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Hauppauge Field Club - Minor League Baseball

As documented by a few old photos, three Land brothers, Clarence born in 1881, Percy born in 1885, and Joe born in 1896, played baseball for a minor league summer baseball team called the Hauppauge Field Club.

The Hauppauge Field Club was organized in 1907 and appears to have been active through the 1910 season. The club seemed to have been most competitive in 1907, '08 and '09.

The season started in May and lasted thought late September. Games were mainly played on Saturday, Sunday and holidays. The holidays included: May 30 (Declaration Day now called Memorial Day), July 4th, and Labor Day (the first Monday in September). Double headers were popular on the holiday weekends.

Teams were in a league of sorts and advertised in the paper for games with other teams they wanted to play. It appears that a team were either required to or preferred to play certain number of games at home and a certain number of games away. A team sometimes advertised that it was willing to pay traveling expenses for the opposing team or willing to travel if their expenses were paid.

The Hauppauge Field Club advertised itself as "fast", "uniformed", "amateur" with an average age of 20 years. A member of the team acted as manager and coordinated where and when games were to be played.

The Hauppauge F. C. was mainly comprised of local Islip/Hauppauge "boys" ranging in age from their late teens to their early 30s.

The Donaldson, Land, and Sanford/Sandford families each had several sons who played for the team.

In 1909 the team got new uniforms.

The comments regarding the games played in 1907, 1908, 1909 and 1910 were take from the Brooklyn papers.


April: The Hauppauge baseball team was looking to play any uniformed team on the island whose players averaged about twenty years for Saturday afternoon games. Contact Walter F. Scott, manager, Hauppauge.

June 1: On Decoration Day the Hauppauge baseball team played on their home diamond against the Smithtown Colored Giants. The game was hotly contested but the Hauppauge team easily won with a score of 19 to 11.

(The Colored Giants were an African American team. There were "colored Giants " baseball teams all over the county in the days before Jackie Robinson broke the "color barrier".)

June 4 : The Hauppauge L. I. Baseball Club was looking to:

"hear from any High School teams which will pay expenses or which will give Hauppauge a return game on its own diamond. Hauppauge has lost only one game in four. It defeated Smithtown Colored Giants, the central Islip village team and was first to defeat Islip High School by a score of 6 to 5. The Hauppauge battery is Wallace Donaldson, pitcher; Floyd Sanford catcher."

July 9th: The Hauppauge Baseball Club had Aug 3 and 10 open and was looking for games with teams with or without home grounds. Contact Walter F. Scott

July 16: The Hauppauge B. B team defeated Ronkonkoma at Hauppauge in a very exciting game by a score of 8 to 7. "The batting of the Hauppauge team was the feature of the game." Hauppauge was looking for a game on July 20. Contact W. F. Scott.

July 23: The Hauppauge Baseball Club had August 3 and 10 open and were looking for good amateur teams with or without home grounds.

Aug 9: Hauppauge to play Ronkonkama in a hot game at Ronkonkoma on Aug 10. Hauppauge looking for games on Aug 24, and 31 with any teams with home grounds.

August 13: Hauppauge beat Ronkonkoma 9 to 4 at Ronkonkomas. Hauppauge took the lead in the forth inning and was never in danger after that. Their ability to hit and the fast running bases won the game. Due to a misunderstanding in scheduling Happauge had August 24 and 31 open.

August 27:

"The best and most interesting game of the season at Hauppauge was played last Saturday when the Hauppauge team defeated the fast Patchogue A. C. Both teams played with a great deal of snap and ginger and as it was anybody's game up to the last inning it made it very interesting from the spectators point of view. When the Hauppauges came in for their last bat the score stood 2 to 2 and for a time it looked as though it would take extra innings to decide the contest, but the local boys got two men on bases after one man was out and then W. Sanford brought home the winning run with a nice clean singe to left field. The pitching of Will Grace for the Hauppauge team was the feature of the game as he had ten strikeouts to his credit and only gave one man a pass to first." (Times Union Brooklyn)

The game took one hour and thirty-five minutes.

September 4: On Labor Day two games were played between Hauppauge and the Rival A. C. of Brooklyn at Hauppauge. Six innings of the morning game were played in the pouring rain. The umpire used an umbrella but the players "took their soaking without a murmur." Tony Stakum, pitched the morning game and struck out 8 men. The Rivals won the first game 2 to 1. The weather improved for the afternoon game and the Hauppauge team won 8 to 5. Will Grace with his powerful curves struck out 10 men in the second game.

September 15: OTHER GAMES AT THE PARK - Games played at the Parade Grounds* on September 14, Rival A. C. beat Hauppauge 9 to 8. The Hauppauge team included: W. Donaldson, 1st base, 2 runs, C. Donaldson, left field, 0 runs, "Stackin", pitcher 1 run, Cornish, right field, 1 run, Sanford, ?, 0 runs, "Wolfarth" catcher, 1 run, P. Land 3rd base, 2 runs, "Wolperth" center field, 1 run, C Land 2nd base 0 runs

*The Parade Grounds are in Prospect Park Brooklyn - a 40-acre green space with baseball, soccer, softball & football fields.

Known team members in 1907: Frank A. Cornish, Clinton Donaldson, Wallace Donaldson, Will Grace, Clarence Land, Percy Land, Floyd Sanford, William Sanford (Sandford), Walter F. Scott, Tony Stacum, and two Wohlfarth (Wolfarth) - first names unknown.


April 11: An article in the Standard Union of 11 April 1908 mentioned that the Hauppauge Field Club had a successful season in 1907. They were looking for Saturday games in the 1908 season.

April 11: - The Hauppauge team was looking to arrange a double header on July 4th and on Labor Day with a good uniformed team with players averaging 20 years or thereabouts. They were willing to pay expenses for eleven men from a reliable team. The team was reportedly even stronger that the previous years and had defeated such teams as Rival A. C., Sayville, and Fort Salonga. Contact: Floyd Sanford, Hauppauge.

April 18: The Bellmore team opened their season on May 3rd. The Manhasset team had a few unfilled dates and were looking to set up games with strong teams like Flushing, Mineola, Floral Park, and Hauppauge.

May 9: Hauppauge had a few dates open in July and August wanted to hear from "good amateur clubs". Hauppauge was willing to pay expenses for eleven men to a club which could give a good return game. The holiday dates were filled.

May 11: Manhasset was looking for games after May 17 with such teams as Mineola, Hauppauge, and Flushing. Willing to travel.

