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Dan(n)fald(t) in Herrnsheim, Germany

The name

  • Dann=??
  • fald=feld=field??
Note: The first record for the name Dannfald in Herrnsheim was the marriage of Johann "Theobald" Dannfald to Maria Barbara Gorb in 1694. This was followed by the baptism of their children in 1689, 1699 and 1702. The first record for Johann "Ewald" and Maria Barbara Dannfald in Herrnshiem was the baptism Maria Christina in 1707.

Question: Is it possible that the persons called Theobald and Ewald are one and the same? At her marriage to Henrich Bardong in 1721 Anna Margarethe was listed as the daughter of "Ewald" Donnfald and his wife, Maria Barbara. The baptism of an Anna Margarethe Dannfald at the appropriate time with the appropriate mother listed her as the daughter of Johann "Theobald" Dannfald.

Since all of the records for Theobald occur before 1702 and all of the records for Ewald occur after 1709 (while Maria Barbara remains the same) it is possible that Theobald and Ewald were relatives and Ewald married Theobald's widow.

Hopefully more research will clarify the situation.

The family appears to be from Osthofen. Ostehofen is several miles north of Hernsheim. Unfortunately, the Catholic records available through LDS so not start until 1721.

All records are from Herrnsheim unless otherwise noted.

Johann Theobald Dannfaltd and Maria Barbara Gorb

Birth: Possibly Osthofen. No later than 1676.


Marriage: 1 February 1694, Johann Theobaldi Danfolt ex Osthofen [of Osthofen] et Maria Barbara Gorb(in) ambo Cathol (Herrnsheim)


  1. Joannes of Joannes Theobaldi Dannfald and Maria Barbara witness Joannes Pauli Von Gertz scabini hujos lori March 1698 (Herrnsheim)

  2. Anna Margarethe daughter of Joannis Theobaldus Dannefoltz and Maria Barbara (cannot read) witness Anna Margarethe daughter of Balthasarus Windeler of Osthofen 2-5 July 1699 (Herrnsheim)

  3. Jacob Dannfald and Anna Magdelena _________

    Birth: Jacobus son of Joannes Theobaldi Donnefold and Maria Barbara (page turned) April 1702 witness Jocobus Dannefold of Ostfafen (Herrnsheim)

    Note: Make sure this is the correct Jacob Dannfald!

    Marriage: Anna Magdelena______


    1. Joseph Adolphus of Jacobi Danfald sub protoris huis loci and Anna Magdelena his wife witness Josephus Bejtliner Huis loci supromis praetor, 1 January 1723 (Osthofen)
      Death: March 30, 1729 Josephus Adolphus of Domini Jacob Dannfald andAnna Magdelena his wife, age 6 years.
    2. George Anthony of Domini Jacobi Dannfald sub protoris and Anna Magdelena witness George Anthony Girsenptpo-toris huis loce Johannes Gumbers scabini, Date ? 1724 (Osthofen)
      Death: George Anthony of D. Jacobi Dannfald and Anna Magelena 26 November 1724
    3. George Anthony of Domini Jacobi Dannfald and Anna Magdelena 28 July 1726 (Osthofen)

Death of Johann Theobald Dannfald:

Death of Maria Barbara Dannfald:

[Johann] Ewald Dannfald(t)★ (c 1671-1731) and Maria Barbara _______ ★ (c 1669-1762)

Name: Ewald was an old German name meaning "he who rules by law".

Birth: Possibly Osthofen. No later than 1683. 1671 based on his age of 60 years at his death in 1731.


scabino = juror from the marriage of his daughter Anna Margarethe in 1721

pratoris [meaning unknown] from the 1726 baptism of Anna Barbara Gorb when Ewald's daughter Anna Barbara was listed as the daughter of "Ewaldi Dannfold pratoris". His son Jacob was also listed as a pratoris. The only similar word I can find is "praetoris" loosely meaning chief magistrate.

