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Communication Between Law Land and His Family in Philadelphia

There must have been letters that went back and forth between the Lands in Smithtown and Law"s family in Philadelphia.

Law's mother, Lydia, and his siblings, Polly, Adelaide, Walter and Harry, as well as Law's half brother, Samuel, and his wife, Mary Ann Law (Lydia's siste), lived in Philadelphia.

The inferred contacts between Lydia and Law were at least two:

  1. On September 28, 1899, Lydia Land of Philadelphia contracted to buy
    "All that certain tract of land situated in the Vilage (sic) of Hauppauge, town of Smithtown, County of Suffolk and State of New York and bounded as follows. On the North by land of Henry Morris, on the west by land of Nelly Mercone, on the south by the road leading through Hauppauge, on the East by land of Emer Blydenburgh and Sarah J. Saper. Containing about two or three acres be the same more or less. Being the estate of the late Zephaniah Smith deceased. Together with all and singular the tenements hereditaments and appurtenances thereto belonging".
    The sale of the property was completed October 6, 1899. Notaries in Philadelphia and the Suffolk County Clerk's Office executed the paper work for the sale. It does not appear that Lydia was present in person for the transaction.

    This must have been the property Law Land and family were renting in Hauppague where they were listed in the 1900 United States census.

  2. On July 26, 1902 Law bought the property that Lydia had purchased in 1899. The following excerpts are from the deed of the purchase in 1902.
    "This Indenture made the twenty sixth day of July in the year one thousand nine hundred and two Between Lydia Land of the City of Philadelphia and State of Pennsylvania party of the first part and Law Land of the Village of Hauppague, Town of Smithtown, county of Suffolk and State of New York, party of the second, Witnessed, that the said party of the first part, in consideration of the sum of two hundred 20000 dollars lawful money of the United States paid by the party of the second part, does hereby grant bargain sell and release unto the said party of the second part and assigns forever, all that certain tract of land situated in the Village of Hauppague town of Smithtown, county of Suffolk and State of New York and bounded and described as follows, viz" on the north by land of Henry Morris, on the west by land of Nelly McCrone, on the south by the road leading through Hauppague and on the east by lands of Emma Blydenburgh and Sarah J. Soper, containing about two or three acres, be the same more or less, the same being the real estate of the late Zephariah Smith deceased, it being the same premises conveyed by Henry Smith, Sarah J. Soper, Harriet E. Cornish, Mary C. Haynes, Elizabeth Hubbs, Nancy Smith, Luther C. Smith, Charles Smith, Hamilton Smith, Ephram Smith, Ellen Warren, Josephine Lawrence, Edith Southard, and Melzig Frances Venter, George L. Southard, Clavin Southard and John Southard to Lydia Land of the City of Philadelphia and State of Pennsylvania on the twenty-eight day of September (1899) one thousand eight hundred and ninety nine and recorded in Suffolk County Clerk's Office in liber 505, of Deeds, page 137, on the 12th day of April 1901 at 12 o'clock."
    The transaction on Lydia's part was handled though a notary in Philadelphia. Law was listed as being a resident of Hauppague.

Laws sister, Polly Wooler, visited Long Island with two of her grandaughters in 1942, sixteen years after Law's death in 1926 and twelve years after Elizabeth Sykes Land's death in 1930. Some communication, however, sparce, must be assumed for Polly to show up in Smithtown in 1942.

It would be very interesting to have copies of whatever letters were sent.

Communication Between Elizabeth Sykes Land and Her Family in Toronto, Canada

Elizabeth Sykes Land had two brothers, Robert and Samuel, who lived in Toronto. After the Lands moved to Smithtown, Elizabeth visted Toronto at least twice. She sent the following postcard to Percy in 1914.
Mr Percy Land
Central Islip L.I.

Best Love to all Mother

C/O Sykes
20 Sully Cresent
Toronto, Can.

September 3, 1914

Elizabeth, Law, Percy, Meta, Arnold, Helen, Allen and Buddy went to Toronto in 1922 . See The Trip to Canada

Seven postcards (including the one from Elizabeth above) were among the photographs that Helen gave me.

To: Miss Meta Petermann
36 - Second St Hoboken, N.J.

July 12, 1904

From: Monitcello July 12/04

" Dear Meta We are having a lovely time, I will send a letter Wednesday best regards to Mill +Annie. Charlie sends his best regards to all. Rudie"
Who were Rudie and Charlie?

Mill was most likely Mildred Rost who came to Meta and Annie's reunion in Smithtown in the 1930s.

Annie was Meta's sister.

Meta was 18 years old in 1904.

To: C L Land Esq
#23 7th Ave
New York

March 10, 1906

"I hope you are having a good time Mother"

C L Land was Clarence

To: Mr. Percy Land
106 River St.
Saranac Lake
Franklin Co, N.Y.

August 12, 1907

"Dear Son Please write your address intelligably as we are not sure this is right Mother"

"No. 49 Bird's Eye View of New York and East River Bridge"

This is in fact a picture of the Brooklyn Bridge looking from the Brooklyn side.

On November 17, 1906 a post card was sent from Hauppague to Percy Arnold Land at 328 Hudson St. Hoboken, N.J..

The message:

"Percy if not comming home tomorrow please write. Ruth From Mamma"

Helen Land made notes on this post card which read,

"Donaldson's store burned struck by lighting August 10, 1904. Gave a better post card to L.I. Room Smithtown Library "

To Miss A Peterman
36 2 nd St
Hoboken, N.J.

Postmarked Hauppague December 31, 1906 and Hoboken N.J. January 1, 1907

No message except " Meta" written on the front.

As brief as the message is, there is at least one valuable fact to be gathered from this card. Meta was in Hauppague for New Years 1906/07, over a year before she and Percy were married. It must have been a pretty significant relationship by New Years 1906/07 for Percy to bring Meta to his house for the holiday. Had she met his parents before? Or was this the first time they met? Were they already engaged?

The signatue is "Eitner". I do not know how Meta knew the Eitners. There is a picture of Helen Eitner's daughter, Helen Eitner, with Ethel Land and Annie Petermann. See Relatives

The card was sent from Midland, New York. There is no year mark.

What do you think of this hold up, Percy

Postcard from Percy to John Hilpert in Hoboken that was never sent.

Date unknown, not postmarked.

Both Percy and Law returned to Hoboken.

Law became a citizen in Jersey City, New Jersey in January 1902. When he applied for his naturalization in September 1901 he gave his address as 213 14th Street, Hoboken.

Family history says the Lands worked on the rebuilding of the Hoboken piers which burned on June 30, 1900. For excepts about the fire from the New York Times, dated July 1, 1900 see, the Hoboken Fire under Petermann.