May 15: - Walter F Scott manager of the HFC. Hauppauge was looking for games on July 25 and a few dates in August. They offered to pay expenses to reliable teams which had home grounds and could return games on the same terms. Looking for a game against Pathogue or other teams that played good clean baseball.

May 26: Hauppauge defeated Brendwood 8 to 5. "Brentwood introduced a new method of playing regardless of the umpire's decisions." "Grace twirled for the Hauppauges and fanned 18 men."

May 28: Freeport announced that they were to play Hauppauge at Freeport on July 18.

June 4: - The Hauppauge field club had arranged the following games: June 13, Setauket, June 20 Fort Salonga, June 27 Farmingdale, July 4 two games Charter A. C. of Brooklyn, July 11 Freeport*, July 18 Farmingdale, July 25, Patchogue and the Rival A. C. of Brooklyn, two games on Labor day. Hauupauge had an open schedule in August due to cancelations. Contact Walter F Scott.


June 6: Hauppauge lost to fort Salongo 3 to 1.

June 18: Hauppauge was planning on traveling to Fort Salongo where it hoped to get revenge for a game it lost to them on June 6 with a score of 3 to 1. Hauppauge had a few dates open in August for games away from home. They were willing to travel for expenses. Would like to hear from Sea Cliff, Floral Park, Oyster Bay, Northport or Port Jefferson.

June 25: Due to a cancelation by Farmingdale, the HFC was looking for a game against a good amateur team on the following Saturday. Hauppauge would pay expenses. Phone 3 B Hauppauge or write Walter F. Scott, Hauppauge.

July 8: Charter A. C versus Hauppauge F. C. game one Charter won 11 to 6. Hauppauge players mentioned: Stacum, F. Sanford, Scott. Time of game 2 hours 10 minutes. Game two Charter won 1 to 0. Hauppauge players mentioned: Donaldson, Sanford, Stacum, Grace. Game time 21 hour 30 minutes.

July 11: - Hauppauge played Freeport for the first time at Freeport and lost 6 to 3.

July 15: Freeport defeated Hauppauge at Freeport 10 to 3.

July 24 : The Long Islander stated that Old Hickory defeated Hauppauge at the Old Hickory grounds on New York Avenue by a score of 12 to 6.

August 1: - Hauppauge was due to play the Huntington baseball team, the Old Hickories.

August 11: The Hauppauge Field Club defeated Fort Salonga by 6 to 3 on the diamond at the Kings Park State Hospital. The Hauppauge Field Club came from behind in the seventh inning with a "splendid batting rally which netted four runs." Both team had won two games each. The deciding contest was to be played September 12. The Hauppauge team's pitcher was Stacum. Team members were: Minder (short stop), Donaldson (pitcher and 1st base), Scott (left field), Sanford (catcher), Stacum (1st base and pitcher), C. Land (2nd base), P. Land (3rd base), Cornish (center field) and W. Sanford (right field).

August 21:

Owing to a cancellation Hauppauge had Labor Day open and wanted to book a good team for two games.Would pay travel expenses.

Labor Day: The Hauppauge team battled the Dragons in a double header. In the first game the bright star was Snider* "Hauppauge's young spitball artist" who struck out twelve men and allowed only seven hits. In the second game he relieved W. Grace in the middle of the second inning and pitched the remainder of the contest causing is opponents to "fan the air" and allowing only six hits in eleven and a half innings. The scores were Hauppauge 5 to Dragons 4 in the first game. The Hauppauge players were: Donaldson 1b, Scott c, Cornish lf, Stacum ss, C Land 2b, Mender lf, Fanning, Sindler p, W. Grace rf.

The second game was tied at 6 all. The Hauppauge players were: Donaldson 1b, Sanford 1b, Scott c, Cornish cf, Stacum 3b, Sindler ss, p, C Land 2b, Minder lf ss, P Land rf, Fanning ss lf and W. Grace p

*(misprint should be Sindler.)

September 8, 1908: The Hauppauge Field club had a double header against the Dragons. Hauppague won the first game 6 to 3.

September 19: The Hauppauge F. C. traveled to Kings Park and defeated the State Hospital's team 14 to 5. The team included: Donaldson 1b, Scott c, Cornish cf, Sanford ss, Sindler p lf, C. Land 2b, Minder lf, P. Land 3b, W. Grace rf, and Fanning rf.

Known team members in 1908: Frank Cornish, - Donaldson, - Fanning, Will Grace, Clarence Land, Percy Land, Valentine Mindor, Frank Root, Arthur Sanford, Floyd Sanford, William Sanford, Walter F Scott, Thomas (Tommy) Sindler, Anthony (Tony) Stacom.


1909: Clarence L Land was the manager of the Hauppauge Field club in March and July 1909.

March 13: Clarence L Land, captain of the Hauppauge baseball club, "called the boys" together to discuss plans for the coming season.

March 30: The team was to be newly uniformed for 1909.

Sindler had finished out the season with the club in 1908 and won every game he pitched was expected to do most ot the "twirling" in 1909.

The team had "home grounds".

May 18: Hauppauge beat Babylon in a well played game at Babylon. Highlights of the game were good batting by Hauppauge and excellent pitching by Sindler "who fanned 10 and allowed only one clean hit". Hauppauge won 8 to 5.

The roster on 18 May 1909 was: Cornish left field, M. Donaldson 1st base, "Mindler" pitcher, C. Land, 2nd base, Root -, P Land right field, W. Sanford - , Grace center field, and A Sanford 3rd base. Hauppauge beat Babylon 8 to 5.

May 22 : The game between Old Hickory (Huntington) and Hauppauge was canceled because of rain.

June 3: Hauppauge played a double header against Port Jefferson on Decoration Day and won both games - 10 to 0 and 7 to 5. In the first game Sindler struck out 15 men. Batteries T. Sindler and Root

June 18: - A strong Hauppauge team out batted Sayville. Hauppauge won 5 to 2 over Sayville in a "cleanly played' and interesting game. Jimmie Williams a former Central Islip crack pitcher pitched for Hauppauge. Sayville was handicapped by the absence of two of their best hitters. One failed to show up and another had to leave early to catch a train to new York.

July 1: - The Hauppauge F. C. played in Amityville and defeated the Waukewan B. B. C. 6 to 4.

Only five hits were collected off Sindler. The Hauppauge team made 10 hits. Hauppauge had several dates open for play against fast teams like Freeport and Northport. Hauppauge was due to travel to Sayville on Saturday.

