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Dockery, John, (c1842-) Ireland, Van Brunt near Williams, liquor, 291 Van Brunt, Red Hook Brooklyn

291 Van Brunt, South east corner of Van Brunt at Williams

The 1886 map shows a brick building at the south east corner of Van Brunt at William.

In 1901 - 291 Van Brunt house on lot 21x69 corner of Williams.

Birth: c 1842 Ireland


Marriage: Mary ??Donovan??? born circa 1844 died 1879


  1. Annie 1867

  2. James c 1869

1870 Brooklyn Eagle liquor dealer list Dockery, J., VAN BRUNT near Williams

The 1886 map shows 291 Van Brunt on the south east corner of Van Brunt at Williams

1870 Dockery, John Liquors, 12 Van Brunt. Listed under Liquor dealers as Dockey, John 12 Van Brunt.

1871 Dockery, John, liquors Van Brunt cor Williams

John Dockery corner of William and Van Brunt streets was on a jury which convicted Michael Lovett, age 29 longshoreman, of the murder of Joseph Lovett his "11 month old child". Lovett had been on a drinking binge and had thrown a knife at this wife. It missed and hit the child who was being held by eight year old Jane Smith. (August 12, 1870 BE)

The article said that Michael Lovett's wife, Annie Lovett, kept a grocery store at 289 Van Brunt, near Williams - the north east corner..

Michael Lovett was listed in the 1871, 1873, Brooklyn Directory, grocer, 287 Van Brunt.

Michael Lovitt


Marriage: Anne


  1. Joseph 1870
The Murder Of An Eleventh Month Old Child By His Drunken Father: 1870 - The History Box

1870 census ward 12 Dockery, John age 28, wire drawer, Mary age 24, keeping house, Anne age 3, James age 1. John born Ireland rest born New York. Next door, Lovett, Michael, age 28, grain trimmer, Annie age 27 keeping house, Joseph "age 9", William age 24, grain trimmer, Smith, Jane age 8.

1874 John Dockery, 291 Van Brunt, Liquors. Death of John Dockery: between 1870 and 1875

1875 Census: 271(???)/89 Van Brunt, brick, $8,000, James "Freeman" age 26, Ireland, Retail liquor, naturalized owner of building, Mary age 29, wife, born (cannot read it is not Ireland and it is not Brooklyn or Kings, may be Troy), Annie Dockery age 8, daughter born Brooklyn, James Dockery age 6 son born Brooklyn and a servant, three families in building.

1879 Died - Mary Dockery, October 12, 1879, age 36, 291 Van Brunt. Funeral at home burial Calvary.

1880: Supreme court Kings County, John Petrie against James Dockery and others a judgement of foreclosure property in the 12th Ward northeasterly corner of Van Brunt and southwesterly line of Williams running along Van Brunt 21 feet. and 69 feet 8 inches on Williams street.

1880 Census: 106 King Street, Ann Fox, age 40, Ireland, John Fox, 18, Elisabeth Fox 13, Annie Fox age 11, all children of Ann Fox all born NY, Donovan, James, widow, father age 74, Ireland and "Dougherty", James age 11 nephew.

1891 Real Estate Van Brunt st s cor William at 21x60 h&l, James Donovan to James and Annie Dockery, c&g

1891 James Dockery brought suit in the Supreme court of Kings County regarding the division of the estate of James Donovan who died in 1889. Donovan had owned a house at 106 King street occupied in 1891 by his daughter Mrs. Ann Kelly. Mrs Kelly claimed that she had lived with her father for 30 years taking care of him. She claimed he told her he would leave her the house upon his death.

1891 Supreme Court, Kings Co. James Dockery and Annie Dockery plaintiffs against James Donovan and Mary Ann Donovan his wife, Ann Kelly and Charles Kelly her husband, Mary Freeman, Ellen Dockery, Albert Tighe, Thomas Hill, John Peterson, James Peterson and John Ghersham (the names John, James and John being fictitious as the real names were unknown.)

In 1909 James Donovan 25x100 irreg 106 King Street $1,000, $2,500 (Annual Record of Assessed Valuation of Real Estate in the City of New York)

Donovan, James And Family

Birth c 1806 Ireland



  1. Ann c 1840 Ireland, married Patrick Fox (listed as Charles Kelly in News article and court case)

  2. Mary 1846, Ireland, married John Dockery (Dougherty)


    1860: Patrick Fox 37, plumber, Ireland, Anne Fox 30, John Fox 8, Elizabeth Fox 3, Anne Fox 11/12, James Donovan 60, carman

    1870 See above

Death of James Donovan: 1889

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