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A Brief Biographical Sketch

Peter Goehle was born January 28, 1852 in Herrnsheim, Rheinhessen, Hesse (Germany) the son of Louisa Harbauer and Franz Goehle, tailor. Peter immigrated to New York City in 1873. Peter married Catherine Christ in 1875. They had nine children between 1875 and 1888 when Catherine died from complications of the birth of their tenth child. Three months after Catherine's death Peter married Minnie Lindemann. Peter and Minnie had four children between 1889 and 1899. Peter Goehle died in 1917.

Birth 1852, Herrnshiem

Peter Goehle was born January 28, 1852 in Herrnsheim, Rheinhessen, Hesse (Germany) the son of Louisa Harbauer and Franz Goehle, a tailor. See The Goehles in Herrnsheim Germany

Herrnsheim, Hessen Darmstdt, Germany

Hessen-Darmstadt was a former Duchy (1567-1918) in the central highlands of what is today Germany. Herrnsheim is a village a few miles north of Worms.

See Herrnsheim

Occupation of Peter Goehle

Peter's occupation was listed as a butcher on every document connected with him except: the birth certificate of his daughter Louise, in 1880, where he was listed as a laborer, the 1882, 1888, and 1898-99 city directory when he was listed as a clerk, and the 1900 census when he was listed as a provision dealer.

Agnes Goehle Land said that he had a butcher shop in Yorkville in Manhattan. See below.

Immigration of Peter Goehle, 1873

Peter Goehle immigrated to the United States on August 25th, 1873 on the R.M.S. Batavia from Liverpool and Queenstown.

He was listed as a 23 years old butcher from Germany.

Along with Peter, there were 338 passengers in steerage and a total of 434 passengers on board.

This information was taken from the ship manifest of the R.M.S. Batavia.

Peter immigrated 20 years before Ellis Island opened. However, in Island of Hope, Island of Tears, a book about immigration through Ellis Island, there is a line about immigrant ships that regularly crossed the Atlantic,

"a great many small ships, with names now long forgotten-- Austor-Americana, Lydia, Susquehanna, Batavia. "

While the Batavia was no Titanic, she could not have been that small if she was carrying 434 passengers. There were a lot of ships with far less passengers.

The ship that Peter Goehle immigrated on was built in 1870. A second ship also named, Batavia, was built in 1899.

The Family History Center Library has the exit visas from Hessen/Darmstadt from 1819 to 1880. Unfortunately, the G's for 1872 to 1880 are missing.

For general information on immigration go to Immigration now or at the bottom of the page.

First Marriage of Peter Goehle to Catherine Christ 1875

According to the civil record for the City of New York:

On March 28, 1875, Peter Goehle, residing at 139 Pitt St., New York, age, 23, occupation, butcher, father, Franz Goehle, mother, Louisa Harbauer, place of birth, Herrnsheim, Germany

married Catherine Christ, daughter of Peter Christ and Balbine Remmert, born in Griesheim, Germany. It was a first marriage for both parities. Witnesses George Albert and Matilda Roth. The marriage was performed by J. B. Krusi, Official Station, 290 Madison Street. (New York City civil marriage certificate)

Rev. B. Krusi was the minister at the German Presbyterian Church at 290 Madison Street. The records for this church are available through LDS. The church record, written in German is translated as follows:
Peter Goehle age 23, butcher, born Hernsheim Hessen Darmstadt, 139 Pitt St and Catherine Christ, age 23, born Griesheim Nassau, 49 Stanton St, witnesses George Albert and Mathilde Roth 49 Stanton.

German Churches of Metropolitan New York: A Research Guide by Richard Haberstroh lists this church as Second German Evangelical Reformed, Madison Street Presbyterian, German Presbyterian, German Old School. He says it was founded on Grand and East Broadway in 1842 and moved to Grant near Willet in 1852 when it became the Madison St Presbyterian Church. In 1857 the location of the church was at Madison and Montgomery. He lists among the pastors, J. Bartholomew Krusi.

Madison Street runs parallel to East Broadway. Today there are modern high rise apartments where the church once stood.

139 Pitt Street has also been torn down.

Neither Catherine Christ nor her parents were listed in the 1870 census. Balbine was not listed in later censuses. Peter Christ was a common name.

Children of Peter Goehle and Catherine Christ

  1. Katherine
    Birth: Katherine Goehle was born in NYC on October 17, 1875, at 139 Pitt St.

    Baptism: 2nd German Presbyterian born 17 October 1875 baptized 7 November 1875 Catherine daughter of Peter Goehle and his wife, Catherine nee Christ sponsors, John Ritzert and Catherine Schuchmann

    Death: Katherine must have died as a child, because there is a second Katherine born in 1881. I have looked for the first Katherine's death record up to 1881 and could not find it. However, the letter "G" death records for Manhattan for 1880 are missing. She also does not appear to be buried with the other family members in the Lutheran Cemetery.

  2. Elise/Elizabeth Goehle (1876-after 1930) and Henry C. O. Schwaner/Schwanner
    Birth: Elise Goehle was born in NYC on November 9, 1876 at 139 Pitt Street.

    Church Record: Second German Presbyterian birth 9 November 1876 baptism 10 December 1876 Elizabeth Susana Marg. father Peter Goehle mother Catherine Christ sponsor Elizabeth Harbauer - (Note: Harbauer was Peter's mother's maiden name.)

    Marriage 1896: Elizabeth Goehle to Henry Carl Otto "Schwauer", Febraury 15, 1896 Manhattan cert #2882.

    Elizabeth Goehle of 648 E 19th Street, age 19, born NYC, father, Peter Goehle, mother Catherine Christ, to Henry Carl Otto "Schwauer", 638 5th St., age 28, father Henry "Schwauer", mother Caroline Huleel (?) witnesses, Wilhelm Hiller and Eva M Jacob, minister Geo C Hass pastor 64 - 7th 8 (hard to read).

    Note: George C Haas was the pastor of St Mark's Lutheran Church 6th street, Manhattan.


    1. Henry W. F Schwaner

      Holy Cross Mission October - Church of the Holy Cross, 1896 October 8 Henry Peter William Schwaner to Henry C. O and Elizabeth Schwaner, sponser Minnie Schwaner

      Death: 30 May 1901 age 4 years cert # 16604 Manhattan, very faded and hard to read. Parents Henry and Elizabeth. Cannot read rest.

      Hy. W. F. "Schwauer", Birth Date: abt 1897, Age: 4, Death Date: 30 May 1901, Death Place: New York, New York, Certificate Number: 16604, Ancestry.com

    2. Emma/Anna 1898 married ____ Lawler

      Church of the Holy Cross baptism Emma Minnie Apr 3, 17 November parents Henry and Elizabeth Schwaner sponsor Minnie Schwarner.

    3. Catherine June 19, Manhattan 1899 married Charles Veith

      Marriage: Charles C. Veith 01 May 1921, age 21 single, father, Henry Schwaner mother Elizabeth Goehle
      Note: Catherine Schwaner and Charles Veith were the witnesses to the marriage of Frank Goehle and Isabell Walsh in February 1921.

    1900: 1900 Schwaner, 621 sixth street, Henry, 33, car conductor, Elizabeth, 34, married 4 years 3 children 3 living, Henry Jr 3, Emma 2, Cathrine 1

    1910: Queens - Henry C O Schwaner Head Male 43 New York, conductor R. R., Elizabeth Schwaner Wife Female 33 New York, 3 children 2 living, Catherine Schwaner Daughter Female 10 New York Anna Schwaner Daughter Female 12 New York

    1915: 83rd street, Henry C S Schwaner 48, spring weaver, Elizabeth Schwaner 38, Emma Schwaner 11, Catherine Schwaner 16

    1920: 83rd street, Henry Schwaner Head Male 53 New York, weaver wire springs, Elizabeth Schwaner Wife Female 43 New York Catherine E Schwaner Daughter Female 20 New York, apprentice bindery

    1925: e. 83rd street, Henry Schwaner 56, deck hand ferry, Elizabeth Schwaner 48 Emma Lawler 26, daughter, Harold Lawler 07, grandson

    1930: 83rd street, deck hand ferry boat, Henry C O Schwaner 63 Elizabeth Schwaner 53

  3. Frank
    Birth: Frank Goehle was born in NYC on November 11, 1878, at 80 Pitt Street.

    Death: Frank Goehle died on September 8, 1880, age 1 year, 10 months and 27 days of diarrhea, edema of lungs, and convulsions. He was ill about 20 hours. The family address was 80 Pitt Street. Frank was buried in the Lutheran Cemetery in a grave that would later hold his sister, Frances, and his mother, Catherine.

    The death certificate says six families were living in the building. The Goehles lived on the second floor. The building is no longer standing so I have no idea how big it was.

    The information on his death was taken from the interment record of the Lutheran Cemetery and the New York City death record.

  4. Louise Goehle (1880-after 1944) and John Francis Irving
    Birth: Louise Goehle was born in NYC on June 12, 1880, at 80 Pitt Street.


    • She was most likely named after her paternal grandmother.
    • On this birth certificate Peter is listed as a laborer, on all other documents he is listed as a butcher.

    Marriage: Louise Florence Goehle, age 20, address 614 E Fifth Street, NYC, father, Peter Goehle, mother, Catherine Christ, born NY, married John Francis Irving, age 28, single, residence, New Jersey, born, NY, father, George Irving, mother, Catherine McClosky, on April 20, 1901. The witnesses were Joe and Cathi Van Loo. The minister was John C. Palmer, Clergyman at 737 E. 6th Street.


    • The Emmanuel Presbyterian Church, is at 737 6th Street. This church is still active today. The phone number is 212-228-0431. Several years ago I was in contact with them but was not able to access the old records.
    • Kate Lindemann Beyerkohler Van Loo was the daughter of Catherine Furst and Julius Lindemann. Kate's sister, Minnie, was the second wife of Peter Goehle and the step mother of Louise Goehle. Joe Van Loo was Kate Lindemann Beyerkohler's second husband.


    1. William G. born NY circa 1901

      William Irving Birth Date: 21 Apr 1901 Birth Place: New York, New York Certificate Number: 20148?????

      1920: With his parents in Jersey City.

      1930: With his parents in Jersey City.

      1944: According to his father's obit he was living in West Nyack New York and working for the New York Times.

      1951: Mrs. William G Irving lived at Van Houten Fields, West Nyack. She was a birder.

      Marriage: In 1942 Frances Horak Irving was listed in the Iowa State teachers College Alumni Magazine as a graduate of Iowa State Teachers College BA. 1925, received M. A. from Columbia University in 1932. Husband employed by New York Times. Bought a new house with acreage in 1941. On the staff of the national organization of Camp Fire Girls.

