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Heyl (Hail, Heil), Herrnsheim, Germany relation to Goehle

My ancestor Peter Goehle was born in Herrnsheim in 1852. He immigrated to New York City in 1873. Peter was the son of Louise Harbauer (the daughter of Laurenz Harbaurer) and Franz Goehle (both born in Herrnseim). Laurenz Harbauer was the son of Wendelin Harbauer and Franziska Heyl (born 1753).

  • All records from LDS microfilms 0958790 and 0958791 unless otherwise noted.

  • Herrnsheim (Herrn's heim), meaning Gentleman's Home, was a Catholic village just north of the city of Worms. The "Gentleman's Home" was the "schloss" (palace or castle) of the von Dahlberg (Dalberg) family.

  • The IGI indicates that the name was pretty common in Hessen and in Germany in general

1642 Herrnsheim record for Heyl

"Hans Heyl zu Herrnsheim und seine Ehefrau Maria bekunden, dass sie dem Hans Jakob und seiner Ehefrau Elisabeth zu Herrnsheim fr 10 Gulden 2/3 Ackerland am Mittelweg zwischen Johann Krumbcher, Schulthei, und Peter Decker verkauft haben - Zeugen: Georg Hanheimer, des Gerichts, und Niklaus Becker, der Gemeinde 1642-09-08"

(This record was sent to me by Peter Schulz, October 7, 2008)

Loose translation: Hans Heyl of Herrnsheim and his wife, Maria [sold to*] Hans Jacob and his wife, Elizabeth of Herrnsheim for 10 "gulden" [an amount of money] for 2/3 of arable land at Mittelweg [midway] between Joann Krumbcher, Schulthei and Peter Decker. Witnesses: George Hanheimer, of the court, and Niklaus Becker of the municipality


As Peter points out this records indicates that the Heyls were "an old family in this area".

*I had originally translate this as "brought from". In November 2016 Gerhard Redecker wrote that it should read "sold to".

____ Heyl★ and Anna Marie _____ ★


Occupation: ???

Marriage: Anna Maria ________

Note: This is based on the death of the widow Anna Maria Hail in 1726 age 70 and the limited number of records for the name in the parish.

Birth of Anna Marie ____: circa 1656, based on age at death


  1. Franz Anton Heyl★ (c 1683-1743) and Gertrude Vogt★

    Birth: Circa 1683 based on age at death

    Occupation: From the church records - Scabini - which the German Research Companion by Shirley J Riemer translates as "juror".

    According to the Worms Archive Report of 2007 Franz Heyl's occupation was verwalter which the German Research Companion by Shirley J Riemer translates as "administrator". While the church records continue to list the occupation of Franz Heyl's son, Philippi, as scabini the Worms Archive Report lists his occupation as Schöffe which they translated as "Juror".

    • 1727 baptism of Franciscus Antonius Haltenthaler of Michale Kaltenthaler fabri ferrari [horse shoe maker] 5-6 August 1727 witness Francisco Hayle juratus ecclesia et scabini
    • 1732 Catherine Elizabeth was the witness at the baptism of Catherine Elizabeth Hagenauer in May 1732 she was listed as the daughter of "D Francisco Hail sub pratoris hujatis
    • 1732, Catherine Elizabeth was the witness at the baptism of Catherine Elizabeth Holtzemer of Christopher Holtzemer and A Catherine 19-30 June 1732 she was listed as the daughter of "D Francisco Hail sub pratoris hujatis
    • 1736, Elizabeth filiola D Francisco Hail proctor loci witness to baptism of Marie Elizabeth Bech Posthuma ligitima filia of Francisco Bech and Barbara 15-15 March 1736. See also his daughter Maria Elizabeth as a witness in 1736.
    • 1738, D Francisco Hail was the witness to the baptism of Maria Elizabeth Gertz the daughter of Mathias Gertz and Maria Elizabeth 13-14 March 1738. He was listed as Pratoris hujatis communitates
    • 1742, Maria Gertrude Schaffer(in) of Adriani Schaffer and Catherine Elizabeth, 10-11 September 1742, witness Gertrude Hail(in) wife of Domini Francisco Hail pratoris lavia

