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Langans in Manhattan

There are not that many Langans in the New York records in the late 1800s early 1900s, so I am gathering anything that seems of interest. Several of the Langans in New York, with a variety of spellings, were Germans. Irish Langans in Manhattan include the following:

  1. Children of Thomas and Catherine Langan, Ballina Ireland

    1. Martin John Langan

      Birth: Nov 5, 1887

      Immigration: Martin Langan Baltic May 9, 1908, from Queenstown, Labourer, born Bellina Ireland father Thomas Langan Shanelough, Curry (?), to cousin, Patrick Heneghan 864 2nd Ave Brooklyn 5'8" fair, fair, blue

      WWIDR: Martin John Langan 325 W 50th Street, born Nov 5, 1887, Ballina Mayo Ireland, fireman Hercules Powder Co (can't read) single, Franciscan, mother Catherine

    2. Anthony Langan

      Birth: 18 November 1890 Balina, co Mayo

      Immigration: October 7, 1915, Ellis Island, Anthony Langan, labourer, Ballina, mother Catherine to brother Martin Langan 49 Columbus Ave NYC 5'7" fair dark hair grey eyes, born Ballina

      WWIDR: Anthony Langan born 18 Nov. 1890 Ireland, 325 W 50th Street, born Mayo Ireland, conductor 9th Ave RR 7th Ave and 50th streets, single, medium height, medium build, black, black

    Censuses: No

  2. James Langan and Rosamond






    1. Jane Langan, age 3 years 3 months and 28 days, born in NYC, the daughter of James Langan and Rosemond Langan, died on July 24, 1895 of Scarlet Fever. No city address given.
    Census: No Rosamond Langan listed.
  3. Lawrence T Langan

    Birth: Ireland circa 1831 son of Thomas Langan and Ellen

    Immigration: Circa 1851

    Occupation: Brick layer, clerk, messenger

    Residence: East 114th Street - 1896

    Marriage: Ellen/Helen

    Children: John, Mary, Annie, Thomas, Joseph, Ellen

    1860 Census: 2nd District Ward 6, NYC, Lawrence Langan brick layer, age 28 born Ireland, Ellen age 26 born Ireland John age 5 born New York Jas Feeney age 24, silver smith, born Ireland Jas Garvey age 28 plumber, born Ireland

    1870: Ward 6 District 3, Lawrence Langan, age 35, clerk, born Ireland, Ellen age 30, born Ireland, John age 15, Mary age 10, Annie age 8, Thomas age 7, Joseph age 4, Ellen age 7 mos. Children all born NY

    1880 Census: 2nd District Ward 6, Lawrence Langan, age 47, clerk comptrollers, Helen age 45 keeping house, John son age 25, at home, Mary age 19, daughter, at home, Annie age 17 daughter at school, Thomas son age 15, at school, Ellen daughter age 10 at school. Parents born ireland children born NY. Ellen

    Death of Lawrence T. Langan 1896: Lawrence Langan, age 65 years and 9 months, occupation, messenger, born in Ireland, in USA 45 years, father Thomas Langan, mother Ellen Langan. Address 29 east 114th Street. Died October 2, 1896. He was buried in Calvary.

    1910 Census: ???? Pearl Street Manhattan, Charles Maynagh (?), head age 41, married 6 years, advertiser publishing co., Ellen J, age 36, no children Ellen Langan mother in law, age 75, widow, 8 children 4 still living, born Ireland immigrated 1848

  4. Michael F. Langan and Teresa

    Birth: 1874 Ireland




    1910 Census: E 53rd Street NYC Michael Langan head age 36, immigrated 1886, butler private family, Theresa age 37 wife, born Ireland, Ann M daughter age 2 born NY, Julia Naughton, niece age 15 born NY

  5. Michael Langan and his wife, Mary Spitter

    Birth: circa 1870 Ireland

    Marriage: Not listed NYC grooms index

    Occupation: Laborer


    1. Sarah circa 1896
    2. Martin, son of Michael Langan, born in Ireland, age 29, laborer and his wife, Mary Spitter, born in Ireland, age 27, living at 915 3rd Avenue, born in NYC on August 19, 1899, the second of two children, Certificate number 31856

