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Smithtown, Long Island, Train Station

The Railroad Station

Railroad service arrived in Smithtown in 1873. Before that the means of transport to New York City was by sailing ship, horse or foot. By 1900 there were nine trains daily to the city.

Postcard collection of Tom Muratore

This lovely old postcard of the Smithtown Train depot was shared by Tom Muratore, January 2007 who wrote:

L.I.R.R. Depot, Smithtown. It is postmarked, Smithtown Branch, Oct, 1909. It states, "Cousin John and family Just a line to let you know that we are all well and hope you are the same. Have you heard from Uncle Colman lately Frank"

Postcard collection of Tom Muratore

Smithtown, L. I.
R. R. Station

Posted 1907

Postcard collection of Maggie Land Blanck

Collection of David Bauer - March 2019

Smithtown Train Station

Collection of Bud Land
"Looking East on Main Street, from in front of the Railroad Tracks, Smithtown Branch Long Island N. Y." (David Bauer, March 2019)

"The building with the "Real Estate" sign is the same building as pictured in the image above with added the awning and the large sign. It exists today as Katie's Bar and is on the north side of West Main Street." (David Bauer March 2019)

I am pretty sure the sign over the store says: Federal Title and Guaranty Company.

Smithtown Rail Road Station, Smithtown L. I.

Photo collection of Maggie Land Blanck

Postcard collection of Tom Muratore

In January 2006 Tom Muratore graciously shared several postcard images including this one of the Smithtown train station.

1935 Smithtown/Pennsylvania Station NYC Train Schedule

Courtesy of Tom Muratore.

See 1935 Train Schedule

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1935 Smithtown/Pennsylvania Station NYC Train Schedule

Courtesy of Tom Muratore.

See 1935 Train Schedule

Trainor's Hotel

Next to the train station on Main street, was the Trainor Hotel owned by John/James Trainor. It can perhaps be glimpsed behind the trees in the 1907 postcard image above. The hotel burned to the ground in 1909.

In March 1891 Herman T. Smith et al transferred a lot on the north side of the highway in Smithtown to "James Trainor" for $230.

In August 1892 John Trainor was forced to muzzle his immense dog who was frightening passers by.

By the spring of 1893 Trainor's hotel was already a popular resort for anglers - drawing men from Brooklyn and Manhattan for the trout fishing.

In October 1893 10 former employees of Mr. Russett came to Smithtown to decorate his grave. They were wined and dined so well at the Trainor hotel that nine of them missed the train back to the city and were forced to spend the night.

John Trainor was the proprietor of the Trainor Hotel in Smithtown in 1894 when he was mentioned in Forest & Stream Volume 43. He was also mentioned in March as J. H. Trainor, the proprietor of a popular Smithtown fishing resort, who hosted a 4 o'clock breakfast to "jolly party of anglers" at the start of trout season.

In June 1896 a meeting was held at the Trainor Hotel in Smithtown regarding a suit to take place in Brooklyn for the false arrests and destroying of nets used in shad fishing in the Nessequogue River.

John H Trainor of Smithtown "Near Railroad Station" held a liquor license in 1898 (Directory of liquor tax certificate holders)

The 1900 Federal Census listed on Main street in Smithtown: John N Trainor 39, born Ireland, hotel keeper, Catherine Trainor 28, 4 children 3 living, James Trainor 6, son, Mary Trainor 4, daughter, Catherine Trainor 6/12, daughter, Philip Mcgenity 42, brother in law, assistant at hotel, Rose Mcgenity 30, sister in law, Ellen Conway 32, servant, cook, Herbert Brunba 45 hostler

Mrs. "John" Trainor of Smithtown Branch died August 19, 1901. She left her husband, John, proprietor of the Trainor hotel at Smithtown Station, and two small children. She was buried in the Catholic Cemetery.

In June 1902 a young engaged couple found themselves stranded in Smithtown after the last train left for New York. Miss Florence Anne Wigton, an 18 year old blond, and her fiance, William H Feldtman, an employee in a linen store in Brooklyn and the manager of a baseball team who had come to play in Smithtown, were engaged to be married on August 6th. The Trainor hotel refused to let a room for the night to the still single Miss Wigton. So the couple eloped and were quickly married by a local justice of the peace. Having proven their marriage they were granted a room for the night.

