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Frank Goehle Birth 1894

Frank Goehle, the son of Peter Goehle and Minnie Lindemann was born on March 6, 1894 at 88 Sheriff Street in New York City. (New York City Birth Certificate #12013)

For the siblings of Frank Goehle, see Peter Goehle, Senior.

88-90 Sheriff Street, New York City

1910 - Frank Goehle Arrested for Sodomy

Court of General Sessions of the Peace: People of the State of New York against Frank Goehle. The Grand Jury of the county of New York accused Frank Goehle of the Borough of Manhattan of the Crime of SODOMY on June 15, 1910

"upon one Nelson A Downing a male person and there being feloniusly did make an assault and him the said Nelson A Downing then and there feloniusly did carnally know by and with the anus of himself, Frank Goehle against the form of the statute in such case made and provide, against the peace of the People of the State of New York and their dignity.

SECOND COUNT - And the Grand Jury aforsaid by this indictment, further acuse the said Frank Goehle of the CRIME OF SODOMY.

The said Frank Goehle late of the Borough and County aforsaid, on the day in the year aforsaid at the Borough and County aforesaid, feloniusly did voluntarily submit to carnal knowledge of himself by and with the anus of himself Nelson a Downing a male person.

On June 16 Frank Goehle age 16, errand boy, living at 422 E. 15th street Manhattan born in US pleaded not guilty in the city Magistrates court.

Frank Goehle pleaded NOT GUILTY on June 22, 1910. And guilty on July 5 1910.

The testimony of Peter Hayes, age 29, bath attendant, was taken on June 16, 1910.

"Nelson A Downing and Frank Goehle, acting in concert and complicity with one another did willfully and unlawfully violate the provision of section 690 of the Penal Law of the State of New York, under the following circumstances, to wit: that about the hour of 6:15 p.m. on said date deponent saw both defendants enter a booth in the Public Baths at 382 Avenue A and deponent's suspicion being aroused deponent entered the said booth and saw and detected both defendants in a recumbent, bent position with defendant Downing leaving (sic) over the other defendant carnally knowing Goehle by the anus.

Wherefore deponent charges both defendants with acting in concert in the commission of a crime against nature and prays that they be delt with as the law directs.

Nelson Downing, age 38, born US, 15 Pleasant Place Brooklyn, porter pleaded GUILTY on June 16, 1910. He was indicted June 21, 1910 for sodomy and pleaded guilty on June 22. He was sentenced to the State Prison at Sing Sing "for not less than three and not more than five years".

It is not entirely clear, but it look like Downing (and possibly Frank Goehle - just lists "defendant") was held on 15 Hundred dollars bail.

In Gay New York: Gender, Urban Culture, and the Making of the Gay Male World By George Chauncey footnote 4. on Chapter 8. The Social World of the Baths reads:

People v Downing and Goehle, DAP 77,986 (CGS 1910). The incident occurred June 15, and Downing was sentenced on June 28. The younger man's sentence was suspended.

(This is how I found the incident. MLB)

New public baths on the east side of Avenue A at 23rd were opened in 1908 (Listed between 23rd and 24th street on Avenue A in 1922.) Originally called the East 23rd Street Bathhouse and renamed the Asser Levy Recreational building the bathhouse was modeled on the Roman public baths.

Asser Levy Public Baths is located at 392 Asser Levy Place, New York 10010

Nelson Downing

1900: 15 Pleasant Place, Brooklyn, John Downing 58, US steamboat pilot, Martha F Downing 55 Nelson A Downing 29, son, cutter clothing, Julia Mcfarland 86, mother in law

1910: 15 Pleasant Place Brooklyn, Nelson A Downing 38, porter, publishing house, Martha W Downing 64, 1 child 1 living, Celia F Cormer 70, sister, 8 children 6 living, George Brandrup 20, nephew ?, buffer fountain pens

1910: Received at Sing Sing Prison, Nelson A Downing, June 29, 1910, dark complexion, brown eyes, brown hair, born Brooklyn, age 38, porter, 5 feet 5 and a half inches, shoe size 6, hat size 7, teeth poor, 120 pounds, temp habits, smoked, 15 Pleasant Place, Brooklyn, crime sodomy

1920: Glen street Brooklyn, Brooklyn Martha Downing 73 Nelson Downing 46, railroad gatesman station

In the 1875 census in Brooklyn "Nilson" Dowling was listed as the 4 year old "daughter" of John and Martha Downing.