    1900 Census: West 56th Street, Michael Langan, head born March 1872, age 28, immigrated 1890, Na, laborer, Marina wife May 1872, age 28, married 9 years, 2 children, immigrated 1891, 2 still living, Sarah E, daughter, Dec 1896, Martin J son Aug 1898, age 1

    1910: Did not find

    WWID: Did not find Martin born 1899

  6. Michael Langan and Mary O'Driohan (?)

    Birth: Ireland circa 1872


    Occupation: Clerk


    1. Annie Mary, daughter of Michael Langan, born in Ireland, age 35, clerk and his wife, Mary O'Driohan (?), age 35, born in Ireland, was born October 27, 1907, address, 235 E 53rd Street, first child. Certificate number 58466.

    1910 Census: No

    WWIDR: No

  7. Michael Langan

    Birth: July 16, 1886 Mayo Ireland

    WWIDR: Michael Langan, born July 16, 1886 Ireland 420 W 26th Street, born Rossato (?) Co. Mayo, Ireland, truck driver, Frank Parker, married wife no name, 5'5" medium build, grey, brown


    1910 Census: West 56th Street lodger, Michael Langan age 25 single, born Ireland immigrated 1905, wagon driver

  8. Michael Langan

    Birth: Ballina son of Michael 7 September 1889

    Immigration: October 30, 1914, Michael Langan laborer, age 25, father Michael Langan Crevagh Rath Ballina to cousin John Sweeney 766 3rd Ave NYC, 5'8" fair, fair, gray,

    WWIDR: Michael Langan born 7 September 1889, 762 3rd Ave , born Cravagh co Mayo, boiler cleaner, NY Edison Co 40th Street, mother in Ireland, single, tall, sender, blue brown.

  9. Patrick Langan and Sarah Barne

    Birth: Circa 1870, Ireland


    Occupation: Stone setter



    1. Ann
    2. Mary
    3. John Thomas Langan born January 6, 1900, the son of Patrick Langan, age 30, born in Ireland and his wife, Sara Barne, age 28, born in Ireland, address 163 East 112th Street, the 6th of 3 living children, certificate number 5004.
    4. Sarah
    5. Luke
    1900 Census: 112 Street. Too dark with stain can't read first part. Langan, Patrick Sarah wife, Oct ___ married age 18, 3 children 3 still living, Name, can't read rest, Name, can't read rest, John T son born January 1900, age 5 mos, John Langan brother born Nov 1896, age 24, born Ireland immigrated 1900, born Ireland.


    1920: 1850 3rd Ave., Patrick Langan, age 49, immigrated 1887, Na 1914, stone setter building, Sarah wife age 44 immigrated 1889, Anne daughter age 22, typewriter office, Mary daughter age 19, none, John son age 18, clerk store, Sarah daughter age 17, clerk store. Luke son age 14. Parents born ireland - children born NY.

  10. Patrick Langan and his wife, Elizabeth Coleman

    Birth: Circa 1868, Ireland


    Occupation: Truck driver, stable boss

    Marriage: Elizabeth Coleman


    1. Catherine born September 19, 1900, daughter of Patrick Langan, born in Ireland, age 37, truck driver, and his wife, Elizabeth Coleman, age 33, born in Ireland, address 430 West 52nd Street, certificate number 36516.
      Death: Not listed in the 1910 census
    2. Martha circa 1902
    3. Thomas circa 1905
    4. Patrick, May 10, 1906, son of Patrick Langan, born Ireland, age 40, stable boss, and Bessie Langan, nee Coleman, born Ireland, third of three children, address, 430 W 2nd Street

    1910 Census: Ward 9, Charles Street, Patrick Langan, head age 42, married 11 years, immigrated 1882, NA, manager stables, Elizabeth wife age 40, married 11 years, 4 children 3 still living, Martha daughter age 8, Thomas son age 5, Patrick son age 3. Parents born - Ireland children born NY.