"James" Trainor owned land on the north side of Main street near the Smithtown train station in 1904.

On December 5, 1909 a disastrous fire occurred at 1 A. M. at the Trainor Hotel. The blaze originated in the barn and was quickly spread by the high winds to the hotel. Due to a shortage of stored water the fire department could do little more than protect the nearby train station building, a lumber yard and a sawmill. No mention was made of injury or loss of life in any of the news stories covering the event.

The damage was estimated at $20,000 with partial insurance coverage.

The 1910 Federal Census listed on Main street in Smithtown: John H Trainor 51, widow, hotel proprietor, born Ireland, James B Trainor 17, apprentice plumber.

"James Trainor and wife" transfered property near the Smithtown R.R. to Maurice E. Hodgekinson, Main County road adj. land of the L. I. R. R. co. Smithtown in November 1911 for a nominal amount.

(In 1910 Maurice E. Hodgkinson, age 40 grain dealer, and his wife, Addie age 39, and sons George 17 and Carlyle age 9 were listed in the census a few families away from the Trainors. Mr. Hodgkinson was also know as M. Elliott Hodgkinson.)

In 1911 George Morsing was beginning the construction of a large fire proof brick building to be used as a butcher shop and general store. In 1910 George Morsing, age 36, single, born Denmark, salesman, grocery store, live on St. James Road near Landing ave., Smithtown.

In December 1913 George Morsing and ex-Postmaster Howard M Brush planned to open a grocery store in a newly erected brick building near the train station at the site of the former "James" Trainor Hotel which had been destroyed by fire.

The 1915 census listed on Bellmead ave near Main street, (no house number) Howard M Brush 32, grocer, Myra F Brush 32, wife, Howard M Brush 6, son, Elizabeth Wherler 60, mother in law, Beatice L Wheeler 23, sister in law, Geo Morsing 30, partner, born Denmark grocer

In 1931, J. Barbieri gave G. Morsing of Smithtown Branch a Mortgage of $11,500 for "lot n. s. Main st. adj. land LIRR, Smithtown Branch

In October and November of 1939 George Morsing of Smithtown Branch was listed under Bounded and Described Property:

"Store, office building and land bounded north and west by L. I. R. R. east by M. E. Hodgkinson south by main street. 1-16 acre, $179.76."

"Charlie" Karl Henry Klein (c 1864-1933) - the Ghost of Katie's Bar

Katie's Bar in Smithtown is reported to be haunted by a ghost. Some say the ghost is question is Karl Henry Klein who committed suicide in 1933 in a hotel across the street from the building that is now Katie's Bar.

March 1, 1933 Karl Henry Klein, age 69 and a part owner of the Smithtown Hotel on Main street Smithtown Branch, was worried about financial difficulties and possible indictment for prohibition violations. Klein committed suicide. He shot himself in the head in his bedroom on the southeast corner of the second floor of the Hotel. He had a wife, Pauline, and several children on South First in Lindenhurst. Klein owned the hotel with John L "Bour" (Bauer).

Several weeks before the suicide Klein had been raided by "dry" agents. His hotel was padlocked and he was held on $1,000 bail until a hearing in Brooklyn.

According to the news reports Klein had been a baker and had later run several successful restaurants on Long Island. He had two children by his first marriage. After the death of his first wife he married Pauline Seegott, who was a widow with four children.

Prohibition ended in December 1933, nine months after Kleine killed himself.

In July 1931 two young men robbed "Henry Klein" one of the proprietors of the Smithtown Hotel on Jericho Turnpike "just west of the station". The robbery occurred about 11:30 on Sunday evening. Klein was alone at the time. The two men took $140 from the till and left in a car. Klein felt he had seen the men before but could not identify them.