    Marriage: Honestus adolescens [honest young man] Francisco Heyl cum virtuosa virigini [with the virtuous virgin] Gertrude de Vogt(in) May 1704


    1. Anna Catherine of Francisco Heyl and Gertrude 25 January 1705 witness Anna Catherine Vogt(in)

      Note: I am unsure who Anna Catherine Vogt was. Is it possible that it was Gertrude's mother?

      Death: Another Anna Catherine born in 1708

    2. Anna Catherine Heyl (1708-) and Christopher Holtzemer

      Birth: Anna Catherine Heilen of Francisco (cannot read, it doesn't look like any variation of Heyl but it must be) and Gertrude -- August 1708 witnesses Anna Catherine Burch (?)

      Marriage: Anna Catherine Hail of Fransisco Hial and Gertrude married bachelor Christopher Holzemer son of Philippi Holtzemer June 16, 1727 witnesses Philippi Holtzemer and Francisco Hail eclessia hujades et scabini

      Christopher Holtzemer: Peter Schulz says that Christopher Holtzemer was the son of Philippi Holzemer and his wife, Marie Agnetes. Their daughter Catherine Elizabeth Holzemer (b. 1723) married Joh. Heinrich Schoembs in Herrnsehim. They are included in the Schembs family tree.


      1. Maria Magdelena Holtzemer(in) of Christopher and Catherine 30-31 January 1730 witness Maria Magdelena Lambert(in) daughter of Wilhelm Lambert
      2. Maria Agnes Holtzemer of Christopher and Catherine 23-24 month 1734 witness Maria Agnestes wife of Phillip Holtzemer scabini et carpuno
      3. Andrianus Holtzemer of Christopher and Catherine 19-20 November 1739 witness Andreanus Schaffer canpona ad galleim gallen aciemi hie ???
        Death: Adreas son of Christopher Holtzemer 29 November 1742
      4. Death: Anna Maria of Christopher Holtzemer infant 2 July 1744
      5. Margarethe Holtzemer (1745-) and Jacob Goehle
        Birth: Maria Margarethe Holtzemer of Christopher Holtzemer and Catherine 20 November 1745 (or 46?) witness Maria Margarethe daughter of Andriani Schaffer cauponis ad sign ? galli
        Note: Andrian Schaffer was the husband of Anna Catherine's sister, Catherine Elizabeth. See Catherine Elizabeth Heyl and Adrian Schaffer below.
        Marriage: Widow Jacobus Gehlen to virgini "Mia" [Maria] Margarethe Holzemer d of Christopher Holzemer and Anna Catherine (wife) witnesses Christopher Holzemer sponsa patri [the engaged female's father] and Mathias Wenesheimer July 20, 1779.
        See Goehle in Hernnsheim

      Note: Christopher Holtzemer and Johann Holtzemer, who married Anna Catherine's sister, Maria Gertrude, were brothers - the sons of Phillip Holtzemer

    3. Marie Gertrude Heyl (1711-) and Johann Adam Holzemer

      Birth: Marie Gertrude Heyl of Francisco Heyl and Gertrude 16 (month - second to last entry), 1711 witness Marie Gertrude (cannot read three words)

      Witness: Maria Gertrude Conrad of Anthony Conrad and Catherine 28-29 September 1731, witness Maria Gertrude Hail daughter of D Fransisco Hail sub pratoris

      Marriage: Gertrude Hial daughter of D Francisco Hail victoris et scabini and Gertrude to bachelor Joannes Adam Holzemer son of Philippi Holzemer victore 1732 day month, witness Christopher Holzemer and Philippi Henrici Conrad.

