Isabelle Goehle and Freddie Walter


Photos courtesy of Priscsilla Walter Freeman, August 2004.

Freddie Walter and Maggie Land circa 1945 side lawn Highland Avenue, St James, Long Island.

Isabelle Goehle Walter and Maggie Land, same day.

Freddie and Priscilla Walter
Photo courtesy of John Walter

Freddie Walter
Photo courtesy of John Walter

Photo courtesy of John Walter
Mary and John Walter

Priscilla Walter Freeman, John Freeman, and grandchildren, August, 2003
Photos courtesy of Priscsilla Walter Freeman, August 2004.

Photos courtesy of Priscsilla Walter Freeman, August 2004.

Priscilla Walter Freeman, John Freeman, their children and grandchildren, 2004

George Walter born 1857 Germany died Brooklyn 1926 married Frances ________ born circa 1860 Germany died Brooklyn 1948

Birth: 1857 Germany per US censuses. In 1892 he was listed with an older person named Joseph Walter age 67

Occupation: milk 1892, picker agate works 1900, laborer 1910, highway 1915, 1920. laborer 1925,

Marriage: Frances ?? born circa 1860 married before 1880. According to the 1910 census she had a German father and and Irish mother and she and George were married circa 1879. According to her obit she had a sister Jennie married to ? Gotmann.


  1. Margaret c 1880

    Married Graeman per obit of her father in 1926.

  2. Fredrick Walter born 1882 married Evelyn O'Conner

    Birth: 1882

    Occupation: Fireman

    1906: Applications for Patrolmen February 1906 19859 - Frederick A. Walter, N 0. 38 Pellington place, Brooklyn, clerk. (The City Record: Official Journal, Volume 34, Part 2 By New York (N.Y.))

    1907: April 1907 - Fred A. WALTER, 28 Pillington pl. BROOKLYN DAILY STANDARD UNION - APRIL 11, 1907 NEW ELEIGIBLE LIST FOR FIREMAN

    City Positions - Fire Department - Frederick "Welter", 9 Pennsylvania Ave (Brooklyn Eagle 10 June 1907). Listed on 14 Jul 197 as "Walter"

    1915: A battalion chief's wagon driven by fireman Fred A. Walters (sic) of 9 Pennsylvania ave was struck by a taxicab. Fireman Walters (sic) was thrown from the truck and suffered a concussion. He was take to St. Mary's hospital. The horse ran away but was later captured. The cab driver was arrested and held on charges of felonious assault and reckless driving. When the accident occurred Walters (sic) was on his was from Engine House 231 at Pitkins avenue and Watkins street to pick up the Battalion chief and take him to a fire in Brownsville. (Brooklyn Standard Union December 13, 1915)

    World War I Draft Registration:

    Frederick Adam Walter 13 (cannot read) Place, Brooklyn, Kings, age 36 born September 12, 1882, fireman, city of New York wife Evelyn medium height, medium build, brown eyes, brown hair. September 12, 1918

    "Frederick A. Walter applied in Brooklyn to Supreme Court Justice Faber for a writ of mandamus to compel the Municipal Civil Service Commission to certify him for promotion to the position of lieutenant in the Fire Department. Walter stood 286 on a civil service list. He claimed that despite this, another man who stood 741 on the list was promoted under a law which gave preference to World War veterans. This law later was declared unconstitutional. The city, opposing the application, claimed the list under which Walter claims promotion has expired, and that whatever rights he may have had lapsed with it."

    Fire Protection Service, Volume 82

    September 12 1921 Fredrick A. Walter of 9427 76th st Woodhaven, first grade fireman asked the court for a writ of mandamus which would compel the Municipal Civil Service Commission to certify him for promotion to lieutenant. (Brooklyn Daily Eagle)

    Marriage: Evelyn O'Conner born circa 1891 (her mother was Catherine/Katie was born Ireland c 1860/63 and Evelyn had a brother Richard)

    Walter Fredk A Jan 23, 1917 Kings #8340 bride Anna Evelyn O'Connor

    O'Conners in the 1910 Census: Brooklyn Ward 28, 728 Knickerbocker Ave Michael O'Connor 51, no occupation, Katie O'Connor 50, married 25 years, 4 children 3 living, both born Ireland English, both imm 1885 Edward O'Connor 23, born NY, manager shoe manufacturing company, Evelyn O'Connor 18, born NY, stenographer, dept store, Richard O'Connor 20, born NY, clerk rapid transit, William Koster 65, widowed, brother in law, born Germany, imm 1875, Peter Koster 27, nephew, born NY electrician.