      Death 1989: 21 February 1989 William G Irving, 87 of Scottsdale - former owner of the Town Advertising Agency - died February 19, 1989 - born in New York - survived by wife, Frances H., one daughter, one granddaughter and two great grandchildren. (Arizona Republic)

      SSDI: W. G. Irving SSN: 092-09-3316 Last Residence: 85258 Scottsdale, Maricopa, Arizona, USA Born: 21 Apr 1901 Died: 19 Feb 1989

      Frances Horak Irving born 1902 died 1991 buried Paradise Memorail Gardens Scottsdale, Az.

      1948 - Director of community advertising for the New York Times, author of "Community Advertising for Progress and Prosperity"

      So many requests have come to The Times for information and suggestions on how to promote community interests that we have prepared a new 48 page illustrated booklet, "Community Advertising for Progress and Prosperity".

      This is a series of case-studies from all over the country telling how communities solved.....

      William G. Irving - The Record Hackensack 15 August 1955

    2. Marie Ella Irving and Joseph Carroll

      Birth: Mamie Ella Irving October 18, 1906, 149 Columbia Ave. Jersey City, to John Irving born New York age 33, clerk, and Louise Goehle age 26, housewife, 2 of 2 living children.

      Further Record: Mamie Elle Irving born Jersey City October 18, 1906 changed her name to Marie Ella in 1970 2180 Blvd Jersey City, Court House, Jersey City Marie Ella Irving Carroll, baptismal certificate St John's Lutheran Church, Jersey City.

      Marriage: Joseph Carroll before 1936.

      Children: Richard Carroll circa 1936

      1930 Census: Nothing obvious

      1940: With her parents, husband and child in Jersey City.

      Death: Marie Carroll Birth: 18 Oct 1906, Death: Mar 1982 - Ogden, Weber, Utah, United States of America Civil: New York

      Burial: Saint Magdalen Cemetery, Flemington, Hunterdon County, New Jersey, USA According to the tombstone on Find a Grave Joseph born 1904 died in 1976.

      Joseph Carroll, SSN: 081-12-9796, 08822 Flemington, Hunterdon, New Jersey, USA, BORN: 31 Mar 1904 Died: Mar 1976

    1910 Census: Columbia Avenue Jersey City, New Jersey, John F Irving, head, age 36, 1st marriage 10 years, clerk office, Louise, wife, age 29, 1st marriage 10 years, 2 children 2 still living, William, son, age 9, Marie, daughter, age 3. All born New York except Marie born NJ.

    1917/18 WWI Draft Registration: No

    1920 Census: Louise Goehle Irving was listed in the 1920 census in Jersey City, NJ, at 141 Columbia Avenue

    • John Irving, head, age 44 born NY, clerk drug house
    • Louise age 39, born New York
    • William son age 18, born New York, clerical worker brokerage
    • Marie daughter age 13, born New Jersey

    1930 Census: Louise Goehle Irving was listed in the 1930 census in Jersey City at 151 Carlton Avenue

    • John Irving, head age R $60.00, head age 56 married at 27, born NY, clerk sporting goods
    • Louise, wife, age 49 married at 18, born NY German descent,
    • William G, son, age 29, born New York, advertising ?? newspaper
    • Marie E daughter age 23, born New Jersey, stenographer insurance company

    1940 Census: Jersey City, Hudson, New Jersey Hudson Blvd House Number: 3269 Inferred Residence in 1935: Jersey City, Hudson, New Jersey Sheet Number: 10B John F Irving 65, no occupation Louisa F Irving 58, Carroll, Joseph, age 35, printer, bank?? Carroll, Marie, age 33, stenographier, office, Richard Carroll age 4

    Further Records:

    • There was no appropriate listing for John Francis Irving in the Social Security Death Index
    • There was no appropriate listing for Louise Irving in the Social Security Death Index

    Death of John F Irving: New York Times. June 4, 1944:

    Jersey City, June 2 — John Francis Irving of 3269 Hudson Boulevard, here, who retired from the wholesale drug business ten years ago, died last night in Jersey City Medical Center, after a long illness. He was born in New York. He leaves a widow, Mrs. Louisa Goehle Irving; a son, William G Irving of West Nyack, N.Y., a member of the New York Times advertizing staff; a daughter, Mrs. Marie Carroll of Jersey City; a brother William Irving of Astonia, L. I. and a grandson, Richard Carroll, A funeral service will be held Sunday at 4 P. M. at the Schlemm funeral home, Twenty-second Street and Hudson Boulevard, Union City. Burial will take place Tuesday in Oak Hill Cemetery, Nyack, N.Y.

  5. Katherine Goehle (1881-1965) - Emil Kirkebye and Charles A. Kirkebye
    Birth: Katherina was born in NYC on August 5, 1881, at 73 Broom Street.

    Note: On this birth certificate it indicates that Katherine senior had had 5 children, 3 of whom were still living. The three children would be: Elise, Louise, and Katherine.

    Marriage: Catherine Goehle, age 19, address, 614 E. 5th Street married Emil Kirkebye on April 7, 1901. Witnesses were Henry B. Roberts and Louise F. Goehle. The minister was John C. Palmer, clergyman, of 737 E. 6th Street.


    1. Henry S. Kirkebye born April 5, 1902, 310 6th Street, Manhattan, father, Emil Kirkebye, born in US, age 26, printer, mother, Kate Goehle, born in US, age 21, 1st child (certificate #15905, 1902, Manhattan)
      Marriage: Edith, Unknown
      1. Edith
      2. Richard, died as a child
      Note: Information on the marriage and children of Henry Kirkebye provided by Suellen, email, November 19, 2003.
      1940 Census: 39th Street Queens, Kirkebye, Henry, age 37, auditor accounting, 3,800, Edith, age 36, Richard, age 3, all born New York, Schellhorn, Elise, age 94, grandmother, born Germany, Persker, Herman, age 56, step father, born Germany, printer, printing house, Doune, Evelyn, age 20, step daughter, born new york, sewing cloth manufacturer, Bockes, Louis age 46, cousin, born New York, electrician, railroad
      Death: Henry Kirkebye, born April 5, 1902 died January 1977, Ocean County, New Jersey SS#128-03-0921, issued in New York (SSDI)
      Buried Ocean county Memorial Park, Toms River.
      Death: Edith born October 27, 1902, died June 26, 1995, Toms River, Ocean County, N J, 08753 SS# 132-36-1628 (SSDI)

    2. Olivia, 1908 according to the 1910 census

      Oliva Kirkebye Birth Date: 22 Feb 1908 Birth Place: Queens, New York, USA Certificate Number: 1671

      Oliva Kirkebye, 66 Cresent Street, Queens, born February 22, 1908, daughter of Emil Kirkebye, father's place of birth, Camden, New Jersey, age 31, printer, mother, Kathe Goehle Kirkebye, born NYC, age 26, 2nd child, both living (Queen's Birth Certificate # 01671, New York City)

      Married Raymond B. Gahs Olivia Kirkebye 1947 New Jersey, USA Spouse: Raymond B Gahs- died Jan 26, 1998 Bloomfield, NJ. Mrs Olivia Kirkebye Gahs 27 Jan 1998 Event Place: Pennsylvania, United States Residence Place: Bloomfield, New Jersey Gender: Female Age: 89 Occupation: Superintendent Birth Year (Estimated): 1909 Birthplace: Long Island City, New York Death Date: 26 Jan 1998 Death Place: Bloomfield, New Jersey Newspaper: Lancaster New Era - two step daughters - father "Charles" A. Kirkebye mother Kate Goehle

    1910 Census, Queens, New York:

    The family of Emil Kirkebye was listed in the 1910 census in a two family home at 39 Prospect Street in Queens as follows:

    1. Emil Kirkebye, head, age 33, married 9 years, born NY, parents Danish, printer general work
    2. Kate, wife, married, 2 children, age 29, married 9 years, born NY
    3. Henry, son, age 8, born, NY
    4. Olivia, daughter, age 2, born NY

    T624, Reel #1063, part 2, page 112A

    Death of Emil Kirkebye: Emil Kirkebye, married born October 5, 1876, age 36 years, 3 months, and 16 days, painter, born NYC, father Carl Kirkebye born Denmark, mother Catherine Laurswieler, born Germany, died January 17, 1913 at St John Hospital in Queens, of acute alcoholic cerebral edema, autopsy, buried St Michael's Cemetery, 13 Prospect St Long Island City, Queens on January 19, 1913.

    Marriage of Kate Goehle and Charles Kirkebye: New Jersey - 1913 Marriage Index - Charles Kirkebye 1913 New Jersey, USA Spouse: Kate Goehle #19636


    1. John born 1915

      Marriage: September 15, 1940 John L Kirkebye Queens, New York City, New York, USA Spouse: Violet R Lucius License Number: 6493

      Death: John L born January 23, 1915, died July 29,1992, Ft Myers, Fl., 33903, SS#098-01-1410 (SSDI).

    WWI Draft Registration 1918: Charles Andrew Kirkebye 35 Prospect St L I C, N Y, dob October 4, 1874 printer employer, Charles Kirkebye, wife, Kate, medium height, slender build, blue eyes, auburn hair

    1900: Queens Charles S F Kirkebye 71 Charles Kirkebye 35

    1920 US Census: Queens - Charles "Kirkelye" 45, printer own business, Katie "Kirkelye" 38, Henry "Kirkelye" 17, Charlotte* "Kirkelye" 11, John "Kirkelye" 5 *(Olivia)

    1930: Queens Charles A Kirkebye 56 Kate Kirkebye 48 Charlotte* Kirkebye 22 John Kirkebye 15 - *(Olivia)

    1940: Queens, Charles A Kirkebye 65 Kate Kirkebye 57 Charlotte* Kirkebye 31 John L Kirkebye 25 - *(Olivia)

    Find a Grave: St Michael's Cemetery Elmhurst, L. I.
    Charles S. F. Kirkebye born June 22, 1837 died Jan 19, 1911
    Emil L Kirkebye born October 5, 1876 died Jan 16, 1913
    Charles A. Kirkebye born October 4, 1874 died July 5, 1946
    Kate Kirkebye born Aug 5, 1881 died aug 30, 1965

    More on Charles Kirkebye senior: Daily Long Island Democrat 08 March 1911 and Brooklyn Daily Eagle 25 March 1911 - The will of Charles S. F. Kirkebye of Long Island City was destroyed by the testate just before his death when he asked to see it and then ripped it into pieces. The will was rescued and filed in several pieces. He left an estate of $4,900 real and $100 (or $2,500) personal to his son Charles A. Kirkebye of 13 Prospect Street, Long Island City and $1,000 and a lot at Middletown, N. J. to his son Emil of 61 Henry street, Long Island City. His daughter Olivia Meyer objected on the grounds that by tearing the will Kirkebye meant to destroy it. The matter was held over for two weeks. The court ruled against Olivia.

