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  • All records from LDS microfilms 0958790 and 0958791 unless otherwise noted.

  • The names was spelled Bardong and Pardong, also Bartong on IGI

  • Herrnsheim (Herrn's heim), meaning Gentleman's Home, was a Catholic village just north of the city of Worms. The "Gentleman's Home" was the "schloss" (palace or castle) of the von Dahlberg (Dalberg) family.

  • This seems to be one family. Although there are a few records that I haven't fit in as yet. More research should solve the problems.

[Johann] Adam Bardong* (c 1670-1714), Maria _____ and Anna Elizabethe _______ * (c. 1670-1720)

The records for this family list the occupation as pistoris which the German Research Companion by Shirley J Riemer and the Worms Archives both translate as "baker". However, with the Bardong records pistoris is frequently accompanied by the word "communitatis". It may indicate that the Bardongs were the village millers. Cassell's Latin Dictionary lists pistor as "miller". Sometimes their occupation also includes the word collectores which is another indication that they were millers and not bakers. Mills were frequently in the control of the local Lord and anyone having their grain milled had to pay a fee to the local government.

All of the records found so far for this name appear to be related to one family.

Birth of Johann Adam Bardong: No later than 1675 based on an age of 20 at the birth of his son Johann in 1695. No age at death. If he was born 1675 his would have made him only 39 at the time of his death. It is very likely that he was born earlier, especially since his wife appears to have been born circa 1670.

Occupation: Miller or Baker and collectores [I cannot find collectores in the latin dictionary, but a google search seems to give it the meaning "collector". The question is "Collector of what?" It may be the fee for having ones wheat ground.

His sons, Joannes and Henrich, and his grandson, Wilhelm (son of Joannes) were also millers.


  • When Anna Margrethe Dannfald, the daughter of Ewald Dannfald and his wife Maria Barbara _ born in 1701, married Henrich Bardong the son of J. Adam Bardong and and Maria Catherine ____ they needed a dispensation of consanguinity.
  • When Jacob Dannfald son of Ewald Dannfald and his wife Maria Barbara -- born circa 1701 married Maria Barbara Bardong daughter of J Adam Bardong etc they also got a dispensation

Note: Impediments of consanguinity can extend as far as the forth degree of kinship. Generally it means that the intended spouses shared a common ancestor.

Marriage of J. Adam Bardong to Maria: Maria _


  1. Anna Maria Bardong (c 1692-) and Peter Mahleben (?)

    Birth: Anna Maria no later than 1692 based on an age of 18 at her marriage in 1710. Marriage: Petros Mahlenbon (????) adolescent son of Joannis Mahllebon (???) and his wife Joannata of Hernsheim to the young-woman Anna Maria Bardong(in) of Joannis Adam Bardong and his wife Marie of Herrnsheim, (no day listed) January 1710

Death of Maria Bardong: Before 1695

Marriage of J Adam Bardong to Anna Elizabeth: Anna Elizabeth _________ before 1695

Could not find in Herrnsheim.


  1. Johann Bardong (1695-1751) Marie Catherine ______ & Anna Elizabeth Nastpher

    Birth: Joannes son of Joannes Adami "Bardon" and Anna Elizabeth wife 24 November 1695, witness Joannes H-iess (or ff). The unknown letter looks n or r.

    Occupation: pistoris - miller or baker, per baptism of children

    also collector, per baptism of children

    Same as father J. Adam Bardong, son William and brother Henry.

    Marriage: Maria Catherine _______ before 1721

    Could not find in Herrnsheim


    1. Maria Barbara Maria Barbara Bardong of Joannes Bardong pistoris communitatis and Maria Catherine 30-31 March, 1721 witness Maria Barbara B(?)e-omn ex Dietisheim (cannot read two short words)
      Death: Maria Barbara Bardong(in) daughter of Joannis Bardong pistoris communitatin age 3 years. First entry of 1724

    2. Joannes Adami 1723

      Death: Jois Adami Bardong of Joannes Bardong pistoris communitati infans 5 mensum May 21, 1723

    3. Joannes Adamus Pardong of Joannes Pardong pistori communitater et collectores and Maria Catherine wife, 1-4 July 1725 witnesses Joanne Adamus Pre-det consone ed Leonem in Bruckdal Dioceseos _-teniro (???)
      Death: Jois Adamus Bardong son of Joannes Bardong pistori comm.--- 5 mos 1725 (day month)

    4. Marie Catherine Pardong of D Joannes Pardong pistori commute Catherine 5-6 December, 1727 witness virgunita Marie Catherine Reider(in) domini Martin Reiler mertatoris nee in carponis et (more I cannot make out)
      Death: Marie Catherine Pardon of Joannes Bardong 15 Jan 1728 age 6(?) months.