In December 1931 Edmund Fauchot of the Bronx was one of five men who posed as Federal prohibition agents in a shake down attempt aimed at John Baur the owner of the Smithtown Hotel. They were demanding $200. Fauchet was found guilty and sentenced to not less than nor more than thirty years in prison. Edmond, aka Edwin, Fauchot , age 29, was sent to Sing Sing prison in Ossining on July 12, 1932 for extorsion, sentenced to 15 to 30 years, crime committed in Sulfolk Co. NY. Criminal act - Impersonating and officer and demanding $200 from speakeasy owner.

In 1937 Louis Seegott of Smithtown Branch, one of the proprietors of the Smithtown Hotel, married Dorothy May Carpenter of Amityville. Louis was the son of Mrs. Pauline Klein.

In 1938 a licence was given to Pauline Klein and Fredrick W. Becht to sell beer, wines and liquors at retail to be consumed on the premises of the Smithtown Hotel, at Jericho Turnpike, Smithtown Branch

In 1940 Pauline Klein of Lindenhurst was still associated with the Smithtown Hotel.

Pauline Klein was listed in the 1940 census on Main street, near the Rail Road station: Smithtown, "Pouline Kline" 66, widowed, proprietor hotel, Frederick Wm Becht 47, "son", proprietor hotel, Elector Becht 54, daughter in law, William G Bochl 16, grand nephew, Peter Maier 42, employee, bartender, value of property $25,000.

Pauline Klein was also granted a liquor licence in 1945.

Pauline Klein died in 1956 and was buried in Breslau Cemetery North Lindenhurst plot section 2

Pauline Seegott was listed in the 1910 census in Babylon: Louis Sugott 49, house carpenter, Pauline Sugott 39, 6 children 5 living, Louis Sugott 4, son, Sussana Sugott 2, daughter, Martha Becht 19, son, Fred Becht 17, apprentice carpenter, Wanda Becht 8, daughter, Sophia Reiser 68, mother in law

They were also listed in Babylon in the 1920 census.

Louis Seegott died in 1923. He was buried in Breslau Cemetery North Lindenhurst plot section 2.

Karl Klein age 64 of 297 Stagg st Brooklyn married Pauline Seegott age 55 of the same address February 8, 1928.

In 1900 Pauline was listed in Babylon with her then husband John Becht: John Becht 35, farm laborer, Pauline Becht 28, Martha Becht 9, Frederick Becht 7, Sophia Meyer 57, mother

Karl Klein age 64 of 297 Stagg st Brooklyn married Pauline Seegott age 55 of the same address February 8, 1928.

More on Katie's Bar

In Smithtown 1660-1929 Noel J. Gish identifies the building behind the telephone pole in one of the above images as as the drugstore belonging to Reverent William E. Smith. That building now is the home of Katie's Bar.

In 1889 the Reverent William E Smith was the pastor of the Methodist church in Smithtown. Gish says there was a small switchboard in the store which serviced the twenty phone in Smithtown at the time. The switchboard operator was Mae Edwards.

In 1887 the Rev. William E. Smith gave a lecture on temperance in the Academy Hall, Smithtown. In 1898 the Rev. W. E. Smith of Smithtown was a well known temperance leader on Long Island.

By 1904 the Rev. William E. Smith was in Brooklyn. In 1900 William Smith, age 37, preacher, his wife, Ellen, age 36, and son Alpha G, age 4, were listed in Smithtown Branch. (Alpha was born in Stony Brook in 1896. No street addresses were given in the census.)

The Rev. William E. Smith born 1862 died in 1923 and was buried in Smithtown Landing Methodist Cemetery in Smithtown.

Spear's Pharmacy - current location of Katie's Bar

In 1910 Spear's pharmacy was identified as next to the Trainer Hotel. The Trainer Hotel burned to the ground in a fire in 1909.

Theodore Spear was a druggist who was initially in business in New York City. He ran into some financial difficulties, left Manhattan and moved to Stony Brook in 1897. He moved to Smithtown by 1901.

In 1898 Theodore A. Spear assigned his drug store at 125th street Manhattan to William C. Figer for the benefit of creditors. Mrs. Spear sued for $464 which she claimed was the salary due her for 58 weeks at $8 per week. She alleged that she had been hired by her husband in July 1896 to look after the store. As soon as Mr. Spear assigned, Mrs. Spear put in her claim. She was opposed by two of the creditors, Mary E. Spear and George Ehret & co. The court ruled in favor of Mrs. Spear.