D [Domini] Ewaldi Dannfald was a witness to a lot of marriages around 1726. It appears that he was an official witness because there is otherwise no apparent connection to the people who were marrying.

Domini [master] was an honorific given to Catholic priests and certain lay notables. Ewald Dannfald was a layman.

Move from Osthofen to Herrnsheim: Ewaldi Dannfald was in Herrnseim by 1707 when his daughter Marie Christina was born.


  • When Anna Margrethe Dannfald, the daughter of Ewald Dannfald and his wife Maria Barbara _ born in 1701, married Henrich Bardong the son of J. Adam Bardong and and Maria Catherine ____ they needed a dispensation of consanguinity.
  • When Jacob Dannfald son of Ewald Dannfald and his wife Maria Barbara -- born circa 1701 married Maria Barbara Bardong daughter of J Adam Bardong etc they also got a dispensation

Note: Impediments of consanguinity can extend as far as the forth degree of kinship. Generally it means that the intended spouses shared a common ancestor.

1718 Lease: Dalberg bekunden, dass sie den (Herrnsheimer Einwohnern) Adrian Scheffer, Hans Ewald Dannefeld, Hans Jakob Hagenauer, Johann Hagenauer, Johann Sei, Jakob Hagenauer, Philipp Holzemer und Wilhelm Rurig fr einen jhrlichen Zins von 161 Malter Frucht und 20 Gulden ihr in Herrnsheim belegenes freiadeliges Hofgut auf 12 Jahre in Bestand gegeben haben 1718-02-12 Stadtarchiv Worms, Abt. 159 K 32 UA 236 - Ausf., Papier, aufgedr. Signet des A 2; beiliegend 4 Vertragsentw?rfe(Sent by Peter Schulz, October 2007)

Loose translation: Franz Anton and Uolfgang Eberhard "Kmmerer" v. Baron von Dalberg state that Herrnsheim inhabitants, Adrian Scheffer, Hans Ewald Dannefeld, Hans Jakob Hagenauer, Johann Hagenauer, Johann Sei, Jakob Hagenauer, Philipp Holzemer und Wilhelm Rurig agree to rent a large farm situated in Herrnsheim for a period of 12 years at a rate of 161 "Malter" fruit and 20 "gulden" [a type of money] 1718-02-12

Peter Schulz says:

"the consequences are that these families will have lived and worked closer together for a period of time and this can be some kind of economical or social background for some marriages among them."

October 2008

Marriage: Maria Barbara ____, no later than 1701, possibly in Osthofen.

Note: The Catholic records for Osthofen available through LDS do not start until 1721.


  1. Anna Margaretha Dannfald★ (c 1701-) and Henrich Bardong ★

    Birth: No later than 1701 — Possibly Osthofen.

    Witness: To the baptism of Anna Margaretha Schmidt of Henrici Schmidt and his wife Anna Margaretha 24-25 September 1718, Anna Margarethe daughter of Ewaldi Dannfaldt.

    Marriage: Youngman Henrici Bardong opifex pistore [baker or miller's helper] son of Joannes Adami Bardong (word) pistoris (word) communicatis [community] and Anna Elizabeth, wife, qui matromonium porvua (?) dispensatione a Roma ordmariatu Wormat super impedimento consanguine -itatis -iterio (more I cannot read) to the virgini Anna Margaretha Dannfald ligitimate daughter of the hororable vi-i Ewaldi Dannfald scabini hujatis and Maria Barbara, his wife, witness Joannes Bardong sposi fratre [groom's brother], Ewaldi Dannfald sposi parente [bride's parent], Petro Goeb Joannes Cramer 28 January 1721

    Note: The couple received a dispensation from Rome to marry super impedimento cinsanguine [over an impediment of consanguinity]

    Children: Ewald (1721), Johann* (1723), Maria Francisca (1726), Jacob (1729), Paul (1730), Barbara (1734), Christina (1736), Maria Catherine (1738), Anna Barbara (1738) [twins], J. Michael (1741), J Theobald (unknown).

