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Birth of Catherine Furst

Katharina Fürst, daughter of Johann Fürst and Klara Gleich* was born November 4, 1827 in Achaffenburg (Stadt und Stiftsarchiv Aschaffenburg, July, 2007)


  • The records for the particular church are not available - information on the Fürst family was taken from the Civil Register. Indications are that the family rites occurred in a Catholic Church.
  • According to the information provided at the time of Catherine's marriage to Julius Lindemann, Catherine Furst was born in Aschaffenburg, Bavaria, (Germany) on November 4, "1831".
  • Bavaria, "Bayern", is located in Southern Germany. It was a duchy until 1806, when it became a kingdom. The last King of Bavaria was Ludwig II (1845-1886).
  • Aschaffenburg is in the north-western part of Bavaria, very near Frankfurt. See Aschaffenburg
  • Catherine's mothers maiden name was very hard to read in the state archives records. Her maiden name was taken from an article about the family in the Aschaffenburg newspaper in 1846.
In November 2014 Susanna Mittermaier wrote to let me know that Catherine Furst's birth announcement was in the Aschaffenburger Wochenblatt, available at Google books.

"Geboren 4 November, 1823 - Catharina tochter des k. Landge- richtödieners Johann Fürst"

Born 4 November 1823 Catherine daughter of agriculture court usher (or crier) Johann Furst.

There are discrepancies in the year of her birth. See notes above.


Based on information taken from her death certificate, Catherine First immigrated to the United States circa 1847. Note: Death certificates are not very reliable sources for this type of information.

In 1855 her brother, Ludwig (Lewis) indicated that he had been in New York for three years, suggesting an immigration around 1849.

In general, Germans emigrated to find adventure and greater prosperity. However, some immigrated for economic and political reasons. Although the Irish Potato Famine is well know, the crop actually failed all over Europe creating hardship and economic problems in the Lowland countries and in Germany. In the mid 1840's a great parallel stream of immigrants from Ireland and Germany arrived on America's shores. Bavaria had become very dependent on the potato and was particularly hard hit by the famine. Whole village from Bavaria, most of them traveling by carts, went overland to La Havre, Amsterdam, Hamburg, or Bremen and set sail for America.

However, since Catherine and her brother Ludwig (who immigrated around the same time) were born in a city and not in the countryside it can be assumed that they might have fallen into the category of those who immigrated looking for adventure.

They may have left for financial reasons or out of embarrassment. In 1846 the family was declared bankrupt. See below.

Ships brought bulky good, like tobacco and cotton, eastward to Europe and returned to America with a cargo of steerage immigrants.

I have checked the immigration records prior to 1846 and could not find the immigration of Catherine Furst. I also looked through the passenger manifests for the year 1847 (with the exception of roll 71 which is missing from the NARA ship manifest microfilms). Catherine did not immigrated through New York City in 1847 under the name Furst (Variations in spelling included). There were not many Fursts on the passenger manifests.

I also checked the Castle Garden site at www.castlegarden.org through the 1850s and did not find any listing for either Catherine or her brother, Ludwig (Louis). However, it should be noted that I also did not find the immigration of Peter Goehle on this web site and I have his immigration record though Castle Gardens in 1873.

It is quite possible that Catherine immigrated later than indicated on her death record and that she immigrated with her first husband, _____ Schwarzmeier. However, I also did not find any appropriate immigrations under Schwarzmeier (and variations of spelling)

There are no listing in Germans from Bremmer 1847 to 1862 for Schwartzmeier (any spelling) or for Catherine Furst or any other appropriate Fursts.

Early Records for Catherine

I have not been able to find any information on Catherine Furst Schwarzmeier Lindemann in the United States before her marriage to Julius Lindemann in 1863.

The record of her marriage to Julius listed her as Catherine Schwarzmeier, nee Frust. I assume she was widowed as divorce was unheard of in her class at the time.

There was no listing in the 1850 federal census for Catherine under either Furst or Schwarzmeier. Catherine Furst would have been about 19 years old at the time of this census. Catherine's only known relative in New York, Louis Furst, was not listed in New York in the 1850 census.

I could not find Catherine in the 1860 census under either Furst or Schwarzmeier. She would have been 29 years old at the time of this census. Her only known relative, Louis Furst, was listed in the 1855 and 1860 censuses (see below).

1860 Census: Ward 17 District 8, Catherine First age 32, born Bavaria with Caspar Prail age 38 tailor $200, born Bavaria, and Catherine Prail age 32 born Bavaria. Note: This is a good possibility.

Caspar Prell age 47 tailor born Bavaria $500 and Kate Prell age 46 tailoress born Bavaria were in New Lots Brooklyn in 1870.

First Marriage

Catherine was listed at the time of her marriage to Julius Lindemann as Catherine Schwarzmeier, nee Furst.

I have not found any record of the marriage of Catherine Furst to Mr. Schwarzmeier. There is no marriage for any Schwartzmeier (any spelling) listed between 1853 and 1861 in the New York City Archives.

I have not found a record for any children born to Catherine Furst and Mr Schwarzmeier.

I know very little about Catherine's first husband. I am not even sure of his first name. For more information on the Schwarzmeiers in New York City see Schwarzmeier

Children of First Marriage

I believe that Wilhelmine (Minnie) born circa 1860/63 was a child of the first marriage.