July 8: - Hauppauge played a double header at Hauppauge on Monday the 5th against the Original Hustlers of Brooklyn. In the first game Williams "fanned" thirteen and only three Brooklyn batters hit safely. In the meanwhile, Hauppauge had thirteen safe hits and totaled 11 runs. Score Hauppauge 11 Original Hustlers 3. The afternoon game was closer. Hauppauge was leading in the 8th inning by 3 to 2. A wild throw allowed two of the Original Hustlers to "cross the rubber" and the Brooklyn team won 4 to 3. Hauppauge had several dates open for "fast teams" such as Freeport, Huntington, and Northport. C. Land Manager.

July 9: On Saturday July 3 Hauppauge was shut out against Sayville at Sayville, 11 to 0. Hauppauge made a number of laughable errors which contrasted strongly with how they had played a few weeks earlier.

On Monday July 5 the Hustlers from Ridgewood beat Hauppauge in a morning game and Hauppauge won at Hauppauge. Ridgewood won the afternoon game.

July 10:

"Hauppauge boys played at Sayville Saturday, with the team there, and Sayville won. Monday moring the Hustlers from Ridgewood came up and played the local team, Hauppauge won. In the afternoon the same teams played again and this time the Hustlers were victors. The Rivals of Brooklyn were expected but were unable to come."
(This must reflect play over the July 4th weekend.)

July 14: The Hauppauge F. C. traveled to Islip on Saturday and beat St. Marks S. C. soundly 19 to 3. Sindler fanned 10 players and allowed only six scattered hits. Hauppauge made 22 safe hits. Looking for games July 17, and 24 with first-class teams having home grounds. Hauppauge was looking for a game with a good traveling team on August on its home ground. Contact C. Land. Batteries Sindler and Scott.

July 20: - Hauppauge played at Babylon the previous Saturday and "again ministered defeat". Sindler fanned 11 of the Babylon players and "kept nine hits well scattered". The Hauppague team had a "swatfest" and made 12 runs. No total score reported. Due to a cancelation Hauppauge had an opening on Saturday for a"fast team with own grounds". Looking for a game with, Northport, Freeport or Mineola. Phone 3-L Hauppauge at 8 o'clock Tuesday or Wednesday evening or address C. Land, Manager Hauppauge.

July 21: 21 Hicksville seeking a Saturday or Sunday game with Hauppauge in August. Other "first class" teams with "like strength" were: Sea Cliff, Glen Cove, Bayside, New City, Kings Park, Spring Valley.

July 29: - Hauppauge was due to play the fast Waukewan B. B. C. at Amityville on the following Saturday. Sindler and Scott were slated to pitch for Hauppauge. The Hauppauge club had August 14, 21 and 28 open for fast teams. Home grounds open. Would like to hear from Freeport, Hicksville and Mineola or Northport. Will travel. Contact C. Land.

July 30: Hauppauge had August 14, 21 and September 4 open for teams ranked with Northport, Sayville, Oyster bay, and Amityville. Contact - Clarence L Land, manager, Hauppauge.

August 7: "The Waukeman took the strong Hauppauge F. C. into camp". Hauppauge lost 2 to 10. Pitcher Sindler, catcher Scott.

August 10: Hauppauge traveled to Babylon and won its third straight victory in an exciting eleven inning game. "Both teams fielded brilliantly, the Hauppauge F. C. making two very fast double plays executed by Williams, Land, and [sic] Sandler [sic] and Donaldson and Sanford". Hauppauge 6 Babylon 4. Time of play two hours and 10 minutes.

August 14: By Aug 14th Hauppauge had played Babylon three times in the 1909 season and won all three times.

August 24: - Hauppauge traveled to Northport for a Saturday game. They lost in the ninth inning in a close game whose final score was 2 to 1. With the scorre 1 to 0 in favor of Hauppauge, Northport came to bat in the 8th inning and tied the score. In the 9th inning a single and an error scored the winning run. C. Land was the manager. Players: Donaldson 1b, Scott c, Sindler ss, Land 2b, Grace cf, Williams p, A Sanford 3nb Cornish lf and F Sanford rf. Grace was hit by a batted ball.

August 31: - Hauppauge played Kings Park State Hospital at Kings Park. Kings Park won 4 to 2. Game time 1 hour and 45 minutes. The feature of the game was the "twirling" by Williams who struck out twelve and held the opposition to "six well scattered hits". C. Land manager looking for a game on September 4 - open to travel- would like to hear from Freeport, Northport or Mineola and teams of like strength. Team: W. Donaldson 1b, Scott c, Cornish lf, Sindler ss, Land 2b, Grace cf, Sanford 3b, Williams p, and B Donaldson rf.

September 1: Hauppauge had Labor Day open due to a cancellation of a double header on home ground. Willing to pay a reasonable guarantee for fast teams such as Hanovers, or Brooklyn Clintons. Phone 3-L Hauppauge evenings at eight o'clock. C Land, manager.

September 7: At Hauppauge - In one of the most exciting games of the season Hauppauge beat the Brendwoods - a team composted of players from Lindenhurst, Oyster Bay and Brentwood. Of special interest was the fact that Sindler, the pitcher for the Brentwoods, was a former pitcher for Hauppauge. The Brentwoods lead by 3 till the 8th inning when the Hauppauge team made 5 hits. The final score was Hauppauge 9 Brentwood 5. Williams, the Hauppauge pitcher, allowed only four hits and caused ten men to "fan".

1909 Known Team Members: Frank Cornish, B. Donaldson, M. [?] Donaldson, W. Donaldson, Will Grace, Clarence Land, Percy Land, Minder, Root, A. Sanford, Sanford, Scott, Sindler, Jimmie Williams


March 26: The fast traveling American Nationals a semi-professional team and member of the Inter-city Baseball Association was looking to arrange a series or a single game for the 1910 season. Included in their far reaching request was Hauppauge.

April 1: Long Island College Hospital team had several openings. Wanted to hear from Hauppauge among other teams. Manager B. F. Donaldson, Brooklyn. (B. F. Donaldson was from Hauppauge and had played for the Hauppauge team.)

April 13: Long Island College Hospital team had several openings. Wanted to hear from Hauppauge among other teams. Manager B. F. Donaldson, Brooklyn

April 10: The Excelsiors of Long Island College Hospital (Members of the Inter-City B. and A.) had May 6 and 13 open. Wanted to hear from Hauppauge among other teams. Manager B. F. Donaldson, Brooklyn

April 19: Fast traveling Westwood A. C. composted of Long Island College and Boys High School payers still had open dates. They wanted to hear for Hauppauge among other teams of like strength.