Frank Goehle Suffers Heat Prostration 1917



On July 31, 1917 a new heat record was set for New York City at — the third warmest day on record. The unofficial reading in Park Row during the hottest part of the day was 110. The official tempature was 98 at 5:00 P.M. Thousands crowded to the beaches at Coney Island, South Beach and Midlands. Fifteen deaths were reported due to the heat and ninety-two people suffered heat prostration in Manhattan and the Bronx. Among them was "Goehle, Frank, twenty-two, binder, 526 East 85th Street, overcome in front of No. -75 Tenth ave.: went home."

New York Times August 1, 1917

Draft registration for World War I in 1917

Frank Goehle registered with the mandatory draft registration during WWI and provided the following information.

Frank Goehle, age 23, born May 6, 1894, address 526 East 85th Street, occupation, bookbinder at Careys on 10th Avenue and 36th Street, single, next of kin, mother, physical description, tall, medium build, brown eyes, and brown hair.

Draft registration for World War II in 1942

On April 25, 1942 Frank Goehle filled out a draft registration form that contained the following information:

Frank Goehle, 201 E 82nd Street, New York, Telephone, none, Age, 48, Place of Birth, New York City, Date of Brith, March 6, 1894, Wife, Mrs. Isabell Goehle, Address, same, Employers Name and Address, Bristel Service Bindery, 457 West 31 Street, NYC, Shipping Clerk, No height or weight was entered, Eyes, brown, Hair, no entry, Complexion, light brown, Other, wears glasses

The Marriage of Frank Goehle and Isabelle Walsh

Frank Charles Goehle married Isabelle Walsh on February 6, 1921 at St. Nicholas Church in NYC. The marriage licence lists Frank, age 26, address, 439 E. 82 Street , Isabelle age 19, address, 158 Seventh Street, witnesses, Charles Cornelius Veith and Catherine Schwauer. Information taken from their marriage certificate.

Katherine/Catherine Goehle Schwauer/Schwaner was the daughter of Frank's half sister, Elise Goehle Schwaner. Catherine was born 1899. Catherine married Charles Cornelius Veith in May 1921.

Photo courtesy of Timothy and Karin Greenfield-Sanders

St Nicholas Chruch, rectory, and convent on 2nd Street between First Avenue and Avenue A. The church and convent are no longer standing.


I cannot access the New York City records for the period of the births of the children of Frank and Isabelle. The following information on the dates of birth was taken from Cousins' Directory compiled by Vincent Czaplyski and Bella Czaplyski Pippas in July 1996, unless otherwise noted.

Frank Goehle and Isabelle Walsh Goehle had:

  1. Agnes Bernadette Goehle (1922-1996) and Edgar (Bud) Land

    Birth: Agnes Bernadette Goehle born April 5, 1922.

    Marriage: Agnes Goehle married Edgar (Bud) Land (born October 8, 1915) on February 13, 1942.


    1. Edgar, Jr., January 3, 1943.
    2. Marguerite (Maggie), October 22, 1944
    3. Anthony (Tony), May 4, 1947
    4. Justina, November 5, 1950
    5. Zachary, December 14, 1952
    6. Ben, May 23, 1954
    7. Matthew, November 30, 1959
    8. Kevin, November 17, 1960

    Death: Agnes died on April 19, 1996.

    Bud Land: For more information on the family of Edgar (Bud) Land go to Bud Land now or at the bottom of the page.

