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Arnold in Ballenberg, Mosbach, Baden, Germany

Johann George Arnold (16??-1691), Maria Stahl, and possibly Anna Maria Waltz(in), and Rosina Geyger

Johann George Arnold of Ballenberg and his wife Rosins Geyger were the parents of Philipp Arnold.

Philipp moved to Herrnshiem where he married Elizabeth Schuler von Wagner. They were the parents of Lorenz Arnold born 1715 in Herrnshiem. Lorenze Arnold married Eva Marie Marion. They were the parents of (Johann) Peter Arnold born 1751. Peter married Elizabeth Bardong. They were the parents of Anna Marie Magdelena Arnold born 1788, who married Carl Franz Goehle.

Note: There are some significant issues with the records for Johann George Arnold in Ballenberg Mosbach, Baden, Germany

There are:

  • Too many marriages
  • Not enough deaths of wives
  • The baptisms of children occur over too long a period of time
  • I can find only one death for J George Arnold

It is highly likely that there were at least two J George Arnolds involved. The problem is that there is NOT ONE let alone TWO baptismal records for J. George Arnold in Ballenberg in the appropriate time frame and there is only ONE death record. Of course, one J George Arnold could have died in another parish.

I am putting all of the records for J George Arnold under this one heading, until such a time (if it ever occurs) that this can be worked out.


  1. As early as 1630 to 1640. This would be okay for J George (elder) but problematic if there was only one J George Arnold because it would mean that he was 57 when Catherine was born in 1687. Even if I estimate the birth at 1640 (based on an age of 20 at his marriage in 1660) it would have made him 47 years old in 1687 — not impossible but unlikely for the times.
  2. Circa 1645 based on an age of 20 at the marriage of J George Arnold to Anna Maria Waltz in 1665.

No baptism (baptisms) found in an appropriate time frame. There were several Arnold families in Ballenberg at the time of the birth of Johann George Arnold between 1621 and 1645

  1. Heinrich Arnold, junior, son of Heinrich Arnold and Margarethe Beuer, born 1592, tailor, married Eva Zigler 1620, married Margareteh Statdmueller 1628. He died in 1636.
  2. Wendelin Arnold, son of Heinrich senior and Margarethe Beuer born 1595, miller/baker, married Appolonia Beyer 1618, married Anne Marie ________ after 1627 before 1629. Had last known child in 1643.
  3. Sebastian Arnold, son of Heinrich senior and Margarethe Beuer born 1597 occupation unknown married Margarethe _ before 1624. Had last known child in 1635.
Note: All of the possible fathers are sons of Heinrch Arnold, senior, and his wife Margarethe Beuer.

Naming patterns: Heinrich Arnold Jr. (tanner) , son of Heinrich Arnold Sr. (tailor) and J George Arnold (tailer) both had children named: Johann Andrea, Suzanne and Dorothy. Suzanne and Dorothy were less popular names.

The IGI lists only 17 Dorothy Arnolds baptized in Baden between 1615 and 1865. However, they only list one born in Ballenberg when the parish records show two.

Occupation of J George Arnold: Tailor


  • The occupation taylor was not connected to George Arnold until the marriage to Anna Marie Waltz in 1665. It was not listed at the 1667 marriage of George Arnold to Rosina Geyger, but the 1679 baptism of Philip listed J George as a tailor and his wife as Rosina.
  • Heinrich junior born 1592 and his father Hienrich senior born 15?? were both tailors. Since occupations frequently ran in families it is possible that J George Arnold was the son of Hienrich junior. In any event he is most likely the grandson of Heinrich senior.

Marriage: Johann George Arnold to Maria Stahl Nov 1660 (IGI)

Honest young man Joannes George Arnold of Ballenberg with the prudent virgin Maria Stahl(in),"inferior" Wittstadt [Unterwittstadt], Nov 1660 witness Dom. Nicholas Ger--- "superor Wittstadt" [Oberwittstadt] and Michael Z-ff (?) civis s-tor Ballenberg. (Parish records Ballenberg, Mosbach, Baden, Germany)

Note: I believe the phrase "Honest young man" means he had not been married before; regardless of what age he actually was at the time of the marriage it is the equivalent of "bachelor" in English.


  1. Marie Magdelena circa 1659. I did not find a birth record for Maria Magdelena.
    Death: November 3, 1666 Maria Magdelena of Jois George Arnold of Ballenberg age 7 years
    Note: If Marie Magdelena was actually 7 years old in 1666 it would mean that she was born before the 1660 marriage of J George and Maire Stalh. However, ages at death are frequently a little off.
  2. Maria Eva of Johann George Arnold and Maria 3 December 1661, witness Marie Eva -unebrin ?? wife of D Pradoris
    Death: 23 August 1666 Maria Eva of Jois George Arnold of Ballenberg daughter age 5
  3. Johann Jacob of Johann George and Maria, 20 December 1663, witness, Jois Jacobi Scures (??) proctor
    Death: Joes Jacob of Jois George Arnold Ballenberg son age 2, 26 November 1666

Note: All three known children of J. George Srnold died within a few monts of each other in 1966. Their mother had died in 1664 and J George Arnold appears to have remaried in 1665.