    5. Hieronymos Pardong of Joannis Pardong pistoris commitatis et p. t. collectores and Catherine 31 January ?, 1729 February witness Hieronymous Schudi partor inferior

      Note: p. t. = pro tempore = "for the time"

    6. Bonifaceus Pardong of Joannes Pardong collectores and Catherine 25-27 November 1731, witness, Bonifaceus Thim parochy ordini loci
      Death: Boniface Pardong of Joannes Pardon 3 December 1731, Joannes Pardong collector post quam [collector (?) after that]

    7. Bonifus Pardong of D Joannes Pardon Pistoris et collec--- and Catherine 29 June 1 July 1733, witness Bonifacus Thin parochy ordini loci [parochus=an officer who provided ambassadors and magistrates when on a journey ordini =I found only as a verb to order loci=place]
      Death: Death Bonifacus Pardong of D Johannes -- years 2 March 1738

    8. Maria Barbara Pardong of Joannis Pardong pistoris etc + p. t. collectoris and Catherine 20-21 November, 1737, witness Barbara wife of Jacobi Dannfold. Note: Maria Barbara Bardong Dannfold, wife of Jacobi Dannfold was the sister of Joannes Bardong.

    Death of Catherine Bartong: Catherine wife of D Joannes "Pardonge", age 40 years 6 January 1740

    Remarriage of Johann Bardong to Anne Elizabethe Nastpher: Widow Joannes Pardong pistoris communitates collectores adminstratore to virgin Anna Elizabeth Nastpher(in) daughter of Stephen Nastpher and Cathrine of Frankenthal witness J Joannes Cunenlurger and D Joannes Feyerer ---- Frankenthal December day 1740

    Children of Johann Bardong and Anne Elizabetha Nastpher:

    1. [Johann] Wilhelm Bardong (1741-) and Marie Gertrude Roes (Reis) (1744-)

      Birth: Joannes Wilhelm Pardong of D Joannes Pardong and Anna Elizabeth 11-12 December 1741, witness Joannes Whilhelm Sch-eid

      Occupation: Pistores and civis hujates [miller/baker and citizen]

      Marriage: Bachelor Wilhelm Bardong Pistoris son of deceased Johann Bardong "collectoris" his surviving wife "Joanna" Elizabeth to virgini Gertrude Roes of deceased Peter Roes (Reis) and Christina, witnesses Anthony Caroli Held vincinti graff and Adami Holzemer et altrum testum 19 June 1764

      Note: Marie Gertrude Reis was the daughter of Maria Christine Dannfald and Peter Reiss born in 1744,

      Children of J. Wilhelm Bardong and Marie Gertrude Roes:

      1. Joannes Mathias Bardong of Wilhelm pistores and Gertrude 6 March 1766 witness Joannes Mathias Roes victore et scabino hujates
        Witness: Mathias of Wilhelm Pardong pistores to Mathias Kessel of D Carli Kessil chyrugri and Anna Elizabeth witness Mathias Pardong son of Wilhelm Pardong July 1778
      2. Christina of Wilhelm and Maria Gertrude Bardong, witness Christina Roes patris aves materna 8 August 1767
        Death: Christina of Wilhemus Bardong daughter 2 mos. 2 January 1768
      3. Joannes Bardong of Wilhelm pistoris and Gertrude 21 March 1769 witness Joannes Bexmann, hortulano
        Witness: Joannes Bardong of Wilhelm Pistores to Joannes Bexmann of Dni Joannes Bexmann hortulani and Anna Maria 19 November 17781
      4. Margarethe Bardong of Wilhame Pistores and Gertrude witness Margarethe Schmidielem of Gerolzheim 9 May 1770
        Death: 1771 death Margarethe Bardong of Wilhelmus "pistor" filiola 9 mo
      5. Maria Gertrude Bardong of (no father listed - must be Wilhelm, he was married to Gertrude) "pistores" and Gertrude witness Marie Gertrude Reis and Joannes Reis scabini conjuge 3 Sept 1772
      6. Joannes Hemanus Josephus Pardong of Wilhelm Pardong "pistor" and Gertrude witness Joannis Hermanus Sha-chi juples exxlessia college a S Martinum Wormater, 26 August 1774
      7. Joannes Henrici Pardong of Wilhelm Pardong and Gertrude , witness Joannis Henrici Kuhn, 7 October 1779
      8. 1 Anna Barbara Dannfold born 1709 daughter of Ewaldi Dannfald and Maria Barbara _ married Conrad Bexmann in 1732. They had a son Johann in 1733.

