Patrick J. Langan
Born May 5, 1866 Ballinrobe, Co. Mayo, Ireland
Died 1941, New York City

First wife of Patrick Langan:
Kate Hogan
North Adams, Massachusetts, 1867
Died 1912 New York City

Second wife of Patrick Langan:
Anastasia Devereux
Born Ireland circa 1876
Died 1965

She was the widow of his brother, James Langan

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Pat Langan born 1866, Ballinrobe, County Mayo, Ireland

Pat Langan, the son of Mathias Langan and Penelope Byrne was baptized on March 15, 1866.

The civil registration of his birth lists his birth as occurring on May 5, 1866, Creagh Road, Ballinrobe.

Note: Baptisms before births are a common Irish occurrence. The Irish had their children baptized almost immediately but reported the birth to the authorities when they got around to it.

Immigration, before 1886

I have not been able to find any immigration information on Pat Langan.

On the 1910 census he listed his immigration date as 1881. In 1930 he listed it as 1880. Patrick Langan was married in 1887 in Springfield, Massachusetts. See below.


He did list himself as naturalized in the 1910, 1915 and 1940 censuses, but not naturalized in the 1930 census.

In the 1925 census he gave his naturalization in 1888 in Brooklyn.

Langan, Patrick County Court Kings, October 10, 1888, vol 176 record # 240 no occupation, no date of birth, no port or date of arrival, renounced the Queen of the United Kingdom, of Great Britain and Ireland, witness Michael Byrne*.

Signature of Patrick Langan on Naturalization papers.

Byrne was the maiden name of Patrick's mother, Nappy.

Occupations of Pat Langan

  1. 1887 Massachusetts, laborer, marriage

  2. 1895 New York laborer

  3. 1897 laborer

  4. 1899 doorman

  5. 1901 laborer

  6. 1905 helper mason

  7. 1906, laborer

  8. 1910 helper building

  9. 1915 laborer building

  10. 1916, carpenter

  11. 1919 laborer

  12. 1925 bridge tndr dept P & S r 200 E 78th street

  13. 1930 painter

  14. 1940 no occupation

  15. 1941 retired bridge tender


  1. Pat Langan, labourer, was listed in the 1894/95 NYC directory at 423 E. 19th Street.

  2. Pat Langan, labourer, was listed in the 1895/96 NYC directory at 429 E. 19th Street.

  3. Not listed in the 1890/1, 1892/3 or 1893/4 directories.

  4. Listed at "427" E 19th street at the birth of Katie Langan in 1895 and Penelope in 1897.

  5. Listed at 445 E 52 in 1899 at the birth of Patrick.

  6. 1916: Patk J. Langan, carp, r 208 E 44th street.
    Edward Langan was born at this address in 1901. Baby Boy Langan was born at the address in 1906. the family was at this address in the 1910 census. Catherine Hogan Langan died at this address in 1912., Frank Langan was at this address in 1917 when he registered for the draft.

  7. 1925: r 200 E 78th street

First Marriage, Kate Hogan, 1887, Springfield Massachusetts

In March 2009 Robert Dooley graciously sent me a copy of the marriage record of Patrick Langan and Kate Hogan. The marriage took place in Springfield, Massachusetts: :

Springfield June 26, 1887 July 1887, Patrick Langan of Springfield age 21, laborer, born Ireland, father, Matthew, mother, Nappy, first marriage, to Kate Hogan Springfield, age 20 domestic, born No. Adams, father, Patrick, mother, Ellen, first marriage. Austin O'Grady, Clergyman, Springfield, Langan, Patrick, Springfield, 1887, 379, 484 Marriage
Date of birth of Kate Hogan: Circa 1867-1870

Parents of Kate Hogan: Her marriage and death records both list, father, Patrick, mother, Ellen. Her death lists her mother as Ellen Hackett.

Place of birth of Kate Hogan:

  • North Adams, Massachusetts. According to her marriage records she was "Catherine".
  • NYC, According to the birth certificate of her daughter, Kate, in 1895,
  • Massachusetts, According to the death certificate of her daughter, Penelope in 1897 and the 1910 census
There are several Hogans in Adams Mass. in the 1870 and 1880 censuses but I did not find Kate, Patrick and Ellen.

Note: She was generally listed as Kate, but there are a sprinkling of records under "Catherine" and "Katherine".

Children of Patrick Langan and Kate Hogan

Pat Langan and Kate Hogan had:

  1. Mathias [Matthew] Patrick Langan (1887/9-1928) and Frances Jaeger

    Birth: According to his marriage license, Matthias Langan was born in Brooklyn circa 1887, the son of Pat Langan and Kate Hogan.

    1889 per 1910 census.

    Civil Record: I could not find any birth records at the NYC Archives (Manhattan or Brooklyn) for Mathias Langan.

    Baptism: I did not find a baptismal record for Matthias Langan.


    • This is the only indication that the Langans lived in Brooklyn

    Occupation: Metal Lather (1915 marriage)

    1910: With his parents - Matty Langan - lather building. See below.

    Marriage 1915: Mathias Langan married Frances Jaeger on November 15, 1915 in the Municipal Building in NYC (1915 Manhattan certificate #27896). Mathias Langan, address, 1539 Avenue A, age 28, white, single, occupation, Lather, birthplace, Brooklyn, father, Pat Langan, mother, Kate Hogan. Frances Jaeger, address, 1539 Avenue A, age 21, white, single, born in NYC, father, Jacob Jaeger, mother, Minnie Siebert.


    1. Patrick circa 1916

    2. Edward circa 1919

    WWI Draft Registration: Matthias Patrick Langan age 29, 419 East 81 st NYC, dob July 12, 1888 Brooklyn N Y, Iron worker, Industrial Concrete Steel Co, West Brighton Staten Island, wife and child 5 mos Fireman in Navy, med height, medium build blue eyes dark brown hair

    WWI Military Service: Langan, Matthias Patrick, 419 E 81 St., New York, inducted NYC July 29, 1918, place of birth Brooklyn, DOB July 12, 1888, 16 Co 152 Dep Brig to Aug 16/18; Co B 68 Inf to 31/19; 5 Co 152 Dep Brig to disch, Pvt, did not serve overseas, Honorable Discharge Fev 8/19 Service start age 27 service discharge age 30. Fireman 3 class. USS Maine at New York

    1920 Census:Manhattan, Under Langlan by search Matthias Patrick Langlan 33, metal lather construc., Frances Langlan 25, wife, Patrick Langlan 4 Edward Langlan 1 Minnie "Jarger" 47, widow, mother in law, born Waldeck Germany

    I did not find Frances in the 1930 census.

