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The Kirkebyes

Katherine Goehle married Emil Kirkebye In New York City in 1901.

Emil Kirkebye, the son of Carl Kirkebye was born circa 1876/77 in Camden, New Jersey.

Information from Kirkebye Descendant, Suellen

Some information on the Kirkebye family in this section was provided by Kirkebye descedant, Suellen.

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My added notes are in red

Charles S. F. Kirkebye

Birth: Parents unknown, Denmark, date unknown
Immigration: During Civil War. Not listed on the Castle Garden Site
Marriage: Catherine Laufenweiler, date and place unknown, born Alsace-Lorraine

  1. Olivia, daughter, October 1872, New Jersey

    Listed in the 1900 census with her father and brothers

  2. Charles Andrew Kirkebye, 1874
    Birth: October 4, 1874 per Draft Registration, New Jersey per census.
    Marriage: Kate, per 1920 and 1930 censues. Date and place unknown

    1. Henry circa 1903, NY (1920 census)

    2. Charlotte circa 1909, NY (1920 census)
      Further Record:
    3. Middletown Harold Tues Nov 12, 1935 Middletown, New York
      Miss Charlotte Kirkeby of Long Island City spent the week end with Mr. and Mrs. Walter D Owen.
    4. John Louis Kirkebye
      Birth: January 23, 1915, New York City
      Marriage: Violette (Violet) Rose Lucius, born January 14, 1919, date and place of marriage unknown
      1. Birth: Suellen Joan, April 3, 1942, Philadelphia
      2. Birth: Diana Rose, October 18, 1945, Philadelphia. Diana Rose Kirkebye Bond died on January 13, 2004
      3. Birth: John Louis, March 23, 1950, Rochester, NY
      4. Birth: Cheryl Ann, February 24, 1958, Rochester, NY
      Death: John L Kirkebye born 23 Jan 1915, died 29 July 1992, 33903 Ft Myers Fla, #098-01-1510 issued New York.

    1917-1918 Draft Registration: Charles Andrew Kirkebye, 35 Prospect St, LIC, NY, age 43, born October 4, white, native born, 1874, printer, employer, Charles Kirkebye, 41 Prospect, LIC, relative, Kate Kirkebye, 35 Prospect, LIC, NY, height, medium, built, heavy, eyes blue, hair, auburn, September 13, 1918, Local Board for Division No. 171 City of New York, 9 Jackson, Ave, Long Island City. LIC=Long Island City

    1940: Charles A Kirkebye 65, Kate Kirkebye 57, Charlotte Kirkebye 31, John L Kirkebye 25

    Further Record: Middletown Harold Friday August 1935, Middletown, New York

    Mrs. Charles Kirkebye of Long Island City is spending two weeks with Mr. and Mrs. Walter D. Owen. Mr Kiekebye will join Mrs. Kirkebye for the weekend and holidays.
    Death of Charles Kirkeby: age 71, July 5, 1946, 5700 Queens.

  3. Emil Kirkebye (1876-1913) and Katherine Goehle
    Birth: 1876, New Jersey per census
    Marriage: Katherine Goehle, April 7, 1901, NYC
    Emil Kirkebye, 60 First Avenue, single, age 24, born New Jersey, father Charles F Kirkebye, (there is some initial which has been crossed out), mother Catherine Laufesweiler, to Catherine Goehle, 614 5th, daughter of Peter Goehle and Catherine Christ, Witnesses: Henry B Roberts, and Louise F Goehle, Minister, John C. Palmer, 737 E 6th, April 7, 1901 (Manhattan Marriage Certificate 1901 #7744)
    1. Henry Kirkebye (1902-1977) and Edith
      Birth: April 5, 1902, New York City
      Henry S Kirkebye, 310 6th Street, son of Emil Kirkebyer, born in US, age 26, printer, and Kate Goehle, born in US, aged 20, first child, born April 5, 1902 (Manhattan Birth Certificate # 15905)
      Schooling: Henry Kirkeby was listed at the Darwin School, P. S. No 4 Long Island City 7B in May 1915.

      Marriage: Edith, Unknown

      1. Birth: Edith
      2. Birth: David Richard, died in 1943
      Death of Henry Kirkebye: January 1977 Ocean County, New Jersey
      HENRY KIRKEBYE, 05 Apr 1902, Jan 1977, 08701 (Lakewood, Ocean, NJ), (none specified), 128-03-0921, New York
      Death of Edith Kirkebye: EDITH E KIRKEBYE, 27 Oct 1902, 25 Jun 1995, 08753 (Toms River, Ocean, NJ), (none specified), 134-36-1628, New York
    2. Olivia Charlotte (Charlotte)
      Birth: February 22, 1908
      Oliva Kirkebye, 66 Cresent Street, Queens, born February 22, 1908, daughter of Emil Kirkebye, father's place of birth, Camden, New Jersey, age 31, printer, mother, Kathe Goehle Kirkebye, born NYC, age 26, 2nd child, both living (Queen's Birth Certificate # 01671, New York City)
      Marriage: ____ Gahs, date and place unknown. After 1930.
      Death: 1998
      OLIVIA K GAHS, 22 Feb 1908, 26 Jan 1998 (V), 17601 (Lancaster, Lancaster, PA), (none specified), 125-07-8303, New York

    Death of Emil Kirkebye: Emil Kirkebye, married born October 5, 1876, age 36 years, 3 months, and 16 days, painter, born NYC, father Carl Kirkebye born Denmark, mother Catherine Laurswieler, born Germany, died January 17, 1913 at St John Hospital in Queens, of acute alcoholic cerebral edema, autopsy, buried St Michael's Cemetery, 13 Prospect St Long Island City, Queens on January 19, 1913.