      Note: Gertrude's sister Anna Catherine was married to Christopher Holzemer, son of Philippi in 1727, see above.


      1. Phillippi Holtzemer son of Joannes Adami Holtzemer and Gertrude 20- 22 October 1733 witness Philippi Holtzemer
      2. Christina Holtzemer of Adami Holtzemer and Gerturde 9-10 October 1739 witness Christina daughter of Jacobi Pauli
      3. Joannes Holtzemer son of Joannes Adami Holtzemer and Gertrude 5-6 August 1743 witness Joannes Hagenaur
      4. Maria Gertrude Holtzemer of Joannes Adami jurate ecclessia and Gertrude 15-16 November 1745 witness Maria Gertrude wife of Balthazar Wepmes telonary et carponis in We--horne
        Death: Marie Gertrude of Adreas Holtzemer 2 1/2 years 8 June 1748
      5. Joannes Henrici Holtzemer of Joannes Adami jurat ecclesia and Gertrude day March 1747 witness Joannes Henirco Schems victore ap--rd graterodum Dominie
      6. Agnetes Holtzemer of Adami and Gertrude 13 February 1749witness Agnetes Kindefer avia baptizata
      7. Francisco Ludovicus Holtzemer of Adami and Gertrude 13-14 September 1751 witness "Ludovicum" Schems son of Henrici Schemus victoiraq pul gradoni
      8. Joannes Adamus Holtzemer of Joannes Adamus and Gertrude 6 June 1755witness Joannes Adami son of Dni George Docker scribini haj scabentius and anna Barbara his wife

    4. Catherine Elizabeth Heyl (1708-) and Andreus Schaffer

      Birth: Catherina Elizabetha of Francisco Hayl and Gertrude his wife, 27 September 1712 witness Catherine Elizabetha _-ann--- (cannot read two words) first word maybe uxor [wife] second word may be "Caroli" [Carl]

      Witness: Catherine Elizabeth Hagenauer of Joannes Jacobi Haganeaur and Marie Elizabeth 19-20 May 1732 witness Catherine Elizabeth filia D Francisco Hail, sub practoris hujatis

      Witness: Catherine Elizabeth was the witness at the baptism of Catherine Elizabeth Holtzemer of Christopher Holtzemer and A Catherine 19-30 June 1732 she was listed as the daughter of "D Francisco Hail sub pratoris hujatis

      Marriage: Catherine Elizabeth Hail of D Franciscus Hail and Gertrude to Andreaus Schaffer widower, 7 February 1736 witness Adam Holtzemer and Laurence Derigo


      1. Anna Gertrude Schaffer of Andrian Schaffer and Catherine Elizabeth 21-22 September 1738 witness Gertrude Hail (no other information)
        Death: "Maria" Gertrude Sacaffet of Andiani Schaffer compore ad Gallum, age 3 years
      2. Anna Maria Schaffer of Andrian Schaffer and Catherine Elizabeth 13-14 February 1741 Anna Maria Raesin virgo (no other information)
      3. Maria Gertrude of Andrian Schaffer and Catherine Elizabeth 10-11 September 1742 witness Gertrude Hail(in) wife of Domini Francisco Hail pratoras. Note: Gertrude was the grandmother of Maria Gertrude. I have seen this before in German-American records. It shows that it was in practice in this part of Germany also.
      4. Maria Magdelena Schafferin of Andrian Schaffer and Catherine Elizabeth 9-10 November 1744 witness Maria Magdelena daughter of Semonis Frunch
      5. Joannes Caspari Schaffer of Andrian Schaffer and Catherine Elizabeth 23-25 February 1747 witness Joannes Caspari Koss scabini hujati
      6. Christina Schaffer of Andrian Schaffer couponi -- ad gallin and Catherine Elizabeth 19-20 April 1749 witness Christina daughter of Adami Holzemer