    1965: Death of Katherine/Kate Goehle Kirkebye: September 2, 1965 The Independent Press, Bloomfield, N J - Mrs. Kate Kirkebye age 84 widow of Charles A Kirkeby died in the Community Nursing Home in Bloomfield. Born in New York City she had lived in Glen Ridge and Bloomfield for 17 years. She attended the First Baptist Church in Bloomfield. Survived by two sons, Henry T of Long Island City, and John L of Rochester NY, a daughter Mrs. Raymond Gahs of Bloomfield, a brother, Peter Goehle of New York, a sister Mrs. Mary Perschbacher of St. James NY five grandchildren and two great grand children.

    Charles A Kirkebye Jr., Catherine Goehle Kirkebye, John Louis Kirkebye - Image courtesy of Amanda Kirkebye (ancestry.com)

  6. For more information on the click Kirkebye

  7. Frances
    Birth: Frances was born in May 1883. Frances Gohle Birth Date: 12 May 1883 Birth Place: Manhattan, New York, USA Certificate Number: 367210

    She was most likely named after her paternal grandfather.

    Death: Francis died on July 13, 1883 at age 2 months of dysentery. A contributing factor was asthenia (weakness, muscular underdevelopment). The family was living at 63 Columbia Street, which according to the certificate of death, had 9 families living in the building. The Goehles lived on the second floor. Frances was buried in the Lutheran Cemetery in the same grave as her brother Frank and later her mother, Catherine. The information on Frances's death was taken from the interment records at the Lutheran Cemetery and her death certificate.

  8. Maria Helena (AKA Mary) (1885-) married ______ Walter and William Perschback/Perschbacher
    Birth: Maria Helena and her twin, Peter, were born on June 18, 1885 at 63 Columbia Street (Birth Return State of New York 430339/40, 1885).

    Information from Peggy Goehle Edgar: "Mary" the twin sister of Peter married someone named ____ Walter. They had a son, George Walter, who lived in St James and was a member of the fire department. November 2005

    Marriage: Circa 1913 based on 1930 question on age at marriage

    No marriage for Marie (Mary) Goehle in NYC between 1910 and 1914.


    1. George E. Walter 1917. NYC births are only available to 1910 for genealogy.

      Marriage: George E Walter Gender: Male Marriage Date: 21 Apr 1946 Marriage Place: Smithtown, New York, USA Spouse: Elizabeth Sadowski Certificate Number: 17137

      Children: Ron and Robbie

      Death: George E Walter, Birth Date: 13 Jul 1917, Death Date: 25 Nov 2009, Cemetery: Saint Patrick's Cemetery, Burial or Cremation Place: Smithtown, Suffolk County, New York, United States of America

      George Edward Walter, a volunteer firefighter in St. James for nearly 70 years and a World War II naval veteran who saw combat in the same unit as President John F. Kennedy, has died. He was 92.

      Walter, who was born in New York City in 1917, grew up in St. James, where he spent most of his life. He enlisted in the U.S. Navy after the country entered World War II and headed to the South Pacific.

      He served on patrol torpedo boats, the small, fast-moving, heavily armed boats that harried Japanese naval ships. He rose to the rank of petty officer first class and was on active duty in the Solomon Islands and the Philippines.

      During the war, Walter saw Kennedy on a daily basis as they were in the same PT squadron and their boats used to tie up next to each other, his son, Ronald Walter, said Friday."


      Death of Elizabeth Walter: Elizabeth Walters Birth Date 1921 Death Date Oct 2015 CemeterySaint Patrick's Cemetery Smithtown, Suffolk County, New York, United States of America Spouse George Walters

      WALTER - Elizabeth (Betty) L., a native born, lifelong resident of St. James died October 28, 2015. Longtime member of St. James Fire Department Ladies Auxiliary. Beloved wife of the late George. Cherished mother of Ron and Robbie (JoAnn). Dear grandma of AnnMarie and Robert and the late Robert"

    Death of _____ Walter: c 1918 before 1921

    Marriage to William Pershback: 1924 per index

    1925 NY State census - 7th street, Perschback, William age 59 dock carpenter, Mary wife, age 39, George, son age 9, Mary daughter age 4.


    1. Mary Jane Pershback 1921

      Married Louis John Belot and had a son in 1940.

      Louis J. Belot BIRTH: 11 Feb 1915 DEATH: 19 Mar 2004 - Saint James, Suffolk, New York, United States of America CIVIL: New York

      Maryjane Perschback Belot, [Mary J Belot] [Maryjane Perschback Perschback] - SSN: 055227778 - Birth Date: 17 May 1921 - Birth Place: New York Queens, New York - Father Name: William Perschback - Mother Name: Mary Goehle - Death Date: 21 Sep 2000 Type of Claim: Original SSN. Notes: Nov 1943: Name listed as MARYJANE PERSCHBACK BELOT; 29 Sep 2000: Name listed as MARY J BELOT

      1959: July 22, George Belot the 17 year old son of Jane Perschbach Belot drown off Patio Beach Lake Ronkonkoma. Around 7 thirty in the evening he was swimming with friends when he complained of cramps and started trashing wildly. His friends were not able to save him.

    1911: William Perschbach 1911, 410 6th, New York, New York Occupation: Carpenter Publication Title: New York, New York, City Directory, 1911

    Marriage: William Perschbach Gender: Male Marriage License Date: 25 Mar 1924 Marriage License Place: Manhattan, New York City, New York, USA Spouse: Mary Goehle License Number: 7848

    1925: New York, ED 19, Ward 1, 7th street, William Perschbach age 59, dock carpenter, Mary age 39 (corrected), George "Perschbach" age 7, and "Mary Perschbach" age 4, all born US

    Death of William Pershback: William Perschbacker Age: 59 Birth Year: abt 1866 Death Date: 11 Sep 1925 Death Place: Manhattan, New York, USA Certificate Number: 22467

    1930 Census:

    Smithtown Branch, Main Street

    • Mary Pershback, head, renting, $25.00, no radio, age 45, widow, age at first marriage 28, born NY, German ancestry, laundress
    • Walter, George, son, age 12, born New York
    • Pershback, Jane, daughter, age 8, born NY

    1940 Census: Mayflower Ave. Smithtown, New York, Louis John Belot 25, yardsman r. lumber, 600, Jane Belot 18, maid private family, 45, Louis John Belot 3/12, Mary Perschback 53, mother-in-law, presswoman laundry, 624, George Walter 22, brother-in law driver, lumber yard, 740

    1951: Smittown News, Jen 21, Peter Goehle of New York and his twin sister Mary Perschback celebrated their birthday Monday, June 18.

    1974: Mary Perschback, celebrated her 90th birthday of June 18 with a surprise party at the Smithtown Landing country Club. Mrs. Perschback had been a resident of St. James for 50 years. Her son, George Walter and his wife, and her daughter Mrs. Loe Belot In attendance: Mrs. Isabel Goehle of St. James, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Goehle of North Merrick.

    Death of Mary Perschback: Mary Perschback, BIRTH: 18 Jun 1885, DEATH: Oct 1979 - Saint James, Suffolk, New York, United States of America, CIVIL: New York OTHER: Saint James, Suffolk, New York, United States of America

  9. Peter Goehle, Junior (1885-1967)
    Birth: Peter Goehle, twin to Mary, was born in NYC on June 18, 1885.

    On this birth certificate it says 8 children have been born and 5 are still living. They would be: Elise, Louise, Katherine, Maria, and Peter.

    Further Records: For more information on Peter, Jr., click on the man smoking a pipe.

  10. Clara Goehle (1887-1922) married William Perschback[er]*
    Birth: Clara Goehle was born in NYC on March 25, 1887, at 63 Columbia Street (Birth Return 485548 State of New York 1887).

    On her birth certificate it indicates that Clara was the 9th child of whom 6 were still living. These would be Clara, Peter, Maria, Katherine, Louise, and Elise.

    Second German Presbyterian Church Manhattan birth March 25, 1887 baptized Jan 28 1889 Clara Minnie father Peter Goehle mother Catherine Christ, sponsors Minnie Christ and Nicklaus Christ.

    Marriage: Married William Perschback[er]

    *He subsequently married Clara's sister Mary.

    Child: Charlotte circa 1909 - Charlotte Perschbacher

    Death 1909: Age: 2 Birth Year: abt 1909 Death Date: 20 Mar 1911 Death Place: Manhattan, New York, USA Certificate Number: 9425

    1910: 410 East 6th street - William Perschbach 44, marriage 1, 2 years, carpenter, dock work, Clara Perschbach 23, 1 child 1 living, Charlotte Perschbach 1

    1915: Perschback, William age 49, dept of (cannot read two words and a + sign) Clara wife age 28 Elizabeth daughter age 18, Florence daughter age 16, Victoria daughter age 13,

    Note: Elizabeth, Florence and Victoria were in the 1905 and 1910 censuses with William Perschback

    1900 Manhattan East 8th street, William Perchback 38, dock builder, Elizabeth Perchpack 38, wife 7 children 5 living, married 22 years, Frank Perchback 15, William Perchback 13, Lilly Perchback 8, Veronica Perchback 6, Victoria Perchback 3, Josephine Tresh 21, sister, Joseph Tresh 25, brother

    1910 Brooklyn - William Perschbach 50, dock builder, Elizabeth Perschbach 38 Frank Perschbach 20, driver moving van, William Perschbach 19, ruler shop, Elizabeth Perschbach 12 Veronica Perschbach 9 Victoria Perschbach 7 Frank Overeller, 33 boarder

    Note: No death for Elizabeth Perchback (spellings) born circa 1866 from 1910 to 1917 in the NYC death index.

    1917 Marriage: William Perschbach Gender: Male Marriage License Date: 14 Nov 1917 Marriage License Place: Queens, New York City, New York, USA Spouse: Clara Goehle License Number: 3250

    Death 1922: Clara Perschbacker - father Peter Goehle mother Catherine Christ died 12 October 1922 Manhattan (LDS)

    Death: William Perschbacker Age: 59 Birth Year: abt 1866 Death Date: 11 Sep 1925 Death Place: Manhattan, New York, USA Certificate Number: 22467

Note: William Perschback was a dock builder and union member. He was listed in the 1910 census 2 times - a dock worker, age 44 with Clara Goehle and a one year old daughter at 410 6th street in Manhattan and a dock worker age 50, with Elizabeth, his wife, and 5 children including three daughters, Elizabeth, Veronica, and Victoria living in Brooklyn. In 1915 William, age 49, dock builder, is listed with Clara as his wife and three daughters, Elizabeth, Florence and Victoria. William and Clara were actually married in 1917. Clara died in 1922. William and Clara's sister, Mary had a child, Mary Jane, in 1921. William married Mary Goehle in 1924. He died in 1925.


  • Names in italics are children who are known to have died before reaching adulthood.

  • It was a common practice in some German families to name one's sons and daughters according to a pattern.

    The first son was frequently named for the father's father, the second for the mother's father. Peter and Catherine followed this pattern.

