India Wharf Brewery

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India Wharf Brewery

36-60 Hamilton Ave (at Conover)

Indian Wharf was at the northern end of the Atlantic Basin. The India Wharf Brewing company opened at India Wharf in 1889 on the former location of the Atlantic Sugar Refinery.

The 1869 map of Brooklyn shows R W Adams Lumber and coal yard this location. (See ) Adams Lumber Later the Atlantic Sugar Refinery was built here but never operated. For years the largest part of the Atlantic Sugar Refinery was used as a warehouse. A smaller building was used as a molasses processing facility under the ownership of John Birkbeck and Company. The location was listed on the 1880 map as "Sugar Refinery" and on the 1886 map as "India Wharf Storehouse". In 1889 it became the home of the India Wharf Brewery. The building is no longer standing. (See Sugar Refineries, India Wharf )

Herman Cortes Saloon Keeper on India Wharf

Herman Cortes, who was born in German circa 1840, kept a saloon on the India Wharf.

In 1884 lost his liquor license because he was open for business on Sunday. He was also accused of having attempted assault on "a pretty immigrant girl". (Brooklyn Eagle August 30, 1884). In December 1884 Mr. Cortes who "used to keep a sporting house on India Wharf" was again in trouble. He had moved to North Pier near Columbia wharf but was still involved in illegal games and the sale of liquor without a license .

I do not know exactly where his establishment was but he was gone by the time India Wharf Brewery opened. See Cordes/Cortes

India Wharf Storehouse and other buildings

As shown on the 1886 map there was a building called "India Wharf Storehouse" between nos. 50 and 60 Hamilton ave.

In 1886 Gustave Hartesch was struck by a falling brick while working on a new building at India Wharf.

In 1887 there were people living in house on what was called Inida Wharf as indicated by a Brooklyn Eagle report of the drunkeness of one James Harper and his wife. James was fined $11 and his wife was fined $5.

1899: India Wharf Storage co. J. M. Ceballos, president, W. E. Curtis, and F. Randolph Curtis - a majority of the trustees.

India Wharf Brewery established 1889

Juan M. Ceballos, a wealthy Cuban, owned the old India Wharf Sugar refinery. Part of the property was used to manufacture sugar form molasses, but the rest of it stood idle, except for two saloons, The Middle Pier House and another at the corner of Conover. Trying to decide what to do with the location, Cebellos is credited with having the idea to open a brewery.

1889: Articles of incorporation were filed in Albany August 20 1889 by the India Wharf Brewing co. Capital $1,000,000 divided into 10,000 shares of $100 each. Trustees for the first year were: Louis B Schran, Uriah Herrmann, Alfred T Britton, W. H. Thitchener, William M Wilcox, Thomas H Bennis and Michael Dillon. The brewery was housed in the old Atlantic Sugar Refinery. Leonhart Michel was the brewmaster.

In March 1890 India Wharf Brewery and its associated dealers were committed to hiring only union men. While the building at Hamiton and Conover streets was being converted into a brewery, it was discovered that there were non union workers on the premises. The union men went out on strike. The strike was settled almost immediately. Millwrights were given a 50 cents a day raise bringing their wage to $3.50. It was also agreed that only union workers be employed and "the union men who had not gone out on strike should be discharged" [italics mine] (Brooklyn Eagle March 11, 1890)

1890: August 11, India Wharf brewing company stated that the company would be happy to meet with a committee from the Central labor union in regards to reorganizing the brewery.

1890: August 31, a fire broke out in the grain elevator at the India Wharf Brewery about 1:40 in the morning. The fire was confined to the elevator. Damage to the building and stock was estimated at $2,500. The greatest excitement of the event was the reaction of the animals, 150 hoses and 50 mules, who were housed in the building. The mules apparently behaved calmly and were moved to safer quarters. The horses, on the other hand, got quite nervous and required "considerable care in taking them off the premises." (BE)

In September 1890 India Wharf employees held their first annual parade and picnic at Koch's Bay View Park, at 3rd ave and 16th streets, in celebration of the opening of the new brewery at 48 to 60 Hamilton Ave. Eighteen ale and beers wagons decorated in flags and banners and pulled by horses decked out in ribbons and other finery paraded from Red Hook to City Hall and then to the Bay View Park. L. [Leonhart] Michel was listed as the "assistant" brewmaster. There was: target shooting, bowling, dancing, and presumably beer drinking. Members of the various committees were: W. E. Junker, Adam Reid, George Roeder, Chris[Christian] Goetz [brewer], John Feuerbach [Fauerbach, brewer], W. S. Schippe [Schilppe], A Schode [Schoudt], W. Ludoff, G. Siebohl, Charles Balling, G Herte[l]*, S. M. Schaefer, George Ran, Fritz Meyer and Fritz Meyer Jr., George Tatje, Ignatz Mock, Adam Rooth [Roeth, brewer] C. [Carl] Schulz (or Schultz), Karl Pacht. *They were also listed with the company association in 1891.

1890: December - The India Wharf Brewing company was boycotted by the United German building trates.

1891: January - India Independent Benefit Association held their initial ball, at the Piper's club 200 Court street. "A dance and collation were the features." (A collation was a light supper.) Organizers of the event were: W. E. Junker*, Christian Goetz*, H. [Hubert] von Wahl, Herman Meyer, Carl Schultz*, F. Meyer, G Sinzer, J. Fauerbach*, J [John] Nagengast (brewer 1898), Charles Dalwig, John Krampert, George [W] Hertel [Heidel?], Charles Keller, Michael Reinig, William Schilp*, F. Luhman, G. Schultz, S. Schaefer, O. ? Dorst [Torst], E Luders, G [C?] Goetz*, ? Pacht, F. Wickerman, Gus Roeder, James Lennon. *Also listed in 1890.

1891: The Inda Wharf Independent benefit association was formed in August 1891. Its purpose was to "promote friendship and good feelings" among the members of the society and provide aid in the case of need. Directors for the first year were: Christian Goetz*, Hurbert von Wahl*, Gerorge W. Hertel*, Albert Schulz and Arnold Richsteiner.

1891: India Wharf Brewery at Conover and Hamilton was said to have their own well and also water supplied by the city. In 1891 India Wharf brewing, which had set up shop in the old sugar refinery, wanted to use pure spring water to make their product. The set about digging a well a few "rods" from the Atlantic Basin (a rod =about 16 and a half feet). A pipe was driven in the rock about 65 feet below the surface. An eight inch drill was "set to work" and for weeks the thud of the machinery could be heard in the neighborhood. The drill went 1,150 feet below the surface mostly through solid rock without finding pure water. The well was abandoned. The brewers were "forced" to use "plain everyday Ridgewood water". There were other wells in the area. In 1897 India wharf Brewing received a permit to sink a pipe for and artesian well.

1893: June. The main elevator fell from the fifth floor to the cellar (a distance of 75 feet) at the India Wharf Brewery. One man was killed and two were injured. John Krampert, age 29 of 22 Hamilton avenue died instantly. He had a wife and one child. Joseph Kroppel, age 23, of 115 Van Brunt, and Frederick Krigler 32 of 3 President street, were injured. The trio started out on the tenth floor and as the passed the fifth floor there was a snap and the car dropped rapidly to the cellar. Kroppel had a broken arm and Krigler broke several ribs and was in shock. They were taken to Long Island College Hospital. It was claimed that the elevator had recently been inspected and found in good condition. The funeral costs for John Krampert were defrayed by the India Wharf Brewing co. benevolent association and a "purse" was presented to the widow. Louis B.Schram was the general manager at the time.

1893: December, the stockholders of the India Wharf Brewing company, 60 Hamilton ave., voted to appropriate a sum of $1,000 to be distributed among the poor.

In 1894 the company announced that it was "engaged" in bottling and selling lager beer, porter, ale and "others beverages" under the India Wharf label.