    5. Joannes Heil of Francisco Heil and Gertrude 28 - 29 December 1715, witness Joanne Burghur (?)
      Death: Joannes Hail son of Francisco Hail, 2 years and a half, infans, July 16, 1718

    6. Johann Heyl (1718-) and Marie Elizabeth Boxheimer

      Birth: Joannes Hail of Francisco Hail scabini and Gertrude 4 - 5 September 1718, witness, Joanne Geckerte

      Marriage: Joannes Hail relectus son of Dni Francisco Hail protores hujates and Gertrude (wife) to virgo "M" Elizabeth Boxheimer relecta filia of Heinrich Boxheimer and Catherine, witness, --- Boxheimer --- Hoff, 14 June 1746


      1. Catherine Heyl of Joannes Heyl and Marie Elizabeth 21-22 June 1747, witness Catherine Zitodern (?) wife of Damian Zito--en in vila transem
        Death: Catherine Hail of Joannes Hail infans 1 July 1747
      2. Damian Hartardus Hail of Joannes Hail and "Marie Catherine" 23-24 January 1751, witnesses, Damiano Hartardo -ildheim [Bildsten ???] ex -urstadt trans Rhein [unknown letter is the same as that in the name]
        Death: Damianus Hardardus Hail of Joannes Hail and Maria "Catherine" age 9 (years?) 28 January 1759
      3. Joannes Phillippi Heil of Joannes Hail and Marie Elizabethe 17-18 February 1753, witness Joannes Philippi Pitzheim son of Domini Hardardi Pitzheim m villa Bonheimnes hsi parochia Burstadeanne ???
        Death: Joannes Phillippi Heil of Joannes Heil and Elizabeth age 5 years December 3, 1757
      4. Catherine Elizabeth Hail (1755-) and Heinrich Kuhn
        Birth: Catharina Elisabetha Hail 09 JUN 1755 Katholisch, Herrnsheim, Rheinhessen, Hessen (IGI)
        Catherine Elizabetha Hail of Joannes Hail and Anna Elizabetha 9 June 1755, witness Catherine Elizabetha wife of Adriani Schaffer
        Witness: Catherine Elizabetha Heyl daughter of Joannes Heyl to Catherine Elizabetha Bosecher of Stephani Bosecher and Maria Margarethe 12 February 1772
        Witness: Catherine Elizabethe daughter of Joannes Heil to Catherine Elizabethe Ziepoff of Antony Ziepoff jurati ecclesia and Elizabethe -- November 1773
        Marriage: Virgin Catherine Elizabetha Heyl(in) of Joannes Heyl and Maria Elizabetha to bachelor Henrici Kuhn victore Joannes George Kuhn Compones ad signum aurei Leonis and deceased wife Maria Eva, 24 May 1774 witnesses Joannes George Kuhn and Anthony Roes Scabini Children:
        1. Marie Elizabeth of Henirci Huhn caupories ad signum Leonis and Catherine Elizabeth wife witness Marie Martha Kuhn 30 February 1775
        Death of Catherine Elizabeth Hail Kuhn
        2nd Marriage of Henry Kuhn:
        Children: 1777 and 1779 both children of Henrici Kuhm and Anna Margarethe.
      5. Stephen Stephanus Heil of Joannes Heil and Elizabethe 18 month 1757 witness Stephanus Betz incola hujata
        Death: Stephanus Heyl of Joannes Heyl age 3 years et mesi January 18, 1761
      6. Marie Margarethe Heil of Joannes and Elizabeth 21 October 1759, witness Margarethe Bildsheim daughter of Damian Bildsheim villici in Boxheim
        Death: Marie Margarethe Heyl of Joannes Heyl d mesi and 29 January 1761
      7. Anna Catherine Heyl of Joannes and Elizabeth Heyl 15 November 1761, witness Anne Catherine Holzemer wife of Christopher Holzemer Conjunge
        Witness: Anna Catherine daughter of Joannea Hyle to Catherine Scwheizer of Jannes Adami Schweizer and Gertrude 21 October 1776
      8. Anna Marie Heyl of Joannes Hyle and Elizabeth March day, 1764, witness Catherine Holzemer wife of Christopher Holzemer, vicar agente Anna Marie Bildsheim ex Bürstadt absentis
        Death: Anne Marie Heyl of Joannes Heyl 4 days, March 14, 1764

