Isabelle Goehle and Freddie Walter


Isabelle Scholastica Goehle born August 18, 1923 to Isabelle Walsh and Frank Goehle, married Fredrick (Freddie) Walter on May 30, 1946. Isabelle was the second of ten children of Frank and Isabelle Goehle.

Isabelle and Freddie had thirteen children: Priscilla, April 2, 1947, Fredrick, January 12, 1950, Cecilia, January 24, 1952, Daniel, December 26, 1952, Gerard, October 19, 1954, Anthony, November 14, 1955, Joseph, December 1, 1957, Agnes, January 23, 1959, Clare, January 24, 1960, Justin, February 16, 1961, Isabella, September 24, 1962, Mary, September 17, 1964, John, November 18, 1965

Frederick Walter died March 4, 1986.

Isabelle Goehle Walter died March 29, 2002.

Photos courtesy of Priscsilla Walter Freeman, August 2004.

Freddie Walter and Maggie Land circa 1945 side lawn Highland Avenue, St James, Long Island.

Isabelle Goehle Walter and Maggie Land, same day.

Freddie and Priscilla Walter
Photo courtesy of John Walter

Freddie Walter
Photo courtesy of John Walter

Photo courtesy of John Walter
Mary and John Walter

Priscilla Walter Freeman, John Freeman, and grandchildren, August, 2003
Photos courtesy of Priscsilla Walter Freeman, August 2004.

Photos courtesy of Priscsilla Walter Freeman, August 2004.

Priscilla Walter Freeman, John Freeman, their children and grandchildren, 2004

★George (or Joseph) Walter born Germany circa 1825/1827 married ★Margaret _______

Birth of George Joseph Walter: Circa 1823/1827 Germany

His name was sometimes listed as Joe or Joseph and sometimes as George. Joe in the 1875 census and Joseph in 1870 and 1892 censuses. George in the 1860, 1865 and 1880 censuses. Wife, children, occupation and location are consistent through all these censuses.

Marriage: Margaret Unknown born circa 1831 in Germany per censuses. They were married before 1857 - date unknown.

Immigration: Unknown before 1860

Occupation: Milkman

Residence: New Lots Brooklyn.


  1. ★George circa 1857 died in Brooklyn in 1926 married ★Frances Kreig born circa 1860 died in Brooklyn 1948

    Birth: 1857 New York per US censuses - September 1857 per 1900 census

    Occupation: Milkman 1880, milk 1892, picker agate works 1900, laborer 1910, highway 1915, 1920, laborer 1925,

    (His occupation was listed in the 1904 to 1907 City Directories as "agateware".)

    Marriage: Frances Kreig (Krieg/Kriegh) born circa 1860 (February 1860 per 1900 census) married before 1880. According to the 1910 census she had a German father and and Irish mother and she and George were married circa 1879. According to her obit she had a sister Jennie married to Gutmann. See Kreig below.


    1. Margaret Walter Grasman

      Birth: c 1880 - September per 1900 census

      Marriage: 1900 George Grasman/Grassman

      1900: Times Union June 28, 1900 Grasman - Walter wedding. Margaret Walter daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Walter married George Grasman, son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Grasman, at the German Evangelical Reformed church on Wyona street near Fulton. "Both families are among the oldest and most prominent in the old township of New Lots." The bride was attended by her sister, Jennie Walter as maid of honor. Miss Henrietta Cook was a bridesmaid. An usher was Harry Cook. A wedding supper was served at Piel's. Among the guests were Mr. and Mrs. H. Cook and Mr. and Mrs. Henry Gutman.

      (The Cooks were relatives. Mrs. Cook was Ernestine AKA Lizzie Krieg, sister of Frances Krieg Walter. Henrietta Cook was a cousin of the bride, Margaret Walter.)


      1. Walter Henry Grassman (1906 - 1987)

        Birth: 1905 17 October

        Walter Grassman Birth Date: 17 Oct 1905, Birth Place: New York City, Kings, Residence Address: Pellington Pl 38, Certificate Number: 26840, Father: George Grassman, Mother: Margaret Grassman, Mother Maiden Name: Walter

        1928: 256 Dancing Couples entered a "Hop Off" Marathon at Madison Square Garden for the International Endurance Championship Contest. The couples could do waltzes, fox-trots, one steps and other popular dances. The couples were to dance for 24 hours with a 15 minute rest period at the end of each hour. Six hours of sleep were allowed at the end of each 24 hours. The prize for the longest dancing couple was $5,000. Among the 32 entrants from Brooklyn and Long Island were Walter Grassman of 359 Autumn ave., formerly head dance instructor in a private dancing school but by 1928 in the real estate business. His partner was 20 year old Virginia Barrett. They had been training for six weeks. Walter was 6'1" and weighted 195 pounds. Medical examiners pronounced both in good health. Miss Barrett had won other contests but Mr. Grassman had never participated before.

        1940: WWII Draft Registration: Walter Henry Grasman, Birth 17 Oct 1905 Brooklyn, New York, employer Sobol Bros (service station) Belt Parkway and Alley Pond, Bayside, LI, Relative, Frances Grasman, wife, address for both, 131 - 37- 135 Place, So. Ozone Park Queens, 6'2" 225 pounds, hazel eyes, black hair

        Death: Walter Grassman, Social Security Number: 084-05-4713, Birth Date: 17 Oct 1905, Issue Year: Before 1951, Issue State: New York, Last Residence: 20650, Leonardtown, Saint Marys, Maryland, USA, Death Date: Jul 1987

      2. Jules Grasman (1909 - 1983)

        Jules George Grasman Birth Date: 23 Jul 1909 Birth Place: Kings, New York, USA Certificate Number: 9298

        Marriage: Jules G Grasman, 30 Apr 1929, Brooklyn, New York City, New York, Spouse: Edith I Lawston, License Number: 6916

        1940: Jules Grasman (with one s) WWII Draft Registration - dob July 23, 1909 address 359 Autumn Ave. wife, Edith Grasman, employer, Carsten Linnekin and Wilson - 6' 1" 265 pounds brown eyes, brown hair

        Death: 1983 - Jules Grasman, Social Security Number: 102-09-7179, Birth Date: 23 Jul 1909, Issue Year: Before 1951, Issue State: New York Last Residence: 11757, Lindenhurst, Suffolk, New York, USA, Death Date: Jan 1983

      1905: Same building as the family of George and Frances Walter at 38 Pellington Place, Grassman, George age 27, real estate, Margaret age 25

      1915: George Grasman 36, real estate, Maragaret Grasman 35, Walter H Grasman 9, Jules H Grasman 5

      1925: Autumn ave., George Grasman 46, real estate broker, Margaret W Grasman 44, Walter H Grasman 19, estimator, George Grasman 15

      1930: 359 Autumn Ave. George Grassman 51, no occupation, Margaret W Grassman 48 Walter H Grassman 24, proprietor, real estate, J George Grassman 21

      1940: 359 Autumn ave George Grassman 61, super building, Margaret W Grassman 59 Jules Grassman 30, son, chauffeur, bus company, Edith Grassman 28, daughter-in-law, Warren Grassman 7, grandson

      Grasman at 359 Autumn Ave. placed ads in the Brooklyn papers looking for property to buy and advertising property to sell.

      19 April 1919 - We Have 2-family houses in Cypress Hills section; cash $500 to $1,000; balance easy terms"

      Jun 07, 1919 "Small cash payment and $35 a month for 5 years buys a nice 1-family brick, 7 rooms, bath, steam heat, parquet floors. Apply George Grasman, 359 Autumn Ave. formerly Railroad Ave. Tel Cypress 4376"

      Jun 07, 1919 - Small cash payment and $35 a month for 5 years buys a nice 6 room, bath, 1- family stucco; furnace heat, auto driveway, electric and gas, parquet floors, full lot 927 Emerald st near Chichester ave. George Grasman, 359 Autumn Ave. formerly Railroad Ave. Tel Cypress 4376""

      11 September, 1926 "Want for client 1-family, to $8,500; garage, driveway, north of Atlantic Ave. from Van Siclen Ave. Woodhaven; from $2,00 to $2,500 cash."

