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Hudson Street

Hudson Street runs north/south. It is the second street west of the river front.

Rutgers Library Online

Germania Garden Theater/Theatre circa 1900 - Hudson street between 1st and 2nd west side of the street - later the site of the Empire Theater

Rutgers Library Online

Empire Theater/Theatre, Hudson street between 1st and 2nd streets west side of street circa 1905. It played mostly burlesque and was open in 1911 but had closed by 1934. In 1914 the graduation exercises for the Eagan Schools of business were held at the theater.

In April 1908 Edward W. Morgan, a world class indian club swinger, had a club swinging and juggling act at the Empire. In 1898 he had been the American Indian club swinger for 8 straight years.

Note: The building on the estreme left is the same in this image and the one above.

Postcard collection of Maggie Land Blanck

Hudson Street looking North, Hoboken N. J.

This images shows Hudson Street between 1st and 2nd Streets possibly around 1910.

The Empire was a theater is seen on the extreme left.

The Wagon sign reads "Ask for Shults Bread". Shults Bread Co. was in existance in 1910 with an outstanding loan payable to People's Trust Brooklyn. At that time they had seven bakeries in Brooklyn, three in New York, one in Mount Vernon, New York and two in Hoboken.

On the right side (the east side) of the street two signs read "Hansa" and "Tennebaum Bazaar".

  • Morris Tennenbaum and his family were listed in the 1910 census at 79 Hudson Street as follows: Morris (note lists him as Harris, but I believe it is Morris), age 41, married 17 years, born Austria dry goods store, Ella wife age 36, 2 children 2 still living, born Russia, Lilly daughter age 11 (?) born New York, and Leon son age 7 born New Jersey. The Tennebaums were not listed in Hoboken in later censuses. Morris Tannebaum born 1892, Austria registered for the WWI Draft in Passiac New Jersey, listing his dependents as wife, child, father and mother and his occupation as merchant.
  • The 1920 Census lists the Hansa family at 76 Hudson Street as follows: Charles age 58, born in Czechoslovakia, operator factory, Lyanna age 58 born Hungry, Amelia age 21 clerk grocery store, Ilona age 19 telephone co. immigrated 1901.

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Hudson street between 2nd and 3rd streets looking north from 2nd street circa 1892

Postcard collection of Maggie Land Blanck


This is looking south from 2nd Street. The Empire Theater sign can be seen on the right mid-way down the block. The second building on the right has a sign reading "Salvation Army".

Meyer's and Naegeli's Hotels, 3rd and Hudson Sts, Looking South.

Post marked 1912

Meyer's Hotel is on the left: Naegli's is on the right. They face Hudson and are on the south side of 3rd Street.

In 1906 Percy Land was at 328 Hudson Street, north of this intersection.

Postcard collection of Maggie Land Blanck

The Meyer's hotel was owned by J Henry Timken. See J. Henry Timpken under Herman L Timken German Americans of Note in Hoboken

Meyer's Hotel, Hoboken, N.J.

Post marked 1906

Another view of Meyer's Hotel showing the section that runs along 3rd Street and the front facing Hudson Street.

Postcard collection of Maggie Land Blanck

Meyer's Hotel, Hoboken, N. J. Not posted.

This is the same image as the black and white above.

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Grand Hotel

Phillip Kesch Gen. Mgr.

Rooms With and Without Shower. All Newly Renovated. Our Speciality - Steaks and Chops. Catering Facilities for Banquets, Weddings, Parties. Enjoy the Continental Atmosphere at our "Maple Room". Alpine Inn effect with its Old Master Paintings

Hudson and 3rd st. Hoboken Telephone Hoboknen 3-3346

Postcard collection of Maggie Land Blanck

In 1922 the Grand Hotel at 230-234 Hudson street was owned by Charles Reinking.

In 1940 the Grand Hotel advertised dining and dancing - Daily luncheons 60 cents - special Sunday Dinner for $1.00 - Known for its Excellent Holland steaks - bowling alley

Hudson Street, looking North from Forth Street, Hoboken, N. J.

No date

Hudson Square Park is on the right. In 1906 Percy Land was just south of this intersection on the same side as the park.

The large building on the right is the administration building of Stevens Institute. Part of the Husdon Square Park can be also be seen.

Postcard collection of Maggie Land Blanck

Postcard collection of Maggie Land Blanck

Hudson St Hoboken, N. J.

The church spire is St Matthews.

In June 2015 Kurt Kluever wrote: "This is looking north up Hudson St, at the corner of 7th."

On the right side of the image the playing fields of Stevens Institute were at this locality in 1906.

Hudson Street North of 7th Hoboken, N. J.

No date

The church on the left is St Matthews at the corner of 8th Street.

Postcard collection of Maggie Land Blanck

Postcard collection of Maggie Land Blanck

Hudson St looking South, Hoboken, N. J.

The church spire is most likely St Matthews.

In June 2015 Kurt Kluever wrote: "This is looking south down Hudson St, between 9th and 10th St."