    See Bardong

  2. Jacob Dannfold (c. 1701-1757) and Anna Barbara Bardong (1707-1761)

    Note: Jacob's wife Anna Barbara Bardong was the sister of Henry Bardong who married Jacob's sister Anna Margarethe Dannfald.

    Birth: Circa 1701, possibly Osthofen. Listed as the son of Ewaldi Dannfald at the baptism of Jacob Hagg in 1727 and at his marriage in 1727.

    Witness: Jacobus Hagg of Christopher Hagg and Sybetta Margarethe 24 March 1727, witness Jacobi Dannfald adolescent son of D Ewaldi Dannfald (cannot read rest)

    Occupation: pratoris adjundi

    Marriage: Batchelor Jacobus Dannfold son of Joannes Ewaldi Dannfald pratoris communicatis in Herrnsheim and Maria Barbara to spinster Anna Barbara Bartong daughter of Joannes Adami Bardong guidam pistoris communitates and Elizabeth (can't read several words somthing about testes fgra-- consangenus 13 May 1727 witnesses Joannes Selb and Henrici Bardong.

    See Bardong

    Note: Anna Barbara Bardong was the sister of Henrich Bardong who married Anna Margaretha Dannfald.


    1. Johann Adam Dannfald (1728-1765) and Margarethe Forster

      Birth: Joannes Adamos Dannfelt of Jacobi Dannfelt and Maria Barbara 18-19 February 1728 witness Joannes Leonardus Willmos pratore et pistori communitate Hoffheimansis trans Rheins

      Notes and Questions:

      • J Leonard Willmas was married to Maria Francisca Bardong (born 1698 the daughter of J. Adam Bardong and Anna Elizabeth _)
      • Joannes Leonardus Willmos was also witness to the baptism of Maria Francisca the daughter of Henrich Pardong and Anna Margarethe Dannfald born in 1726.
      • Usually the godparent had the same names as the baptized child
      • Was he named for Maria Barbara's father?

      Marriage: Joannes Adamus Dannfald defuncti honorati visi Jacobi Dannfald pratoris adjuncti et super ---- and Barbara to Margarethe Forster(in) and deceased Joannes Forster incola in Worms and his widow Veronica 23, October 1758 witnesses Joannes Lenter and Peter Forster


      1. Joannes Dannfald of Adami and Margarethe witness Johann Bardong pistores defunti of Henrici Bardong filio relecto, day month 1759
      2. Note: Joannes Bardong son of Henry was the 1st cousin of Joannes Dannfald

      Death of Johann Adam Dannfald: Joannes Adamus Dannfald age 37 August 14, 1765

      Remarriage of Margarethe Dannfald: Margarethe Dannfald defuncti Joannes Adami Danfald relecta vidua to widow Philippi Henrici Kuhn strap-n hujas pedel--- witness Joannes George Kuhn, Joannes Lender, and Petri Forster 8 July 1766

    2. Maria Catherine Dannfoldt of Jacobi Dannfoldt and Barbara 30-31 March 1730 witness Maria Catherine Bardong wife of Joannes Bardong collectores

      Note: Maria Caterine wife of Joannes Bardong died in 1740. Her maiden name is not known.

      Death: Catherine Dannfald infans of Jacobi Dannfald 13 May 1733

    3. Anna Maria Dannfald and Laurentus Hubert

      Birth: Anna Maria Dannfoldt of Jacobi Dannfoldt and Barbara 12-13 August 1732, witness Anna Maria wife of Laurentus Dirago caupomis et leoneum

      Marriage: Virgin Anna Maria Dannfald of Jacobi Danfald pratoris adjundi and Barbara deceased wife to bachelor Laurentus Hubert of Mathias Hubert jurati exlessia and Anna Francisca deceased 22 February 1762 witnesses Philippi Halzemer, Adamo Dannfald et alys


