Vogt, Herrnsheim, Germany

Herrnsheim Goehles

Vogt - De Vogt, Herrnsheim, Germany

  • All records from LDS microfilms 0958790 and 0958791 unless otherwise noted.

  • Herrnsheim (Herrn's heim), meaning Gentleman's Home, was a Catholic village just north of the city of Worms. The "Gentleman's Home" was the "schloss" (palace or castle) of the von Dahlberg (Dalberg) family.

  • The records in Herrnsheim for Vogth (de Vogt) are limited to those connected to Peter Vogt and his wife, Anna Catherine Peteriff, and to those connected to Heinrich Vogt and his wife, Anna. Peter and Heinrich appear to have been born around the same time circa 1650.

    Peter Vogt* and Anna Catherine Peteriff(in)*

    Birth: No later than 1653 based on an age of 20 years at his marriage in 1673.


    • Other than the marriage in 1673 there were no records for the name in Herrnsheim until the baptism of Gertrude in 1684. The next year there were also records for Heinrich de Vogt. It may be that Peter married in Herrnshiem but the family did not live there until the 1680s.


    Marriage: 22 November 1673 Petrus de Vogt cum Anna Catherine Peteriff(in)


    11 year break between marriage and first known baptism of their child.

    1. Gertrude Vogt* (1684-) and Franz Anton Heyl*

      Birth: Gertrude filia Petri De Vogt and his wife Anna Catherine 24 February 1684, witness widow Nicholais (can't read)

      Marriage: Honestus adolescens [honest bachelor] Francisco Heyl cum virtuosa virigini [ with the virtuous spinster] Gertrude de Vogt(in) May 1704

      Children: Anna Catherine (1705), Anna Catherine (1708), Marie Gertrude (1711), Catherine Elizabeth (1712), Joannes (1715), Joannes (1718), Philip Anton* (1720), Maria Elizabethe (1723), Anna Maria (1725) and Michael (1728)

      See Heyl

    2. George Vogt (1686-1752) and Anna Margarethe Yung

      Birth: Georgius son of Petri de Vogt and Anna Catherine 28 December 1686 witness Georgius -appha---

      Marriage: Youngman Georgi Vogt son of Petri Vogt and Anna Catherine his wife of Herrnsheim to virgini Anna Margareteh Yung(in) von Sargerrdin (?) in -otring Nicholas Yung ed Apilonia (his wife). No witnesses. 30 August 1713


      1. Anna Regina Vogt of George Vogt and Anna Margaretha wife, 9 February 1717, witness Anna Regina Kieser(in) filia Domini Kieser Procuratis Wormatia

      2. Anna Maria Vogt of George Vogt and Anna Margaretha wife, born 12 June baptized 13 same (year), witness Anna Maria Krieger(in)

        Death: Another Anna Maria baptized in 1724

      3. Andreas Vogt and ??

        Birth: Andreas Vogt of Jois George Vogt and Anna Margarethe 28 October 1719 witness Andreas Strum


        • Andreas Strum of Andreas Strum and Barbara 28-30 May 1732 witness Andreas Vogt son of Georgeo Vogt.
        • Andrea Gartner of Joannes Gartner and Gertrude 31 August 2 September 1742 witness Andrea Vogt son of George Vogt
        • Andrea Vogt of Philippi Jacobi Vogt and Catherine 13 August 1755, witness Andrea Vogt ex Kleinhorsheim


        1. Anna Margaret

          Witness: Anna Margarethe Krumbecker of Joannes George Krumbacker and Catherine 28-29 August 1748 witness Anna Margarethe daughter of Andrea Vogt

      4. Phillip Jacob Vogt and Anna Catherine Hagenauer

        Birth: Philippus Jacobus Vogt of George Vogt and Anna Margaretha wife born first day of February and baptized 3 day of same, 1722, witness Philipps Jacobo Metzgar of Berghausen prope --iram oriundo famuto p. f. marce superiori


        • Philippi Jacobi Conrad of Anthony Conrad and Catherine 28-30 June 1735 witness Philippi Jacobus Vogt son of George Vogt.
        • Philippi Jacobi Berger the son os his sister Anna Maria Berger in 1757