In 1894, Robert Bauer, age 45, of 164 W. 1064th street, Manhattan, the cashier and chief bookkeeper of the India Wharf Brewing company was arrested for stealing $500 from the company. He was married and had been employed by the company for about three year at a salary of $30 a week. His wife earned about $1,000 a year "in a business position". Bauer was charged with grand larceny. Bail was fixed at $2,500. Louis "J." Schram of 18 E. 16th street, Manhattan, a lawyer, was listed as the director and general manager at the time.

1895: The India Wharf Brewery had their annual picnic October 2, in Bay View Park.

1895: Thieves stole $30 worth of tools from the workshop of Chief Engineer Christian Goetz of the India Wharf Brewing co.

In 1895 the building department inspector condemned a two story building a the corner of India Wharf and Atlantic dock . There were five families living in the building who were ordered to move out. A saloon on the first floor was "much frequented" by longshoremen and officers and seamen of the German lines. (Brooklyn Eagle June 25, 1895)

1895: The India Wharf Benefit association held its annual ball at Saengerbund Hall in February. Organizers were: George Snizer, William Schilpp, Joe Daly, M. Murphy, Herman Meyer, Charles Keller, "G." Goetz, George Vierling. Among those present were: Will Phillips, Cris Goetz, Phil Theobold, George Higgins, Michael Murphy, George Ran, M Michel, R (or B) Hermann, Hugh Lennon, Charles Guntram, Thomas Mahr, John Smith, Billy Eckhoff, George Herter, Frank Michel (he was a son of Leonhart Michel), Jake Smith, Henry E Schwab, F. Kroegler, A Seymour, Harry Kavanagh, Charles Richart

1896: Expense of Drying

"The agency employed in the Hooper Dryer is the waste heat which would otherwise escape form the boiler furnaces into the open air. This waste heat is simply diverted by means of a large pipe or conduit from the chimney drawn through the drying apparatus by means of a suction fan. Careful tests made by the India Wharf Brewing Co. in connection with their drying plant demonstrate beyond a doubt than the consumption of coal is not increase. The drying head can therefore be assumed as costing absolutely nothing." (Proceedings of the Annual Convention of the United States Brewers Association, 1896)
1897: A masquerade and civic ball of the India Wharf Independent Benevolent association was held at Prospect Hall in February.

1898: The India Wharf Brewing Company was experimenting with aluminium grain buckets attached to an endless chain in an effort to reduce weight and save energy.


"The India Wharf Brewing Company, Brooklyn, N. Y., has made extensive alterations in the brewhouse and among other changes put in a new mashing machine, a copper of 400 barrels, and 19 chip casks of 255 barrels each."

American Brewers' Review, Volume 10, Issue 1 By Dr, R. Wahl And Dr. M. Henius

1898: Thomas Doyle of 362 10th ave, a driver for the India Wharf Brewing co struck and killed an unknown man in Manhattan.

1899: India Wharf was advertising Lager beer.

1899 American Brewers Review

"Leonhard Michel, supt. of the India Wharf Brewing Co., of Brooklyn, and president of the brewmasters association of New York and vicinity, on the 27th ult. took passage on the steamer Friedrich der Grose, for a two months trip to Germany."

1899: Ida Bremer, the wife of an India Wharf carpenter, Arthur Bremer, gained quite a pit of notoriety as a sneak thief. See Bremer below.

1899: Dried "draff" or brewery swill was shipped by India Brewery to Europe as food for cattle.

1899: India Wharf Brewing owned the eastern end of the Atlantic Docks called India Wharf - "except for the northerly end". A fight ensued over space on the dock because the warehousers wanted to enlarge the dock and run a railroad line down the India Wharf. India Wharf brewery contented that it would interfere with with its coal hoist and an elevator which carries malt to the brewery and it would take up considerable room where the coal and malt boats docked. The won a temporary injunction. On April 15, 1900 it was announced that:

"The long standing quarrel between the India Wharf Brewing Company and the Brooklyn Wharf and Warehouse Company over the use and construction of certain piers in the Atlantic Basin resulted yesterday in the grant of a perpetual injunction to the India Wharf Brewing Company, restraining the Brooklyn Wharf and Warehouse Company from constructing a pier in the Atlantic Basin adjoining the India Wharf and the wharf originally known as the Central Pier, but now scheduled as pier No. 35." (The New York Tribune)

However, the subject was still under discussion in 1902.

1899: In July 1898 Albert Walles, of 86 Luquer st., an employee of India Wharf Brewing company, was driving a truck pulled by horses when he collided with a trolley car. He broke his elbow and his hip. In 1899 he sued the Coney Island and Brooklyn Railroad Co for $25,000. He won $2,000.

1900: George B. Montague, age 62, 671 Jefferson ave, and agent for the India Wharf Brewing co. died suddenly on the train from the Gravesend Race Track. The death was due to heart disease. He was listed as age 66 on death index Cert # 18334 Kings.

1900: John M Ceballos had an interest in the India Wharf Brewery and the Porto Rico Steamship Company. He was a well known banker in Manhattan. In 1893 his name was given as Juan M. Caballos, owner of the India Wharf brewery.

1901: John Wirthman, age 25, of 671 Hicks street, German, was charged with operating and running a boiler and pump at India Wharf Brewery without a licence. Bail was set at $300.

1909: Louis B Schram, president and general manager of India Wharf Brewyer testifying in as 1909 court of appeals trial stated:

"I am an officer and general manager of the India Wharf Brewing Company, and have been connected with the defendant as general manager ever since the 1st of June, 1891. As general manager I have charge of all the business of the India Wharf Brewing Company; and, as such general manager, I O.K. all vouchers for payments. The office of the company is at No. 60 Hamilton Avenue, Brooklyn, corner of Conover Street which is on the India Wharf Brewing Company's property. I am familiar with the property known as India Wharf and am there every business day in the year, practically. The India wharf Brewing Company receives its materials and supplies for manufacture by lighters and canal boats moored alongside of the dock. It has been the practice of the defendant to receive its material and supplies from vessels moored alongside of India Wharf, ever since the company began to do business in 1889. They ship from India Wharf the product that we manufacture, beer, ale, &c.; but there is a great deal of it delivered by wagons through the streets. We ship some goods from India Wharf only, loading them on lighters. It is not very easy for me to say how many vessels there are on an average consigned to the defendant company, they vary very much; I should say a half a dozen or so in a month, - sometimes a few more, and sometimes a few less. "
During prohibition the plant was used as a storage warehouse. For more on Leonhard Michel see The Brooklyn Growler, Leonhard Michel's Long Forgotten Brooklyn Brewery

India Wharf Employees

Leonhard Michel (1846-1926) brewer, Yuengling, India Wharf Brewery, and Leonard Michel Breweries

Leonard Michel was a master beer brewer and one of the founding members of the India Wharf Brewing company.

Leonhard Michael, brewer, was born to Sebastian Michel at Wald-Michelbach, Hesse Darmstadt, [Germany] September 2, 1847.

He immigrated to the United States on the America from Bremen to New York on March 27, 1865, age 17, born Hesse.

He married Barbara Sahler in New York in 1869. She died 1914.

Leonhard Michel became a US citizen in May 1882.

He helped establish India Wharf brewery at Hamilton Ave. Brooklyn in 1889 after working for Yuengling brewery for thirteen years. Leonhard Michel subsequently founded Leonhard Michel Brewing Co. with himself as president and brewmaster, his sons, John Michel, vice president, and Leonhard Michel Jr., treasurer and superintendent. The Michel Brewery was located on Bond Street in the Gowanus section of Brooklyn.

Marriage to Barbara Sahler in New York in 1869.

John Leonhard Michel, to Barbara Sahler, 03 Nov 1869, Manhattan, New York, New York, Father, Sebastian Michel, Mother, Anna Maria Knapp, Spouse's Father, Jacob Sahler, Spouse's Mother's, Jacobine Appel, Indexing Project (Batch) Number: M00923-7, System Origin: New_York-ODM, GS Film number: 1544271 LDS

They had: Leonhard Jr, Jacobine (Bina), Frank, and John all born in Virginia.