    2. ★Fredrick Adam Walter born 1882 married ★Evelyn O'Conner

      Birth: 12, September, 1882

      Occupation: Fireman

      Residence: New Lots, Brooklyn, Pellington Place and 9 Pennsylvanian ave. (Near Atlantic ave.), 1920 & 1930 Ozone Park Queens, 1940 Middle county Road, Smithtown.

      1906: Applications for Patrolmen February 1906 19859 - Frederick A. Walter, N 0. 38 Pellington place, Brooklyn, clerk. (The City Record: Official Journal, Volume 34, Part 2 By New York (N.Y.))

      1907: April 1907 - Fred A. WALTER, "28"* Pillington pl. BROOKLYN DAILY STANDARD UNION - APRIL 11, 1907 NEW ELEIGIBLE LIST FOR FIREMAN

      *(may be in error)

      1907: 38 Pellington Place, Frederick A. Walter, clerk - NYU City Records

      1907: June - City Positions - Fire Department - Frederick "Welter", 9 Pennsylvania Ave (Brooklyn Eagle 10 June 1907).

      1907: August 24, Appointments Fire Department Brooklyn - Frederick A. Walter - Times Union Brooklyn

      (Frederick Walter was a fireman at Engine Company 131 on Pitkins avenue near Watkins.)

      1908: Firemen in Brownsville and East New York fought three fires on December 20, 1908. One was in a four story tenement where Fireman "Walters", a nozzleman, of company 131 Watkins street saved a six month old baby from immediate death. The baby was asleep in his cradle when a fire started in the family's apartment. The apartment was ablaze when fireman Walters saw the baby, played his hose on the burning crib, snatched the baby and brought it outside. The child later died of his burns.

      1915: A battalion chief's wagon driven by fireman Fred A. Walters (sic) of 9 Pennsylvania ave was struck by a taxicab. Fireman Walters (sic) was thrown from the truck and suffered a concussion. He was take to St. Mary's hospital. The horse ran away but was later captured. The cab driver was arrested and held on charges of felonious assault and reckless driving. When the accident occurred Walters (sic) was on his was from Engine House "231" at Pitkins avenue and Watkins street to pick up the Battalion chief and take him to a fire in Brownsville. (Brooklyn Standard Union December 13, 1915)

      World War I Draft Registration - 1917:

      Frederick Adam Walter 13 (cannot read) Place, Brooklyn, Kings, age 36 born September 12, 1882, fireman, city of New York wife Evelyn medium height, medium build, brown eyes, brown hair. September 12, 1918

      1918: Standard Union Brooklyn 03 Aug 1918 - Approved by the Commissioner Fireman first grade, Frederick A. Walter


      "Frederick A. Walter applied in Brooklyn to Supreme Court Justice Faber for a writ of mandamus to compel the Municipal Civil Service Commission to certify him for promotion to the position of lieutenant in the Fire Department. Walter stood 286 on a civil service list. He claimed that despite this, another man who stood 741 on the list was promoted under a law which gave preference to World War veterans. This law later was declared unconstitutional. The city, opposing the application, claimed the list under which Walter claims promotion has expired, and that whatever rights he may have had lapsed with it."

      Fire Protection Service, Volume 82

      September 12 1921 Fredrick A. Walter of 9427 76th st Woodhaven, first grade fireman asked the court for a writ of mandamus which would compel the Municipal Civil Service Commission to certify him for promotion to lieutenant. Although higher on the list of candidates for promotion to Lieutenant he had been passed over for a candidate who was a war veteran. (Brooklyn Daily Eagle)

      Marriage 1917: Evelyn O'Conner born circa 1891 (her mother Catherine/Katie was born Ireland c 1860/63 and Evelyn had a brother Richard)

      Walter, Fredk A, Jan 23, 1917 Kings #8340 bride Anna Evelyn O'Connor

      Frederick Walter age 34, 9 Pennsylvania Ave. Brooklyn to "Anne" O'Conner, age 24, application for marriage license Jan 24, 1917 (Times Union)


      Note: Five years from the marriage to the birth of the first known child.

      1. Richard Fredrick Walter born NYC 13 January 1922 died 2008

        1942: Richard Fredrick Walter (1922-2008) Age: 20 Birth Date: 13 Jan 1922, Birth Place: A Queens Co., N. York, Residence Place: Middle Country Road, St. James, New York, Registration Date: 30 Jun 1942, Registration Place: Tri-State Angola, Indiana, Employer: Student, Weight: 155, Complexion: Light, Eye Color: Gray, Hair Color: Brown, Height: 5-10 1/2, Next of Kin: Evelyn Walter

        (Angola Indiana is the home of Trine University, formerly called Tri-State University.)

        1943 enlistment: Richard F Walter, Single, without dependents, Rank: Private, Birth Year: 1922, Nativity State or Country: New York, Citizenship: Citizen, Residence: Gibson, Indiana, Education: 2 years of college, Enlistment Date: 29 Mar 1943, Enlistment Place: Keesler Field Biloxi, Mississippi, Service Number: 15080609, Branch: Air Corps

        1948: Marriage - Richard Frederig Walter Age: 26, Birth Place: New York, New York, License County: Wayne, Marriage Date: 4 Jun 1948, Marriage Place: St Matthias Church, Wayne, Michigan, USA, Residence Place: St James, New York, Father: Frederick A Walter, Mother: Anna Evelyn O'Connor, Spouse: Jena May Woods, County File Number: 734109, State File Number: 412879

        2008: Richard Frederick Walter, Social Security Number: 315-20-6232, Birth Date: 13 Jan 1922, Issue Year: Before 1951, Issue State: Indiana, Last Residence: 91307, West Hills, Los Angeles, California, USA, Death Date: 14 Dec 2008

      2. ★Frederick George Walter (1923-1986) married ★Isabelle Goehle

        Birth: 25 November, 1923

        WWII Draft Registration: Frederick George Walter Middle Country Rd. St James, Suffolk, NY, Age: 18, Birth Date: 25 Nov 1923, Birth Place: Queens, NY, Registration Date: 30 Jun 1942, Registration Place: Suffolk Co., New York, USA, Employer: Republic Aircraft Corp, Farmingdale, Weight: 170, Complexion: Light, Eye Color: Blue, Hair Color: Brown, Height: 5'' 10", Next of Kin: Frederick A. Walter

        WWII Service: Frederick Walter, Birth Date: 25 Nov 1923, Death Date: 4 Mar 1986, SSN: 077188312, Branch 1: ARMY, Enlistment Date 1: 29 Oct 1942, Release Date 1: 7 Sep 1944 Enlistment Date 2: 8 Sep 1944 Release Date 2: 23 Oct 1945

        Married Isabelle Goehle

        Frederick Walter, 30 May 1946, Smithtown, New York, USA, Spouse: Isabella Goehle, Certificate Number: 52347

        Children: Priscilla, April 2, 1947, Fredrick, January 12, 1950, Cecilia, January 24, 1952, Daniel, December 26, 1952, Gerard, October 19, 1954, Anthony, November 14, 1955, Joseph, December 1, 1957, Agnes, January 23, 1959, Clare, January 24, 1960, Justin, February 16, 1961, Isabella, September 24, 1962, Mary, September 17, 1964, John, November 18, 1965

        Death: Frederick Walter, Social Security Number: 0,77-18-8312, Birth Date: 25 Nov 1923, Issue State: New York, Last Residence: 11703, North Babylon, Suffolk, New York, USA Death Date: Mar 1986

        Frederick Walter, Birth Date: 25 Nov 1923, Death Date: 4 Mar 1986, SSN: 077188312

