Smithtown, Long Island, Main Street

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Smithtown, Long Island, Main Street

Main Street, Smithtown, L. I.

Posted 1911

Postcard collection of Maggie Land Blanck

Main Street Smithtown Branch, L.I.

Posted 1907

Postcard collection of Maggie Land Blanck

Postcard collection of Maggie Land Blanck

Main St. Smithtown Branch, L. I.

Posted, but not dated

Collection of Tom Muratore

Main St. Smithtown Branch, L. I.

Collection of Tom Muratore

Main St. Smithtown Branch, L. I.

Main Street, Smithtown Branch, Long Island, N.Y.

No postmark

Postcard collection of Maggie Land Blanck

Main Street, Looking West, Smithtown Branch, Long Island, N.Y.

Postmark December 1947

Postcard collection of Maggie Land Blanck

Postcard collection of Maggie Land Blanck

Main Street, Looking East Smith Town Branch, Long Island N.Y.

Not posted

Suffolk County Ten Great Townships of Long Island, circa 1940, book collection of Maggie Land Blanck

Route 25 through Smithtown Branch

Collection of Tom Muratore, February 2009

Main St. Smithtown Branch, L. I.

Tom writes:

"This postcard is looking west on Main Street. The building on the right still exists today. The building was the Elk Restaurant and Hotel. The cross street next to the Elk Restaurant is Karl Ave.

Hallock - Blacksmith Shop - Main street and Landing ave., Smithtown

The Times Union May 20, 1905 - Wagon and blacksmith shop of A. E. Hallock, Main street at Landing Avenue.


"A. E. Hallock,
Manufacturer of and Dealer in All Kinds of
Fine Carriages, Sleighs,
and Business Wagons
A Specialty of
Buggies and Harness
Also a Large Assortment of
Agricultura; Implements
Constantly on Hand
Repairing and Painting in all Shapes
and Styles
Alanson Edward Hallock (1838- 1917)

Birth: 20 August 1838

Occupation: Blacksmith, Carriage maker, Roads Commissioner

Marriage: Emily Frances Blydenburgh on October 20, 1860.


  1. Luther 1862

    Luther B. Hallock Birth Date: 18 Sep 1862 Death Date: 4 Sep 1918 Cemetery: Smithtown Cemetery Burial or Cremation Place: Smithtown, Suffolk County, New York

    Husband of Clara Brush [1866-1895]

    Luther B. Hallock Gender: Male Marriage Date: 5 Jun 1889 Marriage Place: Smithtown, New York, USA Spouse: Clara B. Brush Certificate Number: 9128

    1918: Luther Hallock, age 55, died at the home of his mother. He had been sick for several weeks with "walking typhoid". His wife, Clara Brush, daughter of the late Theodore Brush, had died of typhoid fever only a few years after their marriage. There were no children from the marriage.

  2. Clarence 1865 died 26 December 1891

    1888: Married Annie M Burnett 12 Aug

    1910: On Hauppauge rd., Annie widowed and two daughters, Erma 20 and Clair 18

Death of Alanson Hallock: 10 July 1917 Smithtown

1850: Smithtown, Daniel M Hallock 42, farmer, Elira Hallock 42, Emeline Hallock 18, Rosetta Hallock 15, Charlotte Hallock 13, Alanson C Hallock 10, Martha Hallock 9, Leonard M Hallock 7

1860: Daniel M Hallock 56, farmer, Eliza M Hallock 56, Leonard M Hallock 15 Alanson E Hallock 20, blacksmith, Rosella F Hallock 23, tailoress and dressmaker, Charlotte Hallock 22, tailoress and dressmmaker

Civil War Draft Registration: 1863 - First Congressional District of the State of New York, Smithtown, Hallock, Alanson age 25 blacksmith

1870: Smithtown, Alanson Hallock 31, blacksmith, Emily Hallock 25, Luther Hallock 7, Clarance Hallock 5, Amy Blydenburgh 54

1880: Smithtown, Alanson Hallock 42, blacksmith, Emily F. Hallock 38, Luther B. Hallock 17, apprentice wheelwright, Clarence L. Hallock 15 Amy Blydenburg 63< mother in law and three boarders (very hard to read names) wheelwright, ???, and apprentice to blacksmith all in their early 20s.