See Minnie Goehle

Death of First Husband

The death records in New York City from 1858 to 1863 list only one person with a name that started Schwarzm..... during this period. Michael Schwarzemaior, age 31, 4 months and 8 days, born in Germany, address 604 4th Street died on May 21, 1862. Cause of death euthentis(?). He was buried in the Lutheran cemetery. In reply to my request of August 22, 2001 on the burial information of Michael Schwarzemaior the Lutheran Cemetery wrote:

"The information we have regarding Michael Schwarzemanier 31 years old. Address not given to us. Location Public 1E Map 2, Row 2 Grave 33. The only burial in this lot."
Note: Death reports were common but not required in NYC before 1890. Consequently, I cannot be sure if Michael Schwarzmeier was the first husband of Catherine Furst. However, there are almost no Schwarzmeiers in the records and his age, nationality, and time of death are appropriate for him to have been Catherine's first husband.

Marriage of Catherine Furst and Julius Lindemann

Catherine's second husband, Julius Lindemann, was born in Bettmar in the Duchy of Brunswick (Braunschweig) Germany in 1820. He immigrated to the United Sates in 1847. After the death of his first wife, he married Catherine Furst.

Catherine and Julius were married in April 1863.

Julius Lindemann, widow, born November 2, 1820, Bettmar, Braunschweig, married Catherine Schwarzmeier, nee Furst, born November 4, 1831 in Aschaffenburg, Bavaria, address 133 Avenue A, on April 28, 1863, witnesses, Carl Nethel (no address) and L.T.L. Furst*, 27 Christie Street, in the Rivington German Presbyterian Church.

*This is Ludwig (Louis) Furst, Catherine's brother)
I did not find the marriage recorded in the civil records.

See Julius Lindemann


According to church records in NYC, Catherine and Julius had two daughters:

  1. Elizabeth born February 23, 1864
    Death: Eliza Lindemann, age 1 year 1 month died on January 22, 1865, address, 216 2nd Avenue, cause of death "Hydrocefahalus", buried in Lutheran Cemetery.

  2. Sophia Catherine born in 1866. Catherine married twice and had family. See below.

For details of the marriage, baptisms of the children and general information about Julius see, Julius Lindemann

For more information on Catherine Lindmann junior, see Catherine Lindemann Beyerkohler Van Loo

A Second Widowhood

Julius Lindemann died on October 2, 1867 leaving Catherine, age 36, a widow for the second time. She raised her two daughters by supporting herself and them as a seamstress.

8th Street and Avenue C

At the time of Julius's death in 1867, the Lindemanns were living at 366 8th Street. Today this is the only old building standing on this block of 8th Street. To see a photo or the building, go to Kleindeutchland now or go to the bottom of the page. For more details on Julius's death, see Julius Lindemann now or go to the bottom of the page.

Part of this block of 8th Street was excavated by the South Street Seaport Museum. Some artifacts and historical information on the neighborhood is displayed in the windows of the police station on the corner of 8th and Avenue C (November 2002). Part of the research on the site focuses on the home of Joseph Sonnek and his family who lived across the street from the Lindemanns. Joseph Sonnek was a tailor from Dresden who bought his house in 1864. The house was a multi-family dwelling.

Elias Howe invention of the sewing machine in 1846 changed the nature of the tailoring business. By the 1860s the sewing machine was a common labor saving device. Rather than making a whole suit of clothes many "tailors" sewed together "pieces" that were mass cut. A clothing merchant employed cutters who precut pieces of clothing. These pieces were then put out to tailors who owned their own sewing machine or rented one from their employer. The south Street Seaport Museum says that Joseph Sonnek and his wife and children probably did "piecework". It can be assumed that the Lindemanns did the same.

These tailors worked long noisy hours. Women and children helped.

Other information provided by the south Street Seaport, says that the children living in the Sonnek house went to to the local public elementary school on 9th Street. Minnie and Catherine Lindemann probably went to the same school.

Catherine Lindemann in the New York City Directories

Catherine was listed for several years in the New York City Directories:

  • 1869-1870, Catherine Lindemann was listed at 535 Sixth Street as the widow of Julius
  • 1870-1871, Catherine Lindemann was listed at 412 Sixth Street as the widow of Julius
  • 1873, Catherine Lindemann was listed at 412 Sixth Street as the widow of Julius
  • 1874, Catherine Lindemann, dress maker, 531 Fifth Street
  • 1875-77, Catherine Lindeman, wid. Julius, 514 Fifth Street
  • 1878-1879, Catherine Lindemann was listed at 504 Sixth Street as the widow of Julius
  • 1879-1880, Catherine Lindemann was listed at 152 East 4th Street as the widow of Julius
  • 1880-1881, Catherine Lindemann was listed at 518 Sixth Street as the widow of Julius
  • 1881-1882, Catherine Lindemann was listed at 518 Sixth Street as the widow of Julius

Catherine Lindemann 1870 Federal Census

Catherine and her two daughters were listed in the 1870 federal census taken on July 2, 1870 in the 4th (9 th ?) district, ward 11, in New York City as follows:

  • Catherine, 37 year old dressmaker, born in Bavaria
  • Minni, age 7, born in New York
  • Katy, age 4, both born in New York.

Multiple stabs at trying to find this listing on Ancestry.com did not yield any results. I found this listing the old fashion way several years ago.

Catherine Lindemann in 1880 Census

The 1880 census lists the family of Kate Lindemann at 518 Sixth Street in NYC as follows:

  • Kate Lindemann, 48 year old, widow, head of house, born in Bavaria, occupation, keeping house, both parents born in Bavaria
  • Amelia, daughter, age 17, occupation, servant, unemployed for two months in the 1880 census year, born in Bavaria, both parents born in Bavaria
  • Katherine, daughter, age 15, working at tailoring, born in Bavaria, both parents born in Bavaria


  • "Amelia"' and Katherine were not born in Bavaria.
  • It is interesting that Minnie is listed under the name Amelia, which was also a name used by Julius's first wife

There were 17 families listed at this address. All were German or German Americans save one French couple. The occupations of the residence of 518 6th St. included: 7 cigar makers (both male and female), 3 shoe makers, a barber, a house painter, and a cigar box maker.