      3. Edward Robert Walter (1926 - 1991)

        Birth: 8 Feb, 1926

        1944 Enlistment: Edward R Walter, Single, without dependents, Rank: Private, Birth Year: 1926, Nativity State or Country: New York, Citizenship: Citizen, Residence: Suffolk, New York, Education: 3 years of high school, Enlistment Date: 28 Apr 1944, Enlistment Place: Fort Dix, New Jersey, Service Number: 12220160, Branch: Air Corps

        1946 WWII Draft Registration: Edward Robert Walter, Age: 20, Birth Date: 8 Feb 1926, Birth Place: Woodhaven, NY, Residence Place: Middle Country Road, St James, New York Registration Date: 15 Feb 1946 Registration Place: Sm. Br., New York, USA Employer: Just Out Of Service, Next of Kin: Frederick Walter

        1959: Marriage, Edward R Walter, Age: 33, Birth Date: 8 Feb 1926, Birth Place: Ozone Park NY, Application Date: 24 Jul 1959, Application Place: Skamania, Washington, USA Spouse: Sylvia M Stefanowitz

        1991 Death: Edward Robert Walter, [Edward R Walter], Birth Date: 8 Feb 1926, Birth Place: Queens, New York, Death Date: 30 Jun 1991, Father: Frederick A Walter, Mother: Evelyn Oconner, SSN: 066220624,

        Obit: Phoenix, Arizona Edward Robert Walter, 65, civil engineer, died June 30, born New York City - Veteran of Foreign Wars - wife, Sylvia, children: Cynthia Robinson, Deborah, Patrick and Edward Walter (Arizona Republic).

      4. Frances Walter Peterson (1927 2015) - married Edward J Peterson

        Birth: October 23, 1927

        Nov. 13 1948 - Miss Frances Catherine Walters, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fredrick A. Walster of Middle Country road St. James, wed Edward J. Peterson, Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. Edward J Peterson sr. of Jamaica at a Nuptial Mass at St. Philip and James in St. James on November 27.

        Frances Walter graduated from Smithtown, High School, and the New York institute of Dietetics and had attended New York University. She was also a graduate of Mary Immaculate Hospital School of Dietetics and was the head dietitian of Midwood Hospital in Brooklyn. Edward Peterson had attended New York University and was a graduate of St. John's University, Peekskill, N Y. He was a buyer and cafeteria manager of Siena College near Albany, NY. The only family member to be in the bridal party was Edward's brother, Donald. A reception was held at the Smithtown Country Club. After a two week tour of Canada the couple planned to live in Averill Park a suburb of Albany.

        Children: Andrew, Catherine and Paul

        2009: Edward J Peterson, age 82, Clinton, NY date of death March 9, 2009 buried Calverton LI spouse Frances,

        2015: Calverton Cemetery: Frances C Peterson, Rank: BKR2, Death Age: 87, Birth Date: 23 Oct 1927, Death Date: 13 May 2015, Cemetery Address: 210 Princeton Boulevard, Cemetery Other Street Address: Rt 25, Cemetery Postal Code: 11933, Cemetery: Calverton National Cemetery, Interment Place: Calverton, New York, Section: 36, Plot: 3045, War: WORLD WAR II, Branch of Service: US NAVY, Relative: Edward J Peterson

      1932: Road Award in Suffolk County - Fred A. Walters, $523.70 for property acquired for right of way on Smithtown Branch Coram county highway. (Time Union 28 July 1932)

      1942 WWII Draft Registration: Frederick A Walter Birth Date: 12 Sep 1882, Birth Place: Brooklyn, New York, USA, Residence Place: Middle Country Road, St James, New York, USA Military Draft Date: 1942 Relationship to Draftee: Head Occupation: None Height: 5 8 Eye Color: Brown Hair Color: Gray Weight: 142 Complexion: Ruddy, contact, Evelyn Walter

      Death of Evelyn Walter: 1955 October 16

      Long Islander (Huntington) - 1839-1974 Thursday, April 05, 1956 Page: 27, Evelyn Walter of St James who died Oct 16, 1955 value of estate $5,000 in personal and $20,000 in real property; Frederick A. Walter, husband, Middle County Rd, St James petitioner
      Death of Frederick A. Walter: Frederick A Walter, Birth Date: 1882, Death Date: 1978, Cemetery: Saint Charles Cemetery, Farmingdale, Suffolk County, New York, USA Spouse: Evelyn A Walter

      Find a Grave

    3. George Henry Walter - November 1, 1884 (Per WWI Draft Registration)

      Occupation: Prison Guard

      1914: 24 February Civil Service Announcements for Brooklyn positions George H. Walter 9 Pennsylvania ave, prison keeper $800 per annum. On Probation at the Penitentiary Blackwells Island to date from March 3, 1914. WWI DR: George Henry Walter 9 Pennsylvania Ave Brooklyn age 33 born Nov 1 1884, prison keeper, Department of corrections 153 East 57th street New York, mother, Frances Walter 9 Pennsylvania ave, Brooklyn, medium height medium build blue eyes brown hair.

      1914: Serving temporarily as a Prison Keeper, George H. Walter 9 Pennsylvania ave, Brooklyn January 8, 1914.

      Civil Service Notices: George H Walter 9 Pennsylvania Ave. Brooklyn prison keeper $800 (Brooklyn Daily Eagle 24 Feb 1914)

      1914: appointed George H Walter 9 Pennsylvania ave, Brooklyn, keeper on probation at the Penitentiary Blackwell's Island, at $800 per annum to date from March 3, 1914. Subsequently he was promoted to a permanent position.


      George H Walter Brooklyn October 1920 - salaries listed between $1,300-$1,800 not specific to the individual. (State Service: An Illustrated Monthly Magazine Devoted to the ..., Volume 4)

      1942 WWII Draft Registration George Henry Walter, 357 Autumn Ave. Brooklyn, dob Nov 1, 1884, relative, Jennie Hinz, same address, employer, Magistrattes Court, City of New York 25 Snyder ave, Bklyn, 5'7" 140 pounds, blue eyes, gray hair

      1949: May 16 - Death of George H. Walter, brother of Jennie Hinz and Fred Walter. Buried Evergreen cemetery.

    4. Jane/Jennie 1888- married Julius Hinz

      Jane/Jennie born circa 1888 - August per 1900 census

      Walter, Gender : "Male" Birth Date: 13 Aug 1888, Birth Place: New York City, Kings , Residence Address: Bushwick Ave & Furman Street, Certificate Number: 8046, Father: George Walter, Mother: Frances Walter, Mother Maiden Name: Kreigh

      Married Hinz per obit of her father in 1926.

      1910 Marriage:

      Julius Hinz Marriage Date: 26 Jan 1910 Marriage Place: Kings, New York, USA Spouse: Jennie Walter Certificate Number: 1381

      Julius Hinz 24, of 341 Hendrix st and Jennie Walter 21 of 9 Pennsylvania ave. Jan 25, 1910 Brooklyn Eagle


      1. Helen c. 1912 married Hitzel

      2. Henry George Hinz 18 May 1919

        1940 WWII Draft Registration: 357 Autumn ave. mother Jennie Hinz, same address employer, Western Union, 6' 1", 150 pounds, brown eyes, brown hair

        October 1, 1948 - Henry George Hinz the son of Mrs. Jennie Hinz of 357 Autumn ave. Cypress Hills, a graduate of Brooklyn Technical High school, served 39 months in the European theatre with the Army Ordnance Corps. Attended Brooklyn college and Pace Institute. The bride was Geraldine Estelle Clark, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Leroy clark

        (359 Autumn ave was for many years the address of Jennie's sister Margaret Walter Grasman. The Grasmans lived there in 1940. Jennie and her children were not listed with them.)