1885: A. E. Hallock Sole Agent for the Celebrated Waterloo Wagon Company's Surreys, Buggies, Wagons, Sleighs &c., Smithtown Branch, L.I.

1885: August Alanson Hallock, Smithtown wagon maker, was the first witness to give testimony in the St Johnland farm Charities Board Investigation. He had done work for the board and for St. Johnlands repairing wagons. Although he had been asked to do so, he had not brought his books. He claimed the committee did not really want to see him - it was a mistake. It was implied that they really wanted to see his son age 31, who was the bookkeeper and he was sick. "There was something the matter with his head." Hallock believed it was called Biliousness*. Hallock testified he had sold one new wagon to a Commissioner at a cost of $155 which was paid for from the commissioner's private account. Hallock had also sold a milk wagon to the county in 1892 for $145. Hallock was presented with copies of bills for three wagons including a sidebar canopy topped wagon for $145 and a buckboard wagon for $125.The bills had been paid by the country treasurer and had passed the board of supervisors. Hallock said he did not recognize the signature and that he knew nothing about the purchase of these wagons from him or his son.

*(Biliousness - A term used in the 18th and 19th centuries pertaining to bad digestion, stomach pains, constipation, and excessive flatulence (passing gas). The quantity or quality of the bile was thought to be at fault for the condition.)

1892: Mr. A. E. Hallock and his superb pack of hounds went fox hunting in January. Foxes were very abundant in Smithtown and hunting them provided great sport. It was also considered a service as foxes killed a great number of game birds like quail and partridges. Several gun clubs in Smithtown released quail for sport hunting.

Mr. Hallock and friends also went dear hunting.

1897 December - Under the efforts of Road Commissioner, A. E. Hallock a bike path was being constructed from Dr. Fanning's house to George Hallocks's on the main road of the Branch.

1896: The road from Smithtown to Hauppauge was being put in "fine order" by Alanson Hallock, in June.

1898: January - Alanson Hallock was one of Smithtown's Highway Commissioners. An edict had been set forth that bicycles could not be allowed on the sidewalks between Smithtown Branch and the railroad depot. Hallock recognized the rights of bicyclist to a portion of the roadway so he had a bicycle path build along the side of the road.

1900: Smithtown, Alanson Hallock 61, carriage manufacturer, Emily F Hallock 56, 2 children 1 living Luther Hallock 36, wheelwright, Amy Blydenburgh 83, mother in law, 5 children 4 living

1900: May - A four mile road from the railroad station to "the line at Brookhaven" was graded and finished and presented a fine hard and smooth surface. A cycle path from Dr. Fanning's to the junction of the Stony Brook path was also completed. Both works were done under the supervision of A. E. Hallock.

(In 1890 Dr. George Fanning's handsome new house was on the corner of Main street and Edgewood avenue.)

1908:September 17, The 75 foot long, three story Hallock Blacksmith shop on the northeast corner of Main street and Landing avenue burned to the ground. Two large buildings belonging to C. B. Darling, undertaker, were also lost in the fire. Mr. Darling lost his hearse, carriage and barn. The Darling house was saved. A barn belong to Jacob B. Conklin was also destroyed. Losses were estimated: $25,000 on the Hallock property, $5,000 on the Darling property and $500 on the Conklin barn. Hallock had $3,000 in insurance.

G. Everett Hand rebuilt Mrs. Julia Darling's barn. In October a foundation was being laid to rebuilt a three story blacksmith shop for A. E. Hallock on the same site as the building that burned.

1910: Main street, Smithtown, Alanson E Hallock 71, blacksmith, Emily F Hallock 66 Luther B Hallock 46, wheelwright

1917: Alanson Edward Hallock, Birth Date: 20 Aug 1838, Birth Place: Smithtown, Suffolk County, New York, Death Date: 10 Jul 1917, Death Place: Smithtown, Suffolk County, New York, Cemetery: Hauppauge Rural Cemetery Hauppauge, Suffolk County, New York, Spouse: Emily Frances Hallock Children: Clarence L Hallock Find a Grave

1917: Will of Alanson Hallock - estate value $15,105 - all household furniture to the widow, Emily F. Hallock, plus the use of the real estate and and income of $2,000 during her lifetime or until she remarried. At her death or remarriage the money and real estate were to be equally divided between his sons, Luther and Clarance. (Note: Clarence had died in 1891. Luther died in 1918. Emily died in 1932.)