  1. 1896 Passport application for Leonhart Michel jr, brewer, says he was born at Richmond, Va. 25 August 1870

    Died in 1916: Leonhard Michel Jr died September 10, 1916, address 25 First Place. He left a widow, Emma, and three daughters Marie, Leona, and Virginia, and an estate of $619 in personal property and $30,000 in real property (from his probate papers). Obit: Leonhard Michel Jr. treasurer of Leonhard Michel Brewing company died of heart trouble at his home 25 First Place, funeral services from Henry street Lutheran, Burial Greenwood, survived by his widow, three children and his father.

  2. Jacobina Michael born 06 Sep 1871, Varina, Henrico, Virginia, Father, Leonhard Michael, Mother, Barbara Michael, Indexing Project (Batch) Number: C00110-4 System Origin: Virginia-EASy GS Film number: 2046941 LDS

    Married: August Keller

    Two children: Leohard (c 1898 with his grandfather in 1920) and August (circa 1902 with his grandfather in 1920)

    1910: Brooklyn Ward 6, 79 first Place, August Keller 46, bookkeeper, department store, Jacobina M Keller 38, 3 children 2 living, Leonard Keller 12, Augustus Keller 8

    Died 1914: Death of BENA KELLER, daughter of Leonhard Michel

    Grief over the death of her mother, Barbara Michel, who died two montha ago, is given as the indirect cause of the death of Mrs. Bena Keller, .... at her home 79 first Place. She had been in ill health for some time and when he mother died she suffered a relapse. Mrs. Keller was born in Brooklyn*, the daughter of Leonard and Barbara Michel, forty-two years ago. She is survived by her husband, August Keller, and two children, Leonard and Augustus, she was a member of the Lutheran Church in Henry street. Buried Greenwood.

    *She was born in Virginia.

  3. Frank Michael, born 17 Aug 1873, Birthplace: Varina, Henrico, Virginia, Father, Leonhardt Michael, Mother, Barbara Michael, Indexing Project (Batch) Number: C00110-4, System Origin: Virginia-EASy, GS Film number: 2046941, LDS

    Frank Michel, born circa 1872, married Emily Widinger, born circa 1875 on 21 April 1894, Edgewater, Richmond , New York (Staten Island), father Leonard, mother, Barbara (Indexing Project (Batch) Number: I02459-5 System Origin: New York-EASy GS Film number: 1376368 Reference ID: item 2-3)

    Died December 1914: December 17, Frank Michel, age 41, son of Leonhard Michel of the Leonhard Michel Brewing Company, committed suicide by hanging himself with a window sash cord. His wife, Amelia, was out shopping and returned home to find him. Frank Michel had been in trouble for some time for passing bad checks and a warrant had been issued for his arrest. He apparently had been depressed and drinking heavily. When his father was told of the check "episode" he refused to make good and told the police that he would not be responsible for his son's debts. that is when the warrant was issued. He left a wife and five children.

    1900, Ward 10, Brooklyn, 3rd street, Frank Michel 27, cannot read occupation, Emily Michel 23, Leonard Michel 5, John Michel 1/12

    1910: Ward 22, Brooklyn, Frank Michel 35, brewer, brewery, Amelia Michel 33, Leonard Michel 15, John Michel 10, Frank Michel Jr. 8, Barbara Michel 6, Emily Michel 2

    1920: 9th street, Amelia Michel 39, own, widowed, none, Frank Michel 17, son, bookkeeper trucking, Barbara Michel 15, daughter, Emily Michel 12, daughter, Leonard Michel 24, son, chauffer trucking company, Margret Michel 24, daughter in law, Leonard Michel 1 11/12 grandson

  4. John Michel was born circa 1875

    1918 John Michel, 25 First Place age 43, dob 20 aug 1875 manufacturer Ice, Coney Island, relative, Leonhard Michel, medium height, slim build, brown hair brown eyes.

    Died 1940


    • Varina, Virginia is of east southeast of Richmond

    • Leonhard Miche's wife, Barbara died February 26, 1914. Two weeks later their daughter Bena, age 42, died. She had been ill for some time. In December 1914 their son, Frank, age 41, committed suicide. Their son Leonhard, age 46, died of heart disease in September 1916.

1870 Census: Varina, Henrico, Virginia, Leonard Michael 26, brewer, $3,000, Darmstadt, Barbara Michael 19, Darmstadt, Charles Dunkard 30, bookkeeper, George W Robinson 28, brewer, Fredericka Guster 30, house servant

1874: Leonh Michel (Yuengling & co.) h[ome] James river below Rocketts Richmond, Virginia, City Directory, 1874

1880 Census: Lawrence street, Manhattan, Leonhard Michel 34, brewer, Barbara Michel 29, Leonhard Michel 9, Bina Michel 8, Frank Michel 6, John Michel 4 and a servant. Children born Virginia.

1889: Founding of India Wharf Brewing Company

1897: On February 18, 1897, Leonhard Michel of India Wharf Brewing co., placed a personal add in the Brooklyn Eagle addressed to Bernet- Ernest Jr: " Ernest Bernet, Jr. is requested to communicate his address to the undersigned who has a matter of great importance to communicate to him, care of India Wharf Brewing Co."

Ernst O Bernet age 69 died in Manhattan on December 20, 1897, Cert #378672.

1880 Census: Ernest Otto Bernet 53, Catharine Bernet 49, Otto Bernet 28, Ernst Otto Bernet 20, Ottilie Bernet 17, Joanne Bernet 15, Hedwig Bernet 12

Ernst Otto Bernet was a wine merchant in Manhattan.

1899: Passport application - Leonhard Michel Birth Date: 2 Sep 1847 Birth Place: Waldmiskelban, Grand Dready of Hesse, Darmstadt, Germany Age: 51 Passport Issue Date: 25 Apr 1899 Residence: Brough of Brooklyn, County of Kins, New York, 5 feet, 6 1/2 inches, brown eyes, black hair, c/o India Wharf Brewery 60 Hamilton Ave.

1900 Census: Brooklyn Ward 6, 25 First Place, Leonhard Michels 53, married 30 years, immigrated 1860, naturalized, brewer, Barbara Michels 50, 4 children 4 living, Leonhard Michels 29, single, brewer, Frank Michels 26, married 5 years, machinist, John Michels 24, single, sawyer?, children all born Virginia

1902: Real Estate Transfer, 9th street s. s. 238 w 8th street, 19.6x71.6 h&l, Elizabeth A. Banker to Leonhard Michel mort. $4,500

1902: L Michel of the India Wharf Brewing co went on a two week duck and goose hunting trip to Roanoke Island, N. c. with several other prominent Brooklynites. They traveled by steamer to Norfolk, Va., by rail to Elizabeth City, and finally by boat to Roanoke Island.


BIG BREWERY SUIT BROUGHT.; Leonhard Michel Wants John F. Betz to Account for the Old Yuengling Property.

Suit has been instituted by Leonhard Michel, one of the stockholders of the old David G. Yuengling Brewing Company, for the recovery of real and personal property said to be worth about $3,000,000, which he declares was obtained from the corporation by John F. Betz, the brewer, who is declared in the Action to have brought about the receivership of the corporation in a friendly action and then bought in the assets.

(New York Times) Leonard Michel owned stock in the company which was disolved in 1897. See BIG BREWERY SUIT BROUGHT

In the book Yuengling: A History of America's Oldest Brewery, 2005 Mark A. Noon states that Leonhard Michel worked for Yeuglings in Manhattan for 13 years until he established the India Wharf Brewing company in 1889. India Wharf "had a capacity of 150,000 barrels a year and one of the largest ice plants in that section of New york."

1906: Leonhard Michel left India Wharf Brewing company to found his own Brewery. Leonhard Michel Brewing Company was founded by Leonhart Michel and his sons, Leonhard Jr and John, of 122 Third street. The company was in business until 1920.