    Death of Matthew Langan, 1928: Matthew Langan married age 40, metal lather, born US, father, Patrick Langan born Ireland, mother, Catherine Hogan born US, buried Calvary, autopsy, City Mortuary, 27 Nob 1928, chronic nephritis, broncho pneumonia, date of burial scratched out

    Death of Frances Langan 1979: Frances M Langan [Frances M Jaeger] Gender: Female Race: White Birth Date: 19 May 1894 Birth Place: New York City, New York [New York Cit] Father: Jacob Jaeger Mother: Minnie Seibert Type of Claim: Original SSN. Additional Information: Birth record established before age of 5. Notes: 15 Jun 1979: Name listed as FRANCES M LANGAN

    1910: Jacob Jaeger 37, baker born Germany, Minnie Jaeger 37 Frances Jaeger 15 Annie Jaeger 13

  2. John Thomas Langan (1891-1898)

    Birth: John Thomas Langan was born in NYC circa 1891.

    Civil Record: I did not find his birth certificate.

    Church Record: I did not find his baptismal record.

    Death, 1898: John Thomas Langan, the son of Patrick Langan and Catherine Hogan, died on December 3, 1898 at 5:25 PM at the age of 7 years 7 months and 24 days (1898 Manhattan certificate #33775). The cause of death was "convulsions secondary to acute endocarditis (valvular)". John Thomas Langan was in the care of a doctor from November 19, 1898 to December 3, 1898. He was buried on December 5, 1898 in Holy Cross Cemetery. The address at the time of his death was 445 East 52nd Street

    Note: This ailment could have been the result of an infection, such as "strep" throat.

  3. Francis E. (Frank) Langan (1892-1968) and Lillian Zimmerman


    Civil Record: There is a Sept 12, 1892 Manhattan birth certificate for a Frank Langan but it is not him.

    Church Record: Francis E. Langan, the son of Patrick Langan and Catherine Hogan, was born on October "9", 1892 and baptized on October 22, 1892. The sponsors were John Heffernan and Margaret Langan. This information was provided by Epiphany Church in reply to my request for information on Langan baptisms.

    Note: Pat Langan's sister, Maggie, was married to Joseph Walsh. Joseph Walsh's brother, Thomas, was married to Margaret Hefferine.

    Occupation: Metal Lather, Local 46 (Gary Langan, March 2009)

    Marriage Frank Langan and Lillian Zimmerman:

    Frank Langan, 202 West 44th Street age 28, single, construction, born NYC, father, Patrick Langan, mother, Catherine Hogan, FIRST marriage, to Lillian Zimmerman, 319 E 19th Street age 26, born NYC father, Harry, mother, Hannah Schulman, first marriage, Municipal Building, 137 East 30th Street, witnesses --- Watermann and Thos J Douglas, December 1, 1920, (1921 Manhattan Certificate Number #9953)


    1. Walter Francis Langan (1914-1969) and Ruth A Rapp (1920-2004)

      Birth: October 1, 1914 per death record.

      "Walter Francis Langan per original and copy (1943) reflects DOB 10/1/1914, Baptised 10/21/1914 at St. Jean Bapiste Church; parents Frank Langan & Lillian Zimmerman. The certificate of Birth I have reflects DOB 10/1/1914, filed 10/10/1914 per Dept. of Health 8/20/1943."

      Gary Langan, March 16, 2009

      Occupation: Metal Lather, Local 46 (Gary Langan, March 2009)

      1940 census: Age 25, single with his parents, lather

      Marriage: Ruth A Rapp born Chicago circa 1920, daughter of Leroy Willard Rapp and Margaret M. C. Schultz (Info on Ruth Rapp from Rapp Family Tree,

      J Walter Langan Marriage Date 11 Sep 1941 Spouse Ruth Rapp Marriage Location Cook County, IL Marriage license {94D8E421-030F-4899-8BDB-D8BF55787A4A} File Number 1699376 Archive collection name Cook County Genealogy Records (Marriages) Archive repository location Chicago, IL Archive repository name Cook County Clerk

      Children: ???

      SSDI: WALTER LANGAN 01 Oct 1914 Jul 1969 11787 (Smithtown, Suffolk, NY) (none specified) 092-07-8301 New York

      US Veterans Cemetery: Walter Frank Langan, 2040 Wellwood Avenue Farmingdale NY 11735, born October 1, 1914, Died July 25, 1969, Service US Navy, April 9, 1943 to July 20, 1943, Long Island National Cemetery.

      Age 55 Given Name Walter Surname Langan Birth Date 01 Oct 1914 State New York Last Place of Residence Suffolk, New York Previous Residence Postal Code 11787 Event Date Jul 1969

      Death of Ruth Rapp Langan: Born 7 Jan 1920, wife of Langan, Walter Frank, interment date, 23 Jan 2004, Long Island National Cemetery, 2040 Wellwood Ave, Farmington, NY Section 2n, Site 4569

      Leroy Rapp died August 14, 1969 in Eastport Maine. A survivor was Mrs. Walter (Ruth) Langan of Smithtown. Also a son Leroy Jr of Los Angles and three grandchildren. Funeral services in the Bronx. Burial in Chicago.

    2. 10 year break between known births

    3. Patricia ✟ per Gary Langan March 2009

      Death: 5 months September 1924, #5868 Bronx

      L----- Hospital Bronx, Patricia Langan 5 1/2 months born USA father Frank Langan, Mother Lily Zimmerman, 872 Matt Ave, Tubercular meningitis, buried Calvary died Sept 1, 1924 buried Sept 7, 1924.