View of Hudson Street, Hoboken, N. J.

Posted 1909

Postcard collection of Maggie Land Blanck

In June 2015 Kurt Kluever wrote that this image is "looking south down Hudson St, just north of 10th St." Kurt suggested that the church spire visible in the distance is that of St Matthews.

View of Hudson Street, Hoboken, N. J.

No date

Postcard collection of Maggie Land Blanck

Postcard collection of Maggie Land Blanck

This is looking north from 8th street. I believe that the rectangular factory like builing in the center of the image was the Lipton Tea building. "PTON'S TEA" is visable in the image. The Lipton Tea building was at 15th and Washington (the next block west).

The church on the left was St Paul's at 820 Hudson.

In June 2015 Kurt Kluever shared this web site with an image of St. Pauls. St Pauls Hoboken

801 Hudson Street

Still standing. Now a frat house.

12 November 1906 Mrs. Charles F. Kaegebehn, a widow living at "801 Hudson street" Hoboken, celebrated her 69 birthday by giving $10,000 to each of her four children. They were Mrs. Thusnelda of Chicago and Ferdinand, Alfred and Otto Kaegebehn all of Hoboken. (The Baltimore Sun)

Note The address as listed by the Baltimore Sun might be in error. The Kaegebehn family appear to have lived at 801 Washington street as the 1900 census and other records show.

1900: 801 Washington st. Hoboken, Charles Kaegebehn 65, wholesale liqueur, Margeret Kaegebehn 62, 5 children 5 living, Ferdinand Kaegebehn 34, son, wholesale liqueur, Bertha Kaegebehn 30, daughter-in-law, Lydia Kaegebehn 30, daughter, Alfred Kaegebehn 28 Otto Kaegebehn 23

801 Hudson street - Hoboken Historical Museum

810 Hudson Street - Heitmeyer/Heitemeyer

1900: Robert T Heitemeyer 810 Hudson Hoboken, Occupation: Manager, Publication Title: Jersey City, New Jersey, City Directory, 1900 Heitmeyer, Clemens, 810 Hudson leather.

1905: 810 Hudson street, Heitmeyer, Clementz, age 60, born Germany, mfr. leather, Matilda wife age 54 born Germany, Elizabeth daughter, age 20, born New Jersey and three servants.

1915: 810 Hudson Heitemeyer, Matilda age 65 widow, Fagan, John age 33 architect, Elizabeth age 31 and Helen age 4 and others.

1875: Robertum Carolum Heitmeyer Birth: Aug 1875 Saint Paul of The Cross-catholic, Jersey City, Hudson, New Jersey Christening Date: 14 May 1876 Christening Place: Saint Paul of The Cross-catholic, Jersey City, Hudson, New Jersey Father: Clemente Heitmeyer Mother: Matilda Wegner FHL Film Number: 1403477

810 Hudson street - Hoboken Historical Museum

Theodore Clemens Heitemeyer (History of German Immigration in the United States) Born September 26, 1844 in Paderborn, Westphalia. Head R. Neamann & Co. a large fancy leatherworks in Hoboken. Member of the German Verein, German Liederkranze and Arion of New York and the German Club of Hoboken. Married Mathilde Wegener July 8 1874. They had: Robert, Elfrida (married Count Tareggi) and Elizabeth. Died in 1910.

R. Neumann and Company was founded "in 1863 as a producer of fine leather and leather goods; tannery. Located at 300 Observer Highway, Hoboken."

Hoboken Historical Museum

See German Americans in Hoboken

829 Hudson Street

1913: to Hoboken Stephanie Strohmeier 25 Oct 1913 from Germany Michlhein Age: 58 Gender: Female German Port of Departure: Hamburg Port of Arrival: New York, New York, USA Ship Name: Kaiserin Augusta Victoria

1915: Fred Strohmeier r[ear] 829 Hudson Hoboken, New Jersey, USA Occupation: Butcher

Otto (M Strohmeier & Bros) h 829 Hudson

M. & Bros (Fred W. and Otto) meats 119 and 1131 Washington

1915: 829 Hudson, Strohmeier [Shohmeir], Stephine, female, born 1855, widow, Otta, 1879, born, male, Germany, widower, butcher, Fred, born New York 1899 butcher boy

1928: Frederick Strohmeier, 45, butcher 119 Washington street died from monoxide gas in his garage at 741 Boulevard East, North Bergen 17 Feb., 1928

829 Hudson street - Hoboken Historical Museum

829 Hudson street - Google maps

Edward Henry Strother - 51 Hudson Street - Notary Public, Real Estate, Insurance, and Steamship Agent, and Ticket Agent for the West Shore Railway,

1878: Edward H Strother Residence Year: 1878 Street address: 236 Washington Hb'kn Residence Place: Jersey City; Hoboken, New Jersey, USA Occupation: Insurance Publication Title: Jersey City, New Jersey, City Directory, 1878

