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Morris (Moritz) Loewy, Magician and Postcards & Stamp Collector (1857-1933)

The majority of the Hoboken postcards in my collection were never posted. Those that were posted rarely contained the full name of the sender. Mostly they are signed with a single name for example: "Sincerely, Jack". Furthermore, there are generally no indications that the senders even lived in Hoboken.

The exceptions are several postcards sent by M Loewy who lived at 1251 Garden Street in Hoboken. Morris Loewy was a magician who developed a card trick called the Loewy Palm. He was also a stamp and postcard collector. He had postcards printed, as evidenced by two of the cards that have his name printed on them.

I have three postcards sent by "Professor M Loewy" of 1251 Garden Street to Mr. Franklin Mueller of 2505 Ohio Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio in 1905. There is no message on any of them:

  1. Stamped in purple ink "Prof. M Loewy, 1251 Garden Street, Hoboken, N. J.". Mailed 1905
  2. "Prof. M Loewy" hand written in the upper left hand corner. Mailed 1905
  3. "Best Regard from Prof. M Loewy" hand written on the upper left hand and "M Loewy, Hoboken" printed on the lower right corner. Mailed 1905.

I have one other post card sent by "Prof M Loewy" to Albro A Hopper, 9 S. Main Street, Jamestown, N. Y. This card is signed "Best Regards. Prof M Loewy". Printed in the lower right corner "M Loewy, Hoboken". Mailed 1904.

In June 2018 Hugh Amoore sent images of seven postcards which were mailed in 1905 and 1906 to Mr. H. Ruberti c/o Eaton Robins in cape Town, South Africa from Professor Loewy. Two of the cards are images of Hoboken (the Public Library and a view of 11th street.) Five of them have a printed message "Greetings From Hoboken, N. J." but the images are not actually of Hoboken. See below.

Professor Morris Loewy, philatelist and postcard collector

Moriz Loewy was a member of the Staten Island Philatelic Society in 1896 when he showed a counterfeit Cyprus, "the present 1d Great Britain surcharged "Zypern" but cancelled in Dundee, Scotland". (The American Journal of Philately, Volume 10)

Professor Moritz Loewy, 1251 Garden Street, Hoboken was listed as a new member of the UNION Souvenir and Card Exchange "A World Wide Society for Active Postcard Collectors". (Philatelic West and Collectors' World, Volumes 25-31)

Professor Moritz Loewy, 1251 Garden Street Hoboken was a member of the American Souvenir Card Exchange (Philatelic West and Collectors' World, Volumes 25-31, 1904).

In 1905 Prof. Moritz Loewy ran for president of the Union card collectors society.

Professor Morris Loewy, magician and card trick player

In September 1890 Prof. Moriz Loewy of Vienna, then living in Hoboken, New Jersey, startled members of the DKE club in Duluth, Minn. by changing a card in a spectator's hand.

In April 1891 Professor Moritz Loewy gave an exhibition of magic at the Jersey City Sangerbund stag on Summit Avenue.

In December 1891 Professor Loewy of Hoboken "astonished and bewildered the sturdy bowlers with impossible tricks of legerde main" at the North Hudson Bowl. He was assisted by his two year old son.

Monday 29, 1892 Jersey Journal:

A "magic" performance was given in Fidelio Hall yesterday afternoon by Prof. Loewy, card manipulator, for the benefit of Moriz Loewy, Jr., the youthful "professor" of cards, who has appeared at numerous public entertainments of late in Hoboken and Jersey City. Moriz Loewy lacks two months of being three years old, but he is an able assistant in many of the difficult tricks performed by his father, and he won considerable applause from a good-sized audience yesterday."
By 1892 "Professor" Loewy was entertaining in Hoboken as a "celebrated ventriloquist and prestidigitateur" (performing magic or conjuring tricks with the hands).

In October 1894 Prof Moritz Loewy gave an exhibition of slight-of-hand at the Hudson Council meeting at Odd Fellows Hall and also performed at a "social entertainment" at the Camera Clubhouse at 1030 Park Avenue.

In January 1896 Prof. M. Loewy performed a number of difficult card tricks at the North Hudson Florist's Club at Nolte's Hotel in West Hoboken.

In February 1896 Prof Loewy performed card tricks at the Hudson County Council meeting at Odd Fellows Hall.

In September 1897 Prof Moriz Loewy, magician, performed at the Unity Loge No. 287, Knights of Safety Fund Insurance Society social at Fisher's Hall in Hoboken.

In October 1897 Prof Loewy performed card tricks at the twelfth wedding anniversary celebration of Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin F. Gallup of 602 John Street, West Hoboken.

