 92 censuses.

    1900 Real Estate - Sold in auction against Juanita Curran 680 Hicks street brick house lot 20x84 to B. Ballantine & sons for $3,000

    1892, August 16, Died, on Thursday August 13 Bernard son of ex-alderman John Curran age 28 years, 214 Hamilton ave. Interment Holly Cross Cemetery.

    October 4, 1899 Died - Curran, John, October 3, at 214 Hamilton ave "Notice of funeral hereafter". It was not listed on October 5th or 6th.

    (Curran, John A, 49 y, Jul 29 1899, #13178 Kings)

  4. Margaret (per 1875 census)

  5. Mary Curran (per probate)

Note: I believe that the 1870 and 1880 census as listed below represent Bernard Curran and his son, John, saloon owner, despite the fact that John is listed in both censuses as a "box maker". He had a son named Bernard born circa 1869 and died 1892. At the time of his death Bernard was listed as the son of ex-alderman John Curran. The ages are a little crazy but the names are consistant. The Hamilton ave address in the 1880 census is also consistant. While Curran was a common name, the combination of elements make it pretty certain that this is the right family of Currans.

1870 Census: Brooklyn Ward 12, Bernard Curran 55, laborer, Mary Curran 53, Francis Curran 24, engineer, James Curran 22, works in planning mill John Curran 20, box maker Margaret Curran 36, Mary Curran 18, dress maker.

1875: Hamilton ave. 216, brick $7,000, John Curran, born Ireland, box maker, age 30, Ellen 28, born Canada, Bernard 2, same building Bernard, Curran age 80, laborer, Mary 76, Francis 35, engineer, James 30, "sayler", Margaret daughter 28, Mary daughter 25, Bernard owns the building.

1880 Census: 224 Hamilton Avenue near Coles: Curran, Bernard, age 80 laborer, Ireland , Mary, age 60 wife, Ireland, John, age 28 box maker, Ellen 26 wife, Bernard, age 1, son, Frank age 4 son, Frank age 30 brother, engineer, James age 28 brother, box maker, and a boarder.

1879/80 Lain Directory.

  1. CURRAN Bernard lab. h 214 Hamilton av
  2. CURRAN John liquors h 214 Hamilton av

  3. James and Frank NOT listed

Death of Bernard Curran: Sept 29, 1882

Probate: 214 Hamilton St Bernard Curran died Sept 29, 1882 - had a will - petitioner James Curran - widow, Mary Curran and four children: Francis, James, John and Mary all full age all living in Brooklyn. Also mentioned Margaret McDermott, Patrick Mc Dermott died Brooklyn 15 November 1879, and Richard M Hickey

Death of Mary Curran:

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