The building is still standing today. It is five stories tall and has four larger windows plus a small window (in the middle of each story) on every floor except the ground floor, which has a store front. To see an image of this building go to Kleindeutchland now or at the bottom of the page.

Marriage of Catherine Lindemann, Younger 1888

According to New York Certificate of Marriage #6378, State of New York for 1888, Catherine Lindemann and Charles Beyerkohler were married on May 19, 1888 in the Deutsche Evang. Kirche on Madison and Montgomery Street.

Charles Beyerkohler, 244 3rd Street, age 23, single, occupation, cigar box manufacture, born in Germany, father's name, Martin BeyerKohler, mother's maiden name, Mary Saeffleur, married Catherine Lindemann, of 244 3rd Ave, age 22, single, born in New York, father's name, Julius Lindemann, mother's name, Catherine Furst (with the .. over the u), on May 19, 1888, witnesses, Louis Jacob of Jersey City and Henry J. Metz. The marriage was performed by Pastor B. Krusi at 270 Madison Street, New York. A stamp on the certificate says Deutsch Evang. Kirche. Cor. Madison and Montgomery Sts. N.Y. This was a German Presbyterian Church.

The Church records lists, Karl Beyerkohler, 23, occupation "segarbox manuf" born, (Need to transcribe town) Bayern, 244 Third Street between Ave. B & C, to Katherine Lindemann, 22, (?) born New York, 244 3 Street, witnesses, Louis Jacob, Jersey City and Henry J Metz.

For more information on Catherine Lindemann Beyerkohler, click Here

Marriage of Minnie Lindemann, 1889

According to the New York City Marriage for the State of New York #1172 for 1889, on January 28, 1899, Peter Goehle, of 63 Columbia Street, City, age 37, butcher, born in Hernsheim, Hessen-Darmstadt, father, Franz Goehle, mother, Louise Harbauer, second marriage, married Wilhelmina Lindemann, of 90 Cannon Street, City, age 26, place of birth, New York City, father, Julius Lindemann, mother, Catherine Furst, first marriage for the bride, witnesses, Charles Beyerkohler and Lorenze Harbauer. The marriage was performed by the Rev. Conrad Doench, of 64 Pitt Street.

Charles Beyerkohler was the husband of Minnie's sister, Katherine. Lorenze Harbauer might have been Peter Goehle's cousin. Harbauer was Peter's mother's maiden name.

Conrad Doench was a minister at the Second German Presbyterian Church at 435 Houston Street. Today, there are high rise apartments at 64 Pitt Street.

According to German Churches of Metropolitan New York: A Research Guide 2001 by Richard Haberstroh the records for this church are available at the Presbyterian Historical Society in Philadelphia, Pa. I have not yet accessed these records.

At the time of the marriage, Peter was a widower of three months with 5 or 6 children.

Catherine Lindemann and Minnie Lindemann Goehle in the 1890 New York Police Census

See Peter Goehle

Death of Catherine Lindemann

According to State of New York Certificate of Death for 1892 # 6420 City of New York, Catherine Linterman died on February 19, 1892 at age 62 of edema of the lungs, contributing cause of death, Bright's decease, residence, 88 Sheriff Street, buried in the Lutheran Cemetery, February 21, 1892, age 62, widowed, birthplace, Germany, how long in U. S. and New York City, 45 years, father, unknown, mother, unknown.


  • Bright's decease is any severe decease of the Kidneys, after Richard Bright, an English doctor (1789-1858).
  • At the time of her death, Catherine was living with Minnie and Peter and family.

According to a letter from the Lutheran Cemetery, dated December 9, 1998, Catherine Lentermann, age 62, place of death 88 Sheriff Street, NYC, was interred in Public lot 1, Map 5, Row, 5, Grave 25, on February 21, 1892. This grave would later also hold her daughter, Minnie Lindemann Goehle, and her son-in-law, Peter Goehle. This grave is unmarked.

Beyerkohler in the 1900 census

I could not find a listing for Carl, Charles, Karl, Catherine, Katherine, or Kate Beyerkohler in the 1900 census in New York.

Beyerkohler is a very unusual name. There are only three Beyerkohlers listed in the social security death index and only one listed on www.switchboard.com. , L. Beyerkohler, 3211 Gardens East Drive, West Palm Beach, Fla. 33110-4909.

The Fürsts, Aschaffenburg, Bavaria, Germany

In July 2007 we visited the Stadt Archiv of the City of Aschaffenburg. The only infomation they had on the Fürst family came from a Civil Registry - the church records are not available.

There was only one family of Fursts in Aschaffenburg in the early 1800s - the family of Johann and Klara Furst. Johann was born in Karlsburg - exact location unknown. Klara's place of birth unknown.

There were some later records in Aschaffenburg relating to children who were born in 1858 (all females) whose father is not known. There were no Fursts in the 2007 phone book in Aschaffenburg. All of the graves in the Aschaffenburg cemetery were relatively new so there was no possibility of finding records from that source.


