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Birth of Julius Lindemann

Johann Julius Conrad Lindemann was born on November 2, 1820 in Bettmar, Braunschweig (Brunswick), Germany.


  • The date and place of his birth were taken from the church record of his marriage to Catherine Furst in 1863.
  • His full name was taken from his emigration card from Brunswick in 1847.

Braunschweig, known in English as Brunswick, was a historical Duchy in northwest Germany and a possession of the Welf family. The Duchy of Brunswick, located in Lower Saxony, took its name from the city of Brunswick.

Bettmar, a village near Vechelde, west of the city of Braunschweig, is described as an "area" in A History of Brunswick by Dan. C. Heinemeire.

The only records at the Family History Center for Bettman are on microfilm number 0949313 and date from 1808 to 1813. The LDS discription for this microfilm says that it contains civil transcripts of births, marriages and deaths. There are several listings for Lindemann. However, this is the wrong time period for the birth of Julius. I do not know if the Lindemann listings are related in any way. However, Bettmar appears to have been a very small place.

LDS microfilm 0958027 is listed as a Civil Register Catalogue for Brunswick. I did not find any information pertaining to the Lindemann family.

Immigration of Julius

Based on information taken from his death certificate, Julius immigrated to the United States in 1847. While death records are not very reliable for this type of information, other records support 1847 as the most likely year of his immigration.

LDS microfilm 1124913 includes Namens Register Auswanderer for the province of Niedersachsen, Braunschweig (Brunswick) from 1847 to 1875. The Namens Register Auswanderer, a list of emigrants from Brunswick, is comprised of a card for each individual or family and includes the name, age, intended place of immigration, year of emigration and some other miscellaneous information.

The card for Julius Lindemann contains the following information:

Lindemann, Johann Julius Conrad
Sch-id-y-felle from Bettmar
28 years old
Br. - 1847, --57, S- 1298/99
  • "-" indicates a letter I can not read.
  • The LDS guide to German research says,
    " Some children received as many as four or more given names at baptism. Multiple given names were often the names of parents or other relatives. Many of these names were frequently dropped as the child matured. Thus, a person's later records do not always use the name he or she was given at birth"
    Given the limited number of Lindemann who emigrated from Brunswick, the age, the fact that Julius was born in Bettmar, the common use of Johann as a name that was given at baptism but not used subsequently, the date of emigration, and the destination, the above record was surely the emigration record for Julius Lindemann.

There are seven other Lindemanns in the Namens Register Auswanderer:
  1. Hanne Lindemann, of Ottenstein, born December 29, 1816, and her son, immigrated in 1848
  2. Agust Lindemann, born January 13, 1842, emigrated in 1848
  3. Johann Heinrich Christopher, age 32 emigrated in 1852
  4. Christine, age 58, her son
  5. Hienrich age 31 in 1857
  6. Louise, no age, connected with Wilhelm Bregmann, 1858
  7. Dorothea, no age, no date, there is other information on this card that I have not been able to translate yet


  • There were no Nethels in the file.
  • There were some Diestels. This is a different spelling than the people connected with Julius in New York City.
  • I know very little about the emigration list and how it worked. I assume that if Julius had emigrated with a wife and/or children they would have been listed with him on the file card as other people were listed with their families.
  • I do not know if the two women, Louise and Dorothea, were listed under their maiden or married names

Joh. Julius Konrad Lindemann, Arrival Year: 1847, Arrival Place: America, Source Publication Code: 2822, Primary Immigrant: Lindemann, Joh Julius Konrad, Annotation: "Lists of Emigrants From the Former Duchy of Braunschweig [or Brunswick]; Not Including the City of Braunschweig and the County of Holzminden, 1846-1871. "Date of notice requesting emigration permit and intended destination. Extracted from notices in Brau Source Bibliography: GRUHNE, FRITZ. Auswandererlisten des ehemaligen Herzogtums Braunschweig; ohne Stadt Braunschweig und Landkreis Holzminden, 1846-1871. (Quellen und Forschungen zur Braunschweigischen Geschichte, vol. 20, 1971.) Brunswick [Germany]: Braunschweigischen Geschichtsverein, 1971. 293p.