    4. Dorothy Langan - (April 24, 1925-2004) and John Craven

      Birth 1925:

      Marriage: : John Craven before 1955

      Child Craven, Frank John, born September 19, 1955 New York, actor, playwright, poet Son of John and Dorothy (Langan) Craven. Married Fedora di Eugenio, June 12, 1991.

      Death of Dorothy Langan Craven Cartwright: 2004

      Dorothy Langan [Dorothy Craven] [Dorothy Cartwright] SSN: 055183467 Gender: Female Race: White Birth Date: 24 Apr 1925 Birth Place: New York Bx, New York [New York City, New York] Death Date: 18 Oct 2004 Father: Frank Langan Mother: Lillie Zimmerman Type of Claim: Original SSN. Notes: May 1941: Name listed as DOROTHY LANGAN; Mar 1959: Name listed as DOROTHY CRAVEN: Name listed as DOROTHY LANGEN CARTWRIGHT

    5. Roger Donald Langan (1926-2006) and Brigette

      Birth: Roger Donald Langan was born, Dec 2 1926. His father was Francis (Frank) Langan and mother was Lillian Langan (Zimmerman), per Keri Green, March 2009.

      Occupation: Metal Lather Local 46 (Gary Langan, March 2009)

      Marriage: Brigette


      1. Colleen (Moquin)

      2. Laura (Vuolo)

      3. Keri (Greene)

      4. Roger c

      5. Matthew

      6. Unnamed Infant Son Langan, Service Info.: S1/C US NAVY, Birth Date: 15 Jan 1963, Death Date: 15 Jan 1963, Relation: Son (Minor Child) Of Langan, Roger Donald, Cemetery: Long Island National Cemetery, Cemetery Address: 2040 Wellwood Avenue Farmingdale, NY 11735-1211 Buried At: Section 2m Site 3893

      Death: August 10, 2006, per Keri Green, March 2009.

      Roger D. Langan Last Residence: 11758 Massapequa, Nassau, New York Born: 2 Dec 1926 Died: 10 Aug 2006 State (Year) SSN issued: New York (Before 1951)

      Roger D Langan Birth Date: 2 Dec 1926 Age at Death: 79 Death Date: 10 Aug 2006 Burial Place: Farmingdale, Suffolk County, New York, USA

      Find a Grave: Birth: Dec. 2, 1926 Death: Aug. 10, 2006

      Roger D. Langan of Massapequa on August 10, 2006. Retired FDNY Ladder 127 Jamaica Queens and Local #46 Metal Lather NYC. Beloved husband of Brigette. Devoted father of Colleen Moquin, Laura Vuolo, Keri Greene, Roger and Matthew. Dear brother of Maureen O'Leary and Arlene Vitale. Also survived by 12 loving grandchildren. Interment Long Island National Cemetery, Farmingdale.

      Inscription: S1 US NAVY WORLD WAR II

      Burial: Long Island National Cemetery Farmingdale Suffolk County New York, USA Plot: Sec. 2M, Site 3893

      Created by: Paul1957 Record added: Aug 11, 2006 Find A Grave Memorial# 15294282

    6. Maureen Langan (c1930-) and ___ O'Leary

      Maureen, per Keri Green, March 2009. Circa 1930 per 1940 census.

      Marriage: O'Leary per obit of her brother Roger.

    7. Arlene Langan (c1936-) and John Vitale Arlene circa 1936 per 1940 census

      Marriage: John Vitale


      1. Janine S

      2. John

      3. Robert

      Death of John Vitale: September 20, 2005

      Mr. John C. Vitale passed away September 20, 2005 at his home in West Chester, Pa. John is the beloved husband Arlene M. (Nee Langan) Vitale. He is the loving Father of Janine S. (Mark) Farrell, John F. Vitale, and Robert T. (Nicole) Vitale. Mr. Vitale has 4 grandchildren; Maggie, Sarah, Katie, and Mark Farrell. Mr. Vitale was born in lower Manhattan before moving with his family to the Bronx. Upom graduating high school in the Bronx, he attended New York University. Mr. Vitale served his country in the United States Navy. John was a supervisor in the construction field. He worked for many concrete companies in New York City, among them were Colonial Sand & Stone Company and Ryan Ready Mix Company. Mr. Vitale also owned his own concrete testing company by the name of Fairfield Testing Company in Stamford, Connecticutt. He also owned the Hawthorne Car Wash in Hawthorne, New York. Mr. Vitale's hobbies included golf and fishing in his younger years, more recently however his children and grandchildren were his hobbies. He spent as much time with them as possible. He was a huge New York Yankees fan and actually had a tryout with them in his younger days. He enjoyed baseball and played while serving in the Navy. Interment Calvary Cemetery in West Conshohocken, Pa. In lieu of flowers an offering in Mr. Vitale's name to the American Cancer Society 1615 West Chester Pike West Chester, Pa. 19382 would be appreciated.

    1917 WWI Draft Registration: Frank Jos. Langan, age 25, 208 E 44th Street, NYC, native born, born NYC, October 7, 1892, Iron worker, Mac Arthur Pile co, Long Island City, wife and 1 child, married, tall, medium build, blue eyes, brown hair. June 5, 1917.

    1920 Census: Not listed under Langan. I did an address search and did not find him at 202 East 44th Street were he was listed at the time of his 1921 marriage. However, his sisters, Catherine and Veronica, were listed at that address in 1920. He was not at 208 E 44th St. which was his address in 1917.

    More on Lillian Zimmerman: Born circa 1895, father, Harry Zimmerman, mother, Hannah Schulman (per marriage record). Did not find Lillian in the 1920 or 1910 censuses.

    1925 Census: 872 Mott Ave., Frank Langan 32, lather building, Lilly Langan 30, housework, Walter Langan 10 Dorothy Langan 30 days

    1930 Census: Frank Langan was listed in the 1930 census at 760 Tinton Ave, Bronx, as follows:

    1. Frank Langan, head, Rent, #40, radio, age 37, married at age 21, born, New York, father born Ireland, mother born Mass, laborer, construction
    2. Lillie, wife, age 35, married at 19, born NY, parents born Russia, no occupation
    3. Walter, son, age 15, born New York
    4. Dorothy, daughter, age 5, born NY
    5. Roger, age 3 1/12, born NY

    T 626, roll #1471, P11B, ED 265,

    1939: A "shot-live but spectacular fire" destroyed a one story summer bungalow at 107 Harding Park in the Classon Point section of the Bronx. Strong winds fanned the fire and the inside of the cottage and the roof were burnt. The unoccupied bungalow was owned by Frank Langan of 224 Newman ave the Bronx. 107 Harding Park Classon Point is in the South Bronx on the water.