      Wilhelm Bardong as a witness: To baptism of Wilhelm Leser of Petro Lesor scabini and Maria Barbara witness Wilhelm Bardong Pistorers 27 October 1763

      Wilhelm Bardong as a witness: To the baptism of Wilhlem Ross (Roes, Reis) of Conrad Ross and Eva Catherine Jan 16, 1777 Wilhelm Bardong pistores et civi hujate. Conrad Reis born 1736 was the son of Peter Reis and Maria Christina Dannfald, born 1707 daughter of Ewaldi Dannfald.

      Gertrude Bardong as a witness: Maria Gertrude Bardong wife of pistores [miller/baker] Wilhelm Pardong to Maria Gertrude Lachmann of Francisco Lachmann and Anna Maria 8 April 1776

      Death of Wilhelm Bardong:

      Death of Maria Barbara Reis Bardong:

    2. Petrus Pardong of Joannes Pardong pitoris [miller baker] etc and Anna Elizabeth 22-23 July 1743, witness Petrus Böhmer Schaffney domini d albergo in curio superiore Wormatia
      Death: Petri Pardong son of Joannes Pardong 5 years 22 April 1748 (death)

    3. Joannis of Joannis Pardong pistori et colectoer lar---- administrator and Anne Elizabeth 15-16 July , 1748 witnesses Joanne Nestple son of Stephen Nestple ex Frankenthat

    4. Marie Catherine Pardong of Joannes Bardong and Anne Elizabeth 25-26 October 1750, witness Catherine Nestphle ex Franchenthal.
      Death: Maria Catherine Pardong of deceased collectores Joannes Pardong and Anna Elizabeth filiola 3 January 1753, no age

    Death of Johann Bartong: 14 February 1751, D Joannes Pardong pistoris communitates et jujas collectoris admistratore sol poinilents sembro prousy ??? No age

    Remarriage of Anne Elizabeth Pardong: 21 February 1753, Widow Elizabeth Pardong in anter p. m. conjunge Joannes Pardong pistores hujas etc to Joannes Wielbecker h c p m Mogutia Joannes Weilbacker and Sybilla witnesses Antony Carly Held satrupa hijas and Henrici Pardong pistoris alyes plure-- (turned page)

    Note Henrici Pardong was most likely the brother of the deceased Joannes Bardong.

  2. Maria Francisca Bardong (1698-) and Johann Leonard Willmas

    Birth: Maria Francisca Bardong daughter of Jois Adami Bardong pistoris hujis and Anna Elizabetha his wife 31 October 1698 witness Maria Francisca, honest virgin daughter, of Dni Pauli Paule scabini et ecclisia jurat

    Marriage: The widow and opifex pistoris [miller or baker's helper] in Hoffsheim Dit--mis Wormatas Joannes Leonardus Willmas with the virgini Maria Francisca Bardong(in) of Adami Bardong p. m. incola [inhabitant] et pistoris hujatis and his wife Elizabetha (more I cannot read), 26 January 1717

    Children: They did not have children baptized in Herrnsheim

  3. Witness: Maria Francisca Pardong of Henrici Pardong and Anna Margarethe 26-29 April 1726 witness Marie Francisca Willmos wife of Leonardi Willmos pistoris communitatis Hoffheimansis trans Rhein

  4. Maria Elizabeth of Jois Adami Bardong and Anna Elizabeth witness Elizabeth von Gorb 2 December (?) 1700

  5. Heinrich Bardong* (1703-1754) and Anna Margaretha Dannfald* (1701-1774)

    Birth: Henricus of Jois Adami Bardong and Anna witness Henricus von Gorb 18 May 1703

    Occupation: Miller or Baker

    His father, J. Adam, his brother Joannes and his nephew, Wilhelm, were also millers.