Death of Charles S. F. Kirkebye: March 1911. The will of Charles S. F. Kirkebye of Long Island City was contested by his daughter Olivia Meyer, a widow. It was claimed that Kirkebye, a printer, looked over his will on his death bed and became enraged by what he say, where upon, he tore up the will. His sons rescued the pieces and put them back together. The will had been executed on March 2, 1909. The estate was valued at $4,900 with $2,500 in personal property*. His widow, "Ottilie" and daughter were not mentioned in the will, but the two sons, Charles and Emil were.

It was said that the daughter, Olivia, kept house for Mr. Kirkebye. The widow Ottilie was reported to have been separated from her husband for 30 years. A House at 13 Prospect street Long Island City the lot on which it stood and the furnishings and personal property including a printing press as well as a lot in Northport Manor, Northport Huntington, Long Island were bequeathed to his oldest son Charles. Emil L. Kirkebey of 61 Henry Street, Long Island city, was to receive $1,000 and a lot in Keansburg Middleton, Monmouth, County New Jersey.

The torn pieces were reassembled but the will was not admitted to probate.

The daughter was attempting to break the will but an argument was put forth that Kirkebye was of sound mind when he wrote the will but of unsound mind when he tore it up.

*The real estate value is fairly consistant but the personal value varies by article and paper.

I was not able to find the resolution of the case.

His death is not listed in the NYC death index under that spelling.

1907: Emil and Charles Kirkebye rescued Leter and Floyd McArdle ages 10 and 12, when they fell into a pond at Skillman ave and Honeywill street. The Kirkebye's address was given as 66 Crescent street.

1910: Ottilie Kerkebye, Age 72, Birth Year: abt 1838, Birthplace: Germany, Home in 1910: Queens Ward 1, Queens, New York, Immigration Year: 1865, Relation to Head of House: Head, Marital Status: Married, Father's Birthplace: Germany, Mother's Birthplace: Germany,

1912: Ottilie Kirkebye Street address: 194 Av 2nd ave., Residence Place: Queens, New York, widow, Charles S F Kirkebye, Publication Title: Queens, New York, City Directory, 1912

1930 Census: See below.

Note: The only listing for Kirkebye in the Draft Registration was for Charles.

Kirkebyes in the Censuses

1880 Census

Rahway, Union, New Jersey, Elizabeth Avenue

  • Charles Kirkeby, age 42, upholsterer, born Denmark
  • Katie Kirkeby, age 39, keeping house, born H Darmnstadt
  • Frederick Kirkeby, age 16, born Pa.
  • Olivia Kirkeby, age 7, born Pa.
  • Charles Kirkeby, age 5, born NJ
  • Emel Kirkeby, age 3, born NJ

Next to them August Kirkeby, age 32, paper hanger, born Denmark, Clara wife age 29, born Sweden, Serence (?) age 1, and Walter age 8 mos. and Olivia Petersen age 14 servant. Children born NY.

1900 Census

Charles Kirkebye: Queens Prospect Street

  • Kirkebye, Charles, head born June 1838, widow, Denmark, immigrated 1863, age 37 Naturalized, upholsterer,
  • Olivia, daughter, October 1872, New Jersey
  • Charles A son October 1874, New Jersey, printer
  • Emil L, son October 1876, New Jersey, printer

1910 Census

Charles Kirkebye, Prospect Street, Queens Ward 1, Queens, New York:

  • Charles S F Kirkebye, 71, widower, born Denmark, printer
  • Charles W Kirkebye, 35, single born New Jersey, printer

Emil Kirkebye, Queens, New York:

The family of Emil Kirkebye was listed in the 1910 census in a two family home at 39 Prospect Street in Queens as follows:

  1. Emil Kirekbye, head, age 33, married 9 years, born NY, parents Danish, printer general work
  2. Kate, wife, married, 2 children, age 29, married 9 years, born NY
  3. Henry, son, age 8, born, NY
  4. Olivia, daughter, age 2, born NY

T624, Reel #1063, part 2, page 112A

1920 Census

Charles A Kirkabye was listed in the 1932 Census on Henry Street in Queens:

  • Charles, head, age 45, born NJ Dannish father, Alsatian mother, printer
  • Kate, wife, age 38, born NY, German father, German mother, housekeeper
  • Henry son age 17, office work
  • Charlotte age 11
  • John son age 5

1930 Census

Charles A Kirkabye was listed in the 1930 Census at Assembly District #1, Queens, New York, 58 27 Street, as follows:

  1. Charles A Kirkebye, head, own, $25,000, radiom age 57, married at 37, born New Jersey, father born Denmark, mother born Alsace Lorraine, proprietor, printing shop
  2. Kate, wife, age 48, married at 20, born NY, parents born Germany
  3. Charlotte, daughter, age 22, born, NY, secretary bank
  4. John, son, age 15, born NY

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