    1940 Census:

    Assembly District 6, Bronx, New York City, Bronx, New York, United States, 224 Newman, Ave., Frank Langan M 47 New York, lather, wire and wood, Wife Lillie Langan F 44 New York Son Walter Langan M 25 New York, lather wire and wood, Daughter Dorothy Langan F 15 New York Son Roger Langan M 13 New York Daughter Maureen Langan F 10 New York Daughter Arlene Langan F 6 New York

    WWIIDR: Frank Langan, 224 Newman Ave. Bronx, telephone Un 3-6178, age 49, born New York, dob, October 7, 1892, Lilly Langan same address, unemployed. Frank Langan

    Death of Frank Langan: According to the Social Security Death Index, Frank Langan born October 7, 1892, died in the Bronx in December 1968 (Social Security # 065-12-2863).

  4. Death of Lillie Langan: 120-18-0625, born December 6, 1894, died Feb 1975 11710 Bellmore, Nassau, New York (SSDI) (?)

  5. Katie Langan (1895-1955) and William A Thurtle


    Civil Record: Kate Langan was born on February 6, 1895, father, Patrick Langan, born in Ireland, age 30, laborer, mother, Katie Hogan, age 27, born in NYC, 4th of four living children, address 427 East 19th Street. (1895 Manhattan certificate #7775) .

    Church Record: I did not find the baptismal record for Kate Langan.

    AKA Catherine


    • John Thomas Langan did not die until 1898. The four living children must have been: Matthias, Francis, John Thomas, and Katie.
    • Kate born circa 1894 was listed in the 1910 census.
    • There was some sort of error (perhaps clerical) at the birth of a daughter in 1897 who was listed on the birth certificate as "Catherine". That child died 10 months later under the name Penelope.

    Marriage: William Thurtle circa 1912 (based on 1920 census)

    Not listed in either the brides' or grooms' indexes for NYC


    1. Catherine circa 1913
    2. Irene circa 1915

    1915: See Pat Langan below.

    1920 Census: 202 East 44th Street, William Thrutle head age 28, foreman Express, Catherine age 25, wife, Catherine, daughter age 7 years 1 month, Irene, daughter age 4 years and 11 months, Veronica Langan, sister age 12 years and 5 months.


    • 202 E 44th Street was the address Frank Langan gave at his marriage in 1921
    • William Thrutle listed in the 1900 census at 38th Street, Edward head born Aug 1868, age 31 married 11 years, born England, immigrated 1890, naturalized, waiter, Annie wife (month?) 1864 age 36, 5 children 3 still living born Ireland, William Jan 1892, NY, Edward Sept 1897 and John Dec 1896
    • WWIDR: William A Thrutle 108 E 44th street New York born Jan 6, 1892, in NYC, laborer, NY State Arsenal 7th Ave and 35th Street wife and children, tall medium build, blue eyes and light hair.
    • WWIIDR: William A Thrutle 888 3rd Ave NYC age 50, born NYC, Jan 6, 1892 Mrs William Thrutle same address, International Brotherhood of Teamsters, West 34th Street.
    • Veronica Langan gave 202 East 44th Street as her address at her marriage in 1926. See below.

    1925: E. 44th street, near second ave - Wm Thurtle 32, expressman, Katherine Thurtle 30, Katherine Thurtle 12, Irene Thurtle 10

    1930 Census: Manhattan, William Thurtle 38, fireman express, Catherine Thurtle 35 Catherine Thurtle 17, clerk express, Irene Thurtle 15 Edward Langan 29, lodger laborer building, (he was actually Catherines' brother)

    1940: 888 3rd ave New York, rent $45. William Thurtle 49, head, business agent union, Catherine Thurtle 46, wife, Irene Thurtle 25, daughter, receptionist freight company, Vironica Long 32, sister in Law, married, telephone operator tel. co., Patrica Long 11, niece, Harold Healy 1, grandson

    1942: WWII DR - William A Thurtle, Birth Date: 6 Jan 1892 Birth Place: New York City, New York, USA Residence: 888 3rd ave, New York, New York, USA, International Brotherhood of Teamsters

    Mrs. William A Thrutle.

    Death of William Thrutle; William Thurtle Birth Year: abt 1892 Age: 51 Death Date: 16 Sep 1943 Death Place: Manhattan, New York, USA Certificate Number: 20310

    William Aloysuis Thurtle SSN: 058017213 Birth Date: 6 Jan 1892 Birth Place: New York, New York Death Date: 16 Sep 1943 Claim Date: 23 Sep 1943 Type of Claim: Death Claim Notes: 13 Aug 1976: Name listed as WILLIAM ALOYSUIS THURTLE

    Death of Catherine Langan Thrutle: Catherine Thurtle SSN: 131203115 Birth Date: 6 Feb 1894 Death Date: 6 Sep 1955 Claim Date: 14 Sep 1955 Type of Claim: Death Claim Notes: 14 Sep 1955: Name listed as CATHERINE THURTLE

  6. Unknown, born between 1895 and 1897

    I did a thorough search for the birth record and did not find it.

    Note: I know that child # 5 was born to Pat and Kate because at the birth of Kate in 1895 she was listed as the 4th of 4 living children and at the birth of "Catherine/Penelope" Langan in 1897, she was listed as the sixth of five living children.


    Civil Record: I did not find the civil record

    Church Record: I did not find the baptismal record.

