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Martin Beyerkohler and Family in New York City

Thanks to two Beyerkohler descendants, Kurt Kohler, and Mark Soltysiak, for information they have provided on the Beyerkohler family.

Kurt Kohler is a descendant through Martin Beyerkohler and Mary Loeffler Beyerkohler's son, Conrad Beyerkohler.

Mark Soltysiak is a descendant though Martin Beyerkohler's son, Charles Beyerkohler and Catherine Lindemann Beyerkohler, later Van Loo.

Information supplied by Beyerkohler descendant, Kurt Kohler, is entered in blue type.

Information supplied by Beyerkohler descendant, Mark Soltysiak, is entered in green type.

Birth of Martin Beyerkohler: Circa 1835/36, Bayreuth, Germany, Son of Johann George (Kurt Kohler, December 2002) Beyerkohler- Catherine Mayer

Marriage: Marie Loeffler in 1870. See below.

Child of Marie Loeffler:

  1. Johanna (Hanna) Loeffler (later called Beyerkohler) circa 1861 in Bavaria per 1870 Census - in Germany per death record - daughter of Marie Loeffler per immigration in 1870.

    Death of Hannah Beyerkohler: Hannah Beyerkohler born in Germany, 29 years old, the daughter of Martin Beyerkohler and Mary (no last name) both parents born in Germany, in the US and NYC for 22 years, address 246 E 3rd, died of pneumonia acute, contributing cause, exhaustion and heart failure, duration 8 days, buried Lutheran Cemetery, November 12, 1890. (1890 Manhattan death certificate #35336)

Child of ???? born circa 1864:
  1. Charles (Karl) Beyerkohler, circa 1864 married Catherine Lindemann

    Birth: His marriage record in 1888 and his death record in 1891 indicate that:

    Charles Beyerkohler, the son of Matin Beyerkohler and Unknown, was born in Bayreuth, Bavaria, Germany, circa 1864/65.


    • While the marriage certificate of Charles Beyerkohler listed Martin Beyerkohler as his father and Mary Loefffler as his mother, Martin Beyerkohler didn't marry Mary Loeffler until 1870.
    • The death certificate listed another initial, not M for the father of Charles Beyerkohler.


    • Cigar box manufacturer, 1888

    • Cigar maker, 1891

    Note: Samuel Gompers, a contemporary of Charles Beyerkohler, was a labor union leader, founder of the AFL and a cigar maker on the Lower East Side. He had this to say about cigar making:

    "Any kind of an old loft served as a cigar shop. If there were enough windows, we had sufficient light for our work; if not, it was apparently no concern of the management.... Cigar shops were always dusty from the tobacco stems and powdered leaves. Benches and work tables were not designed to enable the workmen to adjust bodies and arms comfortably to work surface. Each workman supplied his own cutting board of lignum vitae and knife blade.

    "The tobacco leaf was prepared by strippers who drew the leaves from the heavy stem and put them into pads of about fifty. The leaves had to be handled carefully to prevent tearing. The craftsmanship of the cigarmaker was shown in his ability to utilize wrappers to the best advantage to shave off the unusable to a hairbreadth, to roll so as to cover holes in the leaf and to use both hands so as to make a perfectly shaped and rolled product. These things a good cigarmaker learned to do more or less mechanically, which left us free to think, talk, listen, or sing. I loved the freedom of that work, for I had earned the mind-freedom that accompanied skill as a craftsman. I was eager to learn from discussion and reading or to pour out my feelings in song."

    Gompers, Seventy Years of Life and Labor, vol. 1, pp. 44-45.

    Immigration: Charles Beyerkohler's death record indicates that he immigrated in 1873. He was not listed with Martin, Mary, and Johanna in the 1870 census. I did not find an immigration for Charles (or Karl) Beyerkohler circa 1873.

    Marriage: Marriage of Catherine Lindemann and Charles Beyerkohler, 1888

    Catherine Lindemann and Charles Beyerkohler were married on May 19, 1888 in the Deutsche Evang. Kirche on Madison and Montgomery Street.