April 23: The American nationals repeated their request to arrange games.

May 15: The semi-professional American Nationals members of the Inter-City Association put out a request for open date games on July 9, 23, Aug 20, 27, 28 and Sept 5. Included in teams of interest was Hauppauge.

May 17th: Westwood A. C. looking for games on May 28 and on Declaration Day afternoon. Would like to hear from Hauppauge, Oyster Bay, Huntington and Northport.

June 4: June 4th - Hauppauge played two games against the Hustlers of East New York on Decoration Day at Hauppauge. Hauppauge won the morning game 9 to 4, the Hustlers won the afternoon game 10 to 1.

June 8: Sayville High school made it three straight shut-outs by beating Hauppauge 6 to 0. Time 1 hour and 55 minutes. Team players for Hauppauge: F Sanford, Scott, Donaldson, A. Sanford, W. Grace, Land, Williams, Cornish, W. Sanford.

June 19: Westwood A. C. had an opening on July 2 - wanted to hear from Hauppaugh etc.

June 22:

The Loyola A. A. of New York had a July 4th opening and was looking for a game any Long Island teams that offered fair inducements including Hauppauge.

June 25: Hauppauge was scheduled to play the Y. M. C. A. team of Long Island city but the game was canceled due to heavy thunderstorms.

June 28: June 28 Babylon defeated Hauppauge 8 to 7 by scoring the winning run with two outs in the last half of the ninth inning at Babylon. Hauppauge players: F Sanford c, Scott cf, W. Donaldson 1b, Cornish lf, Williams p, Sindler ss, B. Donaldson rf, W. Sanford 3b & Land 2b

July 2: The Hauppauge baseball team held a box social in the Village Hall on July 2.

The Hauppauge Field Team visited Babylon on Saturday. Babylong won. No score given.

July 6: July 6 the HFC had July 9 open for such teams as Northport, Sayville, Ronkonkoma or Huntington. Contact Clarence L Land.

July 9 : - the Hauppauge Field Club held a successful box social in the hall on Saturday evening. Clarence L Land was the manager of the club.

July 12: Hauppauge Field Club had an opening July 30 for any strong team offering a reasonable guarantee. Contact Clarence Land

July 17: Hauppauge against Babylon. Babylon won 4 to 2. HFC players: R. Sanf'd 3b, Scott c, Sullivan 1b, Williams p, Cornish lf, Land 2b, Minder ss, W. Sanf'd cf, and Donaldson rf

July 27: The Hauppauge Field Club played at Babylon and made Babylon hustle to win a game "replete with sensational fielding". Jimmie Williams' pitching weakened near the end. Final score Babylon 4 Hauppauge 3. The Hauppauge team was comprised of: R. Sanford, Scott, Sullivan, Williams, Cornish, Land, Minder, W. Sanford, and Donaldson.

12 August: The Original Hustlers were looking for games with first-class and semi-professional teams for Saturday and Sunday games. They included Hauppauge with in the list of teams they had played.

September 10: Northport played their finals baseball game of the season Monday against the "Hauppauge nine" - they won 7 to 4.

1910 Known Team Members:

Floyd Sanford, Walter Scott, - Donaldson, Arthur Sanford, Will Grace, Clarence Land, Jimmie (John James) Williams, Frank Cornish, William Sanford, Valentine Minder, - Sullivan.

The Hauppauge High School Team: In May the baseball team of Hauppauge Public School No. 6 was looking for games with other public school teams in the area: Islip, Central Islip, Smithtown, St James, Kings Park and Northport. The manager was Joseph A. Land.

In mid May the junior Hauppauge team played against Central Islip junior team and won 5 to 22.


January 30: The inter-city Baseball Association was composed of some past players of such teams as Hauppauge (among others)

It would appear that Hauppauge still had a team in April 1911 as the Times Union included them in a list of teams and the Excelsiors of Long Island College Hospital wanted to hear from.

However, I could not find newspapers reports of their scores for the 1911 season. In addition it was noted in 1912 that they had been reorganized and would place a strong team in the field in 1912.


July 31:
"The Hauppauge F. C. of two years ago, has been reorganized and will place a strong team in the field for the remainder of the season. On Saturday it signalized its return to the game by traveling to Stony Brook and defeating the local club in an exciting contest."
Hauppauge made five singles in the ninth inning. On the next Saturday they were scheduled to play the fast traveling Northport team at Hauppauge. All dates after August 10th were open on opponents grounds. The team wanted to hear from old rivals such as: Babylon, Huntington, Oyster Bay and Kings Park. Contact B. F. Donaldson, Hauppauge.

August 7: The Hauppauge F. C. played at home and beat the Northport A. C. 4 to 1 in a well played game. Sanford struck out eleven and only allowed three hits. Hauppauge made three runs in the first inning. Batteries - Sanford and Sanford. A return game was scheduled for Saturday. Hauppauge had all Saturdays after August 10 open for games on opponents grounds. B. F. Donaldson manager.

August 14: The Hauppauge F. C. added another victory to its clean slate and beat Northport A. C. Hauppauge had all Saturdays in August plus Labor Day open for such clubs as Babylon, Huntington, Oyster Bay, Sayville, Brentwood and Stony Brook. contact, B. F. Donaldson, Hauppauge or phone 44 - M Smithtown.

The North Side Amateur Baseball League of Land Island 1912

The North Side Amateur Baseball League of Land Island was formed in 1912. It's purpose was to form closer relationships between the teams and to "aid in the elimination of rowdyism and other objectionable features of the game."

The towns represeted in 1915 were Northport, Mt. Sanai, Lake Grove, Terryville, Setauket and Smithtown.

Later Years

In mid May 1915 Smithtown defeated Stony Brook 16 to 12 on the Smithtown diamond.

Pictures of the Team

Brooklyn Standard Union April 11, 1908 Hauppauge Field Club

The names are given under the image but are very hard to read due to smudges, wrinkles and tears.

Standing - C[larence] Land, W[illiam] Sanford, Scott, ???, Sanford, W[allace] Donaldson
Seated: Cornish, P[ercy] Land, ? Donaldson, ??? (maybe Stacum) and Grace

Notice that the uniforms are different from the ones in the images that follow.

Someone designed a fancy logo incorporation the initials HFC which was used on later uniforms.