        1910: Brooklyn ward 26, Ashford street, Julius Henz 24, clerk exporting, Jennie Hinz 21

        1917 WWI Draft: Julius Hinz, dob 30 Aug 1885 137 Forbell Ave., export shipping clerk, 135 Front street, NYC, wife Jennie, tall, medium build blue eyes fair hair

        1920: Brooklyn ward 22, Julius Hinz 35, shipping clerk export company, Jennie Hinz 31, Helen Hinz 8, Henry S Hinz 0 [7/12]

        1923: Helen Hinz, age 11, of 9 Pennsylvania ave joined a puzzle club. In a letter to the Brooklyn Daily Eagle she said she had a collie dog named, Buster.

        Death of Julius Hinz:

        1925: Pennsylvania ave - five families including that of George Walter: Jennie Hinz 36, Helen Hinz 13, Henry Hinz 06

        1930: New Jersey Ave., Jennie Hinz 41, hairdresser, beauty parlor, Helen Hinz 18

        I believe the son, Henry Hinz, was with his grandmother under the surname Walter.

        1977: Jennie Hinz 89 a former hair dresser from Long Island who moved to Arizona in 1969 died in Scottsdale Az 10 November, 1977 survived by her children, Helen Hitzel of Scottsdale, and Henry Hinz of Stony Brook, LI, and a grandchild.

      3. Christian L. Walker 1890 - July per 1900 census - died 1917

        Birth: "James" Walter Birth Date: 26 Jul 1890, Birth Place: New York City, Kings, Residence Address: Bushwick Av & Furmon Pl, Certificate Number: 9836, Father: George Walter, Mother: Frances Walter, Mother Maiden Name: Krieg

        1900 & 1915: With his parents in 1900 and 1915 censuses.

        1909 - 1912: Army Enlistment 1909-1912 - 1909, Ft. Slocum, NY, Walter, Christian, Brooklyn, age 19, tin smith helper, 5 feet 8 and a half inches, discharged October 15 '12, Ft Riley, Kas. (cannot read rest except "Very good").

        1914: In March 1914 Christian was appointed a probationary patrolman in the Police Department. In September 1914 Christian L Walter of 9 Pennsylvania ave, a probationary patrolman with the Police Department, received a letter from the Police Department Chief Clerk stating that his conduct and capacity had been unsatisfactory. When his probationary period was over he would no longer be retained by the Police Department. In 1915 there was a hearing on the dismissal. The issue appears to have been that Christian stated on his Police Department application that he had been arrested on charges of disorderly conduct when, in fact, he had been arrested on charges of intoxication. Furthermore, Christian had stated he had been discharged of the charges when, in fact, he was convicted and the sentence had been suspended. Moreover, Christian had worked for the Brooklyn Rapid Transit Company and had been discharged on March 26, 1913 for unsatisfactory service and "irregularity in collections of revenue". Christian claimed he did not know why he had been discharged by the Brooklyn Rapit Transit. He said he had been ordered to report to the superintendent and was told to turn over his badge. A court heard the case. Christian claimed that since the Civil Service Commission had investigated him and deemed him eligible to take the Civl Service test the Police Commissioner could not dismiss him except for unsatisfactory service during his probation period. The court ruled that the Police Commissioner had the right to deny final appointment to the Police department. The dismissal from the Police Department stood on the basis that Christian had made misstatements to the Civil Service Commission. The court hearings revealed that Christian had been arrested twice: In August 1906 for assault and in December 1907 for intoxication. He was a teenager at the time.

        1914: The Civil Service Commission listed named candidates for Fireman which included Christian L Walter, 9 Pennsylvania ave. Brooklyn. His case was referred back to the examiner in charge of the Bureau of investigation for further investigation and report.

        In December 1914 an application for a writ of mandamus* was requested to reinstate Christian as a fireman.

        *(A writ of mandamus is a court order compelling someone to execute a duty that they are legally obligated to complete.)

        Marriage: Mary

        Child: Alice

        1917: Death - Christian L. Walter BIRTH 1891 DEATH 17 Mar 1917 New York County (Manhattan), New York, USA BURIAL The Evergreens Cemetery Brooklyn, Kings County (Brooklyn), New York, USA MEMORIAL ID 153805151

        Fireman Christian L. Walter of Engine 15 in Henry street, Manhattan, fell out of a second floor window and into the rear yard of the firehouse. He was cleaning windows and lost his balance when an alarm went off. He was taken to the Gouveneur Hospital in an unconscious state, suffering from a fracture of both legs and a concussion of the brain. His left leg was amputated and blood poisoning set in. At the time of the accident he was alone on the second floor. He was twenty-six years old and lived in Brooklyn. He was survived by his wife, one child, his parents two sisters and two brothers. Funeral from the home of his mother at 9 Pennsylvania ave. Brooklyn. Buried Evergreen cemetery.

        Probate: Kings county, Mary Walter, widow, and Christian L Walter, deceased, Alice Walter, daughter, 78 Miller Ave., Brooklyn

        On March 18

        Christian L. Walter BIRTH 1891 USA DEATH 17 Mar 1917 New York County (Manhattan), New York, USA BURIAL The Evergreens Cemetery Brooklyn, Kings County (Brooklyn), New York, USA MEMORIAL ID 153805151

        Line of Duty Deaths Uniformed Firefighters Assc. FIREFIGHTER CHRISTIAN L. WALTER ENGINE 15 March 17, 1917

        FF Christian L Walter, E-15. Injured March 13, 1917, died March 17, 1917

    5. Death of George Walter: October 1926

      New York, New York, Index to Death Certificates, 1862-1948, Name: George Walter, Marital status: Married, Age: 70, Birth Place: USA, Death Date: 4 Oct 1926, Death Street Address: 9 Pennsylvania Avenue, Brooklyn, New York, USA, Cause of Death: Chronic Myocarditis Diabetes Mellitus, Burial Date: 7 Oct 1926, Burial Place: Evergreen Cemty, Occupation: Laborer, Father's Birth Place: Germany, Mother's Birth Place: Germany, Father: "Joseph" Walter, Mother: Margaret Walter, Executor: Frances Walter, Executor Relationship: Wife, Certificate Number: 19958

      Obit: GEORGE WALTER: died at his home at 9 Pennsylvania avenue. Survived by his widow Frances, two sons, Fredrick A and George H and two daughters Margaret Grasman and Mrs. Jennie Hinz. Buried in Evergreen cemetery. (Brooklyn Standard Union, October 25, 1926)

      George Walter Age: 70 Birth Year: abt 1856 Death Date: 4 Oct 1926 Death Place: Kings, New York, USA Certificate Number: 19958

      Death of Frances Walter: 1948.

      Walter- Frances - July 29, 1948 wife of the late George; beloved mother of Jennie Hinz, Fred and George Walter; Dear sister of Mrs. Jennie Gutmann. Buried Evergreens. (BDE)

      Frances Walter, Birth Year: abt 1859, Age: 89, 29 Jul 1948, Death Place: Kings, New York, USA, Certificate Number: 15398

    6. Mary (or Margaret) circa 1861 in 1860 census age 11 months in 1880 census age 19

    1904/1906/1907: City Directory - George Walter, 38 Pillingotn Pl, agate ware

    Death of George/Joseph Walter sr.: After 1892.

    There is a NYC death record that more or less fits the bill but I am not positive it is him.

    NYC 1900 Certificate #22185
    Name - George Walter
    Marital status - widowed - good
    Age 73, born 1827, Germany - good
    In US 50 years - good
    Address 2599 Atlantic ave, Brooklyn - okay (right neighborhood - not a known address for the family)
    Death date, 9 December 1900 - okay
    Cause of death, heart failure
    Burial place, Evergren - good (a number of the family were buried in Evergreen)
    Occupation, none - okay
    Father and mother's birthplace, Germany - good
    Father's name, Michael Mother's name, Elizabeth - problematic

    Germans tended to name their children after parents and or grandparents - Michael and Elizabeth were not names used by this Walter family. On the other hand, death certificates are not known for their accuracy, particularly in regards to the names of people the informant may not have known personally.

    Death of Margaret Walter sr.: After 1880 - I could not find any appropriate death record for her.