  2. Isabelle Scholastica Goehle (1923-2002) and Frederick Walters

    Birth: "Child" crossed out "Isabella Scholastica" entered - Goehle born August 18, 1923 to Isabel Goehle, nee Walsh, born USA, age 22, housewife, and Frank Goehle age 29, stock clerk, born USA, address 1272 Third Avenue, 2nd child two still living, Manhattan Birth Certificate #34334 1923. Information from the birth certificate of Isabel Goehle, copy provided by Isabell Goehle, August 2000.

    Marriage: Isabelle Goehle married Fredrick Walter (born November 25, 1923).


    1. Priscilla, April 2, 1947
    2. Fredrick, January 12, 1950
    3. Cecilia, January 24, 1952
    4. Daniel, December 26, 1952
    5. Gerard, October 19, 1954
    6. Anthony, November 14, 1955
    7. Joseph, December 1, 1957
    8. Agnes, January 23, 1959
    9. Clare, January 24, 1960
    10. Justin, February 16, 1961
    11. Isabella, September 24, 1962
    12. Mary, September 17, 1964
    13. John, November 18, 1965

  3. Death: Isabella S. Walter died on March 29, 2002.

    Freddie Walters: For more information on the family of Freddie Walters go to Freddie Walters now or at the bottom of the page.

  4. Eileen Marie Goehle (1926-200-) and Lawrence Czaplyski

    Birth: Eileen Marie Goehle born February 21, 1926.

    Marriage: Eileen Goehle married Lawrence Czaplyski (born November 28, 1925).


    1. Lawrence, Jr, August 5, 1947
    2. Isabel (Bella), June 23, 1948
    3. Eileen, February 21, 1950
    4. Rose, August 23, 1951
    5. Vincent, April 18, 1954
    6. Bernadette, August 1, 1955
    7. Sophia, November 15, 1959
    8. Christina, July 25, 1965
    9. Juliana, January 1, 1969
    10. Bridget, August 26, 1967 (deceased)

    Lawrence Czaplyski: For more information on the family of Lawrence Czaplyski go to Lawrence Czaplyski now or at the bottom of the page.

  5. Margaret Goehle (1926-) and Charles Edgar

    Birth: Margaret (Peggie) Goehle born February 21, 1926.

    Marriage: Margaret Goehle married Charles Edgar (born November 16, 1926) on January 18, 1947.


    1. Margaret (Peggie), January 3, 1948
    2. Charles, Jr, January 24, 1951
    3. Susan, July 20, 1953
    4. Carol, December 29, 1956
    5. Joseph, April 3, 1959
    6. Patrick, March 25, 1962
    7. Jennifer, January 12, 1965
    8. Victoria, March 14, 1968

  6. The family of Peggie Goehle and Charles Edgar on the occasion of the marriage of their grandaughter, Abbey in 2002.

    For more information on the Edgar Family go to Edgar now or at the bottom of the page

  7. Francis Xavier Goehle (1928-2005) and Florence ____

    Birth: Frank (Francis Xavier) Goehle born February 18, 1928.

    Marriage: Frank married Florence (born August 18, 1929).


    1. Frank, September 27, 1952
    2. Gregory, December 7, 1953
    3. Paul, December 27, 1955
    4. John, November 20, 1959

    Death: February 28, 2005, Smithtown

    Goehle, Frank X. GOEHLE-Frank X., 77, longtime resident of Smithtown on February 28, 2005. Member of the Smithtown Fire Department (39 years) and a member of the Donald C. Munroe American Legion Post #944. Beloved husband of Florence. Cherished father of Frank X. Jr. (Alice), Gregory A. (Kathleen), Paul D., and John J. (Doreen). Loving brother of Eileen Czaplyski, Peggy Edgar, Eleanor Burger, Elizabeth Mohring and Daniel Goehle. Devoted grandfather of Frank X. III, Katie A., Paul Ryan, Kyle P., Gregory A., Nicole C., Bernard J., Travis J., and Wade. Also survived by many, many nieces and nephews. Friends may call at the Hawkins & Davis Funeral Home, 17 Manor Rd., Smithtown on Thursday and Friday from 2-4 and 7-9 PM. Firematic service Friday 8 PM. Mass of Christian Burial Saturday 10:30 AM at St. Joseph's R.C. Church. Interment St. Patrick's Cemetery. Published in Newsday on 3/2/2005.