  • LDS does not have church records for Aschaffenburg for the period that covers the marriage of Johann Furst, the birth of his children and death of his children, etc..
  • LDS does not have records for Carlsburg (Karlsburg) for the period of time covering Johann Furst's birth.
  • The only listing they have is for Carlsburg, Germany, Preußen, Schlesien, Karlsburg (Kr. ls) - Church records Titles Kirchenbuch, 1725-1765 Evangelische Kirche Döberle (Kr. Öls)

Johann Georg Furst (1??? - 1850) and Klara (Clara) Gleich (1801 - 1863)

Fürst, Johann Georg, assistant court clerk, Catholic, born 1800 (no day or month) Carlsburg (Karlsburg). Johann Georg Furst, Militars Actuars, at birth of Ludwig in 1824 - k. Landge- richtödieners at birth of Catherine in 1827.

Wife: Gleich, Klara born 24 June 1801 born Aschaffenburg. Note: The first letter of Klara's surname is unclear in the Aschaffenburg records. The people in the State Archives in Aschaffenburg did not know what the letter was meant to be. It looked possibly like an "O". No name with the spelling "Ogleich" could be found on Ancestry.com or in the LDS files. Later records state the names as "Gleich".

Marriage: The marriage record is not available. Based on the dates of birth for Johann and Klara and the birth of Adam in 1823 a marriage date of 1822 can be speculated.

1840: III. Landgericht Aschaffenburg I. Klasse. [Aschaffenburg Regional Court, First Class.]

  • Landrichter: Herr Ludwig Raise
  • Civil-Adiunct: Herr Christoph Bermutb.
  • Actuar: Herr Joseph Mahut.
  • Gerichtsdiener: Johann Fürst. [Bailiff: John Fürst]
Amts-Handbuch für den Kreis Unterfranken und Aschaffenburg [Official manual for the district of Lower Franconia and Aschaffenburg}

1846: Intelligenzblatt von Unterfranken und Aschaffenburg des Königreichs Bayern [Intelligence Journal of Lower Franconia and Aschaffenburg the Kingdom of Bavaria]

  1. "Fürst, Johann in Aschaffenburg, Concurs 129, 1773 b. 144, 1985 b."
  2. "Fürst, Johann in Aschaffenburg, Realitätenversteigerung, [Real Estate Auction] 168, 2340 b"

Bekanntmachung [Notice]

1357. Ueber das Vermögen das Landgerichtsdieners Johann Fürst und dessen Ehefrau Klara, geborne Gleich, ist durch erst- und beziehungsweise zweitrichterliches Erkenntniss der Concurs rechtskräftig erkannt worden.

[Concerning the assets of the district court servant Johann Fürst and his wife, Klara, nee Gleich, and for the first and second judicial it has been recognized legally by insurance and concurs.]

Es wird sonach erster Edictstag- zur Anmeldung der Forderungen und deren gehörigen Nachweisang auf Donnerstag den 4. Juni l. ??.

zweiter Edictstag zur Vorbringung der Einreden gegen die angemeldeten Forderungen auf Montag den 6. Juni l. IS. [It is therefore the first ..... to register claims and their associated .....

on Monday July 1.

und dritter Edictstag zur Schlussverhandlung und zwar zur Replik auf

Donnerstag den 23. Juli l. ??. [the second .... claims should be lodged by Monday July 23.

und zur Duplikhandlung auf

Donnerstag den 6 August ? [and the counter action on Thursday 6 August.

jedesmal früb 9 Uhr festgesetzt, wozu die sämmtlichen unbekannten Gläubiger der Gemeinschnlbner hiemit öffentlich unter dem Rechtsnachtbeile vorgeladen werben, dass das Nichterscheinen am ersten Edictstage die Ausschlissung der Forderung von der gegenwärtigen Concursmasse, das Richterscheinen an den übrigen Edictstagen aber die Ausschliessung mit der an denselben vorzunchs menden Handlungen zur Folge hat.

Zugleich werden diejenigen, welche etwas von dem Vermögen der Gemeinschuldner in Händen haben, auf gefordert, bei Vermeidung das nochmaligen Ersatzes solches unter Vorbehalt ihrer Rechte bei Gericht zu übergeben; diesen gen, welche Zahlungen zu leisten haben, werden angewiesen, bei Vermeidung gleichen Nachtheils dieselben lediglich an das K. Kreist - und Stadtgericht zn bewirken."

Hiebe wird bemerkt, dass das, Activvermögen der Gemcinschuldncr nach der gerichtlichen Inventarisation 1851 fl. 33 kr. beträgt, und zwar nach dem Tarwcrthe 1233 fl. 30 kr. das Jmmobiliarc, und ohngcfäyr 618 fl. 3 kr. das Mobiliare, worunter sich 223 fl. 30 kr. nebst den vorhandenen Realitäten als Einbringen der Ehefrau und 394 fl. 30 kr. angeschafftes Vermögen befinden; das Passivvermögen dagegen - uneingercchuet der Hypothckenzinscn und allenfallsigen Forderungen des Königl. Fiscus in 3298 fl. 10 kr. und zwar in 2l70 fl. Hvpothekenschuldcn und 1123 fl. 10 kr. Currentschulden besteht. Aschaffenburg den 24. April 1846. Königl. Bayer. Kreis- und Stadtgericht, v. Will, Dircetor.

Allgemeiner Anzeiger für das Königreich Bayern: Gerichtliche und ..., Band 1 [General indicator of the Kingdom of Bavaria: Judicial and ..., Volume 14]

Susanne Mittermaier kindly translated this document for me in December 2014. She said:
The text which was published in the official newspaper of the town talks about the bankruptcy proceedings of Johann Fürst and Klara Gleich.

It says, that any people who have unpaid accounts of the two persons must come to a special date to prove the debts, as well as people who have any assets belonging to the Fürsts must bring this directly to court at the mentioned date (June, July and August 1946). Any proclamation of debts after the mentioned dates would be invalid.