    Charles Beyerkohler, 244 3rd Street, age 23, single, occupation, cigar box manufacture, born in Germany, father's name, Martin BeyerKohler, mother's maiden name, Mary Loeffler, married Catherine Lindemann, of 244 3rd Ave, age 22, single, born in New York, father's name, Julius Lindemann, mother's name, Catherine Furst , on May 19, 1888, witnesses, Louis Jacob of Jersey City and Henry J. Metz. The marriage was performed by Pastor B. Krusi at 270 Madison Street, New York. A stamp on the certificate says Deutsch Evang. Kirche. Cor. Madison and Montgomery Sts. N.Y. This was a German Presbyterian Church. (New York Certificate of Marriage #6378, State of New York for 1888)

    The Church records lists, Karl Beyerkohler, 23, occupation "segarbox manuf" born, Bayreuth, Bayern [Bavaria], 244 Third Street between Ave. B & C, to Katherine Lindemann, 22, (?) born New York, 244 3 Street, witnesses, Louis Jacob, Jersey City and Henry J Metz.


    1. Minnie born October 3, 1888.

      Note: I did not find the birth of Minnie Beyerkohler in the NYC records. Births before 1900 were frequently not recorded.

      Marriage: "Jacob Westrich (born Aug. 8, 1882) in the lower east side of Manhattan"


      1. Marie born 1912, died of TB 1938

        Westrich, Marie age 25 years, Aug 12, 1938, #5518

        See Catherine Lindemann Byelrkohler Van Loo

      2. Mildred Catherine born September 25, 1913, Brooklyn.

        Married: Ellworth Breedon, First Presbyterian Church, 5th Ave., NYC, on February 14, 1938

        Note: Record not listed in NYC Grooms index

        See Catherine Lindemann Byelrkohler Van Loo

      3. Louise born 1916, died 1977

        See Catherine Lindemann Byelrkohler Van Loo

      1920 Census: East 3rd Street, Manhattan, Mina Westrich head age age 30, married, examiner clothing, Marie, daughter, age 7, Mildred, daughter, age 6, Louis, daughter, age 3 and 11 months. All born NY.

      Death of Jacob Westrich: 1935 # 9153 Manhattan, Jacob Westrich, age 53, died April 19, 1935, 9153 Harlem Hospital 136 and Lexington, "single"

    2. George circa 1890, listed in the 1890 NYC Police Census

    Death: Charles Beyerkohler, age 27 years 9 months, married, cigarmaker, born, German, in US and NYC 18 years, father, (a letter I can't quite make out which may be C. It is not M.) Beyerkohler, born Germany, mother, ______, born Germany, address, 88 Sherriff Street, tenement, died on September 19, 1891 around 1 P.M., chief cause of death, lobar pneumonia, contributing cause, pleurisy chronic, duration 8 days, buried Lutheran Cemetery. (NYC Death Certificate #32675, 1891)

  2. Note: From at least 1890 to 1894 Peter Goehle and his wife, Minnie Lindemann also lived at 88 Sherrif Street. Minnie Lindemann Goehle was Catherine Lindemann Beyerkohler's sister.

    See Catherine Lindemann Beyerkohler Van Loo now or at the bottom of the page.

Birth of Mary Loeffler, wife of Martin Beyerkohler: Unknown, circa 1842, Germany.

Marriage of Martin Beyerkohler and Mary Loeffler: February 29, 1870, Manhattan Certificate # 3106

Martin Beyerkohler, age 33, 43 Clinton Street, born in Germany, bakery, father, Johann Beyerkohler, mother, Catherine Meyer, married Maria Loeffler, of 43 Clinton Street, age 28, born in Germany, father, Frederick Loeffler, mother, Christine (?) first marriage for both of them, February 29, 1870. The date was entered several times and each time the day was blotched.

Witnesses: Ernst Valy and Maria Kolb. Ceremony performed by Theo Frieder (both the given and surname are hard to read), Residence, 129 Norfold Street.