There appears to have been a fair range of ages in the 1908 club. George P Cornish was 26. Clarence Land was 27. Percy Land was 24. W[illiam] San[d]ford was 17. Walter F Scott was 35.

My father, Edgar (Bud) Land, who had a love for Hauppauge/Smithtown history labeled the back of this image with the names of the players. He listed: Front row: Donaldson, Walter Scott, Flloyd Sanford, John Nichols, William Sanford and Unknown

Back row: Percy Land, Arthur Sanford, Joe Land, Jesse Nichols, and Clarence Land

I can confirm that he labeled the three Land boys correctly. I am not so sure about the Nichols boys.

Percy Land, unknown, Joe Land, Unknown

The two unknowns have on different uniforms than Percy and Joe.

I believe they were from Edgewood.

Percy Land

Team Members

Clarence Land, born in 1881, was the team manager for several years. He played 2nd base in 1907, 1908, 1909 and 1910.

Percy Land, born in 1884, played 3rd base in 1907 and 1908 and right field in 1908 and 1909.

Clarence Land and Percy Land were brothers. They were my relatives and more information on their family can be found through the attachments listed below. There was a younger brother, Joe Land born in 1896 who is shown a Hauppauge Field Club uniform in some of the baseball photos. He did play baseball for Smithtown High School in 1916.

One of the problems with finding these folk is that in most cases when games were reported first names were not given. If there were two (or more) players with the same surnames an initial was given. Misspellings (or misprints) were frequent.

Frank A. Cornish (1890 - 1967)

Frank A. Cornish played for the Hauppauge Field Club from 1907 to 1910: 1907 right field, 1908 right field and center field, 1909 center field, 1910 left field.

1900: There were 2 Cornishes of the right age listed in Smithtown in the 1900 census.

  1. George P Cornish George E, son of Mayetta Smithtown, Suffolk , New York Jul 1881 New York, USA
  2. Frank Cornish son of Frank, Annie Smithtown, Suffolk , New York Dec 1890 New York, USA

According to his WWI Draft Registration in 1918 George Cornish was paralyzed in both arms and legs from birth.

Frank Cornish had some close social interactions with the Land family. 1910: Frank A Cornish grandson Smithtown , Suffolk , New York abt 1891 New York

In December 1912 Frank A. Cornish of Hauppauge spent a short time in Huntington with his parents.

WWI Draft 1918 : Frank Augustus Cornish born December 1890 in Smithtown, carpenter, tall, slender build, blue eyes brown hair, married living in Huntington.

Frank A Cornish jr. lived in Huntington and visited relatives and friends in Smithtown on a regular basis.

1967: Frank Augustus Cornish, Birth Date: 3 Dec 1890, Birth Place: Hauppauge, Suffolk County, New York, Death Date: Aug 1967, Death Place: Huntington, Suffolk County, New York, Cemetery: Hauppauge Rural Cemetery, Burial or Cremation Place: Hauppauge, Suffolk County, New York, Father: Frank W. Cornish, Mother: Annie M. Cornish, Spouse: Gertrude A. Cornish, Children: Alice G. Baylis, Francis Wesley Cornish

Donaldson, Blake, Clinton and Wallace

Wallace W. Donaldson and Clinton Donaldson played in 1907. Donaldson (no name or initial) played in 1908 and 1909. Wallace and Blake Donaldson played in 1910.

1907: W. Donaldson, pitcher, C. Donaldson left field

1908: Donaldson, pitcher & first base

1909: W. Donaldson 1st base, B. Donaldson right field

1910: B. Donaldson right field, W. Donaldson 1st base and right field.

The Donaldson boys were the children of Helen and William Donaldson who were listed in the 1910 census on Hauppauge road in Islip: W W Donaldson 50, merchant real estate, Helen J Donaldson 49, 3 children 3 living, Walace D Donaldson 23, son, architect, Hannah Titus 31, black, servant private family

William W. Donaldson was the son of Wallace Donaldson who had been the postmaster at Hauppauge for 40 years when he died in 1911. William W. Donaldson took over as the new post master at his father's death.

Helen Scott Donaldson, widow of William W Donaldson and mother Clinton S, Wallace and Blake F. Donaldson, died in Hauppauge in August 1944.

  1. Clinton Scott Donaldson (C.) born 13 May 1884 Hauppauge

    1917: WWI Draft Registration, occupation banking NYC, married, wife Gladys, tall, medium build, gray eyes brown hair

    Died 1972

  2. Wallace West Donaldson (W or W W)

    Donaldson, Gender: Male, Birth Date: 29 Apr 1887, Birth Place: Smithtown, New York, USA, Certificate Number: 14130

    1918 WWI Draft Registration: Wallace W. Donaldson born April 29, 1887 in Hauppauge, NY, living in Detroit, Mich in 1918, Draftsman , married with a child, tall, slender, brown eyes dark hair

    Born in Hauppauge, NY, Moved to Florida in 1977 from Virginia. Died 04, January 1980 St. Petersburg, Florida.

  3. Blake Ferguson Donaldson (B)

    Blake F Donaldson, Birth Date: 6 May 1892, Birth Place: Islip, New York, USA, Certificate Number: 18301

    He was a doctor working at Long Island College Hospital in Brooklyn in 1913.

    He married and had a daughter.

    1966: Blake F. Donaldson, former chief medical officer at the City Hospital on New York died of a heart attack, age 73, in February 1966 at Happauge. He was a physician of world renown the author of the book "Strong Medicine" published in 1962. (available online) He was a diet authority who favored three fatty-meat meals a day. His theory was that prehistoric man who were in great shape ate mostly fatty meats. He was strongly apposed by "cholesterol-fearing physicians". He had served in France in WWI and discharged from the Army with a rank of Major.


? Fanning played short stop, 3rd base, right field and left field for Hauppauge in September 1908.

Grace, Will (1885-)

Will Grace, born October 4, 1885, played for the Hauppauge Field club from 1907 to 1909: pitcher in 1907, pitcher and right field in 1908, center field in 1909.

Will's sister, Constance Grace married Floyd Sandford in 1907. Will's sister, Victoria Grace, married Clarence Land in 1909. Floyd and Clarence both played for the Hauppauge F. C.