Furthermore the court announces that after having made a stock check of the possensions the active assets of the debtors are proclaimed to be 1851 fl (=Gulden) and 33 kr (Kreuzer).

1233 fl from immobile asset and ca. 618 fl from mobil assets. From the mobil assets 223 fl 30 come from the wife and 394 30 from saved assets.

The passive assets (debts) do include 2170 fl from mortgage and 1128 from unpaid bills, in total 3298 fl of debts.

Notations: Gulden is the currency of that time it was used in Bavaria until 1876, where the Reichsmark was introduced. The abreviation fl means "florin" as the Gulden were first introduced in Florence, Italy. The kr means Kreuzer (cents), but it was not counted in the metric system as currently in Germany. 60 Kreuzer were one Gulden (fl). To get an impression about how high the debts were: A clerk earned 150 - 300 fl per year at that time in Bavaria and a Gerichtsdiener (court servant) would have earned even less, I think, as he had a lower rank than a clerk.

How and why did the Fürsts run up such debts?

Children: The names and dates of birth of the children were taken from the Civil Registry.

  1. Adam, 7 January 1823, Aschaffenburg

    No further record.

  2. Ludwig (Louis/Lewis) Furst (1824-1916) Immigrated NYC and his wife, Sophia Geist

    Birth: Ludwig, 10 October 1824, Aschaffenburg

    Aschaffenburger Wochenblatt, Google books.

    12, no month listed, 1824 Ludwig sohn des des Militars Actuars Johann Georg Furst

    Immigration: 1851 per 1910 census.

    Naturalization: The 1910 census indicates that he had not yet been naturalized.

    1855 Census: E.D. 2, Ward 3, New York City, New York, New York, United States, Brick Building value $25,000, Hotel, Family Number: 89, Line Number: 31, Page: 12, GS Film number: 1018652, Digital Folder Number: 005207148, Image Number: 00045, Head Lewis Fegel M 33, hotel keeper, Wife Sophia Fegel F 27, Child Clara Fegel U 2, Mother-in-law Catherin Michel F 53, Head waiter Frederick Goerriek U 43, Waiter Lewis Furst U 29, in US 3 years, Waiter Christian Bauer U 14, Barkeeper Charles Hottner U 35, Porter Herman Takish U 23, Servant Rosa Saeck U 27, Servant Ann Fehsenfeldt U 29, Servant Theresa Esenvanger U 25, Servant Ann Metzner U 19, Servant Elisal Muller U 22, Servant Magdalene Lehenberger U 22, Boarder Frederick Reuchlin U 30, Clerk Lewis Rosh U 21, all born Germany except clara age 2 born New York.

    Note: I cannot find additional information on Lewis, Sophie or Clara Fegel as of October 2015.

    1860 Federal Census

    Louis Furst was listed in the 1860 census on the June 12, 1860 in the 3rd district of the 11th Ward as follows:

    • Charles Roths, age 43, Larger Business, value of property $800, born in Germany
    • George Roths, age 13, born in Germany
    • Wilhelmina Roths, age 45, born in Germany
    • Pauline Ostatche age 35, born in Germany (no occupation)
    • Otto Kunchman, age 35, artist, born in German
    • Arthur Geging, age 36, clerk, born in Germany
    • Louis Fust, age 32, waiter, born in Bavaria
    • Frank Schmit, age 30, waiter, born in Austria
    • Jacob Buob, age 25, waiter, born in Austria
    • Nathan Minett, age 35, clerk born in Germany

    It would appear that the Roths ran a rooming house.

    Note: I cannot find additional information on Charles (Carl), George or Wilhelmina Roths as of October 2015.Roth was a very common name.

    Marriage of Louie Furst in 1860:

    • Civil Record: Ludwig Furst, born Germany, age 30, 98 Forsyth to Sophia Geist from Germany, age 21, 75 Hester Street, , November 1, 1860, Clergyman C.F.C Stolmann at 167 Mott Street. Entry in ledger book form at New York City archives.
    • Church record: Ludwig Furst, single, born Aschaffenburg, Bavaria, 98 Forsyth, age 30, waiter, married youngwoman, Sophia Geist of Durchhaussen, Bayern, 75 Hester Street, age 21, on November 6, 1860, witness, Theodor Breiting 75 Hester Street ______ Soloman ______ 37 Essex. St Matthew's Lutheran Church Broom and Elizabeth, NYG & B Lutheran Church records, reel 3,

    Children of Louis and Sophia Furst: Louis and Sophia had the following children:

    1. Ludwig Julius Furst (1861-1924) [known as Julius] and Elizabeth Schappard

      Civil record: Lug. born to Lug. and Sophia Furst, July 9, 1861, address 75 Hester Street. Ledger book form NYC Archives.

      Church record: Ludwig Julius, the son of Ludwig Furst of Aschaffenburg, Bavaria, and Sophia, nee Geist, of Durchhaussen, Baden, born on July 9, 1861, baptized on March 23, 1862 in St Matthew's Lutheran Church, address 27 Christie Street, witnesses: Julius L. G. (need to translate last name) and Maria L. B----- (need to translate). NYG & BS Lutheran Baptisms reel 4.