    Marriage: Youngman Henrici Bardong opifex pistore [baker or miller's helper] son of Joannes Adami Bardong (word) pistoris [miller/baker] (word) communicatis [community] and Anna Elizabeth, wife, qui matromonium porvua (?) dispensatione a Roma ordmariatu Wormat super impedimento consanguine -itatis -iterio (more I cannot read) to the virgini Anna Margaretha Dannfald ligitimate daughter of the hororable vi-i Ewaldi Dannfald scabini hujatis and Maria Barbara, his wife, witness Joannes Bardong sposi fratre [grooms's brother], Ewaldi Dammfald sposi parente [bride's parent], Petro Gorb and Joannes Cramer 28 January 1721

    Note: The couple received a dispensation from Rome to marry super impedimento cinsanguine [over an impediment of consanguinity]

    Note: He married at age 18.


    1. Ewaldus Bardong of Henrici Bardong and Margarethe 21-23 (No month listed second to last entry of 1721) 1721, witness Ewaldo "Dannfaldt" avo (word) et scabino Hernsheimy

    2. Johann Bardong* (1723-1795) and Anne Marie Hartbauer*


      • 21.12 1723 (Worms Archives Report, 2007)

      • Joannes of Henrici Bardong communitatis pistore and Anna Margarethe 21-22 December, 1723, witness Joannes Bardong communitatis pistore [baker or miller] (Church Records, LDS microfilm)

      Marriage of Joannes Bardong* and Anne Marie Hartbauer*: Joannis Bardong of deceased Henrici Bardong pistore [baker] and his widow Anna Margarethe married Anne Marie Hartbauer of Joannis Hartbauer and Agnetis deceased wife, witnesses Johann George Schmitt scabini and Petri Hartbauer, 31.7.1759

      See Hartbauer


      • Johann Bardong was 36 at the time of this marriage. The marriage record does not include any honorific or other designation before his name. However since he is listed as the son of the decease Henrici it is possible that he had not been married before.

      1. Wolfgang Heribertus Bardong of Joannes Bardong and Anne Marie 8 November 1759, witness Wolfgang Herbitius of Joannes Bardong and Anna Maria --- lustri Domino Dno Wolfgang Herbitius --- libero Barone de Dahlberg, 14 October 1759 Check this

      2. Maria Elizabeth Bardong* (1761-) and Peter Arnold*

        Birth: Maria Elizabethe Bardong of Joannes Bardong and Anna Maria witness Maria Elizabethe Forester wife of Petri Forester 23 April 1761

        Marriage: Peter Arnold son of deceased Laurentus Arnold and Eva Marie married Elizabeth Bardong daughter of Joannis "Pardong" and Anna Maria, his wife, witnesses patre Joannes Pardong and Henricus Hundel, scabino, 09 Sept 1783

        Children: Johann (1784), Anna Maria Magdelena* (1788), Peter (1791), Anna Margarethe (1794), Elizabeth (1797), Catherine (1799) and Wilhelmina (1802)

        See Arnold

      3. Marie Anna Bardog of Joannes and Anna Marie Bardong 14 August 1762, witness Marie Anne Linden and Loannes Lindini

        Death: Maria Anna Pardong of Jonnes Pardong age 5, April 10, 1767

      4. Anna Margarethe Bardong of Joannes Bardong and Anna Marie 20 February 1765, witness Anna Marie Haag __ Josephi Haag Adelheim (?)

        Death: Anna Margarethe Pardong of Joannes Bardong 5 April 1765 2 months

      5. Catherine of Joannes Bardong an d Anne Marie March 23, 1766, witness Catherine Zoeller daughter of Caspari Zoeller civis hujates

      6. Marie Francisca Bardong of Joannes Bardong and Anne Marie 8 August 1768, witness Marie Francisca Bardong

      7. Margaret Pardon of Joannes Pardong and Anna Maria witnesses Margarethe Zoeller daughter of Adami Zoeller civis hujates 27 Aug 1772

      Witness: Joannes Zoeller of Caspari Zoeller and Apollonia 13-14 March 1751 witness Joannes Pardong son of Henrici Bardong

      Death of Johann Bardong: Feb 21, 1795 Joannes Bartong married age 68 (1727)

      Death of Anna Maria Hartbauer Bardong:

    3. Maria Francisca Bardong (1726-) and Jacob Muller

      Birth: Maria Francisca Pardong of Henrici Pardong and Anna Margarethe 26-29 April 1726 witness Marie Francisca Willmos wife of Leonardi Willmos pistoris communitatis Hoffheimansis trans Rhein

      Note: Maria Francisca born 1698 daughter of Johann Adami and Anne Elizabeth married Leonard Willmas in Hernshiem in 1717.