1900: East Hauppauge road, Islip, William Grace 52, stone broker, Mary A Grace 41, 13 children 11 living, William H Grace 14, Oct 1885, Constance Grace 10, Victoria Grace 7, Katharine Grace 5, Alava Grace 4, Gertrude Grace 2, Dorethea Grace 8/12

1910: 9th District, William Grace 59, broker, Mary E Grace 50, William H Grace 24, farmer, home farm, Oliver S Grace 14, Gertrude C Grace 13, Dorothy C Grace 10, Zoe Grace Dyes 79, sister

1910: William H Grace, Marriage License Date: 8 Aug 1910, Marriage License Place: Brooklyn, New York City, Spouse: Lillian Anderson, License Number: 8135

1915: Islip, Hemlock street, contractor, William H Grace 30, Lillian Grace 24, Robert W Grace 3

1918 WWI Draft: William H. Grace, Islip born October 4, 1885, carpenter, AI?C Hog Island Pa, wife, Lillian, medium height, medium build, brown eyes, dark brown hair

(Percy Land and Floyd Sanford also worked at Hog Island during WWI.)

1921: William H. Grace, contractor, was building an elaborate brick entrance to the second section of O-co-nee in Bay Shore.

1927: William Grace of Hauppauge died July 2. He was born in Liverpool England in 1845. He had been in the US for 65 years. Well known in shipping circles. He was an importer of onyx from Mexico. Survived by three son, and six daughters. Buried Hauppauge cemetery.

1927: Islip - July 13 Mrs. William H Grace of O'Co-Nee, Bay Shore reported her mother missing. Lillian's mother, Albina Anderson, went to pick huckleberries in the scrub oak near her home in Islip. When she did not return after several hours Lillian contacted her father who came from Brooklyn and went in search of Albina. After a while the state police got involved. The search was stopped at three o'clock in the morning and then continued the next day. The Boys Scouts and volunteer firemen joined the search and dogs were also used. The body was not found and multiple search efforts were made over time. Another was instigated in late August with volunteers from local organizations and with a $100 reward was offered for any information. The day she disappeared was very hot and it was believed she may have been overcome by the heat. One theory was that she had been hit by a motorist and fearing the consequences her body had been carried off and hidden. Heavy rains caused the late August search to be postponed.

1942: William Hatherly Grace 51 Lawrence Lane, Bay Shore, dob Oct 4, 1885 was employed by the NY State Alcoholic Beverage Control [investigator in Suffolk county], married, wife, Grace.

Valentine Minder (1885-1974)

Valentine Minder played with the Hauppauge Frield Club 1908 thru 1910: short stop and left field in 1908, pitcher 1909 & short stop in 1910.

1918: WWI Draft Registration - Valentine Rudolph Minder born April 17, 1885 plumber's helper W. F. Scott, Smithtown, wife, Margaret, short, medium build, brown eyes brown hair

1931: In May 1931 the family of Valentine Minder of Mt. Pleasant rd, Hauppauge was struck with misfortune when 9 family members were stricken with mastoiditis. Masroiditis is a rare but serious infection of a bone behind the ear. The affliction is frequently an after complication of measles.

Valentine and his wife, Margaret had eight children ranging in age from 3 years to seventeen years. Seven of the children ended up in Southside Hospital. Five of the children had double mastoiditis and three had single mastoiditis.

A very delicate surgery was performed on some of the children in order to keep blood away from the infected area so as to not spread the disease. One child had lost her hearing and was in critical condition after the operation.

The father was also suffering from a chronic ailment of the same sort and the mother was exhausted.

Valentine Minder had been employed by the Central Islip State Hospital as an assistant plumber. His monthly salary of $110 was barley enough to feed the family and cover expenses yet the children were happy and healthy until illness struck. In 1930 Mrs. Minder had became ill and subsequently one by one the family members came down with measles. Then they developed the mastoiditis.

The family had no health insurance and not enough money to cover the costs. The community came to their aid both physically and financially.

By May 20th the parents and two of the children had returned home. The other six children were still in the hospital. All were expected to recover except one who was deaf.

Tragically one of the children, Mary born in 1921, had a reoccurrence of the mastoiditis in March 1939. Spinal meningitis developed and she died in the hospital in Port Jefferson. She had suffered some hearing loss as a result of her illness in 1931 but had managed to overcome her handicap. A junior at Smithtown Branch High School she was active in sports and several clubs and was vice-president of her class.

Several years before their difficulties in 1931 the family had lost their house in East Hauppauge when it was destroyed by fire. They had rebuilt in 1922.

1910: Mount Pleasant rd., Edward Minder 66, widow, head, farmer, own farm, Valentine R Minder 25, son, farmer, home farm, Theresa Young 32, married, daughter, 4 children 3 living, William E Young 10, Andrew J Young 7, Earnest V Young 5

1930: Own home, Valentine Minder 43, Plumber, Margaret Minder 37, Valentine Minder 16, Margaret Minder 15, Rita Minder 12, Theresa Minder 11, Mary Minder 9, Edward Minder 8, Charles Minder 3, Babara Minder 2

1940: Own home value $5,000, Valentine Minder 55, plumber, state hosspital, Margaret Minder 47, Valentine Minder 26, proprietor retail gas station, *Rita Minder 23, Edward Minder 17, Charles Minder 13, Barbara Minder 12

*(This was the child who lost her hearing. Born in 1917 she died in 2007.)

1974: Valentine R Minder, Birth Date: 1885, Death Date: Oct 1974, Cemetery: Saint Patrick's Cemetery, Burial or Cremation Place: Smithtown, Suffolk County, New York, United States of America Spouse: Margaret Minder - born 1892 died 1984

Root/Roat, Frank

Frank Root played for the team in at least one game in May 1909. On June 3, 1909 the batteries were T. Sindler and Root.

The Roots were originally from Bohemia.

1900: Islip Town, Frank Root 39, laborer, Katie Root 37, Josie Root 14, Frank Root 11, Mary Root 10, Emma Root 7, Annie Root 4, Harold Root 1

1910: Calebs Path Islip Frank Roat 52, mason, Katherine Roat 48, 7 children, 6 living, Frank Roat 21, odd jobs, Annie Roat 13, Harry Roat 11, Frank Moore 2, grandson

The family was Austrian Bohemian. They were living quite near the Sindler family.

1913: Frank Root Jr. was building a new house on Carleton Ave in Central Islip.

WWI Draft Registration: Frank William Root, jr. Islip, November 3, 1888, signal corps helper, L. I. R. R., Babylon, wife and child, medium height and build, gray eyes, brown hair.