I have looked through the passenger manifests for ships arriving in New York harbor in 1847, (except for roll 71), and did not find the immigration of Julius Lindemann. Roll 71 was missing and National Archives Record Administration has to order a new copy. (Never went back to it. MLB, Feb. 2015)

No appropriate listings on Castle Gardens web site.

1847 was a big year for immigration from Germany, as well as Ireland, in part because of the failure of the potato chops in northern Europe and Ireland and in part because of political unrest in Germany. Julius seems to have been active politically as he belonged to Independent Social Reform Club, Fellowship of Hermanns Bunder and Independent German Confederation at the time of his death in 1867

Julius married in New York City in September 1847.

Lindemann Variations in Spelling

Records for the Lindemanns have been found under several spellings: Lindemann, Lindeman, Lindamunn, Lindermann, Lendmann, and Linterman. Variations in spelling are quite common in old records, especially as named were transformed from one language to another. However, there are not many names that start "Lind" and end "man".

The "Linterman" listing was on the death record of Catherine Lindemann. The name was originally written "Lintman". That was crossed out and "Linterman" was written over it. This spelling seems pretty far off the mark. However, I am positive that the name is meant to be "Lindemann" because Catherine "Linterman" was buried with her daughter, Minnie Lindemann Goehle, and her daughter's husband, Peter Goehle.

On the interment information for Julius Lindemann's burial his last name is spelled "Lindermann", yet on his death certificate it is spelled "Lindemann".

The records from the German sources, the emigration card from Brunswick and the New York Chruch records, consistently used "Lindemann".


Julius Lindemann of "Beddmar" Braunschwig married Amalia Salemand of Eitnizch, Sackson ____ witnesses, Andreas Stnecher (?) and Adam Jugulth (?), September 8, 1847 Trinity Lutheran Church. (LDS film 2079138)

The marriage was not recorded with the city. Marriage registration was not required before the turn of the century and it was actually unusual for marriages to be recorded in the 1800s.

Children of Julius and Amalia

I have not found any record of children of Julius and Amalia in the New York City records.

There were no baptisms of their children listed in Trinity Lutheran.

There are no children listed with them in the 1850 and 1860 censuses.

Any children still alive would have to be young enough to be still living at home in the 1850 and 1860 censuses. Given the high infant mortality during those years, they could have had children who died before the 1850 census or between the 1850 and 1860 censuses. It is possible that they had children after 1860 and before 1862. However, it should be noted that Julius' wife was 46 at the time of her death of carcinoma in 1862. It, therefore, seems unlikely that she had any children between 1860 and her death in 1862.

The first record connecting Julius to the Rivington Presbyterian Church was in 1860. The records start in 1852 and there were no record for Julius until 1860 when he was the marriage witness for Heinrich Distel. The next record connected to him in the Rivington Church was his marriage to Catherine Furst in 1863.

There are no records connected to Julius Lindemann and/or his wife, Amelia, (Ellenora) in St Matthew's Lutheran Church from 1848 until after his death in 1867.

Julius Lindemann in the New York City Directories

There were directories from the late 1700s onward for New York City that list names, occupations, and addresses (like telephone books before telephones). In most areas a small fee was charged to have ones name included. For several years in the mid to late 1800s there were at least two companies who made up directories. The New York Genealogical & Biographical Society has at least one directory for each year. I looked for Lindemanns starting in 1842/43. There were no listings for Lindemann until William Lindemann, piano maker, in 1843/44. The first listing for Julius was in the 1849/50 Directory. Julius was listed as follows:

  • 1849/50 Julius Lindemann, tailor, 163 Second Ave
  • 1850/51 Julius Lindemann, tailor, 172 Second Avenue
  • 1851/52 Julius Lindermann, tailor, 172 Second Avenue
  • 1851 A second directory for 1851, the John Doggett, Jr, Street Directory, did not list Julius Lindemann. However, there was a notation in this directory that a church was being build at 172 Second Avenue. There is no church at this address today.
  • Julius was not listed between 1852 and 1854. Note: It is not unusual for someone to miss being listed for a year or two and then reappear.
  • 1855/56 Julius Lindemann, tailor, 174 Second Avenue
  • 1856/57 Julius Lindemann, tailor, 174 Second Avenue
  • 1857/58 Julius Lindemann, tailor, 174 Second Avenue
  • 1859 Julius Lindemann, tailor, 41 Avenue C
  • 1860 Julius Lindemann, tailor, 41 Avenue C
  • 1861 Julius Lindemann, tailor, 133 Avenue A
  • 1862 Julius Lindemann, tailor, 133 Avenue A. Note: Julius's first wife, Amelia, died in 1862.
  • 1863 Julius Lindemann, tailor, 133 Avenue A. Note: Julius married Catherine Furst in 1863.
  • 1864 Julius Lindemann was not listed.

I have tried to use the directories to determine if there were other related Lindemanns in NYC, see below.

Julius in the 1850 Federal Census

The 1850 census did not list addresses or relationships of people living in the same household. However, the woman listed with Julius in this census was most likely his wife.

Julius Lindemann was listed in the 1850 census in ward 17 in New York City as follows:

  • Julius Lindamunn, 29 year old, occupation, tailor, born in Germany
  • Ellenora Lindamunn, age 33, born in Germany


  • 172 Second Ave. (where Julius was listed in the 1850 directory) was in the 17th ward.
  • The name "Ellenora" is not a problem. Census information is frequently off. The fact is that the ages, occupation, ward number, and the limited number of Lindemanns named Julius in NYC at the time (one), indicate that this is the correct listing.

Note: I found this record the old fashion way and cannot make it come up on Ancestry.com.


Julius Lindemann was naturalized in the Common Pleas Court, City of New York, on April 29, 1853. His address was given as 172 2nd St., NYC. The witness to his naturalization was Martin Cook or "Koeg". His oath included a renunciation of all allegiance to the Duke of Brunswick. (State of New York, Court of Common Pleas, City and County of New York 1853, Bundle # 125 Record #234A).

Unfortunately, at that time and in that court the naturalization information was minimal.

Julius in the 1860 Federal Census

The 1860 census, taken on June 15, 1860, did not list addresses or relationships of people living in the same household, however, "Amelia", the woman listed with Julius was his first wife.

Julius Lindeman was listed in the 1860 census in the 8th district of Ward 17 as follows:

  • Julius Lendmann age 38, tailor, value of personal estate, $400, born in "Broun Seawaen"
  • Amelia Lendmann, age 42, born in "Saxonia"

According to the directories Julius was listed at:

  • 41 Ave C in 1860
  • 133 Ave A in 1861

41 Avenue C was in ward 11. 133 Avenue A was in ward 17. Since he was listed in the census in ward 17 Julius had moved to 133 Ave A by June 15, 1860.

Censuses are good sources for tracking people over time and giving hints of where to look for more concrete information. They are, however, often filled with inconsistencies. Variations in spelling were common. Given the limited numbers of Lindemanns living in New York at the time, adding the uncommon given name, Julius, the occupation, tailor, and the consistent ages of Julius and his wife, it is certain that the listing of "Lindemann" in 1850 and "Lendmann" in 1860 can be viewed as the census taker's error.

The difference in names, between the 1850 and 1860 census, of the Julius's wife is another of these types of inconsistencies. Name changes like this are quite common from one census to the next.

Note: I found this record the old fashion way and cannot make it come up on Ancestry.com.