1920: Smithtown, Suffolk, New York, Nissequague Road, Emily F Hallock 76, wd, Annie M Hallock 51, wd., daughter in law, Luke Glavey 35, boarder, blacksmith

1932: Death of Emily Frances Blydenburgh Hallock born 10 November 1842 died 27 February 1932. Hauppauge Rural Cemetery

Emily Hallock age 89, died at her home on Main street, Smithtown. Born November 10, 1842 in Hauppauge she was the daughter of Luther and Amy Faxton Blydenburgh. She married Alanson Hallock and had two sons, Luther and Clarence, both deceased. She came from a long line of distinguished ancestors. Her only living relatives were a daughter in law, Annie Halllock, a granddaughter, Mrs. Erema Palmer and a great granddaughter, Claire Palmer.

Brush - Livery Stables - Main street Smithtown

1905 Ad - Union Times

Livery Stable
Special Attention to
Weddings, Funerals
and Gala Occasions
M. E. Brush
Smithtown Branch, L. I.
Melville Brush (1859-1924)

Birth: 18 Nov 1859 to Egbert Brush and Elizabeth Wheeler

Occupation: Livery, sheriff, post master

Marriage: Ada Blydenburgh


  1. Howard circa 1884

    In July 1897 Howard Brush, age 13, slipped and fell while using a lawn mower and cut off one of his toes. He was mowing barefooted.

    Howard married and had a son, Howard/Melville circa 1883

    Howard was the Smithtown postmaster in 1928.

Death: Ada Theodara Brush Birth 31 Aug 1859 Smithtown, Suffolk County, Death 3 Nov 1911 Smithtown, Suffolk County, Cemetery: Smithtown Cemetery, Father: John Washington Blydenburgh, Mother: Ann Eliza Blydenburgh, Children: Howard M. Brush

Marriage 1915: Melville E. Brush, Marriage Date: 12 Jun 1915, Marriage Place: Woodbury, New York, Spouse: Beatrice L. Wheeler, Certificate Number: 21601

1860: Smithtown Branch, Egbert Brush 27, wheelwright, Elizabeth R Brush 27, Mary G Brush 6, Charlotte A Brush 4, Melvill E Brush 6/12, Sarah T Wheeler 14, servant

1880: Egbert Brush 47, farmer, Elizabeth Brush 47, Gussie T. Brush 23, Melville E. Brush 20, laborer

(Near Alanson Hallock and family.)

1887: Melville Brush was seriously kicked by one of his horses while he was trying to harness it.

1891: Melville E. Brush was a Deputy Sheriff. His term ended on December 31.

1896: In July Gus De Barro, a Smithtown barber, hired a horse and buggy from Brush's livery stable on a Sunday afternoon and drove it to Jamaica where he endangered lives by driving it on the sidewalk in a drunken and disorderly fashion. A telephone message was sent to Smithtown. Gus was held in the Jamaica town hall until Mr. Brush arrived to identify his rig. Gus was take back to Smithtown to appear in court.

1896: August - Melville Brush and a party of friends drove to Bay Shore and then took a boat of Fire Island where they caught 35 flounders.

1896: September - Melville E. Brush was elected a delegate from the First Smithtown District.

1897: June - John Moran hire a horse and buggy from Melville Brush to drive a friend to Stony Brook. Night came and Moran had not returned. Melville made inquiries. The next afternoon the horse and buggy were found tied to a tree. Neighbors said the horse had stood there all day and night. A warrant was issued for Moran's arrest on charges of criminal cruelty to an animal. Conststable Runge, of Stony Brook, found Moran "the worse for liquor". Moran was arrested, tried and sentenced to three months in Riverhead Jail.

1897: July - Melville and an employee, Sam Bunce, were unloading hay at the top of the barn (about 25 feet up) when the ladder they were standing on was pulled over as a team of horses attached to the hay wagon started to run away. Both men fell. Melville, a heavy set man, suffered bruses to his left shoulder and arm. Sam fell on his face and suffered several loosened teeth and some cuts and bruses.