  • There are some discrepancies with the records in relation to the marriage of Martin Beyerkohler and Mary Loeffler and the births of the children who they claimed or who claimed them:
    • The marriage record of Martin Beyerkohler and Mary Loeffler in 1870 say that it was the first marriage for both of them.
    • There was at least one child, Hannah (Johanna) born circa 1861 to Marie Loeffler.
    • At the birth of Mary Beyerkohler in 1873, Mary Beyerkohler, senior, was listed as the mother of 5 children. One would be the daughter Mary. Two would be Johannna born circa 1861. Another known child was George born 1870. Who were the other two?
Children of Martin Beyerkohler and Mary Loeffler Beyerkohler
  1. George, July 4, 1870 married Hariette

    Note: Martin Beyerkohler and Mary Loeffler were married February 29, 1870.

    George Beyerkohler, 91 Sheriff Street, son of Mary Loeffler, born in Germany, no age, # child of mother, nothing entered, and Martin Beyerkohler, baker, born in Germany, no age, born 04 JUL 1870 (Birth Certificate #52274 Manhattan, New York)


    • It appears that George was born less than 5 months after the wedding. This was a rather common occurrence and was not necessarily looked upon with derision. Pregnancy before marriage was frequently looked at as a proof of fertility.

    Marriage: Henrietta, unknown


    1. Richard (Kurt Kohler, December 2002)

      Richard BEYERKOHLER - Born Aug. 22, 1892

      Note: I did not find this birth listed in NYC. Not listed in the index for NYC births 1891 to 1902

      Marriage: Henrietta (Harriet) Price

      1913 Brooklyn Certificate # 1440

      Richard William Beyerkohler, 207 Eldert Street, age 22, single, salesman, born Brooklyn father, George, mother Henrietta Riez 1st marriage married Henrietta Price, 21 Floyd St, age 22 single born NYC, daughter of Thomas Fenton and Josephine Goewery 1st marriage St Mary's Brooklyn 220 Classon (?) Ave, 21 December 1912. Witnesses: Edward J Fallors, and Alice Yates.


      1. George Beyer, April 13, 1924 (per obit)


        George T. Age 92, of Stevens Drive, Gilliett, PA, died Monday, October 9, 2006, at DeKalb Community Hospital, Smithville, TN. George was born April 13, 1914 in Brooklyn, NY, son of the late Richard and Henrietta Price Beyerkohler. He was married to the late Dorothy Wolff Beyer, who died March 31, 2004. George was a veteran of WWII, serving his country from 1942 to 1945 with the US Army Air Corps. He retired in 1979 from the George Tiemann & Company, Long Island City, NY, where he worked as a manager of warehouses. George was an avid sports fan and followed the Brooklyn Dodgers for many years. Survivors include his brother, Richard Beyer of Lindenhurst, NY; nephews, Bruce Beyer of Irving, TX, and Donald Beyer of Lindenhurst, NY; cousins, Warren Ponds of Liberty, TN, and Alan Coker of Miami, FL; many friends and neighbors. Family and friends are invited to call from 9 to 10 a.m., Saturday, October 21, 2006, at the Roberts Funeral Home, Inc., 279 Main Street, Wellsburg, NY. Funeral Services will be held Saturday, October 21, 2006, at the conclusion of calling hours at 10 a.m. with Reverend Donald Matthews officiating. George will be laid to rest next to his wife, Dorothy in Checkerville Cemetery, Gillett, PA, immediately following the service.

        Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice Checkerville Cemetery, South Creek Township, Bradford County, PA Obituaries"

      2. Richard circa 1918.

      3. Robert, (Kurt Kohler, December 2002), Robert BEYERKOHLER - Born: Oct. 10, 1922

        Marriage: Lillian (Kurt Kohler, December 2002)

        Note from Kurt Kohler, August 2004:

        I talked to Lillian once. She is in her eighties and married Robert (Bob) during the 1970's. It was a third marriage for both and she knew little other than Roberts brothers names/addresses. Robert was the son of Richard and Henrietta. Richard was the son of George born to Martin and Maria on 7/4/1870. Robert has surviving brothers, George and Richard, they shortened their names to Beyer before WWII."

