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Phillip Arnold was born to Johann George Arnold and Rosina Geyger in Ballenberg (near Mosbach) Baden, Germany in 1679. He was in Herrnshiem, Rheinhesses, Hessen, Germany by 1709 when he married Catherine Bach.


  • Why did Phillip Arnold move from Ballinberg to Herrnshiem? There may be some connection to the Archibishops of Mainz and his court.
The first record for the name in Herrnsheim was the 1703 marriage of the widow, Anna Catherine Arnold, to Joannes Valentine Gurker (unsure of his surname).

The first continuous record for the name was the 1709 marriage of Phillip Arnold to Catherine Bach.

Phillip Arnold* (1679-1734) and Catherine Bach and Elizabethe S(c)huler von Wagner*

Birth: 1679 Ballenberg, son of Johann George Arnold and Rosina Geyger.

See Arnold in Ballenberg for more information on Johann Geroge Arnold and Rosine Geyger.


Marriage: Marriage between the honest young man Phillippus Arnold "ex" Ballenberg Diocesis Krautheim [Diocese of Krautheim] with virigini Catherine Bach(en) May 1709, Herrnsheim


  1. Joannes Georgeius Arnold of Philippi Arnold and Catherina, (day and month unclear), 1710, witness Joannes Georgius Zoellen

    He was most likely named for Philip's father Johan George Arnold.

  2. Maria Francisca of Philippi Anronld et Catherine wife -- March 1713, witness Maria Francisa Ma-ein

    Death: Maria Fancisca of Phillipus Arnold and Catherine his wife a daughter age 21 days buried 21 March 1713.

Death of Catherine Bach Arnold: 16 May 1713, Catherine wife of Philipi Arnold age 24 years

Marriage 2 of Phillip Arnold: The widow Phillipus Arnold to Elizabethe Shuler(in) von Wagner 24 month unknown 1714, no witness, no other info.

Note: The name looks like SHULLER(IN) but it may really be SCHULLER(IN). There are a very small number of Shullers on the IGI but quite a few Schullers.

Note: Elizabeth was listed as Anna Elizabetha at the 1721 baptism of her son Joannes Friedricus

Children of Philippi Arnold and Elizabethe Shuller von Wagner:

  1. [Johann] Lorenz Arnold* (1715-1763-) and Eva Maria Marion* ( - )

    Note: Known as Lorenz


    • 09.02.1715 Herrnsheim (Worms Archive Report, 2007)

    • Joes Laurentus of Phillipus Arnold and Elizabeth witness Joes Laurentus Durrigo, February 9, 1715


    Marriage: Bachelor Laurenz Arnold of Philip Arnold and Elizaberh p. m. to virigini Eva Marion of Francisco Marion and Ann Maria p. m. et in colarn in Osthafen relecta filia witnesses Michaeles Laber ludi magestro and Joannis Weinmann 07.02.1747


    1. Magdelena Arnold of Laurenus Arnold and Eva 12-13 December witness Magdelena Schmid uxor [wife of] Ewaldi Schmidt, 1747

    2. [Johann] Peter Arnold* (1751-) and Elizabeth Bardong*

      Note: Known as Peter


      • Son of Lorenz Arnold and Eva Maria Marion, baptized 26.05.1751 Herrnsheim (Worms Archive Report, 2007)

      • Joes [Joannes] Petres Arnold of Laurentus Arnold and Eva Marie 26-27 May, witness Joanne Petro adolescenti son of Francisco Schneider, 1751

      Occupation : Tagelöhner [Day Labourer] (Worms Archive Report, 2007)

      Marriage: Peter Arnold son of deceased Laurentus Arnold and Eva Marie married Elizabeth Bardong daughter of Joannis "Pardong" and Anna Maria, his wife, witnesses patre Joannes Pardong and Henricus Hundel, scabino, 09 Sept 1783


      1. Johannes Georgius of Petrus Arnold and Elizabeth (wife) witness Joanne Georgus Henchel(?), 10 (can't read month page turned) 1784

        4 year break

      2. Anna Maria Magdelena Arnold* (1788-) and Carl Franz Goehle*

        Birth: Anna Maria Magdelena daughter of Petri Arnold and Maria Elizabeth (wife) witness Anna Maria Magdelena Arnold virigini, May 7, 1788

        Marriage: Caroli Franciscus "Gehle" married virigini Magedlena Arnold, figlia Petro Arnold, 23.01.1810

        Children: Wilhelm (1810), Peter (1812), Johann (1814), George (1816), Elizabeth (1820), Franz* (1821), Catherine (1823), Francisca (1828) and Johann (1834)