      1. 29 April 1762 Elizabeth of Lorenz Herbert and Anna Maria witness Elizabeth Steindoffer wife of Joannes Geroge Steindorffer

    4. Maria Barbara Dannfald of Jacobi Dannfald and Barbara day month 1736 witness Maria Barbara wife of Conradi Bexmann Horti-aum (cannot read)

      Note: Maria Barbara Bexmann was and an aunt - She was the sister of Jacob Dannfold

    5. Valentus Dannfald of Jacobi Dannfald and Barbara 1-2 August 1739 Valentus Volmer venatore grates domini

      Death; Valentino son of Jacobi Dannfald 2 months infans 5 October 1739

    6. Maria Agnetes Dannfald of Jacobi Dannfald and Barbara 25-27 October 1740 witness Maria Agnetes p.t. wife of Joannes Janson jurate

      Witness: To the baptism of Maria Agnetes Bertz of Hioromus Gertz lenesfary (?) and Anna Barbara 22 month 1769

    7. Joannes Petrus Dannfald of Jacobi Dannfald and Barbara witness Joannes Petri Ross 30 31 May 1743. Note: Peter Reis was married to Maria Christina Dannfald, daughter of Ewaldi and Maria Barbara.

    8. Joanna Elizabethe Dannfald of Jacobi Dannfald and Barbara 29-30 July 1746 witness M Barbara wife of Peter Tysen nomini Joanna Elizabethe wife of D Joannes Bardong p.t. collectorus. Note: The real godparents was Joanna Elizabethe wife of Joannes Bardong, M Barbara Tysen stood in for Joanna Elizabeth in her absence. This was Joannna Elizabeth Nastpher the second wife of Joannes Bardong. Johann was the son of Adam Bardong.

    9. Anna Barbara Dannfald and Hieronymus Betz

      Birth: No later than 1745 based on an age of 20 at marriage in 1765

      Marriage: Virgin Anna Barbara Dannfald daughter of Jacobi Dannfald sub pratoris and Barbara, deceased, to Hiernoymus Betz of Petri Betz and Elizabeth deceased 7 May 1765, witness Nicholas Geamsert (?), Adamo Dannfald and Laurentus Heber

      Note Adam Dannfald was Anna Barbara's brother.


      1. Anne Marie of Heironomus Betz fenestrary [fenestra=window] And Anna Barbara 7 June 1766 witness Anne Marie Ertelmeyr wife of Valentine Ertelmeyer
      2. Marie Agnetes Bentz of Heironomus and Anne Barbara 21 March 1769 witness Maria Agnetes Dannfold (no other info)
      3. Maria Anna of Hieronomus and Anne Barbara Bentz 26 August 1771 witness Marie Anne of George Denle scabini
    Witness: Jacobi Dannfald was a witness to the baptism of Jacobi Brust son of Peter Prust and Anna Maria 26-27 April 1753

  3. Death of Jacob Dannfald: 4 October 1757 Jacobus Dannfald sub prator heyes loci as atatus age 56 (1701)

    Death of Barbara Dannfald: Barbara Dannfald defuncti Jacobi Dannfald sub pratoris vidua age 57 25 December 1761 (1704)

  4. Maria Christine Dannfald (1707-) and Petrus Reis

    Birth: Maria Christine daughter of Jois Evaldi Danfold and Maria Barbara witness Maria Christina Hauhin (?) June (page turned) 1707 (Herrnsheim)

    Marriage: virgini Christina Dannfald of d Ewaldi Dannfald p.m. pratoris hujades and Marie Barbara to widow Petrus Reis 11 May 1734 witnesses Casparo Reis and Jacobo Dannfold a hysgo phonly (????)