    Death: Between 1895 and 1897

  7. "Penelope" - "Catherine Langan" (1897-1897)


    Civil Record: "Catherine" Langan was born on on January 10, 1897, father, Patrick Langan, age 32, born in Ireland, laborer, mother, Catherine Hogan, born in NYC, age 29, address 427 19th Street, New York, the 6th of 5 living children. (1897 Manhattan certificate #26481)

    Note: The five living children includes this "Catherine", Matthias, John Thomas (who died in 1898), Francis, and Kate born in 1895 and listed in the 1910 census.

    Church Record: I did not find the baptismal record.

    Death: "Penolope" Langan, an infant of 10 months and 26 days born in NYC, died on December 7, 1897 at 11 o'clock of Broncleo Pneumonia and Marasma. She was ill from November 26, 1897, parents, Patrick Langan born in Ireland and Catherine Langan born in Massachusetts. Penelope died at 402, E. 54th Street. The Langan residence was listed at 427 E. 19th Street (Manhattan 1897 Death Certificate #36654).


    • Catherine and Penelope must have been the same child.
    • Since there was already a Kate alive when child was born I am assuming that the name "Catherine" listed on the birth record was some sort of clerical error.
    • Marasmus is a wasting disease caused by malnutrition.
  8. Patrick Langan (1899-1900)


    Civil Record: Patrick Langan, the son of Patrick Langan, born in Ireland, age 35, doorman, and Kate Hogan, age 32, was born on March 2, 1899, 445 E 52nd Street, seventh child of the marriage, four children still living (1899 Manhattan certificate #10059).

    Note: The count of four living children includes Patrick. This means that three of the children of Patrick Langan and Catherine Hogan had died before 1899:

    • Penelope died in December of 1897
    • John Thomas died in December of 1895.
    • The third child must have been Unknown born between 1895 and 1897.

    Church Record: I did not find the baptismal record.

    Death: Patrick Langan, age 1 year, 3 months, and 23 days, born in New York city, father, Patrick Langan, born in Ireland, mother, Catherine Langan, born in USA, address 445 East 52 Street, tenement, died on June 26, 1900 about 2 A.M. He had been seen by a doctor from June 20, 1900, cause of death, Gastro Enteritis. Patrick was buried in Holy Cross Cemetery (Certificate # 20605).

  9. Edward A. Langan (1901-1969) and Mary Duffy


    Civil Record: Edward Langan was born October 16, 1901, 208 E 44th Street, father, Patrick Langan, born in Ireland, age 36, labourer, mother, Kathie Hogan, born in Mass., age 33, 8th child, 4 still living.

    Note: The four still living were: Matthias, Frank, Kate and Edward.


    Occupation: Metal Lather, Local 46 (Gary Langan, March 2009)

    Marriage 1928: Edward A Langan, 718 Westchester Ave, age 27, lather, born NYC, father, Patrick, mother, Catherine Hogan, married Mary Duffy, 725 Westchester Avenue, age 19, born NYC, father, Thomas, mother, Mary Haupt, on February 18, 1928 at St Anselmo's Church 673 Tinton Avenue, Bronx, witnesses, Robert E Langan and Florence Duffy (1928 Bronx certificate #1417)

    Children: Edward circa 1934 per 1940 census.

  10. 1930 Census: With his sister Catherine Thurtle. Langan, Edward, lodger, age 29 "M" [married] age at first marriage 26, laborer building. Where is Mary Duffy Langan?

    1940: Westchester ave, renting, Bronx, Edward Langan 38, metallic lather, 8th grade, Mary Langan 31 Edward Langan 6

    Death: According to the Social Security Death Index, Edward Langan, born October 16, 1902 died July 1969, last residence Brooklyn 11201 (SS# 050-03-5691)

  11. Margaret - based on 1905 state census. 9th child based on the birth of Robert, "Baby Boy" Langan in 1906 when he was listed as the 10th child, 5 living.

    Death: Langan, Margaret, 2 y, Dec 30 '05 1906, 9, Bronx

  12. Robert E. Langan (1906-1958) and Mildred Weber


    Civil Record: "Baby Boy" Langan was born on February 19, 1906 at 208 E 44th Street, father, Pat Langan, born in Ireland, age 41, labourer, mother, Catherine nee Hogan, born in Mass., age 39, 10th child, five still living (Certificate #09864).

    Occupation: Lather (1929 marriage)

    Marriage 1929: Robert Langan 163 E 44th Street, age 23, lather, born NYC, father Patrick, mother, Catherine, Hogan, married Mildred Weber of 35 Academy Street Queens, age 19, born NYC, father, Gustav, mother Mary Fotch. First marriage for both. June 29, 1929, 141 E 43rd Street, St Agnes. Witnesses: Harry Hollister and Helen Dempsey.

    1930: No


    Death of Robert Langan: 1958, January - Died at home after a long illness 41-07 47th ave, Sunnyside. He had been a metal lather for a Manhattan firm for 26 years. He was survived by his wife, Mildred Weber, two brothers, Edward and Francis, and a sister Mrs. Martin E Lacey. Funeral St. Raphael's RC Church Long Island city, burial Calvary.

    Death of Mildred K Langan: Maybe Mildred K Langan, 072-09-3142 Last Residence: 11104, Long Island City, Queens, New York, United States of America, Born: 22 Nov 1909, Died: 20 Nov 1989

  13. Veronica Langan (c1908-) and John T Long

    Birth: Veronica (?) circa 1908 according to the 1910 and 1920 censuses and her marriage in 1920.

    1920 Census: With sister Catherine (Kate), see above

    Marriage 1926: Veronica Langan 202 E 44th Street, age 19, single, born NYC father, Patrick Langan, mother, Catherine Hogan, married John ? Long of 239 E 42nd Street, age 24, chauffeur, born NYC, father, Thomas, mother, Catherine Dalton, October 19, 1926 witness Paul Poveronno and Thos J Douglas, Municipal Building Manhattan City Clerk 3675 Broadway, Certificate #31176, 1926 Manhattan


    1. John Long circa 1928

    2. Patricia circa 1929

    More on John Long:

    1930 Census: East 65th Street, John Long 29, chauffeur, yellow taxi, Veronica Long 23 John Long 2 Patricia Long 1

    1940: Veronica was listed wth her sister Cathrine (Kate) Thrutle

    William Thurtle 49 Catherine Thurtle 46 Irene Thurtle 25 Vironica Long 32, married, telephone operator Patrica Long 11 Harold Healy 1

  14. Unknown, per 1910 census

  15. Unknown, per 1910 census

Who was Mrs. Martin Lacey the surviving sister of Robert Langan when he died in 1958?