      Witness: Francisca of deceased Henrici Bardong and his widow Anna Margarethe witness to Francisca Betz son of Mathias Betz and Elizabethe Catherine 15-16 July 1755

      Marriage: Virgin Francisca Bardong of Henrici Bardong and Margarethe deceased to widow et civis haujas Jacobus Muller August 12, 1777, witnesses Joannes Bexman hortulano [gardener] and Theobaldi Bardong sponsa fratre [bride's brother]

      Note: Dispite the age at marriage she is the only Francisca who fits the bill.

    4. Jacobus Pardong of Henrici Pardong and Anne Margarethe 30 June 1 July 1729 witness Jacobo Dannfald

    5. Paulus Pardong of Henrici Pardong and Margarethe 10-11 December 1730, witness Paulo Zipoff
      Death: Pauly Pardong son of Henrici Pardong 13 years 22 April 1748

    6. Barbara Pardong of Henrici Pardong and A Margarethe 17-18 April, 1734, witness Barbara Bexmann(in) wife of Conradi Bexmann oprel goutrous Hernsheim
      Death: Barbara Pardon daughter of Henrici Pardon 4 mos, 20 Aug 1734

    7. Christina Bardong (1736-) and Mathias Hagenauer

      Birth: Christina Pardong of Henrici Pardong and Margarethe 9-10 April 1736, witness Christina wife of Petri Rees

      Witness: Christina filia of Henrici Pardong and Anna Margarethe his surviving wife, witness to Christina Augst of Joannes George Augst and Catherine 13 October 1755

      Witness: Christina virgin daughter of deceased Henrici Bardong to Christina Enger of Geprge Enger and Barbara, month day 1759

      Marriage: Virgin Christina Pardong of deceased Henrici Pardong pistoris and his widow Anna Margaretha to Mathias Hagenauer widow 21 July 1761 witnesses George Schmidt scabino an and Laurentus Hagenauer, et alys


      1. Maria Francisca Hagenauer of Mathias and Christina 10 April 1762, witness Maria Francisca Bardong (no other info)
        Death: Another Maria Francisca babtized in 1768
      2. Regina Josepha Hagenauer of Mathias and Christina Hagenauer 3 September 176? witness Regina Josepha Menges daughter of Joannes Petris Menges civis in Osthoven
      3. Joannes Theodore Hagenauer of Mathias and Christina 19 Marcy 1667, witness Dni J. Theodore Ermus ex limi Di -- L B De Dalberg horturlano
      4. Maria Francisca Hagenauer of Mathias and Christina 27 March 1768 witness Maria Francisca Bardong
      5. Joannes Adam Hagenauer of Mathias and Chrisitna 11 March 1770 witness Joannes Adam Winkler civis Hujates
    8. M Catherine Pardong of Henrici Pardong and Margarethe 29 May 1738 witness M Catherine wife of Joannes Bardong Pistores (twin)
      Death: Catherine of Henrici Pardong infan June 4, 1738

    9. Anna Barbara of Henrici Pardong and Margarethe 29 May 1738 witness Anna Barbara wife of Conradi Bosman (twin)
      Death: Barbara Pardon of Henrici age 6 years, 12 August 1745

    10. Joannes Michael Pardong of Henrici Pardong pistori and Anna Margarethe 28-29 (month unknown, page turned), 1740 witness Joes Michael Wo----
      Death: Joes (Joannis) Michael of Henrici Pardong 14 Dec 1741

    11. Johann Theobald Bardong and Gertrude Hartmann

      Birth: Not in Herrnsheim 1748-1753. Son of Henry per marriage in 1775.

      Marriage: Joannes Theobaldus Pardong of Henrici Pardon and Anna Margarethe married virgini Gertrude Hartmann of Joannes Hartmann and Catherine, witnesses Jacobi Kuhn pistore [baker] and Joannes Pardon sposi fratre [groom's brother] 7 month 1775

    Heinrich Bardong as a witness: All of the Bardongs were popular witnesses at baptisms. This may reflect their importance in the community as the village miller.