    Children from the first marriage of Peter Roes: Peter's first wife was named Maria Gertrude. They had:

    1. Philipp 11 May 1727 witness Phillip Holzemer
    2. Anne Margarethe 28 April 1729 witness Anna Margarethe Kramer wife of Jois Kramer
    3. Joannes 10-11 April 1730 witness Joannes Serb adolescent son of Joannes Serb
    4. Anne Margarethe 14-15 April 1731 witness Anna Margarethe Kramer wfe of Joannes Kramer
    5. Marie Elizabeth 23-24 December 1732 witness Marie Elizabeth Reiss daughter of Caspari Reiss

    Children of Peter Roes and Maria Christina Dannfald:

    1. Maria Barbara Reis of Petri Reis and Christina 17 March 1735, witness Maria Barbara Dannfold D Ewaldi Dannfold p.m. pratore --- --- elicta vidova et avia inf----
    2. Conrad Reis (1736-) and Eva Catherine Kuhn
      Birth: Conrad Rees of Petri Rees and Christina 19-21 September, Conrad Bexmann Horturl-- gratiosi dominy 1736
      Witness: Wilhlem Ross (Roes, Reis) of Conrad Ross and Eva Catherine Jan 16, 1777 Wilhelm Bardong pistores et civi hujate.
      Marriage: Honorable adolescent Conradus Rees of deceased Petrus Rees and Christina his wife to Eva Catherine Kuhn daughter of Jaonnes George Kuhn and Maria Eva, deceased, witness Anthony Carl Held satrapa (?), J George Kuhn, bride's father, and Adam Holzemer, July 29, 1766
    3. Johann Rees (1738- ) and Gertrude Schafer
      Birth: Joannes Rees of Petri Rees and Christina 21-23 January 1738, Joanne Kramer scabini hujatis
      Marriage: Honorable adolescent Joannes Rös of deceased Petri Rös victores ex superstele Christina his wife to prudent virgin Gertrude Schafer of deceased Adam Schafer, victores and Catherine Elzabeth, wife, witness Anthony Carl Held, saterpa Joannes Schafer, Phillipi Hezl, Adam Holzemer et alys, 12 February 1765
    4. Anna Clara Ross of Peter and Christina 26-27 Anna Clara wife of Valentine Volman ventorer jund grator tu Domini, 1742
    5. Maria Gertrude Reis and J Wilhelm Bardong
      Birth: Maria Gertrude of Peter Ross and Christina 18-19 May 1744 witness Maria Gertrude wife of Jois Adami Holzemer jurati ecclessia
      Marriage: Bachelor Wilhelm Bardong pistoris son of deceased Johann Bardong "collectoris" and his surviving wife "Joanna" Elizabeth to virgini Gertrude Roes of deceased Peter Roes (Rees?) and Christina, witnesses Anthony Caroli Held vincinti graff and Adami Holzemer et altrum testum 19 June 1764
      Children: See Bardong
  5. Anna Barbara Dannfald (1709-) and Conrad Bexmann [Beckmann?]

    Birth: Anna Barbara of Joannes Ewaldi Dannfald(t) and Maria Barbara (day and month unclear) 1709, witness Anna "Margarethe" ____

    Witness: Anna Barbara Gorb(in) of Jacobi Gorb satoris [tailor] and Maria Salome 14-15 November 1726, witness Anna Barbara Danfaold daughter of pratoris Ewaldi Dannfald

    Marriage: Virgini Anna Barbara Dannfald of D Ewaldi Dannfald p. m. subprotore hujates and Maria Barbara to Canradus Bexman bachelor hortulanus [gardener] gratusi Domini filio legitmo Augustus Bexmann and Christina May 13, 1732, witnesses Johannes Pardong and Jacobi Dannfald


