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First Street

Henry Fischer and Sons - 70 First Street (old number) - 208 (new number) - boots and shoes

H. Fischer & Son, Dealers in Boots and Shoes, No. 70 First Street. One of the neatest and most prominent boot and shoe establishments in the city of Hoboken is that which is conducted by Messrs. H. Fischer & Son, which was founded originally by Mr. H. Fischer in 1872, and from the date of its inception has been the centre of a first-class trade. The business continued under his sole proprietorship until 1884, when the son was admitted into partnership. The premises occupied are handsomely fitted up in the most approved style and supplied with every convenience for the accommodation of the large and varied stock. Upon their shelves will always be found a full and complete assortment of fine and medium grades of boots, shoes, and gaiters for gentlemen, youths, and boys, and in the line for ladies, misses, and children everything that is new and fashionable in all the leading styles. The stock has been most carefully selected from among the productions of the most celebrated manufacturers in the country. They likewise carry a full and complete assortment of rubber goods. Both proprietors are thoroughly conversant with every detail of the business. The individual members of the firm are Messrs. H. and E. B. Fischer, father and son, who are both natives of Germany, having come to this country in 1870. Mr. H. Fischer is an active and prominent member of the Knights of Honor. (Quarter-century's Progress of New Jersey's Leading Manufacturing Centres ... 1887)

1880: 168 First street, Henry Fischer Self M 53 Germany, saw maker, Sophia Fischer Wife F 48 Germany Matildia Fischer Daughter F 22 Germany Ernist Fischer Son M 18 Germany, apprentice lithographer, Henrieta Fischer Daughter F 16 Germany

1887: Death ?? Henry Fisher Birth Date: abt 1824 Birth Place: Germany Death Date: 27 Jun 1887 Death Place: North Bergen, Hudson, New Jersey Death Age: 63 years Gender: Male FHL Film Number: 589308

1900: "210" First street, Ernst Fisher 37, imm 1870, shoe dealer, Molly Fisher 35, 2 children 2 living, Emily Fisher 10 Florence Fisher 3 Sophie Fisher 68, mother, Sophie Fisher 15, niece, Harry Fisher 19, nephew

1910: 21- First street, Ernest Fischer 48, salesman retail store, Amelia Fischer 46, 3 children 2 living, Emily Fischer 20 Florence Fischer 13

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Lieth and Co. - 90 -96 First Street (old number) - Furniture - Messrs. H. V. D. Lieth, M. C. Schilling, and J. H. Ficke

Lieth & Co., Mammoth Furniture Stores, Nos. 90 to 96 First Street. This firm are widely and popularly known as dealers in new and second-hand furniture, upon the weekly or monthly installment plan. The enterprise was first inaugurated in 1865 under the name of Frank's Furniture Store. In 1884 Messrs. Lieth & Schroeder became the proprietors, the present firm succeeding in January, 1886. The premises occupied comprise a two-story building 75 feet square, the internal arrangement of which is perfect in convenience for storage and display of stock. The lines carried comprise furniture of every imaginable description, the assortment illustrating every phase of production and varying in value from the plainest article of common need to the most beautiful and elaborate specimens of the genius of the designer and the skill of the artisan. Upholstery work of all kinds is made a specialty of the business. The trade is naturally large and active and the house is eminently popular with the public. The firm is composed of Messrs. H. V. D. Lieth, M. C. Schilling, and J. H. Ficke, natives of Germany. Quarter-century's progress of New Jersey's leading manufacturing centres ... (Quarter-century's progress of New Jersey's leading manufacturing centres ... By International Publishing Company (New York, N.Y.) 1887)
J. H. Ficke


1887: Ficke, John H h 106 Park ave (Leith and Co)

Henry Van Der Lieth (Vonder Lieth - Leith)

Birth: circa 1847 Osten, Germany



  1. Dora circa 1874

  2. Henry Vonder Lieth Gender: Male Race: White Birth Date: 5 May 1879 Birth Place: Hoboken, Hudson, New Jersey Father: Henry Vonder Lieth Mother: Tomraeden FHL Film Number: 494189

  3. Wilhelmine Von Der Lieth Gender: Female Birth Date: 19 May 1880 Birth Place: Hoboken, Hudson, New Jersey Father: Henry Von Der Lieth Mother: Warden FHL Film Number: 494191

    Baptized October 2, 1895 - German Reform Church

  4. Wm Von Der Lieth Gender: Male Birth Date: 12 Jul 1882 Birth Place: Hoboken, Hudson, New Jersey Father: Henry Von Der Lieth Mother: Tomwarden FHL Film Number: 494195

    July 90 Clinton street Wilhelm 12 Juli 1882 Heinrich bon de Lieth (two words) Maire TomWorden birth (word) (entry in Dutch Reform Church)

  5. Lilly c 1887

    Marriage: Lillie [Lillie von der Lieth] Gender: Female Event Type: Marriage Birth Date: 12 Oct 1885 Marriage Date: 11 Feb 1907 Marriage Place: Hoboken, New Jersey, USA Spouse: Wm Schroeder, daughter of Heinrich v. der Lieth and Marie geb TomVorden

  6. Lucy circa 1891

1880: Henry "Laight" 33, carpenter, Dora Laight 31 Dora Laight 8 , Jersey City

1881: Passort application, Henry Von der Leith born on or about 16, March 1847, naturalized Jun 21, 1881 Cook County Ill.

1882: Passage, Cabin, Henry Vander Leith, age 35, hostlier, Arrival Date: 8 Mar 1882 Age: 35 Gender: Male Ethnicity/ Nationality: American with Dora age 34, wife, and Dora age 8 daughter, Place of Origin: United States of America Port of Departure: Hamburg, Germany and Le Havre, France Destination: United States of America Port of Arrival: New York, New York Ship Name: Gellert

1894: October, 2, Heinrich v. der Lieth 400 Monroe street, geb 15 Mai 1880 in Hoboken, fel Martin Heinrich and Maire geb Tomw-hrden

also Minnie v. der Lieth geb 19 Mai 1881 in Hoboken, and Lillie v der Lieth geb 12 --- 1885 Hoboken Baptism - German Reform church

1898: Passport application Henry Vonder Lieth born Osten, Germany 16 March 1847, Age: 51 Passport Issue Date: 21 Mar 1898 Passport Includes a Photo: No Residence: Hoboken, New Jersey, immigrated on or about November 15, 1866 from Hamburg ships nome not remembered, naturalized in Cook county Illinois, 18 November 1884, blue eyes grey hair, furniture dealer living Hoboken New Jersey.

1898 passage: Henry Lieth von der Departure Date: 11 Sep 1898 Birth Date: abt 1847 Age: 51 Gender: mannlich (Male) Marital Status: ledig (Single) Residence: Hoboken Ethnicity/Nationality: USA (American) Occupation: Kaufmann Ship Name: Pretoria Shipping Clerk: Hamburg-Amerika Linie (Hamburg-Amerikanische Packetfahrt-Actien-Gesellschaft) Shipping line: Hamburg-Amerika Linie (Hamburg-Amerikanische Packetfahrt-Actien-Gesellschaft) Ship Type: Dampfschiff Accommodation: Kajute Ship Flag: Deutschland Port of Departure: Hamburg Port of Arrival: New York Volume: 373-7 I, VIII A 1 Band 099 Household Members: Henry Lieth 51 (by himself)

1900: Monroe street, Henry Van Der Lieth 48, liquor dealer, Mary Van Der Lieth 39, 5 children 5 living, Henry Van Der Lieth 19, brass buffer, Minnie Van Der Lieth 18, saleswomen, William Van Der Lieth 17, bartender, Lilly Van Der Lieth 13, silk winder Lucey Van Der Lieth 9

1910: Jackson street, Henry Von Der Lieth 53, marriage 1 29 years, own income, Mary Von Der Lieth 47, marriage 1 29 yrs, 8 children 5 living, Henry Von Der Lieth Jr. 28, packer storage house, William Von Der Lieth 26, ice merchant, Lucy Von Der Lieth 20, stenographer brokerage office, Schroeder, William head, 28, bookkeeper, silk house, Lilly wife 22, [

1924: Von der Leith Henry, 80, 1926 Dec 12 (obit, extracts from Jersey Journal by Hudson County NJ Genealogy.)

Max (Mase) C. Schilling

Birth: 1857

1883: Birth - Willie Schilling, 12 Dec 1883, Hoboken, Hudson, New Jersey, Father: Max Schilling, Mother: Margaretha "Raggold", FHL Film Number: 494197

1885: Birth- Lina Schilling 11 Jun 1885 Hoboken, Hudson, New Jersey Father: Max Schilling Mother: Margareth "Rappold" FHL Film Number: 494202

1885: Hoboken, M C Schilling M Margaret Schilling F William Schilling M Amos Schilling M Carolina Schilling F

1895: Max, Mar---ette, William and Carrie Schilling were listed in the 1895 census. No other information

1900: Weehawken Muse [?] Schilling Head M 43 Germany, furniture store, Margereth Schilling Wife F 45 Germany, 3 children 2 living, Wilhelm Schilling Son M 17 New Jersey Carrie Schilling Daughter F 14 New Jersey Liner Weckesser Servant F 23 Germany


Max Schilling 6 Sep 1902 Age: 40 Marital Status: verheiratet (Married) Residence: Hoboken Ethnicity/Nationality: USA (American) Occupation: Weinhandler Ship Name: Moltke Shipping Clerk: Hamburg-Amerika Linie (Hamburg-Amerikanische Packetfahrt-Actien-Gesellschaft) Ship Type: Dampfschiff Accommodation: Zwischendeck Ship Flag: Deutschland Port of Departure: Hamburg Port of Arrival: Southampton; Cherbourg; New York Volume: 373-7 I, VIII A 1 Band 135

1906: Max Schilling was captain of the Hoboken shooting society. "Hoboken Schuetzen Corps, 122 Adam, Hoboken. Max Schilling, Capt."

1907 Passport Application: "Mase" C Schilling his wife and daughter, born Wurttenberg 22 November 1857, immigrated on the Columbia from Hamburg, 10 May 1875, residence Hoboken, naturalized probate count of --- County, Akron Ohio 18 --- 1884, blue eyes brown hair

1908: Max Schilling Death 08 Nov 1908 Manhattan, New York, New York, United States Residence Hoboken N.J. Age 51 Married Occupation Furniture Dealer Birth Year (Estimated) 1857 Birthplace Gaildolf, Germany Burial Date 11 Nov 1908 Burial Place Weehawken Cemetery, Hudson Co., N.J. Father's Name William Schilling Father's Birthplace Gaildolf, Germany Mother's Name Mary Schmidt Mother's Birthplace GermanyLDS

1910: Weehawken, Margaret Schilling Head M 55 Germany, widowed, Carrie Schilling Daughter F 23 New Jersey

1917: William Schilling, age 34, born December 12, "1884" Chauffeur Grand Central Station, mother Mrs. M. C. Schilling Hauxhurst Park Weehawken.

1930: Weehawken Walter Meixner Head M 43 New Jersey, banker trust co., Carolina Meixner Wife F 43 New Jersey Margaret Meixner Daughter F 17 New Jersey Walter Meixner Son M 16 New Jersey William Meixner Son M 16 New Jersey Margaret Schilling Mother F 75 Germany, mother, widowed

Business founded in the early 1870's by H. Von der Leith, became Leith & Schilling followed by Tietje & Schilling and incorporated as Tietje & Christ in 1906. (Hoboken Museum)

See Teitjen and Christ.