Death of Maria Arnold: 28 June 1664 Maria wife of Jois George Arnold civis in Ballenberg

Marriage to Anna Maria Waltz(in), 1665:

Jois George Arnold sartor [tailor] cum pridica (?) virgine Anna Maria (can't read — may be her father's name) Waltz(in) Li ---- tirectious olim in Oberngi-- [Upper something — most likely a place] witness Marious --hl, February 1665 (Ballenberg Parish Records — have copy)

Note: There are two marriage listings for Joannes George Arnold on the same day in February 1665. They are listed next to each other. In the first record the name is underlined but then on top of it is written another name. I believe that it is a clerical error and that the name should have actually been crossed out. Although I may be looking for two J George Arnolds it is hard to believe that more than one "Joannes George Arnolds, tailor", of Ballenberg married on the same day. LDS lists this as Anna Maria Tyraff, which I believe is the incorrect marriage.

Children of J George Arnold and Anne Marie Waltz: None listed IGI. None found in the Ballenberg parish records for children of J George between 1663 and 1671.

Death of Wife of Jois George Arnold - Anna Maria _______ (Waltz and/or Tyraff): Wife of marriage in 1665. See above. NONE FOUND between 1665 and 1667. THIS MAY MEAN THERE WERE TWO J GEORGE ARNOLDS.

Marriage of George Arnold, widow, to Rosine Geyger daughter of Jacob Geyger, 1667: Jois George Arnold widow et civis Ballenberg and Rosina, daughter of Jacobi Geyger, p. t. aditus factelli in monte ligitimate filia virge, witness George Ziglar and Baltahasar Kempff civis Ballenberg 11 January 1667 (Ballenberg Parish Records — have copy)

Note: The records for Geiger (Geyger) in Ballenberg are limited. They include the marriage of Joannes Geiger to Margarethe Hartman 17 October 1628 and the baptisms of their children Johannes 16 October 1629 and Anna Maria 08 Sept 1632. I cannot find anything for Rosina (Regina) Geiger daughter of Jacob born circa 1647 on the IGI. See Geyger at the bottom of the page.

Children of J George Arnold and Rosina Geyger: Note: 4 years between marriage and first recorded baptism of child.

  1. Johann Andrea of Johann George Arnold, civis Ballenberg (no wife listed) 25 May 1671 witness Johann Andrea Musoactes (hard to read) Schanberish (more I cannot read)

    Further Record: No death, no marriage in Ballenberg

  2. Suzanna of Johann George Arnold and Rosina his wife 07 August 1672 witness Susanna of Michael Schnaberich (???) civis --toris et sentoris Ballenberg civis senatoris Ballenberg

    Further Record: No death, no marriage in Ballenberg

  3. Joannes Henricus of Joannis George Arnold "civis Ballenberg" 13 April 1675 (no wife listed) witness Joannes Henrici Tomas Echards p.m. civis (smudge and faded ink) filius relecti legis [I think this means that the witness was Joannes Henrici son of Thomas Echard, deceased]

    Further Record: No death, no marriage in Ballenberg

  4. Phillip Arnold (1679-1734) and Catherine Bach and Elizabethe S(c)huler von Wagner

    For more information on Phillip Arnold and his descendants go to Arnold in Herrnsheim

    Birth: Philippi son of Joannes George Arnold civis et sartores in Ballenberg and Rosina, 2 September 1679 witness Philippi N. [just the initial] ex Oberndorf "solnous"

    Move to Herrnsheim, Hessen, Germany: Sometime before his marriage to Catherine Bach in 1709 Phillip Arnold moved from Ballenberg, Mosbach, Baden to Herrnsheim, Hessen (outside of Worms). There are no records for him in Ballenberg after his baptism in 1679 (Note: I did not check confirmation records.) He was 30 years old at the time of his marriage to Catherine.

    Marriage: Catherine Bach(en) May 1709, Herrnsheim


    1. Joannes Georgeius 1710
    2. Maria Francisca 1713

    Death of Catherine Bach Arnold: 16 May 1713

    Marriage 2 of Phillip Arnold: The widow Phillipus Arnold to Elizabethe Shuler(in) von Wagner 1714

    Children of Philippi Arnold and Elizabethe Shuller von Wagner:

    1. [Johann] Lorenz Arnold* (1715-1763-)
    2. Elizabeth 1717
    3. Joannes Fredericus Arnold 1721
    Death of Phillipi Arnold: 1734 (1684)

    Death of Elizabethe Arnold: 1741

    For more information on Phillip Arnold and his descendants go to Arnold in Herrnsheim

  5. Dorothy Arnold (1683-) and Michael Oesterich

    Birth: Dorothe (crossed out) and Anna Maria entered of Joannis Georgy Arnold civis et sartores Ballenberg (no wife listed), 10 March 1683 witness, "Dorothea" wife of Johann Leonardi Hugels civis et ca-ponie Ballenberg

    Marriage: Honest young man Michael Oesterich of Caspari Oeserich senatoris Ballenberg et Anna Maria his wife, to virgin Dorothe Arnold daughter of Jois George Arnold deceased and Rosina his wife Ballenberg, witnesses Kiliany Oesterich and Michael Keitbach civis Ballenberg 14 November 1702