        Note: I am having trouble making out exactly what is written and I thought there was the possibility that Bildsheim/Pitcheim/Boxheim were all the same. In February 2012 Astrid Holzmann (who has graciously helped me in the past) wrote:

        Indeed they are not, if you look into the Ortsfamilienbuch of Bürstadt you can find a notice that Damian Bildstein and Johann Boxheimer were both fee farmers on the Boxheimer Hof (which is close to Bürstadt):

        Johann Boxheimer war mit Damian Bildstein (aus 0299) Erbbestä nder auf dem Boxheimer Hof; es ist die Verleihung oder Verpachtung eines Gutes an einen oder mehrere Pächter und seine Erben, dass es wie Eigentum vererbt wird.

        (file 0381, Ortsfamilienbuch Bürstadt, 1994)

        Seems that people from Boxheimer Hof had a close relation to Herrnsheim as there were marrying each other from time to time (Hagenauer, Heil, Zipp, Boxheimer, Bildstein...).
    7. Phillip Anton Heyl★ (1720-) and Anna Marie Margarethe Wallreuther★

      Birth: Philippi Antonus Hail ex thors Francisco Hail and Gertrude 16-17 October 1720, Witness Antonus Butt(h or n)er

      Occupation: Scabini = juror

      Marriage: Philippi Antone "Heyl" son of Francisco Antone Heyl to the virgini Margarethe Wallreuther daughter of Dni Christopher Wallreuther decimanuo receptiones et ecce hujates collectoris and Anna Amalia p. m. wife, January 28, 1744 witness Joannes Leib and D--- Holzemer

      See Wallreuther


      1. Christopher Heyl of Philippi Heyl and Anna Margarethe 16 October 1744 witness D Xtopher Wallreuther deci ma- rec-ptoris
        Death: Christopher of Philippi "Hall" age 4 May day 1748

      2. Michael Anton(ig) Hail of Philippi Hail and Margarethe 8-9 October 1745, something about Michael Anton Wallreuther but it is not levantes [witness] or testes [witness]
        Death: Michael Anton Hail son of Philippi Hail infans, November 16, 1745

      3. Richardus Hail of Philippi Hail and Margarethe 12-13 Jan 1747 Richard Pfeiffer civis et victore Wormatra (?)

      4. Maria Francisca Hail of Phlippi and Margarethe, 5-6 Jan (?) 1748, witnesses Maria Francisca Wallreuther Virgencella daughter of D. Xphor Wallreuther decimaru he --- (page turned)

        Death "Anna" Francisca Hail of Philiooi Hail and Margarethe age 4 years August 14, 1752

      5. Marie Margarethe Heyl of Philippi Heyl and Anna Margarete 27 Aug 1749, witness, Anna Margarethe Wallreuther wife of Dni Christopher Wallreuther conjunge T

      6. Anna Maria Hail - International Genealogical Index Gender: Female Christening: 01 OCT 1751 Katholisch, Herrnsheim, Rheinhessen, Hessen

        Anna Maria Hail of Philippi and Maria Margarethe 1 October 1751, witness Anna Maia Schaffer of Adriani Schaffer canpones ad Gallin Gallinociel

        Death: Anna Maria Hail daughter of Philippi Hail and Margarethe 4 November 1751

      7. Joannes Christopher Hail of Philippi and Margarethe 16 October 1752 witness Joannes Xphor Wallreuther et in-ector dicimaru ---- ecclesia p. t. collectore
        Death: Jo Xpher Hail son of Philippi Hail and Margarethe, infans 22 September 1752