        See Goehle

      3. Petrus of Petri Arnold and Elizabetha(wife) witness Petro Mer---buch, 11 February 1791

      4. Anna Margaretha Arnold (1794-) and Francisco Hagenauer

        Birth: Anna Margarette of Petri Arnold and Elizabeth Bardong(in) witness virgini Anna Margarette Bardeng(in) August 14, 1794

        Marriage: Anna Margaretha Arnold married FRANCISCUS HAGENAUER 10 OCT 1813 Katholisch, Herrnsheim, Rheinhessen, Hessen (IGI)

      5. Elizabethe of Petri Arnold and Elizabetha Bardong(in) witness virgini Elizabethe Boosin(?), 27 November 1797

        Death: Elizabethe Anrold figlia Petri 14 days infans, Dec --, 1797

      6. Catherina of Petri Arnold and Elizabetha Bardong witness Catherine Scaefer(in), March 28, 1799

      7. Wilhelmina of Petri Arnold and Elizabetha Bardong(in), witness Wilhelmina Hindel of Henrici Hendel, March 6, 1802

      Death of Peter Arnold:

      Death of Elizabeth Bardong Arnold:

    3. Anna Marie Arnold of Laurentus Arnold and Eva Marie 10 April witnesses Anna Marie Reifin virgo ex Osthaven 1754

  2. Death of Laurenz Arnold: Laurenz Aronld age 50 2 September 1763.

    Note: Age slightly off from birth record.

    Death of Eva Maria Marion Arnold:

  3. Elizabeth Arnold of Philippus Arnold and Elizabethe 22 Dec bapt 24 December 1717, witness, Elizabethe (no surname listed)

    Death: Elizabeth relica pupilla [orphan] of Phillipi Arnold age 30, 7 May 1747 (1727)

  4. Joannes Fredericus Arnold son of Philippi Arnold and Anna Elizabethe 7 October 1721, witnesse Joannes Fredericus Huffner satore in Wetberg

Death of Phillipi Arnold: Phillipi Arnold age 50, September 1734 (1684)

Death of Elizabethe Arnold: Elizabeth Arnold widow of Phillippi Arnold no age 28 November 1741

Other Records for Arnold in Herrnsheim

Since the population of Arnolds in Herrnsheim is so limited I am sure that these records fit in with the other Arnolds somehow. I need to do more research.

  • Marriage: Second to last entry in 1703 page turned cannot read date, Joannes Valentine (cannot read, it is written over) Gurker (?) with honista vidua Anna Catherine Arnold ?? gichinsambo?? Religionus Lutherana

  • Death: Regina Arnold (can't read two words - looks like "sini eula") vidua en Ballenberg ----- (page turned) 20 May 1709

    Note I rechecked this name it is "Regina".

  • Wilhelm Arnold and Elizabeth Schems
    Birth: No late than 1806
    Marriage: Wilhelm Arnold and Elizabeth Schems 4 April 1826 Herrnshiem
    Child: Barbara of Wilhelm Arnold and Elizabethe Schems witness Barbara Hartbauer April 27, 1826

  • Johann Arnold and Christine Heuss
    Marriage: Christine Heuss 21 NOV 1833 Katholisch, Herrnsheim, Rheinhessen, Hessen (IGI)
    Child: Petrus Matthias of Joannes Arnold and Christine ---- April 1835


  • The church records were recorded in Latin and the civil records were recorded in German. The church records were recorded in the Catholic Parish Church of St Peter in Herrnsheim.
  • The records for Herrnsheim were (more or less) written in Latin. The spelling of the names varied depending, I think, on the whim or the person recording the event. "in" was added to most female surnames, but not all. Endings for male names varied with "us", "i", "o" being most common. However, in the case of Jo(h)ann it sometimes "e"
  • Herrnsheim (Herrn's heim), meaning Gentleman's Home, was a Catholic village just north of the city of Worms. The "Gentleman's Home" was the "schloss" (palace or castle) of the von Dahlberg (Dalberg) family.

Franz Marion and Anne Marie


Marriage: Anne Maria ______


  1. Eva Marion married Lorenz Arnold

    Birth: Circa 1727 with an estimated age of 20 at the time of her marriage.

    Marriage: Lorenz Arnold Herrnsheim in 1747, parents, Francisco and Anna Marie. Eva was listed as relicta filia (meaning that her parents were deceased) mention was made of Osthofen.

Death of Franz Marion: Before 1747

Death of Anne Maria Marion: Before 1747

Note: The LDS records for Osthofen include Evangelical records from 1577-1725 on microfilm #1457619 and Catholic records from 1721-1798 on microfilm #0948720. I haven't seen any listings in either for Marion. There are some listings on the IGI in the 1750 and 60s in Osthofen. I need to check them out.

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