    1. Johan Bexmann and Anna Marie Betz
      Birth: Joannes Clemens Bexmann of Conradi Bexmann and Anna Barbara 7-9 August 1733 witness J Clemete Frouno--- Capitanis serenifrimi elert Palatine
      Witness: Joannes Bardong of Wilhelm pistoris and Gertrude 21 March 1769 witness Joannes Bexmann, hortulano
      Marriage: Honorable adolescent exeenie (?) Dni L. B. De Dalberg hortulanis Joannes Bexmann of deceased Dni conrad Bexman hortulanis and his wife Barbara and the virgin Anna Marie Betz of Stephani Betz and his deceased wife Marie Elizabeth witness Anton Carl Held, satrapa, Stephan Betz groom's father and Valintino Ertelmeyer
      Child: Joannes Bexmann of Dni Joannes Bexmann hortulani and Anna Maria 19 November 1778 witness Joannes Bardong of Wilhelm Pistores
    2. Maria Elizabeth Bexmann of Conradi Bexmann hortulane [gardner] And Anna Barbara 7-8 month 1735 witness Maria Elizabeth Dannfold
    3. Anna Margarethe Bexmann of Conradi Bexmann hortulani apud (?) gratiosu Dominum and Anna Barbara 5-6 July 1737Anna Margarethe wife of Joannu Kramer scabin hujadet
      Death: 14 April 1738 Anne Margarethe of Conradi Bexman 10 months
    4. Anna Marie Bexmann and Valentine Ertelmeyer
      Birth: Anna Maria Bexmann of Conradi Bexmann and Anna Barbara 3 February 1739 witness Anna Maria daughter of Caspari Ress
      Marriage: 1763, 14 February, Honorable adolescent, Valentinus Ertelmeyer son of Philippi Henrici and Elizabeth to virgin Anna Marie Bexman of deceased Conrad Bexman and Barbara witness Anton Carl Held satrapa Phillippi Holzemer and Phillipi Henrici Ertelmeyer
    5. Joannes Bexmann of Conradi hortulane and Anna Bargara 21-23 August 1742, witness Joanne Bardong pistores etc
    6. Christian Bexmann of Conradi and Anna Barbara 22-23 May 1744 witness Christian Koch receptore te -on- in Ponte Manheimensi
      Death: Christian Bexmann of Conradi Bexmann hortolano 3 years 13 July 1746
    7. Catherine Elizabeth of Conradi Bexmann hortulani etc and Anna Maria 19-20 month 174? witness Catherine Elizabeth (page turned) of Henrici Schems victores ajund domini uxor
      Death: Catherine Elizabeth of conrad Bexman and Anne Barbara his wife age 6 years 15 December 175?
    8. Philippia Bexmann of Conradi et, -- August witness Philippinia Barmann filia nobili of Caspare Barmann citery ap ud grab--- Dom--- 1748
      Death: Philippina Bexman of Conradi and Anne Barbara no age 22 February 1755
    9. Petrus of Conradi Bexmann etc November -- 1753 witness Peter Ress
      Death; Peter Conrad Bexmann of the deceased conrad Bexmann Aug 15, 17??

    Occupation of Conrad Bexmann: Hurtulane [gardener]

    I believe that this was a relatively important job. The Von Dalbergs were a wealthy and important family, the schloss at Herrnsheim was grand, and the gardens must have been well tended. ("Around 1790 under the lord of the castle, Wolfgang Heribert von Dahlberg, the park was redesigned by the renowned landscape gardener Friedrich Ludwig Sckell. He designed it in the form of an English garden with lawns, woods, ponds and an island." Worms Tourism). In addition, Johann Bexmann was given the honorific "Domini" [Dni] which was used for Catholic priests and certain lay notables.

    Death of Conrad Bexmann: 15 March 1755 Conradus Bexmann horulany gratior domini hujates no age

  6. Maria Elizabeth Dannfald (1714-) and J. Michael Wolf

    Birth: Maria Elizabeth of Ewaldi Dannfald and Marie, April (page turned) 1714, witness Marie Elizabeth Heif(in)(?)