Agateware was/is a type of enameled ware or pottery using different colored clays. The technique was used to make cups, sausers, plates, boilers, pitchers, bed pans, basins, coffee pots, etc. It appears to relate to the multi colored outer appearance rather than the material as there is both metal and pottery agateware. The Walter family may have been involved with the metal type as the Krieg family were at same point listed as tin smiths.


Walter in the censuses:

1860: New Lots, Kings Geo Walter "28", milkman, $3,500 $1,200, "France" Margt Walter 34, Hanover, Geo Walter 3, New York, Margt Walter 11/12, New York, Wm Walter 15, New York

1865: New Lots, Brooklyn, George Walter 38, milkman, Margaret Walter 38, 5 children, George Walter 9, Mary Walter 4

1870: New Lots, Joseph Walter 47, milkman $3,000 $3,000, born Bavaria, Margaret Walter 44, born Hanover, George Walter 13, Mary Walter 9

1875: New Lots Brooklyn, "Joe" Walters, head, milkman, age 50 Germany, Margt wife, age 49, Geo, son age 19, Mary daughter age 14

1880: 392 Furman Place Brooklyn, Walter, George age 23, born New York, milkman, Frances wife, age 21, born New York, George 57, milkman, born Germany, Margaret wife, 49, born Germany, Mary, daughter 19

1892: Pellington Place Brooklyn, 6th election district 26th ward,

Walter, George, 36, milk, Frances 34, housewife, Margaret 11, Frederick 10, George 8, Jennie 4, Christian, 2 Joseph 67 born Germany stableman.

Both Furman and Pellington are in the Bushwick section of Brooklyn on the south west corner of Evergreen cemetery.

1900 Census: George Walter and family - Columbia Ave Queens, Ward 4,
  1. George, Head, Sep 1857, 42, Married 20 1880, New York Germany Germany picker agate works
  2. Frances, Wife, Feb 1860, 40, Married 20, 5 children 5 living, New York, Germany, Ireland,
  3. Margaret, Daughter, Sep 1880, 19 Single, New York
  4. Fredrick, Son, Sep 1882, 17, Single, New York tinsmith,
  5. George, Son, Nov 1886?, 16 Single, New York electric ?? agate works,
  6. Jane, Daughter Aug 1888, 11 Single New York,
  7. Christian, Son, Jul 1890, 9 Single New York

Note: Listed by under "Wallin [Walter]"


9 Pennsylvania Ave, Brooklyn, Walter, George age 53, born New York, German parents, laborer city, Frances wife age 51, born New York, German father, Irish mother, married 31 years, 5 children 5 still living. Frederick A son age 27, fireman fire department, George H son age 25, salesman dry goods

1915: Pennsylvania ave Brooklyn,
George Walter 58, laborer highway, Frances Walter 56, wife, Fredk A Walter 32, city fireman, Geo H Walter 30, prison keeper, Christian L Walter 24, bartender

1920: George Walter
9 Pennsylvania ave, Kings, George Walter 63, born NY, laborer highway department, Frances Walter 60, wife born NY, George Walter, 35, keeper, corrections department

1920 Census: Frederick Walter born 1882

Woodhaven Village Jamaica Township, Queens, 926 Boyd Frederick Walter 37, fireman, railroad, Evelyn Walter 27, Katherine O'Connor 60, born Ireland

1925 Census: Pennsylvania Ave, Brooklyn, George Walter 68, laborer, Frances Walter, wife, 15 (sic) George Walter, son, 40, court attendent

1925: Queens, Frederick Walter 41, foreman*, Ernelyn Walter 31 Richard Walter 3 Frederick Walter 1 Catherine Oconnor 56, mother in law, nurse, Edward Oconnor 36, brother in law, shoe salesman

*(I believe it should have been "Fireman".)


Renting, 9 Pennsylvania Avenue, Brooklyn, Frances Walter 71, widowed, father born Germany, mother born Ireland, George W Walter 45, son, court attendant, court house, Henry G Walter 11, grandson

Who were the parents of Henry G's.??? Is he Jennie's son, Henry Hinz?

1930 Census: Fredrick Walter born 1882 and son Fred age 6
9427 76th Street, Ozone Park Queens, Frederick A Walter, 46, fire man fire department, Evelyn Walter 36, Richard Walter 8, Fred Walter 6, Edward Walter 4, Frances Walter 2, Catherine O'Conner 63

1940 Census: Fredrick Walter born 1882 and son Fred
233 Middle County Road St James, Walter, Frederick, age 58 born New York, proprietor farm, Evelyn, age 47, born New York, Richard son age 18, Frederick son age 16, Edward son age 14, Frances daughter age 12, Catherine O'Conner, mother in law, age 79, Irish Free State, Richard O'Conner, brother in law age 50, born New York.

1935: Inferred Residence of Frederick A Walter in 1935 - Suffolk, New York,

1940: Frances

9 Pennsylvania Avenue is near Atlantic and Pennsylvania south of Evergreen Cemetery.

In 1901 Pellington place was to be extended between Bushwick ave and Highland ave. near New Jersey Ave. It was in the 26th Ward.


Anne Evelyn O'Connor married Frederick Walter on January 24, 1917. Born circa 1892 she was the daughter of Michael and Katie O'Connor/O'Conner.

★Michael O'Connor

Birth of Michael O'Connor: circa 1859 in County Queens Ireland


Marriage: ★Catherine - Katie - Byrne


  1. Edward R. O'Connor

    Birth: c 1886

    Marriage: 1908 November 21, announcement in the Brooklyn Chat - Mary M Seilbach age 20 of 243 Cooper street, to Edward R. O'Connor 22 of 169 Palmetto street


    1. Edward

    2. Bernard

    1910: Cooper street, Edward R O'Connor 23, manager shoe store, Mary M O'Connor 21

    1920: New Jersey Ave. Brooklyn, Edward R O Connor 33, shoe salesman, shoe house, May O Connor 31, bookkeeper bank, Edward O Connor 8, Bernard O Connor 4


  2. Richard James O'Connor

    Birth: c 1889

    1951: Richard James O'Connor, age 62, died September 11, 1951 at his home on Middle Country road after a long illness. He was a veteran of World War I. He was survived by his sister, Mrs. Evelyn Walter of Nesconset.

    Evelyn was the executor of the will and she applied to the Court to have a "certain instrument in writing" bearing the date 13th June 1937 duly proved to be the last will and testament of Richard James O'Connor. A newspaper notice was cited to Mary O'Connor, widow of the decedent, "be she living or dead" and any persons related to her who may have had any claim on the estate of the decedent to come forward. The whereabouts of Mary O'Connor were unknown.

  3. ★Evelyn (Anne) c 1891 - married Frederick A. Walter

    See Fredrick A Walter

Death of Michael O'Connor: 23 December 1915
Michael O'Connor died at his home 435 Marion street. He was born in County Queens, Ireland and had lived in Brooklyn for 32 years. He was survived by his widow, Catherine, two sons, Edward and Richard and a daughter, Evelyn. He was a member of Our Lady of Lourdes church on Aberdeen street for many years. Buried Holy Cross.

Michael O'Connor Age: 55 Birth Year: abt 1860 Death Date: 23 Dec 1915 Death Place: Kings, New York, USA Certificate Number: 24071

1940: Death of Catherine Byrne O'Connor at St James April 29, 1940 - beloved wife of the late Michael, mother of Mrs. Fredrick Walter and Richard O'Connor. Survived by six grandchildren

Catherine O Connor, Age: 79, Birth Date: abt 1861, Death Date: 29 Apr 1940, Death Place: Smithtown, New York, USA, Certificate Number: 28830

Catherine O'Connor, Birth Date: 1860, Death Date: 30 Apr 1940, Cemetery: Holy Cross Cemetery, Burial or Cremation Place: Brooklyn, Kings County (Brooklyn), New York, United States of America

3620 Tilden Ave Brooklyn, Kings County (Brooklyn), New York, 11203 USA

1900: Brooklyn, Cedar, Michael O Connor 42 Dec 1857, Ireland, imm 1883, horseshoer Katie O Connor 39, Nov 1860 married 15 years 4 children 3 living, born Ireland, Edward O Connor 13, Nov 1886, Richard O Connor 10, June 1889 Eveline O Connor 8 Sept "1881" (should be 1891)

Next listing the Koster family, Wm age 54, head, born Germany, soda bottler, Wm age 20, store clerk, Peter, 15 messenger, and Henry 9. - See the 1910 census.