      Marriage: Furst, Julius to Schappard Elisa Jun 22 1884 Manhattan 33868

      Children: From 1910 census

      1. William, Nov 9, 1884
        Marriage: Irene Katz Feb 21 1924 2449 Kings 2072679
        WWI Draft Registration: 402 143 Street, NYC Bronx, age 39, born November 9, 1884, driver, Hale Deak (?) Co. Stone Street, NY relative Julius Furst 404 E 143 Street Bronx, medium build, medium height, blue eyes brown hair.
        WWII DR: William Furst 1711 East 15th Street, Brooklyn, Kings, age 58, born NYC Nov 9, 1884, Mrs. Irene Furst 1711 E 15th st, Brooklyn
        1930 Census: Furst, William age 37, born New York, Chauffeur trucking, Irene age 3-, New York,
        1940 Census: renting, William Furst 56, chauffeur, trucking, 7th grade education, Irene Furst 48, wife
      2. Frederick circa 1887. In 1910 Census with his parents.
      3. Louis (1890-) and ???
        Louis, August 7, 1890
        Marriage: Before 1917 when he is listed married with three children. None listed on NYC Grooms Index before 1917.
        Censuses: Did not see him in any censues after 1910 when he was listed with his parents.
        1917 Draft: Louis Furst, 404 E 143 Street NYC, Born August 7, 1890, clerk suit salesman, J Zabiniski (?) and sons, division Street, city, wife and 3 children, 5ft 6 and 1/2 inches, dark brown eyes and brown hair.
        WWII Draft Registration: 11812 Chatham Square, NYC age 5, born August 7, 1890 NYC, name of relative, Viola Furst, 25 85 36th Street Astoria, unemployed.
      4. ???
      5. Viola circa 1904
        Marriage: James Donohue circa 1924

      1900 Census: Manhattan, 32 Christie Street Julius Furst, May 1862, 38, painter, Lizzie Furst, April 1865, 4 children 3 living married 16 years, 35, William Furst 15, May 1885, Fred Furst 11, June 1885, Louis Furst 10, Oct 1889

      1905 Census: Canal Street, Julius Furst 45, salesman, Lizzie Furst 33, William Furst 21, ladder store, Fredy Furst 19, nickel plate, Louis Furst 15 Violla Furst 1

      1910 Census: Bronx, East 143rd Street, Julius Furst, head age 49, married 1st 25 years, labourer drug house, Elizabeth wife age 42, 5 children 4 still living, William son age 24, labourer, odd jobs, Frederick L son age 23, labourer, brewery, Louis son age 20, salesman, Harwick, Viola A., daughter age 6

      1920 Census: Not listed

      Death of Julius Furst: Julius Furst age 63 years, July 8, 1924, Bronx

      St Francis Hospital, Julius Furst, married, age 63, clerk born USA, father, Louis, mother, Sophie, both born Germany, 404 E 143rd Street Bronx, June 14, 1924, bipolar pneumonia, amputation of right leg June 20, 1924, buried Lutheran July 18 1924.

      1925 State Census: Bronx, Elizabeth Furst 56 James Donohue 24, police man, Viola Donohue 21, telephone company

      1930 Census: East 143rd Street, Bronx, Elizabeth Furst, head rent $30, age 65, widow, married at 18 years, no occupation, Viola Donohue daughter, age 25, married at 20, operator telephone co.

      Frederick, and Louis not listed in 1930.

      Death of Elizabeth Furst: Elizabeth Furst, 1711 East 15th Street, Brooklyn, widowed, husband Julius Furst, age 72, born US, Father, John Shepard, born Germany, mother, Elizabeth, daughter Viola Furst, died Kings Co Hospital, Brooklyn, carcinoma of the Cervix, buried Lutheran Cemetery Nov 17, 1937. Date of death??

    2. Maria Louise (1864-)

      Civil record: Not listed

      Church record: Maria Louise, the daughter of Ludwig Furst of Aschaffenburg, Bavaria and Sofia, nee Geist, of Durchhaussen Baden, born on April 3, 1864, baptized on May 29, 1864, address, 27 Christie St, sponsors: Theodor Breiting and Maria Schuridfling (?).

      Note: On the same day, St Matthew's Lutheran Church, was listed the baptism of Maria Sophia Breiting, the daughter of Theodor Brieting, born in Hamburg and Maria Louise nee Schuridfling born in New York, witness: Maria Juyret (?) and Ludwig Furst

      1870 Census: Listed with her parents.

    3. Theodor (1867-1937)

      Civil record: Not listed

      Church record: Theodor, born May 24, 1867, in New York, the son of Ludwig Furst of Aschaffenburg, Bayern and Sophia Geist of Durchhaussen, Baden was baptized on ?? 17, 1867, address 26 Christie Street, witnesses, Ernst Theodor Breiding and Victoria Geist.

      Censuses: With his parents in 1910

      Marriage: No - remained single

      Death: Age 69, Feb 26, 1937 Manhattan #5644

      Manhattan, Bellevue 462 1st Ave., Theodore Furst, 156 Canal Street, single male, age 69 labourer, born USA, father, Louis born Germany, mother, Sophia Geiss born Germany, died February 26, 1937, infected _ cyst, 2 weeks, buried Fera (?) cliff Cemetery, March 2, 1937

    4. William Furst (1870-1864) and Margaret Spillane Haughey


      Civil record: " Robert" Furst, born December 12, 1870 26 Christie Street, mother, Sophia Geist, born in Germany, no of children blank, father, Louis Furst, waiter, born in Germany, cert #58595.

      Church record: Wilhelm born 12 December 1870, the son of Ludwig Furst of Aschaffenburg, Bayern and Sophia Geist of Durchhaussen, Baden, baptized, October 1, 1871, address 26 Christie Street, witness, Victoria Berschle.

      Marriage 1905; William Furst of 32 Chrystie Street, age 35, single, packer, born NYC, father, Louis, mother, Sophie "Gester", 1st marriage to Margaret Haughey, 135 Canal Street, age 28, widow, maiden name Margaret Spillane, born Ireland, father, John Spillane, mother, Mary Kingston, 2nd marriage, at Transfiguration Church 29 Mott Street, June 21, 1905, witnesses; Frederick Furst, and Margt McIntyre (?)