1898: Ad - Spear's Pharmacy - Stony Brook, "the purest Drugs always in stock."

1900 Census: Brookhaven, Suffolk, Stony Brook Theodore A Spear 45, druggest, Cherrie P Spear 30, wife, no children, married 7 years.

1900 December 6 - Cherrie Pearl, the wife of Theodore A Spear age 38 of Stony Brook, died of spinal meningitis.

1901: Theodore A. Spear married Annie Waller on 27 October, 1901 in St. James, NY cert # 21222.

1901: Smithtown - November - Druggist Theodore A. Spear expanded his store to include the former barber shop run Paul Seaman. (In 1910 and 1915 Paul Seaman, "carpenter", was listed on Maple ave.)

1905: Ad:

Spear's Pharmacy
Near the R. R. Station
Headquarters for what
You want in
Drugs, Chemicals
Paints, Oils
Seeds, Fertilizers
You Need Our Goods
We Need Your Business

1906: The Theodore A. Spear Drug Company of Smithtown was chartered in November 1906.

1906: Theodore A. Spear, Smithtown druggist was involved in a change of venue court request in a case of a debt of $68.

1908: April 9, 1908 Theodore A. Spear, age 50, Smithtown druggest died. According to a bief obit in the local papers he was survived by a wife, daughter and sister, Mrs. Henry Wagner.

1910 Fire: Fire destroyed the drug store run by Annie H. Spear of Smithtown Branch. The store was located next to Trainor's hotel, which had been destroyed by fire the previous year.

The fire started on the second story around midnight on Sunday July 31. Annie Spear slept on the ground floor of the building. She was alone in the building as her son was away. She claimed she was awakened by the crackling noise of the fire. Initially she ran out of the building but then went back in to get her insurance policy. However, she forgot her money and jewelry. She had apparently removed many of her valuables, including a dog, from the house a few days before the fire. There was $5,500 of insurance - $4,000 on the building and $1,500 on the furnishings. There was a mortgage of $3,500. Arson was suspected.

A few days later on August 6, Annie Spear was arrested at the home of her parents at 218 Jerome ave, Brooklyn. Bail was set at $1,000.

Annie was 39 years old and the widow of the well known Long Island druggist, Theodore Spear, who had died two years before. She was indicted in October on charges of second degree arson. In December 1910 she was acquitted. The prosecution failed to prove the case and the defense was not heard.

Spear Pharmacy Smithtown circa 1905

James Barford Redwood

A 1909 map of the area shows the property on which the Trainer Hotel and the Spear Pharmacy stood belonged to James Redwood.

In 1896 James Redwood had the road filled in and graded in front of his premises "from the Main road to the Railroad". Dirt was used from the excavations of the building of the Presbyterian Chapel, Smithtown Branch.

In 1898 Charles M. Sanford bought the drug store at Smithtown Station from James Redwood.

In 1899 James B. Redwood of Smithtown bought property on the north side of the Main road for $2,250 from Herman T. Smith of Brooklyn.

In September 1910 Annie H. Spear transferred to James B. Redwood lot n. s. North Country rd adj ld of James Trainer, Smithtown Branch

1880: Smithtown, James B. Redwood 34, tinsmith, Martha A. Redwood 32, Edith S. Redwood 6, John O. Redwood 4

1900: Smithtown, James Redwood 55, glass and steam fitter, born England, Martha Redwood 52, 2 children 1 living, milliner, Walter F Scott 28, son in law, plumber, Edith Scott 26, daughter (Next listing was John Trainer, hotel keeper.)

1905: Newspaper ad : Mrs. M. A. Redwood - Millinery - Trimmed and Ready to Wear Hats - also Hats Made To Order - Main Street- Smithhtown Branch. L. I.

1910: Main Street, Smithtown, James B Redwood 63, plumber, Martha A Redwood 61, Edith S Scott 35, milliner, Walter F Scott 38, plumber Earl R Scott 9, Alice M Scott 4

Next to John Trainer.