1906 American Brewers Review

"There is at present being built a large addition to the Empire City Hygiene Works at 3rd and Bond Sts., Brooklyn, which when completed will be used as a brewery. The new company is being organized by Mr. Leonhard Michel, for many years brewmaster for the India Wharf Brewery, and the Empire Ice Co., which has been running with very considerable success for some years under the management of Mr. John Michel, son of Mr. Leonhard Michel, will form part of the new corporation, which will be known as the Leonhard Michel Brewing Co. The contract for the new building has been given to C. Beinart, Staten Island and Gustav Schock, 341-344 E. 59 St., New York, is puting in the brewery plant which will have a capacfty of 100,000 barrels per annum, and is to be ready for operation early in June."

"Mr. L. Schneider, late brewmaster with the John Roehm Brewing Co., Philadelphia, has been appointed to the India Wharf Brewing Co., in succession to Mr. Leonh. Michel resigned."

1906: Brooklyn Eagle: John Michel, son of Leonard Michel, was a lawyer and had worked for Justice Augustus Van Wyck for many years. He talked to reporters about the new facility being built at Third, Bond and Fourth streets at the Gowanus canal. Leonard Michel who lived at 25 First place had owned the property for some time and had a ice factory at the location. He had a falling out with other members of the India Wharf Brewery, sold out his interests in it and decided to set up his own brewery. The property near the Gowanus covered forty city lots and "had frontage on the Gowanus Canal as it turns south of the Third street bridge. Young Michel said that the building would be 5 stories high and constructed of steel and brick. The corporation was to consist of only family members, Leonhard, his three sons and his daughter.

1910: Leonhard and Barbara went to Europe in 1910 returning on the S. S. Kroonland on 13 Sept. from Antwerp.

1910: Bklyn Ward 6, 25 First Place, Leonard Michel 63, brewer, Barbara Michel 60, Leonard Michel Jr. 39, born Virginia, brewer, Rena Kellar 37, daughter, born Virginia, Frank Michel 35, son, born Virginia, brewer, John Michel 34, son, Lawyer (or sawyer? looks more like lawyer this time) Mary Geyer 18, servant, Agnus Watsen 24, servant

1909 and 1915: American Brewers' Review: A Monthly Journal Devoted to the ..., Volume 29 listed Leonhard Michel Brewing co. Brooklyn, N Y President and manager, Leonard Michel, vice president John Michel, treasurer and brewmaster, L. Michel Jr. secretary, Charles Doll, The officers: C. Hafers, C. Beinert and Patrick Kilgallan are directors.

1914: February 26, 1914, Death of Barbara Michel wife of brewer Leonhard Michel died at her home 25 First Place. Survived by her husband and four children: Leonhard, John, Fran and Mrs. Bena Keller

1920: AD12, Prospect Park West, Leonhard Michel 73, widowed, imm 1865, brewer, naturalized 1875, Emma L Michel 43, daughter in law widowed, Marie Michel 1, granddaughter, Leona Michel 12, granddaughter, Virginia Michel 11, granddaughter, Leonhard Keller 22, grandson, Augustus Keller 18, grandson, Anna Seidel 29, servant, Lena Hogler 27, servant.

Note: These grandchildren were the sons and daughters of Leonhard Jr. and Bena Michel Keller.

1922: September 20, on the America from Bremen to New York Michel, Leonhard age 76, widow, naturalized 1882 court of Common Pleas, Emma L widow, age 48, daughter in law, Marie single 17, Leona L 15, Virginia 14, grandchildren, all to 27 Prospect, Brooklyn.

1925: Still in Brooklyn

1926: Leonhard Michel, age 80, brewer, president of the Leonhard Michel Brewing Company "one of the pioneers in the brewing business in Brooklyn" died at his home at 27 Prospect Park West. He had been ill for the past two years. He was survived by one son, John.

MICHEL, LEONARD P. 1916-09-13 34047 38 (Michel Leonhard P 46 y Sep 10 1916 18808 Kings)
MICHEL, LEONHARD 1926-12-09 34047 38 (Michel, Leonhard, age 80, December 7, 1926 #23999)
MICHEL, JOHN 1940-01-27 34047 38
MICHEL, EMMA LOUISE 1939-08-13 34047 38
MICHEL, FRANK 1914-12-19 34047 38 (Age 41, 17 Dec 1914, Kings, New York, USA, Certificate Number: 23244)
MICHEL, BARBARA 1915-06-29 34047 38 (Not listed NYC Death Index in 1915) She died in 1914 according to the death of her daughter and her husband. She was originally buried in Evergreen Cemetery. Barbara Michel, age 64, Feb 25m 1914, Kings # 4285 NYC Death Index. Moving a body from one cemetery to another was not that uncommon.)

See Liquor Stores and Saloons in Red Hook

Christian (Chris) Goetz, chief engineer India Wharf in 1894

Christian Goetz was listed as a member of the committee for the 1890 India Wharf picnic. He was an organizer of the benefit association and the benefit ball in 1891. He was the chief engine at India Wharf in 1895. He was an organizer of the annual benefit ball in 1895.

1894: Christ Goetz, India Wharf Brewing Co. 60 Hamilton, Chris Goetz, Enginr. (Johnston's Electrical and Street Railway Directory By Johnston, W.J. co, publishers)

1892: Ward 6, Christian Goetz age 42, Germany Engineer, Dorah, 35, William 10, Alvina 8, Agnes 7, Lulu 5, Katie 3 John 1

1895: Carrey Goetz Birth Date: 19 Mar 1895 Birthplace: Brooklyn, Kings, New York Father's Name: Cristian Goetz Mother's Name: Dora Koehn Goetz Indexing Project (Batch) Number: C00939-9 System Origin: New_York-ODM GS Film number: 1324423

1900: Ward 10 3rd Place near Court street, Christ* Goetz 50, born Germany, immigrated c 1875, engineer, ice factory, Dora Goetz 43, born Germany immigrated c 1877, married 19 years, Alvina Goetz 16, New York, Agatha Goetz 15, New Jersey, Lulu Goetz 12, New Jersey, Katherine Goetz 12, New York, John Goetz 8, New York

1907: Elias B. Brindley, Spouse's Name: Alvina M. Goetz, Event Date: 14 Dec 1907, Event Place: Manhattan, New York, New York, Father's Name: Beng. F. Brindley, Mother's Name: Elisa Krause, Spouse's Father's Name: Christian Goetz, Spouse's Mother's Name: Dora Kohn, Indexing Project (Batch) Number: M00638-9 System Origin: New_York-ODM GS Film number: 1452356

June 17, 1946, Dobbs Ferry Mr. Brindley, retired salesman for a Mount Vernon Roofing company, age 63 died and was survived by his wife, the former Alvina Goetz of Tompkinsville, Staten Island.
1910: Richmond Ward 2, Christian Goetz 60, engineer ice plant, Dora Goetz 55, Agatha Goetz 25, Lulu Goetz 22, operator telephone, Katherine Goetz 21, saleslady, retail store, John Goetz 18, apprentice printer

1901: One listing for Christian Goetz, 108 3rd Place Brooklyn engineer

1911: Christian G Goetz Birth Year: abt 1850 Age: 61 Death Date: 23 Feb 1911 Death Place: Richmond, New York, USA Certificate Number: 296

Other Christian Goetz Records:
1886: Christian Goetz a "beer seller" was running for alderman for the first time. He was also called a liquor dealer, "new to politics".

1889: Alderman Christian Goetz was under inditement for violation of the election laws. He was on trail for bribing voters. He was declared innocent.

1893: Ex-alderman Christian Goetz was arrested in Manhattan for the seduction of Louisa Zierce (or Zierer), age 24, a servant in the Goetz household. She was suing for $10,000 for breach of promise. It was said that Goetz was a liquor dealer in Delancy street. The woman claimed that Goetz made several improper advances toward her four days before his wife died. When his wife died he proposed mariage. She claimed to be in "a delicate condition" (a euphemism for pregnant). The alderman was apparently getting cold feet and kept postponing the wedding.