    1. Johannes Adamus of Michael and Dorothy Oesterich "civis Ballenberg" witness Jois Adam Ebelein, "sartor and civis Ballenberg", 21 October 1703 (Ballenberg parish records)
    2. Anna Barbara of Michael and dorothea Oesterich "civis Ballenberg" witness Anna Barbara wife of JOis Adam Ebelein 19 August 1706

  6. Catherine of Johann George Arnold et satores in Ballenberg and his wife, Rosina, 29 March 1687 witness Catherine Rudolphen (more I cannot read)

    Further Record: No death, no marriage in Ballenberg

Death of Johannis George Arnold: 23 August 1691 Joannes George Arnold (More that is hard to read. I think it says something about receiving the last rites.) (Ballenberg)

More on Rosina Arnold: Rosina must have moved with her son Phillip to Herrnsheim. She died there in 1709

Death of Rosina Arnold: "Regina" Arnold (can't read two words - looks like "sini eula") vidua en Ballenberg ----- (page turned) 20 May 1709 (Herrnsheim)

Early Arnold records in Ballenberg

All of the Arnold families in Ballenberg having children in the early to mid 1600s were the descendants of Heinrich Arnold, tailor, and his wife, Margarethe Beuer. Heinrich married in 1584 and had children 1585 through 1597.

There are two other Arnolds who married in Ballenberg in the 1500s:

  1. Hans (Johann) who had children between 1686 and 1594. However, none of his children show up in later records. See Hans Arnold below.

  2. Wilhelm who married Ursula Zigler. They did not have children in Ballenberg

See below.

Heintz/Heinrich Arnold, Tailor, (15??-) and Margarethe Beuer

Birth: Unknown. No later than 1564, based on an age of 20 at his marriage in 1584.

The Ballenberg records do not start until 1583ish.

Occupation: Tailor per marriage of his son Heinrich in 1620.


Heinrich Arnold to Margarethe Beuer 1584


  1. Ursula 3 June 1585 of Heinz (Ballenberg Parish Records: have image)

    Heintz Arnold (common word) Ursula can't read rest too fuzzy.

  2. Sebastian 13 September 1586 of Henrici (Ballenberg Parish Records)
    Death: Another Sebastian born in 1597
  3. Anna Maria 24 Aug 1588 of Hientz Arnold (the common word I cannot read "graniffu" ??) daughter (there is more but I cannot read it: Image fuzzy) (Ballenberg Parish Records)

  4. Heinrich, Junior, tailor (1592-1635) and Eva Zigler and Margarethe Stadtmueller

    Birth: Heinrich 11 November 1592 (He had a twin, Eva, see next entry: IGI and Ballenberg PR)

    Occupation: Tailor

    Marriage: Eva Zigler 1620 (IGI)

    14 July, 1620 (Three introductory words I can't read that are the same on most marriages of the time) Henricy [of] Henreci Arnold sartoris et civis Ballinburg filiy with Eva [of] Jacobi Ziegler relicta filia


    1. Michael Arnold (1621-) and Susanna Helbling

      Birth: Michael of Heinrich Arnold civis et sartori Ballenberg witness Michael Spekart civis et Lanis ibid dem June 21, 1621. (Ballenberg PR: not listed IGI)

      Occupation: Tanner, leather worker per 1660 baptism of his daughter Marie Magedlena.

      Marriage: (word) Youngman Michael Arnold son of Henrici Arnold civis Ballenberg, to Susanne of Joannes Helbling civis Landensis ??? witness Joannes Ziegler civis Ballenberg --- g George E --- civis in Landia 23 Nov 1643 (Ballenberg PR and IGI)


      1. Joannes Andrea 05 March 1644 civis Ballenberg witness Jois Andres Hornou-- ?? civis (Ballenberg PR)
      2. Susanne 30 May 1646 of Michael Arnold civis Ballenberg witness Appolinia wife of Adam Tigler (Is this Zigler?) civis Ballenberg
      3. Dorothy 30 July 1648, can't read witness Dorothy can't read. There is a cross next to the record which indicates a death, but I did not find a death record. (Ballenberg PR)
      4. Matthias 28 June 1649 Mathias son of Michael Arnold civis Ballenberg witness Mathias Kisel civis ibid (Ballenberg PR)
        Death: Another Mathias baptized in 1650, no death record found.
      5. Matthias 21 September 1650, civis Ballenberg witness Matthias Kisel civis can't read Ballenberg (Ballenberg PR)
      6. Michael 27 November 1652 can't read (Ballenberg PR)
        Death: Another Michael baptized in 1655, did not find death record.
      7. Catherine 9 Oct 1653, witness Catherine can't read (Ballenberg PR)
      8. Michael 25 May 1655 (Ballenberg BR)
      9. Eva 13 June 1656, no wife listed (BPR) & (IGI)
      10. Joannes Adam 18 Oct 1657, son of Michael Arnold and Susanne witness Adam Zigler
      11. Marie Magdalena 25 January 1660, of Michael Arnold coriarius [tanner/leather worker] Ballenberg and Susanne witness Maria Magdelena --- Ballenberg (Ballenberg PR)

      Death: 17 July 1661 Terra mandates [to earth sent?] Michael Arnold coriarius[tanner, leather worker] g-- sperats exercitio ciurio militario e Grandtbeim Ballenberg renersus selopelum solu-endo serpoum let-atilor lafet guatuor integris septimanis p-tienter pa-rus denun ob spero pie sandles exbalanit s-ig ana in (word, page turned) jireat.