  11. Patrick Langan and his wife, Mary O'Connell






    1. Frances born January 6, 1900, the son of Patrick Langan, age 28, bartender, born in Ireland and his wife, Mary O'Connell, age 21, born in USA, address 401 E 78th Street, first child, certificate number 46963.
    Census: No Francis born 1900 listed.
  12. Patrick Langan and his wife, Sarah Noonan

    Birth: Circa 1874 Ireland


    Occupation: Strut setter

    Marriage: 1919 NYC #16354 Patrick Langan 1850 3rd Ave. age 45, single, strut setter, born Ireland father, Leady, mother, Annie M---on, to Sarah Noonan, 1850 5rd Ave 35 single born Ireland father Tobias (?) Noonan mother Mary Ma---on, min address 338 29th Street Manhattan April 1, 1919 x his mark she signed witnesses HD Devlin and Annie Calchavill


  13. Peter Langan

    Birth: circa 1871 Ireland father John, mother Jane

    Immigration: circa 1890


    Death: Peter Langan, age 27, single, born in Ireland, in USA for 8 years, father John, mother, Jane, last address 463 West 52nd Street, died on April 5, 1898 of Cardiac Asthemia, Pulmonary Tuberculosis, at City Hospital, buried in Calvary Cemetery, certificate #9358.

  14. Richard Langan and ______

    Birth: Circa 1819 to Patrick Langan and Ellen Gordon



    Death of wife:

    Death of Richard Langan: Richard Langan, widower, occupation, none, born in Ireland to Patrick Langan and Ellen Gordon, in USA for 23 years in NYC for 2 years died at age 76 in 1895. Place of death Metropolitan Hospital, no address in NYC. He was buried in Calvary Cemetery on November 5, 1895.

    Other Records: Nothing obvious on ancestry.com

  15. Thomas Langan and Johanna Sullivan

    Birth: Ireland circa 1865


    Occupation: Mason, brick layer


    1. Mamie 1889
    2. Maggie Langan (Certificate number 36262) born on September 21, 1891 to Thomas Langan, born in Ireland, age 26, mason, and his wife, Johanna Sullivan, born in Ireland, age 24, residing at 1590 2nd Avenue, the 2nd of two children. 1590 2nd Ave is at about 83rd Street.
    3. James Langan, the son of Thomas Langan and Johanna Sullivan Langan was born on July 24, 1893, certificate number 30336. Address 1590 2nd Avenue.
      Death: Not listed in the 1900 census.
    4. Kate 1895
    5. Thomas 1897
    6. Johannah 1899

    1900 Census on First Ave:

    • Thomas, head, born May 1865, age 35, M 12 years, born England, immigrated 1887, 13 years, Na, brick layer
    • Johanna, wife, born March 1866, age 34, Ma 12, 6 children 5 living, born Ireland
    • Mamie, daughter, October 1889, age 10, born NY
    • Maggie daughter September 1891,age 8, born NY
    • Katie, daughter July 1895, age 4, born NY
    • Thomas, son march 1897, age 3, born NY,
    • Johannah daughter February 1899, age 1, born NY
  16. Thomas Langan and Catherine Holliman

    Birth: Circa 1874 Ireland

    Immigration: Not listed Ellis Island.

    Occupation: cable car grip man, policeman

    WWIDR: Not listed on ancestry.com

    Marriage: Catherine Holliman


    1. Ellen circa 1899
    2. Anna circa 1901
    3. Martin circa 1903
      Death: Martin, age 5, son of Thomas Langan, born Ireland, and Catherine Halliman, born Ireland, died of Scarlet Fever, 1791 1st Ave, tenement, scarlet fever, 1908, forgot to write the date (1908 Manhattan Death Certificate #2686)
    4. Marie circa 1906
    5. Thomas circa 1908
    6. Lillian circa ??
    1900 Census: W 47th Thomas Langan head Nov 1874, age 25, married 3 yrs born Ireland, immigrated 1891, Na, cable car grip man, Catherine wife, Sept 1874, age 25, immigrated 1890, Ellen daughter Sept 1898, age 1 born NY