Stack and Logan - 93 First Street (old number) - Insurance Agents


Stack & Logan, Insurance Agents, No. 93 First Street. Among the leading firms of insurance agents in the city of Hoboken is that of Messrs. Stack & Logan, who represent the following powerful and reliable companies: The Phoenix, of London, England; the Phoenix, of Brooklyn; Fire Association, of Philadelphia, Pa.; Prudential Life Insurance Company, of Newark, N. J., and the West Chester, of New York. The firm is one of the most widely and favorably known in our midst, both copartners, Mr. Edward Stack and Mr. John Logan, bringing a wide range of practical experience to bear, acquired from many years' personal identification with Hoboken's most important insurance interests. They formed their present copartnership in 1880 at their present location and now represent some of the most popular and reliable insurance companies doing business in the city. Messrs. Stack & Logan are reliable authority in the field of fire insurance and likewise have an intimate knowledge of the various classes of risks throughout the city. Their connections are of the most superior character and they insure some of the choicest property. Their methods are of the most equitable character and offer undoubted security to policy holders at the lowest rates and have achieved a creditable reputation for the promptitude with which they adjust and settle all losses. Mr. Stack is a native of New York city but has resided here many years and is at present an inspector of water, street commissioner, justice of the peace, notary public, and commissioner of deeds. Mr. Logan was born in Scotland, but came to this city many years ago, and at present holds the offices of city poor master, justice of the peace, notary public, and commissioner of deeds. (Quarter-century's Progress of New Jersey's Leading Manufacturing Centres ... 1887)
John Logan

John Logan born in Scotland circa 1835 died November 3, 1894

1870: John Logan 33, contractor, Janette Logan 33, John Logan 11, Agnes Logan 10, James Logan 8, Thos Logan 3, Alma Logan 1

1880: John Logan 49, iron molder, Jenet Logan 48, John Logan 22, Agnes Logan 19, James Logan 16, Thomas Logan 14, William Logan 6

1886: Logan, John M. (Stak and Logan) and justice 93 1st street, h 45 Grand Hoboken

1894: John Logan abt 1835 Scotland Death 3 Nov 1894 Death Jersey City, Hudson, New Jersey Death Age: 59 years Occupation: Contractor Marital Status: Married Father Birth Place: Scotland Mother Birth Place: Scotland FHL Film Number: 589799

Edward Stack

1880: Edward Stack 44, born New York, parents born Ireland, street commissioner, Kate Stack 46, Morris Stack 14, Maggie Stack 13, Mary Stack 13, Teresa Stack 12, Jane Stack 6

1900: 8th street, Edward Stack 54, --- proprietor, Catherine Stack 59, 7 children 5 living, Maggie Stack 29, Jennie Stack 19

1910: 1035 Washington street, Edward Stack 65, widowed, wage earner, supt city, Gennie Stack 32, daughter, Maurice Breen 6, grandson, Katherine Breen 4, granddaughter, Gabrielle Karger 31, servant

1915: Death of William Stack of 1035 Washington street, Sept 1915, service Our Lady of Grace, Hoboken. buried Holy Name Cemetery.

Franz Roland - 108 First Street- Cigar Maker - (1833-1911)

1856: Franz Roland 6 Aug 1856 Age: 23, farmer, Gender: Male Place of Origin: Altenburg Port of Departure: Bremen, Germany Destination: Pennsylvania Port of Arrival: New York, New York Ship Name: Coriolan

1860: Marriage of "William F Roland" single born Germany, age 28 South 3rd Street, Williamsburg to Antonia Kulle single born Prussia age 23 (

1868: Naturalized in New York September 21, 1868

1870:New York City, Francis Roland 38, cigar manufacturer, Saxony, Antonia Roland 32, Prussia, Julius Roland 15, Saxony, Agnes Roland 8, Sophie Roland 6, Augusta Roland 4, Wm Roland 2, rest of children born New York

1880: Monroe street, Hoboken, Francis Roland 46, Saxony, cigar manufacturer, Antonia Roland 43 Annie Roland 17 Sophia Roland 15 Gussie Roland 14 William Roland 11 Frank Roland 7

1895: Hoboken : Roland, Frank, Annie, William and Frank

1900: 108 First Street, Frank Roland 66, cigar, Annie H Roland 62

1903: Franz Roland 108 1st H Hoboken, New Jersey, USA Occupation: Cigars

1910: Hoboken Ward 1, 108 First Street, Franz Roland 67, cigar store, naturalized, imm 1856, Antoinette Roland 73, 5 children 5 living, dressmaker, imm 1850

1910: Golden Wedding Anniversary news clipping for Mr. and Mrs. Franz Roland of 108 1st street Hoboken. It was celebrated with only a family gathering due to the "long siege of illness" of Franz. Decorations were of white and gold and holly. "The presents were costly and numerous. The family presented the old folks with a casket of gold coins." (

1911: Death of Franz Roland - birth October 16, 1833 death May 13, 1911. Buried Lutheran All Faiths Middle Village Queens. wife, Antonia Henrietta Adolphine Kulle (1837-1924) - Children: Agnes Martha Duis (1862-1952) (lived in Hoboken in 1911), Sophia Fredericka Lasch/Tasch (1864-1936) (lived New York City in 1911), Augusta Van Nostrand (1865-1950) (lived in Yonkers in 1911), Willaim Julius Roland (1868-1926) (a civil engineer in Hoboken in 1911) (

Franz Roland's, obit says he was born in Altenburg, Saxony on October 16, 1833. He immigrated in 1856 and upon his arrival was a cigar maker in New York City. On December 27, 1860 he married Antonia Kulle. Franz has a successful cigar manufacturing business in New York City for 15 years. In 1875 he sold his business and moved to Hoboken. He started a new business at 108 First Street in Hoboken. He was buried in Lutheran Cemetery.

Franz Roland died of chronic bronchitis and senile dementia. (

Rutgers Library online

F. R. Roland Newark street, c 1880 - Hoboken Museum

In October 2017 Pam Roland wrote:

"The top photo is the store decorated for Hoboken's 50th anniversary as incorporating as a city, and the bottom one was taken in their original location near Duke's House."

Ehrich Clausen - 164 First Street (old number) - Furniture

"E. Clausen, New and Second-Hand Furniture, No. 164 First Street. This gentleman, although established but two years, has, by his energetic and enterprising management, attained to a leading position in the trade. The premises comprise a spacious store 20x80 feet in proportions and a basement of the same dimensions. The salesroom is excellently fitted up and contains all improved conveniences for the successful handling of the trade. The stock embraces every description of new and second-hand furniture, principally the former, in bed-room, parlor, and dining-room sets, in all grades and offered at all prices. Excellent bargains in every line of goods in this branch of trade are offered, and persons about to begin housekeeping, or householders in need of additions to their furnishings, would do well to visit this establishment before purchasing elsewhere. Employing two competent workmen, he gives particular attention to his mechanical department and executes repairing, varnishing, and upholstering in the most workmanlike and finished manner, while the charges are invariably reasonable. Mr. Clausen is a native of Germany, and has lived in the United States since 1869. He is a molder by trade, but has been engaged in his present line of trade for the last eight years." (Quarter-century's progress of New Jersey's leading manufacturing centres ... By International Publishing Company (New York, N.Y.) 1887) 1872: Marriage Ehrich Jens Clausen dob 3 Feb 1850 Rhem, Holstein 27 Apr 1872 Hoboken, New Jersey, USA Spouse: Margaretha Louise Kirchner born 1846

1894: Dutch reform church Hoboken, Erich Jens Clausen 127 Jefferson street, born 1850 Holstein, son of Erich Jens and amann born Hansen, marriage to Agnes Jensen, ---- Katz Hobokenborn August 1858 in altona, daughter of Hans and Agnes nee Bonchen. Witnesses, E. M Clausen and Hans Christ Jensen.

1900: Ehrich Clausen 50, born Germany, marriage 2, furniture, Mary H Clausen 42, married 5 years 0 children, Ehrich Clausen 19, son born New Jersey, salesperson, 127 Jefferson street.

1942: Eric George Clausen born May 18, 1881 in Hoboken lived at 234 Fenimore Street in Brooklyn. His contact and employer was Eric Erxmeyer same address. See Erxmeyer

Tietje and Christ - 78 (old number ?) 258 - 260 First Street (new number) - Home furnishings

1880: Park ave, Emile Tietje 34, born Prussia, tin smith, Martha Tietje 23 Annie Tietje 3


Emil Tietje, Plumber and Tinsmith, Dealer in Stoves, Ranges, and Housefurnishing Goods, No. 78 First Street. A leading member of the plumbing and tinsmithing trade in Hoboken is Mr. Emil Tietje, of No. 78 First street. This business was established in 1872 by Tietje & Bleckwoldt, and in 1876 Mr. Tietje succeeded, and from that time to this has built up a large and nermanent trade among the best classes of the community. His store is centrally located and contains a very large stock of plumbers' supplies, such as lead and iron pipe, basins, sinks, faucets, water-closets, bath-tubs, etc., also a fine assortment of cook and parlor stoves, ranges, heaters, etc., tin, copper, and sheet-iron ware of all descriptions of his own superior manufacture, including all kinds of cooking utensils and housefurnishing goods of the latest designs and superior workmanship. Mr. Tietje gives particular attention to plumbing in all its branches, and to gas-fitting and furnishes careful estimates. As a sanitary plumber hei has no superior in the city, and all his work is done to remain for years. He does a large amount of work in fitting up new buildings, both business and residential, also making alterations and repairs. Jobbing receives particular attention, and roofing and spouting of all kinds of buildings, whether in town or country, receive most careful consideration, and are executed at short notice, in the most satisfactory manner, and at reasonable prices. He employs a number of workmen and during busy seasons has as much as he can do to fill the many and large orders that are constantly coming in. Mr. Tietje was born in Germany and came to the United States in 1869. He has had twenty-five years' experience in this business. He is an active and prominent member of the Knights and Ladies of Honor, and is prompt, reliable, and strictly honorable in his work, giving to his patrons full value for their money (Quarter-century's Progress of New Jersey's Leading Manufacturing Centres ...)
1903: Christ Tietje Residence Year: 1903 Street address: 258 1st H Residence Place: Jersey City; Hoboken, New Jersey, USA Occupation: Furniture Publication Title: Jersey City, New Jersey, City Directory, 1903 (Emil Tietje and Louis Christ) - Emil Tietje home 23 Hudson

1917: State Board pf Tax and Assessment, Tietje and Christ capital stock $50,000 tax $50.(Annual Report of the State Board of Taxes and Assessment, Part 3 By New Jersey. State Board of Taxes and Assessment)

1897: Mr. and Mrs. Louis Christ and their two children of 202 Park ave Hoobken became ill from eating some cheese that had apparently gone bad (New York Times).

1900: Monroe street, Louis Christ 38, carpenter, Melenda Christ 33, 6 children 2 living, Barbra Christ 6, Meta Christ 9

1901: Louis Christ Street address: 235 Monroe Hoboken (Tietje and Christ)

1903: Louis Christ home 218 Park ave, (Tietje and Christ)

1904: Map of Hoboken Tietje & Christ, Furniture, 258-262 First St.

1910: Garden street, Melinda Christ 43, widow, Barbara Christ 16, stenographer railroad, Matilda Waelper 19, daughter, married 1 year no children

1916: Tietje & Christ, retail furniture dealers of Hoboken, N. J., have opened a new store for the exclusive demonstration and sale of the Sonora phonograph.

