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Above, original image as scanned

Left, image enhanced in Photoshop

One of several pictures of Meta taken at Adams Studio in New York City .

Based on the facial features, this is most likely the earliest photo of Meta alone.

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Meta Petermann

Confirmation Day
Palm Sunday, March 15, 1901
St Matthaus German Church, Hoboken, N.J.

Reproduction in the Collection of Maggie Blanck
Whereabouts of original, unknown

Adams Studio 6th Avenue, 21 and 22 Sts, New York

Left: Original    Right, my enhancement.

I did this enhancement for my Photoshop class and my instructor thought I had done a good job. I think I totally lost the intregrity of the photo. However, the original is in so full of wrinkles, I'm not sure there is really much that can be done with it.

Adams Studio 6th Avenue, 21 and 22 Sts, New York

Two copies of the same photo
Left, Collection of Maggie Land Blanck     Right, Collection of Helen Land

Meta on a roof, circa 1908

Based on the roof line, this must be in Hoboken

Meta with the cow, circa 1912

Meta circa 1925 Meta circa 1925

Meta circa 1926 Meta circa 1926

North Country Road, Smithtown circa 1965

On porch on North Country Road in Smithtown At the home of her son, Bud, in Madison, New Jersey

Maggie Land Blanck, Meta Land and Damian Blanck
Smithtown, 1971