Unknown Children of Pat Langan and Catherine Hogan

Pat Langan and Catherine Hogan had 13 children according to the 1910 census when the questions were posed: "Mother of how many children" and "Number now living". Catherine replied 13 to the first question and 6 to the second.

The six were:

  1. Mathias born c 1887
  2. Frank born 1892
  3. Kate (Catherine) born 1895
  4. Edward born 1901
  5. Robert born 1906
  6. Veronica born c 1908

I found deaths for

  1. John Thomas born 1891 died 1898
  2. Penelope (Catherine) born and died 1897
  3. Patrick born 1899 died 1900

I did not find deaths or birth records for

  1. A child born and died between 1895 and 1897, based on the birth record of Penelope in 1897
  2. A child born between 1901 and 1906. Died before 1906. Based on the birth record of Robert in 1906.
  3. Child number 12, dates after 1906 before 1910, based on the 1910 census.
  4. Child number 13, dates after 1906 before 1910, based on the 1910 census.
Births were not always recorded with the city, especially if the child was born at home (as many were in the period of time in question). Death were required to be reported to the city. However, the death records as microfilmed by the NYC Archives are in VERY bad shape. I made a stab at looking for the deaths of these children of Pat Langan and Catherine Hogan but on too many of the records I could not read the names of the parents. The records are faded to the point of being illegible. In the end, it may be enough to acknowledge the lose of these children and the pain it must have caused.

Since most of the burials I did find were at Holy Cross Cemetery. It may be possible to write to them and get more information. For my purposes it is not worth the expense.

The Langan Children according to Agnes Walsh Lahiff

Maria Lahiff Pedulla, the daughter of Agnes Walsh Lahiff, made some notes on information that she got from her mother. Agnes listed four children for Pat Langan.

The four children were: Katie, Robert, Monica*, and Ed.

* Veronica?

My Notes on the Children of Pat Langan

  • Robert was a witness to the marriage of Edward in 1928

  • The widowed, Pat Langan, married the widowed, Anne (Anastasia) Deveraux, in 1919. Anastasia was the widow of Pat's brother James.

Patrick Langan in the 1900 Census

I did not find them. They should have been at either 445 E 52nd Street (where they were listed in June) or at 208 E 44th street (where they were listed in October).

445 E 52 Street is in Ward 19 — North by 86th St. East by Eat River. South by 40th St. West by 6th Ave.

Not listed as of May 2016.

Patrick Langan in the 1905 Census

208 East 44th Street, Langan, Patrick J., head age 41 in US 23 years cit, helper, mason, born Ireland, Catherine, age 39 born US, Matthias, son 17 helper wire lather, Frank J son 12, Catherine A age 11, Edward age 3 Margaret age 1.

Patrick Langan in the 1910 Census

Ward 19, Manhattan, 208 East 44th Street

Patrick Langan, head age 47 married at age 23, immigrated 1881 naturalized, helper building, Katherine Langan wife age 43, married at 23, 13 children 6 still living, born Massachusetts, Matty Langan, son age 21, New York, lather building, Frank Langan, son age 18, New York, "none" (occupation) John Shiers, nephew age 21, Canada, stableman __ stable, Anna Cammon, niece age 19, New York, parents born Massachusetts, Laundress hotel, Kate Langan daughter age 16, New York, bookbinding, Edward Langan son age 8, New York, Robin son age 4, New York, Veronica ? daughter age 2, New York


  • Patrick Langan was married in Massachusetts in 1887.
  • Patrick's age is off a bid but really not much compared to some census records
  • John Joseph Shiers was a witness to the 1919 second marriage of Patrick Langan.

Death of Catherine Hogan Langan, 1912

Catherine Langan, 208 E 44th Street, tenement, married, born May 6, 1870, age, 42 years, 7 months, and - days, housework, born USA, how long in NYC, 25 years, father, Pat Hogan, born Ireland, mother, Ellen Hackett, born Ireland, died December 6, 1912, attended by physician from December 1, 1912 to December 6, 1912, last seen by physician, December 5, 1912, 9AM, cause of death Lobar (?) pneumonia, contributing condition, chronic asthemia (?), buried Calvary Cemetery December 9, 1912, cert #34278, 1912.

1915 Census

E. 44th street, William Thurtle 23, born US, manager (M. P. House), Katherine Thurtle 20, Katherine Thurtle 3, Irene Thurtle 3/12, Patrick Langan 50, father in law born Ireland, laborer (bldg), citizen, Veronica Langan 9 sister in law. The enumerator was William A. Thurtle

Second Marriage of Pat Langan, 1919 (To Anastasia Deveroux Langan, the widow of his brother James)

Patrick Langan, the widower of Catherine Hogan, and Anastacia Devereaux Langan, the widow of Pat's brother, James Langan, married on June 6, 1919.

Patrick Langan of 227 E. 74th Street, New York City, age 54, white, widowed, laborer, born in Mayo Ireland, the son of Mathias Langan and Penelope Byrne married Anastacia Langan of 200 E. 78th Street, New York City, age 43, white, widow, maiden name, A. Devereaux, born Kilkenny, Ireland, the daughter of Michael Devereaux and Bridget McCormick. The witnesses were John Joseph Shiers and Mrs. Mary Devereaux. The marriage was performed by Bernhard H. Gohlemann, Catholic Priest, 980 Park Avenue, New York City. This is the address of St Francis Xavier Catholic Church.

Anastasia had children by her first marriage to Pat's brother, James. They were Elizabeth AKA Lillian (1903), Thomas (1905), Agnes (1907), James (1909), Helen (1911), John (1915).