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Herman Grimm - 120 First street (old number)

H. Grimm, Livery Stable and Furnishing Undertaker, No. 120 First Street, Telephone Call, No. 65, A well known and prominent house in the livery stable and furnishing undertaking business is that of Mr. H. Grimm, at No. 120 First street, which was established by him in 1881, and has always been conducted with great success. It is not necessary for us to state that Mr. Grimm is endowed with all the traits of character needed for the successful prosecution of this business, and has always given entire satisfaction to relatives and bereaved friends. In his large and properly appointed warerooms will always be found samples of the latest designs in wood, iron, glass, and cloth-covered caskets and burial-cases, with every variety of trimming and undertaking upholstery to meet the requirements and tastes of the public. His livery stable is spacious, and comprises a two-story building 25x70 feet in dimensions, which is properly lighted, thoroughly drained and ventilated, and free from noxious odors. The horses are all in fine condition, stylish in appearance, while the vehicles are of the most fashionable designs. The hearse is of the latest and most i mproved make. The livery business, together with that of the undertaking, are conducted upon the most liberal and equitable basis, and prices are extremely reasonable. In addition to the establishment in this city the proprietor has a branch of his business at No. 203 Washington street, Jersey City. Mr. Grimm is a native of Germany, having come to this city in 1865. He has had eighteen years' experience as a practical undertaker, and will be found at all times prepared to give entire satisfaction to those desiring his services. He is a gentleman of enterprise, ability, and integrity, and a prominent and active member of the Hoboken Schuetzen Verein, Knights of Honor,and Germania Schuetzen Verein, Hudson City Heights Verein, German Hoboken Schuetzen, and is very popular in social and mercantile circles. He has done more for the poor of Hoboken in burying them for actual cost than all the undertakers of Hoboken combined. (Quarter-century's progress of New Jersey's leading manufacturing centres ... By International Publishing Company (New York, N.Y.) 1887)
1880: Washington street, Hermann Grimm 29, undertaker, Hamburg Germany, Kate Grimm 29, Ireland

1885: Herman, Kate and Frederick Grimm

1892: Undertaker Grimm was forced by the Health Department to become responsible for the burial of Mrs. Lemke an old woman living with her son at 133 Park ave. She had died on Friday and as of Monday no one had attended to her dispite the August heat.

1894: Catherine Grimm Birth Date: abt 1849 Birth Place: Ireland Death Date: 29 May 1894 Death Place: Hoboken, Hudson, New Jersey Death Age: 45 years Marital Status: Married Gender: Female Father Birth Place: Ireland Mother Birth Place: Ireland FHL Film Number: 589799

Frank A. Dorr - 126 First street (old number) - 514 First (new Number?) - grocery

"F. A. Dorr, Fine Groceries, No. 126 First Street. In the retail grocery line Mr. F. A. Dorr has attained a leading position in this section of the city, having made it a fixed principle to handle only the choicest goods and offer them at low prices. This house was founded by Mr. Dorr four years since. He carries one of the largest stocks on the street and is handsomely furnished and fitted up, and amply provided with all modern appliances. He carries a large, full, and comprehensive stock of choice staple and fancy groceries, embracing fresh new-crop teas, fragrant coffees, pure spices, foreign and domestic dried fruits, hermetically sealed goods in tin or glass, the best brands of family flour, sugars, syrups, and molasses, preserves, relishes, condiments, and table delicacies, in fact, everything in the way of household or food supplies. Mr. Dorr has unusual facilities for the purchase of his supplies. He obtains them direct from the importers and producers in large quantities, and is enabled to honor inducements to consumers difficult of realization elsewhere. He is a native and resident of Jersey City. (Quarter-century's progress of New Jersey's leading manufacturing centres ... By International Publishing Company (New York, N.Y.) 1887)"
1894: F. A. Dorr grocery business

1900: Frank A Dorr 514 1st Hoboken, Groceries, Residence Place: Jersey City, New Jersey, USA

1903: Frank A Dorr Street address: 514 1st, H Occupation: Grocer Publication Title: Jersey City, New Jersey, City Directory, 1903

Alfred and Bernhard Kiem and William Hoth hats, 156 First Street (old number)

1880: Washington street, Bernard Tietzen 37, driver, Kate Tietzen 42 Otto Kiem 22, cutter, Teresa Kiem 20, dressmaker, Alfred Kiem 17, dry goods clerk, Bernard Kiem 15, dry goods clerk, William Tietzen 4


Kiem & Hoth, Manufacturers of Hats, No. 156 First Street. One of the most noteworthy of the new mercantile establishments of Hoboken is that conducted by Messrs. Kiem & Hoth. The firm inaugurated their enterprise in December, 1886, at their present address, and are rapidly building up a substantial and flourishing business as hat manufacturers and general dealers in gentlemen's furnishing goods. Having had nine years' thorough experience in this line, they are in an excellent position to conduct to advantage a successful business. Their store and workshop covers an area of 20x70 feet, is excellently equipped throughout, and has every facility for the carrying on of an extensive line of trade operations. The stock carried is large, of superior value, and embraces the finest line of silk, wool, cloth, and felt hats and caps, in all the newest and most fashionable styles. The variety shown in gentlemen's furnishings is complete in every respect, and includes the finest underwear, neckwear, laundered and unlaundered shirts, scarfs, cuffs, collars, hosiery, gloves, etc., and the prices are always as low as the lowest. Messrs. Alfred and Bernhard Kiem and William Hoth, the members of the firm, are all natives of Hoboken, are popularly known, and have the best wishes of a large circle of friends for their permanent prosperity. (Quarter-century's progress of New Jersey's leading manufacturing centres ... By International Publishing Company (New York, N.Y.) 1887)
1900: 807 Washington street, Theresa Meyer 38, widow, 1 child 1 living, Otto Charles Meyer 1 Alfred H Kiem 37, brother, retired

1902: Alfred H Kiem Residence Year: 1902 Street address: 815 Wash'n H Residence Place: Jersey City; Hoboken, New Jersey, USA Publication Title: Jersey City, New Jersey, City Directory, 1902 Bernard NOT listed.

1903: William Hoth Residence Year: 1903 Street address: H h 213 Hudson H Residence Place: Jersey City; Hoboken, New Jersey, USA Occupation: Men's Furng Gds Publication Title: Jersey City, New Jersey, City Directory, 1903

1910: Hudson street, William Hoth 45, haberdasher, Mary Hoth 38 William Hoth 17

A. Bremer - House and Sign Painting - 192 First (old number)

August Bremen was born circa 1848. He married Berthe Erxmeyer in 1881. See Berthe Erxmeyer Bremer

"A. Bremer, House and Sign Painter, Paperhanging, Calcimining, etc., No. 192 First Street. Mr. Bremer is a thoroughly practical house and sign painter and paperhanger, and has had many years of valuable experience in his profession. He opened his present establishment in 1881, and the merit of his work soon attracted general attention, and acquired for him a first-class line of patronage. The store occupied has a frontage of 20 and a depth of 70 feet, is very tastefully fitted up, and heavily stocked with a full and complete assortment of wall paper, painting, and decorative materials. A number of skilled and competent artisans are employed, and every description of plain and ornamental house and sign painting, glazing, graimng, marbling, gilding, calcimining, paperhanging, and general interior decorating are given prompt attention, and all orders are executed in a thoroughly workmanlike manner. Only the finest class of work is done, whether it be in the painting of a house, the production of a sign, or the execution of the highest class of ornamental work. The patronage of the house is large throughout the city and its suburbs, and bears the best of reputations for the faithful fulfillment of all orders. He also carries a large stock of crockery, window shades and fixtures, and artists' and painters' supplies at both wholesale and retail. Mr. Bremer is a native of Germany, has lived in the United States since 1870, and most of the time has been a resident of Hoboken, and is an honest, upright man in every sense of the word. (Quarter-century's progress of New Jersey's leading manufacturing centres A. By International Publishing Company (New York, N.Y.) 1887)

August Bremer's Paint, Paperhanging store in Hoboken?

The above image was shared by Brian Murphy in July 2018. His brother Steve found this old picture. Based on the sign "Paints" and the buses hanging in the window it is assumed to be August Bremer's paint store on 1st Street in Hoboken.

Based on the younger woman's clothing it is dated to circa the late 1890s. She could be Berthe Erxmeyer Bremer.

See Berthe Erxmeyer Bremer

Louis Engel - Pharmacist - No. 216 First Street.

Louis Engel, Pharmacist, No. 216 First Street. The pharmacy of Mr. Louis Engel was founded only one year ago, and in the short period that has elapsed he has attracted to his house a liberal patronage. He occupies a fine store, 15x60 feet in dimensions, elegant in its appointments and fixtures, and admirably arranged in the attractive manner peculiar to all first-class pharmacies. He carries a large, full, and wellselected assortment of pure, fresh drugs, chemicals, proprietary remedies of standard reputation, fancy and toilet articles, etc., which are offered at very low prices. There is no department of the drug business so important as the careful, conscientious, and intelligent compounding of physicians' prescriptions and family recipes, and this branch holds a paramount position in this establishment. All modern Appliances have been provided to secure accuracy. In this branch he brings to bear an active practical experience of fourteen years and in the preparation of prescriptions uses none but the purest of drugs and other ingredients. His specialties are a preparation of Beef, Wine, and Iron, and Cod Liver Oil Emulsion, which have obtained a high reputation. Mr. Engel is a native of Germany, and came to the United States in 1865. He remained in New York till 1878, when he removed to this city. (Quarter-century's progress of New Jersey's leading manufacturing centres ... By International Publishing Company (New York, N.Y.) 1887)
1880: Engel 19 Jun 1880 Death Hoboken, Hudson, New Jersey Gender: Female Father Name: Louis Engel Father Birth Place: Germany Mother Name: Alvina Mother Birth Place: Germany Comments: stillborn FHL Film Number: 589075

1895: Louis, Annie, Lulu Engel

1900: 62 Bloomfield street, Lena Engel 52, head, 12 children 6 living, Alvina Engel 29, bookbinder, Charles Engel 22, clerk, express, Katherine Engel 18, bottler, John Engel 14, Lena Engel 11, Louisa Engel 7

1903: Louis Engel 606 1st Hoboken Occupation: Druggist Publication Title: Jersey City, New Jersey, City Directory, 1903

Charles Frederick Harms, Electrician, etc., No. 150 First Street

"Chas. F. Harms, Electrician, etc., No. 150 First Street The establishment of Mr. Charles F. Harms was founded by Messrs. Baehr & Harms in New York city in 1884: Six months since Mr. Baehr withdrew and Mr. Harms succeeded, removing his business to this city, where for the short period he has been here he has met with great success. The premises occupied comprise a fine store 20x60 feet in dimensions, finely finished and fitted up, and admirably arranged. Mr. Harms is a thorough electrician, understanding the business in all its branches, and as he employs none but skilled workmen customers can rely on having their work executed in a prompt and thorough manner. He deals in and puts up electric and mechanical call bells, door openers, and burglar alarms, and letter boxes and speaking tubes are put in houses; he also does all kinds of repairing in these lines promptly and on moderate terms. In connection with the above he carries a full and comprehensive line of hardware and tools, embracing all kinds of builders' and manufacturers' hardware, cutlery, and mechanics' tools and implements. His stock is A 1, is selected with the greatest of care, and offered at very low prices. He was born in Germany and has been in this country twenty years." (Quarter-century's progress of New Jersey's leading manufacturing centres ... By International Publishing Company (New York, N.Y.) 1887)
1897: Passport Charles F Harms, born Germany August 8, 1849, immigrated on the Fortuna from Opoter [?] May 1, 1869, 1869-1897 in NYC, naturalized US district court of New York 17 February 1883, merchant Hoboken, 5 ft 6 inches grey eyes black hair

1910: Hoboken, Castle Point, Charles F Harms 60, broker own account, Margaret Harms 55, wife, 14 children 8 living, Margaret J Harms 25, Carolyn J Harms 23, Wilhelminia C Harms 21, Freda A Harms 27, Martha A Harms 17, Elizabeth A Wyeth 28, daughter, William A Wyeth 6, grand son, Herbert F Wyeth 4, grand son, Marie Trunka 20, servant, Minnie Zilary 22, servant

1911: Passport application born Gustrow, Germany, 8, August 1849, imm on the Brig Fortuna May 1, 1869

Chalres F. Harms had a number of electronic patents.