Death: Frank Root Jr, Birth Date: Nov 1888, Birth Place: New York, United States of America, Death Date: Aug 1955, Death Place: Suffolk County, New York, United States of America, Cemetery: Oakwood Cemetery, Burial or Cremation Place: Bay Shore, Suffolk County, New York, Father: Frank Root, Mother: Catherine Root, Spouse: Agnes Root

Sanford/Sandford, Arthur, Floyd and William

The Sanfords lived in Islip. There were three sons who played on the Hauppauge F. C.: Floyd born 1884, Arthur born 1889, William born 1891.

For some unknown reason the spelling of the surname is not consistant - both Sanford and Sandford were used.

In 1907 Floyd Sanford was a catcher.

In 1908 Sanford was a catcher, at 1st base and short stop and W. Sanford played right field.

In 1909 W Sanford (position unknown) - A Sanford was at 3rd base. - F Sanford at right field.

In 1910 F Sanford was a catcher and W. Sanford was at 3rd base and center field.

  1. Floyd Rockwell Sanford (1884-1964)

    1907: Floyd R Sandford Marriage 25 Dec 1907, Hauppauge, New York, USA, to Constance T Grace Certificate Number: 31443

    1915: Islip Floyd Sanford 30, plumber, Constance Sanford 26, Floyd Sanford 6, Muriel Sanford 5

    1918 WWI Draft: Floyd Rockwell Sanford, born January 5, 1884, residence, Hauppauge, plumber, employer, Walter F Scott, Smithtown Branch, married wife, Constance, medium height, medium build, blue eyes, brown hair

    1964: Floyd Rockwell Sandford, Birth Date: 1884, Death Date: 1964, Cemetery: Hauppauge Rural Cemetery, Hauppauge, Suffolk County, New York,, Father: Arthur Wellington Sandford, Mother: Mary Esther Sandford, Children: Floyd Rockwell Sandford

  2. Arthur (1889-1966)

    1917 WWI Draft: Arthur F. Sandford born Port Jefferson, July 15, 1889, carpenter, married, residence Hauppauge, tall, slender, blue eyes light brown hair. Sandford (corrected from Sanford to Sandford)

    1966: Arthur Thomas Sandford Birth Date: 13 Jul 1889 Birth Place: Port Jefferson, Suffolk County, New York, Death Date: 27 Nov 1966 Death Place: East Patchogue, Suffolk County, New York, Cemetery: Hauppauge Rural Cemetery Hauppauge, Suffolk County, New York, United States of America Father: Arthur Wellington Sandford, Mother: Mary Esther Sandford, Spouse: Charlotte Sandford, Children: Arthur Edward Sandford, Dorothy Cartledge

  3. William (1891-1975)

    William Wellesley Sandford born 1 June 1891 enlisted in the E. R. C. in WWI May 27, 1917. He served overseas Aug 7, 1917 to March 13, 1919. He was honorable discharged April 4, 1919. According to his WWII Draft registration he was 5' 9" 165 pounds blue eyes, brown hair. 1975: William Wellesley Sandford, Birth Date: 1 Jun 1891, Death Date: 6 Apr 1975, Cemetery: Hauppauge Rural Cemetery, Hauppauge, Suffolk County, New York, Father: Arthur Wellington Sandford, Mother: Mary Esther Sandford

1900: Middle road, Islip Arthur W Sanford 39, Mary E Sanford 38, Floyd R Sanford 16, Florence H Sanford 15, Mary E Sanford 13, Arthur T Sanford 11, William W Sanford 9, Etha G Sanford 3, Theodor M Sanford 1

1910 Islip - Arthur Sanford 47, farmer, Mary E Sanford 47, 12 children 9 living, Arthur F Sanford 20, farmer, Mary E Sanford 23, William W Sanford Jr. 18, farmer, Elly G Sanford 13, Theodore M Sanford 11, Alice M Sanford 10, John S Sanford 7

Scott, Walter F. (1873-1950)

Walter F Scott was born in 1873. He had a plumbing business in Smithtown and employed several of the other Hauppauge Field Club members. He was the Hauppauge Field club manager in 1907 and 1908.

In 1908 he played center, left field and catcher. In 1909 he was a catcher. In 1910 he played catcher and center field.

1900: Smithtown, James Redwood 55, steam and gas fitter, Martha Redwood 52, milliner, Walter F Scott 28, son-in-law, plumber, Edith Scott 26

1910: Main Street, Village of Smithtown, James B Redwood 63, plumber, Martha A Redwood 61, none, Edith S Scott 35, milliner, Walter F Scott 38, son-in-law, plumber, Earl R Scott 9, Alice M Scott 4

1918: WWI Draft Registration - Walter Francis Scott, Smithtown branch, born January 21, 1873 Plumber, wife, Edith, medium build, medium height, gray eyes, auburn hair

1936: Chief of Smithtown fire Department

Death: 1950 Walter F Scott Age: 78 Birth Date: abt 1872 Death Date: 12 Mar 1950 Death Place: Smithtown, New York, USA Certificate Number: 18907

Sindler, Thomas - Tommy (1889-)

Thomas Sindler was born Jan 6, 1889 in Islip (according to WW Draft Registration - Jan 6 1892 per WWII Draft Registration).

The Sindler family had several sons who were noted baseball players.

In 1908 Sindler payed short stop, left field and was a pitcher for Hauppauge. In 1909 he was a short stop. He left the team in September 1909 and went to play for Brentwood. He played for Brentwood in 1910. Tom Sindler, a former Athletics Club pitcher, was still remembered in 1937 as a player in Long Island's minor league baseball.

In mid April 1913 Eddie Sindler, the youngest of the well-known baseball playing family from Islip, returned from New Haven, Connecticut where he had been trying out as a pitcher. He had been an outstanding pitcher for the Islip team in 1912 and had caught the eye of some of the "big fellows". He had gone to Texas where he "signed on" to the New Haven team. On his way back north he suffered an appendicitis attack and had surgery. He had not fully recovered when he went to New Haven and although he played well the team's physician urged him not to play until later in the season.

In June 1913 Tommy Sindler "the Islip ball player" was engaged as a pitcher for the Dutchmen of Newburgh New York. He had been pitching for Bayshore.

1914: Atlantic League Notes- May 15 - Tommy Sindler "a crack spit-ball pitcher", had been sold by Newburgh to Terre Haute of the Central League. However, he returned to Newburgh in May 1914. He had had a successful season against the Long Branch Cubans in 1913. His spit-ball was "breaking better than ever".