        Alabama Divorce, 1957: Robert Beyerkohler from Mary Beyerkohler, Nov 1957, Russell Co., Alabama

        Death: Died: Dec 1986 (SSDI)

      WWI Draft Registration: Richard W Beyerkohler, 295 (?) Tompkins Ave, Brooklyn, NY born August 22, 1892, US, Brookyln, NY, driver of milk co ??, Sheffield Slavan and Decker , 1372 (?) Fulton Street, Brooklyn, one child, married, 5ft 6 inches, slender, brown eyes and blond hair. June 5, 1917

      1930 Census: Brooklyn Assembly district 6, Cliften ?? Ave.:

      • Richard, head, rent, $45, age 38 ?, married at 21, born NY, chauffer, (can't read)
      • Henriette, wife, age 40 ?, married at 20, born NY
      • George, son, age 16, born NY
      • Richard, son age 12, born NY
      • Robert, son age 7, born NY

      1940 Census: Assembly District 6, Brooklyn, New York, 338 Clifton Place, Head Henrietta Beyerkohler F 50 New York Son George Beyerkohler M 25 New York, laborer box factory, Son Robert Beyerkohler M 17 New York Lodger Rachel Mckee F 11 New York Sister Florence Coker F 36 New York Son Allen Coker M 6 New York Wife Ruth Ponds F 30 New York Husband Louis Ponds M 31 New York Son Warren Ponds M 6 New York Brother Harold Price M 35 New York Brother Walter Price M 48 New York

      March 1929:

      Richard Beyerkohler, 36, of 997 Decatur St was held in bail of $3,500 for a hearing in Homicide Court Friday when he was arraigned yesterday in Gates Avenue Court on a charge of homicide. Beyerkohler, driver of a laundry truck was arrested Saturday night following the death of an unidentified woman, about 55years old, who was struck by Beyerkohler's truck ,according to police, as she was crossing Bedford Ave. near Fulton st. (Brooklyn Daily Eagle -

      Death of Richard Beyerkohler: Died : Jul 1963 (SSDI)

      Death of Henrietta Beyerkohler: Henrietta BEYERKOHLER - Born February 13, 1890, Died Aug 1975 (SSDI)

    2. Unknown, Henrietta listed as a mother of 2 in the 1910 census

    1910 Census: Brooklyn, South 5th Street, 16th Ward:
    • Beyerkohler, George, head, age 40, married at 19, born NY, clerk US post office
    • Henrietta, age 42, married at 19, 2 children 1 living, born NY
    • Richard, son age 17, born NY, clerk lace house

    Death of Henrietta Beyerkohler, 1920: Age 52, July 2 1920, Certificate #15061 Kings

    Brooklyn 207 Eldert Street tenement, Henrietta Beyerkohler, married born March 19, 1868, NYC, age 52 years 3 months and 13 days, name of father, Valentine Roeder, born Germany, mother, Mary Gerald, born Germany, died July 2, 1920 of cerebral hemorrhage, chronic myocarditis Buried Mt Olive Cemetery July 6, 1920

    Death of George Beyerkohler, 1944: 55 years, December 23, 1924 #23343 Kings

    NYC _ Heights Hospital, George Beyerkohler, widow, dob ___ age 55 years, post office clerk, born in US, father, Martin Beyerkohler, born Germany, mother, Mary Loeffer born Germany, 207 Eldert Stree, of Bright's hemoflagea, ---- can't read, December 23, 1944 buried Mt Olive December 27, 1944

  2. Mary (Louise), July 11, 1873 married William Henry Bentley Jr.

    Birth: Mary Beyerkohler, 91 Sheriff Street, daughter of Mary Loeffer, born in Germany, age 3?, 5th child of this mother, father, Martin Beyerkohler, baker, born Germany, age 39, 11 JUL 1873 (Birth Certificate #113827 Manhattan, New York)

  3. Marriage: December 23, 1896

    Louise Gertrude Beyerkohler, 669 Broadway, Brooklyn, age 22, 1st marriage, born NYC, father, Martin Beyerkohler, mother, Mary Loeffler, married William Henry Bentley, Jr, 669 Broadway, Brooklyn, age 25, 1st marriage, carpenter, born NYC, father, William Henry Bentley, mother, Harriet Seaton Mansfield, witnesses, Mamie Stewart, and A E (?) Bentley. Ceremony performed by Cornelius L Turing, Calvery Church, 185 Manor (?) Avenue.