Death of Amelia Lindemann

According to the records of the Lutheran Cemetery in their letter dated, December 9, 1998, Amelia Lindemann of 135 Avenue A was interred on July 30th, 1862 in the grave Public Lot 1D, Map 2, Row 2, Grave 58, Lutheran Cemetery. This grave would later also hold Julius Lindemann. The Lutheran Cemetery records listed Amelia Lindermann as 80 years old at the time of her death. The age of death on the interment record is in error.

According to the New York City death records, Amelia Lindemann died on July 29, 1862, age 46, 135 Avenue A, cause of death, carcinoma, buried, Lutheran cemetery. This record is in ledger book form.

The Lutheran cemetery is now called All Faiths Cemetery and is located in Middle Village, Queens, New York. The grave of Amelia Lindeman and Julius Lindemann is unmarked.

Marriage of Julius Lindemann and Catherine Furst, 1863

Julius Lindemann, widow, born November 2, 1820, Bettmar, Braunschweig, married Catherine Schwarzmeier, nee Furst, born November 4, 1831 in Aschaffenburg, Bavaria, address 133 Avenue A, on April 28, 1863, witnesses, Carl Nethel (no address) and L.T.L. Furst, 27 Christie Street, in the Rivington German Presbyterian Church.

L. T. L Furst was Catherine's brother, Louis Furst.

I did not find the marriage recorded in the civil records.

Children of Julius and Catherine

Julius and Catherine had two children baptized in the Rivington German Presbyterian Church, New York City:

  1. Elizabeth Lindemann born February 23, 1864, daughter of Julius Lindemann of Bettmar, Braunschweig, and Catherine, nee Furst, of Aschaffenburg, Bavaria, was baptized April 10, 1864 at the Rivington German Presbyterian Church, address 487 ?, sponsor, Elizabeth Distel.


    • This birth was not recorded in the civil records which did not require the reporting of births until 1900.
    • Julius was in his early forties and Catherine was 30ish, when Elizabeth was born.
    • According to the 1864 NYC directory, February 23, 1864 was a Tuesday.
    • Julius had been a witness at the marriage of Elizabeth Distel to her husband, Heinrich in 1860

    Death: Eliza Lindemann, age 1 year 1 month died on January 22, 1865, address, 216 2nd Avenue, cause of death "Hydrocefahalus", buried in Lutheran Cemetery.

    Note: The address at the death of Elizabeth Lindemann was the same as the address at the baptism of Sophia Catherine Lindemann in 1866.

  2. Sophia Cath. Lindemann born February 7, 1866, the daughter of Julius Lindermann of Bettmar, Braunschweig, and Catherine nee Furst, born Aschaffenburg, Bavaria, was baptized on April 8, 1866, address 216 2 Ave., at the Rivington German Presbyterian Church, sponsor, Sophia Furst.
  3. Notes:

    • Sophia Furst was the wife of was Catherine's brother, Louis.
    • Sophia Cath. Lindemann went under the name Catherine.
    • This birth was not recorded in the civil records.

    Marriage: Catherine Lindermann married Charles Beyerkohler in New York City in 1888. For more information on Catherine Lindemann Beyerkohler, click HERE

The Rivington German Presbyterian Church

The records for this church are available on microfilm through LDS. They include marriages and baptisms from 1852-1872. There is a note at the beginning of the microfilm that says,

"The German Church in Rivington Street was organized Dec. 19, 1852 and enrolled Jan. 17, 1853. On the 6th of February the Rev. Henry Toelke was installed. Mr. Tolke was deposed Oct. 3, 1864. The church was probably disbanded, as we find no notes of it afterwards' S. D. Alexander, The Presbyter?? York. 17385 ?? 1888. New York (1888), p. 144. "

The church records, however, continue until 1872.

In The German Churches of Metropolitan New York, Richard Haberstroh call this the "1st German Presbyterian German Evangelical Church".