      Haughey Margaret Jun 21 1905 13918 Manhattan 796922

      Note: Who was Frederick Furst? Frederick the son of Ludwig born 1887 would have been only been 18 years old.

      Margaret Spillane Haughey:


      1. Agnes Furst, circa 1907 New Jersey
        Agnes Josephine Furst, Gender: Female, Birth Date: 21 Mar 1906, Birth Place: Saint Joseph-catholic, Hoboken, Hudson, New Jersey, Christening Date: 1 Apr 1906, Christening Place: St Joseph, Hoboken, Hudson, New Jersey, Father's Name: William Furst, Mother's Name: Margaret "Splane", FHL Film Number: 1479566
      2. William Furst, 1908 New Jersey
        William Furst, Gender: Male, Birth Date: 24 Dec 1907, Birth Place: Saint Joseph-catholic, Hoboken, Hudson, New Jersey, Christening Date: 5 Jan 1908, Christening Place: St Joseph, Hoboken, Hudson, New Jersey, Father's Name: William Furst, Mother's Name: Margaret Spillane, FHL Film Number: 1479566
        Entry NYC 1933: William a Furst age 25, born 1908 Hoboken NJ to 17505 Bayside Ave Flushing New York from Hamilton Burmuda October 30, 1933
      3. Grace Furst, 1913 born New York
      4. Gerard J. Furst May 7, 1918 New York
        WWII: Enlisted 14 March 1941 Jamaica Queens, Private, enlistment for the Philippine Department, 4 years of high school, laboratory technician motion picture or shipping clerk, single, height 70, weight 130.
        SSDI: birth May 7, 1918, died 24 Oct 2000, Hauppauge, Suffolk, NY
        Veterans Cemetery: Gerard J Furst, CPL, last address 210 Princeton Boulevard, Rt 25, Calverton, NY 11933, born May 7, 1918, died 24 Oct 2000, service ended 15 Sept 1945. Buried Calverton National Cemetery.

      1910 Census: Monroe Ave, Hoboken, NJ, William Furst, head age 35, marriage 1, married 5 years, born NY, pedler house furniture (?), Margaret, wife age 30, marriage 2, 5 years, 3 children 3 living, born Ireland immigrated 1892, John, son, age 18, (very hard to read, very fuzzy), born NY Agnes, daughter age 4?, born NJ William, son age 2, born NJ

      1915: New York, Kings, 159 Dikeman Street, Brooklyn, William Furst 40, longshoreman, Margret Furst 37, John Furst 18, telegraph office, Agnes Furst 9, William Furst 7, Grace Furst 3

      1920 Census: Visitation Pl, Brooklyn, William Furst, head, Rent, age 50, longshoreman, stevedore, Margaret Furst, wife, age "34", immigrated 1892, nat. 1894, born Ireland, John Haughey, step son, age 22, labourer longshore, Agnes Furst, daughter, age 13, William Furst, son, age 12, Grace Furst, daughter, age 7, Gerard Furst, son, 1 yr. 2 mo. Theodore Neaman, boarder, age 35, William Sr., John, Grace and Gerard born New York. Agnes and William born New Jersey.

      1925: Queens, William Furst 52, dock boss, Margaret Furst 48, John Haughey 28, step son, general office clerk, Agnes Furst 19, stenographer, William Furst 17, junior office clerk, Grace Furst 13, Gerard Furst 07

      1930 Census: 93rd Street Ozone Park Queens, William Furst, head, Own $8,000, age 59, first marriage at 35, born New York, longshoreman, docks, Margaret Furst, wife, age 50, first marriage at 17, immigrated 1889, nat., born Irish Free State, clerk steamships, Golen Haughey, step son, age 32, born New York, clerk broker, Agnes Furst, daughter, age 23, born New Jersey, clerk broker, William Furst, son, age 22, born New Jersey, clerk printing, Grace Furst, daughter, age 17, born New York, Gerard Furst, son, 11, born New York.

      1940: 93rd street, Queens, William Furst 67, packing house, dock, Margaret Furst 60 John Furst 43, shipping clerk, Gerard Furst 21, laborer

      Death: Born: 12 Dec 1870 Died: Jan 1964 #127-07-3964, issued New York. Last benefit not specified.


    • Why weren't Julius Lindemann or Catherine Furst Lindemann a sponsor for any of the children of Louis Furst?
    • Bayern is German for the English, Bavaria.

  3. Ludwig Furst in the 1870 Census: Louis Furst and family are listed on the 6th of July, 1870 in the 11th Electoral District, 10th Ward, New york City as follows:
    • Louis, age 42, waiter, value of property $250, born in Bavaria, not naturalized
    • Sophia, age 30, keep house, born in Baden
    • Julius, age 9, born in New York
    • Theodor, age 3, born in New York
    • Mary, age 6, born in New York.

    Listed by Ancestry.com with the spelling "Fierst". I found it at NARA under Furst.

    They were listed twice: 2nd District, Ward 10: Furst, Luis, age 40, baker, Germany, Sophia, 30, Germany, Julius age 9 New York, Dora 7 New York and Theod age 5 at 26 Chrystie Street

    1877: Directory, Fürst, Louis, waiter, h. r. 26 Chrystie Str.

    Ludwig Furst in the 1880 Census: 32 Chrystie Street, Louis Fuerst M 50 Germany, waiter, Wife Sophia Fuerst F 40 Germany Son Julius Fuerst M 19 Germany, druggist, Daughter Mary Fuerst F 16 New York, Son Theodore Fuerst M 13 New York, Son William Fuerst M 9 New York

    1886: Directory: Furst, Julius, laborer, and Louis, waiter, both at 32 Chrystie street.