    Note: Mary born in 1873 and Louise married in 1893 are the same person:

    • The estimated year of birth of "Louise" is the same as the birth year of Mary
    • Mary born in 1873 was listed as the 5th child born to Mary Loeffler Beyerkohler and Conrad born in 1875 was listed as the 6th child born to Mary Loeffler Beyerkohler. This does not allow for another child born between Mary in 1873 and Conrad in 1875. See birth of Conrad Beyerkohler below.
    • Particularly in the German community where children were often given five or six names at birth, a different name was used later in life.
    • 1900 Census


    1. Harold W, 1896
      WWII Draft Registration: Harold William Bentley residence, Lyons Place Westwood Bergen New Jersey, Telephone, Westwood 1026, age 45, born Brooklyn, New York, Kings County, October 15, 1896, Name of person who will always know address, Mrs. Marjorie C. Bentley, Employer, Abbott Proctor and Paine, 14 Wall St. NYC.
    2. Ruth, circa 1899
    3. Atherton L., 1906
      SSDI: Atherton L. Bentley SSN: 152-07-3497, Last Residence: 07649, Oradell, Bergen, New Jersey, United States of America Born: 25 Mar 1906 Died: 1 Jan 1995 State (Year) SSN issued: New Jersey (Before 1951 )
    4. Kenneth A, 1912
      Info from One World Tree, Born 19 October 1912, died 22 April 1963, married Lillian Hampson, 11 June 1938 New Milford, NJ (One World Tree)

    1900 Census: Cleveland Street Brooklyn:

    • William H Bentley Jr., head born Dec 1870, age 29, married 4 years, seute (?) maker
    • Louise, wife July 1873, age 26, 2 children 2 still living
    • Harold, son October 1896, age 3
    • Ruth, daughter, June 1898, age 1
    • Emma Beyerkohler, sister-in-law, March 1879, age 22, children's nurse
    • All born NY

    1910 Census: Palisades, Bergen, New Jersey, 164 Eagle Avenue William H Bentley 39, salesman scale co. Louise G Bentley 37, Harold M Bentley 13, Ruth L Bentley 12, Atherton L Bentley 4, Lloyd C Anderson 14, boarder

    1920 Census: Eagle Avenue Palisade Township Bergen New Jersey: Bentley

    • William H, 49, born New Jersey, carpenter house
    • Louise G, 47, born Bavaria, none
    • Harold W, 23, born New York, brokers office
    • Atherton L, 13, born New York, none
    • Kenneth A, 7, born New York, none

    Note: Louise Bentley was NOT born in Bavaria

    See pictures of Louise Beyerkohler Bentley at bottom of the page.

  4. Conrad 5/10/1875, the Great Grandfather of Kurt Kohler (Kurt Kohler, December 2002)

    Conrad Beyerkohler, 97 Willett Street, son of Mari Loeffer, born in Germany, age 33 , 6th child of this mother, father Martin Beyerkohler, baker, born Germany, age 39, born 10 MAY 1875 (Manhattan Certificate # 159061, New York, New York)

    Note: Originally the address was listed in two different places on the records as 97 Sheriff Street. In both place Sheriff was crossed out and Willett was entered. This could indicate a recent move.

    Marriage: Conrad Beyerkohler and Margaret Goeble, November 24, 1897

    Conrad Beyerkohler, 140 Second Avenue, age 22, single, born NYC, father, Martin Beyerkohler, mother, Mary Loeffler, 1st marriage and Margaret Goebel, 422 E 6th Avenue, age 18, single, born NYC, father, Jacob Goebel, mother, Christine Reinhardt, 1st marriage. Ceremony performed by Walter E. Bentley, Vicar St Mark's Church, 212 E 12th Street. Witnesses: Ernest L. Hester and Carrie Goebel. (Manhattan Certificate #18310, New York)


    • Was Walter E. Bentley, the vicar at St Mark's Church, related to William Henry Bentley, Jr. and A. E. Bentley, the groom and witness at the marriage of Louise Beyerkohler in 1896?