1905: 1213 Decatur Brooklyn Michael O Conor 46, horseshoer, born Ireland, Katie O Conor 45, born Ireland, Edward O Conor 20, salesman, Richard O Conor 18, piper cover helper, Evelion O Conor 13, at school, children born New York


O'Conners in the 1910 Census: Brooklyn Ward 28, 728 Knickerbocker Ave Michael O'Connor 51, no occupation, Katie O'Connor 50, married 25 years, 4 children 3 living, both born Ireland English, both imm 1885 Edward O'Connor 23, married, born NY, manager shoe manufacturing company, Evelyn O'Connor 18, born NY, stenographer, dept store, Richard O'Connor 20, born NY, clerk rapid transit, William Koster 65, widowed, brother in law, born Germany, imm 1875, Peter Koster 27, nephew, born NY electrician.

1920, 1925 & 1930: Katherine/Catherine O'Connor with her daughter, Evelyn Walter, in Jamaica Queens

1940: With her daughter and family in St. James. Frederick A Walter 58, Evelyn Walter 47, Richard Walter 18, Frederick Walter 16, Edward Walter 14, Frances Walter 12, Catherine O'Connor 79, Richard O'Connor 50


Frances Kreig married George Walter. Frances was born circa 1860 - the daughter of Augustus Kreig, born circa 1828 in Germany, a tailor, and his wife, Jane Bell, born in Ireland circa 1829, tailoress.

★August Adam Krieg c 1828 - 1897

Birth: August Adam Krieg circa 1828 Germany.

Immigration: Unknown - before 1856

Marriage: ★Jane Bell, tailoress, born circa 1930 in Ireland.


  1. Ernistine Krieg Cook born c 1856

    AKA Lizzie. Married Henry Cook.


    336 Vermont Avenue, New Lots, Henry Cook 30, mason, born Germany, Lizzie Cook 30, born New York, Henrietta Cook 3

    1892: Cook, Henry, 42, born Germany, mason bld., Elizabeth E. age 36, born US, Henrietta age 15, Henry age 9

    1900: 146 Hendrix st. Cook, Henry, 49, builder, Elizabeth, age 43, 6 children 2 living, Henrietta, 22, Henry 16

    1900: Mr. and Mrs. Henry Cook and their daughter, Henrietta, attended the wedding of Margaret Walter to George Grasman in 1900. Margaret was the daughter of Frances Krieg Walter. Mrs. Henry Cook was Ernestine (Lizzie) Krieg, a sister of Frances Krieg Walter.

    When her sister Frances Krieg Walter died in 1948 Ernistine/Lizzie was not listed as a surviving relative.

    In 1897 Public notice concerning the will of August Adam Krieg included Lizzie and Henry Cook.

  2. ★Frances Krieg Walter born c 1858

    Married George Walter. See Walter.

  3. Augustus Krieg born c 1860 died 1922

    Birth: 1861

    Occupation: Tin smith & roofer

    Marriage: Sarah Fetter born circa 1860


    1. Louis (Lewis) 1889 died 1917

      Marriage: Maud Duffy

      Child: Grace

      Death: Lewis Krieg Age: 28 Birth Year: abt 1889 Death Date: 25 Apr 1917 Death Place: Kings, New York, USA Certificate Number: 9204

      Lewis Kreig Marital status: Married, Age: 28, Birth Date: 1 Nov 1888, Birth Place: USA, Residence Street Address: 342 Kosciousko, Death Date: 25 Apr 1917, Hospital: St John's Hospital, Death Place: New York City, Brooklyn, New York, USA Cause of Death: Compound Fracture Furs & Arist, Fracture of Hip-Septicemia, Carcinoma of Brain, Burial Date: 27 Apr 1917, Burial Place: Evergreen Cemetery, Occupation: Janitor, Father's Birth Place: USA, Mother's Birth Place: USA, Father: August Koeig, Mother: Sarah Koeig, Executor: Maude Kreig, Executor Relationship: Wife, Certificate Number: 9204

      April 11, 1917 - Louis Kreig, age 28, of 342 Kosciusko street, janitor at P. S. 25 at Lafayette and Sumner aves. fell while cleaning windows on the third floor of the school building. Due to a scarcity of labor the school had not been able to hire professional window cleaners. A recent storm had left the windows exceptionally dirty. He fractured his jaw, had internal injuries and a possible fractured skull. He was not expected to live. He was married with one child and had been a janitor at the school for several years. NYU City Record 1917 Died - Louis Kreig, Janitor-Engineer,. P. S. 25 and 79, Brooklyn, April 25.

      Probate: Maud S. Krieg, deceased left no property except there is a cause of action for negligently causing the death of the said deceased. Grace Enid Kreig, daughter, Maud Kreig wife

    2. Joseph Francis Krieg 15, Jan, 1896 - died 1946

      Birth: January 15, 18896

      WWI: Joseph Francis Krieg, 10 Cooper Place, Brooklyn, dob January 15, 1896 warper silk Julius Kay--- so, ---affe Place and DeKalb ave, single, only support of disabled father and also mother tall, slender, grey eyes blond hair.

      Marriage: May 1919 Elsie Dickert age 22 - Joseph Krieg age 23, 218 Ralph ave.

      Child: Robert Krieg circa 1922

      1930: Norwood ave. Brooklyn Joseph F Krieg 34, warper, "nitted fabrice", Elsie M Krieg 33, bookkeeper, Western Union, Robert J Krieg 8

      WWII: 1942 Joseph Francis Krieg, 15 Jan 1896, born Brooklyn, residence, Highland ave. Jamaica Queens, wife, Elsie Krieg, employer, Benjamin Green 6' 1", 190 pounds, blue eyes, brown hair

      1940: E. 16th street, Joseph, warper, textile, Elsie, telephone operator, and Robert

      Death: Joseph F Krieg, Birth Date: 15 Jan 1896, Birth Place: Brooklyn, New York, Death Date: 18 Jul 1946, Claim Date: 26 Jul 1946, SSN: 052050369, Notes: 30 Jul 1976: Name listed as JOSEPH F KRIEG

      Joseph Krieg Age: 50 Birth Year: abt 1896 Death Date: 18 Jul 1946 Death Place: Manhattan, New York, USA Certificate Number: 15991

    1892: ward 25 Brooklyn, Krieg August, age 31 tin smith, Sarah age 31, Louis age 3

    1900: Eastern Parkway, August Krieg 38, Feb 1862, furnace worker, Sarah Krieg 39, married 16 years, 7 children 3 living, Lewis Krieg 11, Joseph F Krieg 4

    1905: 89 Hull street August Krieg 44, tin maker, Sarah Krieg 45, Louis Krieg 16, printer, Joseph Krieg 9

    1910: Brooklyn, August H Kreig Head 49 New York, father Germany, mother, Ireland, roofer new buildings, Sarah C Kreig Wife 51 New York, 5 children 2 living, married 28 years, Louis F Kreig Son 21 New York, fireman, office building, Joseph F Kreig Son 14 New York, Joseph H Kelty Boarder 37 New York

    Death of Sarah Krieg: Mrs Sarah C Krieg, [Sarah C Fetter], Married, Age: 60, Birth Date: 21 Jun 1858, Birth Place: USA, Years in US: Life, Death Date: 13 Oct 1918, Death Street Address: 218 Ralph Ave, Death Place: New York City, Brooklyn, Cause of Death: Cerebral Apoplexy, Arterial Sclerosis, Burial Date: 17 Oct 1918, Burial Place: Evergreen Cemetery, Occupation: Housewife, Father's Birth Place: USA, Mother's Birth Place: USA, Father: John Fetter, Executor: Aug Krieg, Executor Relationship: Husband, Certificate Number: 22055