    Note: Five years from the marriage to the birth of the first known child.

    1. Richard c 1922

    2. Frederick c 1924

      Married Isabelle Goehle

    3. Edward c 1926

    4. Frances c 1928

    Death of Evelyn Walter:

    Long Islander (Huntington) - 1839-1974 Thursday, April 05, 1956 Page: 27, Evelyn Walter of St James who died Oct 16, 1955 value of estate $5,000 in personal and $20,000 in real property; Frederick A. Walter, husband, Middle County Rd, St James petitioner
    Death of Frederick A. Walter: Frederick A Walter Birth Date: 1882 Death Date: 1978 Cemetery: Saint Charles Cemetery Farmingdale, Suffolk County, New York, USA Spouse: Evelyn A Walter

    Find a Grave

  3. George 1884 (Per WWI Draft Registration)

    Occupation: Prison Guard

    WWI DR: George Henry Walter 9 Pennsylvania Ave Brooklyn age 33 born Nov 1 1884, prison keeper, Department of corrections 153 East 57th street New York, mother, Frances Walter 9 Pennsylvania ave, Brooklyn, medium height medium build blue eyes brown hair.


    Civil Service Notices: George H Walter 9 Pennsylvania Ave. Brooklyn prison keeper $800 (Brooklyn Daily Eagle 24 Feb 1914)

    1914: appointed George H Walter 9 Pennsylvania ave, Brooklyn, keeper on probation at the Penitentiary Blackwell's Island, at $800 per annum to date from March 3, 1914. Subsequently he was promoted to a permanent position.


    George H Walter Brooklyn October 1920 - salaries listed between $1,3020-$1,800 not specific to the individual. (State Service: An Illustrated Monthly Magazine Devoted to the ..., Volume 4)

  4. Jane/Jennie 1888- married Julius Hinz

    Jane/Jennie born circa 1888

    Married Hinz per obit of her father in 1926.


    Julius Hinz Marriage Date: 26 Jan 1910 Marriage Place: Kings, New York, USA Spouse: Jennie Walter Certificate Number: 1381

    Julius Hinz 24, of 341 Hendrix st and Jennie Walter 21 of 9 Pennsylvania ave. Jan 25, 1910 Brooklyn Eagle

    1910: Brooklyn ward 26, Ashford street, Julius Henz 24, clerk exporting, Jennie Hinz 21

    1920: Brooklyn ward 22, Julius Hinz 35, shipping clerk export company, Jennie Hinz 31, Helen Hinz 8, Henry S Hinz 0 [7/12]

    Death of Julius Hinz:

    1925: Pennsylvania ave - five families including that of George Walter: Jennie Hinz 36, Helen Hinz 13, Henry Hinz 06

    1930: New Jersey Ave., Jennie Hinz 41, hairdresser, beauty parlor, Helen Hinz 18

    I believe the son, Henry Hinz, was with his grandmother under the surname Walter.

  5. Christian 1890

    With his parents in 1915.

Death of George Walter: October 1926

Obit: GEORGE WALTER: died at his home at 9 Pennsylvania avenue. Survived by his widow Frances, two sons, Fredrick A and George H and two daughters Margaret Graeman* and Mrs. Jennie Hinz. Buried in Evergreen cemetery. (Brooklyn Standard Union, October 25, 1926)

*Graemen does not come up with much. No death in NYC Death Index.

Death of Frances Walter: 1948.