    The first daughter was frequently named for either the father or the mother's mother, second daughters were the reverse, third daughter's for the mother or mother's oldest sister, subsequent daughters were given names of either maternal or paternal great grandparents. Peter and Catherine followed the male naming pattern, but do not appear to have followed the female naming patter. Catherine's mother was Balbine. They did not use this name at all as a first name. Peter's mother was Louise which was the name they gave to their third daughter.

    The Katherines may have been named for their mother.

    Were Elise, Maria and Clara named for family members?

  • The baptisms and marriages for the Second German Presbyterian Church, from the late 1850's to 1893 are available through Ancestry.com. Of the 9 children born to Peter Goehle and Catherine Christ 3 were baptized in the Second German Presbyterian Church. Catherine in 1875, Elis/Elizabeth in 1876, and Clara in 1887. Addresses were: 1875 - 39 Pitt street, 1876- 39 Pitt street, 1878 - 80 Pitt street, 1880 - 80 Pitt street, 1881 - 73 Broom street, 1883 - 63 Columbia street, 1885 - 63 Columbia street, 1887 - 63 Columbia street - 1888 63 Columbia

    Where were the others baptized?

According to the Presbyterian Historical Society the Second German Presbyterian Church, New York, New York, was organized 1882 and dissolved in 1913 but The Register of Baptisms dates form 1873 - 1912, 1 vol. 435 East Houston St.

Bartholomew Krusi was the pastor of the German Presbyterian Church, Madison and Montgomery streets.

1879 New York City Directory

Goehle, Peter, butcher h 80 Pitt

Goehles in The 1880 United States Census

I could not find Peter Goehle and family in the 1880 census. Frequently people were missed for one reason or another.

There were no Goehles at all listed in the 1880 census in New York City.

1882 New York City Directory

Goehle, Peter, clerk h 73 Broome

1882-83 New York City Directory

Goehle, Peter, butcher h 63 Columbia

Naturalization of Peter Goehle

On October 12, 1883, Peter Goehle, butcher, of 63 Columbia Street, New York City, was naturalized in the Court of Common Pleas for the City and County of New York. Witness: Peter Schuessler, of 7 Jackson Street, NYC. According to the law before 1922, Catherine automatically become a citizen with him.

Naturalization papers before 1906 usually do not contain much information. Peter's papers were more helpful than most. On his Application he said he had arrived in New York in August of 1873. This bit of information allowed me to find him listed on the ship manifest for the Batavia in August of 1873.

Notes on Peter Schuessler:

In 2005 and 2006 Dorothy wrote: "I believe that Peter Schuessler, witness may be my gg grandfather. He was living at 77 Broome St. NYC as per the 1880 census. He came to the US from Bavaria approx 1852 and I first found him in Michigan in the 1860 census. The 1880 census lists his occupation as cigar mfgr.

There were not that many Schuessler surnames to be found in NYC back then and the addresses are in close proximity.

Dorothy, February 2005

He was born Oct 1822 and came to this country from Bavaria approx 1852. He married Amelia Hulsmeister (also Bavaria) approx 1853. She was born Aug 1828 and they had 4 daughters:

  1. Amelia b. approx 1856 New York
  2. Josephine b. approx 1857 Michigan
  3. Mary b. approx 1858 Michigan d. 1-13-1913 (my great grandmother)
  4. F. Louisa b. approx 1867 Michigan
It appears that they came first to NY and then to Kinderhook, Michigan where I first found them in the 1860 census. The name was spelled Scheesler in that census and Peter's occupation was listed as farmer with real estate val. $2000.

I found them again in 1880 living at 77 Broome St. NYC with Peter's occupation listed as cigar mfgr. Still living with them were their daughters Amelia (dressmaker) and F. Louisa (at school). Also listed was Fred Schaeffer b. NY, age 23, cigar maker and his wife, Josephine age 23 b. Michigan (apparently Peter and Amelia's daughter now married). Their other daughter, Mary (my great grandmother) was married to Edward Brennan from Ireland on 5-25-1879 and living at 40 Sheriff St. NYC.

I again found Peter and Amelia in the 1900 census now living at 69 Wythe Ave, Brooklyn, NY. Peter, now age 78 lists his occupation as "dining saloon". Peter could read, write and speak English. Amelia could read and speak English.

Dorothy, February 2006

1884-85 New York City Directory

Goehle, Peter, butcher h 63 Columbia

1888 New York City Directory

Goehle, Peter, clerk, 63 Columbia

Death of Catherine Christ Goehle, 1888

On October 9, 1888 at 63 Columbia Street around 1:30 P.M. Catherine Goehle (senior) died of acute post partum hemorrhage. She was 34 years old and this was her 10th childbirth. She was buried with her stillborn infant at the Lutheran Cemetery on October 11, 1888.

Buried in the same grave are:

  • Frank Goehle, age 1 year 10 months, 27 days, place of death 80 Pitt Street, interred September 10, 1880
  • Frances Goehle, age 2 months, place of death 63 Columbia Street, NYC, interred July 14, 1883
  • John J. Perdue, age 1 month, 6 days, place of death Babylon, Suffolk County, NY, interred July 19, 1969. Note: Perdue is a name connected to George Peter Goehle the son of Peter Goehle Jr. See Peter Jr.

Information taken from the interment records of the Lutheran Cemetery and the death certificates of Catherine, Frank, and Frances Goehle.

The Tombstone of Catherine Christ Goehle, Frank Goehle, Frances Goehle, and John Perdue is modern and I assume erected about the time of the death of John Perdue in 1969.

Second Marriage of Peter Goehle

A little over three months after Catherine's death, on January 28 1889, Peter Goehle, of 63 Columbia Street City, age at next birthday, 37, occupation, butcher, place of birth, Herrnsheim, Hessen-Darmstadt, father, Franz Goehle, mother, Louse Harbauer, number of groom's marriages, 2, married Wilhelmine Lindemann, 90 Cannon Street, City, age at next birthday, 26, place of birth, New York City, father, Julius Lindemann, mother, Catherine First, number of bride's marriages, 1.

The witnesses were Charles Beyerkohler and Lorenz Harbauer. The minister was Conrad Doench, clergyman, at 64 Pitt Street. (New York City marriage license)

Conrad Doench was the minister at the Second German Presbyterian Church at 435 Houston Street from 1899-1900. I do not know where he was in 1889.

Church Record:

  • Second German Presbyterian Church January 28 1889 Peter Goehle 37, Hernsheim Darmst Father: Franz Goehle Mother: Louise Harbauer to Wilhelmine Lindermann age 26, New York City Father: Julius Lindermann Mother Catherine First witnesses Lorenze Haubauer and Charles Beyerkohler

  • Peter's mother's maiden name was Harbauer. Was Lorenz Harbauer a relative? I can't find Lorenz Harbauer in the 1870, 1880, or 1900 censuses in New York. He was listed in the NYC directory in 1873-78 see below.

Children of Minnie and Peter

  1. Wilhelmine (AKA Minnie & Winifred) (1889-1969) and James Manion

    Birth: Wilhelmine Goehle was born in NYC on December 15, 1889 at 145 Norfolk St (Certificate of Birth, State of New York, 37295, 1889).

    Church Record:

    Dutch Reform Church - Wilhelmine Goehle Birth Date: 15 Dec 1889 Baptism Date: 5 Jan 1890 Baptism Place: Manhattan, New York, USA Church: East 68th Street Church Father: Peter Goehle Mother: Wilhelmine Lindemann sponsors, cannot read and Katherine Beyerkohler

    James Manion: Born July 26, 1892 in Amsterdam, Montgomery Co., New York. Listed in the 1910 census on Main Street Amsterdam, Helen Ralligan, head age 57, widow, 5 children 1 still living, born New York, keeper boarding house, John B Manion, son age 34, widower (?), brick, Anna, Mc Dade, sister age 48 widow, 3 children 1 still living, knitting mill, James Manion, nephew, age 18 New York, brick, father born New York, mother born Scotland, and three boarders,

    Marriage: James Manion to Winfred Goehle James Manion, resident of Amsterdam, NY, age 23, born Amsterdam, N. Y., bricklayer, father William born USA mother Catherine Colgan born Scotland, Winfred Goehle age 26, examiner in Bindery, residence Amsterdam N. Y. born New York City, father, Peter Goehle, born Germany, mother Wilhelmina "Lindman" born USA date of marriage May 29 1916 Albany New York J. A. Franklin, priest witnesses Mrs. Geo. Rogers and Helen Weaver 1st marriage for both - New York State Marriages.


    • Peggie Goehle Edgar said that her mother, Isabel Walsh Goehle, said that Minnie was married in a cathedral by a bishop. The Cathedral of the immaculate Conception is in Albany.

      In Nov 2005 Peggie said that James Manion was

      • Irish Catholic
      • Served in "both wars" (WWI & WWII)
      • Worked in the dumps
    Children: According to the 1920 Federal and 1925 New York State Censuses

    1. John born March 21, 1917 (SSDI)

      1937: Mrs Elvera Manion Gender: Female Residence Year: 1937 Street address: 422 E 3d Residence Place: Long Beach, California, USA Publication Title: Long Beach, California, City Directory, 1937

      1940: Long beach California, Manion, John born New York, mechanic, US Navy, Elvera, wife, Marilu age 2 born California,

      Death: September 3, 1997, 96708, Haiku Maui, Hawaii #076-22-4122, NY.