    1920 218 Ralph Ave, Brooklyn August Krieg 58, head, widower, steward tug boat, Joseph Krieg 24, son, silk warper, silk glove factory, Elsie Krieg 22, daughter-in-law, operator, --- tel co. Joseph Kelty 48, boarder, attendent comfort station

    Death 1922 - August Kreig Marital status: Widowed, Age: 65, Birth Date: abt 1857, Residence: Deep Creek Jamaica Bay, Death Date: 24 Sep 1922, Death Street Address: Ft of Bay 43rd St, Death Place: New York City, Brooklyn, New York, USA, Cause of Death: Drowning Accidental Jumped Everboard from Sinking Boat, Burial Date: 27 Sep 1922, Burial Place: Evergreen Cemty, Occupation: Bayman, Father's Birth Place: Germany, Mother's Birth Place: Ireland, Father: August Kreig, Mother: Jane Bell, Executor: Joseph Kreig, Executor Relationship: Son, Certificate Number: 17709

    August Kreig, Age: 65, Birth Year: abt 1857, Death Date: 24 Sep 1922, Death Place: Kings, New York, USA, Certificate Number: 17709

    Probate: August Krieg deceased, 11 October 1922, Administer Joseph Krieg, 166 Norwood Ave., a son, residence at the time of death, Deep Creek Jamaica Bay, personal property value $600.

  4. Louis/Lewis Krieg c. 1862

    1902: ??? Louis Krieg Residence Year: 1902 Street address: 222 Hopkins Residence Place: Brooklyn, New York, USA Occupation: Roofer Publication Title: Brooklyn, New York, City Directory, 1902

    Listed with his siblings at the probate notice of his father's will in 1897.

  5. Frederick Krieg c 1865

    1888: Fred Kreig Gender: Male Marriage Date: 11 Mar 1888 Marriage Place: Kings, New York, USA Spouse: Katharina Scholl Certificate Number: 801

    1910: Metropolitan ave, Frederick Kreig 44. laborer city parks, Katie Kreig 42, married 22 years, 2 children 2 living, Charles F Kreig 21, laborer public schools, Frederick J Kreig 19 feeder, printing house

    1915: Metropolitan ave. Fred Kreig 49, laborer, park, Katie Kreig 47, Fred Kreig 24, son, lithographer Cecia Muldaene 4, boarder, Wilimena Scholl 71, mother-in-law

    Death 1916: Frederick Krieg, Marital status: Married, Age: 50, Birth Date: 8 Oct 1865, Birth Place: USA, Death Date: 14 Sep 1916, Death Street Address: 1558 Metropolitan Ave, Death Place: New York City, Queens, New York, USA, Cause of Death: acute gastritis, Burial Date: 17 Sep 1916, Burial Place: Lutheran Cemetery, Occupation: Watchman, waterworks, Father's Birth Place: Germany, Mother's Birth Place: Ireland, Father: August Kreig, Mother: Jennie Bell, Executor: Mrs Kreig, Executor Relationship: Wife, Certificate Number: 4017, buried Lutheran cemetery,

  6. Jane AKA Jennie Krieg Gutman c 1868

    Married Henry Gutman/Goodman

    Listed as Jane Goodman at the probate notice of her father's will in 1897.

  7. Children:

    1. Jennie 1887

      Jennie Gutmann Gender: Female Marriage Date: 18 Jul 1908 Marriage Place: Kings, New York, USA Spouse: John F Hennessy Certificate Number: 5790

      Death: 1948 Jennie E Hennessey 2 December 1946, Queens, age 58, married, dob 25 December 1887, father Herny Gutman, mother, Jennie "Craig", spouse John F.

      Jennie E Hennessey [Jennie E Gutmann] Marital status: Married, Age: 58, Birth Date: 25 Dec 1887, Birth Place: New York, Kings, East New York, Residence Street Address: 9017 Albert Road, Residence Place: New York, Death Date: 2 Dec 1946, Hospital: Queens General Hospital, Death Place: New York City, Queens, New York, USA, Cause of Death: Pulmonary Embolism, Pemphigus, Abscess of Thigh, Thrombosis of Femoral Veins Burial Date: 6 Dec 1946, Burial Place: St John's Cemetery, Occupation: Housewife, Father's Birth Place: New York, Mother's Birth Place: New York, Father: Henry Gutmann, Mother: Jennie Gutmann, Spouse: John F, Informant: Haden H Hennessey, Informant Gender: Male, Informant Relationship: Husband, Executor: John F Hennessey, Executor Relationship: Husband, Certificate Number: 9705

    2. Henry J Gutman, 10 Jan 1888 Brooklyn, father Henry Gutman age 24, mother, Jennie "Creig" Gutmann age 19 (LDS)

      Henry J Gutman Birth Date: 10 Jan 1888 New York City, Kings, New York, USA Residence Address: Baltic Avenue Certificate Number: 613 Father: Henry J Gutman Mother: Jennie Gutman Mother Maiden Name: Creig

    3. Blanche 1896

      Death 1898: Blanche Gutman, 13 Jan 1898, age 2, Brooklyn, 480 Glenmore Ave, father Henry Gutman mother Jennie Krieg buried Evergreen

    1892: Guttman, Henry age 31 iceman, Jennie age 24, Jennie age 3

    1900: 383 Glenmore ave. Henry Gutmann 40, ice dealer, Jane Gutmann 38, wife, Jennie Gutmann 11, daughter, Susia Eichanhauer 18, boarder, saleslady

    1928: In September 1828 Mrs. Gutman of Union avenue held a house warming party. A midnight supper was served. Walter and George "Grossman" played piano solos. Mrs. Fred Krieg sang a number of old-fashioned songs. Other guest included: Mr. and Mrs. George Grassman, Mr. and Mrs. Chas Krieg, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Kreig, Mrs. Fred Krieg sr., Mrs. Frances "Walters", Mrs. Jennie "Heinz", Miss Helen Heinz, Miss Loretta Kreig, Miss Muriel Kreig, Walter Grassman, George Grassman jr., Ronald Gutman Henry Heinz, Raymond Kreig, Edward Kreig, Joseph Heinz, and others.

    1928: On October 28, Mrs. J Gutman of Union Avenue had a party to celebrate her birthday. Walter Grassman played the piano. Guests included: Mrs. George Walter, Mr. and Mrs. George Grassman, Walter and George Grassman, and others.

    1920: 224 Liberty ave. Jane Gutmann, 52, widow, father Germany, mother Ireland, gold leaf cutter, Ronald son age 17, and three boarders

    1930: Liberty avenue, Jane Gutman age 63, widow, mother Ireland, father, Germany, gold leaf cutter

    1940: Jane Gutmann age 72, 224 Liberty ave.

Death index for a Child of Jane Bell and Augustus Kreig: No date - Jane Kreig, Maiden Name: Bell, Birth Place: Ireland, Spouse: August Kreig, Child: August Kreig, Certificate Number: 17709

1865: New Lots, Augustus Krieg 35, tailor, Germany, Jane Krieg 34, tailoress, Ireland, Ernestina Krieg 9, Francis Krieg 6, Augustus Krieg 4, Louis Krieg 2

1870: New Lots, Brooklyn August Kreig 40, Saxony, Meminganng, tailor, $2,000 $400, Jane Kreig 40, Ireland, tailoress, Anestine Kreig 14 Frances Kreig 12 August Kreig 10 Louis Kreig 8 Frederick Kreig 5 Jane Kreig 2

1875: New Lots, H Kreig 44, tailor, J Kreig 45 E Kreig 19 F Kreig 16 A Kreig 14 L Kreig 12 Fred Kreig 9 Jane Kreig 7

1880: New Lots, 83 Pennsylvania ave, August Krieg 49, tailor, Prussia, Jane Krieg 51, Ireland, August Krieg 19, brush maker, Lewis Krieg 17, brush maker, Frederic Krieg 14, silver beating, Jane Krieg 12

(In 1906 the report of a fire at 83 Pennsylvania ave, East New York, described the building as a three story frame construction at Atlantic ave. There was a basement, a store on the ground floor and apartments above.)