"The First German Presby. Church at Rivington and Ludlow was founded in 1852 moved uptown several times between 1858 and 1870, finally to St. Mark's Place and 1st Ave., closed in 1870. Pastor: Henry Toelke. Records are at the Presbyterian Historical Society and FHL film is available.

First German Presbyterian Church

An 1852 map shows the "Presbyterian Church in the middle of the block on the south side of Rivington between Orchard and Ludlow.

I have checked the Rivington Church records from 1852 to 1872. The events that are recorded which relate to Julius Lindemann and Catherine Furst are:

  1. Julius as a witness to the marriage of Heinrich Distel in 1860.
  2. The marriage of Julius and Catherine in 1863.
  3. The baptism of their daughter, Elizabeth in 1864.
  4. The baptism of their daughter, Sophia, later known as Catherine, in 1866.
There are no other records for:
  • Other children of Julius Lindemann.
  • The marriage of Catherine Furst to her first husband, (? ) Schwarzmeier.
  • There are no children to anyone named Schwarzmeier.

There are the following records for the names Lindemann, Schwarzmeier, and/or Fursts in the records of the Rivington Church:

  1. Baptism of Heinrich Wilhelm August Lindemann, father, Wilhelm Lindemann, Hanover , and Friederike Abel, October 19, 1862
  2. Baptiam of Anne Caroline Lindemann of Frederick Johann Lindemann, Lubrer (?) Rhein pf, and Anna Dora Albrect, August 10, 1862, 235 E ----
  3. Baptism of Alfred Furst, the son of Joseph Furst of Bavaria Nov. 1864, Certificate #5279
  4. Baptism of Helene Margarethe Furst, the daughter of Christopher Furst of R--- and Christine Dace, address 25 Ludlow Street, born March 21, 1868 baptized March 28, 1869.
  5. Baptism of Lina Furst of Michael Furst of Hoppenhime (?) and Lina Wenses of Worms, 13 Stanton, no sponsor, born September 23, 1867 baptized April 14, 1869.

Death records ended in 1871.

Note: Catherine Furst did have a brother, Joseph. She was not known to have brothers named Christopher or Michael.

Death of Julius, October 2, 1867

The New York City Certificate of Death for Julius Lindemann includes the following information:

Julius Lindemann, age 46, years, 11, months and __ days, color, white, married, occupation, tailor, birthplace, Germany, how long in the United States, 20 years, how long in NYC, 20 years, father's place of birth, Germany, mothers place of birth, Ov. (?), place of death, 366 East 8th Street, XI Ward, died on October 2, 1867, cause of death, meningitis, time of attack until death, 14 days, place of burial, Lutheran Cem, date of burial 3rd, Undertaker, L. Hoffmann, place of business, Houston, Medical attendant , Dr. E. (?), address, 46 3rd St.
  • According to the information on his marriage record, Julius was born on November 2, 1820. This is in keeping with the death certificate information.

Lutheran Cemetery records indicate that, Julius Lindermann, age 46 years, place of death, 366 East 8 street, NYC was interred on October 3, 1867 in Public Lot, 1D, Map 2, Row, 2 Grave 58.

This is the same grave that was listed by the Lutheran Cemetery for his first wife, Amelia, in 1862. There is no marker on this grave.

Julius Lindemann's obituary was listed in Staat Zeitung the New York City German Newspaper as follows:


Friends and Acquaintances, in particular the following societies: Independent Social Reform Club, Fellowship of Hermann Bunder [Hermann Bund] and Independent German Confederation, herewith the resulting sad notice of 5:30 AM death of my beloved husband, Julius Lindemann with prayer and ---------

The burial occurs on Thursday October 3 at 2 PM from the Mourning house #366 8th Street near Avenue ? at the Lutheran Cemetery

2 October 1867

Katherine Lindeman
and her 2 children

Translation courtesy of Thomas J. J. Blanck.

