Friends and Relatives of Percy and Meta Land

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Meta Peterman Land, Norman Land, Percy Land and Annie Petermann

At The Beach

Meta's sister, Annie Petermann, and Percy's sister, Ethel Land.

There are two another photos taken the same day:

  1. Annie Petermann and Tina Bunger (Annie and Meta's Hoboken friend). See Petermann
  2. Meta Petermann Land and Ethel Land. See Photos of the children of Johann and Sophia Petermann on the Petermann page.


Cow The ladies dressed as men and the men dressed as ladies

The ladies: Meta Petermann, Ethel Land, Vickie Grace Land, Annie Petermann Wulpern

The men: Percy Land and Bill Wulpern

Ethel Land, Meta Petermann Land and Annie Petermann with unknown and Helen Eitner. Annie and Ethel with unknown and Helen Eitner

Helen Eitner was born (according to the 1920 and 1930 censuses) circa 1902. She was the daughter of Clara Hermann and Armine Eitner. Clara's mother, Holine Hermann was the housekeeper for John Petermann and his family after his wife, Sophie, died. She appeard to be 6 years old (more or less) which would date theses pictures to circa 1908, perhaps the summer after Percy and Meta wed.

Annie Petermann, Meta Petermann Land and Tina Bunger Heuer Tina Bunger Heuer, Meta, Annie and Ethel

Meta, (?), Percy, and (?),
Annie Petermann and Ethel Land

On a xeroxed copy of this photo Bud Land noted that this was "Mrs Law Land's porch in Hauppague"

The two boys on the porch are most LikelyJoseph Land and Norman Land

The Dock

This may be Annie Petermann Wulpern

Bill Wulpern

Lands and Wulperns 1913

The three photos in this series are all stamped on the back
"Herman Jaffee
122 Washington Street
Hoboken, New Jersey"

Clarence Land, Bill Wulpern and Percy Land and their children.

Clarence is holding Donald and Elbert. Bill Wulpern is holding Gerry. Diana is between his knees. Percy Land is holding Allen. Helen is between his knees. Arnold Land and May Moseley are on the end.

The Land and Wulpern Children 1913

Girls standing: Helen Land, May Moseley and Diana Wulpern

Boys seated: Arnold Land, Allen Land, Jerry Wulpern and Donald Land

Boy facing out of the picture: Elbert Land

Arnold, Helen and Allen Land were the children of Percy Land and Meta Petermann Land. May Moseley was the daughter of Addie Land and Ed Moseley. Diana and Jerry Wulpern were the children of Annie Petermann Wulpern and Bill Wulpern. Donald and Elbert Land were the children of Clarence Land and Vickie Grace Land.

The Land and Wulpern Children1913

Girls standing: Helen Land, May Moseley and Diana Wulpern

Boys seated: Arnold Land, Allen Land, Elbert Land, Gerry Wulpern, and Donald Land

Clarence Land, his wife, Victoria Grace, Annie Petermann Wulpern, and Bill Wulpern


Teddy Weidenkeller, the son of Ruth Land and Paul Weidenkeller, circa 1922

Three Little Girls Circa 1912

This photo was pasted on the inside of the back cover of the oldest photo album that Helen Land gave me.

Several months after Helen went into the nursing home I started bringing her enlarged copies of some of the old photos which she would look at for hours. While she rarely remembered who I was she was pretty sharp about naming everyone in the photos. She repeatedly identified this trio as May Moseley, Grace Courier and Zabeth. She could never recall Zabeth's last name and once told me that Zabeth was the daughter of someone who worked with Percy.

In 2008 I bought "The History of Central Islip" written in 1954 by Verne Dyson. She says:

Christopher Wohlfarth retired as school janitor (custodian) September 30, 1943, after thirty-five yeast of faithful and steady service. A farewell party was given him and he was awarded a plaque and other gifts. He has since died. His widow, May, is living in the village. Their children were Zabeth (Mrs. Yarusso of Central Islip) and Wesley of Islip
Zabeth is an unusual name and Central Isilp was a small place in 1912. The 1930 census shows the Wolfarth family on Hawthorne Ave., Central Islip owning a home worth $7,000 — In the 1920 census he was listed as "Christian Wolfarth".

The census indicates that Zabeth Walfarth was born circa 1912. I believe that the Zabeth in the picture may be Zabeth Wohlfarth.

David Weidenkeller, the son of Edna Land Weidenkeller and Peter Weidenkeller, circa 1921

David Weidenkeller circa 1924. David Weidenkeller, Bud Land, Helen Land and Doris Weidenkeller circa 1924
According to Helen's notes on a seperated piece of paper these photos were taken on the occassion of "David and Doris Weidenkeller's visit to Smithtown"

Grace Courier the daughter of Ethel Land Courier and Frank Courier circa 1923 Grace Courier and May Moseley, the daughter of Addie Land Moseley and Ed Moseley

According to Helen's notes,"Gracie - Gorden Jay baby (in front of Presbyterian Church)" Gordon was the son of Ruth Land and Paul Wiedenkeller. Gorden Jay Weidenkeller and Libby Land circa 1923.

Writen on back of photo "Gorden Jay Wiedenkeller Libby Land"

Libby Land was the daughter of Joseph Land and his wife Mary.


Meta Petermann Land and Ethel Land Courier circa 1926 Ethel Land Courier, Arnold Land, Meta Petermann Land and Elizabeth Sykes Land

The above two photos were part of a series of three photos taken the same day. See Elizabeth Sykes with her grandson Joey under Law and Elizabeth

Written on Back "Mom and Aunt Mary"

Libby Land, the daughter of Joseph Land, doing her "famous split".
In December 1990 Helen sent copies of four old pictures to Libby Land. Helen kept notes on the pictures that she sent to Libby. Regarding this photo, Helen said
" This is you doing your famous split. I took it in June 1926 when you mom chaperoned my "friendly club" gang at "Tumble Inn (Gould's camp at Fort Salenao on the Long Island Sound)."

Libby Land married Obadiah Harbey Faircloth. Her nephew, Michael Tyrkala, says Obadiah's nickname was "O.H." and his nieces and nephews called him "Uncle H."

Libby Land, O. H. Faircloth and their children, Debby, Joe, and Cathy, 1970

Margaret Land, the daughter of Joseph Land.

Margaret Land married John Edward Tyrkala. They had 2 sons and 2 daughters. (Information from Margaret and John's son Michael Tyrkala.)

Norman Land, Junior, the son of Norman Land and Madeline Moir

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