    1920 Census: No address, Langan, Thomas, age 47, immigrated 1898, NA policeman, Catherine wife age 43, immigrated 1898, Ellen daughter age 21, filer ship co., Ann daughter age 19 operator telephone, Marie age 14, Thomas age 12, Lillian daughter age __, Margaret Holliman, niece age 17 born NY

  17. Thomas Langan and Ann

    Birth: Circa 1873 Ireland

    Marriage: Ann in USA

    Children: No

    1910 Census: West 46th street, Thomas Langan age 30, immigrated 1894, lab building, Ann age 32, Catherine sister age 26, dressmaker

    1917 WWI DR: Thomas Langan 435 W 54th Street age 44, born Nov 6, 1873 Ireland, laborer, J Downey, 74th Street and 5th Ave. Wife, Anne Langan, medium height, medium build, hazel eyes black hair

    1920 Census: West 54th Street lab building, immigrated 1893 other info the same.

  18. Thomas Langan and Winifred

    Birth; Mar 18, 1879 Ireland


    Marriage: Winifred

    WWIDR: Thomas Langan 198 W 89th Street, age 39, born March 18, 1879, Ireland, fireman American Ca (/) W 95th Street, Wife , Winifred Langan, medium, medium, brown black

    1920 Census; W 89th Street Thomas head age 38, immigrated 1911, Na 1919, fireman hotel, Winifred, E wife, age 30, immigrated 1912, Na 1919, John son age 4, Catherine daughter age 1 year 6 mo.

Langans in Brooklyn

Pat Langan and Catherine Hogan lived in Brooklyn for a while. Their son Mathias said he was born in Brooklyn circa 1887.

  1. Edward Langan and May Byrne:

    1. LANGAN - On Wednesday, Claire, beloved daughter of Edward and May LANGAN (nee BYRNE), at her residence, 159 Congress st. Requiem mass at St. Peter's R. C. Church, Hicks and Warren Sts., Saturday, 9 A. M. Interment Holy Cross Cemetery. 1931 DEATH NOTICES..MAY Brooklyn Standard Union

    2. ROBERT E. LANGAN Greenwood Lake, NY Robert E. Langan, a retired accountant, Chief Fiscal Officer for Middletown and 27-year resident of the area, died Friday, Jan. 22, 1999, in St. Anthony's Hospital, Warwick. He was 66. The son of Edward and Mary Byrne Langan, he was born June 18, 1932, in Brooklyn. He served in the U.S. Army as a M.P. Sgt. during the Korean War. He was a member of B.P.O.Elks #2067 and Arthur Finnegan American Legion Post #1443, both in Greenwood Lake; past commander of Renahan & Hurley American Legion Post, Brooklyn; and a Village of Greenwood Lake Trustee from 1977 to 1983 and again from 1990 to present. Surviors include his wife, Ann Graney Langan, at home; one son, Robert D. Langan of Warwick; two daughters, Kathleen Turner and Claire Riley, both of Greenwood Lake; and 11 loving grandchildren. The family will receive friends from 3 to 5 and 7 to 9 p.m. today, Sunday, Jan. 24, at the Strong-Basile Funeral Home, 4 Oak St., Greenwood Lake. A funeral Mass will be celebrated at 10 a.m. Monday, Jan. 25, in Holy Rosary Church, Greenwood Lake. The Rev. Robert Sweeney will officiate. Burial will be in St. Stephen Cemetery, Warwick. In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be sent to Greenwood Lake Volunteer Ambulance Corp., Greenwood Lake, NY. 10925. Arrangements were made by Strong-Basile Funeral Home, Greenwood Lake. The Times Herald Record Obituaries for Monday Jan 25, 1999.