    Death of Heinrich Bardong: Henrici Bardong Pistoris 15 March 1754 no age

    Death of Margarethe Bardong: Anna Margarethe Pardong widow of Henrici Pardong pistorio age 74, 9 December 1774

  6. Anna Barbara Bartong (1707-1761) and Jacob Dannfald

    Birth: Anna Barbara d of Jois Adami Bardong and "Marie" Elizabeth 9 May 1705, witness Ann Barbara Vogt(in)

    Marriage: Batchelor Jacobus Dannfold son of Joannes Ewaldi Dannfald pratoris communicatis in Herrnsheim and Maria Barbara to spinster "Anna" Barbara Bartong daughter of Joannes Adami Bardong guidam pistoris communitates and Elizabeth (can't read several words somthing about testes fgra-- consangenus 13 May 1727 witnesses Jannes Selb and Henrici Bardong.

    Note: Anna Barbara's brother Henrich was married to Jacob's sister, Anna Margarethe. There was a dispensation from Rome when that marriage was performed.

    Children: J. Adam (1728), Maria Catherine (1730), Anna Maria (1732), Maria Barbara (1736), Valentine (1739), Maria Agnes (1740), J. Peter (1743), Joanna Elizabeth (1746) and Anna Barbara (unknown).

    See Dannfald

Johann Adam Bartong as a witness:

  • To the baptism of Jois Adami Shitz son of Joannes blot and Anna Marie 9 October 1702, witness Jois Adami Bardong

  • To the baptism of Joannes Adami Hardmann of ---- and Elizabetha 19 April 1713

Death of Johann Adam Bardong: Joes Adamus Bardong cannot read August 5, 1714

Death Elizabeth Bardong: Elizabeth Bardong age 50 years February 1720 (1670)

Other Early Bardong Records

Baptism: "Joes" [Joannes] son of Joes 4 (month) 1676, witness Joes D--fa-d (cant read two words)

Baptism: Antonius of Jois Barton and adolescens Antonus (can't read maybe Gebhalt (?)) son of Jois (cannot read name and another word maybe Jebhald (?) + Remmemare (?)), 1681 26 day of January

Death: 1694 21 February death Joannes Barton al pose ------

Death of Elizabeth Bardong: Elizabeth "Barden" age 82, September 15, 1740 (1658)

More Bardong Records

  1. Hieronomus Leither 28 January 1739 son of Benedictus Leither ejhppeare et civis hujates witness Heirnomus Pardong son of Jois Pardong infme grammatune Osses Aurer Wormate ??????? there was a Hironoums os of johann baptized in 1729 is it possible that this Heironomus is the same or is it another?
  2. Joannes Hermenius of Joseph Badong infant - days 6 Aug 1774
  3. JOANNES BARDON - IGI 06 JUL 1790 Liebfrauen Katholisch, Worms, Rheinhessen, Hessen to Magdelena Hoffman


  • I tried, unsuccessfully, to make something of the traditional patterns of naming children after parents - when the first son is named for the father's father, the second for the mother's father. While they used some of the same names the Bardongs do not seem to have held tightly to that tradition.
  • The church records were recorded in Latin and the civil records were recorded in German. The church records were recorded in the Catholic Parish Church of St Peter in Herrnsheim.
  • The records for Herrnsheim were (more or less) written in Latin. The spelling of the names varied depending, I think, on the whim or the person recording the event. "in" was added to most female surnames, but not all. Endings for male names varied with "us", "i", "o" being most common. However, in the case of Jo(h)ann it sometimes "e"
  • Herrnsheim (Herrn's heim), meaning Gentleman's Home, was a Catholic village just north of the city of Worms. The "Gentleman's Home" was the "schloss" (palace or castle) of the von Dahlberg (Dalberg) family.

Herrnsheim Images and Information

For information on Herrnsheim and images of the village Herrnsheim


Peter Arnold married Elizabeth Bardong. For more information on the Arnold family go to Arnold


(Anna) Maria Magdelena Arnold was married to Carl Franz Goehle for more information on the Goehle family in Herrnsheim go to Goehle


Heinrich Bardong married Anna Margarethe Dannfald. For more information on the Dannfald family go to Dannfald


Johann Bardong married Anna Marie Hartbauer. For more information on the Hartbauer family go to Hartbauer

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