        Marriage: Bachelor Philippi Jacobi Vogt p. m. George Vogt and Anna Margarethe to virgin Anna Catherine Hagenauer of Joannes Hagenauer scabini and Anna Maria witness Joannes Haget and Joannes Jacobi Hagenauer fatriby quottin aller spose parensi valler verio con sanquin son patrum alyq ????, April 30, 1754


        1. Andrea Vogt of Philippi Jacobi Vogt and Catherine 13 August 1755, witness Andrea Vogt ex Kleinhorshiem
          Witness: Andrea Wahl of Joannes Wahl and Francisca 10 January 1772 witness Andrea Vogt son of Philippi Jacobi Vogt
          Witness: Andrea Humm of Josephus Humm satoris and Apollonia 7 March 1776witness Andrea Vogt son of Philippi Jacobi Vogt
        2. Catherine Vogt (1758-1818) and Tobias Wolfgang Heribert Schembs (1755-1815)
          Birth: Catherine of Philippi Jacobi Vogt and Catherine March 18, 1758 witness Catherine Conrad of Philippi Henrici Conrad senior wife
          Witness; Catherine Kottemer of Jacobi Kottemer and Maria Elizabeth 30 July 1769 witness Catherine Vogt daughter of Philippi Jacobi Vogt
          Marriage: 1780, Tobias Wolfgang (Per Jim Schembs, October 2008) - Wolfgangus Heribertus 08 Feb 1780 (IGI)
        3. Anna Maria Vogt of Philippi Jacobi Vogth and Catherine February 1761 witness Anna Maria Barth (?) daughter of deceased George Barth
        4. Maria Elizabethe Vogt of Philippi Jacobi Vogt and Ctherine 29 January 1764, witness Maria Elizabeth Hagenauer of deceased Joannes hagenauer scabini relecta filia
        5. April 14 A domi propter periculeum Catherine Vogt of Philippi and Catherine Vogt, witness Catherine Finch wife of Caspari Finche, 1765
        6. Anna Margarethe of Philippi Jacobi Vogt and Catherine March 12 1767 witness Anna Margarethe Schaffer wife of Petrer Schaffer. Note: Annne Margarethe Schaffer was the sister of Philippi Jacobi Vogt
          Death: Anna Margarethe Vogt of Philippi Vogt 2 years 9 February 1769
        7. Maria Gertrude Vogt of Philippi Jacobi Vogt and Catherine 1 June 1770 witness Maria Gertrude Hagenauer widow of Caroli Hagenauer
        8. Joannes George Vogt of Philippi Jacobi Vogt and Catherine 29 April 1773 witness Joanne George Schmidt scabini et civic hujate
        9. Maria Francisca Vogt of Philippi Jacobi Vogt and Catherine "A Maria" Schmidt wife of George Schmidtscabino 17 March 1776
      5. Anna Maria Vogt and Arnold Berger

        Birth: Anna Marie Vogt of George Vogt and Anna Margarethe 29-30 March 1724, witness Anna Marie Janson wife of Jacobi Janson

        Witness: Anna Maria Koltemer of Eberhard Koltemer and Elizabeth 23-24 October 1738 witness Anna Maria filiola of Jois George Vogt

        Marriage: Virgin Anna Maria Vogt of George Vogt and Anna Margarethe to bachelor Arnoldus Berger of Philippi p. m. and Agnetes, wife, 29 April 1749 witness George Vogt sponsa parente and Jacobi Janson


        1. Andreas Berger of Arnoldi Berger and Anna Maria 9-10 November 1750 witness Andreas Vogt ex Kleinhorheim
        2. Marie Elizabeth of Arnold Berger and Anna Maria 28 December 1752 witness Marie Elizabeth Hoff daughter of Peter Hoff
        3. Philippi Jacobi Berger of Arnoldi Berger and Anna Maria 1-2 May 1757 witness Philippi Jacobi Vogt panter incola hujates
        4. Anna Marie of Jois Arnold and Anna Maria Berger 23 May 1755, witness Anna Marie Seyfred wife of Jois Peter Seyfred curugi hic in Hernsheim
        5. Philippi Jacobi Berger of Arnolf and Anna Marie Berger witness Philippi Jacobi Vogt panter incola hujates
        6. Jannes Berger of Arnold and Anna Marie 24 November 1758 witness Joannes Sattler junior
        7. Joannes Berger of Marnold and Anna Marie 14 July 1760 witness Joannes Linder
        Death: None to 1770.
      6. Anna Margarethe Vogt and Peter Schaffer