    1. Margaret AKA Margery, Majorie

      Birth: Margaret Christine Beyerkohler, 10 21 1898, 340 East 9th Street to Conrad Beyerkohler, age 23, clerk, and Margaret Beyerkohler nee Goebel age 19, 1st birth

      Margery was mentioned frequently in the Brooklyn Eagle social columns.

      Marriage: June 1918 Clarence Mattison Shinkle, both of East Elmherst at the Leverich Memorial Chapel.

      Death: Margery Beyer Zeigler [Margery Beyer Beyerkohler] Born 21 Oct 1898, New York City, New York, Death Date: 5 Mar 1963, Death Location: Newport, Orleans, Cause of Death: Carcinoma of Ovary With Matastases, Veteran: Non applicable, Residence: Newport, Vermont, Spouse's Name: James N. Zeigler, Mother's Maiden Name: Goebels, Mother's Name: Margaret, Father's Name: Conrad Beyerkohler, Date Filed: 05 Mar 1963, Vital Event Type: Certificate of Death

    2. Louis Conrad Beyerkohler (1901-)

      Birth: Louis Conrad Beyerkohler, September 16, 1901 124 E 11th Street to Conrad Beyerkohler, born US, age 26, US PO clerk, and Margaret Beyerkohler (no maiden name given) age 21, second child both living.

      Death: April 1952, suddenly, son of Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Beyerkohler, father of Conrad Kohler of Columbus Ohio, and brother of Margery Beyer Zeiglar.

    1900 Census: 348 East 9th Street, Bayerkohler, Conrad, head, May 1875, age 25 married 3 years, born New York clerk, Margaret wife Aug 1880 age 19, , Margaret October 1898, age 1

    1910 Census: Melrose Avenue, Bronx:

    • Beyerkohler, Conrad, head, age 34, born NY, clerk post office
    • Margaret, wife, age 29, born NY
    • Margaret, C, daughter, age 11, born NY
    • Louis C, son, age 8, born NY

    WWI Draft Registration: Conrad Beyerkohler, Emerson (?) St Corona Queens age 43, born May 10, 1875, post office clerk, US post master, - NY, NY, next of kin, Margaret Beyerkohler, height medium, build heavy ?, blue eyes and black hair. September 2, 1918

    1940 Census: Assembly District 3, Queens, New York Conrad Beyerkohler M 65 New York, retired clerk post office, Wife Margaret Beyerkohler F 69 New York

    Death of Conrad Beyerkohler: Conrad Beyerkohler 29 Nov 1956 Townshend, Windham, Vermont, United States Father's Name: Martin Beyerkohler Mother's Name: Marie Loeffler Spouse's Name: Margaret Goebel Digital Folder Number: 7028986 Image Number: 00247 (LDS family search)

  5. Unknown child

    According to the birth record of Anne Beyerkohler in 1877, she was the 8th child born to Mary Loeffler, see below.

  6. Emma, 3/1877 (Kurt Kohler, December 2002)

    Anne Beyerkohler, 97 Willett Street, daughter of Mary Loeffler, born Germany, age 35, 8th child of this mother, father, Matin Beyerkohler, baker, born Germany, age 42 born 08 MAR 1877 (Manhattan Certificate # 202809, New York)

    1900 Census: Emma Beyerkohler was listed in the 1900 Census at Wartburg Orphan Farm School, 5th Ward, Mt. Vernon City, Eastchester Westchester County, New York, A.D. line 63:

    Byerkohler, Emma, White Female, born Mar 1877, age 23, Single, born NY, mother, Ger., father, Ger., occupation, Teacher

1870 Census: June 23, 1870, 93 Norfolk st., Beyerkohler, Martin, age 35, baker $200, born Bavaria, Mary 28, born Bavaria, Johanna age 9 born Bavaria