      Remarriage of Suzanna Helbling Arnold: 18 January 1662, honestus junenis Mathaus Schupp son of George Schupp guondam civis Buchhermensis surviving son to Susanne widow of Michael Arnold of Ballenberg

      Note: Since none of the children of Michael Arnold and Susanne show up in later Ballenberg records it is possible that the family moved to the home town of George Schupp.

    2. Anna 01 May 1623 (IGI) May 1623 Anna of Henrici Arnold civis Ballenberg witness Anna wife of Michael Specardt civis (Ballenberg PR: not listed IGI)
      Death: She must have died as another Ann baptized

      in 1631

    3. 5 year break between the birth of Anna in 1623 and the death of Eva in 1628

    Death of Eva Arnold: Eva wife of Henrici Arnold civis Ballenberg Jan 23, 1628 (Ballenberg PR)

    Marriage: Henrich Arnold married Margarethe Statdmueller 1628 (IGI)

    Henrici Arnold widow in Ballenberg to Margarteh relicta filia: Michael Stadtmuller of Biringer ??? witnesses George Sipff and Caspri Stadtmueller ?? 11 July 1828 (Ballenberg PR)


    1. Anne Marie (1631-) and Michael Ortlof

      Birth: Anna Marie 07 May 1631 of Henrici Arnold "junior" and Margarethe witness Anna wife of Michael Spishar?- Laniois (Ballenberg PR and IGI)

      Marriage: Michael Ortlof (Several words I cannot read, this record is squished in at the bottom of the page) to Anna of Henrici Arnold deceased Ballinburg civis witness Joannes Zigler (word) and George (cannot read), February 20, 1651 (BPR)

      Children: Nothing listed under various spellings of Orthof

    2. Martin 21 Feb 1634 of Henrich and Margarethe no witness (Ballenberg PR and IGI)
      Death: Martin infan Henrici Arnold 9 Sept 1635 (Ballenberg PR)

    Death Henrich Arnold, "junior": 5 August 1635, no other information (Ballenberg PR)

    Death of Margarethe Stadtmeuller Arnold:

  5. Eva 11 November 1592 of Heinrich Twins

    11 November Heinrich Arnold (a common word in many records + two words) son and daughter Heinrich and Eva. The film is too dark to read the witnesses. (Ballenberg Parish Records: have image)

  6. Wendelin Arnold, Miller/Baker (1595-1657), Appolonia Beyer and Anne Marie ______

    Birth: Wendelen of Heinrich 10 March 1595, witness Wendel Sch---field ?? (Ballenberg Parish Records; have image)

    Note: IGI Lists this birth as the son of Hans but I see it as Heinrich and the marriage indicates that he was the son of "Henrici".

    Occupation: Pistoris — baker or miller

    Marriage: Wendelin son of Henrici Annold sartoris Ballenberg to Appolonia of Jois Beyer civis Ballenberg, 30 April 1618 (Ballenberg Parish Record)


    1. Margarethe of Wendelen Arnold civis et pistoris of Ballenberg June 11, 1621 witness Margareteh Ziegherd ?? (Ballenberg PR: Not listed IGI)
      Death: Margarethe of Wendelin Arnold civis et "pistoris" Ballenberg, 28 June, 3 (word) 1621

      Note: The death records start in 1585 with a break from 1602 to 1614. This was the first death record for the name Arnold.

    2. Joannes of Wendelin 04 March 1626 "ex sacro fonte" (word &edash; Leuatg??) fuit Jois Arnold (word — lajet?? ) Wendeliny civis et pistores Ballenberg, witness Jois Zigler Aida ?? Ballenberg civic et carpitaris [carpentarius=cartwright]

      Death: He must have died as another Johann was baptized 9 months later

    3. Joannes of Wendelin 12 December 1626 (IGI lists this as 1627. It is definitely 1626.) Ex sacra fonte leuols ?? fuit Joes Arnold layet Wendeliny (word) pistoris Ballenberg witness Jois Zingler aida Ballenberg civis et carpa-onu ??
    Death of Appolonia Beyer Arnold: (Two words I cannot read) Appollonia wife of Wendelin Arnold civis et "pistoris" Ballenberg, April 9 1627 (Ballenberg PR)

    2nd Mariage of Wendelin Arnold: Anne Marie: Not listed on IGI


    1. Maria 10 September 1629 of Wendelen Arnold de Erlenbach and Anna Maria, witness Maria wife of Michael ??? can't read page turned de Erlenbach (page turned) (Ballenberg Parish Records)
      Death: Anna Marie daughter of Wendelin Arnold January 2, 1638 (Ballenberg PR)

    2. Ursula of WendelinArnold de Erlenbach and Anna Maria witness Catherine wife of Joes Milles de Erlenbach 10 July 1631 (Ballenberg Parish Record)

    3. Anna Catherine of Wendel Arnold of Erlenbach and Anne Maria witness Catherine wife of Johann (p.t.) de Erlenbach, 05 March 1633 (Ballenberg Parish Records)

    4. Unknown 1636: Confusing record

      July 14, Adamus of Petrus Zipff witness Wendelini Arnold (two words I cannot read) next entry July 17, "?" (sic) of Wendelini Arnold de Erlenbach and Anna Maria witness "Margarethe Petri Zipff" Note: "Margarete Petri Zipff" = Margarethe of Petri Zipff. Since the witness is female it is highly likely that the child was also female.