Tombstone of Charles F Harms

H. Schroder - Dealer in New and Second-Hand Furniture and Bedding, Upholstering and Repairing - No. 185 First Street (old number)

H. Schroder, Dealer in New and Second-Hand Furniture and Bedding, Upholstering and Repairing, No. 185 First Street. A leading house in the furniture business is that of Mr. H. Schroder, which was originally established by him in 1882. He first occupied the store at No. 119 First street, which became too small, and he was compelled to seek larger quarters, and moved into the present location in 1885. The store is spacious, well lighted, and contains a full and general assortment of all kinds of parlor, library, dining room, and chamber sets in all the leading and most fashionable designs, also a great variety of other household furniture, sofas, chairs, bedding, carpets, etc. Mr. Schroder is a practical cabinetmaker and upholsterer, and attends to all kinds of repairing in his line of business, and is prepared to make to order all varieties of slip covers for furniture, cushions, and particular attention is given to church or public hall upholstering. He also makes over hair mattresses equal to new. Persons leaving the city or about to break up housekeeping and anxious to avoid the trouble of auction sides, by notifying him can have a valuation made and cash in full advanced at once. Mr. Schroder is a native of Germany, but came to this country in 1871, and has resided in this city ever since. He is a member of the Friendship Society of this city. (Quarter-century's progress of New Jersey's leading manufacturing centres ... By International Publishing Company (New York, N.Y.) 1887)

Jacob Ungar - 462 First Street - Liquor Saloon

In March 2016 Janet wrote about her Ungar ancestors on First Street Hoboken:
"My own ancestors settled on the Lower East Side in 1885 and then moved to Hoboken in 1895. They were in the butter and egg business in NY and had a small warehouse in Hoboken where they purchased from the NJ farmers. When her husband died, my great great grandmother, Amelia, and her second husband, Jacob Ungar, opened three bars in Hoboken in 1895 from the money they got from selling the building to Breakstones. She was Amelia Scheuer Brand. They were from Galicia in Austria from the city of Tarnow. My great grandmother, Anna Waller, was born in Hoboken as was my grandmother, Gertrude Jacobson. When prohibition hit, the family sold two of the bars and operated the third on River St. According to my mother the sailors, the cops and the Volkstead inspectors frequently stopped at grandpa Julius Waller's saloon. Hoboken, apparently was never dry."
1900: Grand street, Hoboken, Jacob "Unger" 46, liquor dealer, immi 1884, Emily Unger 46, 8 children 8 living, imm 1880, Lena Brandt 18, Isadore H Brandt 16, office boy

1903: Ungar, Jacob, saloon 462 First street, Hoboken 318 River and 120 Hudson Hoboken. Only Ungar in directory.

1907: Hebrew Institute of Hoboken, Jacob Ungar Secretary 462 first street.

1910: April 27, Passport application Jacob "Unger" wife Amelia born Austria. Je was born May 10 !850 in Austria, immigrated on the Weyemith [?] form Hamburg on November 15, 1887, lived in US at New York and New Jersey. naturalized Superior court New York July 13, 1899. perminant address Hoboken, occupation retired. Age 0 60, eyes grey mustached bearded, no photo.

1910: River Street, Ungar, Jacob age 59, merchant liquor, Amelia 57, nine children 8 living, Charles Brandt, 33 step son lawyer, Isidore Brandt, age 26, step son, lawyer

1920: Bloomfield street, Amelia Ungar 68, widowed, Chas Brand 43 Rose Weissman 23

Julius Waller

Marriage: Anne Brand[t]

1899: Rosalia Waller Birth Date: 1 Dec 1899 Birth Place: Hoboken, Hudson, New Jersey Father: Julius Waller Mother: Anna Brand FHL Film Number: 494244

1910: First street, Julius Waller 39, rent, saloon salesman, wage earner, naturalized, born Austria, Annie Waller 32, 5 children 5 living, Gertrude Waller 11, Rosie Waller 10, Regina Waller 7, Samuel Waller 5, Isidor Waller 1

1930: Clinton street, Julius Waller 58, austria, Yiddish, proprietor, ---. own $25,000, Anna Waller 52 Rose Waller 30, clerk office, Regina Waller 25, cashier --- shop, Samuel Waller 23, salesman, shoes, Irving Waller 20

Alfred E Strohmeier - 463 First Street - Old Homestead

1908 & 1910: Alfred E Strohmeier Residence Year: 1910 Street address: 463 1st H Residence Place: Jersey City, New Jersey, USA Occupation: Meats

Rutgers Library online

Old Homestead Market provisioners 463 First Street Hoboken established 1888 Alfred E. Strohmeier

Second Street

Edward W Martin - 26 Second Street street (old number)

1880: Sarah Martin 47, born Ireland, Edward Martin 14


"Edward. W. Martin, Insurance and Real Estate, No. 26 Second Street. - This city has afforded, in the development of its material interests, a wide field for the exercise of business abilities, and Mr. Martin, though established as recently as February of this year (1887), is building up a high reputation, and has gained the entire confidence of his clients. He is a native of this city, and previous to founding this business had had ten years' experience in the real estate line. He is recognized as an accurate judge of present and prospective values, and those who rely on his sound judgment and judicious advice can secure investments that will afford a steady income. He buys, sells, rents, and exchanges realty, collects rents, and negotiates loans. His facilities in the line of fire insurance are unsurpassed, he places risks to any amount in the most solid and substantial companies, at the lowest rates. He is agent for this city of the Rutgers Fire Insurance Company and the New York Bowery, both of New York city, and of which there are no more solid and reliable companies in existence." (Quarter-century's progress of New Jersey's leading manufacturing centres ... By International Publishing Company (New York, N.Y.) 1887)
1902: Edward W Martin Post Office Location: Hoboken, Hudson, New Jersey Appointment Date: 28 May 1902 Volume #: 62 Volume Year Range: 1888-1930 Post Master Hoboken

1900: Edward W Martin 34, real estate, Cora Martin 29, Edna E Martin 7, Sarah Martin 70, Katie Kelly 23

1910: Hudson street, Edward W Martin 46, post master federal, Cora Martin 39, 4 children 4 living, Edna E Martin 17 Agnes Maltus 61, mother in law, William Maltus 29, brother in law, Elizebeth Maltus 31, sister in law, Rose Fhaonuf 24, servant, Anna Fhaonuf 21, servant

Fifth Street

57 Fifth street

Rutgers Library Online

Charles Weinacht

1900: 57 5th street, Charles Weinacht 24, beer bottler, Annie Weinacht 21 Richard J Weinacht 2 John Weinacht 11, cousin

1903: Name: Charles Weinacht Residence Year: 1903 Street address: H Residence Place: Jersey City; Hoboken, New Jersey, USA Occupation: Bottler Publication Title: Jersey City, New Jersey, City Directory, 1903

1910: 57 Fifth street, Charles Weinacht 34, wine merchant, Anna Weinacht 37 Richard J Weinacht 11 Charles Weinacht Jr. 8

1917: Charles Weinacht 57 5th street, Hoboken New Jersey Birth Date: 4 Dec 1875 wholesale liquor, wife Anna bleu eyes brown hair

1920: 57 5th street, Charles Weinacht 44, no occupation, Anna M Weinacht 46 Charles Weinacht 18, bookkeeper

1924: Passport application Charles Weinacht Birth Date: 4 Dec 1875 Birth Place: Germany Age: 48 Passport Issue Date: 11 Jun 1924 Passport Includes a Photo: Yes Residence: Hoboken, New Jersey Father Name: Jacob Weinacht, deceased, Father's Birth Location: Germany wife Anna, 57 5th street Hoboken, immigrated from Rotterdam, common pleas Jersey City, retired,

1940: 5 th street, Charles Weinacht 64, importer oils, rent, Anna Weinacht 66, Charles Weinacht 38, clerk stationary, Elsie Weinacht 18, grand daughter,

Charles Weinacht bottle top

Passport Photo 1924

Jefferson street

Isaac Mansfield and Lawrence Fagan - Architectural Iron Works, Store Fronts, Girders, Columns, Beams, and all kinds of Building Castings, Mansfield & Fagan, Proprietors, Jefferson, Third, and Fourth Streets
Architectural Iron Works, Store Fronts, Girders, Columns, Beams, and all kinds of Building Castings, Mansfield & Fagan, Proprietors, Jefferson, Third, and Fourth Streets. The widely known and progressive firm of Messrs. Mansfield & Fagan was established in 1872 by the present proprietors, Messrs. Isaac Mansfield and Lawrence Fagan, both of whom bring great practical experience to bear, coupled with an intimate knowledge of the industry and the requirements of builders and contractors. The premises occupied comprise a spacious four-story building, having a frontage of 325 feet by a depth of 100 feet. The mechanical equipment of the works embraces all the latest improved machinery, tools, and appliances known to the trade, and the policy of the management has been constantly directed to adopting every improvement or invention that tends to perfect the production. Sixty experienced workmen are employed and the machinery is driven by a fifty-horse power steam engine. Messrs. Mansfield & Fagan manufacture largely store fronts, girders, columns, beams, door lintels, window lintels and sills, and also all kinds of building castings, iron railings, and iron work in general. These are unsurpassed for quality of materials, design, finish, and workmanship by those of any other first-class house in the trade in New York or New Jersey. The firm promptly and cheerfully furnishes estimates for castings and iron work of all kinds to any part of the country. Messrs. Mansfield & Fagan have latterly furnished all the iron work for the City Hall, Hoboken; Snake Hill Almshouse, Lorrillard's factories, etc. The partners are energetic, hardworking business men, who have spared no pains or capital to make their Architectural Iron Works a leading one in the production of building materials. The telephone call of the firm is No. 81. (Quarter-century's progress of New Jersey's leading manufacturing centres ... By International Publishing Company (New York, N.Y.) 1887)
Lawrence Fagan

1880: Park Ave., Lawrence Fagan 30, iron founder, born Ireland Annie F. Fagan 26, wife, Charles Stewart 16, nephew

1900: Hudson street, Michael Foley 55, widow, head, mason builder, born Ireland, Timothy Foley 28 Catherine Foley 22 Magaret Foley 20 Anna L Foley 17 Irenie Foley 14 Frances Foley 13 Lawerence Fagan 49, son in law, Mary Fagan 33, daughter, 5 children 4 living, Catherine Fagan 19, g daughter, John J Fagan 17 Madelina Fagan 5 Marion Fagan 3 Arthur L Fagan 1 Mary Kearns 32, servant, Margaret Kearns 19, servant, Mary Oburns 21, servant

1910: Hudson street, Lawrence Fagan 58, iron works, Mary A Fagan 43, 3 children 3 living, Madeline Fagan 15 Marion Fagan 12 Authur Fagan 11 Anna L Foley 25, sister in law, Roso Jarvorka 32, servant Charlotte Struck 21, servant

1920: Hudson street, Laurence Fagan 69, iron worker own business, Mary Fagan 53, Madeline Fagan 24, Arthur Fagan 20

1921: Former Mayor and owner of Fagan Iron Works, Lawrence Fagan, died of stomach trouble May 9, 1921. he was said to be the wealthiest man in hHoboken worth $5,000,000 at his death.

Lawrence Fagan was married twice. First fo Hannah McHale of Hoboken and second on September 1891 to Mary A. Foley. He had two children from his first marriage, Katherine and John. From the second marriage he had Marion, Madeline Marie,and Arthur Andrew.

Lawrence Fagan was the mayor of Hoboken when the piers burned in June 1900. See 1900 Hoboken Pier Fire

Lawrence Fagan

Lawrence Fagan

Image of Lawrence Fagan - Hoboken Museum Mansfield & Fagan Hoboken

Isaac Mansfield

1860: Catherine Mansfield 40, tailoress, born Ireland, Martha Mansfield 18, born Ireland, Isaac Mansfield 15, blacksmith, born Ireland, Henry Mansfield 13, born Mass., Joseph Mansfield 10, born Ind, Georgianna Mansfield 8, born Ind.

