James Langan
Born April 14, 1877, Ballinrobe, Co. Mayo, Ireland
Died January 27, 1915, New York City

Anastasia Deveroux
Born Kilkenny Ireland 1879
Died New York 1965

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James Langan born Ballinrobe Ireland 1877

James Langan was baptized in Ballinrobe, Co. Mayo, Ireland, on April 1, 1877. The civil registration of his birth says that he was born April 14, 1877 on Glebe Street, Ballinrobe to Mathias Langan and Nappy Byrne Langan.

Note: Baptisms before births are a common Irish occurrence. The Irish had their children baptized almost immediately but reported the birth to the authorities when they got around to it.


James Langan immigrated to New York City with his parents, Mathias and Penelope, and his sister, Bridget, on the S.S. Germanic, which sailed from Queenstown, Ireland and arrived in New York City on April 1, 1892.

He was listed on the ship manifest as, James Langan, age 14, joiner, nationality, USA, last residence, NY.


James Langan was naturalized in New York in March 1913:

  • In his Declaration of Intention for Naturalization, dated July 20, 1910, James Langan listed his occupation as porter. He said that he was born in County Mayo, Ireland on April 1, 1877. He said he was 33 years old, color, white, complexion, dark, height, 5 ft. 11 inches, weight 158 pounds, hair color, brown, eye color, gray, and that he had with no visible distinctive marks. His listed his address, 319 E. 56th Street in New York City. He said he immigrated from Queenstown, Ireland on the vessel, Adriatic, which arrived in the port of New York on the 1st of April 1892.


    While he did arrive on the of April 1, 1892, the ship was the Germanic.

  • On the subsequent Petition for Naturalization, he said that he lived at 896 2nd Avenue. All other information he listed was the same as on his Declaration of Intention, except that he listed his wife, Anastasia Devereux, born in Kilkenny, Ireland and his five children, all born in New York:
    1. Elizabeth born October 9, 1903
    2. Thomas born August 20, 1905
    3. Agnes born October 7, 1907
    4. James born May 4, 1909
    5. Helen born August 16, 1911


  1. Waiter 1903 birth of Lilly

  2. Waiter 1905 birth of Thomas

  3. Conductor 1906 birth of Margaret

  4. Waiter 1907 birth of Agnes

  5. Waiter 1909 birth of James

  6. Porter 1910 Naturalization petition

  7. Waiter 1915 census

  8. Waiter 1915 death


  1. 225 E 43rd street birth of Lilly 1903

  2. 239 E 28th street birth of Thomas 1905

  3. 335 E 39th birth of Margaret 1906

  4. 335 E 39th street birth of Agnes 1907

  5. 228 E 45th street birth of James 1909

  6. 319 E 56th street death of Loretta Sept 1910

  7. 319 E 56th street 1910 Declaration of Intention

  8. 896 2nd ave, death of Mathias April 1913

  9. 896 2nd ave 1913 Naturalization

  10. 1485 2nd ave 1915 Census

  11. 1915 City Directory 1485 2nd ave waiter

  12. 1485 2nd ave death of James Langan 1915

  13. 200 E 78th street, Anastasia Deveroux Langan at her marriage to Pat Langan

Marriage to Anastasia Deveroux

James Langan married Anastasia Devereux circa 1901-02. I made a thorough search of the marriage records from 1900 to 1903 and could not find the marriage record in Manhattan or Brooklyn.

The information sheet provided by the New York City Archives says:

"Not all marriages were reported to the city. This is most frequently the case with marriages performed in the Roman Catholic churches."

The date is estimated on the fact that they had their first known child on October 9, 1903 and that James was still living with his parents in the 1900 census.


James Langan and Anastasia (AKA Statia) Devereux had:

  1. Elizabeth (Lillian, Lilly) Langan 1903-1992) and Ralph Moccio


    Civil Record: Elizabeth Langan born October 9, 1903 at 225 E 43rd Street to James Langan, waiter, and Statia Devereux.

    Church Record: I did not find the baptismal record. Jeff Casper thinks she was baptized at St Jean Baptist.

    Marriage 1928: Lillian Langan, 752 Westchester Avenue age 25, father, Patrick*, mother, Anne Deveraux, born USA married Ralph Moccio, 350 Pleasant Avenue, age 25, machinist, born USA, father, Joseph, mother, Louise Sircanrot (?), in Borough Hall Bronx on October 27, 1928 witnesses Mildred Weber** and Edward Langan*** (Bronx certificate #7123, 1928)

    *Lilly's father was James Langan the brother of Patrick who was her stepfather.
    **Mildred Weber married Lilly's cousin/stepbrother, Robert Langan, in 1929
    ***Edward Langon was Lilly's cousin/stepbrother.