    5. Adam Arnold (1640-) and Eva Rupfen

      Birth: Adamus of Wendelin 1640 of Wendelen Arnold "lictoris"???? witness Adam Tager (?) pratore ibid -- (Ballenberg PR)

      Occupation: Overseer, bailiff, per 1669 baptism of his son Johann Andreas

      Marriage: Adamus Arnold relictus filio [surviving son] of "Wend" [page is turned but this must be Wendelin] married Eva Rupfen, daughter of Andrea Rupfen deceased of Ballenbuerg 24 November 1659


      1. Catherine Arnold (1660-) and Johann Capfer

        Birth: Catherine of Adam and Eve Arnold witness Catherine Pratoris in Gunerndoff ?? (no surname for Catherine) 12 August 1660 (Ballenberg PR)

        Marriage: Joannes Capfer of Joannes Capfer p. m. incola guondami ??? (faded ink) Catherine daughter of Adami Arnold civis et scani communitatis Ballenberg

      2. Joannes 22 October 1662, of Adam and Eva Arnold, Ballenberg, witness Johannes Bayr (Ballenberg Parish Records)

      3. Johannes Adam of Adam and Eva 22 July 1665, witness Jois Brim (??) adolescent ( BPR & IGI)

        Death: Joes Adami of Adami Arnold infant August 3, 1664

      4. Anna Maria 9 September 1666, of Adami Arnold, witness Dorothea wife of Jois Bayers incola ibid

        (BPR andIGI)

      5. Joannes Andrea Arnold (1669-) and Catherine Schweitzer

        Birth: Johann Andreas 31 August 1669, no wife listed, apparitoris [apparitor=overseer, bailiff] (BPR & IGI)

        Marriage: Joannes Andreas Arnold and Catherine Schweitzer 17 Jan 1690, father Adami Arnold (IGI)

        Johann Andrea of Adami Arnold of Ballenberg and Catherine Schweinheim of Michael Schweiheim ex Rosenberg legitimate daughter and Mathias Schepp of Ballenberg and Valentine Scheinheim 17 January 1690


        1. Sebastian Arnold (1690-) and Maria Catherine German
          Birth: Sebastian of Joannes Andrea and Catherine Arnold (cannot read two words) 06 February 1690, witness Sebastian Kempff (three words) (BPR and IGI)
          Marriage: Young man Sebastian Arnold son of Joannis Andrea Arnold civis Ballenberg with virgin Marie Catherine German daughter of Jacobi German p. m. incola Lungheimensis surviving daughter, witnesses Joannes Leonadiy Hornung and Leonardy Sigler civis Ballenberg, 29 May 1714
          1. MARIA EVA ARNOLD 27 DEC 1715 Katholisch, Ballenberg, Mosbach, Baden (IGI) Occupation listed as fabri ferimiaro, witness, Maria Eva Zigler(in) daughter of Leonardi Zigler Ballenberg (BPR)
          2. ANNA MARIA ARNOLD 21 DEC 1717 Katholisch, Ballenberg, Mosbach, Baden (IGI) of Sebastain Arnold fabri ferr---- [ maybe fabre ferrarius= horse shoe maker] and his wife Catherine witness Anna Maria Kayferin ??? more I cannot read
          3. JOANNES LEONARDUS ARNOLD 10 JUN 1719 Katholisch, Ballenberg, Mosbach, Baden (IGI)
          4. APOLLONIA ARNOLD 04 SEP 1723 Katholisch, Ballenberg, Mosbach, Baden (IGI)
        2. Maria Catherine of Andrea Arnold and Catherine Gehstern Episcosa colerana carochi famila ??? 1692 (Ballenberg PR)
        3. Adam Arnold of Joannes Andrea Arnold and Catherine witness Albert (????) Otto, civis Ballenberg, 23 Feb 1695 (Ballenberg PR)
          Death: Jois Adamy of Andrea Arnold 2 years October 2, 1696 (Ballenberg PR)
        4. Maria Catherine of Joannes Andrea Arnold and Catherine witness Catherine Geflberin (?) epescopiu Luberana parochi famula ???? 17 January 1697 (Ballenberg PR)
          Death: Maria Catherine of Andrea Arnold 27 January 1697 10 days (Ballenberg PR)
        5. Joannes of Joannes Andrea Arnold and Catherine witness Joannes Binder son of Johannes Binder 7 April 1698 (Ballenberg PR)
          Death: Joannes of Joannes Andrea Arnold 21 June 1700 age 2 years (Ballenberg PR)
        6. Joannes Leonardi Arnold of Joannes Andrea and Catherine of Ballenberg witness Jos Leonardi Horning of Horning civis Ballenberg, 28 August 1700 (Ballenberg PR)
        7. Anne Maria of Joannes Andrea Arnold and Catherine of Ballenberg Anne Marie -- of J Bender genatorie filia libera ??, May 6, 1702 (Ballenberg PR)
        8. Joanne Andres of Joannes Andrea Arnold and Catherine witness Joes "Leonardis" Hornumo civis Ballenberg, 29 March 1704 (Ballenberg PR)
        9. Joannes Martinus of Joannes Andrea Arnold and Catherine civis Ballenberg winess Joannes Martin Krobis prim (s, h or f_) sang civis Ballenberg, 23 October 1705 (Ballenberg PR)
        10. Marie Catherine of Joannes Andrea Arnold and Catherine witness "Anne Marie" of Jois Leonardi Honumo Feb 14, 1708 (Ballenberg PR)
      6. Johann Adam 14 April 1672 of Adam Arnold and Appari---- Ballinberg, witness Johnn Adam _____, record faded and hard to read (Just Adam listed by IGI) (BPR & IGI)