1900: Thirteenth District CHRISTIAN GOETZ (Rep) Saloon keeper, in ward politices since 1876. Elected as alderman in 1886. Tried for bribery but "escaped conviction" in 1889.

1888: Obituary of Christian Adolph Goetz, born circa 1838 died 1888, owner of Bedford Brewery, AKA Charles Geotz

1866: Multiple websites state that the brewery at Franklin and Dean, known as the Bedford Brewery, was bought by Christian Goetz in 1866.

1875: Frederick Schmidt an employee of the Bedford Brewery was hurt when he fell from the "top of an ice box into the cellar" a distance of about 16 feet.

1876: The partnership of Goetz and Munch of the Bedford Brewery was disolved. All claims were to be paid by Christian A Goetz.

1877: Timothy Stacher, age 50, a stableman at the Bedford Brewery, fell from a hay lot and suffered severe internal injuries.

1879: Christian A Goetz, Brewer, Franklin ave c Dean

1880: Christian Goetz, Dean st. granted excise license 1880.

1880: Christian Goetz, Brewery, Franklin Ave c Dean, h 938 Dean, Publication Title: Brooklyn, New York, City Directory, 1880

1882: In a collision between an Atlantic Ave Rapid Transit train and one of the wagons of "Charles" Goetz, "proprietor of the Bedford Brewery" no one was injured. The train hit the back of the wagon and knocked it a considerable distance. The horses bulling the brewery wagon were badly hurt. The gateman was charged with not lowering the gate at the crossing.

1882: Christian A Goetz sued the Long Island Railroad company for $2,000 for injury to a wagon and team belonging to the Bedford Brewery. The wagon was full of beer at the time of the collision. One horse died on the spot and the other was put down three days later. Goetz was suing to cover the horses, merchandise and the wagon. There was a possibility of a separate suit by the driver.

1883: Christian Goetz proprietor of the Bedford Brewery.

1885: Christian A Goetz 940 Dean Brewer

Christian A. Goetz was an incorporator of the Budweiser Brewing Co in 1884.

Christian Adolph Goetz late president of the Budweiser Brewing co. was one of the founders of the Atlantic Garden in the bowery. He later became owner of Oriental Brewery and the Bedford Brewery in Brooklyn. He was buried in Greenwood. Mr. Goetz was 50 years old and left a wife and child.

Charles F. Guntrum [Guntram] (1868-) and his brother-in-law, Otto Selg (c 1869-)

Charles Guntram was listed as an attendee of the 1895 annual ball.

1889: Charles Guntrum brewer, 7 Oct 1889, naturalization, Superior Court of the City of New York (1-597)

1894: Charles Guntrum Passport, DOB, 4 Nov 1868 POB Darmstadt, Germany Age: 25, Immigrated on the America from Bremen April 26, 1884, naturalized 7 October 1889 Superior Court NYC, Passport Issue Date: 10 Apr 1894 Passport Includes a Photo: No Residence: New York City, New York

1900: Brooklyn Ward 28, Kings, New York, Linden Street, Joseph Selg 68, born Germany, immigrated 1881, Mathilde Selg 67, born Germany, immigrated 1881, 6 children 4 living, Otto Selg 30, born German, immigrated, 1881, foreman brewery, Ida Guntrum 27, daughter, born Germany, immigrated 1881, Charles Guntrum 31, son in law, born Germany, immigrated, 1880, foreman brewery, Amelia Guntrum 11/12, granddaughter born NYC

1903: Patent to Otto Selg and Carl Guntrum of Brooklyn for a process of converting wort into beer.

1906: Carl Gunstrum was a member of the New York Brewers Association - as was Leonhard Michel. They celebrated the 25th anniversary of the association with a garden festival, banquet and concert at Piel's Hall and Garden.

1906: Passport, Chas Guntrum, brewer, DOB 4 Nov 1868 POB Darmstadt, Germany Age: 38 Passport Issue Date: 14 Sep 1907 Passport Includes a Photo: No Residence: Brooklyn, New York

1906: Carl Guntrum 1087 B'wick Occupation: Brewer Publication Title: Brooklyn, New York, City Directory, 1906

1910: Madison street, Brooklyn, Guntrum, Carl F. head age 41, superintendent brewery, Lola, wife age 37, married 12 years 9 child 1 living, Emilia, age 10

1915: Madison street, Brooklyn, brewer

1925: Carl, age 57 naturalized in NY Superior Court, Oct. 7, 1889, Ida age 53 and Emile age 26 returned from Europe on the Stuttgart from Cherbourg to New York on October 23, 1925. Their address in the US was given as 1227 Fairmont street, Elizabeth NJ.

John Fauerbach (circa 1852 - 1900)

John Fauerbach was the son of Peter Fauerbach and Barbara Stramm. He had at least two siblings who were also in NYC, Margaretha and Frederick. His mother Barbara was also in NYC.

1887: Marriage of John Fauerbach to Rosa Zeitner

John "Fausrbach" Spouse Rosa Zeitner, Date 15 Jan 1887, Manhattan, New York, New York Father Peter Fausrbach, Mother, Barbara Stramm, Spouse's Father, John Zeitner, Spouse's Mother, Johanna Dressel, Indexing Project (Batch) Number: M00584-0 System Origin: New_York-ODM GS Film number: 1556694 LDS

John's brother, Frederick Fauerbach and Marie Louise Gredt

1876: Frederick "Fanerbach" Spouse Maria Louise Gredt, 17 Dec 1876, Manhattan, New York, New York, Father Peter Fanerbach, Mother Barbara Strom, Spouse's Father, Francis Gredt, Spouse's Mother, Catherine Goedt, Indexing Project (Batch) Number: M00722-6 System Origin: New_York-ODM GS Film number: 1562177 LDS

Friedrich Johan Fauerbach Birth 28 Apr 1877 Manhattan, New York, New York, USA Father Fredrik Fauerbach Indexing Project (Batch) Number: C71506-5 System Origin: New_York-ODM GS Film number: 1322114 LDS

1880: Chatham street, Brooklyn, Fred Fauerbach 31, born Bavaria, liquor saloon, Mary Fauerbach 26, born France, Fred Fauerbach 3, Mary Fauerbach 11m, Katrine Gredt 56, mother in law

1883: Fauerbach, Frederick, beer 53 Chatham

1894: Death: Frederick Fauerbach, Birth Year: abt 1849, Age: 45, Death Date: 24 Jul 1894, Death Place: Kings, New York, USA, Certificate Number: 12167

John's sister, Margareta Fauerbach

1877: Marriage of John's sister, Margareta Fauerbach to Gustav Takobi

Gustav Takobi to Magaretha Fauerbach 27 May 1877 Manhattan, New York, New York Father Albert Takobi Mother Juliana Montaz Spouse's Father Peter Fauerbach Spouse's Mother Barbara Strom Indexing Project (Batch) Number: M00170-2 System Origin: New_York-ODM GS Film number: 15621 LDS

Barbara Fauerbach

1879: Barbara Fauerbach, Street Address: 107 1/2 St Mark's pl, Widow of Peter Fauerbach, Publication Title: New York, New York, City Directory, 1879

In addition to Barbara the 1879 directory listed: *Frederick, beer, 17 Chatham h 233 William, Jacob, chairs, 204 W Houston, h 154 Broome, *John, mason, h 215 E 59th, Louis, clerk, h 112 Seventh, and Fauerbach, Ziegler & co, chairs 204 W. Houston. *Frederick and John were Barbara's sons.

1889: Not listed in the city directory.

1890: On the 1890 picnic committee.

1891: On the 1891 dance Committee.

1891: John Fauerbach, 77 Rapelea, Brooklyn, New York, Occupation: Brewer, Publication Title: Brooklyn, New York, City Directory, 1891

1895: John Fauerbach, Street Address: 269 Stagg, Occupation: Brewer, Publication Title: Brooklyn, New York, City Directory, 1895

1895: Rosa Fauerbach charged Lena Braun of stealing $30. Rosa Fauerbach testified that when she realized the money was missing she and Lena visited two fortune tellers. One fortune teller said that a man had stolen the money the other said that a man and a women were involved. Rosa however believed that Lena had taken the money. The case was adjoined until the next day.