1885: Edw H Strother Departure Date: 16 Aug 1885 Birth Date: abt 1841 Age: 44 Residence: Hoboken, USA Occupation: Kaufmann Ship Name: Westphalia Captain: Barends Shipping Clerk: F. C. D. Muller Shipping line: Hamburg-Amerikanische Packetfahrt-Actien-Gesellschaft Ship Type: Dampfschiff Accommodation: Erste Kajute Ship Flag: Deutschland Port of Departure: Hamburg Port of Arrival: New York Volume: 373-7 I, VIII A 1 Band 055 A


Edward Henry Strother, Notary Public, Real Estate, Insurance, and Steamship Agent, and Ticket Agent for the West Shore Railway, No. 51 Hudson Street. Mr. Strother is well and favorably known in this community as a notary public, real estate, insurance, and steamship agent, ticket agent for the West Shore Railway, authorized agent for Transatlantic Fire Insurance Company, of Hamburg; Northern Assurance Company, of England; Sun Fire Office, of London, and the Lancashire Fire Insurance Company, of London ; Hamburg-American Packet Company, and the North German Lloyd, Bremen, and other steamship lines, also agent for the Mutual Life Insurance Company, of New York, and acts as general auctioneer. Mr. Strother has been established in business here since 1872, and has built up a large and active trade. He makes a leading specialty of the sale of steamship tickets on the different lines represented by him, and possesses unsurpassed facilities for accommodating every traveler to Europe with many requisites that make the trip across the ocean more pleasant and satisfactory. He is also prepared to place the largest risks in sound and reliable fire insurance companies, quoting the lowest rates of premium, and guaranteeing a prompt and liberal adjustment of all losses. 'His large acquaintance and intimate knowledge of the value of property make his services as a real estate agent of the greatest value, and prompt and careful attention is given to the interests of all who engage his aid. Mr. Strother is a native of Hull, England, but was brought up in Germany, has been a resident here since 1871, and is a gentleman forty-seven years of age. (Quarter-century's progress of New Jersey's leading manufacturing centres ... By International Publishing Company (New York, N.Y.) 1887)
1880: Washington street, Edward Strother 36, life and fire insurance, born Germany, Julia Strother 32, Ella Strother 7, Edward Strother 5

1890: Passport application, Edward Henry Strother, born 12 August 1841 and wife, Julia sophie Strother, born at Hull England, 12 August 1841, for a trip to Europe, Swore he was born at Hull England, August 1841 immigrated on the Westphalia from Hamburg on 15 September 1871 - had lived in Hoboken since immigrating naturalized Jersey city real estate and insurance 51 Hudson street

Julius (John) Boehmer - 121 Hudson Street - Restaurant

1896: "John" Boehmer, who kept a restaurant in Hoboken at 121 Hudson street, married Mary von Aspern in the Hudson County Jail in October 1896. Boehmer had gone to Germany where he met Miss von Aspern. On his return to the states he wrote to her and asked her to marry him. She said yes and arrived in Hoboken whereupon Boehmer refused to marry her. She brought suit for $10,000. "Boehmer was arrested on civil process and sent to the county jail in default of $5,000 bail." He agreed to marry her if she withdrew the suit. She agreed provided the restaurant was transfer to her and she retained Boehmer as a manager. [Wonder how that marriage went.] (New York Times)

1900: 119 Hudson: Julius A Boehmer 36, restaurant, immigrated 1891, naturalized, Mary Boehmer 29, wife, immigrated 18921 married 3 years no children, Anna Kemmerer 23, servant, Ida Youst 22, servant, Requira Hershal 41, servant, Adolph Werlander 26, servant, Henry Hermann 25, servant

1902: Julius Bohmer Departure Date: 23 Aug 1902 Birth Date: abt 1870 Age: 32 Marital Status: ledig (Single) Residence: Hoboken Ethnicity/Nationality: USA (American) Occupation: Commis Ship Name: Graf Waldersee Shipping Clerk: Hamburg-Amerika Linie (Hamburg-Amerikanische Packetfahrt-Actien-Gesellschaft) Shipping line: Hamburg-Amerika Linie (Hamburg-Amerikanische Packetfahrt-Actien-Gesellschaft) Ship Type: Dampfschiff Emigration: nein Accommodation: Zweite Kaj├╝te Ship Flag: Deutschland Port of Departure: Hamburg Port of Arrival: Boulogne; Plymouth; New York Volume: 373-7 I, VIII A 1 Band 134

1903: Frederick Struckmeyer, an iceman, confessed that he "systematically" robbed Brehmer's restaurant's ice box at 121 Hudson street for over a year and a half. In one week he took: pork chops, veal cutlets, calf's liver, mutton chops, sirloin steak, lobsters and oysters, porterhouse steak, and chicken. He was sentenced to jail for thirty days. (21, Jan 1903, Washington times)

1902/1903: Julius Boehmer 121 Hudson restaurant

1905: October 29th - A small boiler exploded in the basement fo Julius Boehmer's restaurant in Hoboken. No one was injured (The Locomotive, Volume 25)

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