      John Bernard Manion [John B Manion] SSN: 076224122 Gender: Male Race: White Birth Date: 21 Mar 1917 Birth Place: Amsterdam, New York Father Name: James Manion Mother Name: Winifred Gohle Death Date: 3 Sep 1997 Type of Claim: Original SSN. Notes: Jun 1944: Name listed as JOHN BERNARD MANION; 10 Sep 1997: Name listed as JOHN B MANION

      John Manion Sr. Kahului, Hawaii Memorial wake for John B. Manion Sr., 80, will be from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. Saturday at the Woman's Club in Spokane. Borthwick Mortuary in Wailuku, Hawaii, was in charge of the arrangements. Mr. Manion, who was born in Amsterdam, N.Y., died Sept. 3. He served in the Navy during World War II and attained the rank of boiler chief. After he left the Navy he moved to Bellingham and married Julie Diehl. They later moved to Spokane, where he worked as a maintenance engineer for Sacred Heart Hospital, Cooper George and Dairygold. Mr. Manion later worked for Fred Meyer as a maintenance engineer and became head of the department at the main distribution center in Klakamas, Oregon. A long-time Spokane resident, Mr. Manion retired in 1986 and they moved to Maui, Hawaii. Survivors include his wife; three sons, Robert Manion of Bothell, Wash., and James and John Manion, both of Spokane; six daughters, Marilee Manion, Elizabeth Manion and Tina D'Auria, all of Spokane, Freddie Scalzo of San Juan Capistrano, Calif., Trina Shepherd of Paia, Hawaii, and Veena Wardlow of Huelo, Hawaii; two sisters, Margaret and Catherine Dixon both of New York; 20 grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.
    2. Catherine Manion and James E Dixson

      Birth: Catherine circa 1918

      Marriage: James E Dixson -Catherine Manion Gender: Female Marriage Date: 30 Jan 1938 Marriage Place: St. James, New York, USA Spouse: James Dixson Certificate Number: 2194


      1. Catherine Dixson, born circa 1938, married Warren C Hubbs, died at age 66 in 2004, per Warren Chuck Hubbs March 2009
      2. Roger Michael to James E and Catherine M. Manion Dixson May 31, 1949, St James

      "My grand parents lived and raised 7 kids on the same property in St. James on 6th St. until they sold it in the mid 90's and moved upstate." Margaret De Lorenzo, May 2008

      Catherine Dixson BIRTH: 3 Jun 1918 DEATH: 19 Oct 1997 - Liberty, Sullivan, New York, United States of America CIVIL: New York OTHER: Liberty, Sullivan, New York, United States of America

      James E. Dixson BIRTH: 12 Apr 1917 DEATH: 21 Mar 1996 - Liberty, Sullivan, New York, United States of America CIVIL: New York

      1997: Catherine Ellen Manion - [Catherine Dixson] - SSN: 094059581 Birth Date: 3 Jun 1918 - Birth Place: Brooklyn, New York - Father Name: James A Manion - Mother Name: Winifred Goehle - Death Date: 19 Oct 1997 Type of Claim: Original SSN. Notes: Dec 1936: Name listed as CATHERINE ELLEN MANION; Sep 1948: Name listed as CATHERINE DIXSON

    3. Margaret Manion and William Dixson
      Birth: Margaret 5 July 1922 (SSDI)
      Marriage: William Dixson
      1. William died circa 2003, per Warren Chuck Hubbs March 2009
      2. John per Warren Chuck Hubbs March 2009

        John Leonard to Willaim D and Margaret Manion Dixson of St James Sept 26, 1942

      1940 Census: Smithtown, Hauppauge Road, Dixson, William age 26 painter, Margaret age 17, Willaim age 9 months,

      Death: 31 May 2003

    "Margaret Manion Dixson and William Dixson were sister to Catherine and brother to James", Warren Chuck Hubbs March 2009

    James Manion Draft Registration: James Manion, age 24, 60 Academy St Amsterdam, New York, born July 26, 1892, natural born, in Amsterdam, NY, USA, bricklayer, not employed, married, not supporting, white, Private 14th infantry 3 years, height, medium, weight, medium, eyes light blue, hair light brown, May 29, 1917, Amsterdam New York.

    WWI Service: Manion, James, Serial NO. 1,336,933 residence 60 Academy st Amsterdam, New York - Enlisted in NA at Kelly Field Tex. Jan 15/18 - born in Amerstam New York, 25 6/12 yrs - Organizations 8 Cons Co A S to disch - Grades - sgt 1 Cl Feb 13/18 - wounds none - served overseas Mch 16/18 to Dec 11/18 - Hon Disch Ded 21/18

    1920 Federal Census: Winifred was listed in the 1920 census with her mother, Minnie, her two children, John and Catherine, and her siblings, Frank and Rose, see below.

  2. 1925 New York State Census in Smithtown, Long Island:

    1. James Manion, head, age 35, born in US, bricklayer
    2. Winifred, wife, age 35, born in US
    3. John, age 8, son, born in US
    4. Catherine, daughter, age 7, born in US
    5. Margaret, daughter, age 3, born in US
    6. Joseph Kurly, boarder, age 27, born in US, labourer
    7. Geor-- K J--utrey, boarder, age 70, born in US, blacksmith
    8. John Wara, boarder, age 38, born in US, carpenter

    They appear to have been the first Goehles to move to the area. Winifred's half sister, Marie, was listed in Smithtown in the 1930 census.

    1930 Census: The were listed in the 1930 Federal Census in Smithtown, see below.

    1940: Moriches Road Winifred Manion St James Smithtown, cook for Robert and Virginia Malone, Robert age 42, born Alabama $13,000 artist free lance, Virginia wife age 42, born Illinois, Manion, Winifred, cook, private, age 43 born New York, plus a maid

    Note: Robert J Malone was a writer and cartoonist- a Smithtown superviser in 1944 and a editor and publisher of the Smithtown News.

    1942: WWII Draft Registration - James Aloysius Manion 6th Ave. and third st, St James, age 49, born Amsterdam NY, July 26, 1892, wife Winifred Manion employer Morris Bulger Dis Co, 256 E 45th st NYC 5 ft 7 inches, 168 pounds, gray hair, gray eyes, ruddy completion - tattoos, anchor left hand, face r[ight] arm

    World War II: Daily News 07 March 1943 and Brooklyn Eagle March 05, 1943


    After a five year seperation, James Manion, who has been seeing the world and his second war in the U. S. Navy, and his only son, John, crewman on an American submarine, were brought together recently by nurses in the Naval Hospital at Oakland , Calif, where both were patients."

    Both Manions were on active duty in the Southern Pacific but in different naval units when they were injured in a battle in the South Pacific theater. The were both "invalided" States side. Seeing the common surnames on the hospital's lists nurses pursued the matter and brought father and son together.

    The James Manion had served in the U. S. Army Air Corps in France during WWI and had reached the rank of sergeant. In June 1943 he enlisted in the Navy. He was a first class petty officer.

    John Manion, at age 25, was an eight year veteran of the Navy was a chief Machinist's mate making emergency repairs to submarine engines under hazardous conditions.

    The extent of their injuries was not disclosed.

    The elder Manion wrote to his wife, in on 6h Ave., St. James and told of the reunion.

    Death of James Manion - 1963: James Alouyius Manion Veteran's Rank: CM2 Branch: US Navy Last known address: 2040 Wellwood Avenue Farmingdale , NY 11735-1211 Birth Date: 26 Jul 1892 Death Date: 10 Apr 1963 Veteran Service Start Date: 26 Jun 1942 Veteran Service End Date: 22 Apr 1943 Interment Date: 15 Apr 1963 Cemetery: Long Island National Cemetery Buried At: Section 2h Site 2533

    Death of Winifred Manion - 1969: Winifred Manion, Veteran's Rank: CM2, Branch: US Navy Relation Name: James Alouyius Manion Relationship: Wife Last known address: 2040 Wellwood Avenue Farmingdale , NY 11735-1211 Birth Date: 15 Dec 1889 Death Date: 29 Dec 1969 Interment Date: 2 Jan 1970 Cemetery: Long Island National Cemetery Buried At: Section 2h Site 2533

  3. Frances (Francisca) Goehle (1891-1959) and Charles Cruickshank

    Birth: Francisca Goehle born May 26, 1891, 88 Sheriff Street, father, Peter Goehle, age 39, born Germany, butcher, mother, Wilhelmina Lindemann, age 29, born in US, 2nd of 2 children, both living (NYC 1899 certificate #18073). She was most likely named after her paternal grandfather.

    Marriage: Frances Goehle Marriage Date: 1912 Marriage Place: New Jersey, USA Spouse: Char Cruickshank NJ Index

    Charles Cruickshank:

    • Birth: Charles J. Cruickshank 08 Jun 1893 20561 Births Reported in June, 1893 NYC
    • 1900 Census: Manhattan Ave, Kings co. NYC, Brooklyn: (can't read) Crouickshank, born Dec 1864, age 35, married 8 years, something polisher, Teresa wife Aug 1860, age 39, 2 children 1 still living, Charles son Jun 1893, age 6, Margaret Mitchell, mother in Law, born May 1848, age 52 widow, 7 children 3 still living. All born New York. The ladies with Irish parentage.
    • 1910 Census: Brooklyn, Ward 18, can't read street, Cruickshank, Frank J, head, age 45 married 1st, 14 years, brass polisher, Helen, F wife, married 2nd, 15 years, 7 children 6 living, Charles son age 17, printer, Bernard son, age 9, Hugh son age 7 Ellen daughter age 6 Francis, son age 3, Mildred age 5 months

    1. Ellen circa 1914
    2. James 1916

      WWII: ames Nicholas Cruickshank Age: 24, Birth Date: 18 Dec 1916, Birth Place: Manhattan, New York, USA, Residence Place: San Francisco, California, USA, Registration Date: 11 Jul 1941, Registration Place: San Francisco, California, USA, Weight: 162, Complexion: Ruddy, Eye Color: Blue, Hair Color: Brown, Height: 5 9, Next of Kin: Charles Joseph Cruickshank James Nicholas Cruickshank Self (Head) Charles Joseph Cruickshank Father

      Death: James Nicholas Cruickshank, Veteran's Rank: SF1, Branch: US Navy, Last known address: 2040 Wellwood Avenue Farmingdale , NY 11735-1211, Birth Date: 18 Dec 1916 Death Date: 31 Oct 1951, Veteran Service Start Date: 13 Jul 1942, Veteran Service End Date: 16 Jul 1945 Interment Date: 5 Nov 1951
      James Nicholas dob 12/18/1916 death 10/31/1951 section O site 36636 US Navy SF 1 WWII
      Cruickshank, Margaret dob 10/02/1924 dod 07/08/1996 wife of James Nicholas

    3. Francis circa 1920 listed in the 1925 and 1930 census
    4. Charlotte Josephine Cruickshank [Charlotte J Konitzer] SSN: 120142933 Birth Date: 18 May 1923 Birth Place: Mineoloa Nas, New York [Mineola Nassau, New York] Father Name: Charles J Cruickshank Mother Name: Frances Goehle Death Date: 20 Feb 2002 Type of Claim: Original SSN. Notes: Jan 1942: Name listed as CHARLOTTE JOSEPHINE CRUICKSHANK; 15 Dec 1974: Name listed as CHARLOTTE J KONITZER

    1917-18 Draft Registration: Charles Joseph Cruickshank, 1249 State NY, born June 8, 1890, natural born, New York City, US, pressman, employed in Magna Co, Schenectady, NY, wife and 2 children, married, white, dependants, tall and slender blue eyes and black hair.