1897: August - Capt. Egbert Brush, Melville E. Brush, family and friends- about 60 popele- went to the beach "on the Sound shore" and supped on baked clams, corn, sweet potatoes, etc.

1897: October 23, Appointed US Postmaster Smithtown

1898: April - M. E. Brush started a stage route from the train depot to various parts of the "village or town".

1900: Melvill Brush 40, livery stable, Ada T Brush 39, 1 child 1 living, Howard M Brush 17, driver at stable, Edgbert Brush 67, landlord

1900: - May 7 - Two men who robbed the Aquebogue Post Office and the Islip Railroad Depot were captured in Smithtown after a lively chase in which guns were drawn and shots were fired. As the two men, Henry Degler and Frank Ryan, were coming out of a saloon they were recognized from a wanted circular. The men started to run but were chased by Deputy Sheriff Brush, Office Everett Hand, Howard Brush and some others. Hand guns and shotguns were employed. Ryan was chased for about two and a half miles after swimming across a river. He was finally run down by a large mob. As the robbers ran they were emptying their pockets of paper money and about 400 pennies. When they were searched some bank notes and $5 gold piece were found. It totaled about $27. During the robbery the men had gotten about fourteen $5 gold pieces and 1,100 pennies. They had broken into the Islip Post Office and blown up the safe at night. The force of the explosion had shattered all the windows.

Brush and Hand received a reward from the Post Office authorities. 1900: September - Riverhead - Frank Ryan was charged with burglary, assault and attempt to break jail. Henry Degler was charged with burglary and assault. The assault charges stemmed from shotting at Deputy Sheriff Brush. They pleaded not guilty to all charges.

Henry Degler served 6 years in Sing Sing and was arrested in 1914 for burglary of a Post Office in Morris County, NJ.

1900: December 4 - Degler and Ryan pleaded guilty to burglary in the third degree and blowing open the Islip depot. Degler got three years in Sing Sing. Ryan got four years and 7 months in Sing Sing.

December - Henry Joseph Degler, age 26, born Newark, NJ, was sent to Sing Sing in Ossining, NY on 13 December 1900 - received from Suffolk co jail arrested by Constable Brush. Frank Ryan, alias John Trainer, known as Chicago Jack, born Portland, maine, age 42, was sent to Sing sing in Ossining, NY on Dec 13, 1900. Arresting officer Deputy Sheriff Brush.

1901: March - Captain Egbert Brush born in Smithtown in 1833, father of Melville Brush Smithtown Post Master, died suddenly at his home.

1901: May - M. E. Brush had the sidewalk in front of his house graded and blue-stoned. Shade trees were also planted.

1902: October - C. W. Darling was driving a horse and light buggy across the railroad tracks when he was hit by a westbound train. Driver and carriage were pushed fifty feet. Mr. Darling had just left M. E. Brush's yard and turned west towards the tracks when the accident occurred. The wagon was demolished, the horse was unhurt and Mr. Darling suffered minor injuries.

1904: Melville, his wife, Mrs. E. H. Downer and Mrs. William Spurge visited California for a few weeks. While on a coaching trip through the mountains, they had an accident and Mr. Brush was thrown from the vehicle and broke his ankle.

"March 31, 1904 [LAT]: "Ada Brush and Melville E. Brush have begun a suit against the Santa Catalina Island Company and C. E. Bryant, William Banning, et al., together forming the Santa Catalina Island Stage Company, to recover $299.99 as damages. The action has begun in Justice Pierce's court, and it is alleged in the complaint that on February 23 Mrs. Brush joined a coaching party, and paid $1 for the trip from Avalon and return. During the trip the coach was accidentally thrown over, and it is alleged that the plaintiff was injured." (,_William)

1908: July 26, Albany - Realty Associates of Smithtown - capital $30,000 - incorporated - directors, T. L. Smith, M. e. Brush and Ada T. Brush.

1910: Melville E. Brush hosted a large clam bake called "The town clambake" at Short Beach.

1911: February - Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Brush celebrated their 31st wedding anniversary at their home on main street.