1870: Ike Mansfield 25, iron railing, $500, born New York, Jane Mansfield 24, born Ireland

1880: Isaac Mansfield 35, iron foundry, Mary J. Mansfield 34 Charles Mansfield 8 May Mansfield 5

1869: August 2, 1869, Dutch Reformed Church of Hoboken Father: Isaac Mansfield, born New York, Spouse: Mary Jane Kellett born Ireland, Child: Marian Adelhaid Mansfield

1873: April 24, Dutch Reformed Church, William James of Isaac Mansfield born New York and Jane Kellet born Dublin Ireland

Fred Maas - tea and Butter - 86 to 88 Jefferson (old Number)

1878: Maas, Fred grocer, 3rd and Garden home 172 Garden


"Fred. Maas, Jefferson Tea and Butter Store, Nos. 86 and 88 Jefferson Street. For choice groceries of every kind, teas, coffees, butter, and flour of the best quality there is no more desirable house with which to trade in the city than that of Mr. Fred. Maas. Mr. Maas has had an experience of nineteen years in the grocery business, and established himself here in 1874. He occupies a fine, large store and basement, 25x70 feet each, where a very extensive stock of merchandise is constantly carried, which is of standard excellence, guaranteed purity, and received from the best manufacturers and importers in the country. This stock includes the choicest selections of Oolong, Japan, English breakfast, and China green teas, old Government Java and other coffees, which for strength, delicacy of aroma, and purity are unexcelled, the best of creamery butter, and the finest brands of family flour. He is also a dealer in California wines, and carries the finest that are produced in that State. A large force of clerks and salesmen are regularly employed, and the patrons of the house speak in the highest terms of the prompt and liberal treatment always accorded them. Mr. Maas is a native of Germany, and a resident of this country since 1868." (Quarter-century's progress of New Jersey's leading manufacturing centres ... By International Publishing Company (New York, N.Y.) 1887)

1880: Third street, Fredk. Maas 29, Oldenburg, grocery store, Addela Maas 20 Minnie Maas 1

1881: Ana Maas Birth Date: 30 Mar 1881 Hoboken, Hudson, New Jersey Father: Fred Maas Mother: Brinker FHL Film Number: 494193

1885: Henry Maas Birth 23 May 1885 Hoboken, Hudson, New Jersey Father: "Henry" Maas Mother: Adela Brinker FHL Film Number: 494202

1889: Fred'K W Maas Birth Date: abt 1850 Birth Place: Germany Death Date: 13 Jan 1889 Death Place: Hoboken, Hudson, New Jersey Death Age: 39 years Occupation: Mch'T Gender: Male Father Birth Place: Germany Mother Birth Place: Germany Comments: lived in state 20y FHL Film Number: 589315

1895: Adela, Minnie, Fred, Annie, Herman, Henry and Josephine

1900: Second street, Oscar Maas 31, head, machinist, Adela Maas 24, wife, 7 children 6 living, Minnie Maas 21, daughter, saleslady, Frederick Maas 20, son iron worker, Herman Maas 16, son plumber, Henry Maas 14, son Josephine Maas 11, daughter, Adela Maas 6, daughter

1910: 2nd street, Adela Maas 50, widowed, 10 children 7 living, Minnie Maas 32, daughter, Fredr Maas 29, son, painter, Annie Maas 28, daughter, Herman Maas 25, son, plumber, Henry Maas 23, son, clerk real estate, Josephine Maas 20, daughter, Adela Maas 15, daughter, William Bahlenburg 33, son in law, clerk R. R., Adela Bahlenburg 10, grand daughter, Minnie Bahlenburg 6, grand daughter

Madison street

Joseph Vilar & Co., Manufacturers of Machine-Cut Corks, No. 76 Madison Street

1875: Vilar, Jose and co., 26 Willow, (Jose, Pedro and Jayme)

1880: Park ave., Josie Villar 29, cork, mfg, spain, Annie Villar 29, Ireland Josie Villar 4 Peter Villar 2 Sarah Eagen 24, sister in law, Ireland

1886 Death: James Vilar Birth Date: abt 1811 Birth Place: Spain Death Date: 18 Oct 1886 Death Place: Hoboken, Hudson, New Jersey Death Age: 75 years Race: Spanish Marital Status: Married Gender: Male Residence: Hoboken, Hudson, New Jersey Comments: Resident of this state 5 yrs FHL Film Number: 589308


"Vilar & Co., Manufacturers of Machine-Cut Corks, No. 76 Madison Street. A prominent house in Hoboken engaged in the manufacture of machine-cut corks is that of Messrs. Vilar & Co. This business was established by the present proprietor, Mr. Joseph Vilar, in 1869, under the firm name of Vilar & Co. The premises occupied comprise a commodious two story building 50x200 feet in dimensions, and is fully equipped with every facility as regards machinery and modern labor-saving appliances. Between fifty and seventy-five experienced operatives are employed, and the machinery is driven by a forty-horse power steam engine. Mr. Vilar manufactures all kinds of machine-cut corks, such as tapered, short, straight long corks, also beer, brewers' specie, and vial corks. For the convenience of wholesale dealers they are packed in five-gross bags, and the trade of the house extends throughout the United States. Mr. Vilar has had twenty-six years' experience in the trade, and is thoroughly acquainted with every detail of this useful industry. All orders are promptly and carefully filled at the lowest possible prices. Mr. Vilar was born in Spain, but has resided in the United States the greater part of his life. His machine-cut corks are unrivaled for quality, finish, and excellence, and have no superiors in this or any other market. (Quarter-century's progress of New Jersey's leading manufacturing centers ... By International Publishing Company (New York, N.Y.) 1887)
1900: 209 Willow ave., Joseph Vilar 48, Spain, cork manufacturer, Annie Vilar 46, wife, 6 children 6 living, born Ireland, Joseph Vilar 24, clerk custom house, Peter Vilar 22, cork manufacturer, William Vilar 17, cork manufacturer, Edward Vilar 16, tin smith, Grace Vilar 14 Annita Vilar 12

1901: Vilar Cork Company, manufacturers of corks ; employs 32 persons. (The Industrial Directory of New Jersey)

19907: Vilar & Co. Mfr No 120 Madison street

1910: 11 th street, Villar, Joseph age 35, Spain cork manuf., Annie, wife, 35 6 children 5 living, Ireland, William son 28 book keeper, Edward son 26 supervisor tunnel cou--, Grace, daughter age 23, teacher, public school

1910: Peter Vilar 32, cork factory machine operator, wage earner, Frances Vilar 26, wife

1916: Anita Vilar Birth Date: Abt 1889 Birth Place: Hoboken, New Jersey Gender: Female Age: 26 Spouse: Francis Joseph Kelly Child: Vilar Kelly FHL Film Number: 1288370 cook county birth Certificates.

1920: River street, Frances Kelly 34, executive Jones and Baker [?], Anita Kelly 30, Vilar Kelly 4 [4 5/12] , born Illinois William Vilar 37, brother in law, clerk, Grace Vilar 33, sister in law, teacher, P. S.

Castle Point Terrace

Postcard collection of Maggie Land Blanck

Castle Point Terrace, North of 9th Street, Hoboken, N. J.

Posted 1906

Frederick R Baar

Fredrick Baar was born in Germany circa 1856. He owned several hotels in New York city and build a mansion at Castle Point in Hoboken. He died in 1907 leaving a widow and 5 children.

Birth 1856 Germany.


Marriage: - Anne Hensel/Hentzel

Anna A. Hensel, Gender: Female, Age: 22, Birth Date: abt 1857, Marriage Date: 31 Aug 1879, Marriage Place: Hoboken, Hudson, New Jersey, USA, Spouse: "Diedrich" R. Baar Film Number: 000494249 (LDS record - not original)


  1. Anna 1879 - 06 November 1882 ? Married William B Stites - died 1935

  2. Minni born circa 18881 died 25 July 1882 age 1 buried Hoboken (LDS)

  3. Rudolf


    1908: US passport application - Rudolph F. Baar, 801 Castle Point terrace, dob 14 March 1885, born New York city, residence Hoboken occupation real estate, height 5 ft 9 1/2 inches, brown eyes, complexion fair. Apr 9, 1908

    Marriage: New York 10 October 1914, Rudolph F "Baor" age 29 father Fredrick R. Boar mother Ann A Hensel to Eleanor A Plamer age 25 father James A. Plamer mother Eleanor Galligan born Keyport NJ.

    They honeymooned for several weeks in Honolulu stopping at the Moana hotel. Eleanor Palmer was a popular "society girl" and Mr. Baar a well know real estate man.

    Family: Fredric Baar age 44 died in August 1969 of injuries suffered in an automobile accident on the Garden State Parkway. He was born in Jersey City the son of Eleanor Baar of South Orange and the late Rudolph Baar. He graduated Georgetown University and Fordham Law School.

    WWI: Rudolph Fredrick Baar, 325 Central Park West, age 33, dob March 14, 1885, president M D Becerra & Co. 30 Church Street*, wife, Eleanor, medium height, medium build brown eyes brown hair

    *Becerra, M. D. Co. Inc, 30 Church street established 1916 "Export Merchants, Export Commission Houes, Manufacturers' Export Agents, Buyers, R. Baar, M. D. Becerra - Markets: Central America, Columbia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Ecuador, Venezuela (Export register of leading export houses of the United States, third edition)

    WWII: Rudolph Frederick Baar, 132 Connett Place So. Orange, N J, age 57, born New York City, 3/14/1885 Eleanor Baar, employee John Milton 1 Exchange Place Jersey City.

    Death: Rudolph Baar Social Security Number: 157-10-7287 Birth Date: 14 Mar 1885 Issue year: Before 1951 Issue State: New Jersey Last Residence: 07306, Jersey City, Hudson, New Jersey, USA Death Date: Feb 1968

    Rudolph F. Baar Gender: Male Death Age: 82 Birth Date: abt 1886 Residence Place: South Orange Death Date: Abt 1968 Death Place: 132 Connett Place Obituary Date: 14 Feb 1968 Obituary Place: Red Bank, New Jersey, United States of America Spouse: Eleanor Palmer Baar Child: Fredric Baar Rutland F. Baar Walter J. Harland

    Rudolph F. Baar age 82, 132 Connett Place, father of Fredric Baar of Middletown, died February 1968. He had owned and operated the Baar Travel Agency in Jersey City for 37 years until he retired in 1962. He was also and accountant for the law firm of former US Sen. John Milton - Milton, Keane and De bona. A member of the Spring Lake Golf club, he was survived by his wife, Eleanor Palmer Baar, a son Capt. Rutland F Baar of Southhampton, Bermuda, two daughters, Mrs. Walter J Harland of Creve Cover, Mo. and Mrs. Felix Lefenetre of Malverne, NY, and 8 grandchildren and 3 great grand children. The Register, Red Bank, NJ.

  4. Ilse/Elsa born 1887 - married William Johns Ralston - age 26 - son of Louis Ralston and Katherine Johns - 23 April 1914, Manhattan - died 1934

    Lucy Elsa Baar birth 29 April 1887 father Fred. Rud. Baar mother Anna Adelheid Hensel, Manhattan

    Ralston - Baar. Miss Elsa Lucille Baar, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Baar, formerly of Castle Point, N. J., to Mr. William J. Ralston, son of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Ralston, of No. 206 West Seventy-ninth Street. 1913

  5. Grace born 1889 - married Farrell - died 1976

    Frederica Baar born September 10, 1889 Hoboken to Fredric Baar and Annie Hensel (LDS)

  6. Florence - born 22 June 1894 - married Lyons - died 1976

    Mother, Annie Hentzel born Germany Father: Fred Baar Child: Florence Baar FHL Film Number: 494226

    Florence M Baar, Marriage Date: 20 Jan 1921, Marriage Place: Manhattan, New York, USA, Spouse: Arthur C Lyons, Certificate Number: 8618

    1930: Fulton street, Weehawken, Arthur Lyons 41, contractor building, Florence Lyons 31, Barbara Lyons 6, Jerold Lyons 1, Anna Baar 71, mother-in-law, Betty Artelenytel 24 servant Hattie Maas 20, servant yons

    1940: Central Part West, Manhattan, Arthur Lyons 54, real estate, Florence Lyons 45, Barbara Lyons 16, Jerald Lyons 11

1879: Baar Fredrick common Please Court New York county, date of naturalization Aug 27, 1879 - 128 West St occupation saloon Keeper, born Germany

1879 Anna A. Hensel, Gender: Female, Age: 22, Birth Date: abt 1857, Marriage Date: 31 Aug 1879, Marriage Place: Hoboken, Hudson, New Jersey, USA, Spouse: "Diedrich" R. Baar Film Number: 000494249 (LDS record not original)

1880: 18 Feb 1880 Ship Name: Silesia from Hamburg to New York, cabin, Baar, Fred age 24, Occupation: Destillateur (distiller), Anna born New York age 20.