    1920 Census: Ridgewood, Queens, Madison Street, Charles Cruickshank, head, age 26, printer, Frances, wife age 26, Ellen daughter age 6 James son age 9 (?). All born New York

    1925: Charles Crunekskonk 32, printer, Francis Crunekskonk 32, Ella Crunekskonk 11, James Crunekskonk 08, Francis Crunekskonk 05, Carlotte Crunekskonk 02

    1930 Census: Hempstead, Nassau Charles Cruikkshark 37, printer, printing co., Frances Cruikkshark 37 Ellen Cruikkshark 17 James Cruikkshark 14 Francis Cruikkshark 10 Charlotte Cruikkshark 7

    1940: Van Wyke Blv, Queens, Charles Cruickshank 46, printer, art shop. Frances Cruickshank 49 Francis Cruickshank 19, daughter, stenographer, Charlotte Cruickshank 16

    Social Security Death Index: Charles Cruickshank, Birth: 8 Jun 1893, Death: Oct 1967 - Utica, Oneida, New York, United States of America

    Social Security: Frances Cruickshank Gender: Female Spouse: Charles Cruickshank Child: Ellen Cruickshank Hannafin

    Death: Frances Cruickshank Gender: Female Age: 68 Birth Date: abt 1891 Residence Place: Angle Sea, Nassau, New York, USA Death Date: 13 Jul 1959 Death Place: New York, USA Certificate Number: 52606

    Further Records: Peggie Edgar said that one or the other of them died in Kings Park Hospital.

  4. Frank Goehle and Isabell Walsh

    Birth: Frank Goehle was born on March 6, 1894 at 88 Sheriff St. (Certificate of Birth, 12013, State of New York, 12013).

    Further Records: Click on photo for more information about Frank Goehle.

  5. Margaret Goehle (1897 - 1980) and Joseph Muntyan

    Birth: Margaret Goehle was born on April 23, 1897 at 374 E 4th St (Certificate of Birth State of New York 18426, 1897).

    Marriage: Margaret Goehle married Joseph Muntyan on May 26, 1917. Margaret was living at 526 E. 85th Street, NYC. The witnesses were Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Sehlbrede. The minister was G. E. Sehlbrede, minister of the Gospel at 737 6th Street NYC. This church is still active.

    1917-18 Draft Registration: Joseph Muntyan, 306, East 90th Street, NY, born January 29, 1897, Arad Hungary, father's birthplace, Servia, employer, NY RR Company, 99th St and Lexington Ave. relative, father and mother and wife, wife 815, --- St Brooklyn, can't read height and weight, Gray eyes and light brown hair. June 15, 1918.

    Children: Margaret Goehle and Joseph Muntyan had at least three children:

    1. Margaret c 1919, married _________ Osmer after 1940

      Frank Goehle received a letter from his niece, Margaret Muntyan Osmer, in December of 1984. Her address at the time was 117-48 238 St. Elmont, New York, 11003. She mentions that she had talked to Augie Bartels, who told her of aunt Rose's passing in September. She also mentioned that her own husband had died on 12/10/83. She said that she had one son. She did not mention his name, but said that he had two daughters, ages 4 and 1 and a half. She mentioned that they didn't live too far away from her. She also asked if Frank ever heard from Margaret and Catherine. Elmont is near Hempstead in Nassau County, Long Island.

      In 1937 "Margie" Muntyan took her father, Joseph Muntyan to court because he wanted to impost an early curfew on her. Margie "hailed her father into court". The judge ruled: a girl could smoke a cigarette, meet her boyfriend outside her home, and "That late houes have nothing to do with the moral situation and that young people just start enjoying themselves at 11 p.m."

      The story was covered by several local papers and the press seemed to get a big kick out of it. One reported interviewed "Mrs." Muntyan at her home. She says she married at 19, and "Mr." Muntyan used to call on her at her parents home. In 1940 Margie Muntyan age 2- of Woodhaven, (can't read address), cashier, 5 ft. 5 inches, 130 pounds, entered a contest for 1940 Miss Queens at the Worlds Fair.

      1999: Margaret Charlotte Muntyan - [Margaret Carrol Muntyan] - [Margaret Osmers] - SSN: 130059360 - Birth Date: 22 Apr 1918 - Birth Place: New York City, New York - Father Name: Joseph Muntyan - Mother Name: Margaret Goehle - Death Date: 26 Jun 1999 - Type of Claim: Original SSN. - Notes: Feb 1938: Name listed as MARGARET CHARLOTTE MUNTYAN; Feb 1946: Name listed as MARGARET CARROL MUNTYAN; Oct 1948: Name listed as MARGARET C OSMERS

    2. Joseph 1923

    3. William - Bill circa 1926

      Gay Moran, the granddaughter of Rose Goehle, (see below) emailed me in December 2002 and said

      " I also know that Aunt Margaret Muntyan (pronounced munchen in German) had one son, Bill, who was my godfather. I have a picture of him and one of Aunt Margaret and Uncle Joe with my grandparents and great-grandmother Bartels. Bill had two daughters, one was Terry and the other was Merrily. "

      WILLIAM MUNTYAN, 23 May 1926, 29 Jul 2002 (V), 74145 (Tulsa, Tulsa, OK), 083-20-7849, New York

      William Muntyan of 7021 Sixty-fifth Place, Glendale entered a Class B Post-Chevrolet Soap Box Derby in July 1938. New York Post Wednesday July 20, 1938.

    1925: 82nd street ED 8, AD 16, Joseph Muntyan 28, born Austria, chauffer, Margaret Muntyan 27, Margaret Muntyan 06, Joseph Muntyan 02, Minnie Goehle, 64, mother in law. Listed as "Gackle" by ancestry.

    1940 Census: New York, Queens, New York 78 Street, Joseph Muntyan 43, Margaret Muntyan 42 Margaret Muntyan 21 Joseph Muntyan 17 William Muntyan 14

    WWII Dr: Joseph Muntyan, 72-59 61st St. Glendale, Queens, NY age 46, born Arad Hungary, wife Margaret Muntyan, employer, Andrew Geller 735 Lorimer St. Brooklyn

    Death: Margaret Muntyan born April 23, 1897, died April 1980, 11379 Middle Village, Queens, SS#104-28-2848


    Immigration: S. S. Leeland from Antwerp, July 2, 1904 Muntyan, Danielus????, age 25, Joseph age 6, Barbara age 4, Paula age 2, rickets, all born Arad, Hungary to father husband, Daniel in Wilmington, Del.

    Naturalization: Daniel Muntyan, Birth Location: Hungary, Naturalization Date: 7 Jul 1904, Naturalization Record Type: Declaration of Intention, Court Type: Superior Court, Court Location: New Castle,

    1910 Census: Wilmington, Del, Daniel Munyan 39, cabinet shop, Rudolphine Munyan 34, Joseph Munyan 14, Barbara Munyan 12, Pauline Munyan 9

    1920: Daniel Muntyan 49, business agt, carpenters union, Rudolfine Muntyan 44, Joseph Muntyan 23, married, chauffer, Pauline Muntyan 18, Margaret Muntyan 1 grand daughter, [1 2/12]. Where is Margaret Goehle Muntyan?

    Margaret (Margie) Muntyan and Margaret Goehle Muntyan, Daily News February 28, 1937

    Joseph Muntyan, Daily News February 28, 1937

  7. Lena (AKA Rose) and August Bartels

    Birth: "Lena" Goehle was born on October 22, 1899 at the Lying In Hospital (Certificate of Birth 39978 State of New York 1899). The family was living at 709 East 12th Street. She is listed as the 5th of 5 children. On this certificate her father is listed as Max. This is the only case of his being listed as anything except, Peter.

    Marriage: Rose Goehle married August Bartels on June 17, 1922. Her address was listed as 1272 3rd Avenue. The witnesses were Marion Fitzimons and Edward Hayes. The marriage was performed at Christ Pres. Church by Theodore Havage, minister, residence 1 W. 64th Street.

    August Bartels was born on May 28, 1899 and died in February 1974 in Farmingdale, New York SS#068-03-5817.


    1. August E. Bartels, born, 16 Dec 1927

      Death: 31 Dec 1985 New York, 104-20-3602 (SSDI)

      August Edward Bartels [August E Bartels] SSN: 104203602 Gender: Male Race: White Birth Date: 16 Dec 1927 Birth Place: New York Que, New York Father Name: August Bartels Mother Name: Rose L Goehle Death Date: 31 Dec 1985 Death Certificate Number: 095316 Type of Claim: Original SSN. Notes: Jun 1943: Name listed as AUGUST EDWARD BARTELS; 05 Feb 1997: Name listed as AUGUST E BARTELS

    1925: August Bartels 27 Rose Bartels 25

    1930 Census:

    August Bartels and family were listed in the 1930 census in Queens (I cannot read the address) as follows:

    1. August Bartels, Renting $40, radio, age 30, married at 23, born in NY, parents German, manager Grocery
    2. Rose, age 30, married at 22, born New York
    3. August E, son, age 2 1/12

    1940: Great Neck, Nassau, New York Franklin Place August Bartels 41 Rose Bartels 40 August J Bartels 12

    Death: Rose Bartels born October 22, 1899 died September 1984, 11735 Farmingdale, Nassau, New York, SS#104-28-8231

    Further Records:

    There were lots of Bartels listed in the 1910 census in New York.

    1900 Census Bartels: 1900 Census Manhattan August Bartels born November 1868, Germany, age 31, Louisa Bartels wife, born Mar 1871 Germany, grocer, first marriage, one child, August son born May 1899 New York

  • It is interesting that Peter tried through two marriages to name a child after his father. He went so far as naming two of his daughters, Frances, and two of his sons, Frank. Yet neither of his wives named children after their fathers. Minnie obviously could not name a daughter after her mother because there was already a child in the family named Catherine. It would be interesting to know if Margaret and Lena (Rosa) were named after family members.

Peter in the 1890 NYC Directory

Peter Goehle was listed in the 1890 New York City directory at 145 Norfolk Street.

Peter Goehle and Family In the 1890 Police Census in NYC

A federal census was taken every ten years. Unfortunately, the 1890 federal census burned before it could be microfilmed. Fortunately, there was a "Police" census done in NYC in 1890.

The police census of 1890 lists everyone, by name and age, living at a given address. This census lists 88 people living at 88 Sheriff Street. They include Peter Goehle and his family as follows; Peter, age 39, Minnie, age 29, Peter, Jr., age 5, Clare, age 3, Katie, age 9, Luisa, age 10, Lizzie, age 14, Minnie, age 1, and Katherine Lindemann, age 60.


  • Mary was not listed. This must have been a clerical error as she shows up again in the 1900 census.
  • Lizzie must be Elize.

Death of Minnie Goehle's Mother, Catherine Furst Schwartzmeier Lindemann

Minnie's mother, Catherine, died on the 19th of February, 1892 at 88 Sheriff Street.

It would seem, that at the time of her death, Catherine was living with Minnie and Peter. See Catherine Furst Schwartzmeier Lindemann

Minnie's Plight

Catherine Furst was widowed for the first time sometime before 1863 leaving her, I believe, with her young daughter, Minnie. Catherine married for a second time in 1863. She was widowed for the second time in 1867 when Minnie was about five years old and her sister, Kate, was about two years old. Catherine, supported her daughters by working as a seamstress.

Minnie married Peter Goehle in January 28, 1889, when she was twenty six years old. Minnie had not been married before. Given the average age at first marriages in the German American community in the late 1880's, she was a bit of an old maid. Her younger sister, Kate, had married in May of 1888 at age 22. Peter's first wife, Catherine, had only been dead about three months when Minnie and Peter were married. In addition, he had six orphaned children ranging in age from two to thirteen from his first marriage.