    Frank Goehle and Flo

  8. Eleanor Goehle (1930-) and Robert Burger

    Birth: Eleanor (Nellie) Goehle born June 10, 1930.

    Marriage: Elenore married Robert Burger (born April 7, 1927) on April 15, 1950. Information on the date of the wedding provided by Nellie Burger.


    1. Penelope, December 22, 1950
    2. Barbara Lou, September 16, 1953
    3. Robert, Jr., December 25, 1955
    4. Candace, April 29, 1959
    5. John, October 18, 1961

    Robert Burger: For more information on the family of Robert Burger go to Robert Burger now or at the bottom of the page.

  9. Anthony I. Goehle (1932-1996) and Alicia _______

    Birth: Anthony Goehle born February 26, 1932.

    Marriage: Anthony Goehle married Alicia (born June 20, 1932).


    1. Surname: GOEHLE, Given name: ALICIA, Date of Birth: OCTOBER 8, 1953, Date of Death: FEBRUARY 1976, Social Security number: 063-48-9877, Indicated Place: New York, Source: Social Security Death Master File, dated November 30, 2011.
    2. Michael, December 25, 1955
    3. Teresa, July 4, 1964
    4. Patricia (DOB missing)

    Death: January 13, 1996

    Anthony Goehle, Gender: Male, Birth Date: 26 Feb 1932, Death Date: 31 Jan 1996 SSN: 125226089, Branch 1: NAVY, Enlistment Date 1: 27 Jul 1950, Release Date 1: 3 Jun 1954

  10. Paul

    born December 15, 1934. Note: The date of birth was taken from his death certificate.

    Death: Paul Goehle, born December 15, 1935 (sic), in New York City, died on February 14, 1935 at about 12 noon, of Lobar Pneumonia entire left side, at Lenox Hill Hospital at 111 East 76 Street, father Frank, born in NYC, mother, Isabell Walsh, born in NYC, residence 1335 Third Avenue. Paul was in the hospital from February 10th. He was buried at the Gates of Heaven Cemetery on February 16, 1935. (#3903)

  11. Elizabeth Goehle (1937-) and Raymond Mohring

    Birth: Elizabeth (Betty) Goehle born September 10, 1937

    Baptism: St Vincent Ferrer's RC Church, New York City. Her godparents were Lilly O'Neil (Isabell's sister) and Eddie Anderson (Isabell's sister Eleanor's husband).

    Marriage: Betty married Ray Mohring on January 9, 1954 in St Philip and James RC Church, St James, Long Island, New York.


    1. Bridget, December 31, 1958
    2. Elizabeth, January 6, 1960
    3. Tara, April 7, 1961
    4. Maria, July 5, 1962
    5. Raymond, June 16, 1963
    6. Jonathan, August 7, 1964
    7. Jerome, January 4, 1966
    8. Monica, May 28, 1969
    9. George, July 1, 1972
    10. Michael, April 22, 1974

    Information provided by Betty Goehle Mohring, March 2004

  12. Daniel Goehle (1939-)

    Birth: Daniel Goehle born January 29, 1939

How the Goehle Family Got From Manhattan to Long Island

Peggie Goehle Edgar told me in August 2001 that:

  • Frank Goehle's sister, Winifred (Minnie) married James (Jim) Manion. They were the first ones in the Goehle family to move to St James from the city.
  • When Peggie and Eileen were babies Frank and Isabel Goehle rented a house for the summer on 50 Acre Road from the Granies.
  • Sometime later they bought a lot on Cambon Avenue in St James from Gus Huber. They bought a model log cabin in the city and had it moved to the lot in St James.
  • Peggie was about 18 years old when the bought the house on Highland Avenue in St James. Bud and Agnes were married at the time and they lived in it for a while and fixed it up. Bud Land said that Tony Goehle lived with them and helped to fix the house.
  • Peggie and Eileen did their senior year of high school at Smithtown High. The last place they lived before they moved to St James was 238th Street in the Bronx.