    Lillys' mother Anastasia married her brother-in-law Pat Langan in 1919. See Pat Langan


    1. Louise, circa 1929 according to 1930 census.

      Death 1979: LOUISE MOCCIO 28 May 1929 Feb 1979 10035 (New York, New York, NY) (none specified) 053-24-0475 New York (SSDI)

    2. Ralph circa 1932 per 1940 census

    Initial information on Lillie's marriage and children from Jeff Casper.

    1930 Census: Lillian Langan was listed with her husband, Ralph Muccio, at 748 Weschester Ave, in the Bronx as follows:

    1. Ralph, Moccio, head Rent, #32, age 28, married at age 26, born New York, parents born Ireland, machine runner, S Berb--
    2. Lillian, wife, age 28, married at age 26, born New York, parents born Ireland
    3. Louise, daughter, age 11/12, born New York
    4. Helen Langan, sister-in-law, age 19, single, born New York, no occupation, "factory closed"

    1940 Census: East 120th Street, Manhattan, Ralph Moccio 36, mechanic biscuit co. Lillian Moccio 36 Louise Moccio 11 Ralph, Jr. Moccio 8

    Death of Ralph Moccio 1980: RALPH MOCCIO 23 Jul 1903 Jul 1980 10035 (New York, New York, NY) (none specified) 069-01-1618 New York (SSDI)

    Death of Lillian Langan Moccio 1992: LILLIAN MOCCIO 09 Oct 1903 26 Mar 1992 (V) 11235 (Brooklyn, Kings, NY) (none specified) 071-20-8740 New York

  2. Thomas F. Langan (1905-1978) and Henrietta Dunham (Durham?)


    Civil Record: Thomas Langan was born August 20, 1905 at 239 East 28th Street to James Langan, waiter, and Statia Devereux.

    Church Record: I did not find the baptismal record for Thomas Langan

    Occupation: Lather 1927

    Marriage 1927: Thomas F Langan, 752 Westchester Ave, age, 21, lather, born NYC, father, Patrick*, mother, Anne Deveraux, married Henrietta Dunham (Durham), age 18, born NYC, father, Joseph, mother, Henrietta Wagner, witnesses, Larry Beamma and Lillian Langan*, St Anslemo's, 673 Tenth Ave., Bronx, August 27, 1927 (Bronx Marriage certificate #5217, 1927)

    *Thomas' father was James Langan. Patrick Langan was his stepfather.
    **Lillian Langan was Thomas' sister. She was still single in 1827.


    1. Jean circa 1929 per 1930 and 1940 censuses

    2. Thomas Langan (1931-2009) and Katherine Mantz (1934-2005)

      Birth: Thomas 16 Jan 1931 per obit

      Marriage: Katherine per obit - Mantz (1934-2005 - ancestry.com)

      Children: Thomas Langan of North Carolina; Lynn Marie Dorman and Theresa Luhrs per obit of Thomas Langan

      2005 Death of Katherine "Cookie" Langan:

      Birth: Dec. 1, 1934 Washington Heights New York County (Manhattan) New York, USA - Death: Dec. 23, 2005 Goshen Orange County New York, USA

      "Kathleen 'Cookie' Langan of Greenwood Lake, a homemaker and longtime resident of the area, died Friday, December 23, 2005 at the Orange Regional Medical Center, Arden Hill Campus in Goshen, N.Y. She was 71.

      The daughter of the late Gustave and Catherine Rooney Mantz, she was born December 1, 1934 in Washington Heights, New York, N.Y.

      Survivors include her husband, Thomas E. Langan, at home; and her sister, Carol Doorish of New York, N.Y., as well as several nieces and nephews."