Children of Patrick Langan and Anastasia Deveroux Langan

  1. Ann Patricia Langan born November, 1920.

  2. Teresa circa 1922 per 1925 census. Not listed with them in the 1930 census.

    Death: Theresa Langan Birth Year: abt 1922 Age: 4 Death Date: 29 May 1926 Death Place: Manhattan, New York, USA Certificate Number: 15948

  3. William D. (Billy), 1924. Billy Langan married Ann Cronin in 1951 (Information from Jeff Casper) .

    In March 2013 Billy Langan send and image of "Uncle Gordy", (Gordan) tending his parents grave. The gravestone indicates that William D Langan was born June 12, 1924 and died August 1-, 1993, Ann M. was born in 1929 and died October 26, 1998.

    William D. Langan, SSN: 099-18-3685, Last Residence: 10707 Tuckahoe, Westchester, New York, USA, Born: 12 Jun 1924, Died: 18 Aug 1993, State (Year) SSN issued: New York (Before 1951)

    Ann M. Langan, SSN: 128-20-9674, Last Residence: 10707 Tuckahoe, Westchester, New York, USA, Born: 18 Dec 1929, Died: Oct 1998, State (Year) SSN issued: New York (Before 1951)

1920 Census

Did not find.

1925 Census under "Langen"

78th street near Third ave. Patrick Langen 60, head, naturalized 1888, Kings County, bridge tender, Ann Langen 48, wife, Thomas Langen 20, son, errand boy, James Langen 15, son, school, Helen Langen 14, daughter, John Langen 10, son, Anna Langen 04, daughter, Theresa Langen 03, daughter, Wm Langen 01, son

Why was Agnes not listed?

1930 Census

Bronx, 756 Westchester ave, Patrick Langan 65, head married at 51, not naturalized, bridge painter, born Ireland, immigrated 1880, Anastatia Langan 53, married at 41, immigration 1917, not naturalized, janitors, John Langan 15, son, Anna Langan 10, daughter, William Langan 6, son Richard Devereau 55, uncle, immigrated 1895, not naturalized, retired

1931 Directory

Anastasia Langan Residence Year: 1931 Street Address: 852 Westchr av Residence Place: Manhattan, New York Publication Title: Manhattan, New York, City Directory, 1931

1940 Census

684 Union Ave, Patrick Langan 76, no occupation, Anastia Langan 63, housework, John Langan 24, laborer, Anna Langan 19, William Langan 15

John was the son of James Langan and Anastasia Deveroux. Ann and William were the children of the union of Pat Langan and Anastasia Devereoux. A circle with and X in the middle after Anastatia's name indicates that she provided the information.

"Anastia" Langan Age: 63 Estimated Birth Year: abt 1877, Gender: Female, Race: White, Birthplace: Northern Ireland, Marital Status: Married, Relation to Head of House: Wife, Home in 1940: New York, Bronx, New York, Street: Union Avenue, Inferred Residence in 1935: New York, Bronx, New York, Residence in 1935: Same Place, Bronx, New York, Citizenship: American Citizen born Abroad, Sheet Number: 6B, Occupation: Housework, Attended School or College: No, Highest Grade Completed: Elementary school, 5th grade, Hours Worked Week Prior to Census: 50, Class of Worker: Wage or salary worker in private work, Weeks Worked in 1939: 10, Income: 250

Patrick Langan, Age: 76, Estimated Birth Year: abt 1864, Gender: Male, Race: White, Birthplace: "Northern Ireland", Marital Status: Married, Relation to Head of House: Head, Home in 1940: New York, Bronx, New York, Street: Union Avenue, Inferred Residence in 1935: New York, Bronx, New York, Residence in 1935: Same Place, Bronx, New York, Citizenship: American Citizen born Abroad, Sheet Number: 6B, Number of Household in Order of Visitation: 148, House Owned or Rented: Rented, Value of Home or Monthly Rental if Rented: 38, Attended School or College: No, Highest Grade Completed: Elementary school, 8th grade, Weeks Worked in 1939: 0, Income: 0

Death of Pat Langan, 1941

Patrick Langan 684 Union Avenue Bronx, married, wife, Anastasia Langan, born March 11, 1865, age 75 years 6 months and 13 days, in US 15 years, retired bridge tender, dept Plant and ________ New York City, father, Mathias Langan born Ireland, mother, Penelope "Burns" born Ireland, died September 24, 1941 8:05 PM, at Lincoln Hospital, after 2 days stay, of cerebral thrombosis artereoscleroses, informant, Anastasia Langan, buried Calvary September 27, 1941.

Death of Anastasia Devereaux Langan Langan, 1965

Anastasia Langan, the wife of both James and Pat Langan, was buried October 19, 1965 in the grave that contained her first husband, James Langan, her mother-in-law, Nappy Bryne Langan, her brother-in-law, Martin Langan, and several of her infant children.

Addresses In NYC for Pat Langan

427 E 19th Street Manhattan from at least February 1895 to at least December 1897. There are high rises there now.

445 E 52nd Street Manhattan from at least December 1898 to at least June 1900.

208 East 44th Manhattan Street from at least October 1900 to at least summer 1917.

227 E 74th Manhattan Street in 1919

684 Union Ave Bronx 1941

The only address that looks to have the same type of buildings that were there in Pat Langan's time is the Bronx address.

Images of these buildings may be available through the New York City Archives collection of Tax Photographs take between 1939 and 1941 — when every house and building in the city was photographed. There are 720,000 such photos. Not all of them are in good shape. These photos can be ordered on line at a cost of $35 by going to Tax photographs

Langans in the Metallic Lather Union, Local 46

Jeff Casper a descendant of Pat Langan and Anastasia Deveroux Langan Langan told me that some of the sons and grandsons of Pat Langan were "wire lathers" and were involved with the lathers union.

The Metallic Lather Union's web site at Metallic Lathers and Reinforcing Ironworkers and the New York Times make several references to Langans in Local 46.

  • Chip Langan, Apprentice Coordinator 2009
  • Walter F. Langan was Recording Secretary for the union in 1969, at the death of one of the local 46 members
  • Roger D Langan, union member, died in August 2006
  • James Langan was president of the Metal Lather Local 46 in 2001
According to marriage, census and other records all of the sons and several of the grandsons of Pat Langan were "lathers":
  1. Mathias born 1887, son of Pat, was listed as a lather in the 1910 census, at his marriage in 1915 and at his death in 1928.