1886: Land Assessment, 14 May 1886, New York, United States 345 1670, Grantor Jane Krieg Grantee Charles Ullrich 13 Land Assessment 14 May 1886 New York, United States 345 1670 Grantor, August Krieg Grantee Charles Ullrich

1889: Transfer of real estate - 5, Jan - Pennsylvania av e.s. 175 ft n Belmont av, 75x130 August Krieg to Joanna M. Boyle $2,700 (BDE)

Death of Jane (Jennie) Bell Kreig: Unknown

1897 Death: August Kreig Marital status: Widower, Age: 69, Birth Date: abt 1828, Birth Place: Germany, Death Date: 28 Sep 1897, Hospital: St Mary's Hospital, Death Place: New York City, Brooklyn, Death City Ward: 24, Cause of Death: Vesicls Calculi, Pulmonary Oedema, Burial Date: 3 Oct 1897, Burial Place: Evergreen Cemetery, Occupation: Tailor, Certificate Number: 15956

1897: December Will of August Adam Krieg - Probate notice: Lizzie Cook, Frances Walter, August Krieg, Frederick Krieg, Jennie Goodman, and Louis Krieg, petitioner Henry Cook.


★Catherine (Katie) Byrne born in Ireland circa 1860. Married Michael O'Connor and was the mother of Evelyn O'Connor Walter. Catherine died in St James in 1940.


★Jane, AKA Jennie, Bell born in Ireland circa 1830, tailoress, married Augustus Kreig circa 1855. She was the mother of Frances Kreig, born 1858, who married George Walter.

She died after 1886 and before 1897.

Her surname was gotten from the death record of her son, August, in 1922.

New Lots, Brooklyn

The area was mostly farm land until 1835 when a section was cut into 25x100 building lots. In 1837 further lots were developed. A map from 1842 showed only 38 buildings in the area at the time. In February 1852 an area calling itself the Town of New Lots officially ceded from the Town of Flatbush. It included the communities of Cypress Hill and East New York. In 1860 East New York had a population 1,000. There were four churches: a Reformed, a Protestant Episcopal, a German Evangelical Lutheran and a Roman Catholic.

It was heavily populated by Germans with breweries, beer gardens, German newspapers. In 1873 New Lots was a rapidly grown area. The town of New Lots was annexed as the 26th Ward of the City of Brooklyn in 1886. Brooklyn itself was later annexed into the city Of New York in 1898.

The population of Ward 26 increased from 1,000 in 1872 to nearly 80,000 in 1900.

At the wedding of Margaret Walter and George Grasman in June 1900, it was stated: " Both families are among the oldest and most prominent in the old township of New Lots."

World War II

United States Cadet Nurse Corps member, Isabella S. Goehle, single, age 21, 135 West 238th street, New York City, born August 18, 1923, was admitted to the corps August 31, 1944 and withdrew October 12, 1944. Issued membership card from the School of Nursing Lenox Hill Hospital. father, Francis C. Goehle, shipping clerk, usual place of residence, St. James, New York

In June 1942 Frederick George Walter registered for the draft: 5' 10" 170 pounds, blue eyes, brown hair, Middle Country Road, St. James, born Nov 15, 1923, Queens, NY, age 18, employer, Republic Aircraft Corp., Farmington, father, Frederick A. Walter, same address.

Cadet Nurse Corp

Republic Aviation

Fire Engine Company no. 131 Brooklyn

Frederick A. Walter (1882 - 1978) was a member of Fire Engine Co. 131 (later 231) from at least 1907 until at least 1915. He was a fireman until at least 1930.

His brother, Christian L Walter (1890-1917) was also a fireman in Engine co 131 from 1914 to his death in 1917.

Fire Engine Company no. 131 was located in the firehouse at 107 Watkins street.

1905: On July 22, 1903 the City of New York purchased a 50x100 lot on Watkins Street, from Lewis and Mary Hurst for $3,400. A fire house was build on the property at a cost of just over $40,000. Engine Company no. 131 and Battalion 34 moved into the new Fire Station on March 4, 1905. On April 8, Ladder company no. 70 was organized and moved into the new fire house. Within the following eight years all companys were renumbered. Engine 131 became Engine 231.

The new firehouse was located on the easterly side of Watkins street, 250 feet south of Glenmore ave.

1907: October 17 - Battalion Chief John J. Donohue was headquartered on Watkins street, near Pitkin avenue. The fire house, in which was located Truck no 70 and Engine No. 131, was in excellent condition.

In November 1907 out of control fire horses driven by a fireman of Fire Company no 131 crashed through a plate glass widow.

In 1907 there were 322 fire runs.

1907: The firehouse at Watkins street received a mascot named Rocks, a brindle bull dog who quickly learned the alarm code. Racing to a fire in December, the dog slipped in front of the wheels of one of the fire wagons and was fatally crushed. Rocks was buried at the rear of the fire house.

1909: January 17 - A sixteen year old boy carried three small children (7 and 8 years old) to a fire escape at the back of a building at 2018 Fulton street. He let the children down over the bars of the fire escape and told them to hold on as flames shot over their heads. The children hung there for almost 5 minutes with the youth encouraging them to hang on, until firemen from Engine Company no 131 arrived to rescue them. The children then jumped one by one about 15 feet into the welcoming arms of the firemen.

1909: July - Fire Chief John J. Donohue was presented with a diamond studdded badge in honor of the anniversary of his 25 years in service with the Fire Department. A ceremony was held at the quarters of Engine Company 131 and Ladder Company no 70 in Watkins street.

1909: October - The mascot of Engine co. 131 was a large green parrot named Peter. He had been with the company since 1904. He was fond of smoke, beer and chewing tobacco. When the alarm bell rang he issued commandes occasionally laced with profanities. He rode on the truck to fires and slept at the foot of one of the fireman's cots. He flew downstairs while the men slid down the pole. He liked to flatter himself and comment on his beauty.

1915: The pet of engine Company 231 was at one time an ant eater until it bit several people including a member of the force.

The fire truck were horse drawn. Fireman used extension latters to rescue people from four story tenement buildings. Not only did firemen fight fires but they rescued people in distress. In 1913 men from Engine Company no. 131 freed five men who were buried in a cave-in of a new synagogue under construction.

Youtube Horse Drawn Fire Engine

Watkins Street Fire House

Brooklyn Daily Eagle March 13, 1905 - New Firehouse in Brownsville - Watkins street - It is still in operation.

Brooklyn Daily Eagle March 13, 1905 - Members of Company No. 131

Strange Coincidence

In all the years I have been doing genealogical research I have never come across a death caused by a fall from a window. Therefore, I find it very strange that there was not one but two incidences in this one extended family.

Christian L Walter and Lewis Krieg were first cousins of the same age.

On March 13 1917 Frances Krieg Walter's son, Christian L. Walter, a fireman, fell from a second story window at Firehouse 15 in Manhattan while cleaning windows. He had internal injuries, two broken legs and a concussion. His left leg was amputated and blood poisoning set in. Four days later on March 17 he died in Gouveneur Hospital in Manhattan. He was born in 1890 and he left a wife and young daughter.

Less than a month later, on April 11, 1917, Frances Krieg Walter's nephew, Lewis Krieg, fell while cleaning windows on the third floor of the school where he was a janitor. He fractured his jaw and possibly his skull and had internal bleeding. He was not expected to live. He died 14 days later in St. John's Hospital in Brooklyn on April 25th, 1917. Born in 1889 he was the son of Frances Krieg Walter's brother, Augustus. Lewis left a wife and young daughter.


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