      7. Johann Balthasar 18 Decmeber 1674 of Adam and "Anna Marie" his wife apparitoris et civis Ballenberg witness Balthasar Kempffen* civis et lanioni Ballenenberg, ligitimate son of ?? (BPR & IGI)
        Death: Johannes Balthasar of Adami Arnold April 1675

        Note: *Balthasar Kempff was a witness to the marriage of J George Arnold and Rosina Geyger in 1667

      8. 1676 Maria Margarethe of Adam Arnold and Eva, Ballenberg witness Margareth daughter of Balthasar Kempff civis Ballenberg filia (Ballenberg PR & IGI)

      Laurentio filio of Wendilini Arnold "partis partino" Laurentio Bogg Senator-- Ballenberg (Ballenberg PR)

    Death of Wendelin Arnold: Vige fino -artio Jan pio obys Wendelin Arnold 1657 (Ballenbert PR)

    Death of Anne Marie Arnold: Maria of Wendelin Arnold P. M. civis g-condam et apparis ??? Ballinburg relicta vidua smudged date 1679.

  7. Sebastian Arnold (1597-??) and Margarethe _____

    Birth: Sebastian of Heinrich Arnold, 20 October 1597 witness Sebastian Zi---- (hard to read) (Ballenberg Parish Records)


    Marriage: Margarethe ____


    1. Maria of Sebastian Arnold civis Ballenberg witness Marie Meech ?? Ziegler civis et pistoris ibid can't read page turned, 3 Jul 1624 (Ballenberg PR)
    2. Barbara of Sebastian Arnold Ballenberg 11 Nov 1627 (Ballenberg PR)
      Sebastian Arnold of Ballenberg (some common words I cannot read) mit (word used in several other marriages on that page) Barbara matrina Engari (three words not used in other records) Vooz, Nobember 11, 1627
      Death: Barbara filia of Sebastian Arnold March 1645 (Ballenberg PR)
    3. Michael of Sebastian and Margarethe 08 May 1630, witness Michael son of Wolgang can't read (Ballenberg PR and IGI)
    4. Eva Arnold and Joannis Brunner
      Birth: Eva of Sebastian and Margarethe 29 August 1632, witnss "Barbara" wife of Michael Oester ?? (Ballenberg PR and IGI).
      Marriage: Eva Arnold to Johann Brunner: 22 June 1654, Joes Brunner son of Caspari Brunner balnentoris ??? to the virgin Eva Arnold daughter of Sebastian Arnold witness Caspari Brunner and Andrea (cannot read) Ballenberg.
    5. Joannes of Sebastian 18 July 1636

    Death of Sebastian Arnold:

    Death of Margarethe Arnold: Dec 21 1663 defuncta est Margarethe vidua of Sebastian Arnold can't read rest

Death of Heinrich Arnold

Death of Margarethe Bauer Arnold

Odd Record connected to Heinrich Arnold

Margarethe Arnold and Michael Norpel

Birth: Daughter of Heinrich per marriage

Marriage of Margarethe Arnold 1636: 07 June 1636 Michael Norpel (per LDS, It is hard to read. Norpel per other Ballenberg records.) son of Peter (words) Ballenberg to Margarethe of Heinrich Arnold (can't read) witnesses Jo--- Zip--burg and Andrea ----

Hans Arnold (15??-) and Barbara Lutz

Birth: 15??

Occupation: Unknown.



  1. Eva of Hanns 08 January 1586
Death of First Wife ???: No Arnold deaths between 1586 and 1588


Hans Arnold son of Gorg Arnold (two words) to Barbara Lutz surviving daughter of Phillip Lutz (two words) December 17, 1588


  1. Andrean 09 Feb 1589 to Hanns

  2. Michael of Hanns Arnold, witness Michael E-gler-- 07 Feb 1592

  3. Petris of Hanz 12 March 1593 (The IGI says Petrus, but I am having a hard time seeing that; — 12 March "Hanz Arnold" followed by two words I cannot read the second could be Petrus", then comes "Ludwig" followed by two words I can't read) (Ballenberg Parish Records — have image)

  4. Laurenz of Hanz 08 May 1594

  5. Wendelini of Hans 10 Mar 1595
Deaths: No Hans, Barbara, Adrean, Michael, Peter or Laurenz.

There are no further records in Ballenberg for Hans, Barbara and their children.

Wilhelm Arnold (15??-) and Ursula Zigler

Birth: 15??

Occupation: Unknown.