1911 April 7 - After a very hot political battle Melville E. Brush was re-elected Town Superintendent of Highways.

His name was presented to the Republican Party Convention to ask for his nomination for Sheriff.

1911: November - Ada T. Brush, wife of Melville Brush, passed away after an illness of three days. She was 51. A fever sore on her lip caused the skin to break and blood poisoning developed.

1912: Sheriff Melville E. Brush became the Suffolk Count Sheriff on January 1,1912.

1913: April - Sheriff Melville E. Brush was removed as Sheriff on April 28 by the governor on charges of inefficiency and allowing prisoners too much freedom especially in the case of a prisoner named Esther Harris who escaped from the jail the day before she was to go to trail.

Brush was accused of entertaining Esther Harris and the turnkey, Harry J Newton, at dinner on Thanksgiving 1912. In addition he "furnished" Esther Harris with "various foods different from the food furnished to the other prisoners confined in the Riverhead jail". And he allowed Harry J Newton to receive personal belongings and jewelry to be taken to a pawn shop for the benefit of Esther Harris.

Esther escaped from the jail on December 8 1912. There were a wide variety of stories on just how she managed her escape. The story of the escape was in the local and national papers for several years. She had been accused of grand larceny for stealing valuable jewelry.

A month after the escape a grand jury probe was started into the reasons. More than forty witnesses were called. The jury concluded that there was no willful or criminal misconduct on the part of the Sheriff but her escape was due to incompetency and inefficiency on the part of the Sheriff.

"ESTHER HARRIS, alias E. F. Wells., alias Miss Lewis, alias Thurber, alias Mrs. Dorothy Gardner Armory. Member banks throughout the country are warned to be on the lookout for this forger and swindler. Esther Harris escaped from the Riverhead Jail. Suffolk County, N. Y., December 8, 1912. She has also used aliases of Margaret Pollock Sherwood and Mary F. Kenyon. She is wanted in Los Angeles, California, Cincinnati, Ohio, and East Boston, Mass., for forgery. She is described as follows: Age, 46 years; height, 5 feet 8 inches; weight, 145 pounds; complexion, dark; hair, dark, mixed with gray; has large nose and gold filling in upper jaw; mannish dresser." (American Bankers Association Journal: (1913-1914), Volume 6)

Melville Brush was also accused of taking several prisoners for long car rides in his private automobile and failing to keep prisoners properly separated, permitting detained witnesses to mingle with prisoners sentenced and serving time.

Melville Brush - 1913

1914: March 21 - Melville E. Brush of Riverhead was renovating his home in Smithtown Branch preparing to rent it.

March 1914 ad in the Brooklyn Daily Eagle:

FOR SALE OR TO RENT - Furnished 15 room house and barn; all improvements; five acres of land; high ground; on main street; Smithtown L.I. M. E. Brush, Riverhead, L. I.

1914: May - Melville Brush gave a card party at his beautiful home on Main street, Smithtown Branch. A number of guests from Riverhead attended. Mr. Brush returned ot Riverhead with his guests after the party.

1915: Melville E. Brush married Beatrice Wheeler on June 12. (Beatrice was 23 and Melville was 55.)

1920: Main Street, Smithtown, Melville E Brush 60, occupation, none, Beatrice Brush 28, wife, Howard Brush 36, son, widowed, reamer ship yard, Melville Brush 12, grandson, Elizabeth Wheeler 67, mother in law, Ruth E Brown 23, boarder, teacher public school, Margaret Howard 25, boarder, teacher public school, Katherine Haller 22, boarder,teacher public school,

Death: Dec 20, 1924 - former sheriff of Suffolk county, was buried on December 18 - age 65 son of Captain Egbert Brush and Elizabeth Wheeler - first wife Ada Blydenburgh - second wife, Beatrice Wheeler - son Howard.

He died suddenly and was found dead in his bed by his wife on December 15. He was a Smithtown Town Assessor at the time of his death.