In 1898 Professor Loewy played skat* at Bahn's Hall, Bloomfield and Fifth Street in Hoboken.

*"a three-handed trick-taking card game with bidding, played with 32 cards" (Oxford Languages)

In April 1902 Mrs. Ida Jaeger, the 41 year old wife of a wealthy manufacturer, Arthur Jaeger, and mother of three children went to "a fortune teller" "trying to ask him a question about some mysterious trouble." The Jaeger family lived at No. 105 Bleecker Street, Jersey City Heights. He was the owner of a heating and ventilating works in Jersey City. Mrs. Jaeger died in the office of Professor "Max" Loewy "fortune teller" of 1251 Garden Street. The cause of her death and the troubles that brought her to Professor Loewy's "office" where not known. Loewy said she did not utter a word before she fell dead. Morris Loewy was listed as a fortune teller in the 1910 census.

It was reported that there were a "dozen" women in Loewy's reception room "awaiting their turn to learn what the future had in store of them." The woman had barely entered the room when she blacked out. Dr. Zenneck was called but by the time he arrived Mrs. Jaeger was dead. It was believed she succumbed to heart disease. Initially it was not know who she was but her clothes and jewelry indicated a person of some standing. The body was taken to the Hoboken morgue to wait identification. Mr. Jaeger reported the disappearance of his wife and was told an unidentified woman had died in Hoboken. He went to the house and identified her body, The incident was covered in several papers.

Note: The records do not add up to the Newspaper reports. The 1900 census in Jersey City shows, Albert sic C Jaeger 46, plumber, Ida Jaeger 39, wife, married 16 years, no children at 105 Bleeker street.

Loewy, Morris, 1251 Garden Street, Hoboken was on a list of Physicians Annual Report by the New Jersey. State Dept. of Health, in 1911.

In 1913 Prof. M. Loewy who was said to be a "good philatelist" and "a wizard with cards" performed at the German Night of the New York Stamp Society at a "festkommers" at Allaire's, one the the most popular German Restaurants in New York City. (The Philatelic Gazette, Volume 3)

June 1916 at the New York Stamp Society Prof. Loewy informed the members that his son was still an invalid and asked members to call on his son with stamps to exchange. (Mekeel's Weekly Stamp News, Volume 30)

1919 Weehawken, N. J. Installation of officers of Branch 1557 was held on Saturday evening January 11, 1919 at Franz Flury Hall, West New York.

A good evening's entertainment was enjoyed, with Prof. Morris Loewy, an expert in cards, who kept the boys guessing all evening at his wonderful performance. He also related many funny stories.
In 1919 members of the A. P. S. visiting New York City were entertained by Prof Loewy who performed "very interesting card tricks" (American Philatelist Year Book, Volume 32).

In August 1919 Prof. Morris Loewy entertained members of the Press Club in Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania. He was called the master wizard of card artists. It was said that he was 62 years old and entertained for three hours.

In August 1919 the Concordia Society of Wilkes Barre was also entertained by Prof Loewy who performed many "mystifying tricks".

Professor Morris Loewy, Bio

"Professor Morris Loewy, who has been a resident of Hoboken for the past twenty-five years, was born in Vienna, Austria, on July 25, 1857. His parents were Philip and Julia Loewy. He is a prestidigitator of international fame. He uses only playing cards in his performances and exhibitions and never fails to astonish his audience by the wonderful manner in which he is able to manipulate the bits of pasteboard.

Professor Loewy can be classes as a prodigy. His aptitude for card manipulation has extended almost from his infancy. He began his professional career when but eight years of age. His early education came though private tutors and travel. He has been a great traveler and his ability has made him a welcome favorite before both royalty and the common people. He has appeared before and astonished such personages as Emperor Franz Joseph of Austria, King Christian IX of Denmark, King Oscar II of Sweden, King George of Greece, Czar Alexander of Russia, King Edward of England and others. In this county he has appeared before Theodore Roosevelt and the late Mayor Gaynor and host of other prominent people. His presence is greatly desired at gaterings where select entertainments are given.

He is not merely and entertainer, but a successful business man as well. He is president of the Spray Vibrator Corporation, the Loewy Company and the Osflo Company. He is a member of the Elks and Royal Arcanum, honorary member of the New York Stamp Society and Honorary president of the Berolina and National Alumni. His hobby is the collection of post cards, stamps and coins.