1929 Lollypop Lickers

This image and article ran in various newspapers across the county in October 1929. This images is from the Decatur Review of October 10, 1929.

Three year old Eileen Goehle has established herself as champion lollypop licker. She is shown, right, after licking all previous records - and one lollypop - in 12 minutes 30 seconds flat. Her twin sister, Peggy, left is another of the little girls who competed in a "twins lollypop tournament" at the Henry Street Settlement, New York. The rules were strict, "No chewing, no cracking with teeth, no swallowing of pieces" were allowed.

1930 Census

Frank Goehle and his family were not listed in the 1930 Census.

None of the New York City Goehles were listed.

1940 Census

201 East 82nd Street, 5 families in building, Goehle, Frank, head, age 46, high school second year, laborer, parks department, income $211, weeks out of work 24, Isabelle, age 39, 8th grade, Agnes daughter age 17, Isabelle age 16, librarian N Y A, income $55, Eileen, age 14, Margaret age 14, Frank age 12, Elinor, age 9, Anthony age 8, Elizabeth age 6, Daniel age 1

There is no indication who provided the information.

Isabelle, United States Cadet Nurses Corp

Goehle, Isabelle S., 135 West 238th St. New York dob 8/18/23 admitted 8/31/44 senior cadet period beginning 3/3/47 Lenox Hill Hosp, New York

Goehle, Isabelle S., May 1944, Membership Card B Lenox Hill Hospital, New York cadets's address 135 West 238the Street, New York, singel, father Francis C Goehle, shipping clerk, no college, usual place of residence, St. James New York

Highland Ave, St. James

Long Islander (Huntington) Thursday, May 20, 1943 Page: 7 Real Estate News, Goehle, I to Bank of Smithtown lot s s Moriches rd adj land estate W. J. Gaynor St James ..... $1,500

Note: William Gaynor had been the mayor of New York City. He had a summer home, now known as Deepwells Farm Historic Park, on North County Road near Moriches Road in St. James. He died in 1913.

See St James Images

Commute from St. James to New York City

After the family moved permanently to St James, Frank Goehle commuted to the city on the Long Island Railroad.

More on Frank Goehle

Circa 1957 Frank Goehle came "out of the closet" as a gay man. According to his daughter, Peggy, Frank had a boyfriend named Walter with whom he lived on Staten Island for many years. In 1957 Frank was in his 60s, had been married for about 36 years and had fathered 10 children.

I personally do not know the details of why this disclosure happened then and not earlier. I was in 7th grade and did not understand all the brouhaha. My mother, his oldest child, did not speak to me of my grandfather again until he was very near his death in 1985. In fact, I had thought for years that he had died not long after 1957.

Others of his children did continue to have contact with him particularly his daughter, Peggy, with whom he lived for a while near his death.

Frank and Isabel had 62 grandchildren who all seem to know that grandpa was gay.

Obviously it was a big step to disclose his sexual preference at that age and at that time.

It is also clear that there was a continued relationship of sorts between Frank, Isabell and their children.

In September 1963 there was a picnic reunion of the family of Mr. and Mrs. F. Goehle, sr. of Highland ave., held at the Elk's Lodge on Edgewood Ave. Smithtown. It was covered by the local paper. Seventy-two guests attended the including their 9 living children and 48 or their grandchildren:

  1. Agnes Goehle Land, her husband Edgar L. Land, children, Justina, Tony, Zachary, Benedict, Matthew and Kevin. I was in Europe and Edgar was in college in Illinois.

