Photo Album
Family of Percy Land, his wife, Meta Petermann Land, and his parents, Law Land and Elizabeth Sykes Land
From photographs in the Collection of Helen Land


Percy Arnold Land, the son of Law Land and Elizabeth Sykes, born June 8, 1885, 2 Whites Lane, Toronto, Canada married Meta Helene Petermann, the daughter of Johann Bernard Petermann and Sophie Steuer, born January 18, 1886, Hoboken, New Jersey.

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With a few minor exceptions, this album contains photos from the collection of Helen Land. It includes all of the her photos until about 1950 and a selection of photos after that date.

Several photos in this album were in the possession of Bud Land. These were sent to me by Justina Land Leler.

Tony Land also contributed several photos.

Almost all of the photos have been enhanced to some degree in Photoshop. I tried to remove all cracks, scratches, tears, blotches, fingerprints, general dither, etc. without compromising the intregrity of the original photos. In several cases, where I did extensive work, I have included a copy of the original (as scanned onto the computer) for comparison.

Helen gave me her photos in 1999/2000. Very few of the photos were labeled. However, Helen did have some notations on seperate pieces of paper. Many of the photos were in albums more or less by date. We also spent time while she was still living with Ruth Ann O'Berry looking at the photos and she verbaly identified some of the people. Several months after Helen went into the nursing home I started bringing her enlarged copies of some of the old photos which she would look at for hours. While she rarely remembered who I was (and kept calling me a nice young man) she was pretty sharp about naming everyone in the photos.

I have tried to make determinations of who is in each photo and give each photo (or group of photos) an approximate date. Some of these identifications were made by Helen in the nursing home. However, I have only included them if I was pretty sure (based on my study of the photos) that she was right.

There may be some errors in the identifications. If you have information to add or corrections to make please contact me at

Thanks, Maggie Land Blanck