1900: 1124 Myrtle ave, Fauerbach, John head born 1852, married 13 years, immigrated 1871, born Germany, "mason", Rosa wife age 41 (born c 1858), born Germany, immigrated 1884, 1 child 1 living, Lizzie daughter 1885, age 15,

1900: John "Fanerbach" Died 02 Dec 1900, 1124 Myrtle Ave., Brooklyn, Kings, New York, Age: 48, Birth Date: 1852, Birthplace: Germany, Occupation: Brewer Marital Status: Married, Indexing Project (Batch) Number: B05556-6, System Origin: New York-EASy, GS Film number: 1435711, Reference ID: P2931 LDS

1900: NYC Death Index: John Fauerbach, Birth Date: abt 1852, Age: 48, Death Date: 1 Dec 1900, Death Place: New York, New York, Certificate Number: 21955

1901: John Fauerbach 1124 Myrtle av Occupation: Laborer, Brooklyn, New York, City Directory, 1901 Note: He could have submitted his name for publication and then died.

William Schilppe (c. 1864-1936) brewer

Birth: c 1864 Germany

Immigration: c 1883

Marriage: William Schilpp, 31 Jan 1887, Manhattan, New York, Spouse: Frederick Schuckler, Certificate Number: 79121


  1. Christian Wilhelm Schilpp, 09 Mar 1888, Manhattan, New York, New York, USA Father, Wilhelm Schilpp, Mother, Frederica Schuckler Schilpp, Indexing Project (Batch) Number: C00132-3 System Origin: New_York-ODM GS Film number: 1323475 LDS

    1918: According to his World War I Draft Registration, Christian William Schilpp was an engineer

  2. August

    1918: Conductor RR 58th st depot, married

  3. Henry Gustave Schilb 18 Oct 1892 Brooklyn, Kings, New York Father, William Schilb, Mother, Frederika Schickler Schilb, Indexing Project (Batch) Number: C00713-0 System Origin: New_York-ODM GS Film number: 1324412 LDS

    1918: Henry Schilipp of 270 Carroll Street born October 18, 1892 Brooklyn was a pipe fitter at Michel Brewery 3rd and Bond streets Bklyn, single.

  4. Sophie

1900: 196 Columbia street, Ward 6, William Schilp M 37 Germany, brewer, Wife Friedericke Schilp F 36 Germany, Son Christ Schilp M 12 New York, Son August Schilp M 11 New York, Son Henry Schilp M 8 New York, Lodger John Eagan M 46 New York, day laborer,

1915: Carroll, st., William Schilpp 57, brewer, Ricka Schilpp 50, August Schilpp 24, conductor, Henry Schilpp 22, engineer Sophie Schilpp 12, daughter

1920: Bklyn AD 8, own, Carroll street, William Schilpp 56, foreman brewery, Germany, immigrated 1883, foreman brewery, Rica Schilpp 54, Germany, immigrated 1885, Sophie Schilpp 18, born NY, dressmaker

1930: 270 Carroll street, own $10,000, William Schilpp 67, brewer, brewery, Rika Schilpp 64

1933: June 27, 1933, The Brooklyn Borough President presented William Schilpp with a diamond Masonic ring on behalf of the Michel Brewing Company employees at a dinner to honor Schilpp at the St. George Hotel. He had completed 50 years of service to the brewery. He paid tribute to his associated of 47 years, George Heidel. He learned how to brew in Germany. He immigrated in 1883 and married two years later. By 1933 he had a son and grandson in the brewing business.

Photo from Brooklyn Eagle,

1936: Death: William C Schilpp Birth Year: abt 1863 Age: 73 Death Date: 29 Jul 1936 Death Place: Kings, New York, USA Certificate Number: 16154

1936: Greenwood: William Christian Schilpp Death Date: Aug 1936 Burial Place: Brooklyn, Kings County, New York, USA, Lot 37458, Section 16

1937: He left an estate worth $35,487. His home at 270 Carroll was valued at $7,000. He was survived by three children: Christian, August and Sophie

SCHILPP AUGUST C. 1941-03-11 37458 16 +
SCHILPP CHRISTIAN 1969-04-17 37458 16 +
SCHILPP ELSIE 1957-05-20 37458 16 +
SCHILPP HENRY 1958-11-03 37458 16 +
SCHILPP RICKA 1934-04-11 37458 16 +
SCHILPP WILLIAM CHRISTIAN 1936-08-01 37458 16 +

Adam Roeth

1897: 143 Sackett brewer

John Krampert

1892: Name: Ida A. Krampert Birth Date: 05 May 1892 Birthplace: Brooklyn, Kings, New York Father's Name: John Krampert Mother's Name: Marie Bischoff Indexing Project (Batch) Number: C01826-9 System Origin: New_York-ODM GS Film number: 1324410 LDS

1893: John Krammpert age 29 was killed when the elevator failed and fell form the fifth floor to the cellar at the India Wharf Brewing co.

John Krampert Birth Year: abt 1865 Age: 28 Death Date: 24 Jun 1893 Death Place: Kings, New York, USA Certificate Number: 10590

Probate: Maria Krampert of John Krampert died June "27", 1893, died of injuries received, $2,100 in real estate or interest in real estate, daughter Ida.

George Vierling

Birth: Germany circa 1849

Occupation: Cooper

1900: Manhattan, E 55th, George Vierling 52, cooper, married 30 years, immigrated 1869, Mary Vierling 53, 6 children 4 living, immigrated 1868, Harry Vierling 27, compositor, George Vierling 23, pressman, Jacob Vierling 21, collector grocery, August P Vierling 16, salesman (leather) , parents born Germany, children born NY

1910: Alabama ave, Brooklyn, George Vierling 62, married 8 years, 2nd marriage, cooper brewery, immig 1868, Louise Vierling 46, 2nd marriage, Anna B Vierling 13, daughter

Death: Geo Vierling Birth Year: abt 1848 Age: 73 Death Date: 8 Jul 1921 Death Place: Kings, New York, USA Certificate Number: 11885

1921, July 11, George Vierling of 154 Sheffield ave, born in Germany, age 74, died in the Brooklyn State Hospital. He was survived by his widow, Margaret, and four sons, Harry, George, Jacob and August Vierling.

Joseph Becker

Joseph Becker, when seventeen years old, was employed in the bottling department of the India Wharf Brewing Company. A bottle burst and knocked out Becker's right eye. This was on Sept. 7. 1902. On July 30, 1906, Becker retained Lawyer August P. Wagener to bring suit against the brewing company for $20,000 damages. The case was postponed from time to time.

When he reached the age of twenty-one Becker became engaged to a young woman. Lawyer Wagener asserts that the brewing company learned of this and, without his knowledge, induced Becker to accept $500 in settlement of his claim. Lawyer Wagener informed Becker that he had no right to settle without approval of counsel. Becker excused himself by saying that he was about to be married at the time and needed the money.

Mr. Wagener brought suit in Kings County against the India Wharf Brewing Company for the recovery of his fee, with interest, alleging that the settlement was made without his knowledge or consent; that the laws of this state gave him a lien upon his client's settlement to the amount of his contract, $250. claim that Becker, being unable to give him anything, the corporation was liable not only for his share of the settlement but also for all the costs of the action up to the date of settlement. Justice Marean rendered judgment in favor of Lawyer Wagener. The Sheriff collected the amount of the judgment and banded over to Lawyer Wagencr $467.20.