1885: May 27, 1885, Passport application, Frederick Baar, born Germany on or about 25th October 1856, naturalized citizen of the USA, Aug 27, 1879 court of common pleas New York City age 29, 5 feet 8 1/2 inches eyes blue, hair blond, signed Fred Baar

1886: First cabin on the Ship Gellert from Hamburg and Le Havre to New York arrival 16, October 1886: Fred Baar age 30, land lord, Anna age 27 wife, Mimi age 9, Anne age 1, Rudolph age 11 months - all US citizens

1895: 1st cabin, Mr. Fred Baar, hotelier, Arrival 7 Mar 1895 Age: 39 Port of Departure: Bremen, Port of Arrival: New York, New York Ship Name: Werra

1895: Hoboken Ward 2, names and approximate ages only Frederic, Anna, Anna, Rudolph, Elsie, Gracie, Florence plus to females (maybe servants).

1893 to 1904: Fred Baar, Hoboken hotel owner 718 Hudson street

1898: Trow's Business Directory, Manhattan, Hotel Van Twiller, Frederick Baar 57 Lex - plus 75 South street, 500 6th ave and 87 E. 110th


  1. North River Hotel corner of Barclay and West Streets

    1894: September 30, George Appo a "green goods" expert witness for the Lexow committee was stabbed in the throat. It was not determined if the wound was self-inflicted or otherwise. In any event it was not life threatening. Appo said he was attacked but there were a number of conflicting stories. Police believed it was an attempted suicide. The senior counselor for the Lexow committee believed that it was an attempted assassination. Appo was found wounded at Fred Baar's North River Hotel, Barclay and West Streets. Appo claimed he had been given "knock out drops". (New York Times)

    The Lexow Committee was investigation the "green good" swindle Green gods Swindle

    In court Appo said that he went down to the North River Hotel yesterday to serve some subpoenas for the Lexow committee. "While there I met the proprietor, Baar," continued Appo. "Baar's place was the rendezvous of the 'green goods' men. He used to get $10 for every guy that was steered in there. Baar asked me to have a drink. He wanted to open a bottle of wine but I took whisky. Baar then asked me not to mention his place in any testimony I might give before the Lexow committee. I had two drinks and then became dizzy. The last thing I remember is seeing Reardon standing over me with a knife. I did not cut myself and made no attempt to stab Reardon. The next thing I remember was when they had me bound down in the Chambers street Hospital. I wanted to free myself but one pf the policemen standing over me threatened to gouge my eyes out. I have been a marked man ever since I was a witness before the Lexow committee."


    "Reardon and Baar repeated their storv of yesterday that Appo went into the hotel crazy drunk end said his life was not worth $2. He said he would show he was square by cutting his throat, and tried to do so with a knife."

    Indianapolis Journal,Indianapolis, Marion County, 30 September 1894

    Also see the botom of this section

  2. Hotel Van Twiller 57 Lexington Avenue corner 25th Street

    1896: HOTEL VAN TWILLER, LEXINGTON AV. AND 25th ST. Newly built fireproof hotel, conveniently located, pleasant suite, for families , electric elevator, electric lights, and gas: running hot and cold water in each room. European plan; rooms from 4 per week up. FRED BAAR. proprietor. E. BTBPCK. Manager.

    1900: June 30, 1900 Charles Koch a 28 year old liquor dealer from Hartfort, Conn. killed the young girl, age 22, with whom he had eloped and then took his own life at the Hotel Van Twiller, Lexington Avenue and Twenty-fifth. Koch was married and had a young son. (New York Times)

1900: 5th August, Ship Name: Pennsylvania - first Cabin - Departure Place: Hamburg, Deutschland (Germany) Arrival Place: New York Fred Baar 43, rentier, Anna Baar 40, Annie Baar 16, Grace Baar 7, Elise Baar 9, Florence Baar 3, Rudolph Baar 8

Death: May 8, 1907

Husband of Anna Baar in his 51st year residence 801 Castle point terrace, Hoboken - New York Tribune, May 09, 1907

1908: Anna Baar Arrival Date: 18 Sep 1908 Age: 50 Port of Departure: Southampton Port of Arrival: New York, New York Ship Name: Deutschland with Anna 25, Else, 21, Grace 18, Florence 9, R. F age 24 to Hoboken

1909: February 26, 1909 - Rudolph Baar's chauffeur, J. E. Clume, and a companion were driving the Baar's automobile when they hit and instantly killed an eight year old boy on Harrison avenue in Patterson, N. J. The boy had run out in front of the car. They were arrested but paroled in the custody of Mr. Baar..

1910: 801 Castle Point Terrace, Anna Baar 51 widowed, 6 children 5 living, own income, Rudolph J Baar 25, real estate, Elsa L Baar 22 Grace M Baar 20 Florence M Baar 15 Anna Scheffler 24, servant, Mary Ryan 20, servant, George Schoeneger 21, servant

1910: Manhattan, New York, Central Park, Anna Baar 60, born New Jersey, widowed, Florence Baar 25, daughter Marie Salogka 20, servant

1910: Asbury Park Press 19 Aug 1910 The girls' baseball team of the Columbia Hotel included Elsie and Grace Baar. The "men's" team included Rudolph Baar. The score had stood at 5 to 3 in the men's favor. With Rudolph pitching the bases were loaded when Elsie Baar came to bat. Twice she "whiffed" but on the third try hit a homer. The girls' team defeated the men's team by 7 to 5.

1916: Since 1916 801 Castle Point Terrace was the address of Theta Xi Fraternity on Steven's Campus.

1929: Anna Baar Arrival Date: 1 May 1929 Birth Date: 10 Aug 1858 Birth Location: New York Birth Location Other: Hoboken Age: 70 Gender: Female Port of Departure: Southampton, England Port of Arrival: New York, New York Ship Name: Homeric - with Grace Berner age 39, and Eleanor Baar age 39 from Leyport NJ, dob July 27, 1889

1930: Fulton street, Weehawken, New Jersey Arthur Lyons 41, contractor, building, Florence Lyons 31, Barbara Lyons 6, Jerold Lyons 1, Anna Baar 71, mother in law, Betty Artelenytel 24, servant, Hattie Maas 20, servant

1940: Central Park West, Manhattan, Anna Baar 82 Grace Berner 48, daughter

Find a Grave: Fairview Memorial Park and Mausoleum Fairview, Bergen County, New Jersey, USA PLOT Private mausoleum, Section C, Block 1, plot 5, Crypt ES

Death and burials in the Baar Mausoleum: Bought July 31, 1907 by the Estate of Frederick Baar $2,048.00 Plot 5, Block 1 Section C 10 crypts

  1. 05-08-1907 Fredrick Baar
  2. 02-01-1925 William Ralston
  3. 02-05-1934 Elsie Barr sic Ralston
  4. 01-30-1935 William B Stites
  5. 01-03-1947 Anna Baar
  6. 09-05-1964 Anna Stites
  7. 10-27-1976 Grace Farrell
  8. 12-09-1976 Florence Lyons

Omah & Opah Baar on their wedding day. Note: The woman's dress is consistant with 1870's fashion.

Baar Family, Florence, Elsa, Rutland sic [Rudolph], Anna and Grace with their mother.

801 Castle Point Terrace - Home of Frederick R Baar

Real Estate Record and Builders' Guide Volume 74, 1904

"First Reinforced Concrete Residence.

Plans have been accepted and approved, and the excavating and foundation are now under way for the first residence of reinforced concrete to be erected in this vicinity. The building will occupy a fine corner plot at 8th st and Castle Point terrace, West Hoboken, New Jersey, and will be occupied by Mr. Frederick Baar, of that city. The structure will measure 41x51.0 on the ground, and will be 2 and a half stories and basement in height. The designs show for the basement floor a billiard and Dutch room, 24x41 feet in size, a wine cellar, reception hall, laundry, furnace, store, and coal rooms. On the first story there will be a large veranda, and glass conservatory, parlor, library, diningroom, kitchen, reception hall, butler's pantry, main stairs, servants' stairs, dumbwaiter and circle bay windows. The kitchen will have glass tile side walls from floor to ceiling. On the second floor there will be five bed rooms, sewing room, two bath rooms, shower bath, and extra toilets. The attic will also contain five sleeping rooms, cedar room, trunk room, and servants' bath room. There will be concrete floors and a Spanish metal tile roof, electric light and steam heat. All outside walls and partitions will be nine inches thick, of concrete reinforced with 3/8 inch iron rods running every 12 inches horizontally, and every 2 feet vertically. The walls and partitions non-bearing will be of fireproof blocks. The interior will be trimmed with yellow pine, red birch, and quartered oak, and there will be elaborate decorations. The exterior will be ornamental and marked off in squares. The building will coat in the neighborhood of $20,000, and will be erected by the Wight-Easton-Townsend Company, of 100 Fifth av, Manhattan. The architects are Bruno W. Berger & Son, of 121 Bible House, New York."

1932: Stevens' Institute Theda Xi House - 801 castle Point Terrace - Hoboken Historical Museum

North River Hotel, Fred Baar Proprietor, corner of Barclay and West Streets. Since 1872* under the control of Mr. Fred Baar. Five stories 50 x 100 in dimension with 120 guest rooms. Modern conveniences - furnished throughout "in the most elegant and comfortable manner". Convenient location. The saloon on the ground floor is "handsomely fitted" with " antique oak fixtures, sterreo-relief ceiling, electric lights, sporting ticker" and stocked with the best wines, liquors and cigars, "The patronage is large, first-class, and influential".

"Mr Baar is a native of Germany, in the active prime of life, and a resident of this county for the past twenty-five years. He is connected with tammany Hall for the period of ten years, is a member of its general committee and stands deservedly high in social and business circles."
A Souvenir of New York's Liquor Interests By American Publishing and Engraving Co (1893)

Page 104 - Baar & Tauby, both born in Germany, were proprietors of the "Florida" at No. 75 South Street, corner of Maiden Lane.

Owned by Fred Baar and Charles Tauby the Florida served business men in the vicinity. The back bar, front bar, walls and ceilings were of mahogany in "cabinet finish". The floor was tiles. Fully stocked with the finest wines, liquors and cigars, including well know whiskeys it als served lagers and ales.

*This must be an error. Fred Baar was born circa 1856 so would have only been 16 years old in 1872.

11th Street

Postcard collection of Maggie Land Blanck

11th Street looking West, from Hudson Street, Hoboken, N. J.

Posted 1906

Postcard collection of Maggie Land Blanck

Black and white version of the above card.

Posted 1907

In 1936, when he applied for his social security number, John Blanck was living at 1122 Hudson Street. In 1941, at the time of his marriage to Alice Azarian, John Blanck was at 1108 Washington Street.

"Seventh and Washington", Hoboken, N. J.

Posted 1905

Mike Korman kindly pointed out that although this postcard was labeled "Seventh and Washington" it is really 11th Street. Mike says,
I believe that it is actually 11th and Washington. You can tell by the "islands" in-between the east and westbound lanes of 11th Street. Plus you can see the old Wallace School down on Willow Avenue. I went to that school and grew up at 12th and Washington."

