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Mathias Langan

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Pat Langan
Martin and Maggie Langan, circa 1890
Mathias, Penelope, James, and Brdget Langan, April 1, 1892
Ellis Island


Mathias Langan, his wife, Penelope Byrne Langan, and their children, Pat, Martin, Maggie, James, and Bridget immigrated to New York City in the late 1880s or early 1890s.

  1. Pat Langan

    I have not been able to find any immigration information on Pat Langan

  2. Martin and Maggie Langan

    Information in the 1905 New York City census and 1920 Federal census indicates that Maggie Langan immigrated to America in 1890 or 1891. She most likely immigrated with her brother, Martin Langan.

    Martin was listed in the 1900 census as having immigrated in 1890.

    Immigration information during the period of time the Langans arrived is generally available on naturalization papers. The problem is that I have not been able to find naturalization papers for Martin. Women did not file their own papers before 1922, so there is nothing concrete on Maggie. She became a citizen automatically with her husband, Joseph, in 1918.

    Several of the Langan/Walsh clan said that they immigrated on the ship Adriatic , when in fact they did not. The Adriatic made runs about once a month between Queenstown, County Cork, Ireland and New York City. Queenstown was the most common Irish port of debarkation for America.

    It seemed possible that somebody in the family immigrated on this ship, which is the reason the name kept coming up. I checked the arrival of the Adriatic in 1890 and did not find any Langans.

    I looked for a listing in the New York City Directories for Pat and Martin Langan in 1890 to see if I could find an address that would help me find Pat, Martin and Maggie up in the 1890 Police Census in New York. There was no listing.


    Censuses were taken in the United States every ten years by the federal government. There was a Federal census taken in 1890, but it burned before it could be microfilmed. In addition to the Federal censuses some states and cities did there own censuses. The 1890 "police census" was a census taken by the City of New York, but I need an address to be able to find anyone.

    Pat, Martin and Maggie immigrated before Ellis Island was opened.

  3. Mathias, Penelope, James, and Bridget

    Mathias, Penelope, James and Bridget immigrated on the S.S. Germanic, which sailed from Queenstown, Ireland and arrived in New York City on April 1, 1892.

    The ship manifest lists:

    • Mathias Langan, age 49, carpenter, nationality, USA, last residence NY
    • Penolope Langan, age 50, wife, nationality, USA, last residence, NY
    • James Langan, age 14, joiner, nationality, USA, last residence, NY
    • Bridget Langan, age 12, child, nationality, USA, last residence, NY

    They each had 2 bags.


    • There immigration is not listed by the Ellis Island web site. I found the immigration record the old fashion way years before the Ellis Island web site was opened. I wrote to them about the error of them not being listed but as of December 2007 they still do not show up on the web site.
    • I do not Know why the Langans are listed on the manifest as US citizens and their last residence as New York. This was definitely not true and I wonder if it caused them problems with the immigration inspectors.
    • James was clearly not a citizen in 1892; he was naturalized in 1913 .

Ellis Island

The Immigration Act of 1891 required all vessels arriving in US ports to have a ship manifest which included:

Government officials checked each arriving immigrant against this ship manifest. Entering aliens had to answer questions about their place of origin, destination and health. In addition steerage passengers were required to report to a federal immigration office before entering the United States. To facilitate this processing procedure the Federal Immigration Service opened Ellis Island on January 1, 1892.

Mathias, Penelopa, James and Bridget were among the twelve million immigrants who eventually passed through the island before it closed in 1954.

After a ship entered New York harbor, steerage passengers were transfer by ferries from the ship to Ellis Island. The ferries landed in a slip next to the main building on the island. The passengers debarked with their baggage and were tagged with their number from the ships manifest.

As part of the immigration process immigrants were required to undergo a brief medical exam to determine the fitness for admission to the United States. They were checked for contagious eye diseases, physical illness and mental diseases.

Immigration inspectors, assisted by interpreters, when necessary, interrogated each passenger to confirm the information listed on the ships manifest. This questioning lasted only two or three minutes.

The average time to go through the whole procedure was two to five hours.

Only about 2% of Ellis Island immigrants failed to gain admission into the country. Once these examinations were finished the immigrants were free leave. They traveled by ferry from Ellis Island to Battery Park.


The Children of Mathias Langan and Penelope Bryne

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Pat Langan

Martin Langan

Maggie Langan and Joseph Walsh

James Langan

Bridget Langan

Mathias Langan and Penelope Byrne Langan in New York City
Mathias Langan in Ireland
Penelope Bryne in Ireland
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