  2. Frank born 1892, son of Pat, was a member of Local 46 according to his grandson Gary Langan

    Frank's sons were also members of Local 46

    1. Walter born 1914

    2. Roger born 1927
  3. Eddie born 1901, son of Pat, per 1928 marriage, 1940 census and Gary Langan

  4. Robert born 1906, son of Pat, per marriage 1929, and death 1958.

  5. Thomas Langan born 1905, son of James, was a lather per 1927 marriage, 1930 and 1940 census.

  6. James Langan born 1909, son of James, may have been a lather. His son James W born 1930 was per his obit. His son Thomas T born 1932 was per his obit.

Gary Langan wrote in April 2009 that his grandfather, Frank Langan (the Senator, a lather nickname), his father, Walter Langan, and his uncle, Roger Langan were all members of Local 46. He believes that his great uncles, Eddie and Billy, were also card members. His cousin, Matt, is a current card member. Other family members worked "under permit". That is, they worked as lathers but were not union members.

Metal lathing is used both for fire proofing and decorative purposes. For fireproofing steel columns are wrapped in metal lathing and then covered with plaster or stucco. The metal lath is made up of a sheet of metal containing many small holes. Sometimes a furring system is applied and another layer of metal lathing and plaster is added. Furring is a light frame work which uses metal (or wood) strips to support the finished surface. Metal lath work can also be used to form arches and other shapes.

By 1908 interior architectural forms in fire proof buildings were almost exclusively constructed using metal lath.

Metal Lathers have historically performed a variety of duties on the job. In the initial stages of a project they are responsible for establishing a plan and laying out the job. Next, they cut the framing material and apply the metal lath. In the final stage they create openings for air ducts, electrical outlets, and heating and ventilating pipes. Sometimes they create suspended ceiling frames to support the installation of acoustic tile. Other lathers specialize in applying stucco and plaster to walls and ceilings in remodeling projects.

Metal Lathers were exposed to asbestos which was used as insulation and fire retardent in buildings and as a component in asbestos stucco (made up of cement, sand and asbestos fibers).

A jurisdictional agreement in 1903 listed the following terms relating to metal lathers.

The jurisdictional agreement between the Master League of Cement Workers and the Metallic Lathers' Union of New York is as follows:

First. The term "fireproof construction" shall apply to concrete slabs, arches, and other bodies of concrete supported by or reenforced with rods of mesh, and used in connection with structural steel. This includes also arches supported by corrugated or other sheet metal.

Second. The term "reenforced concrete construction" shall apply to bodies of concrete of any kind used for sustaining loads, where the concrete structure wholly or in part replaces structural steel.

Third. On the laying and setting of light iron or steel or mesh used in fireproof construction, also on the cutting and bending of all light iron or steel, metal and wire lath or mesh or sheets for floor, arches, and the making of hangers, clips, and stirrups, whether made on the job or elsewhere.

On each job of fireproof construction there shall be a foreman who shall have charge of the metallic lathers and laborers on fireproof concrete, who shall be a member of the Metallic Lathers' Union in good standing, and who shall work with his tools when requested to do so when no concreting is going on.

Fourth. On the fabricating and assembling of all columns, beams, and girders, of metal or wire lath, light iron or steel, on the cutting, bending, and setting of all light iron and steel, and of metal and wire lath or mesh used in construction of reenforced concrete, including hangers, clips, and stirrups whether made on the job or elsewhere, excepting the making and assembling of such work as is made in the shop by heating processes that can not be fabricated on the job. When skeleton frames of reenforced steel, iron, or metal lath, or wire lath or mesh, are made and assembled in the shop by heating processes that can not be fabricated on the job, the same shall be handled after arrival at the site of the job solely by members of the party of the second part. On each job of reenforced concrete there shall be a foreman, who shall have charge of the metallic lathers and over the reenforced concrete, who shall be a member of the Metallic Lathers' Union in good standing, and who shall work with his tools when requested to do so when no concreting is going on.

The agreement between the Employing Metallic Furring and Lathing Association of New York and the Metallic Lathers' Union provides for the fabrication, assembling, and erection of all iron and steel furring and framing. This includes all furring in connection with metal lath and plaster ceilings, bracket work for ornamental effects, partition work and wall furring; also the applying and placing of wire lath, sheet, metal lath, and paper lath and plaster boards, corner beads, and metal grounds, and the fabricating of hangers, clips, and stirrups, whether made on the job or elsewhere, for the above specified work; this includes also the supports for arches of corrugated or other sheet metal.

AWARDS AND DECISIONS OF THE GENERAL ARBITRATION BOARD OF GREATER NEW YORK. Metallic Lathers' Union of New York and Employing Metal Furring and Lathing Asso- ciation v. New York League of Heat and Cold Insulation and Union of Seat and Cold Insulators-Erection of hanging ceiling framework on Wanamaker Building, New York City., 1905 (Conciliation and Arbitration in the Building Trades of Greater New York ... By Charles Henry Winslow, 1913)

Lathers and electricians circa 1910 - The Lather 1958

Pat Langan
Photo courtesy Jeff Casper, November 2005

The Langan Clan

Ann and Billy Langan Wedding 1951

Written on back of photo

"L- R- Millie and Bob, Mame Langan, Katie Langan, Eddie Langan, Stasia Langan, Frank's wife, Lilly, Frank Langan, Charlie and Catherine Walsh

Courtesy of Clare Walsh Esser

Mildred (wife of Robert (Bob) Langan), Bob, ( Pat's son born 1906), Mame ( ( ???), Katie (Pat's daughter??), Eddie (Pat's son born 1901), Stasia (Deveroux Langan Langan, widow of James and widow of Pat) Lilly Zimmerman Langan and her husband Frank (son of Pat born 1892) Charles Walsh (son of Joseph Walsh and Maggie Langan, sister of Pat and James Langan) and his wife Catherine Foley.

Walsh/Langan Introduction

The Langans in New York City

Mathias Langan

Martin Langan

James Langan

Maggie Langan and Joseph Walsh

Bridget Langan

1951 Photo of some of the Langans

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