February, 2007

Comparing the buildings on the right side of the street in this postcard with the two previous postcards indicates that Mike is correct.

Professor M. Loewy, the sender of this card, was engaged in postcard trading and stamp collecting as well as being a magician and card trick performer. Professor Loewy sent another copy of this card to a collector, H. Ruberti in Cape town South Africa in 1905. That image was shared by Hugh Amoore in June 2018. Written on the front of the card: "Kindly escange (sic) with Prof. M Loewy." His return address was stamped on the address side of the card. Note at the right lower corner of the card is printed "M Loewy, Hoboken".

See Professor Loewy

Bloomfield Street

Edward Foerster, Jr., Dealer in Leather and Findings, No. 80 Bloomfield Street.

1866: Foerster, Edward, leather 124 Bloomfield street, home 39 Third street

1870: Edwd Forster 47, leather dealer, $8,500, rron Baden, Chris Forster 37, Edwd Forster 16, Emelia Forster 5, Louis Forster 2, Ney Blumenbrott 22, servant


Edward Foerster, Jr., Dealer in Leather and Findings, No. 80 Bloomfield Street. An odd quarter of a century and more of unbroken prosperity marks the history of the popular and well-known establishment of Edward Foerster, Jr., manufacturer of and dealer in leather and shoe-findings; gaiter and shoe uppers, situated at No. 80 Bloomfield street (between First and Second streets), and which is one of the oldest, foremost, and best stocked concerns devoted to this branch of commercial activity in Hoboken. This neat and flourishing store was established in 1861 by Edward Foerster, who conducted it up to 1884, when he retired, and the business passed into the control of his son and successor, the pushing and prosperous gentleman whose name heads this sketch. The store and basement is 20x70 feet in dimensions, finely fitted up, and well-ordered in every respect, and a heavy and first class stock is constantly curried, comprising upper and sole leather of every variety, calf and kid, shoemakers' tools and supplies of all kinds, beeswax, thread, paste, brushes, blacking, oils, dressing, uppers, and everything comprehended in shoe-findings. Boot legs and shoe and gaiter uppers are also made to order in the most excellent and expeditious manner, no pains being spared to render the utmost satisfaction in every instance to customers, and the trade, which is of both a wholesale and retail character, is at once large and substantial. Mr. Foerster, who is a native of New York city, but has resided in Hoboken about twenty-six years, is an active and popular member of the Valencia Boat and Bowling Club. (Quarter-century's progress of New Jersey's leading manufacturing centres ... By International Publishing Company (New York, N.Y.) 1887)

1887: Death - Edward Foerster Birth Date: abt 1824 Birth Place: Germany Death Date: 28 Apr 1887 Death Place: Hoboken, Hudson, New Jersey Death Age: 63 years Race: German Marital Status: Married Gender: Male Residence: Hoboken, Hudson, New Jersey Comments: Resident of this state 26 yrs FHL Film Number: 589308

1887: Died Intestate, Probate, Christine Foerster, widow, administrator, children: Edward, Emilie, and Louis all above the age of 21 and Emma age 18.

1900: 130 Bloomfield, Louis H Foerster 31, leather and findings, Sallie S Foerster 29, wife, Sweden 1 child 0 living Christine Foerster 66, 7 children 4 living, mother, widowed

At 132 Bloomfield, Foerster, Edward, age 45, leather findings, Marie born France, age 28 no children, servant

1914: Louis H Foerster died May 27, 1914 in Montclair New Jersey. He left his wife Sallie a "homestead" on Lincoln street, and property at 120 to 132 Bloomfield street Hoboken as well as $10,000 in cash and a trust fund of $10,000 Two sisters, Mrs. Emma Heydt of Montclai and Mrs. ?F. Taeteram of Mount Vernon each received $5,000 cash. George F. Heydt his brother in law got $2,000 and Elizabeth Schurch and Mary Schurch his siter in laws each got $1,000. He also left money to friends and employees in amounts of $200 to $500. He left no children. He had a large leather findings business in Jersey City, Newark and Hoboken and towns on the Hudson River. (New York Times, June 10, 1914)

1920: At Hoboken N. J. Louis H Foerster leather dealer in financial difficulties. (American Review of Shoes and Leather, Volumes 35-38)

1921: All the property of Louis H. Foester,Inc., leather and findings, Hoboken was transfered to his trustees with the purpose of paying off his creditors. Leather and Shoes Vol 61

According to the marriage record of Emma Foerster in 1895 she was the daughter of Edward Forester and Christine Link.

Sepia-tone photograph of the exterior of Louis H. Foerster, Leather Findings, 130-132 Bloomfield St., Hoboken, n.d., ca. 1915-1920. Hoboken Museum

John Wurdemann (Wurdermann), Fancy and Staple Groceries, No. 122 Bloomfield Street.

1879: John Wurdemann 122 Bloomtield Hoboken Occupation: Grocer Publication Title: Jersey City, New Jersey, City Directory, 1879

1879: 4 January, 122 Bloomfield, George Heinrich 3 August 1879 to Johann Wurdemann from Grambkermoor Bremen and Gesine Gerdes ----

1880: John Wurdemann Self M 29 Germany "Casino" Wurdemann Wife F 24 Germany Henry Wurdemann Son M 1 New Jersey, United States John Edan Other M 35 Germany Matthew Tiele Other M 22 Germany (wrong page comes up on April 2016)

1880: Jno F Wurdemann Gender: Male Birth Date: 20 Nov 1880 Birth Place: Hoboken, Hudson, New Jersey Father: Jno Wurdemann Mother: Gehrdes FHL Film Number: 494191 (He was married and living in North Bergen in 1942)

1881: Gessine M Wurdemann Gender: Female Birth Date: 16 Apr 1881 Birth Place: Hoboken, Hudson, New Jersey Father: Jno Wurdemann Mother: Gerdes FHL Film Number: 494193

1882: A law went into effect in July 1883 prohibiting oils with a low "flash"point due to danger of fire. No 7. Grocer, John Wurdemann, Third and Bloomfield streets, Hoboken. - "Astral oil." Flashes at 97degrees F. was cited for selling oil with a low flash point. (Annual report of the Department of Health of the State of New Jersey. 1882-84)

1884: John Wurdemann, grocery, 122 Bloomfield H'n Publication Title: Jersey City, New Jersey, City Directory, 1884

1887: "John Wurdermann, Fancy and Staple Groceries, No. 122 Bloomfield Street. A thoroughly representative house engaged in the grocery trade of Hoboken is that of Mr. John Wurdemann. The premises have been used as a grocery emporium for the past quarter of a century, and have been in possession of the present proprietor for the last nine years. The place occupied consists of a store and basement each 25x70 feet in dimensions. The salesroom is very commodious, and is admirably equipped. Mr. Wurdemann can offer to buyers special inducements in first class teas from China and Japan, coffees from South America, Mocha, and Java, spices, sugars, flour, canned goods of every description, bottled goods, table delicacies, condiments, crackers, butter, cheese, eggs, and a general assortment of staple and fancy groceries of every kind, together with a full and complete line of foreign and domestic fruits of the finest quality. These are all marked down to popular prices. Orders are collected daily and goods are delivered free to all parts of the city. A special feature of the establishment is a fine sample room connected with the grocery, and well stocked with a choice supply of pure ales, wines, and liquors. The house has a very extensive trade, having numerous permanent patrons in all parts of Hoboken. Mr. Wurdemann is a native of Germany, and came to Hoboken about twenty years ago." (Quarter-century's progress of New Jersey's leading manufacturing centres ... By International Publishing Company (New York, N.Y.) 1887)

Johann Wurdemann was a German Sailor from 1866 until his desertion in 1867.

John Kamena & Co., Dealers in Coal and Wood of every description, Office and Yard, Nos. 172 and 174 Bloomfield Street.

1870: John Kamena 42 coal, $5,000, Charlott Kamena 38 Kati Keate 25, domestic

1878/1879: When John Kamena left office as Treasurer he owed the city $60,000 by his own showing. the city council ordered an examination of his accounts. It was alleged that he defaulted the city "to the tune of eighty or ninety thousand dollars." It was rumored that property had been transfered to avoid responsibility for his debts. In 1880 the city and council brought an action agains him. "This action was brought by the mayor and common council of the city of Hoboken against John Kamena and his sureties, on a bond given by Kamena to the plaintiff upon his election as treasurer of Hoboken "

New Jersey Law Reports, Volume 41

1880: Washington street, John Kamena 52, coal dealer, Charlotte Kamena 48 William Kamena 14, and a servant


"John Kamena & Co., Dealers in Coal and Wood of every description, Office and Yard, Nos. 172 and 174 Bloomfield Street. In the handling and sale of coal and kindred articles of fuel an enterprising and noteworthy firm engaged in this line in Hoboken is that of John Kamena & Co., dealers in red and white ash coals of all kinds, also English cannel and bituminous coal and wood, which is by common consent one of the leading, largest, and most reliable establishments of the kind in the city. This prosperous enterprise was started in 1861 by the present senior member, who conducted it alone for twenty odd years with unbroken prosperity, when he admitted into partnership (in 1884) his nephew, W. L. Kamena, thus constituting the pushing and popular firm whose name heads this sketch. The premises occupied comprise a 62xl60-foot yard with an L extension 60x60 feet in dimensions, besides ample wharf facilities, foot of Fourth street, and a carefully assorted and huge stock (between three thousand and four thousand tons of coal) is carried, including Lykens Valley, Lorberry, and Schuylkill red ash, Lehigh, Schuylkill, and Scranton white ash, Cumberland coal for steam and blacksmiths' use, and English cannel coal, all thoroughly screened and cleaned, also kindling and fire wood of all kinds, sawed and split. Six or more hands are regularly employed, and five carts and one truck are in steady service supplying customers all over the city and suburbs, the trade being both wholesale and retail, and altogether, the business transacted is exceedingly heavy. Messrs. Kamena, who are natives of Germany but residents of this country many years, are both men who stand high in the community, alike as merchants and citizens, Mr. John Kamena having been the efficient and vigilant city treasurer from 1871 to 1875. His business requiring his sole attention, he, in 1875, resigned from politics and now gives his personal supervision to the many details of his business. (Quarter-century's progress of New Jersey's leading manufacturing centres ... By International Publishing Company (New York, N.Y.) 1887)

1897: John Kamena was awarded a contract to supply the Hoboken Fire Department with caol.


1899: Name: John Kamena Birth Date: abt 1827 Birth Place: Germany Death Date: 7 Nov 1899 Death Place: Hoboken, Hudson, New Jersey Death Age: 72 years 8 months Occupation: Mch'T Marital Status: Married Gender: Male Father Birth Place: Germany Mother Birth Place: Germany Comments: residence in state. 40y FHL Film Number: 589072

November 1899 New York Times - John Kamena died at home in Hoboken. He was born in Bremen Germany Feb 15, 1828 and immigrated to the US circa 1851. He was originally involved in the import of wines in New York City. In 1862 he moved to Hoboken and went into the coal business. He was appointed treasurer of Hoboken in 1871 and held that possition for 10 years. He was survived by two sons.

1900: Washington street, Charlotte Kamena age 69 widow, Hoboken no of living children 0

1900: Bloomfield Street, Louis W Kamena 45, coal merchant, Annie Kamena 29, 3 children 3 living, William Kamena 7, Charlotta Kamena 5, Edna Kamena 2, Wilhelmina Bottcher 18, servant

1903: Louis Kamena 723 Bloomfield H Hoboken, New Jersey, USA Occupation: Coal Publication Title: Jersey City, New Jersey, City Directory, 1903

Monroe Street

Braun Bakery - 235 Monroe street

In November 2018 Mary Ellen Clark shared some information and two images connected with her family in Hoboken.

Adam Braun and Christine Seibel:



  1. Adam 1878

    Birth: Mandern Germany - (Mandern is a municipality in the Trier-Saarburg district, in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany.)