Marriage: Wilhem Arnold no father listed to Usurla Zinger daughter of Hans Zinger (cannot read several words), 09 May 1591

Childen: None listed in Ballenberg

Arnold Deaths

1693 September 28 Adam Arnold (more I cannot read, no age)

1693 October 22, Eva Arnold, no other information


  • No Arnold baptisms 1615 to 1620
  • No Arnold baptisms 1635 to 1639 ???
  • The IGI lists a baptism of Johannes son of Johann Arnold 19 January 1650 — I read this record as: Joannes filio Joannes [Arnold crossed out and nothing else entered] satoris in Oberhart witness Joannes Arnold. I believe that this record is a clerical error.
  • The records for the Catholic Parish Church in Ballenberg were recorded in Latin from the first records in 1583.

Geyger in Ballenberg

The records for the name Geiger (Geyger) are limited:
  1. Andreas Geyger and ________




    1. Johannes Geyger and Margarethe Hartman

      Birth: No later than 1608 based on an age of 20 years at the time of his marriage. Father, Mathias, per marriage record.

      Marriage: Joannes Geiger deceased father Andreae Geiger de Schetler-haus (???) to Margarethe Hartmann of deceased Antoni Hartmann 17 October 1628, witness Johann Zigler (cannot read two words) and Ma---- cannot read las name de Erlenbach (Ballenberg Parish Records)


      1. Joannes 16 October 1629 of Johann and Margarethe Geiger

      2. Anna Maria

      3. Ottilia "gemelle [twins] 08 September 1632 of Johann Geiger de Sch---haus and his wife, Margarethe, witness Marie wife of Jois Zigler

        Note: The IGI lists Otillia's birth as 09 Sept 1862

        Note: These are the only Geyger births listed in Ballenberg by LDS.

  2. Johannes Geyger and Walpugus Hoepf

    Birth: Nolater than 1624 vased on an age of 20 at the time of his marriage to Walpugus Heopf

    Marriage: Joannes Geiger to Walpugus Hoepf June 1642

    June 1642, Johannes Gieger incola - more I cannot read- to Walpurges Hoepf daughter of deceased Andreas Hoepf (Ballenberg Parish Records)

    Children: None baptized in Ballinberg

  3. Jacob Geyger and _________




    1. Rosina Geyger and Johann George Arnold

      Birth: No later than 1647 based on an age of 20 at the time of her marriage in 1667. Father Jacobi Geyser based on marriage record. See Arnold above.

    Witness: Jois Jacobus Geyger (two words I cannot read) Joannes was a witness to the baptism, of Joannes Jacobi of Melchior Ziegler civis Ballenberg, 13 May 1679

    Death of J Jacobi Geyser: Johanny Jacoby Geyger September 3, 1693, witnesses: -- incola Ballenberg, (more I cannot read)

    Death of wife: See deaths below

Death: Gertrudis of Jois Geiger ex Und--- wife sine fac--- something mariti, year ???

Death: Agatha Geiger age 70 years April 4, 1693 (Born circa 1623)

Marriage 1671, Agnes Geyger daughter of Johann Geyger : Leonardis Kuesbach Johannes Kuesbach incola - faded edge - next line, filius et Agnes Geygerin Johannes Geyger - faded edge next line S. Johannes prope Ballenberg legit filia - faded edge, next line Johannes Andreas Ziegler civis et sena - faded edge- next line gins Gotzinger incola Dicpace----, 9 February 1671

Marriage 1694, Anna Marie daughter of Johann Geyger: Anna Marie Geiger(in) daughter of Johann Geriger legitimate daughter in Hungen - words I cannot read- to Johann Ehrenfried ex Underis son of Andreas Ehrenfied - more - witness Johann "Gerich" ex Hingern (??), 12 July 1694. Born no later than 1674 based on an age of 20 at the time of her marriage in 1694

Ballenberg, Mosbach, Baden, Germany

Today Ballenberg is a village which forms part of the city of Ravenstein. It lies several miles off the motor way between Wurtzburg and Stuttgart. Ravensten includes not only the village of Ballenberg, but also the villages of Oberwittstadt, Unterwittstadt, Erlenbach, Hugheim and Merchingen. The Internet automatic translation from the German to English lists Ballenberg as "Bale Mountain"

Willkommen in Ravenstein contains a lot of information on the area. It includes some photos of Ballenberg.

Much of the following information comes from the Ravenstein web site.

Count Boppo I of Krautheim asked King Albert I of Eberstein to grant the city of "ball mountain" [Ballenberg] legal status in 1306. About 100 years earlier in 1212 the first documents to contain the name were connected to the "Knight Conradus of Ball Castle". Until 1228 it seemed to be called "Ball Castle". However, the hill graves at Germarkung indicate that settlement in the area went even further back in time. One interpretation of the place name has pre-Christian origins and it is the suspected site of a pagan stonghold.

In 1233/4 Heinrich, the son of the Holy Roman Emperor, Frederick II of the House of Hohenstaufen revolted against his father and claimed the title of emperor for himself. Heinrich, born in 1211 the oldest son of Frederick II, had been under the tutelage of the Archbishop Englebert I of Cologne who crowned him King of Germany in 1222. Heinrich was involved in various political intrigues in addition to the insurrection against his father. Heinrich's rebellion failed by 1235 but in 1234 his troupes had lain siege against "Ball Castle" which had been loyal to Frederick II. It is assumed that the local population suffered during the siege.