Walter- Frances - July 29, 1948 wife of the late George; beloved mother of Jennie Hinz, Fred and George Walter; Dear sister of Mrs. Jennie Gutmann. Buried Evergreens. (BDE)

Frances Walter, Birth Year: abt 1859, Age: 89, 29 Jul 1948, Death Place: Kings, New York, USA, Certificate Number: 15398

1892: Pellington Place Brooklyn, 6th election district 26th ward,
Walter, George, 36, milk, Frances 34, housewife, Margaret 11, Frederick 10, George 8, Jennie 4, Christian, 2 Joseph 67 born Germany stableman.

1900 Census: George Walter and family including son Frederick born 1882:

Columbia Ave Queens,

  1. George Head White Male Sep 1857 42 Married 20 1880 New York Germany Germany add Queens Ward 4, Queens, New York, picker agate works
  2. Frances Wife White Female Feb 1860 40 Married 20 1880 New York Germany Ireland add Queens Ward 4, Queens, New York
  3. Margaret Daughter White Female Sep 1880 19 Single New York New York New York add Queens Ward 4, Queens, New York,
  4. Fredrick Son White Male Sep 1882 17 Single New York New York New York add Queens Ward 4, Queens, New York, tinsmith,
  5. George Son White Male Nov 1888* 16 Single New York New York New York add Queens Ward 4, Queens, New York, electric ?? agate works,
  6. Jane Daughter White Female Aug 1888* 11 Single add add New York New York New York Queens Ward 4, Queens, New York
  7. Christian Son White Male Jul 1890 9 Single New York New York New York add Queens Ward 4, Queens, New York

    *It is not possible they were both born in 1888,but that is what is written. The "*" is not written the same on George's entry and on Jane's. George's age differs on other censuses and it appears he was born closer to 1886.

Note: Listed by under "Wallin [Walter]"


9 Pennsylvania Ave, Brooklyn, Walter, George age 53, born New York, German parents, laborer city, Frances wife age 51, born New York, German father, Irish mother, married 31 years, 5 children 5 still living. Frederick A son age 27, fireman fire department, George H son age 25, salesman dry goods

1915: Pennsylvania ave Brooklyn,
George Walter 58, laborer highway, Frances Walter 56, wife, Fredk A Walter 32, city fireman, Geo H Walter 30, prison keeper, Christian L Walter 24, bartender

1920: George Walter
9 Pennsylvania ave, Kings, George Walter 63, born NY, laborer highway department, Frances Walter 60, wife born NY, George Walter, 35, keeper, corrections department

1920 Census: Frederick Walter born 1882
Woodhaven Village Jamaica Township, Queens, 926 Boyd Frederick Walter 37, fireman, railroad, Evelyn Walter 27, Katherine O'Connor 60, born Ireland

1925 Census: Pennsylvania Ave, Brooklyn, George Walter 68, laborer, Frances Walter, wife, 15 (sic) George Walter, son, 40, court attendent


Renting, 9 Pennsylvania Avenue, Brooklyn, Frances Walter 71, widowed, father born Germany, mother born Ireland, George W Walter 45, son, court attendant, court house, Henry G Walter 11, grandson

Who were the parents of Henry G's.??? Is he Jennie's son, Henry Hinz?

1930 Census: Fredrick Walter born 1882 and son Fred age 6
9427 76th Street, Ozone Park Queens, Frederick A "Walter" 46, fire man fire department, Evelyn Walter 36 Richard Walter 8 Fred Walter 6 Edward Walter 4 Frances Walter 2 Catherine O'Conner 63

1940 Census: Fredrick Walter born 1882 and son Fred
233 Middle County Road St James, Walter, Frederick, age 58 born New York, proprietor farm, Evelyn, ag 47, born New York, Richard son age 18, Frederick son age 16, Edward son age 14, Frances daughter age 12, Catherine O'Conner, mother in law, age 79, Irish Free State, Richard O'Conner, brother in law age 50, born New York.

1935: Residence in 1935 - Suffolk, New York,

1940: Francis and George?

9 Pennsylvania Avenue is near Atlantic and Pennsylvania south of Evergreen Cemetery.

In 1901 Pellington place was to be extended between Bushwick ave and Highland ave. near New Jersey Ave. It was in the 26th Ward.


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