It is clear what Peter gained when he married Minnie. What was the advantage to Minnie? She could hardly have married for love. What kind of a courtship do you have with someone who was only widowed for three months and had a slew of young kids? It does not appear that Peter was "rich", so it doesn't appear she married for money. Why didn't Minnie marry someone closer to her own age and without all the baggage? According to Justine Land Leler, Agnes Goehle Land told her that Minnie Lindemann was the Goehle's housekeeper.

Eleven months after she married, Minnie has her first child. Seventeen months later she had another child. Nine months after the birth of her second child, her 62 year old mother, Catherine, who was living with them, died from edema of the lungs and kidney failure. I would appear that Catherine had not been well for some time. To add more stress to the situation, from the time Minnie was married until the time her mother died in 1892, the family moved at least two times.

To this one must add the rigors of tenement life in a small, cold water flat. See New York City Pictures and New York City Tenement Life now or at the bottom of the page.

Peter Goehle, Occupation, From New York City Directories

1879, Goehle Peter butcher h. 80 Pitt

1882, Goehle, Peter, clerk, h 73 Broome Street

1882-1883, Peter Goehle, butcher h 63 Columbia Street

1884-1885, Goehle, Peter, butcher h 63 Columbia

1888, Goehle, Peter clerk, h 63 Columbia

1894, Goehle, Peter butcher, h 88 Sheriff

1896-1897, Goehe, Peter, butcher h 374 E 4th

1897-1898, Goehle, Peter, butcher, h 374 E4th

1898-1899, Goehle, Peter, clerk, h 738 E 9th

1899, Goehle, Peter, 738 E. 9th Street butcher.

1916, Goehle, Peter, meatetr h 85 E End Ave

1917, Goehle, Peter, janitor 85 E End Av.

The Goehles in the 1900 census

The census of 1900 lists the Goehle family living at 236 East 14 Street:

  • Peter, head of household, born September 1852, age 47, married for 16 years, born in Germany, parents born in Germany, year of immigration 1880, resident of the USA for 20 years, occupation, provision dealer
  • Minnie, wife, born, September 1860, age 39, married for 16 years, number of children, 8, number of children still living, 8, born in New York, parents born in German
  • Peter, son, born, April 1885, age, 15, born in New York, occupation, errand boy
  • Mary, daughter, born April 1885, age 15, born in New York, occupation, dressmaking
  • Clara, daughter, born, July 1886, age 14, born in New York, occupation, dressmaking
  • Minnie, daughter, born, December 1889, age 10, born in New York, at school
  • Frances, daughter, born May 1891, age 9, born in New York, at school
  • Frank, son, born April 1894, age, 6, born in New York, at school
  • Margaret, daughter, age 3, born April 1897 in New York
  • Rosa, daughter, age 7 months, born October 1899 in New York

There are several discrepancies with this census:

  • Peter, Jr. and Mary were born in June, not April
  • Clara was born in March, not July
  • Frank was born in March, not April
  • Minnie and Peter were not married for 16 years, only 11 years
  • Peter immigrated in 1873,
  • not 1880
  • The question on the census for number of children reads "Mother of how many children?" Minnie did not have eight children, she had five. It is true that there are still eight children living at home, but only Minnie, Francis, Frank, Margaret and Rosa were the children of Minnie. The other children were the children of Catherine Christ.

These types of discrepancies are common in censuses.

The Goehles in the 1905 census

Name misspelled "Gochle"

510 E. 16th street, Peter Gochle 53, born Germany, butcher, Minnie Gochle 43, Peter Gochle 19, can't read occupation, Minnie Gochle 15, sales packer, Francis Gochle 14, Frank Gochle 11, Maggie Gochle 8, Rossie Gochle 5, All except Peter born in the United States

Peter Goehle and Family in the 1910 Federal Census in New York

Peter Goehle and Family were listed in the 1910 Federal Census at 422 E 75th Street in NYC as follows:

  • Peter, head, age 58, married, 2nd, 21 years, born in Germany, immigrated in 1873, naturalized, butcher store
  • Minnie, wife, age 48, born NYC, married 21 years, 5 children, 5 still living, washerwoman, working out of OH (own home)
  • Minnie, daughter, age 20, single, born NYC, bookbinder, bookbindery
  • Frances, daughter, age 18, single, born NYC, bookbinder, bookbindery
  • Frank, son, age 16, single, born NYC, bookbinder, bookbindery
  • Margaret, daughter, age 12, born NYC, no occupation
  • Rose, daughter, age 11, born NYC, no occupation

Peter Goehle and Family in the 1915 New York State Census

Peter Goehle and his family were listed at 85 East End Avenue (AD22, ED 5, page 35) in the 1915 New York State Census as follows:

  • Peter, head, age 63, born in Germany, in US 42 years, citizen, janitor
  • Minnie, wife, age 52, born in US, housework
  • Minnie, daughter, age 25, born in US, bookbinder
  • Frank, son, age 25, born in US, tailor
  • Margaret, daughter, age 18, born in US, bookbinder
  • Rose, daughter, age 15, born in US, no occupation
There were nine families living in the building. Other occupations of the heads of household were: Electrician, Druggist, porter, letter carrier, baker, carpenter, and peerman.

Peter Goehle and sons in the 1915 Directory

Peter Goehle and his sons, Peter and Frank were listed in the 1915 New York City Directory as follows:

  1. Goehle, Francis, printer, R 85 E End Ave
  2. Peter, lab, 85 E End Ave
  3. Peter, lab, h 1608 1st Ave

Death of Peter Goehle

On January 17, 1917 Peter, Sr. died of Broncho-Pneumonia at 85 East-End Avenue. He was buried in the Lutheran Cemetery on January 20, 1917. (Death Certificate of Peter Goehle) He was almost 65 at the time of his death.

According to the interment records of the Lutheran Cemetery, Peter Goehle, Catherine "Lentermann" and Wilhemina Goehle were buried in the same grave:

  • Catherine "Lentermann", was Peter's mother-in-law who died in 1892
  • "Wilhemina", was his second wife, who died on Long Island in 1944


  • The Lutheran Cemetery is located in Middle Village, Queens. There are no markers on any of the Goehle graves, except that of Catherine Goehle, Senior. The grave stone is modern and simple says "Goehle".
  • There are only three deaths listed for Goehle in NYC from 1891 to 1945:
    1. Goehle, John, 8 y, July, 27, 1900, 875, Richmond. Not related.
    2. Goehle, Paul, 2 m, Feb, 14, 1935, 3903, Manhattan. Son of Frank and Isabelle
    3. Goehle, Peter, 64 y, Jan, 17, 1917, 2355, Manhattan


Except for the address at Peter Goehle's death, all the above address are on the Lower East Side in what was known as "Kleindeutchland" (Little Germany). Kleindeutchland included the area east of the Bowery, north of Division Street and south of 14th along the East River. The German immigrants started settling in the area in the 1840's and by 1875 this area was over 64% German. (Later the German population moved up to Yorkville: 83rd to 89th on the East Side). Kleindeutchland was filled with German beer halls and beer Gardens, where families drank beer, listened to accordion music and danced. There were German newspapers, grocery stores, schools, libraries and theaters, etc.. Kleindeutchland was the cultural center for hundreds of thousands of German Americans for several generations.

The Goehle Family in The 1920 Federal Census

The 1920 census lists the family of Minnie Goehle at 439 E 82nd Street:

  • Minnie, head of family, age 57, widowed, no occupation
  • Frank, son, age 25, single, occupation, shipping clerk
  • Rose, daughter, age 21, single, occupation, operator of bindery machine
  • Winifred Manion, age 29, married, (no husband is listed), occupation, examiner in a bindery
  • John Manion, grandson, age two and eight months
  • Catherine, granddaughter, age 1 year and 4 months

The Goehle Family in The 1930 Federal Census

Peter Goehle and Frank Goehle were not listed in the 1930 Federal Census.

Minnie Goehle Manion and her husband, James Manion, were listed in the 1930 Federal Census in Smithtown on 6th Avenue in St James (no street number) T626, Roll 1653, Page 17 B, ED112, as follows:

  1. James, Manion, head, own, $3,000, radio, age 38, married at 34, born NY, father born Germany, mother born, Scotland, bricklayer, houses vet
  2. Winifred, wife, age 40, married at age 26, born NY
  3. John, son, age 13, born NY
  4. Catherine, daughter, age 11, born NY
  5. Margaret daughter, age 7, born NY

Minnie Goehle in St. James

Minnie Goehle lived at 6h Avenue and 2nd street in St. James from at least 1938 until her death in 1944. She was mentioned numerous times in the Smithtown social pages as Mrs. Minnie Goehle of 6th ave, St. James, frequently in connection with visits to her daughter Mrs. James Manion.

In December 1939 Mr. and Mrs. James Dixon were living with Minnie on 6th avenue in St. James. Catherine Manion born in 1918 was the wife of James Dixson. She was Minnie's granddaughter.

Death of Minnie Goehle

Wilhelmina Goehle, widow of Peter Goehle, age 82 years, 4 months, and 2 days died on January 29, 1944 in the town of Brookhaven, Village of Yaphank, Suffolk County, Long Island, cause of death, lobar pneumonia, due to influenza, other condition, senility. Her death certificate lists her usual residence as 6th Avenue and 2nd Street, Village of St. James, Town of Smithtown, date of birth, September 8, 1861 , place of birth, New York, father's name Schwartzmann, mother's name, unknown, person providing the information, Richard Gilmartin of Yaphank, New York, undertaker, C. B. Darling. Minnie was interred on February 1, 1944 at the Lutheran Cemetery in the same grave as Peter Goehle, her husband, and Catherine "Lentermann" (Lindermann), her mother.

Note: Richard Gilmartin was the town clerk of East Hampton in 1940.

January 14, 1944 Mrs. "Winifred" Goehle was ill with pneumonia at the Yaphank hospital. She was visited by Mrs. Mary Perschbach, Mr. and Mrs. William Dixon, and Mrs. Winifred Manion.

Obit: February 4, 1944 - Mrs. Wilhelmina Goehle of St. James, age 82, died after a lingering illness.

"Having been born in Brooklyn September 1861"
"While residing in St. James she lived with her daughter Mrs. James Manion. Services were held at the Sts. Philip and James R. C." She was buried in the lutheran cemetery In Brooklyn sic. She was survived by five children and "several" grandchildren.