      Death 2009: The Daily Commercial Sunday 27, December 2009)

      Thomas Langan, Gender: M (Male), Age at Death: 77, Death Date: 11 Jan 2009, Death Place: Warwick, Obituary Date: 14 Jan 2009, Newspaper Title: Times Herald-Record, Newspaper Location: Middletown, NY, USA, Birth Date: 16 Jan 1931, Residence (at time of death): Warwick, Spouse's Name: Kathleen Langan, Parents' Names: Thomas F. and Henrietta Dunham Langan Childrens' Names: Thomas Langan of North Carolina; Lynn Marie Dorman and Theresa Luhrs Military: veteran

      SSDI - Thomas Langan Born 16 Jan 1931 Died 11 Jan 2009 State (Year) SSN issued New York - Before 1951

      Middletown, N. Y. - Greenwood Lake, NY - Thomas Langan of Greenwood Lake, NY, a retired construction worker and also formerly employed by St. Anthony's Community Hospital in Warwick in the maintenance department and the Greenwood Lake Elementary School in the maintenance department, died on Sunday (rest does not come up, May 2016)

      Thomas was born on January 16, 1931 and passed away on Sunday, January 11, 2009.

    3. Maggie. Information from Jeff Casper.

    Occupation: Plasterer. Information from Jeff Casper.

    1930 Census: Thomas Langan, in the Bronx Mapis Ave:

    • Thomas Langan, head, rent, $43, radio, age 24, married at 22, born NY, parents born Ireland, Lather ceilings
    • Henrietta, wife, age 20, married at 18, born NY, parents born NY.
    • Jean, "daughter", age, age 1

    1940 Census: Cauldwell Avenue, Bronx, Thomas Langan 34, wire cager, building industry, Henrietta Langan 30 Jean Langan 11, "daughter", Thomas Langan 9

    1948: Thomas Langan Plaintiff or Defendant: Defendant Date of Action: 20 Oct 1948 Place of Action: Bronx, New York Other Party: Henrietta Langan Volume Number: 11 Page Number: 215 File Number: 10429 Location: The Office of the Bronx County Clerk

    Death: Social Secuity Death Index, Thomas Langan born August 20, 1905, died in August 1978 in Fair Lawn, New Jersey, 07410 (059-01-4916)

    No record for Henrietta

  3. Margaret Langan (1906-1908)


    Civil Record: "Margaret" Langan was born on September 25, 1906.

    The record lists "Phinelpa", the daughter of James Langan, age 29, born in Ireland, occupation, conductor and Clara Kelly Devero, age 28, born in Ireland. The address was 335 E 39th Street. "Phinelpa" was listed as the 2nd of two living children.

    "Philnelpa" is how the record is listed on the index. On the actual record, the city seal covers part of the name and only "nelpa" can be clearly read on the microfilm.


    This is one of those records I love and hate at the same time.

    I am certain the this is the right birth record for "Margaret" Langan, the daughter of James Langan and Anastacia Deveroux who died in 1908 because:

    • There were a limited number of births recorded for the name Langan between the birth of Thomas in August 1905 and the birth of Agnes in October 1907.
    • Despite the strange spelling "Devero", the mother's surname, age and place of birth are correct.
    • Counting back from the death record, this child should have been born in August 1906. However, September is close enough so there is no real problem with the actual date of birth.
    • The clincher is the address, 335 E 39th; the same address for both the birth and death.
    The problems are:
    • James' occupation on all other records was "waiter". Did he have a job as a "conductor" in 1906 or is this a clerical error?
    • How did Anastasia become "Clara Kelly"?
    • "Philnelpa" is listed as the second of two living children when she should have been listed as the third of three living children.
    • Why was she called "Philnelpa" at the birth and "Margaret" at the death?
    There are enough malapropism in the Langan records that I have to believe that they had such heavy Irish accents that the clerks could not understand them. I am sure that "Philnelpa" is meant to be "Penelope". Obviously the clerk had no idea how to spell Deveroux. He/she may have been Italian with the "Devero" spelling. Where the "Clara Kelly" came from, I can't figure out.

    Church Record: I did not find the baptismal record

    Death: Margaret Langan, age 1 year and 5 months, the daughter of James Langan and Anna "Devereuo", died of Measles, brocho pneumonia and apnea on January 20, 1908. The family's address was 335 E. 39th Street. Margaret was buried on January 21, 1908 in Calvary Cemetery in the same grave as Penelope Langan.

  4. Agnes Langan (1907-) married John Bunyan, Archibald Bunyan and Carl Lundgren


    Civil Record: Baby Girl Langan was born October 7, 1907 at 335 East 39th Street to James Langan, age 30, born in Ireland, waiter, and Statia "Derveux", age 29, born in Ireland (Certificate #51374) .

    Church Record: I did not find the baptismal record

    Agnes on naturalization papers. See above.