    Immigration 1892: Adam Braun, 03 Sep 1892, Ellis Island, New York City, New York, United States, Departure Port Bremen, Ship Name Lahn, Page Number 1434, Affiliate Line Number 0569, age 24 baker, born Germany last residence, Graben*, to Philadelphia,


    Immigration 1897: Adam Braun, 27 Jul 1897 Place Ellis Island, New York City, New York, United States Residence Place, Maudern, Gender Male, Age 19, Marital Status Single, Nationality Germany, German, Birth Year 1878, Departure Port Antwerp, Ship Name Friesland, Arrival Contact Name Adam Seibel, New York, Arrival Contact Name Relationship Uncle, Page Number 50 Affiliate Line Number 0021, occupation, baker, in US 1892/6 4 years

    Marriage: Adam Braun 1 Jun 1901 Manhattan, New York, USA Spouse: Elsie Fluck Certificate Number: 11243

    Adam Braun Event Type Marriage Event Date 01 Jun 1901 Event Place Manhattan, New York, New York, United States Event Place Manhattan, New York Gender Male Age 23 Marital Status Single Race White Birth Year (Estimated) 1878 Birthplace Mandern, Waldecki, Ger. Father's Name Adam Braun Mother's Name Christine Seibel Spouse's Name Elise Fluck Spouse's Gender Female Spouse's Age 18 Spouse's Marital Status Single Spouse's Race White Spouse's Birth Year (Estimated) 1883 Spouse's Birthplace N.Y. City Spouse's Father's Name Theobald Fluck Spouse's Mother's Name Caroline Lineberger (LDS)


    1. Henry Braun Birth Date: 2 Mar 1903 Birth Place: Manhattan, New York, USA Certificate Number: 11016

    2. 13 October 1906 Freidr. Clarence Braun born 24 September 1906 to father Adam Braun mother Elise Fluck - witnesses Friedr Alb-- and Caroline Zimmer Zion German Presbyterian Church - Dutch Reformed Church, Bronx, New York City

      Fred Braun Birth Date: 24 Sep 1906 Birth Place: Manhattan, New York, USA Certificate Number: 47090

      1940: Westfield Union, Frederick C Braun 33, bakery, Helen M Braun 32, Gloria M Braun 10, Kormine C Braun 8

      Fred C. Braun SSN: 146-14-4578 Last Residence: 08759 Whiting, Ocean, New Jersey, USA BORN: 24 Sep 1906 Died: 9 Mar 1994 - Frederick C Braun Gender: Male Spouse: Helen M Cole Child: Norinne Claire Braun - Social Security

      Death: Fred C Braun Birth Date: 24 Sep 1906 Death Date: 9 Mar 1994 Cemetery: Whiting Memorial Park Burial or Cremation Place: Whiting, Ocean County, New Jersey, United States of America (Find a Grave)

    1903 & 1903 city Directory: Bakkers Braun Adam 162 W Houston

    1905: 848 Second Avenue Manhattan Adam Braun 27, head, born Germany, no of yrs in US, 14, baker, Elizabeth Braun 22, wife, born US, Henry Braun 2, son born US, Jacob Braun 19, brother, born Germany, in US 3 yrs, baker, Ernest Braun 17, brother, born Germany, in US 2 yrs, baker

    1910: 235 Monroe street Adam Braun 32, baker born Germany, own shop,
    Elizebeth Braun 27, wife, born New York, saleslady bakery, married 9 years 2 children 2 living.
    Henry Braun 7, son, born New York,
    Fredirick Braun 4, son born New York,
    Henry Schilling 64, roomer, born Germany, baker,
    Ernest Marchow 22, roomer, born Germany, baker,
    Walter Honig 19, roomer, born Germany, baker,
    Anna Juvieck 25, servant born Slovenia

    The two sons were listed a born in New York as was Elizabeth.

    In 1910 235 Monroe was a multi family dwelling. 1915: Jackson ave, Jersey City, Adam Braun, age 40, born Germany, baker, dob March 1875, Elizabeth Braun, dob Aug. 1878, Henry Braun dob July 1903, Frederick Braun dob Sept 1906, Caroline Schot dob 1860

    1917: WWI Draft Registration Adam Brann Birth Date: 29 Jan 1878, 453 Jackson Av Jersey City, Hudson, New Jersey, baker own business, naturalized, tall, slender build, brown eyes brown hair, Relative: Elizabeth Brann

    1920: Westfield Ward 1, Union, New Jersey 112 Embree Crescent 112 mortgaged, Adam "Brown" 42, born Kerhessen Germany, immigration 1889, naturalized, no occupation, Elizabeth "Brown" 36, born New York, father born Bavaria, bother born Baden, Henry "Brown" 16, born New York, bench work factory, Frederick "Brown" 13, born New York, Caroline Schob 67, mother in law, born Baden Germany immigrated, 1871, Olga Peeka 23, boarder, born Poland, saleswoman, retail candy store

    1930: Westfield, Union, New Jersey, USA Embree Crescent House Number: 825 - Adam Braun 52, own home value $10,000, baker, own business, naturalized, Elise Braun 47, wife, Frederic C Braun 24, son, bakery store, Helen M Braun 21, daughter in law, born Pennsylvania, Gloria M Braun 0, granddaughter, born New Jersey, Caroline Schop 78, mother in law, born germany, Olga Pelke 37, boarder, born Russia, Paul Griesel 22, nephew, auto driver bakery store, born Germany,

    1942: WWII Draft Registration Adam Braun Westfield, Union, New Jersey, United States Residence Place Westfield, Union, New Jersey Gender Male Employer Adam/Braun Birth Date 29 Jan 1878 825 Embress Crescent, telephone 2-0801 age 64, b place of birth, Mandern, Germany, Jones Baking co., Highway 29, Hillside, Union , New Jersey

  2. Henry circa 1882

  3. 1910: East 41st street, Henry Braun Male 28 Married White Head 1882 Germany 1897 baker hotel, immigration 1897, naturalized, Louise Braun Female 28 Married White Wife 1882 Germany 1898, married 8 years 2 children 2 living, Edna Braun Female 6 Single White Daughter 1904 New York, Maria Braun Female 0 Single White Daughter 1910 New York, Jacob Braun Male 23 Single White Brother 1902 , baker bread

  4. Jacob circa 1886

    Marriage: Jakob Braun Marriage 23 Nov 1912 Manhattan, New York, New York, United States Age 25 Marital Status Single Race White Birth Year (Estimated) 1887 Birthplace Mandern Waldeck, Eng. Father's Name Adam Braun Mother's Name Christine Seibel Spouse's Name Minnie Henrietta Graf Spouse's Gender Female Spouse's Age 20 Spouse's Marital Status Single Spouse's Race White Spouse's Birth Year (Estimated) 1892 Spouse's Birthplace N.Y., N.Y. Spouse's Father's Name Alexander Graf Spouse's Mother's Name Sophia Stoffmann

    1920: Newark, Jacob Braun Head Male 32 Germany, immigrated 1902, baker, born Hesse, Germany, baker retail bakery, Minnie Braun Wife Female 27 New York Elizabeth Braun Daughter Female 6 New York Jacob Braun Son Male 4 New Jersey

  5. Ernst/Ernest circa 1888

  6. See Adam and Henry in censuses 1905 and 1910

Caroline Lemperger Fluck Schop

1876: Theobald Fluck Residence Year: 1876 Street address: h 325 W. 44th Residence Place: New York, New York, USA Occupation: Driver Publication Title: Goulding's New York City Directory for 1876-77

1878: January 30, 1878 New York Times


Between 6:30 and 7 o'clock last evening a fracas occurred in the cellar of the lager-beer brewery of John Betz, No. 349 West Forty-fourth-street, between Jacob Reichmann and Theobold Fluck, which resulted in Fluck stabbing Reichmann in the neck with a pocket-knife, inflicting a wound from which death ensued in a very few minutes."

Theobold Fluck was described as a tall and very powerful man, a native of Germany, age 44, married with four children, living at 325 West 44th street and having a exceedingly quarrelsome disposition.

1878: Theobald Fluck, Male Westchester, New York, USA Sing Sing Prison Conviction or Sentence Place: New York, New York, USA Conviction or Sentence Date: 15 Mar 1878 Received Date: 1878 Volume: 6, manslaughter

1880: West 53rd street, Caroline age 29, laundress, born Baden Caroline age 3, daughter, born New York

1879: Fluck Caroline, "wid" Theobold h r 337 W. 44th street, city directory

1880 Census: Theobald Fluck Sing Sing, Westchester, New York, United States Gender Male Age 45 Marital Status Married Race White Race W Occupation House Painter, Birth Year (Estimated) 1835, Birthplace Rhine, Germany, Father's Birthplace Germany, Mother's Birthplace Germany Sheet Letter B Sheet Number 96 Person Number 14 Volume 2


  1. 1877: Carrie

    Charles Zimmer Spouse's Name Carrie U Fluck Event Date 11 Jan 1894 Event Place Manhattan, New York, New York Father's Name Fred. Zimmer Spouse's Father's Name Theobold Fluck Spouse's Mother's Name Limberger

    Charles Zimmer Marriage 11 Jan 1894 Manhattan, New York Gender Male Age 19 Marital Status Single Race White Birth Year (Estimated) 1875 Birthplace New York, N.Y. Father's Name Fred. Zimmer Mother's Name Lohr Spouse's Name Carrie Fluck Spouse's Gender Female Spouse's Age 17 Spouse's Marital Status Single Spouse's Race White Spouse's Birth Year (Estimated) 1877 Spouse's Birthplace New York, N.Y. Spouse's Father's Name Theobold Fluck Spouse's Mother's Name Limberger (LDS)

    Was the witness at the baptism of Frederich Braun in 1906.

  2. Death: Emma Fluck 09 Oct 1882 Manhattan, New York, New York, United States Gender Female Age 0 Marital Status Unknown Birth Year (Estimated) 1882 Birthplace City Burial Date 10 Oct Cemetery Lutheran Father's Name Theobold Fluck Mother's Name Caroline Fluck (LDS)

    Emma Fluck age 10 months - cert number 438207 Manhattan Oct 9, 1882

  3. Elsie/Elizabeth c 1883 married Adam Braun:

    Elise Fluck Gender Female Birth Date 31 May 1883 Birthplace Manhattan, NY, NY Father's Name Theobolt Fluck Mother's Name "Katherine" Limberger (LDS)

    Elise Fluck Event Type Birth Event Date 31 May 1883 Event Place Manhattan, New York, New York, United States Gender Female Race White Father's Name Theobolt Fluck Father's Birthplace Germany Father's Age 48 Mother's Name "Katherine" Limberger Mother's Birthplace Germany Mother's Age 32 (LDS)

  4. Birth 1886: Lillie Eva Fluck Birth 08 Jul 1886 Manhattan, New York, New York, United States Gender Female Race White Father's Name John Fluck, Father's Birthplace Germany, Father's Age 51, Mother's Name Carolina Limberger Fluck, Mother's Birthplace Germany Mother's Age 34 (LDS)
Marriage to Frederich Schop, 1888: Frederich Charles Schop married Caroline Lempberger Fluck 09 Sep 1888 in Manahattan, New York Father's Name Karl Schop Mother's Name Mina Hilbert Spouse's Father's Name Michael Lempberger (LDS)

E. Braun and the number 848 is painted on the widow. In 1905 Adam Braun and his family were listed at 848 Second ave. Manhattan.

Mary Ellen Clark said: "The child pictured is my grandfather, Fred Braun, and this bakery is owned by his father Adam Braun. My grandfather said that is was taken around 1912."

She gave the number of the business as #235 but did not know the street. In the upper left corner is the sign for Monroe street and 235 is in the corner of the awning. The building still stands at the east corner of Monroe and 3rd street.

Aam Braun was born in 1897 and his son Fred was born in 1906.

Park Avenue

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