The two children mentioned in the obituary were: Wilhemina Schwartzmeier (AKA Wilhelmina Lindemann) born circa 1860, a daughter of Catherine by her first marriage, and Catherine Lindemann born 1866. Wilhemina was my ancestor.

This is a very interesting obituary. While it gives no genealogical information, the social organizations that are listed indicate that Julius may have left Germany as a political refugee.

For more information on Catherine Furst Schawartzmeier Lindemann go to Catherine Furst Schawartzmeier Lindemann now or at the bottom of the page.

Possible Relatives of Julius Lindemann

John Lindemann

John Lindemann was naturalized on Oct. 5, 1859. When he signed his statement of intention in 1858, he renounced allegiance to the Duke of Brunswick.

The NYC directories indicate that there were at least three John Lindemanns in New York City around 1859:

  1. John Lindeman, baker, 20 James Street 1851.
    John Lindemann, baker, 135 W 17th 1853/54, 1854/55
    John H. Lindemann, baker, 84 Ave D, 1869.
  2. John Lindeman, chair maker, 127 Columbia, 1851/52. This address connects him with Caspar Lindemann furniture maker, see below.
  3. John H. Lindemann, grocer, 44 Cherry and 447 W 29 1851/52

The 1870 census in the 11 Ward, lists:

  • John Lindeman, 57 year old, naturalized, shoemaker , born Germany
  • May, age 45, born in New York
  • Kate, age, 9, born in New York.

In 1870 Census, Ward 12, 3rd Ave. John Lindemann, age 48 broker, Matlidla age 46, Sophie age 8, James age 6 and George age 4, parents born Germany children born NY

I cannot find any John Lindemann in the 1860 or 1880 censuses.

I do not know if the John Lindemann listed in the 1870 census is the same John Lindemann who was naturalized in 1859. The age of his daughter would mean that he was in the US by at least 1861. If he was 57 in 1870 it would mean that he was born circa 1813. I tried to look up the marriage of John and May in the NYC Archives. I did not find a record.

Henry Lindemann

I cannot find Henry Lindeman in the 1860 census.

Henry Lindemann was listed in the 1869 New York city directory as: Heny Lindemann, h. 534 Sixth Avenue.

Note: Catherine Lindemann, the widow of Julius Lindemann was listed at 535 Sixth Avenue.

The 1870 census listed:

  1. Henry Lindemann, 53 year old, "home", citizen, born in Brunswick, no occupation
  2. Ellen, age 46, housekeeping, born in Ireland
  3. John, age 16, home, born in New York

Note: "Housekeeping" indicated a person who did not work but kept their own home.

The 1880 census listed Henry Lindemann in Queens, NARA film T9 0919, page 324C as follows:

  1. Henry Lindemann, age 63
  2. Ellen, age 52
  3. John age, 26


  • Henry's estimated year of birth, 1817
  • John's estimated year of birth indicates that Henry was in the US by at least 1853.
  • I did not find a marriage record for Henry and Ellen in the NYC Archives.

Lindemanns Births in the City Records

There were a fair number of Lindemanns in New York City in the mid 1800s. The following are birth records that I came accross while looking for records for the children of Julius and Catherine:

  1. Female Lindemann, July 8, 1866, father, John, merchant, born Hanover, mother, Caroline Graimer (?), born Hanover, 545 Broome Street, cert #1826
  2. Female Lindeman, July 22, 1866, father, David Lindemann, cigar maker, born Prussia, mother, Amalia Bier or Reise, born Germany, 251 Delancy Street, cert. 2458, 1866.
    David Lindemann "segarmke", h 250 Ave A was listed in the 1869 NYC Directory
  3. Female Lindemann, mother Anne Lindemann, age 27, born Germany, no father, August 2, 1866, State Emigrant Hospital, cert #8583
  4. William Ferdenand Lindemann, October 24, 1866, father, Ferdenand Lindemann, piano maker, born Long Island, mother, Teresa Edith Taverner (?), born England, 105 E 82nd Street, cert #4642, 1866

Lindemanns in the NYC Directories

There were no listings for Lindemann in any variation of spelling in the 1842/43, directory. Julius was listed for the first time in the 1849 directory.