1915: Main Street Smithtown, James B Redwood 69, plumber, Martha Redwood 67, Walter F Scott 42, plumber, Edith S Scott 40, Earl R Scott 14, Alice M Scott 9

1917: Martha Augusta Redwood - Birth 24 Dec 1846 Smithtown, Suffolk County, New York, United States of America - Death Date: 21 Oct 1917 Death Place: Smithtown, Suffolk County, New York, United States of America Cemetery: Smithtown Cemetery Burial or Cremation Place: Smithtown, Suffolk County, New York, United States of America Father: John Van Wyk Smith, Mother: Mary Ann Smith, Spouse: James Barford Redwood, Children: Edith Smith Scott John Orville Redwood

I did not find an obit for her.

1917 death: James Barford Redwood, Birth 22 Jun 1845, Taunton, Taunton Deane Borough, Somerset, England, Death 15 Nov 1917, Manhattan, New York County (Manhattan), New York, United States of America, Cemetery: Smithtown Cemetery, Suffolk County, New York, United States of America

James B Redwood, Age: 74, Death 15 Nov 1917, Manhattan, New York, USA, Certificate Number: 32768

He died at St. Luke's Hospital in Manhattan. The obit in the local papers was very brief. It made no mention of the recent death of his wife.

Martha Redwood left her estate to her daughter, Edith Scott, the wife of Walter F. Scott.

Walter F. Scott and Edith Redwood Scott

1920: Main Street, Walter S Scott 47, plumber, Edith Scott 46 Earl Scott 19 Alice Scott 14

1930 220 Main street Walter Scott 57, plumber, Edith Scott 56, Alice Scott 24

(The Scott house according to info on the internet is/was on the corner of Main street and Redwood Lane.)

Walter F Scott played baseball with the Hauppauge Field Club. See Hauppauge field Club

Did the Redwood property go exclusively to the Scotts?

When was the building that is now Katie's Bar built? It was build before the mid 1930s.

From the Train Station to the house belonging to Walter F. Scott circa 1933

In 2003 the Smithtown Center for the Performing Arts published a newsletter containing an article by Bradley Harris entitled "A Stroll Down Main Street .... in 1933" based on the remembrances of Walter Macheck. Starting just east of the Train Station on the north side of Main street Mr. Macheck remembered:
  1. The first building to the east of the Train station parking lot had two stores in it.
    "One store that was triangular in shape with large plate glass windows what faced the parking lot, was Land's Asphalt Company."

    The other store was W. H. Bishops Stationary store."

    Bishop's store sold cigars newspapers, magazines, candy and ice cream. There was a soda fountain.

    This is the building that now is the home to Katie's Bar

  2. The next building to the east was an old wooden two story building, 25 feet wide and 60 feet deep. The gable end faced the street. Sol Kass and his family live on the second floor and ran a stationary store on the first floor. While they sold many of the same items as the Bishops they were not (according to Mr. Macheck) as successful at their business.

  3. Next there was a vacant lot

  4. Then Redwood Lane

  5. Finally the house belonging to Walter F. Scott

William H. Bishop (1894-1953), his wife, Anne Brien (1886 -1962), and their son, Henry Harding Bishop (1920-1967)
W. H. Bishop's candy and stationary store (2003 the Smithtown Center for the Performing Arts newsletter)

W. H. Bishop's Stationary store was run by William H. Bishop jr and his wife, Anne.

The store was in existence from at least 1925.

1925: Bishop, William Jr., Store Keeper, Smithtown

1927: William H Bishop Sr. left an estate valued at about $4,500 to his daughter Adrianna A. Bishop executrix and to his sons, Albert, William Jr. and C. B. J Bishop he bequeathed a lot 50x150 on Hauppauge rd.

1930: Landing ave., Bishop, William jr., Proprietor candy store.