    Marriage: John Bunyan circa 1924 - he was born July 30, 1898 - they divorced in 1942

    More on John Buynyan:

    1910 Census: New York - Alexander B Bunyan 41, Julia B Bunyan 34, Alexander B Bunyan Jr. 15, James B Bunyan 13, John B Bunyan 11, Archibald B Bunyan 6, Belle B Bunyan 4, Helen B Bunyan 1

    Death: John Bunyan SSN: 067-05-8285 Last Residence: 11373 Flushing, Queens, New York, USA Born: 30 Jul 1898 Died: Feb 1983


    1. Mildred dob October 24, 1925 date of death April 25, 1926 buried Calvary, mother Agnes Langan father John Bunyan (LDS)

    2. John 1928

    3. Geraldine Geraldine Bunya 20 Oct 1929 New York City, New York, US Certificate Number: 24594 -

      Marriage: David Noble - Date: 25 Jan 1949, Bronx, New York City, Spouse: David B. "Nobler", License Number: 749

      Death: Geraldine Ann Bunyan, [Geraldine Bunyan Noble], [Geraldine Noble] , Birth Date: 3 Oct 1929, Birth Place: N Y N Y, New York, Death Date: 27 Nov 2003, Father: John Bunyan, Mother: Agnes Langan, SSN: 058223758, Notes: Oct 1943: Name listed as GERALDINE ANN BUNYAN; Feb 1949: Name listed as GERALDINE BUNYAN NOBLE; 06 Dec 2003: Name listed as GERALDINE NOBLE

    4. Dolores circa 1931

    5. Arleen circa 1931

    1930: 972 2nd ave. John Bunyan 31, married at age 26, tile layer helper building, Agnes Bunyan 22, married at age 17, John Bunyan 2, Geraldine Bunyan 5 months

    1940: John Bunyan 42, tile helper, building, Agnes Bunyan 32, John Bunyan 12, Geraldine Bunyan 10, Dolores Bunyan 9, Arleen Bunyan 9

    1942: Divorce - Bunyan, Agnes plaintiff John Bunyan defendant vol 7, page 46, file 6091 September 9, 1942, Bronx

    Additional Info from Terry Noble DeGregoria July 2019:

    "she divorced him, his brother Archibald Langan married her and raised her children, John, Geraldine, Dolores and Arlene. They subsequently had one more child, Patricia."

    1942 WWII - Archibald Bunyan, Birth Year: 1904, State of Residence: New York, Enlistment Date: 31 Aug 1942, Enlistment State: New York, Enlistment City: Fort Jay Governors Island, - Warrant Officers, USA, Grade: Private, Term of Enlistment: Enlistment for the duration of the War or other emergency, plus six months, subject to the discretion of the President or otherwise according to law, Source: Civil Life, Education: Grammar school, Civil Occupation: Semiskilled warehousing, storekeeping, handling, loading, unloading, and related occupations, n.e.c. Marital status: Single, without dependents, Height: 66, Weight: 150

    1945: Marriage Archibald Bunyan Gender: Male Marriage Date: 1945 Marriage Place: New Jersey, USA Spouse: Agnes Langan (New Jersey Marriage index)

    Child: Patricia Bunyan dob after 1945

    Death: Archibald Bunyan, Service Info.: PVT US ARMY WORLD WAR II, Birth Date: 6 Jun 1904, Death Date: 17 Mar 1969, Service Start Date: 14 Sep 1942, Interment Date: 21 Mar 1969, Cemetery: Long Island National Cemetery, Cemetery Address: 2040 Wellwood Avenue Farmingdale, NY 11735-1211, Buried At: Section 2w Site 4232

    Marriage: Carl Lundgren 1974

    Agnes V Bunyan Gender: Female Marriage License Date: 1974 Marriage License Place: Manhattan, New York City, New York, USA Spouse: Carl B Lundgren License Number: 16491

    Death 1999: Agnes Lundgren [Agnes Bunyan] [Agnes Lundgrew] [Agnes Langan] SSN: 072182553 Gender: Female Birth Date: 7 Oct 1908 Birth Place: N Y, New York Death Date: 9 Nov 1999 Father: James Langan Mother: Anastatia Devereaux Claim Date: 25 Aug 1973 Type of Claim: Duplicate SSN - change or replacement. Notes: 04 Feb 1977: Name listed as AGNES LUNDGREN; 21 Aug 1973: Name listed as AGNES BUNYAN; 23 Nov 1999: Name listed as AGNES LUNDGREW

  5. James Langan (1909-1969) and Elizabeth Scanlon


    Civil Record: James Langan was born May 4, 1909 at 228 East 45th Street to James Langan, waiter, and Statia Devereux.