      8. Maria Franziska Heyl★ (1753-) and Wendelin Hartbauer★


        • Franziska 18.09.1753, Herrnsheim, daughter of Philippi Anton Heyl and Anna Margarethe (Worms Archives Report, 2007)

        • Marie Francisca Hail of Philippi Anton Hail and Anna Margarethe 18 -19 September 1753, witness, virigini Maria Francisca Wallreuther

        Marriage: Wendelini Hartbauer son of Joannis Hartbauer and deceased wife Francisca married virgini Maria Francisca Hail of deceased Philippi Anthony Hail and Mia [Maria] Margarethe wife, witness Anne Harbauer and D Jos Georgo Fri-off 25, May 1779

        Children: Francisca Margarethe (1780), Franciscus Antonius (1781), Wolfgang (1782), Christopher (1783), Jacob (1784), Joannes Philip (1786), Anna Margarethe (1788), Francisca (1789) and Larenz* (1791)

        See Harbauer

      9. Petri Franciscus Hail of Philippi Hail and Anna Margarethe 22 - 23 January 1756, witness Adolescence Petrus Fri--- Wallsruether son of (too dark) Domini consuliary autici Wallsreuther.

      10. Anna Maria Heil of Philippi and Marie Margarethe 16 Month, 1757, witness Anna Maria Bexmann, virgini, of deceased D Conrad Bexmann hortulani
        Death: Anna Marie Heyl(in) of Philippi Anthony Heyl scabini and Marie Margarethe (wife) age 3 years May 31 1761

      11. Marie Elizabethe Heil of Philippi and Anna Marie Margarethe 24 May 1759, Marie Elizabethe Holzemer daughter of Adami Holzemer scabini et jurat ecclesia
        Death: Marie Elizabeth Heil of Philippi Antony Heil and Marie Margarethe age 9 mos. August 30, 1759

      12. Francicus Anton Hail of Philippi Anton Hail scabini and Marie Margarethe, 30 March 1761 witnesses Francicus Holzemer son of Adami Holzemer scabini et canpones at Leonu Cygni
        Death: Franciscus Antonus Heil of Philippi Antony Heil and Margarethe 3 mos 15 June 1761

      13. Catherine Francisca Heyl of Philippi Anton scabini and Marie Margarethe, 30 June 1763 witnesses Maria Francisca Zipoff wife of Georgus Zipoff dicimarum recept-- conjunge

      1730, Philippi Antonus Becherle of Joannes Becherle and Maria Elizabeth 10-12 July 1730 witness Phillipi Antonio Hale adolescence.

      1740, Phillippi Antonius Conrad of Anthony Conrad and Catherine witness Philippi Antonius Hail adolesence 78 March 1740

      1743, Philippi Anton Mahler of Philippi Mahler and Anna Maria 26 month 1743, witness Philippi Antonius Heyle Dmi Pratoris Helye legitimate son [this indicates that Philip Anton was the son of the pratoris Heyl]

      Death of Philippi Anton Heyl: Philippus Andonius Heyl scabini age 57 June 10, 1777

    8. Maria Elizabetha Heyl and Heinrich Schmidt

      Birth: Maria Elisabetha Hail(in) of Francisco Hail scabini and Gertrude 14-15 April 1723 witness M Elizabeth Conrad(in) fila Christiani Conrad

      Witness: Elizabeth filiola D Francisco Hail proctor loci witness to baptism of Marie Elizabeth Bech Posthuma ligitima filia of Francisco Bech and Barbara 15-15 March 1736.