      Robert E Langan born 18 June 1932 died 22 January 1999 Greenwood Lake Orange county New York 10925 SSN 054-24-5190 issued New York (Social Security Death Index)

    Note: I believe that Edward Langan may be the son of Pat Langan and Catherine Hogan born in 1901. See the eighth child of Pat and Catherine under Pat Langan

  2. Thomas Langan and Catherine Kelly

    Birth: Circa 1844 Ireland

    Immigration :

    Marriage: Catherine Kelly in USA

  3. Children:
    1. Thomas Brooklyn certificate #14406, 1891 Thomas Langan 9th child November 26, 1891 1:30, 98 Carlton Ave 20 Ward, Brooklyn, mother Catherine Kelly age 39 born Ireland, father Thomas Langan age 47 fireman born Ireland

    1900 Census: Waverly Brooklyn Thomas Langan head born Sept 1844 age 55 married 28 years, born Ireland, fireman, immigrated 1867 33 years, Catherine wife age 50 born May 1850, 8 children 5 still living, born Ireland, immigrated 1872, 28 years, Edward F son, born Dec 1878, age 26, clerk dry goods, Margaret A Jan 1876 age 24, book folder, Bridget V June 1880, age 19, forelady store Ann F may 1884, age 16, at school, Thomas son Nov 1891 age 8

  4. Michael Langan

    Birth September 10, 1877 Mayo, Ireland


    WWIDR: Michael Langan 565 59th St Brooklyn, age 41 born Sept 10, 1877, cut off can't read it all

    WWIIDR: Michael Langan, 457 64th Street Brooklyn, age 64 born Mayo, telephone Windsor 9, 7440, born Sept 10, 1877 Ireland relative --silda Langan (daughter), same address, employer, NY City transit system, BMT Division, 385 Flatbush Brooklyn.

  5. Patrick Langan, Ireland circa 1828 and Barbra ____

    In September 2011 Robert Koch wrote about his Langan Family in New York City.

    Marriage of Patrick Langan to Barbra:


    1. Mary Langan
    2. Katie Langan
    3. Sarah Ann Langan
    4. Nellie Langan,
    5. Bridget Langan
    6. Anthony Langan
    7. James Langan

    8. Thomas Langan (1873-1909) and Eliza Nealon

      Thomas Langan, born 1873, in Scranton, Pennsylvania -- father, Patrick, & mother, Barbra (sic), born in Ireland (Sligo?)

      Thomas had 7 siblings: Mary, Katie, Sarah Ann, Nellie, Bridget, Anthony, and James.

      Marriage: Eliza Nealon, born 1873, in Scranton -- both mother, Mary, & father, Patrick, born in Ireland

      Eliza had 8 siblings: Kate, Bridget, Ann, Ellen, John, Patrick, Anthony, and Peter.

      Occupation: Thomas, Sr. and Eliza operated a tavern on Lackawanna Ave. (one of Scranton's main thoroughfares) until about 1903 or 1904 when their license was revoked because of strict blue laws (including no alcoholic beverage sales on Sunday) in PA.

      Children: There were 2 children of their union born in PA

      1. James

      2. Mary

        More: Mary married in 1940 to William Dowd ; they had one child, a son -- William, born in 1944. Mary continued to live in the 53rd St. apartment until the mid-70s (her husband had died suddenly in 1946) when she moved to a retirement community in New Jersey ("somewhere in Jersey")

      Move to New York City: The family relocated to New York City about 1904 and settled in Greenwich Village at 77 Bedford Street (southwest corner of Bedford & Commerce Sts.).

      Children born in NYC: Four more children were born in New York:

      1. Anthony who died in infancy

        Death: Infant

      2. Elizabeth in 1905

        More: Elizabeth married in 1933 to Frederick Koch; they had one child, a son Robert, born in 1938. Elizabeth lived on 54th St. until her death in 1972

      3. Thomas Jr. in 1908

        Marriage: Thomas Jr. married Anne Charner in 1939


        1. Thomas 3d
        2. Nancy
        3. Rosemary (now deceased)
        More: Thomas lived on Skillman Ave. until his death in 1969

      4. Rose in 1909

        Death: Rose died at age 29 in 1938.