American Bottler, Volume 27, 1918

Joseph Cassidy (1865-1913) born Donegal Ireland, brewer India Wharf

1912: Joseph Cassidy 99 Truxton Occupation: Brewer Publication Title: Brooklyn, New York, City Directory, 1912

Joseph Cassidy of 99 Truxton street a brewer at India Wharf brewing co died following an operation for appendicitis. He was born in Donegal Irland March 7, and leaves a widow, Ellen McChan (or Meehan) a daughter Anne and a son Joseph

Death Cert #17311 September 11, 1913 age 48

1892 Census: Joseph Cassidy, age 28 born Ireland brewery, Nellie, age 32, born Ireland, Mary age 1 born New York

1910: Ward 25, Grumtom street, Joseph Cassidy 44, immigrated 1888 naturalized, married 20 years, brewer, brewery, Ellen Cassidy 48, 5 children 2 living, Anna Cassidy 16, "Joalchin" Cassidy 11

1920: AD 22, Hall ave., Ellen Cassidy 63, Anna Cassidy 26, school teacher city, Joseph Cassidy 21, guard rail road

Arthur Bremer, charpenter

In September 1899 Ida (or Eva) Bremer [Bramer or Braemer], about 30 years old, 238 Sackett, jumped her $500 bail and fled Brooklyn with her four children. She had 18 to 25 charges of flat burglary against her. Her husband was Arthur (or John) Braemer an employee of the India Wharf Brewery and they were reported to have four children. The eldest Mollie was nine and the youngest was 3. The other children's names were not given. Arthur and Ida were German speakers. Ida may have worked as a janitress in her building for about a year and a half or she may have operated a bakery (both occupations were reported). She was arrested when she tried to enter the flat of Roundsman Thomas J Farrell of the Amity street police station. She claimed she had only come to look for an apartment to rent. She was confined to the Raymond street jail. Police searched her apartment and found large a quantity of goods including: gold watches, gold lockets, rings, silverware, silver combs, opera glasses, linens, new clothing, lace and other things - plus pawn tickets. Some of the cold and silver was monogramed. Neighbors who had been robbed identified their jewelry. Arthur (John Bramer), the husband, was said to be the chief carpenter at the India Wharf Brewery. It was alleged that he earned a living wage. Upon hearing of his wife's thefts and bail jumping Mr. Bramer sought to drown his sorrows in drink. Mr. Bramer's maiden name was said to be Schuman. She was German born and spoke with an accent. Arthur was also German. At the hearing Arthur handed the judge a note written by Ida in German.

She seems to have disappeared for several months but in July 1900 Mrs. Bremer was arrested in the apartment of Mrs. Philippine Haris 1807 Third ave. Manhattan. She claimed she had come to visit a friend and by mistake entered the wrong apartment. However, she had prepared a bundle of items to remove from the apartment. She gave a false name at the time of her arrest, but was quickly identified when "confronted by her picture in the Rouges' Gallery". She apparently entered the flat with a skeleton key. Her case had come up in Brooklyn at the end of June but she had failed to appear. In July her bail was set at $2,500 and she was sent to the Tombs to await her trial.

In November 1900 Ida Braemer "one of them most expert flat operators" in New York was arrested again. She had apparently been serving a three months sentence on Blackwell's Island for the arrest in July. Upon her release she was immediately arrested by Brooklyn police who had been searching for her since she skipped bail in September 1899. Blackwell's Island, now Roosevelt Island, was the setting for various city institutions, a prison, insane asylum and hospitals.

Her story was carried as far away as Duluth Minnesota where it was reported in November that she was patient and prisoner in Long Island College Hospital. The Duluth paper said about $1,000 of stolen property was recovered. The New York Tribune asserted that she was in the maternity ward of Long Island college Hospital. The New York papers carried the story in more detail.

Authur (John) Bremer claimed no knowledge of his wife's activities.

Note: his information is taken form several newspaper articles and shows the difficulty of researching some of these German name (and other ethnic names) as the spelling (and in this case the actual first names) changes from one article to another. Ida ↔ Eva - Arthur ↔ John

Marriage: Arthur Bremer, Spouse Name: Ida Schumann, Marriage Date: 1890, Marriage Place: Manhattan, New York, New York, Certificate Number: 7447

Birth of Menalie Bremer: Menalie Bremer Birth Date: 21 Mar 1893 Birthplace: Brooklyn, Kings, New York Father's Name: Arthur Bremer, Mother's Name: Ida Schuhmann Bremer, GS Film number: 1324413

City directory 1895: 1895: Arthur Bremer, 234 Sackett, Cabinetmaker, Brooklyn, New York, City Directory, 1895

She was said to be comely, attractive and stylishly dressed.

The India Wharf Benefit Association

Did one have to work at India Wharf to belong to the benefit association?

One of the members listed in 1890 was Charles Balling. Balling is kind of an unusual name. The only Charles Balling I can find was a cigar maker.

William (Billy) Eckhoff attended the India Wharf Benefit ball in 1895

1900: Ward 6, 441 Hicks, William Eckhoff 33, April 67, bartender, Lizzie Eckhoff 21, William Eckhoff 2/12, John Eckhoff 16, b in law

1900: Ward 6, 25, Hamilton Ave., Meta Eckhoff 61, "wife" 7 children 7 living, widowed, liquor saloon, William Eckhoff 33, son, bar keeper, Dora Eckhoff 21, daughter, Phillip Rooney 39 William Blackey 32 James Quinn 27 Wm Reisdorph 45 Hank Rodgers 45 George Mchugh 31 Thos Connors 36 David Gillen 40 Daniel Mc Grath 35 James Bennett 35 Chas Wise 30 James Ryan 40, all boarders except the son and daughter

1898: 25 Hamilton Liquor Wm Eckhoff

1900: Eckhoff, W. Liquors 25 Hamilton av. home 213 court, Mata widow of John 25 Hamilton

1889 India Wharf Trustees

Louis B "Schrann" [Schram], Uriah Herrmann, Alfred T Britton, W. H. Thitchener [Thatchener, NY Times], William M Wilcox, Thomas H Bennis and Michael Dillon where listed in 1889 as the trustees of the India Wharf Brewing co. Incorporated with a capital of $1,000,00 - In the Old Atlantic Sugar Refinery.

  1. Louis B Schram (Schwann spelling in 1889)

    1880: Milwaukee, Milwaukee, Wisconsin John B. Schram 63, retired merchant, Louis B. Schram 23, atty at law, Alma Schram 17, daughter, and a servant.

    The second Bohemian Jew to come to Milwaukee was Josef B. Schram (1817-1900) in 1846, after spending some time in Boston. He opened a grocery store which he conducted for twenty-six years. His son Louis B. Schram (1856) studied at Yale and received a law degree from Columbia in 1879.

    Bohemian and Czech Jews in American History, Miloslav Rechcigl, Jr.

    He married Sophie the daughter of Uriah Herrmann.

    1900: Louis B Schram 43, born Wisconsin, parents born Austria, manager brewery, Sophie Schram 37, born NY, father born Germany, mother born Bavaria, Ruth E Schram 10, Herman Schram 5, Eugene Spieser 24, servant born Germany.

    Louis B Stram and his wife were listed twice.

    1900: Ocean Township, Monmouth, New Jersey Uriah Herman 67, retired merchant, Pauline Herman 63, David U Herman 39, son, banker, Mrs. Louis B Schram 37 [2], daughter 2 children 2 living, Frank S Herman 34, son, artist, Arnold Herman 26, son, merchant, Louis B Schram 41, son in law, manager, Ruth E Schram 10, g daughter, Herman Schram 5, g son, Annie Hayes 37, cook, Bridget O Hare 29, servant, Virginia Spieser 33, nurse, Cathaine Gilroy 26, laundress, James R Thompson 31, coachman, Norma E Thompson 28 servant


    Louis B. Schram, president of the India Wharf Brewing Co., Brooklyn, N. Y., and also chairman of the Labor Committee of the United States Brewers' Association, has been made a member of the Council of National Defense, which has been organized for the purpose of co-operating with employers and to consider such measures as will safeguard workers and adjust all differences and questions involving working standards while our country is at war."