1940: Landing ave. Bishop, William H, age 45, proprietor stationary store, Anna, 49, wife, born Ireland, Henry H, 19, clerk stationary store, Kate Brien 82, mother in law, born Ireland

1953: Death of William Henry Bishop Jr Birth 1894 Death 1953 Smithtown Cemetery Smithtown, Suffolk County, New York, United States of America Father: William Henry Bishop Mother: Adrienne Bishop Spouse: Anna Bishop Children: Henry Harding Bishop

1962: Death of Anna Bishop Birth 1886 Ireland Death Date: 1962 Cemetery: Smithtown Cemetery Smithtown, Suffolk County, New York, United States of America Mother: Kate Brien Spouse: William Henry Bishop Child: Henry Harding Bishop

Henry Harding Bishop, son of William H. Bishop and Anna Brien was born 20 Nov 1920 and died Jan 1967 (aged 46). He was buried in Smithtown Cemetery Smithtown, Suffolk County, New York, USA. He served as a pilot during WWII and fell in love with flying. After the war he worked with his parents in the stationary store in Smithtown. He closed the store in 1959 to work as a chief pilot for Air Taxi co. He died when a plane he was piloting to Kennedy Airport crashed shortly after take off in Red Bank NJ. Nine people died in the crash.

He was survived by his wife, amy and a son, Philip, age 21.

Sol Kass and family

1925: Smithtown, no street listed, Kass, Sol, age 23, store keeper, Bertha, age 23, next listing was the Bishop family.

1930: Main street, renting, Bertha Kass 28 Wife, Sol Kass 26 Head, manager cigar store, Beattrice E Kass 4 Daughter, Jack I Kass 2 Son, next to Walter Scott.

1940: Main street, Smithtown, Kass, Sol, age 36, proprietor clerk, stationary, cigars, Bertha wife age 38, clerk Beatnie daughter age 14, Irving son age 13

WWII: Sol Kass Age: 37 Birth 14 Sep 190 Birth Place: Poland, Russi Residence Place: Main Street, Smithtown Branch, Suffolk, New York, Employer: Own Business - Smithtown Branch, Suffolk, N. Y., Weight: 155, Complexion: Dark, Eye Color: Brown, Hair Color: Black, Height: 5'' 6", Next of Kin: Bertha Kass

Charles E. Price - Greenhouse

In 1905 Charles E. Price maintained a greenhouse on Long Island R. R. property near the Smithtown train station.

Charles E. Price was born in Stony Brook on August 14, 1853, the son of Charles S. Price and Emiley Nichols. Not long after the birth the family moved to Smithtown.

Charles E. Price was a master plumber and had a successful plumbing and contracting business in Smithtown.

Charles E. Price died July 14, 1935, age 83 after a short battle with pneumonia. He was survived by a sister, Mrs. Kissam and two grandsons, sons of his late son Percy Price. He was buried in the Hauppauge Rural Cemetery.

According to an obit in the local paper, he had "conducted a florist business" circa 1900.

1896: In July Charles E. Price, a florist in Smithtown Branch, received a shipment of 5,000 violet plants from Pennsylvania and 2,000 from Babylon. He expected to have them sweet and blooming by the next winter.

(This is a lot of violets for a relatively small community. I image he was selling the flowers for bouquets in the City. Violet bouquets were very popular among socially women at the time.)

1897: C. E. Price had a contract to build a bathroom, a windmill and lay a flagstone sidewalk at the property of William Colyer in St. James.

1897: C. E. Price built a greenhouse on the property of Mrs. S. White of St James. [Stanford White]

1905: April - Charles E Price had a well stocked greenhouse with plants in good condition. The pansy beds were exceptional.

1905: May - C. E. Price had just completed a large greenhouse. He had started his greenhouse business in 1888 with just a few feet of glass and by 1905 had 5,000 feet under glass. (Times Union)

1900: Charles Price 47, superintend of garden, Margarett B Price 44, 2 children 1 living, Percival Price 13

1910: Hauppauge road, Smithtown, Emma S Kissam 58 Elbert E Kissam 29, son, plumber, Charles E Price 56, brother, plumber, Stella Conklin 22, boarder

1920: St James road, Smithtown, Chas E Price 66, divorced, plumber Elizabeth A Price 46, widowed, sister-in-law, born Ireland

Price's Greenhouse at Smithtown Railroad Station

Cut Flowers, Flowering Plants, Bedding and Nursery Stock, Best Varieties, Sound Healthy Plants,
5,000 Feet of Glass in Our Greenhouses


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