Immigration of the Beyerkohler Family: Martin Bayerköhler Departure Date: 26 Jan 1870, Estimated Birth Year: abt 1836, Age: 34, Gender: (Male), Residence: Bayreuth, Occupation: Bakker, Ship Name: Westphalia, Captain: Schwensen, Shipping Line: Hamburg-Amerikanische Packetfahrt-Actien-Gesellschaft, Shipping Clerk: Aug. Bolten Wm. Miller`s Nachfolger, Ship Type: Dampfschiff, Accommodation: Zwischendeck, Ship Flag: Deutschland, Port of Departure: Hamburg, Port of Arrival: Havre; New York, Volume: 373-7 I, VIII A 1 Band 024 Page: 25 Microfilm Roll Number: K_1715 (

Next to Martin Bayerkohler were Loffler, Marie age 28, Goldmuhle, Baiern, frau and her daughter Johanne age 9

1880 directory: Martin Beyerkohler 218 Third New York, New York Occupation: Baker Publication Title: New York, New York, City Directory, 1880

Death of Mary Loeffler Beyerkohler, 1882: Maria Beyerkohler, age 40 years and 6 months, married, occupation, none, born Germany, in US and NY for 12 years, father and mother's places of birth, Germany, place of death, 218 E 3rd Street, 11 (?) Ward, living on 2nd floor, 20 families in building, was seen by a physician from January 29 to January 31, 1882, died on February 1, 1882, at around 7:00 A.M., of acute arterial rheumatic (can't read next few words), contributing cause, endo carditus, buried in the Lutheran cemetary. (Manhattan Death Certificate 1882, #410740)

Note: The death certificates vary a little over time. This death certificate did not ask the name of the parents, only their places of birth.

1883: Martin Beyerkohler 218 Third New York, New York Occupation: Laborer Publication Title: New York, New York, City Directory, 1883

1884 Naturalization Petition of Martin Beyerkohler: 28 January 1884 Martin Beyerkohler Court of common Pleas declaration of intention.

1887 Naturalization Petition: Martin Beyerkohler arrived in US in 1870 February, laborer, 198 Second Street, October 18, 1877

Death of Martin Beyerkohler, 1890: Martin Beyerkohler age 54 years, 10 months, widower, occupation labourer, born Bayreuth, in US for 18 years, address 164 E 4th Street, died on March 16th of Pnemonia dextra (?), paralysis cardis (?) Asthma bronchiate.

The death certificate indicates that there were 8 families living at 164 E 4th Street and that Martin Beyerkohler lived in the basement. The information on parents, address, etc was provided by "Charles Beyerkohler". The physician who filled out the death certificate made the following note: "I only saw deceased once found him suffering of a heavy asthma bronchiate and inflamation of lungs. Death caused by paralsis of heart." Martin Beyerkohler was buried in Lutheran Cemetary on March 18th, 1890. (Death certificate, Manhattan, 1890 #9681)

There were no other Beyerkohler deaths between 1888 and 1891.

Beyerkohler, Property

Elmhurst. L. I. N. Y. - Dwelling: 2½ sty. 17x32 $2,700 Shurz Av. Archt. C. Gebele, 114 Cook av. Owner Charles Beyerkohler 827 Melrose Ve. New York City. Frame, single roofing. (The American Contractor, Volume 35, 1914)

Note: Charles Beyerkohler died in 1891.

Additional Notes From Kurt Kohler, December 2002

Beyerkohler, Postal Workers 1907

The Official Register of Postal Workers for 1907 listed Geo. M. Beyerkohler and Conrad Beyerkohler both in New York.

Additional Notes From Kurt Kohler, December 2002

Some of the Beyerkohles changed the name to Kohler while other changed it to Beyer.

"I have an older relative that thinks all the kids were put in the Wartburg Orphanage up in Mt Vernon Westchester Co."


Bayreuth is a city in Bavaria, east of Wurzburg and north of Nurenberg.