    The 1890 federal census burned.

    1900 Census: 30 Christie Street, Louis Furst 70, born May 1830 Germany immigrated 1849, waiter, Sophie Furst 61, immigrated 1853, Theodore Furst 23, lithographer, March 1877, William Furst 19, book keeper, June 1871

    Louis Furst in the 1910 Census Louis Furst, his wife, Sophia, and their son, Theodore, were listed in the 1910 Census at 50 Chrystie Street as follows:

    1. Louis Furst, head, age 83, married 49 years, born Germany, immigrated in 1851, PA*, waiter, restaurant
    2. Sophia, wife, age 70, married 49 years, 1 child, 1 living, born Germany
    3. Theodore, son, age 42, born NY, labourer, customs house

    (T646, reel #1009, part 1, page 164A)


    • *PA means that he had not been naturalized, but had filed papers, which had to be renewed every 7 years if he was not naturalized in the meantime.
    • Does the 1 child, 1 still living mean that their other children had died? The first part was not answered correctly because other records show that Sophia had at least 4 children.

    Death of Sophia Furst: Sophia Furst, female, married, no date of birth, age, 76, occupation, none, born, Germany, 52 years in New York and the United States, father, John Geiss, born Germany, mother, Marie Geiss, born Germany, in hospital from April 12, 1916, died April 17, 1916, at Bellevue Hospital. She was buried in Lutheran Cemetery. The cause of death is very hard to read what I can make out is "cronic nephritis, emp----of leg non traumatic arth--- se---osis, nephritis" (Manhattan Death Certificate 1916, #12311)

    Death of Ludwig Furst Louis Furst, male, widowed, age 89, occupation, waiter, born Germany, in United States and New York, 55 years, name of father, Louis, born Germany, name of mother, Sophia, born Germany, UNKNOWN was written across the name of mother and father section, address 58 Chrystie Street, cause of death, senility. He died in St Francis Home, where he had been since April 18, 1916, date of death, October 22, 1916, buried in Lutheran Cemetary (Manhattan Death Certificate 1916 #30232)

    Ludwig (Louis) Frust connections to Catherine Furst Scwartzmeier Lindemann in NYC: The records in NYC show that Ludwig (Louie) Furst had several associations with Catherine Furst Schwartzmeier Lindemann:

    • L. T. L. Furst of 27 Christie Street, was a witness to the marriage of Catherine Furst and Julius Lindemann. 27 Christie Street was Ludwig Furst's address in 1862 and 1864.
    • Sophia Furst (the wife of Ludwig Furst) was a witness to the baptism of Sophia Lindemann, the daughter of Julius Lindemann and Catherine Furst in 1866.


    • The Fursts and the Lindemanns were not members of the same church. Ludwig was married and had his children baptized at St Matthew's Lutheran Church. Julius Lindemann and Catherine Furst Schwarzmeier Lindemann were married and had their children baptized in the Rivington German Presbyterian Church.
    • Neither Julius Lindemann nor Catherine Furst Schwarzmeier Lindemann was the witness at the baptism of any of Ludwig's children.

  4. Carl, 8 ___ 1825, Aschaffenburg


    Marriage: ??


    Death: 1889 (Civil Registry Aschaffenburg). Note: He was 64 years old.

  5. Katharina, November 4, 1827

    See Catherine Furst Schwartmeier Lindemann above

    In November 2014 Susanna Mittermaier wrote to let me know that Catherine Furst's birth announcement was in the Aschaffenburger Wochenblatt, available at Google books.

    "Geboren 4 November, 1823 - Catharina tochter des k. Landge- richtödieners Johann Fürst"

  6. Adam Alois, 16 October 1829, Aschaffenburg

    Death: 22 September 1836

    His name was noted with a +, meaning his death was recorded in Aschaffenburg.

  7. Simon Joseph, 17 May 1831, Aschaffenburg

    Death: Simon Joseph 11 July 1832

    His name was noted with a +, meaning his death was recorded in Aschaffenburg.

  8. Maximillian, 4 October 1832, Aschaffenburg

    Death: Max Fürst 24 November 1854

    His name was noted with a +, meaning his death was recorded in Aschaffenburg.

  9. Maria Ursula, 8 July 1834, Aschaffenburg

    Maria Ursula

    Her name was noted with a +, meaning her death was recorded in Aschaffenburg.

  10. Eva Caroline Maria, 21 --- 1836, Aschaffenburg

  11. Joseph Alois, 3 ---, 1838, Aschaffenburg

  12. Otto, 27 March, 1841 Aschaffenburg

    Death: Otto --- 2 April 1841

    His name was noted with a +, meaning his death was recorded in Aschaffenburg.

None of the males turn up in US censuses except Ludwig.

Death of Johann Fürst: 2 May 1850

Death of Klara Fürst: July 1863, age 62

Other Fursts in New York City in the Mid to Late 1800s.

Catherine Furst was born in Aschaffenburg, Bavaria, Germany. She had at least one brother, Ludwig, who also immigrated to New York City. Click on the picture of Aschaffenburg for more information on other Fursts in New York City in the mid to late 1800s .

To see pictures Aschaffenburg, Germany, the birthplace of Catherine Furst Schwarzmeier Lindemann, click on the photo of the cathedral.

Kleindeutchland With images of where Catherine Furst lived on the Lower East Side
Julius Lindemann
Minnie "Lindemann" Goehle
Peter Goehle
Catherine Lindemann Beyerkohler Van Loo
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