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_____ Schwarzmeier, the First Husband of Catherine Furst

Catherine Furst was listed at the time of her marriage in 1863 to Julius Lindemann as Catherine Schwarzmeier, nee Furst.

I assume that Catherine was widowed, as divorce was extreemly uncommon for her social position and the times. I believe that Catherine's first husband was the father of Minnie Lindemann. For more information on this possibility, see Minnie.

At this point I know very little about Catherine's first husband. I do not know:

  • His first name
  • The date and place of his birth
  • An immigration date
  • The date of his marriage to Catherine Furst.

The only clue I have is the NYC death record of Michael Schwarzmeier.

The death records in New York City from 1858 to 1863 list only one person with a name that started Schwar(t)zm.....

Michael Schwarzemaior (writing is bad and I am unsure of the spelling of the last part of the name), age 31, 4 months and 8 days, born in Germany, address 604 4th Street died on May 21, 1862. Cause of death euthentis(?). He was buried in the Lutheran cemetery. In reply to my request of August 22, 2001 on the burial information of Michael Schwarzemaior the Lutheran Cemetery wrote:

"The information we have regarding Michael Schwarzemaior 31 years old. Address not given to us. Location Public 1E Map 2, Row 2 Grave 33. The only burial in this lot."
Death reports were common, but not required in NYC before 1880. Consequently, I cannot be sure if Michael Schwarzmeier was the first husband of Catherine Furst. However, there are several aspects of this death that are appropriate:
  • The surname
  • The age: Appropriate to be the wife of Catherine.
  • The nationality: Early imigrants most frequently married people of thier own nationality.
  • The date of death: Catherine Furst Schwarzmeier married Julius Lindemann in April 1863, a little under a year later. Marriages within a year of the death of a spouse was relatively common, especially if there were young children.
  • The address: The lower east side of Manhattan, an area that was connected with the few records for Catherine Furst

Schwarzmeier was a very uncommon name in the records in New York City and in the US records in general. There are only a handful of Schwarzmeiers (under a variety of spellings) in the Social Security Death Index, indicating that the name was not popular or that there were changes in the name leaving very few Schwarzmeiers in the population by 1990.

Schwarzmeier in the NYC Directories

The NYC directories from 1842 to 1864 (1863 was the year of the marriage of Catherine Furst to Julius Lindemann) contain the following listings for Schwarzmeier (with any variety of spelling):

  • 1846/47 John Schwarzmayer and Co., daguerreotype, 112 Bway
  • 1853/54 Francis Schwartmayer, peddler, 129 W 46th St.
  • 1856/57 Joseph Schwartzmier, Machinist h. W 52nd St n. 8th Ave.
  • 1857/58 Christian Schwarzmeier, carpenter, 204 E 17th St.
  • 1859 Joseph Schwarzmeier, laborer, W 52nd n. 8th Ave.
  • 1860 Joseph Schwarzmeier, laborer, W 52nd n. 8th Ave.
  • 1861 No listings for Schwarzmeier
  • 1862 Francis Schwartzmeyer, rags, W. 52nd near 8th
  • 1863 Matthias Schwartzmeyer, farmer W 52 at 9th
  • 1863 Christian Schwartzmeyer u.s.a. 318 First Ave.

The following entries occurred after the marriage of Catherine Furst Schwarzmeier to Julius Lindemann:

  • 1864 Christian Schwartzmeyer u.s.a. 318 First Ave.
  • 1864 John Schwartzmeier, laths, 52nd 8th

Based on the addresses, there may have been some connection between Francis, Matthias, and John Schwartzmeyer who on the west side off 8th Ave in the 40s and 50s.

Schwar(t)zmeier in the Federal Censuses




Franz in the 9th ward

Schwar(t)zmeier in the New York City Records


There were no Schwar(t)zmeier births recorded through 1863. Note: The records are sort of spotty.


  • Margaret age 7 months, 9th Ave and 53rd Street, born in New York, died of convulsions, October 5, 1853, Buried in Calvary Cemetery. Note: This is a Catholic cemetery.
  • Michael in 1862. See above.


I did not do all marriages yet.

Other Possibilities

There were 11 listings in the Social Security Death Index for Schwarzmayer. Eigth of them were issued in New York State. I looked for the births of three on them in New York City:

  1. Frank born September 16, 1890
  2. Frank born March 4, 1891
  3. Henry born May 30, 1902
There were no records for any of them in New York City.

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