      Witness: Maria Elizabethe Holzemer of Adami Holzimere and Gertrude 19-20 September 1736 witness Maria Elizabeth virguneula of D Franciscuso Hial Pratoris

      Witness: 1741, Marie Elizabeth Holzemy of Joannes Adami Holzemer 22-23 Kuly 1741, witness Marie Elizabethe daughter of Francisco Hail pratoris hujalis

      Marriage: Virgin Elizabetha Hail(in) of Fransisco Hail p. m. protoris in Herrnsheim and Gertrude to Henrici Philippi Schmidt of Joannes Schmidt and Maria Catherine in Liefelhiem p. t. ludi magistre catholig November 26, 1743, witnesses Joannes Adami Holheimer jurate eclessia and Ariano Schaffer caupone ad Galler-----

      Children: None in Herrnsheim

    9. Marie Hail(in) of Francisco Hail and Gertrude nata 15 Aug baptised 16 Aug, 1724, witnesses Marie Marie Rmpulin
      Death: Anna Maria Hail(in) daughter of Francisco Hail, Jurati and more, 3 years, 6 mos. (day motnh) 1729

    10. Michael Hail of Francisco Hail ------ scabini and Gertrude 24 - 25 March 1728, witness Michael Kalthenhaler, fabro ferraris [horseshoe maker]
      Death: Joannes Michael Hail son of Francisco Hail Jurati elecia et scabini April prima [1], 1728

    Franz Anton Heyl as a witness: 30 July 1701 Francisco Antonus of Christian Conrad and Marie Elizabeth witness Francisco Heyl

    Death of Franz Heyl: D Fraciscus Anton Heyl prator hujatus oppire et Juratus ecclsia age 60 February 9, 1743 (1683)

    Death of Gertrude Heyl: Marie Gertrude Hail, widow, D Francisco Hail pratoris age 62, 29 August 1745

Death of Anna Marie ___ Hayl: Anna Marie Hail(in) widow of ----- 14 October 1726 age 70 years (1655)

Franciscus Antoni Heil (c. 1792- ) and Catherine Aumann

Birth: circa 1792 son of Federich Heil per marriage.

Marriage: Franciscus Antonius Heil to Catharina Aumaenn Katholisch, Herrnsheim, Rheinhessen, Hesse-Darmstadt Event date: 15 Nov 1812 Father of groom name: Fridericus Heil Mother of groom name: Father of bride name: Mathaeus Aumann Mother of bride name: UDE batch number: M96645-2 Film number: 958791


  1. Sebastianus Finck age to Catharina Heyl Katholisch, Herrnsheim, Rheinhessen, Hesse-Darmstadt : 23 Aug 1836 Father of groom name: Georgii Finck Mother of groom name: Catharinae Schembs Father of bride name: Francisci Antonii Heil Mother of bride name: Catharinae Aumann UDE batch number: M96645-2 Film number: 958791
  2. Franciscus Heil 29y to Gertrudis Bardong Bride 23y Katholisch, Herrnsheim, Rheinhessen, Hesse-Darmstadt Event date: 28 Jan 1858 Father of groom name: Francisci Antonii Heil Mother of groom name: Catharinae Aumann Father of bride name: Johannis Bardong Mother of bride name: Mariae Magdalenae Lentz UDE batch number: M96645-2 Date range: 1779 - 1899 Film number: 958791

Early Heyl Records in Herrnsheim

18 January, 1643, Simson filio Jois "Hayls" --- judicialis Herrnsheim witness Simson Nicholas Strum??? --- Wormat m -- Pa---

25 August 1652 Johannes Hail pater in Gerno---- Maria Goppry uxor [wife] Marie Magdelena filia witness Anna Magdelena __ (Baptism)

31 March 1668 Anna Margarethe filia Jois "Hill" "Lutherani" witness Margarethe Hersell(in) (Baptism)

10 October 1669 filius (of) Joannis "Hall" luiatis Luthe Nomen [named] Joannes George witness -- profediata irbois Wormattid Luth (baptism)

1670 (day and month unclear) Jois Fridercius Heil qui in festo S? Matthia jarvice Catholice communicavil quo dia ? a me -uettosest Statis (?) 23 annos circa peneunten (?) (born circa 1647) (Death)