    Church Record: I did not find the baptismal record

    Marriage 1928: James Langan 752 Westchester Avenue age 18, laundry clerk born NYC, father, James, mother, Anastasia Devereau, first marriage, married Elizabeth Scanlon 1455 First Ave Age 18, born NYC father, William mother, Elizabeth Ryan, first marriage, at 413 79th Street Manhattan on the 15, January 1928, John W Cunningham RC priest, witnesses: Agnes Branigan (?) and Ralph Moccio. Note: Ralph was the husband of James' sister Elizabeth.

    1930 census: First Ave near 7th Street, Manhattan, James Langan head rent $25, age 21 married at 19, laborer building, Elizabeth wife age 21 married at 19, Stella Levetts, boarder, age 22, single, born Canada, operator telephone


    1. James William Langan (1930 - 2014) Metal lather

      Birth 1930: James W Langan 24 Feb 1930

      Marriage: February 26, 1949 Veronica McNamara

      Children: Veronica Awn, Anthony Langan, Thomas Langan and Paul Langan, all of Grant City, James Langan of Ocean Breeze and Elizabeth Langan of New Dorp

      2002: James W. Langan Jr.

      Jr James W Langan Residence Date 01 Nov 1999-01 Feb 2002 Residence Place Staten Island, New York, United States Phone Number (718) 987-1631 Phone Number Recorded Date 01 Feb 2002 Address 261 Bancroft Ave Address Continued Staten Island, New York 10306, familysearch.org
      2009 - 60th wedding anniversary:
      14 Mar 2009

      STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. -- Surrounded by their family, Mr. and Mrs. James Langan of New Dorp celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary at a party in their home, hosted by their eight children, who were all in attendance, along with their 14 grandchildren.

      Mr. and Mrs. Langan met at a community center dance in Manhattan where they both lived and were married Feb. 26, 1949, in St. Joseph R.C. Church.

      Mr. Langan was born in Manhattan and attended Murray Hill High School.

      His 59-year career as a metal lather began in 1947. A member of Local 46, Metallic Lathers and Reinforcing Ironworkers International Union in Manhattan, Mr. Langan served as president of the local for 12 years.

      An avid golfer, Mr. Langan meets with old friends weekly at various Long Island golf courses. He was a coach, referee and member of the board of governors of the Staten Island Pee Wee Football League.

      Working in their vegetable garden is a pastime the couple enjoy together.

      They are the parents of twin daughters, Jennifer Polimeni and Jane Marie Wright, both of Phoenix; Veronica Awn, Anthony Langan, Thomas Langan and Paul Langan, all of Grant City, James Langan of Ocean Breeze and Elizabeth Langan of New Dorp, and have 14 grandchildren.

      (Staten Island Milestones: Jubilees Anniversary announcements and photos from the Advance)

      Death: James Langan died December 9, 2014

      JAMES LANGAN Obituary LANGAN, James William Langan of Grant City on December 9, 2014. Beloved husband of Veronica. Loving father of Veronica Awn, James, Anthony, Thomas, Paul, Elizabeth Langan, Jennifer Polimeni, Janemarie Wright. Also survived by fifteen grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. Fond brother of Elizabeth Foley. Funeral from the Hanley Funeral Home, 60 New Dorp Lane, Saturday 9:00 A.M. Mass of Christian Burial St. Christopher's Church 10:00 A.M. Interment to follow at Resurrection Cemetery. Friends will be received 2-4 and 7-9 Friday. In lieu of flowers donations to Staten Island University Hospice or St. Christopher's Church would be appreciated. Staten Island Advance