        Birth: Anna Margarethe Vogt(in) of George Vogt and Anna Margarethe 7-8 November 1725 witness Anna Margarethe Krigerin filia Caspari Kriger

        Witness: Anna Margarethe Asnet of Jacobi Asnet and Margarethe 2-3 January 1744, witness Anna Margarethe filiola George Vogt

        Marriage: Virgin Anna Margarethe Vogt of deceased George Vogt and his wife, Anna Margarethe, to Petrus Scahffer oporficio vietor George Schaffer vietorus Anna Margarethe defuncte conjunge 20 October 1759 witnesses Joannes Schaffer scabino and Philippi Jacobi Vogt et alys


        1. Christina Louisa of Peter and Anna Margarethe Schaffer 19 September 1761 witness Louisa Schaffer wife of Paul Schaffer civis parisiensis; vice eies surpplevet Christina Schaffer Johann Schaffer scabinai coniux
        2. Anna Margarethe of Peter Schaffer victorio and Anna Margarethe witness Nanna Margarethe Cronouer wife of Larenz Cranaur 1763 (month day)

      7. Maria Barbara Vogt and Nicholas Scheck

        Birth: Maria Barbara Vogt of George Vogt and Anna Margarethe 5-6 June witness Maria Barbara Wilhelm wife of Jannes Wilhelm

        Note: Maria Barbara Wilhelm was a sister of George Vogt. See her marriage to Joannes Wilhem below.

        Witness: Barbara Vogt daughter of George Vogt to Barbara Betz of Stephen Betz and Maria Elizabeth 5-6 month 1749

        Marriage: Virgin Barbara Vogt of George Vogt and Margarethe sumdetoris hujates to bachelor Nicholas Scheck son of Peter Scheck scabini hajates and Anna Maria p. p. m. m. surviving son, witnesses George Vogt sponsa patre and Philippi Henrici Ertelmeier spose cutatore et alys 24 April 1752


        1. Philippi Jacobi Scheck of Nicholas and Barbara Scheck 13-14 January 1753, witness Philippi Jacobi Vogt
          Death: Philippi Jacobus Scheck of Nicholas and Barbara Scheck age 3 months 31 March 1753
        2. Anna Clara Scheck of Nicholas and Barbara 6 September 1756, witness Anna Clara Ertelmeyer daughter of Philip Ertlemeyer and Catherine
        3. Barbara of Nicholas and Barbara Scheck 11 January 1760, witness Barbara Kinhaussen from Klien Rohsheim absent, local substitute, Anna Margarethe Schaffer wife of Peter Schaffer
          Death: Anna Barbara of Nicholas and Barbara Scheck age 2 monts 11 March 1760
        4. Death: Philippi Henricus son of Nicholas age ? 4 February 1761


      • Joannes George Reinmel of Joannes Reinmel and Ursula 16 October 1726 witness Jois George Vogt

      • Joannes George Enger son of Henrici Enger and Margarethe p.m. wife to the young woman Anna Schect daughter of Joanne George Schect and Elizabeth his wife, witnesses George Vogt and Jois Jacobi Schect 12 November 1737

      • Joannes George Pauli of Jacobus Pauli scabini hujates 1-12 June 1744 witness Jois George Vogy (no other information)
      Death of George Vogt: 10 September 1752 George Vogt (no other information)

      Death of Margarethe Vogt: Margarethe Vogt of defuncte George Vogt relecta vidua no age, April 9 1759

    3. Maria Elizabetha daughter of Petri de Vogt and Anna Catherine "matris" "matrina est" 24 (Month page turned) 1690, Marie Elizabethe wife of (cannot read several words)