Melville E Brush Birth 18 Nov 1859, Smithtown, Death 15 Dec 1924 Smithtown, Cemetery: Smithtown Cemetery,

1930: Beatrice Brush age 37 and Elizabeth Wheeler, mother, age 79 Maple ave. Smithtown

1981: Beatrice Brush Birth 1892 Suffolk County, New York, Death 5 Jun 1981 Smithtown, Suffolk County, Cemetery: Smithtown Cemetery Smithtown, Suffolk County, New York

Hand - Contractor - Main street, Smithtown

1905 Ad - Union Times

One of the finest residences in Smithtown erected by Mr. Hand

G. Everett Hand
and builder
Smithtown Branch, L. I.
Plans and Specifications Promptly Furnished

Contracts taken For The Erection of Buildings Anywhere on Long Island

George Everett Hand

Birth: 1867 the son of George E . Hand and Amelia.

Marriage: George E Hand, Marriage 23 May 1893, Smithtown, New York, Spouse: Jennie L Smith, Certificate Number: 8938


  1. Stanley circa 1897

    Returning from school one day in September 1909 Stanley lost control of his bicycle and ran into a tree. His nose was broken and several teeth were knocked out. He was taken to kings Park Hospital as all of the doctors iin town were away from their offices.

1900: Everet Hand 33, carpenter, Jennie L Hand 31, 1 child 1 living, W Stanley Hand 3 Liddie Smith 57, mother in law, 4 children 4 living

1901: May - Everett Hand had a contract with J. Clinch Smith to build a large house and stables in Meadow Brook near Westbury. Twenty-five carpenters were to be employed.

1904:October - Contractor Everett Hand was building a new store for Wallace E. Donaldson. The store, located in Hauppauge, was struck by lightening and burned in August 1904.

1905: December - G. Everett Hand completed improvements on the property of Mrs. Halls at the Landing.


Times Union 31 March 1906

"Shady Lane" cottage home of Sarah Lane Kanning built by G. Everett Hand near the Harbor front in St James. It over looked the water. The front was a half circle with two upper balconies. There was a large Dutch room on the first floor with a large fireplace and several solid wood seat were built in. The windows were of plate glass set in Dutch frame patterns. They opened as doors and were at least three feet long. Estimated coast of construction ten to twelve thousand dollars. In 1922 Sarah Kanning's House on Shore Road in St. James was sold by Monson Morris, associated with Louis de Lancey Ward. "The buyer will occupy."

1907: August- Ground was broken for the house of G. Everett Hand on Main street, Smithtown Branch

1908 October G. Everett Hand erected a large barn on the property of Mrs. Julia Darling to replace a barn that had been destroyed by fire a few weeks before.

1908: November Everett Hand had a contract to build a new school in East Hauppauge.

1909: In August G Everestt hand had begone work on a new school building for the town of Smithtown. G. Everett Hand and his "force of men" had made great progress by the end of August. The basement and foundation of cinder blocks was complete and the grounds were being graded. It was expected to be ready by January.

In 1951 a remembrance of the building of the schol stated:

"In 1908 the residents provided an 8 room school which was built in 1910, demolished in 1943. This was on the site of the Presbyterian Church and to its West. That building cost $12,662 and was built by G. Everett Hand."

1910: Main street, George E Hand 43, carpenter, Jennie L Hand 41, H Stanley Hand 13, Lydia A Smith 67, mother in law, Amelia Grimm 15, servant

1910: G. Everett Hand contracted to build a new school in Setauket which was to cost $40,000 to $50,000. He bought a large auto to carry his men back and forth from work.

1920: Main street, George E Hand 52, carpenter, housebuilder, Jennie Hand 51 Stanley Hand 23

1930: Landing ave. Hand, George E. age 62, builder, retired, Jennie wife Harry S., son, age 33, salesman securities,

1940: Main Street, Smithtown Branch, G Erentt Hand 72 Head, real estate, Jennie L Hand 71 Wife (near Walter F. Scott and Redwood Lane.)

1957: G. Everett Hand Birth 1867 Death 1957 Smithtown Cemetery Father: George Elbert Hand, Mother: Amelia Hand, Spouse: Jennie Hand

G. Everett Hand age 90 born Setauket resident of Smithtown for 65 years died in his home on West Main Street after a lingering illness.

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1935 Smithtown/Pennsylvania Station NYC Train Schedule

Courtesy of Tom Muratore.

See 1935 Train Schedule

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