Hudson County Today, MEN OF AFFAIRS page 152

Professor Morris Loewy, Family Information

Birth of Morris Loewy: 1857 Vienna, Austria

Marriage: Mathilda


  1. Alphonso (Alfonso P.), 1888

    Alfonso B P Lowy, 28 Apr 1888, Hoboken, Hudson, New Jersey, Father's name: Moritz Lowy, Father's Age: 32, Father's Birth Place: Germany, Mother's name: Mathilde Lofberg, Mother's Age: 30, Mother's Birth Place: Sweden, FHL Film Number: 494211

    Alphonso Loewy was listed at a a graduate of Hoboken High School

    November 1908, Alfonso P. Loewy of 1251 Garden Street, a graduate of the class of 1907 resigned his position with the Arrowsmith Law firm in Hoboken to take a job as a public stenographer and typewriter.

    1910: 1910 Alphonso Loewy 1251 Garden Hoboken Occupation: Law Student Publication Title: Jersey City, New Jersey, City Directory, 1910

    1913: Benedict A. P. Loewy lawyer 1251 Garden Street, Hoboken was a member of The Globe Trotter.

    1914: Benedict A. P. Loewy of 1251 Garden Street Hoboken was admitted to the New Jersey Bar, June term 1914. (The New Jersey Law Journal, Volume 37)

    1914: For sale 3 corner choice lots Maywood New Jersey, cheep, easy terms, Benedict Loewy 1251 Garden street, Hoboken - New York Press May 24, 1914

    1915: Lowey, Benedict, A. P. lawyer, 68 Hudson street, home 1251 Garden st Hoboken. Note: 68 Husdon street was the Terminal Building.

    1916: Loewy, Benedict A. P., Hoboken (The New Jersey Lawyers' Diary and Bar Directory)

    WWI Draft: Did not find

  2. Maurice Bernhard Loewy, 1892, Hoboken (per draft card)

    Morris Loewy graduated from Hoboken High School in 1909. He was a member of the entertainment committee at the graduation exercises.

    Bernard Loewy 1910 1251 Garden Hoboken, New Jersey Architect Publication Title: Jersey City, New Jersey, City Directory, 1910

    WWI Draft Registration: Maurice Bernhard Loewy age 25, 587 2- Street West New York, New Jersey born Jan 26, 1892, Hoboken, New Jersey, student, single, tall slender, blue eyes brown hair, June 5, 1917.

  3. Death: Morris Bernhard Loewy age 40 - 131 - 30 St Woodcliff N J - date of death September 30, 1931 Church of the Transfiguration.

1892 Directory; 218 Bloomfield St, Hoboken Magician

Moritz Loewy 532 Washington H magician 1893 Jersey NJ

1895 New Jersey Census: Hoboken Ward 3, block 168, Morris Loewy, Matilda Loewy, Alfonso Loewy, Bernhard Lowey

1896: Sale of Household Furniture: Lowey Morris - L. Baumann $96 (Real Estate Record and Builders' Guide, Volume 57)

1900: 1251 Garden Street, Morris Loewy July 1856, Austria, immigrated 1889, [can't read] cards, Mathilda wife June 1857, 2 children 2 still living, Sweden, Alphonso, son April 1889, Bernard son Jan 1892, Millie Oberg, niece, age 19, Sweden, Annie Larsen boarder, Sweden

1901 Passport Application: Moriz "Lowy" naturalized citizen, applying for himself, his wife and minor children, Alfonse age 11 and Berhnard age 9. Moriz was born in Vienna Austria 25, July 1857 and immigrated to the US aboard the Iceland from Copenhagen on the 12, of December 1886. He had lived in New Jersey from 1886 to 1902, naturalized Jercey City common Pleas 18 October 1893 - address 1251 Garden Street, Hoboken, profession "Prof in Magic". Age 43, 5 feet, 4 inches, brown eyes, black hair. May 1, 1901

1905: 1251 Garden street, Hoboken, Morris Loewy M 46, born Austria, card professor, Matilda Loewy F 38, born Sweden, Alfonso Loewy M 15, born New Jersey, Berhard Loewy M 13, born New Jersey, Gerda Sodervaal F 23 domestic

1909: Mathilde Loewy nee Lofberg, 1251 Garden street, Membership 8 Apr 1909 Hoboken, New Jersey, USA Church: German Reformed Church

1910 Census; 1251 Garden Street, Morris Loewy, age 51, married 22 years, born Austria Germany, card artist fortune teller, Mathilda wife age 48, born Sweden, Alfonso P son age 20, clerk steel corp, Bernhard, M son age 20 clerk both born New Jersey.