  2. Isabelle (nee Goehle) and Fred Walter, and children, Priscilla, Freddy, Cecelia, Danny, Gerard, Agnes, Claire, Justin, Isabelle, Tony and Joseph

  3. Mr and Mrs. Lawrence Czaplyski (nee Eileen Goehle) and children, Larry, Bella, Eileen, Rose, Vincent, Bernadette, and Sophia

  4. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Edgar (nee Peggy Goehle) and children, Peggy, Charlie, Susan, Carol, Joseph, and Patrick

  5. Mr. and Mrs Francisa Goehle (nee Florence Hanson) and children, Frank, Greg, Paul and John

  6. Mr. and Mrs. Robert burger (nee Eleanor Goehle) and children Penny, Barbara, Candy, Bobby and JOhn

  7. Mr. and Mrs. Tony Goehle (nee Alicia) and children Alicia,, Patricia and Michael

  8. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Mohring (nee betty Goehle) and children, Bridget, Elizabeth, Tara, Maria, and Raymond

  9. Danny Goehle

Most of the Goehle family lived on Long Island. My immediate family lived in New Jersey. At a certain point when I was a teenage I stopped going with my parents to visit the relatives on Long Island. My parents and siblings continued to go out to the "Island" a couple of times a year. To my recollection my parents and siblings did not mention seeing my grandfather on these trips. My mother did speak often of her mother. At some point I pretty much concluded that Frank Goehle must have died. - since no one mentioned him at all. One morning in May of 1985 I dreamt of him. At the time I had retuned to art school and was majoring in fibers. In my dream my grandfather talked to be about buttons, ribbons, lace, and trimmings of all sorts. It was a very strange dream since I had not thought of him in years and years. Later on that day I talked to my mother and told her of the dream. She told me that he was actually on his death bed and was not expected to live more than a few days. He did die a few days later and I went to the funeral. Most of my aunts and uncles, cousins and cousin's children were there. Isabell attended Frank's funeral in 1985. I saw her there. They are buried next to one another in St. Patrick's Cemetery in Smithtown.

Death of Frank Goehle

Frank Goehle died in May 1985. He was buried in St Patrick's Catholic Cemetery on Mount Pleasant Road in Smithtown, Long Island.

Frank Goehle Birth: 6 Mar 1894 Death: May 1985 - Smithtown, Suffolk, New York, United States of America Civil: New York, 117-10-5445 (Social Security Death Index)

Death of Isabelle Goehle

Isabelle Goehle died on November 14, 1989. She is buried in St Patrick's Catholic Cemetery on Mount Pleasant Road in Smithtown, Long Island.

The Grave Markers

The graves are located toward the road side of the central area of St Patrick's Catholic Cemetery on Mount Pleasant Road in Smithtown, Long Island. There are two grave markers which are flush with the ground between Lanzon and Speiser and read:



Photos of Frank Goehle

Circa 1920 1964
Photos from the collection of Peggie Goehle Edgar

To see a map of Saint James and where the Goehles lived, go to Frank and Isabelle Where They Lived on Long Island

To see pictures of Frank Goehle, Isabelle Walsh and their children, click on the family photo.

Frank Goehle as a Dressmaker

Frank Goehle made the wedding dresses for his daughters, Margaret (Peggie) and Eleanor, and for his niece, Maria Lahiff. He made the christening dress for Peggie and Charlie Edgar's daughter, Peggie.

To see pictures of the Peggie's wedding dress, see Pictures of the Children of Isabelle Walsh and Farnk Goehle

For a copy of the news paper articles on Peggie's wedding dress and young Peggie's christening dress, click on the wedding picture of Peggie Goehle and Charles Edgar.

Frank Goehle as a Painter

In additions to painting on canvas, Frank Goehle painted the walls of a basement room in their house in St James with one scene shown in the four seasons of the year.

To see more photos of his painting, click on the painting of the vase of flowers.

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