In 1359/60 Ballenberg was sold for 1220 gilders to Gerlach von Nassau (1322-1371), Archbishop of Mainz. The Archbishops of Mainz 1 were influential ecclesiastic and secular princes of the Holy Roman Empire and the most influential religious leaders north of the Alps. Ballenberg remained under the control of the Archbishops of Mainz until 1803. The connection to the Archbishop of Mainz may explain why Philip Arnold moved from Ballenberg to Herrnsheim circa 1709 as Herrnsheim also had connections to the Archibishops of Mainz.

In the aftermath of Mainz" Ballenberg remained a small village". "Even the people were not serfs" and they appear to have collected some sort of tax from the surrounding villages.

From 1503 there was always a "mainzsicher official, in the city who had the final say".

Georg Metzler, an innkeeper from Ballenberg was one of the peasant leaders in the of the War of the Peasants (1524-25). The uprising, which occurred throughout much of Germany, was suppressed by the nobles. Ballenberg which had been involved in the uprising was plundered, "severely punished", fined and "Nine people were exhausted." (I assume they were executed.) The area lost its right to self government. The city keys had to be handed to the bailiff every morning and returned every evening. Serfdom was reintroduced and not abolished until 1660.

During the 30 Years War, Ballenberg was occupied by the Swedes from 1631 to 1634. It suffered from fever and hunger during that time.

Ballenberg remained under the spiritual guidance of the "Electorate Mainz" until 1803 when it fell to the Principality of Salm-Krautheim.

"Falkenbergeer" a beautiful timbered house near the church dated to 1598. In 1598 a town hall was built. There was originally only one road between the two city gates.

The above information was loosely taken from the "Welcome to Ravenstein" web site with some other information added.

Ballenberg, Erlenbach, Hungheim, Oberwittstadt and Unterwittstadt were predominately Catholic villages. Merchingen was predominantly Protestant but was also and important seat of a Jewish community. The Peasant War in Germany, Fredrich Engels
"In Odenwald, where Wendel Hipler, nobleman and former chancellor of the Courts von Hohenlohe, and Georg Metzler, and innkeeper from Ballenberg near Krautheim, headed the revolutionary party, the storm broke out already on March 26. The peasants marched from all direction towards the Tauber. The two thousand men of the Rothencamp joined the as well. Georg Metzler took command and after the arrival of all reinforcements marched on April 4 to the monastery of Schonthal on the Jagst, where he was joined by the peasants of Neckar valley."
International Civic Heraldry site says that Ballenberg was a possession of the Counts of Eberstein from 1250. King Albrecht I granted the city rights in 1306. In 1359 the city was sold to the Archbishops of Mainz, and belonged to the State of Mainz until 1803.

Matthias Vehe-Glirius born Ballenberg (1545-1590), a "radical anti-Trinitarian thinker"

"Although in later life Vehe continued to describe himself as a native of Ballenberg, the village within the territory of the Archbishop of Mainz where he was born sometime during the mid 1540s, the family eventually moved north to settle in Königshofen, where his father worked as a miller."

The Heidelberg Antitrinitarians

1 Martin Luther wrote his letter protesting the sale of indulgences to the Archbishop of Mainz in 1517.

1850: Europe, past and present: a comprehensive manual of European geography and ... By Franz Heinrich Ungewitter

Ballenberg with only 600 inhabitants "but is remarkable as the birth-place of Geroge Metzler, chief leader in the war of the peasantry in 1525."

"Jorg Metzler"

1906: A Short History of Germany: 9 A.D. to 1871 A.D. By Ernest Flagg Henderson
"Probably no single episode of the war aroused such a bitter desire for vengeance against the peasants as the events which took place at Weinsberg in Wiirtemberg. The peasants of the Odenwald, led by George Metzler, the tavern keeper of Ballenberg, had surrounded the town, in which was a small Austrian garrison commanded by Count Louis of Helfenstein. As so often happened in this war, the body of citizens sided with the peasants, and the count and his followers, many of whom were noblemen, fell into the hands of the insurgents. With the deliberate purpose of striking terror into the neighborhood, it was decided to make the prisoners run the gauntlet between two lines of spears. The poor countess, a natural daughter of the Emperor Maximilian, was obliged to stand by while, with hideous mockery, her husband, together with several nobles, was led to his doom. His former piper, Melchior Nonnenmacher, declaring that now he would play him the right kind of a dance, preceded him down the terrible avenue, wearing a hat with a waving plume which he had snatched from his master's head. Another of the ringleaders, Jacquelin Rohrbach, dressed in the count's damask doublet, stepped boldly before the countess as she clung to her infant son, who had been wounded in the confusion. She herself was afterward placed in a common manure cart and driven off to Heilbronn. Such scenes as this, it must be acknowledged, were rare in the history of the war. Valuable property was destroyed, nearly one thousand castles and monasteries were laid in ashes, and no heed was paid to the priceless treasures of the libraries and art collections. We hear on one occasion of the peasants wading knee-deep in the torn manuscripts of a monastery. But, on the whole, life seems not often to have been wantonly sacrificed. Nevertheless, enough had been done to rouse to furious opposition, not only the princes and lords of Germany, but also the very man on whose moral support the peasants had most counted, and who might, could he have adopted a different tone, have guided the movement into gentler courses."

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