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Keleher/Kelleher, Michael, (c1818-1870), Conover and Wolcott, grocer/liquor

1870 Brooklyn Eagle liquor dealer list, Kelleher, M., MISCELLANEOUS, Conover and Wolcott

Birth: Michael Keleher was born in Ireland c 1818.


Marriage: Mary

Child: Catherine married Clavey or Clarey

1862 William Keleher, liquor, corner Van Brunt near Wolcott. Michael Keleher, grocer, Conover c Wolcott,

1870 liquor dealers list - "Kelleher"

Civil War Registration, Conover and Wolcott, Keleher, Michael age 41, grocer. (Birth circa 1818-1821).

1862, 1864 Brooklyn, Keleher, Michael, directory "grocer" Conover and Wolcott

1863-64 Tax record, Keleher, Michael, Conover & Wolcott, retail dealer in Liquor. Michael Keleher

In 1861 Michael Keleher was a 12th Ward delegate to the Second Senatorial District convention at Montague Hall. Michael Keleher and Thomas Gibons (another delegate) were suspected of "being unsound" and were "unceremoniously hustled down the stairs". In 1861 Michael Keleher was an assessor in the 12th Ward. Michael Keleher, Dem. was elected Supervisor of the 12th Ward in 1862. In 1863 Michael Keleher was nominated for Supervisor in the 12th Ward.

In 1867 Michael Keleher was pledging securities agains public works in Brooklyn. (A formal promise made to secure against loss, damage, or default.)

In 1869 a contact to build a sewer on Wolcott street was awarded to Michael Keleher.(BE)

In 1870 Michael "Kelekein" had a liquor store on Wolcott and Conover. Kelekein was not listed under "K" in the 1870 directory but he was listed under LIQUORS

Kelekein, Michael Wolcott and Conover.

In 1869 Kelekein was not listed under either the K's or LIQUOR. However, Michael Kelehar at Conover and Wolcott was listed under LIQUOR and under the K's, with his home Conover c Wolcott.

Death: Keleher, Michael, 52 y, Jan 28, 1870, 673 Kings

Probate: Petitioner Peter Kelley for Michael Kellerher, of Brooklyn died 30 January 1870, personal property one hundred dollars, widow Mary Kelleher and one child Catherine Clavey (or Clarey) wife (blank) Clavey, all residing in Brooklyn. Hard to tell from all of the documents weither it is Clavey or Clarey. Catherine was living at the corner of Wolcott and Conover streets as was Mary Kelleher..

1871 Mary Keleher widow h [home] Conover c Wolcott. 1872 address 182 Conover.

Keleher/Kelleher, William, (1828-), Ireland, and Patrick Kelleher (c1824-) Conover and King, liquor (Conover and Wolcott)

Conover at King

1870 Brooklyn Eagle liquor dealer list, Kelleher, W., MISCELLANEOUS Conover and Wolcott

1870 liquor dealers list - "Kelleher"

Birth: c 1828 Ireland,




1853: June, Board of Excise license to Patrick Keheler Van Brunt and Dikeman tavern.

1863-64 Tax record, Keleher, William, Conover and King, retail dealer in liquor. William Keleher State: New York Tax Year: 1863 May 1866 liquor licence granted to William Keleher, cor King and Conover

1867 board of Excise licence granted to Keleher, W., corner King and Conover streets.

January 1867 arrests for keeping business open on Sunday, William Keleher, corner King and Conover.

Keleher, William, liquors, 1869 directory at Van Brunt n Wolcott (only Keleher listed in 1869.)

1870 Census : Keleher, William age 42, ret liquor dealer Ireland, Patrick, 46, bar keeper, Ireland

Keleher, William, King c Conover 1869 and 1870 directory. Patrick Keleher barkeep home Conover and King. Michael Keleher liquors home Conover corner Wolcott 1869 & 1870.

1870 and 1871 Keleher, Patrick, barkeep, h Conover c King. Pat Keleher retail dealer in liquor 1864 no address.

1871, 1872 Keleher, William liquors Conover n Wolcott.

1860 Census: ??? No address, Brooklyn Ward 12 District 1, Kings, New York, William Keleher 36, contractor, Mary Keleher 24, Michael Keleher 80, Ellen Keleher 74, Michael Keleher 16, Patrick Buckley 24, laborer. This is the only listing for the "Keleher" in Ward 12, Brooklyn in 1860.

Daniel "Kelleher", cooper age 40 born Ireland and family were also listed.

Michael Kellaher

Michael Kellaher death date: 13 Nov 1861 death place: Brooklyn, Kings, New York age: 87 birth date: 1774 birthplace: Ireland (LDS)

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