1915: City Directory, Loewy, Morris tchr cards, home 1251 Gardens street Hoboken

1915: 1251 Garden street, renting, Morris Loewy, card instructor, Matilda Loewy, Benedict Loewy age 25, lawyer, Bernard Loewy, ??, Columbia college student,

1920: 312 31st street, North Bergen, Loewy, Morris, age 61, married immigrated 1888 naturalized 1893, born Austria, professor card tricks, Mathilda age 61 born Sweden, married immigrated 1888 naturalized 1893, Morris b. son age 28 student, born New Jersey

1932: Morris Bernhard Loewy age 40 - 131 - 30 St Woodcliff N J - date of death September 30, 1931 Church of the Transfiguration.

1932: Matilda Loewy age 74, 131 30 st Woodcliff date of death October 29, 1932

Death of Morris : 1933

August 25, 1933 (age 76) Woodcliff, New Jersey, Magicpedia (Bergen County)

Morris Loewy Gender: Male Death Age: 76 Event Type: Burial Birth Date: abt 1857 Death Date: 25 Aug 1933 Burial Date: 28 Aug 1933 Burial Place: North Bergen, New Jersey, USA Church Name: Church of the Transfiguration, last residence 131 - 30 Woodcliff, New Jersey

Professor Morris Loewy, More Information

The Loewy Palm is a card trick - a fast way to steal the top card of the deck into the left hand - the secret for which can still be purchased from magician stores or schools.

Philatelic gazette, 1912:

"The set of programs included may things

...... some wonderful card tricks by Prof. M Loewy, who is both a good philatelist and a wizard with cards."

The Philatelic gazette, Volume 3, 1912

National Association of Letter Carriers, Weehawken, N. J. January 1919:
"A good evening's entertainment was enjoyed, with Prof. Morris Loewy, and expert in cards, who kept the boys guessing all evening at his wonderful performance. He also related many funny stories."

Weehawken, N. J., Saturday January 11, 1919 at France Flury Hall, West New York. The postal record, Volumes 31-32 By National Association of Letter Carriers (U.S.)

American Philatelic Association, 1919:
"Various entertainments have, as usual, marked our holiday meetings. Very interesting card tricks were again shown by Prof. Loewy and other magic games by Dr. L. Homburger were admired by large attendance."

The American philatelist, Volume 32 By American Philatelic Association, American Philatelic Society, 1919

Kekeel's weekly stamp news, 1919:
" Prof M Loewy is the first to favor us with a copy of the new 8c Provisional Playing Card Stamp. The one that he sends is used by the Republic Playing card company and is surcharged in red, inverted, "8c-R. P. c. Co. 4-1-'19'.

Mekeel's weekly stamp news, Volume 33 edited by I. A. Mekeel, Charles Esterly Severn, Stephen B. Hopkins, 1919

In June 2013 Professor David Harrison of the University of the South Pacific, Laucala Campus, Suva, Fiji sent this image of two post cards that had been sent to Professor Loewy at 1251 Garden Street Hoboken one in 1904 and the other in 1905. One was noted "From Atlas 146-0", the other "Glad to receive some in return four (sic) this mail". Both were post marked Fiji.

"Four early Hedemann & Co. postcards posted from Levuka, Fiji on January 16, 1901 and addressed to Professor Morris Loewy of 1251 Garden Street Hoboken were received in Hoboken on March 1, 1901. Two of these were very pretty colored cards. (Fiji's Past on Picture Postcards, Elsie Stephenson, 1997)

Other Loewy postcards can be view at Hoboken Historical Museum


was for sale in June 2013 at History Media, Professeur Morris Loewy Hoboken Magicien et collectionneur de timbres a Hoboken NJ

Postcards and registered covers sent to or by Professor Loewy are regularly for sale on eBay.

Professor Morris Loewy

Hudson County Today, MEN OF AFFAIRS page 152

In 1905 Prof M. Loewy received a canceled 25 centimos stamp from Tangers Morocco. S. Alex Barry jr sent me the connection to a stamps of Morocco collectors site in January 2016.

The following five cards were sent in a postcard exchange between Mr. H Ruberti of Cape Town, South Africa and Prof. Morris Loewy of Hoboken, N . J. in 1905 and 1906.

Image courtesy of Hugh Amoore, June 2018

Posted 1906

Image courtesy of Hugh Amoore, June 2018

Posted 1906

Image courtesy of Hugh Amoore, June 2018

Posted 1906

Paterson Great Falls, Passaic River.

Image courtesy of Hugh Amoore, June 2018

Posted 1906

Image courtesy of Hugh Amoore, June 2018

Posted 1905

This looks like somewhere along the Hudson up river from Hoboken. Could be the Palisades in the background.

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