      LANGAN-James W. of Staten Island, NY passed away on December 9th 2014. Jimmy is survived by 8 children, 15 grand-children & 2,300 loving Union brothers and sisters, both working and retired. Jimmy was President of Metallic Lathers & Reinforcing Iron Workers Local 46 from 1992-2005 when he retired. As a 50 year working member of Local 46, Jimmy represented his Union in every dignified manner imaginable. Jimmy protected work jurisdiction and helped negotiate 6 union contracts from 1993 through 2005. Born on February 24th 1930, Jimmy was one of the city's first responders to the World Trade Center attack on September 12th, 2001 at the age of 71. Jimmy Langan will fondly be remembered as a "Stand Up Guy" who put his love for his Union first while he mentored many others to do the same. He will be sorely missed by many, but remembered as an example as the pride of our Union by those who came behind him. Viewing will be held at Hanley's Funeral Home, 60 New Dorp Lane, Staten Island, NY on Friday December 12, 2014 from 2-4 & 7-9 PM. Mass will be at St. Christopher Church, 130 Midland Ave., Staten Island, NY December 13, 2014 10 AM. Terry Moore, Local 46 BM

      James Langan - with photo

    2. Thomas T (Terence?) Langan (1932 - 2009), Metal lather

      Birth: Thomas circa 1931 per 1940 census, April 5, 1932 per obit

      Occupation: Metal lather

      Marriage: Helen Roggio

      Children: Thomas Jr. Patricia, William, Theresa, Michael and Dawn (per obit)

      1994: Thomas T Langan Divorce Date 16 Jun 1994 Divorce Place Lake, Florida Certificate Number 036429 Thomas T Langan Helen (Ancestry.com)

      Death: Thomas T Langan age 77 died December 26, 2009 age 77. He was born April 5, 1932 in New York City.

      "He worked for many years as a metal lather installer and retired from local #46 on the Metal Lathers Union. Thomas was the beloved husband of Helen Roggio Langan, father to Thomas Jr. Patricia, William, Theresa, Michael and Dawn, and brother to James Langan and Elizabeth Foley."

      Leesburg, Fl.

      Thomas T Langan Birth Date 5 Apr 1932 Birth Place New York, New York County (Manhattan), New York, USA Death Date 26 Dec 2009 Cemetery Hillcrest Memorial Gardens Burial or Cremation Place Leesburg, Lake County, Florida, USA (Ancestry.com)

      Thomas Langan Gender Male Birth Place New York, USA Death Date 26 Dec 2009 Death Place The Villages, Sumter, Florida, USA Obituary Date 27 Dec 2009 Spouse Helen Roggio Langan Children Patricia, Theresa and Dawn; Thomas, Jr, William and Michael Siblings Elizabeth Foley; James

    3. Elizabeth Langan (married Foley) per obit of Thomas and James Langan. Sister of James Langan [per his obit in 2014] and Thomas [per his obit 2009].

    1940: Did not find them.

    Death of James Langan: According to the Social Security Death Index, James Langan, born May 4, 1909, died September 1969, in New York 10021 (067-23-2350)

    Death of Elizabeth Langan: ELIZABETH LANGAN, 19 Apr 1909, 29 Jul 1991, 129-10-5663, issued New York before 1951

    Note: Elizabeth Scanlon was the daughter of William Scanlon and Elizabeth Ryan. Her brother Joseph married James' sister, Helen in 1934. See Helen below.

  6. Loretta Langan ( July 1910- September 1910


    Civil Record: According to the information on her death record, Loretta Langan, was born in July, 1910. This record is too late for me to access.

    Church Record: I did not find the baptismal record

    Death: Loretta Langan, age 2 months, the daughter of James Langan and Stacia Debrews, died of gastro enteritis due to improper feeding on September 4, 1910. The family's address was 319 E. 56th Street. Loretta was buried on September 6, 1910 in Calvary Cemetery in the same grave with Penelopa Langan and her sister.

  7. Helen Langan (1911-1990) and Joseph Scanlon


    Civil Record: According to James' naturalization papers, Helen Langan was born on August 16, 1911. Her birth record not open to the public.

    Church Record: I did not find the baptismal record

    1930 Census: Listed with her sister Lillian, see above.

    Marriage, 1934: Dec 16, 1934, Helen Langan NYC (no specific address) age 23, daughter of James Langan and Anastasia Deveroux to Joseph Scanlon 147 1st Ave, age 23, clerk born NYC father William mother Elizabeth Ryan, St Anselmo 673 Tinton Ave Bronx, witnesses John Young and Elizabeth Langan. Bronx certificate #9533 1934

    More on Joseph Scanlon: 1920 census 1st Ave, William, head, age 37, truck driver, Lizzie, age 35, William, age 16, Thomas, age 14, Teddy, age 11, Elizabeth, age 10 Joseph, age 8, all born NY


    1. Helen Scanlon circa 1936.

    1940 Census: Concord Avenue, Bronx, Joseph age 28, salesman retain store, Helen age 28, Helen age 4

    Death of Joseph Scanlon: Joseph Scanlon BIRTH: 24 Oct 1911 DEATH: Aug 1982 - Bronx, Bronx, New York, United States of America CIVIL: New York OTHER: Bronx, Bronx, New York, United States of America

    Death of Helen Scanlon, 1990: Helen Scanlon BIRTH: 16 Aug 1911 DEATH: 10 Mar 1990 - Bronx, Bronx, New York, United States of America CIVIL: New York

    Note: Joseph Scanlon was the son of William Scanlon and Elizabeth Ryan. His sister Elizabeth married Helen's brother James in 1928. See James above.