    Brewers Journal, Volumes 48-49

    Louis B. Schram, age 65, died at his sumer home in Elberon, N. J. August 15, 1921. "old time brewer" and president of the India Wharf Brewing co at 60 Hamilton ave. He was born in Milwaukee, Wis, Aug 28, 1856, educated at Yale class of 187-. Went to NY in 1884. Served as a member of the National Council of Defense under Wilson. survived by his wife, Sophie Herrmann, as daughter, Mrs. Ruth S. Rosenfeld, a son Herman Schram, two brothers Dr. Charles Schram and Samuel Schram.

  2. Uriah Herrmann was listed in Manhattan as a merchant from at least 1868 to 1889. He was listed as treasurer in Brooklyn in 1897 and 1898 and as secretary in 1904 address 60 Hamilton. He was born at Oberdorf, Wurtenberg Germany on September 8, 1832. His wife Pauline was born in Munich Bavaria November 5, 1836.

    Uriah Hermann immigrated in 1856.

    Pauline Herrmann of 27 West 75th street, Manhattan, beloved wife of Uriah Hermann died December 8, 1906. Service at Temple Emanu-El 5th and 43rd st.

    1910: Uriah Herrmann age 78 "Philanthropist and Brewery President" died of heart disease at his summer home in Elberon, N. J. President of India Wharf Brewery, Treasure of Beth Israel Hospital. He was survived by three sons. Service Temple Emanu-El. Buried Salem Fields, Cypress Hills.

  3. Alfred T Britton

  4. W. H. Thitchener

  5. William M Wilcox

  6. Thomas Hawney Bennis

    Bennis was involved enough in the working of the company to write dunning letters. 1894: 246 Garfield Place treasurer, city directory

    1900: 246 Garfield Place, Thos H Bennis 43, treasurer India Wharf Brewery, Anna Bennis 39, Franklin A Bennis 6, Marion J Bennis 4, Anna P Bennis 2, Kate Powers 22, servant, Lizzie Parker 26, servant

    1910: Bklyn Ward 22, Garfield Place, Thomas H Bennis 54, treasurer brewery, married 18 years, Anna L Bennis 45, 4 children 4 living, Franklyn A Bennis 16, Marion J Bennis 14, Anna C Bennis 12,, Kathleen Bennis 8, Lizzie Brolly 34, servant, Elizabeth Nally 19, servant

    1930: Brooklyn, Garfield Place, own $15,000 Thomas H Bennis 74, born NY Austria father, Irish mother, executive warehouse, Anna Bennis 64 Kathleen Stockard 28, daughter, proprietor, dress (word) retail store

    1934: Anne Lyons Bennis beloved wife of Thomas H died January 8, 1934.

    1935: Thomas Bennis, Birth Year: abt 1856, Age: 79, Death Date: 26 Feb 1935, Death Place: Kings, New York, USA, Certificate Number: 4631

    Thomas Hawney Bennis Burial Date: 28 Feb 1935 Burial Place: Kings, NY USA, Greenwood

    Bennis - Thomas H. of 246 Garfield, Brooklyn, service private, Please omit flowers.

    BENNIS ANNA 1934-01-10 19931 15 +
    BENNIS FRANKLYN ALAN 1962-11-26 19931 15 +
    BENNIS THOMAS HAWNEY 1935-02-28 19931 15 +

  7. Michael Dillon

David Goodman

Brewers Journal, Volumes 50-51, 1918
DAVID GOODMAN, vice-president of the India Wharf Brewing Co., Brooklyn, N. Y., died April 11th at his home in Far Rockaway, aged sixty-two years. Mr. Goodman had been connected with the brewing business for the past forty years and was formerly identified with T. C. Lyman 81 Co., New York, as their representative. In 1889 he became connected with the India Wharf Brewing Co. and was active in its affairs, principally in the management and expansion of the real estate and sales department. He is survived by his wife, Pauline, and three daughters, Miss Lillian Goodman, Mrs. Beatrice Dryfoos and Mrs. Sophie Carvalho.

India Wharf Brewery circa 1890

I do not completely understand this image. I do not believe that you can could have seen the Brooklyn Bridge (shown in the background) from the Atlantic Basin. The building that housed the India Wharf Brewery was said to be 10 stories high, so that is the tallest building shown in the center. The large squarish structure is a grain elevator. There is a tall smokestack that indicates a heat or energy source. The smoke coming out of the chimney of the brewery and the smoke stacks in the back ground is and indication of financially prosperous times.

More on India Wharf

In a 1906 article about the break up of the India Wharf brewery the following was stated:

The property is a valuable one, fronting both on Hamilton avenue and on the India wharf of Atlantic dock. It runs from Conover street to the building of the Sonoma Wine company, near the ferry. Included in it are the houses on the avenue and the sheds and molasses house fronting on the India wharf as well as the saloon know as Middle Pier House, which is opposite the North Central pier, in which J. S. T. Stranahan was outwitted. The man who planned and built Atlantic Dock threw every possible legal safeguard around the great property to secure his own interests in it. One was that no business house should be erected on the india wharf. A smart German got a lease of the Middle Pier House site and made up his mid to start a saloon there. He had a house framed and ready to put up and one Saturday afternoon trucks and wagons began to dump lumber on the wharf. Scores of framers and carpenters appeared and set to work. No injunction could be procured and before the courts opened on Monday morning the house was up and the saloon in full operation. It remained so for many years and after the brewery came in possession a brick structure replace the old frame one. "
The smart German was Fredinando Deppermann

Fire 1913

A four alarm blaze at the India Wharf Brewery at 30 to 40 Hamilton Avenue Brooklyn destroyed a five story building owned by Atlantic Sugar Company. The Hamilton Hotel, a lodging house, and a four story tenement at 18 and 20 Hamilton Avenue were also destroyed. The fire was discovered when an explosion occurred in a one story frame building that contained bottling works. The building contained a large amount of straw and "excelsior"* used to pack the bottles in barrels. Flames jumped from the Hamilton Hotel to the Atlantic Sugar Warehouse at 22 and 24 Hamilton Avenue. This building contained a large quantity of molasses and also burned to the ground. A fireman was overcome by the fumes from the burning molasses.

"The main building of the brewery at Hamitlon Avenue and Conover Street was not damaged"

The fire was fought by both fire boats and a large land force. The absence of wind helped contain the fire.

New York Times and New York Tribune August 16, 1913

*Excelsior = "Wood wool" - made from wood shavings and used for packing.


India Wharf Brewing Company used porcelain or ceramic bottle stoppers from about 1892 to 1920.


1880 Map, New York Public Library

India Wharf with The Atlantic Flour company, J. Birkbeck and Company sugar refinery and the abandoned Santa Rosa Sugar Refinery. The red indicates brick buildings. The yellow indicates a wood frame building. The "white" indicates open spaces including yards, streets, piers etc. The grey lines indicate water.

See Sugar Refinery and/or Atlantic Flour

1886 Map, New York Public Library

India Wharf with The Atlantic Flour company, Sugar House and the abandoned Santa Rosa Sugar Refinery as a storehouse in 1886. The red indicates brick buildings. The yellow indicates a wood frame building. The "white" indicates open spaces including yards, streets, piers etc. The grey lines indicate water.

1903 Map, New York Public Library

India Wharf with the India Wharf Brewing company. The red indicates brick buildings. The yellow indicates a wood frame building. The "white" indicates open spaces including yards, streets, piers etc. The blue indicates water.

1906 Map, New York Public Library

India Wharf with Sonoma Wine and Brandy co. Atlantic Sugar Co. India Wharf Brewing company. The red indicates brick buildings. The yellow indicates a wood frame building. The "white" indicates open spaces including yards, streets, piers etc. The blue indicates water.

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Life in Red Hood mid to late 1800s

Mike's Bottle Room has a great collection of old beer bottles including several from India Wharf Brewery

A fabulous source of information from the Brooklyn Daily Eagle (1841-1955) and Brooklyn NY Daily Star (1898-1933) and other New York newspapers is Tom Tryniski's Old Fulton Postcards

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