    4. Barbara Vogt and Johann Heinrich Wilhelm

      Birth: Barbara

      Marriage: Youngman Joannis Wilhelm ex Mon-ernheim Palatine son of Jois Henrici et Maria Eva to the virgini Barbara Vogt daughter of Petri Vogt p.m. et Anna Catherina witnesses Francisco Hail and Joanne George Vogt, 6 February 1719


      1. Maria Gertrude Wilelm of Jannes Wilhelm and Barbara 10 February 1721 witness Maria Gertrude Hail(in) daughter of Francisco Hail scabini hujates
        Death: Maria Gertrude daughter of Johann Wilhelms infant 3 weeks 2 march 1721
      2. Death: George "Willens" son of Joannes Willens infant 28 July 1723
    5. No other births or deaths to 1730.

    Death of Johann Peter Vogt: Before 1719 based on the fact that he was listed as deceased at the marriage of his daughter in 1719.

    I did not find a death record for him between 1690 and 1719.

    Death of Anna Catherine de Vogt: After 1719

    Heinrich Vogt and Anna _______

    Birth: circa 1654 based on death record.


    Marriage: Anna _________


    1. Antonius Henrici de Vogt Antonius wife Anna, witness Antonius Petri, 23 (month) 1683.

      Note: This record is confusing but is (I believe) a child of Henrich. Antonius son of Henrici. There is usually no separation or indication of any sort between the father's name and the child's. The thing that is confusing in this record is the repetition of the name Antonius.

    2. Georgy Adamy son of Henrici de Vogt and Anna witness Georgy Adamy Herthlmy (?) two word I cannot read) 8 October 1685

      Death: George Adamus Vogt adolesence [not married] 28 years omnibus --j -- bene merbus March -- 1716 (1688)

    3. Anna Maria of Henirici de Vogt and Anna, 7 Sept 1686 witness Anna Marie wife of Jois Ca-pen Schoffer (cant read word)

    4. Bathsheba Anna Margarethe of Henrici de Vogth "muter" [German for mother] Anna witness Anna Margarethe Schoffer(in) daughter of Philipus Schoffers 23 October 1687

    5. Anna Elizabetha filia Henrici de Vogth uxor Anna patrina Anna Elizabetha Adrian (cannot read) last word may be Hofberg, 27 August 1688

    6. Johannes Petrus of Henrici Vogt and Anna Sept cannot read day 1698 , witness Joannes _ et Petro Franz

    Death: Henricus Vogth ecclia (word) sacremento (cannot read several words) age 60 January 14, 1714 (1654)

    Death: Anna Vogt(in) age 70, widow, omniby semtis visi mumta, 9 August 1721 (1651)

    Death: Anna Elizabeth Vogt virgo ominbus sacrimenti -- mature pro-muntha actatis sua a 20 annunm March 20, 1713 (1693). Note: May reflect the death of Anna Elizabeth born in 1688.

    Odd Records

    Death: 5 April 1728 Margarethe Vogt mut er ex ------


    • Unfortunately, many cemeteries in Germany removed the old graves and grave markers (if they existed) to make room for new burials. Consequently there are not many old grave markers in modern cemeteries. The cemeteries that we have visited are lovingly maintained with beautiful flowers. Herrnsheim's cemetery was no exception. We did not find any Göhle graves. There were a few new graves for Harbauers and the Arnold and Bardong names were very common. The only older tombstones were for former burgermeisters. There were also a few older markers for fallen soldiers - including one for Bardong and one for Harbauer.
    • There were several listings for Harbauer in the Worms phone book for 2007.
    • The church records were recorded in Latin and the civil records were recorded in German. The church records were recorded in the Catholic Parish Church of St Peter in Herrnsheim. The records for Herrnsheim were (more or less) written in Latin. The spelling of the names varied depending, I think, on the whim or the person recording the event. "in" was added to most female surnames, but not all. Endings for male names varied with "us", "i", "o" being most common. However, in the case of Jo(h)ann it sometimes ended with "e". Most female names ended with "a".

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