1900 Census: Islip, Josepha Sindler 40 Bohemia, laborer, Cristina Sindler 42, 7 children 7 living, Bohemia, Katherine Sindler 19, Bohemia, dresssmaker, Joseph Sindler 19, Bohemia, laborer, Chas Sindler 15, New York, Anthem Sindler 13, daughter, New York, Thomas Sindler 11, New York, Edward Sindler 8, New York, Nilsen Sindler 6, New York

1910: Caleb's Path Islip, Joseph Sindler 58, laborer, odd jobs, Antenette Sindler 52, 8 children 7 living, Chas Sindler 25, station agent L. I. R. R. Thomas Sindler 21, carpenter, Milicent Sindler 16 Wanda Sindler 8

1915: Atlantic League Notes - Tommy Sindler "and other Newburgh leaguers" were imported and payed as much as $20 a game to "help out" for an unnamed county team.

WWI DR: Thomas Edward Sindler, Jan 6, 1889 tall, medium build, light brown eyes, brown hair, single

1918: Thomas E Sindler, Departure Date: 16 Apr 1918, Departure Place: New York, New York, Residence Place: Islip, New York, Mother: Antoinette Sindler, Ship: Cedric, Military Unit: 305 Inf, Rank: Private, Service Number: 1721565, Notes: Company "M", 305th Infantry National Army

WWI: Served overseas April 15 1918 to October 21 1918. Cpl, 77th Inf Division

1920: Thomas E Sindler, Marriage License Date: 5 Jun 1920, Marriage License Place: Manhattan, New York City, Spouse: Helen O'Connor, License Number: 17584

1930: Freeport, Thomas E Sindler 41, carpenter and mason, Helen Sindler 34, Robt Sindler 2, Thomas Sindler 7

1947: Thomas Edward Sindler Death Date: 30 Aug 1947 Cemetery: Long Island National Cemetery Burial Location: Farmingdale, New York

Thomas Edward Sindler, Death Date: 30 Aug 1947, Cemetery Address: 2040 Wellwood Avenue Farmingdale, NY 11735-1211, Cemetery: Long Island National Cemetery, Interment Place: New York, Plot: SECTION K SITE 17839, Notes: CPL US ARMY WORLD WAR I

Stacom/Stakum, Anthony - Tony (1884-1957)

Tony Stacom was a pitcher in 1907.

He was a pitcher and played first base and short stop in 1908.

1910: Suffolk ave. Islip - Stacom, Catherine, age 4-, widowed, 3 children 3 living, Anthony, 22, inspector, NYC, Matthew, 18

1918: Anthony John Stacom, born February 24, 1884 vice pres Island Lumber, plant owner, 30 Church st, NYC, tall, medium build blue eyes, brown hair

Death 1957: Anthony J Stacom Age: 7-, Birth Date: 24 Feb 1886, Birth Place: New York, Death Date: 15 Mar 1957, Death Place: West Manheim, York, Pennsylvania, Father: Wm Stacom, Mother: Catherine Gohdner, Spouse: Grace Dennison, Occupation: laborer, Certificate Number: 29629

Saint Davids Church Cemetery 142 Hobart Rd, Hanover, PA 17331


Sullivan played first base in 1910.

1910: There were several Sullivans of a right age in Islip in 1910.

Williams, Jimmie (John James) (1887- )

Jimmie Williams was a pitcher for the Hauppauge team in 1909 and 1910.

1900: Islip, John R Williams 33, gardener, Lizzy Williams 32, 4 children 4 living, John James Williams 12, Sadie A Williams 10, Leroy R Williams 6, Isabel Williams 1

1910: Rear South country road, Islip, John Williams 43, gardening, private estate, Elizabeth Williams 42, 6 children 5 living, James Williams 22, Rail road, Long guard, Sadie Williams 20, Leroy Williams 16, Isabel Williams 12, Mary Williams 9

WW I Draft Registration: John James Williams, 20 June 1887, East Northport, New York Address in 1917, occupation, clerk treas, Chicago and Alton Ry, NYC, home address, Locust ave, Babylon, married one child, tall, slender, gray eyes, brown hair

Wohlfarth, ??

Two Walfarths played in a June game in 1907: catcher and center field.

There were several Wohlfarth/Wolfarth families of German extraction in the town of Islip in the 1910 censuses who lived next to each other.

1910: Islip town, John S Wohlfarth 44, gold beater, Julia Wohlfarth 41, 7 children 4 living, Richard E Wohlfarth 18, gold beater, Mildred Wohlfarth 15, gold beater, Robert Wohlfarth 12 Philip Wolfarth 25, boarder, plasterer, Christian Wolfarth 29, boarder, gold beater

Gold beaters were making gold leaf.

Further Interactions

Decoration day is now called Memorial Day. From 1868 to 1970 it was observed on May 30. It is now observed on the last Monday in May.

Clarence Land was married to Victoria Grace, a sister of Will Grace. Another sister, Constance, was married to Floyd Sanford.

In August 1911 some people from Hauppauge went for a Wednesday picnic at the Long Island Sound shore hosted by Clarence and Percy Land's mother, Mrs. Law Land. The guests included Mrs. Land's daughters, Mary and Ruth, her sons Joseph and Norman, Miss Mary Sandford, William Sandford and Frank Cornish.

In 1910 the Sindler and Root families lived very near each other on Caleb's Path in Islip.

In November 1913 Floyd Sandford and family moved into one of William Grace jr's houses in the west part of the village of Hauppauge.

In June 1914 in Hauppauge Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Sandford gave a reception with refreshments and dancing. Guests included: F. S. Sandford, C. L. Land, Etta Sandford, Edna M. Land, Kitty Grace, Ruth Land, Dorothy Grace, William Sandford, and Arthur Sandford.

In March 1915 in Hauppauge some young men of the village formed a social club in a large room at the Grace house. The club room held a pool table and was to be open every evening and meetings were to be held twice a week. The vice president was Floyd Sanford. The treasurer was Percy A. Land.

The Epworth League, founded in 1889, is/was a Methodist association for young adults ages 18 to 35. Local Hauppauge members in 1910 included several members of the Hauppauge baseball team: President was Frank A. Cornish, the First Vice President was William Sanford.

When Floyd R. Sandford jr. married in October 1934 ushers included sic Albert*sic Land and Robert Grace. Floyed jr, born circa 1909, was the son of Floyd Sandford sr. and Constance Grace. *Elbert Land born in 1910 was the son of Clarence Land and Victoria Grace. Robert Grace born circa 1912 was the son of Constance and Victoria Grace's brother William Grace and his wife, Lillian Anderson.

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