Remembrances from Agnes Goehle Land, 1975

In 1975 Agnes Goehle Land sent a letter to Justina Land Leler in which she said the following about her father's family:

"My father was born in Manhattan Borough, New York City, March 6, 18951. I am sure it must have been at home also. His parents were Peter and Wilhemina Goehle. Peter came from Worms Germany. His father was the superintendent of the Cathedral in Cologne, German.2 Peter had a butcher shop in Yorkville, Manhattan. Yorkville was the part of the city the German's lived in. 86th from 3rd Ave to York Avenue was where all the German beer gardens were years ago. The German families usually lived between 83rd and 88th Streets and from 3rd Ave to the East River."

"Willhemina was Peter's second wife. She was his housekeeper after his first wife died. She was born in this country but always spoke German or mostly always. Peter and she had five children, Wilhemina, Frances, Margaret, Rose, Frank -- my father3."

"I never saw my grandfather Goehle. He died years before my mother and father met. My grandmother was a very old lady when I first saw her. She lived to be 884."

We were never very close to my father's relatives. We saw them occasionally. We always saw my mother's almost every day."

My note on Agnes' information

  1. Frank Goehle was born in 1894
  2. Peter Goehle was born in Herrnsheim, Hessen-Darmstadt, Germany. Herrnsheim is a village north west of Worms. Peter's father was a tailor. Peter's branch of the Goehle family were not from Cologne. Cologne (Koln) is over a hundred miles from Worms. I believe this misinformation about Peter's father occurred because of a misunderstanding some years ago when another Goehle family genealogist (from Buffalo, New York) contacted some descendants of Peter Goehle. There is no apparent connection between the two Goehle families.
  3. Frank was the middle of these five children. He had at least 5 living older half siblings.
  4. Wilhelmina was born circa 1861 and would have been about 61 when Agnes was born in 1922. Agnes was 22 years old and married at the time of Minnie's death. Wilhelmina Goehle lived in St. James at 2nd Street and 6th Avenue at the time of her death in 1944 (circa 82 years old). Peggie Goehle Edgar says that for many years Frank Goehle visited his mother every week at that address and gave her some money. Peggie frequently accompanied him. Wilhelmina Goehle's daughter, Winifred, and her husband, James Manion were on 6th Avenue in 1930.

Goehle Addresses

  • 1875, 1876 — 139 Pitt Street - gone, new building at this address, no NYT articles contemporary with this time period.

  • 1878, 1880 — 80 Pitt Street - 2009 location of a Grand Street Settlement House - no NYT articles contemporary with this time period.

  • 1881 — 73 Broom - gone, high rise apartments - no NYT articles contemporary with this time period.

  • 1883, 1885, 1887, 1888, 1889 — 63 Columbia Street - gone, high rise apartments - no NYT articles contemporary with this time period.

  • 1889, 1890 — 145 Norfolk - no NYT articles contemporary with this time period.

  • 1890 (fall), 1891, 1892, 1894 — 88 Sheriff - See 88 Sheriff Street

  • 1897 — 374 E 4th Street -

  • 1899 — 709 E. 12th street -

  • 1899 — 738 E 9th street, butcher -

  • 1900 — 236 E 14th street

  • 1910 — 422 E 75th Street

  • 1915, 1917 — 85 East End Ave

  • 1920 — 439 E 82nd Street

Goehle Records in New York City

No deaths for Goehle from 1910 to 1916. Three listed between 1891 and 1948 including Peter in 1917 and Paul in 1935 (son of Isabelle and Frank) and John age 8 in 1900 in Richmond (I can't relate him to the other Goehles).

I checked Goehle marriages from 1900 to 1916. Male index (1895-1897 & 1908-1936) - two, Peter in 1908 and Frank in 1921

There are indications that Peter Goehle and his family were Presbyterians. His first marriage occurred at the Madison Street German Presbyterian church. His second marriage was performed by Conrad Doench who was the minister at the Second German Presbyterian Church at 435 Houston Street from 1899-1900.

St Matthews Lutheran. The NYG & B has the records on microfilm. I checked for Goehle from 1847. No Goehle records.

Other Goehles in New York

Very few immigrants came to America in total isolation. There were, and still are, two types of immigration pattern; group and chain immigration. Group migration is when whole families or religious groups immigrate together. The group can vary in size from quite small to very large. Chain migration is when one or several people migrated at any given time, followed within a relatively short time span by people they have some relation with; other family members, friends or neighbors.

Regardless of the type of immigration pattern, related groups initially settle in the same area. Consequently, in researching any immigrant, I try to look for other family members.

I cannot find any other Goehles in New York City. I have checked the censuses, naturalization papers, some civil records, and directories. There are several Goehle families upstate, in Buffalo, but they arrived in the 1860s and were not from Hessen-Darmstadt. The New York City Directories (like phone books before the phone) do not list any Goehles.

The only listings that even come close are:

  • Henry Goehl, bootmaker 334 Madison was listed from 1842 through 1852 (He was not listed in 1844, 1846 and 1847)
  • Charles Goehler, tailor, 68 Goerck was listed in 1851.
  • Goehler, Cosmos, tailor, 435 W 49th St, 1875, (not listed 1876), 1877, not listed 1878

Witnesses to marriages are often friends, however, they can sometimes also be relatives. The witnesses to the marriages of Peter Goehle were:

  • George Albert and Mathilda Roth were the witnesses to Peter's marriage in 1875. I have not been able to establish any relationship to Peter Goehle. The marriage records indicates that they lived in the same building as Catherine Christ. There are three listings for the surname, Albert, on the 1880 census CDs through FHL. There are two listings for George Albert, both of them are married in their late twenties and have children. One is listed from Germany the other Bavaria. There is also a listing for Jacob Albert, from Hesse D., age 30 married with children, one named George.
  • One of the witnesses to the marriage of Peter Goehle in 1889 was Lorenz Haubauer, see below under Haubauer.

  • The other witness to the second marriage was Karl Beyerkohler. Karl Beyerkohler was the husband of Minnie's sister, Catherine.

Witnesses to baptisms are frequently family members. I have found 3 baptismal records for the children of Peter Goehel:

  1. Catherine 1875 - sponsors, John Ritzert and Catherine Schuchmann
  2. Elise 1876 - sponsor Elizabeth Harbauer
  3. Clara 1887 - sponsors Minnie Christ and Nicklaus Christ

There is, of course, the possibility that Peter had sisters, cousins, or neighbors who immigrated and I simple have no way of knowing who they were if the surnames were not Goehle or did not show up in one of the records listed above.


One of the witnesses to Peter's second marriage in 1889 was Lorenz Harbauer. Harbauer was Peter's mother's maiden name. Unfortunately, I have not found much information on Lorenz Harbauer.

  • There were no listings for Harbauer in the 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880 or 1900 censuses.

  • There were the following listings for the name Harbauer in the city directories:
    1. Lorenz Harbauer, carpenter, 9 Essex, 1873, 1874, not listed 1875, 1876, 1877
    2. Lorenz Harbauer, bottler, 32 W Houston h. 9 Essex, 1878
    3. Harbauer and Kuhn, bottlers, 32 W Houston, 1878
    4. Jacob Harbauer, carpenter, h. 277 E 4th St.
    5. Frank Harbauer, clerk, h. 106 Division
  • Lorenz Harbauer, no address, no date of birth, no occupation, no date of immigration, was naturalized in the Superior Court New York, on September 14, 1858. He was formerly a national of the Grand Duke, Hesse Darmstadt. Witness: John Raab, 95 Norfolk, St. NYC.

  • Lorence Harbauer, age 41, married, produce dealer, born in US, father ___, mother__, birthplace__ place of death, St Mary's Hosp, Buffalo and Market St, last place of residence, St Mary's Hops., died January 13, 1900, cause of death, Lobar pneumonia, buried Lutheran Cemetery, January 15, 1900 (NYC Manhattan Death Cert. # 875). Estimated year of birth 1859.
  • George Harbauer born Bavaria 1859
    Birth: June 25, 1859 (per naturalization
    Immigration: George Harbauer age 31, labourer, born Bavaria, Nurinborg (?), March 25, 1890 from Hamburg and Le Harve to NYC ship Russia
    Naturalization: George L Harbauer US District Court New York, Feb 28, 1899 vol 76, page - record No 21, 1390 Prospect Ave NYC Bookkeeper, born June 25, 1859, Germany, Arrived NY, NY March 25, 1890 Witness John E Zeltner 1397 Fulton Ave NYC brewer
    • Regina Helena Harbauer born 9 December 1896 Webster Ave and ?? Street to George Harbauer born Germany age 38, bookkeeper, and Helena (can't read) born Germany age 36, 5 of 5 children, New York City Birth cert 54061 Manhattan
    • Elenore M Harbauer born June 5, 1900 1398 Prospect Ave, daughter of George L Harbauer age 42 born Germany and Helen Zetuer born Germany age 40, 6 or 6, Manhattan Cert. 1839
    1910 Census Bronx: Harbauer, George head age 50 marriage 2, 8 yrs, manager brewery, Mary wife age 34, marriage 2 2 children 2 still living, Oscar son age 16, Helen daughter age (?), Elenore age 9, LaParte, Frank step son age 15, Alfred step son age 14
    NYC Deaths Bronx:
    • Harbauer, George L, 82 y, Mar. 22, 1942, 3003, Bronx
    • Harbauer, Helena, 41 y, July 1, 1901, 2452, Bronx
    • Harbauer, Mary B, 57 y, Jul. 5, 1932, 5874, Bronx

  • Frank Harbauer born New York circa 1856
    1. Lawrence Harbauer born Nov 5, 1891 132 E Houston Street father Frank Harbauer 354 S 4th Street Krooklyn NY upholster mother Anna Clusner (?) age 26, 2 of 2 Manhattan cert 39941
    1900 Census Kings: Bleeker Street, Frank Harbauer head born Nov 1856, married 16 years, age 43, born New York, upholsterer, Ann wife Dec 1866, 5 children 2 living, age 33 Frances daughter May 1887, age 13, Margaret daughter January 1896, age 4
    1910: The same 10 years later
    1920 : Ludlow Street, watchman dye castings, daughters still at home.
    Marriage: Harbauer Francis L Aug 21 1912 Manhattan 20650
    • Harbauer Anna 66 y May 20 1932 11405, Kings
    • Harbauer, Frances 61 y Jul 11 1948 6305 Queens
    • Harbauer, Francis 67 y Mar 27 1924, 1399 Queens

Peter Goehle was born in Hernsheim, Germany a village just outside the City of Worms. To see pictures of Herrnsheim, Germany, click on the photo of the village of Herrnsheim.

Life in Germany

Peter Goehle was among the millions of German immigrants to America. For images of life in Germany, click on the picture of the wooden shoes


For pictures and information on immigration through the port of New York, click on the picture of immigrants in Castle Gardens in 1880

Goehles in Herrnsheim

For information on the Goehles in Herrnsheim, Germany go to Goehles in Herrnsheim

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Frank Goehle
New York City Pictures
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Minnie Schwartzmeier Lindemann Goehle
Catherine Furst Schwartzmeier Lindemann
88 Sheriff Street

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