    Witness: Marie Elizabeth Bexmann(in) of Conradi Bexmann Hortatari and Anna Barbara March 7-8, 1735, witness Marie Elizabethe Dannfald(in) (no other information)

    Witness: Maria Elizabethe Schmid gemella of Jois George Schmidt and Gertrude 18-19 May 1737 witness Marie Elizabeth Dannfald virgini filia p.m. D Evald/ Dannfaold pratori

    Marriage: 12 May 1739 youngman Joannes Michael Wolf of Adolph Wolf civis et senatoris in Wachenheim ad Hartem and his wife Anna Maria to young-woman Marie Elizabeth Dannfald daughter of Ewaldi Dannfald p.m. pratoris in Herrnsheim and his wife Maria Barbara, witness Joannes Bardong and Jocobi Dannfald


    1. Marie Elizabeth Wolf of Michael and Marie Elizabeth 23-24 February 1740 witness Marie Elizabeth d of Conradi Bexmann hortolane cajus ab n-ose -- lahm ? vicus mader inplerit
    2. Adolphus Wolf of J Michael Wolf and Marie Elizabeth 28-29 October 1741 witness Adolph Wolf of Wachenheim
    3. Henrici Wolf of Michael and Marie Elizabeth 30 April 2 May 1745 witness Hanry Pardong
    4. Barbara Wolff of Michaeles Wolff Lanismer [butcher?] and Marie Elizabetha 14-16 September 1747 witness Barbara relicta vidua D Ewalsi Dannfald pratoris
    Death of Marie Elizabeth Dannfald Wolf:

    Remarriage of J Michael Wolf: Eva before 1752

    Child of J Michael Wolf and Eva: Maria Francisca of Michael wolf and Eva, his wife, 27-28 July 1752 witness Marie Francisca d of Anthony Serb p.m. and Francisca his wife

  7. Maria Francisca of Michael Wolf and Eva

Ewald Dannfaldt as a witness:

  • D [Domini] Ewaldi Dannfald was a witness to a number of marriages performed in the 1720s.

Maria Barbara Dannfold as a witness to the babtisms of her grandchildren:
  • Maria Barbara Reis of Petri Reis and Christina 17 March 1735, witness Maria Barbara Dannfold D Ewaldi Dannfold p.m. pratore --- --- elicta vidova et avia inf----

  • Barbara Wolff of Michaeles Wolff Lan---is and Marie Elizabetha 14-16 September 1747 witness Barbara relicta vidua D Ewalsi Dannfald pratoris

Death of Ewaldi Dannfald: D [Domini] Ewaldus Dannfald pratore hujus communitates age 60 16 March 1731 (c1671)

Death of Maria Barbara Dannfald: 24 April 1762 Maria Barbara Dannfald of Dni [Domini] Ewaldi Dannfald pratoris relecta vicua 93 years (1669). Note

Later Records for Dannfald

1791 St Peter Dom Worms film 0949591 February 7, vidicus civis et vitrianrius huj. Philippus Diehl et P. v. Agnes Dannefaltin ex Hernsehim testes Adam Joseph Betz mercator et Jacop kappes fegularius

Other Dannfaltd Records in Herrnsheim

Death: M Elizabeth Dannfalt puella [girl] 13 years December 26, 1717 (1704). I do not know who's daughter she was - either Ewald or Jacob.

Other Dannfaltd Records in Osthofen

Death: Gertrude Dannfald relicta vidua of Jacobi Dannfald February 29 1728

Marriage: 1736 22 November Jacobus Dannfaold subpr--tor vulgo ---- ---- hujis loci vidovus and Anna Catherina Tobide Kuser (?) accold Roxheimenis p. m. figlia legitima in pros--- Dni. A. letter D WilhelmReuter pastoris in Bechtheim something about a ligitimate baptism 18 December 1735


  • All records from LDS microfilms 0958790 and 0958791 unless otherwise noted.

  • Herrnsheim (Herrn's heim), meaning Gentleman's Home, was a Catholic village just north of the city of Worms. The "Gentleman's Home" was the "schloss" (palace or castle) of the von Dahlberg (Dalberg) family.

  • Records in Herrnsheim all relate to Johann Theobald or Ewald Dannfald

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Osthofen Pictures


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