In addition to John Lindemann listed above, there were the following Lindemanns in the NYC directories.

  • William Lindemann and Harmon Lindeman piano makers. The first listing was for William in the 1843/44 Doggett's. It is possible to follow William and other family members in the piano business at various addresses thought the late 1860s. I have no reason to believe, however, that they were related in any way to Julius Lindemann.
  • Lawrence L Lindemann, William L, grocer, John Lindemann, grocers, 332 Water Street. Lawrence appears for the first time in the 1845/46 directory. It is possible to follow this family of Lindemanns in the directories for several years. None of them where listed in the 1869 directory.
  • Caspar Lindermann, furniture maker, 127 Columbia Street, 1846/47, 1847/48 . The directory indicates he had a relative named John Lindermann. Not listed in the 1869 Directory. Note: Records from Trinity Lutheran indicated that Caspar Lindemann was from Bavaria.
  • Levi Lindemann, peddler, 103 First Ave. , 1846/47. Not listed in the 1869 Directory.
By 1873 there were 36 listings in the NYC directory for Lindemann (and other spellings) including John H Lindemann, baker, 84 Ave D (Was he the one born in Brunswig?)


On August 3, 1860, Julius Lindemann was a witness to the marriage of Heinrich Distel, born May 5, 1831 (Need to translate place of birth), Hannover, and Elizabeth Iressel, born August 19, 1839, (Need to translate place of birth), ?, of 525 ?, witnesses Julius Lindemann of 133 Ave A. and , ? Distel, of Astoria in the Rivington German Presbyterian Church.

The marriage record states that Heinrich Distel was from Hanover, but the 1870 census (see below) indicates that he was from Braunschweig. I would assume that the relationship of Julius Lindemann to this couple was to Heinrich Distel. Henry Distel was listed in the 1870 census in the 25th Electoral District 17th Ward:

  • Henry Distel, age 39 year old, naturalized, baker, born in Braunschweig
  • Elizabeth, age 30, born in Bavaria
  • Elizabeth, age 2, born in New York

Henry Distel was not listed in the 1880 census.

Note: Heinrich Distel was 11 years younger than Julius.

Did they know each other in Braunschweig or meet in New York City?


Carl Nethel was a witness to the marriage of Catherine Furst Schwarzmeier and Julius Lindemann on April 28, 1863. L. T. L. Furst was another witness. L. T. L. Furst was Catherine's brother, Ludwig.

How did Julius and Catherine know Carl Nethel?

Carl Nethel was not listed in the 1880 census index.


Martin Koeg (Cook) was a witness to the naturalization of Julius Lindemann in 1853.

St Matthew's Lutheran Church

There were several Lindemanns having children baptized in St Matthew's Lutheran Church from 1850 to 1868. None of them were listed as being from Brunswig.

Lindemann Records Bettmar, Brunswick

The civil records for Bettmar are available through LDS film #949313 Item 1 Zivilstandsregister, 1808-1813. Between 1809 and 1813 there were two records for the name Lindemann:

  1. Banns of marriage listed on November 19, 1809 and Nov 26, 1809 between Johanna Dorothe Margarethe Klutmann and Heinrich Fredrich Lindeman from Bettmar

  2. Birth of Johann Freidrich Lindemann son of Johanna Dorethe Margarethe Klutman and Henrich Frederick Lindemann, date (?).

    Unfortunately, I forgot to record the actual date.

Catherine Furst Schwarzmeier Lindemann
Minnie "Lindemann" Goehle
Catherine Lindemann Beyerkohler
Peter Goehle, Senior

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