23 Aug 1680 George Adam Heil (cannot read six words) (record type unknown)


  • Unfortunately, many cemeteries in Germany removed the old graves and grave markers (if they existed) to make room for new burials. Consequently there are not many old grave markers in modern cemeteries. The cemeteries that we have visited are lovingly maintained with beautiful flowers. Herrnsheim's cemetery was no exception. We did not find any Göhle graves. There were a few new graves for Harbauers and the Arnold and Bardong names were very common. The only older tombstones were for former burgermeisters. There were also a few older markers for fallen soldiers - including one for Bardong and one for Harbauer.
  • There were several listings for Harbauer in the Worms phone book for 2007.
  • The church records were recorded in Latin and the civil records were recorded in German. The church records were recorded in the Catholic Parish Church of St Peter in Herrnsheim. The records for Herrnsheim were (more or less) written in Latin. The spelling of the names varied depending, I think, on the whim or the person recording the event. "in" was added to most female surnames, but not all. Endings for male names varied with "us", "i", "o" being most common. However, in the case of Jo(h)ann it sometimes ended with "e". Most female names ended with "a".

Cornelius von Heyl (1843-1923)

Birth: Circa 1843, Hermann Wilhelm Heyl, Worms, son of Daniel Cornelius Heyl (1818-1844) and grandson of Cornelius Heyl (1792-1858). He was the second of three children and when his older brother, Cornelius (1842-1861) died Hermann Wilhem took the name Cornelius. At age 19 he took over his grandfather's leather factory. The company were large scale manufacturers of patent-leather and the largest employer in Worms.

Johann Cornelius 29.2.1772 ✟ 2.10.1858 Worms was the son of Johann Cornelius Heyl 1758-1818 Schiffsmanns Kaufmann in Worms and Anna Elizabeth Leutz (1768-1805). He married Wilhelmina Luise Martenstein 1799- 1875

Johann Cornelius Heyl 1758-1818 was the son of Johann Cornelius Heyl 1721-1779, Schiffman in Worms and Anna Barbara Korner 1726-1801

Johann Cornelius Heyl 1721-1779 was the son of Johann Jakob Heyl 1684-1750 and Johanna Marie Printz.

The family was perviously from Bacharach.

The family genealogy is at Hessian Biography

"Unquestionably the leading figure of Hessian National Liberalism in the aftermath of 1884 was Cornelius Heyl. Forty-one in the year of Heidelberg, energetic and dedicated in the traditions of reform Protestantism — Laboremus was the family motto he chose — Heyl now commanded a personal influence unmatched in the Grand Duchy by anyone outside of the ducal family and the state administration. In a portrait done a year earlier by the famed painter Franz Lenbach, the man whom his enemies grudgingly called the Grand duke of Worms stares ahead with assurance, his even features firmly set in the manner of an individual who know he is listened to. Heyl was now a notable among notables. In 1884 he purchased the estate of the dukes of Dalberg at Herrnsheim, near Worms, and took up residence in its empire-style palace. In the same year he commissioned a more spacious and elegant home, the Heylshof to be built in the city itself. Thus Heyl already had adopted the style of an aristocrat when, two year later in March 1886, he was elevated to the hereditary nobility by his friend Ludwig IV and given the title Baron von Heyl zu Herrnsheim.

The splintered party: national liberalism in Hessen and the Reich, 1867-1918 By Dan S. White

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Franziska Heyl was married to Wendelin Hartbauer, their son, Lorenz Hartbauer was the father of Louise Hartbauer who married Franz Goehle. For more information on the Harbauers in Herrnsheim go to Harbauer


Phillip Heyl married Anne Marie Margareth Wallreuther. For more information on the Wallreuthers in Herrnsheim go to Wallreuther


Francisco Heyl married Gertrude de Vogt(in) in May 1704. For more information on Vogt in Herrnsheim go to Vogt

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