  8. Mathias Langan (Born and died March 1913)


    Civil Record: This record is not open to the public.

    Church Record: Since he died at such a young age, I assume he did not have a formal baptism.

    Death: Mathias Langan, age 2 days, son of James Langan and Stasia Debereux, died of atelactasis (collapsed lung), on April 1, 1913. The family's address was 896 2nd Avenue. Mathias was buried on April 2, 1913 in Calvary Cemetery in the same grave as Penelopa Langan and his siblings.

  9. Patrick Langan Birth Date: 13 Jun 1914 Birth Place: New York, New York County (Manhattan), New York, USA Death Date: 14 Jun 1914 Death Place: New York, New York County (Manhattan), New York, USA Cemetery: Calvary Cemetery Burial or Cremation Place: Woodside, Queens County, New York, USA Father: James Langan Mother: Anastasia Langan
  10. John M. Langan (July 9, 1915 - March 1995) Married Alice and Edith

    In 1930 and 1940 censuses with his parents.

    Marriage: Alice ________


    1. Richard

    2. William (Billy)

    3. Kathleen

    When Johnny abandoned his family Alice stayed close to the Langans. (Terry Noble DeGregoria).

    Marriage: 1970 Edith

    John Langan, Gender: Male, Marriage License Date: 1970, Marriage License Place: Manhattan, New York City, New York, USA, Spouse: Edith Krueger, License Number: 18138

    Child: Jeffery Mark Langan

    Death: 24 March 1995 Hartford, Conn

    John M Langan Gender Male Race White Occupation MAINTENANCE Education Primary/Secondary Industry HOSPITAL FOR SPECIAL CARE Marital Status Married Birth Date 9 Jul 1915 Birth Place New York Address 39 WASHINGTON Residence Bristol, Hartford, Connecticut Death Date 24 Mar 1995 Death Place New Britain, Hartford, Connecticut Age 79 Years Spouse Edith Father's Surname Langan State File # 06009

    SS Administration: : John Langan [John Martin Langan], SSN: 112037088, Gender: Male, Race: White, Birth Date: 19 Jul 1915, Birth Place: Manhattan, New York, [N Y C, New York], Death Date: 24 Mar 1995, Father: Martin* Langan, Mother: Anastasia Deverou** Type of Claim: Original SSN. Notes: Jan 1937: Name listed as JOHN LANGAN; May 1939: Name listed as JOHN MARTIN LANGAN

    *his father was James - NOT Martin

    **spelling is NOT correct

    Find a Grave: John M. Langan Birth Date: 9 Jul 1915 Death Date: 24 Mar 1995 Cemetery: Fairview Cemetery Burial or Cremation Place: New Britain, Hartford County, Connecticut, USA

    Krueger - Langan (tombstone)
    1. 1904 Erich 1985
    2. 1910 Helene 2006
    3. 1915 John 1995
    4. 1936 Edith 1998

    John M. Langan PFC US Army World War II July 9, 1915 to March 24, 1995
  11. March 25, 1995 John M. Langan, an employee of the Hospital for Special Care in Bristol, died Friday.

    An Army veteran of World War II, Mr. Langan was a member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post No. 511.

    A former New Britain resident, he lived most recently on Washington Street in Bristol. He is survived by his wife, Edith Langan, and his son, Jeffrey Mark Langan of Bristol.

    Funeral services at the New Britain Memorial Funeral Home, 444 Farmington Ave., New Britain. Burial Fairview Cemetery, New Britain.

    Death of Alice Langan:


  • It is possible but not likely that James and Stasia had other children. These names were derived from James's naturalization papers, the interment list for Penelopa Langan from Calvary Cemetery and various civil records.

1910 New York Federal Census

I did not find James Langan and his family listed in the 1910 census.