For information on Bayreuth click HERE

Bayreuth Marriages "Issuances" for Bayerkohler 1875-1915 created by Walter Bartl

  1. (1899) 9737/355 Bayerköhler Friedrich Anton Martin, Ökonom 3.12.1861 Bayreuth Schertel Katharina, Maurers- & Söldnerstochter 12.6.1874 Ramsenthal
  2. (1914) 11249/263 Bayerköhler Friedrich Johann Karl, Schlosser 8.7.1886 Aign Hirschmann Katharina, Fabrikarbeiterstochter 4.6.1890 St. Johannis
  3. (1893) 10157/144 Bayerköhler Georg, Maschinenschlosser zu Weiden 6.10.1868 Weidenberg Leykam Katharina, Bahnwaarterstochter 26.3.1862 Ramsenthal 30
  4. (1896) 10066/289 Bayerköhler Johann, Gaartner 20.2.1867 Bayreuth Zettner Anna, Maurerstochter 3.10.1867 Plankenfels
  5. (1901) 9661/3 Bayerköhler Johann Nikolaus, Modellschreiner zu Muunchen 15.4.1870 Bayreuth Steinbauer Franziska 18.2.1881 Beilngries
  6. (1905) 8243/43 Bayerkoöhler Lorenz, Ökonom 24.6.1880 Bayreuth Schroödel Margareta, Ökonomentochter 31.8.1883 Neuenreuth
  7. (1890) 9467/328 Bayerköhler Martin Clemens, Kunst- & Handelsgartner 19.12.1851 Bayreuth Pollack Margaretha Henr. Friederika, geb. Tiegel, gesch. Kaufmannsfrau 1.7.1858 Bayreuth
  8. (1894) 10155/336 Bayerköhler Max, Gartner 6.6.1873 Bayreuth Grodel Magdalena, Dienstmagd 15.1.1869 Neuwirthshaus
  1. (1881) 18159/1 Reiß Johann Konrad Erhard, Maurer 6.12.1854 Altstadt-Bayreuth Bayerköhler Anna Johanna Katharina, Ökonomentochter 6.11.1853 Bayreuth
  2. (1891) 10315/288 Hayde Johann Christoph Karl, Schneidermeister 29.3.1862 Bayreuth BayerkÖhler Christiana Margaretha Friederika, Ökonomentochter 28.7.1864 Bayreuth
  3. (1883) 18168/362 Sendel Adam Lorenz, Finanzrechnungsrevisor zu Wurzburg 3.7.1859 Bayreuth Bayerkhöler Christianna Antonie Maxim., Rentamtsassistententochter 30.11.1860 Bayreuth 695
  4. (1892) 10316/141 Heidenreich Georg, Ökonom auf dem Quellhof 16.2.1864 Thiergarten Bayerköhler Johanna Dorothea, Bauerntochter 22.6.1864 Neunkirchen
  5. (1878) 18162/344 Schiebel Johann Friedrich, Schuhmacher 28.11.1853 Bayreuth Bayerköhler Johanna Katharina, Ökonomentochter 28.1.1853 Bayreuth
  6. (1894) 10155/131 Heidenreich Johann Georg, Ökonom auf dem Quellhof 20.1.1866 Tannenbach Bayerköhler Johanna Margaretha, Ökonomentochter 5.11.1863 St.Georgen-Bayreuth
  7. (1897) 10065/394 Grieshammer Johann Jakob, Ökonom 2.7.1874 Bayreuth Beyerkoöhler Margaretha Johanna, Ökonomentochter 16.8.1865 Bayreuth
Stadtarchiv Bayreuth Findmittel Gesuche um Ausstellung von Verehelichungszeugnissen 1875-1915

Conrad Beyerkohler and Margaret Goeble and children

Conrad Beyerkohler and Margaret Goeble and their children, Louis Conrad and Margaret, circa 1908

Photo courtesy Kurt Kolhler

Photo collection of Kurt Kolhler

Louise Beyerkohler Bentley

Photo collection of Mark Soltysiak
"Minnie Westrich's Aunt Louise Bentley" "Aunt Louise Bentley"

Pictures of the grandchildren of Catherine Lindemann Beyerkohler and Charles Beyerkohler can be seen under Catherine Lindemann Beyerkohler

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Catherine Lindemann Beyerkohler