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Where They Lived And Worked on Long Island

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Frank and Isabelle, Where They Lived and Worked on Long Island

  1. Frank and Isabelle started spending their summers on Long Island in the 1920s. According to Peggie Goehle Edgar they rented a house from the Greanies on 50 Acre Road when she and Eileen were babies.
  2. Again according to Peggie they bought a lot on Cambon Avenues from Gus Huber. They bought a model log cabin in the city and had it moved to Long Island
  3. When Peggie was about 18, circa 1944, they bought the house on Highland Avenue.

St James

Tax map circa 1950, map collection of Maggie Land Blanck

  1. Greaney property, 50 Acre road, St James
  2. St James Train Station
  3. Cambon Avenue
  4. Highland Avenue
  5. Frank Goehle's mother, Minnie Lindemann Goehle, was at 6th Avenue and 2nd Street , St James at the time of her death in January, 1944.