1915 New York State Census

James Langan, waiter, was listed in the 1915 New York City Directory at 1485 Second Avenue. Although he had died in January.

A. D. 20, E D09, East 77th street, Langan, --ther, head 40 Ireland, housework, Lillian daughter 12, Thomas son 9, Agnes 7, James 6 Helen 4

Death of James Langan

James Langan died on January 27, 1915 at City Hospital. He is listed as being married, age 36, born in Ireland in 1879, occupation, waiter, resident of New York City for 21 years, son of Matthew Langan and Phinelepia Byrne. His former residence is listed as 1485 2nd Avenue, New York. James was admitted to City Hospital on January 19, 1915. His last illness was chronic intestinal nephritis, cause of death, broncho pneumonia. James was buried on January 30, 1915 in Calvary Cemetery in the same grave as his mother, Penelope, his brother, Martin, and several of his children.

The last person to be buried in this grave was Anastasia Devereux Langan Langan who was buried on October 19, 1965, age 82.


  • He was born in 1877. He was really 38.
  • He was in New York for 23 years.
  • The address is the same address listed as Martin's address when he died a few weeks earlier.

Marriage of Anastasia Devereux Langan to Patrick Langan

Patrick Langan, the widower of Catherine Hogan, and Anastacia Devereaux Langan, the widow of Pat's brother, James Langan, married on June 6, 1919.

Patrick Langan of 227 E. 74th Street, New York City, age 54, white, widowed, laborer, born in Mayo Ireland, the son of Mathias Langan and Penelope Byrne married Anastacia Langan of 200 E. 78th Street, New York City, age 43, white, widow, maiden name, A. Devereaux, born Kilkenny, Ireland, the daughter of Michael Devereaux and Bridget McCormick. The witnesses were John Joseph Thiers and Mrs. Mary Devereaux. The marriage was performed by Bernhard H. Gohlemann, Catholic Priest, 980 Park Avenue, New York City. This is the address of St Francis Xavier Catholic Church.

They had three children from this union! Ann Patricia born November 1920. Teresa circa 1922 Died age 4, 29 May 1926 Manhattan #15948 and William D. (Billy), 1924.

See Pat Langan

More on Anastasia Devereux

According to various records Anastasia Devereux was born circa 1877 in Kilkenny Ireland. Kilkenny is both a city and a county.

Jenn MacDonald provided the following information in June 2012:

  • Name: Statia Devereux Registration District: Kilkenny Event Type: BIRTHS Registration Quarter and Year: Oct - Dec 1879 Estimated Birth Year: Age (at Death): Mother's Maiden Name: Film Number: 101056 Volume Number: 3 Page Number: 442 Digital Folder Number: 4193457 Image Number: 00341
  • marriage record for her parents- on www.ithf.rootsireland.ie

    They were married 1-19-1879 at St. Canice's Parish in Kilkenny, Ireland. Michael Devereux lived on Walken Street. No names were listed for his parents. Bridget Cormack lived on Dean Street. No names were listed for her parents. Witnesses were William Hennessy and Marian Doran

Anastasia Devereux age 19 servant to New York on the the Campania arriving from Queenstown on October 3, 1896.

Grave - Calvery Cemetery

The tombstone is recent and lists


Beloved Father, James 1877-1915

Beloved mother Anastasia 1877-1965


Find a Grave info:
  1. Anastasia Langan Birth Date: 1877 Birth Place: Kilkenny, County Kilkenny, Ireland Death Date: Oct 1965 Death Place: New York, New York County (Manhattan), New York, USA Cemetery: Calvary Cemetery Burial or Cremation Place: Woodside, Queens County, New York, USA

  2. James Langan Birth Date: 14 Apr 1877 Birth Place: Ballinrobe, County Mayo, Ireland Death Date: 15 Jan 1915 Death Place: New York, New York County (Manhattan), New York, USA Cemetery: Calvary Cemetery Burial or Cremation Place: Woodside, Queens County, New York, USA

  3. Children: Margaret Langan Loretta Langan Mathias Langan Patrick Langan

Metal Lathers

All the sons and several of the grandsons of Pat Langan by his first marriage were metal lathers connected to Local 46.

See Pat Langan

Thomas F. Langan born 1905, the son of James and Anastasia, was a mental lather. James W. Langan born 1930 and Thomas T. Langan born 1932 the sons of James Langan and Elizabeth Scalon (grandsons of James and Anastasia) were metal lathers.

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