      These 4 were baptized at St. Joseph's Catholic Church on Sixth Avenue and all 5 surviving children attended the St. Joseph elementary school. Mary and Elizabeth attended Washington Irving H.S., near Union Square. The boys attended Xavier H.S. on W. 16th St.

      Occupation in NYC: Thomas Sr., with the assistance of his wife and a young friend (John Walsh), ran a tavern at 74 Bedford St. across from the residence (southeast corner Bedford & Commerce Sts.).

      Death of Thomas Langan Sr.: Thomas Sr. died suddenly in December 1909.

      Eliza after the death of Thomas Sr.: Eliza was not able to run the tavern alone so instead she sold it and opened a grocery store one block north at 82 Bedford St. on the northeast corner of Bedford & Barrow Sts -- the present site of Chumley's. And the family moved to the same building, the address of which was 58 Barrow St.

      Move to Queens: About 1925, the family left the Village and moved to a 5-room railroad apartment in the Mathews houses on 53rd St. in Woodside, Queens, mainly because daughter Rose, still in high school, had developed a rheumatic heart condition.

      Death of Elizabeth: Mother Eliza died in 1948 of pneumonia.

  6. 1880 Census Scranton, Pa.: Patrick Langan, 52, peddler, Barbra Langan, 46, keeping house, Mary Langan, 22, at home, Katie Langan, 20, seamstress, Sarah Ann Langan, 18,working in silk factory, Nellie Langan, 12, at school Bridget Langan, 12,at school, Anthony Langan, 15, printer, Thomas Langan, 7, James Langan, 4, parents born Ireland, children born Pa.

    More: The earliest Langan known to have entered the United States arrived at Philadelphia in 1817 aboard the ship Elizabeth. The name in that record is spelled: Langin. The Langan name also appears later during the 1860s and 1870s in connection with the Pinkerton persecution of the Molly Maguires, the labor movement in the coal-mining regions of northeastern Pennsylvania.

    More on Scranton, Pa.: Scranton is in the anthracite coal-mining area of northeastern Pennsylvania, about 90 miles northwest of New York City.

    NY Times, May 18,1909 Scranton Baseball Man fined E.J. Coleman, President of Scranton Baseball was fined $4 in connection with an attempt to play baseball on Sunday. The attempt to play was in violation of Pennsylvania's blue laws. The case against the players was continued.

    More on the Tavern run by Thomas Langan in Scranton: The family has always insisted that Thomas Sr. did, in fact, shut the tavern to the public on Sundays but invited his men friends and relatives, most of whom worked the mines the other six days of the week, to come to relax, play cards, and chat on the premises and that he served them free beers during these get-togethers. The family has always placed blame for this injustice on the head of the then-popular and influential fundamentalist preacher, Billy Sunday, not-so-affectionately referred to by Eliza until her death nearly 50 years later as " that damned Billy Sunday." See www.billysunday.org.

    Langans in Scranton: All the other Langan and Nealon relatives remained in the Scranton area.

    77 Bedford Street NYC: The adjoining, attached house was and remains the famous 75 1/2 Bedford St., "the narrowest house in New York", where several famous persons, including poet Edna St. Vincent Millay, actors Maurice Evans, Cary Grant, and John Barrymore, and anthropologist Margaret Mead have lived.

    John Walsh: Family oral history has John Walsh as the proprietor later of a tavern on W. 14th St. which he operated still later as a speakeasy during the Prohibition Era. In about 1926, Walsh helped Thomas Jr. get into the Steamfitters Union which was then under the control of Tammany Hall and, at about the same time, Walsh told Thomas Jr. that he had made "a million dollars bootlegging." Thomas Sr's widow, Eliza, regarded John Walsh as a "saint" because he helped the family in so many ways during the very difficult years following her husbandŐs untimely death in 1909.

    27 Barrow Street: Greenwich House at 27 Barrow St., "just a few doors down," opened in 1902. Elizabeth Langan liked to relate how she and her sisters, Mary and Rose, enjoyed many happy hours at the then-young settlement house which has been a home-away-from-home for so many during its 100+ years of operation.

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