Azarians in the Armenian Catholic Records in Constantinople



Marina, a woman from St. Illuninator's Armenian Apostolic Church, New York City who kindly translated several of the Azarian records, told me that Azarian was a common Armenian name. Looking at all of the church records microfilmed by the LDS, there are not a lot of records for Azarian in the Catholic Church records in Istanbul. There were several Azarian records from the 1800s and into the 1900s in churches not frequented by Abram Azarian and his known kin. There is no established relationship between Abram and these other Azarians and they will be looked at in a separate section below. The records in the churches specifically connected with Abraham Azarian and his kin are very limited and with one exception are connected.

There were five Azarians living in Constantinople in the 1890s through 1920s who had rites performed at the same churches as Abram and who have some (however tenuous) connections to each other and to Abram Azarian. They were Melcon, Abraham, Artin, Stepan, and Holcomb.

  1. Melkon Azarian, the father of Tobougi Azarian.

    A List Of Baptisms For The City Of Istanbul includes the baptism of Tabougi Azarian, the child of Melkon Azarian and Gatarine Birijian, godfather, Anton Tobatian, on April 28, 1890. Church unknown.

    This is the only record for Melkon Azarian. Given the combination of Melkon and Catherine and the limited number of Azarian records, it is possible that these were also the parents of Abram and Artin Azarian.

    See A List Of Baptisms For The City Of Istanbul below.

    That would make a 25 year difference in age between Abram and Tabougi — not impossible given the ages at which women married at the time.

  2. Abraham, the son of Melkon and Catherine Azarian, the brother of Artin and the father of Catherine, Christine, Melkon, Zabel, Virginia, Anna, Mary and Alice. See Abram
  3. Haroutin (Artin ?) Azarian, the son of Melkon, the brother of Abraham, and the sponsor of Zabel (Alice) Azarian in 1914.

    Haroutin Azarian, son of Melgoni (Melkon), married Anna Isbirian, daughter of Abraham, on February 16, 1911, Priest----, witness, Eranos Tukmazian, place of residence, Ho Prgiz. LDS film #103706 Surp Sauvour Armenian Catholic Church Istanbul.

    Haroutin Azarian and Anna Isbirian had at least one child:

    1. Miriam, the daughter of "Haroutias" Azarian and Anna "Isbirenian", born on July (no day entered in the record) 1913, baptized on August 22, 1913, priest----, godfather, Mozos -oletlian, place, Galatia. LDS Film #1037106, Church of Sup Savour, Beyoghle, Istanbul.
  4. Stephan Azarian's relationship to Melkon, Abraham, and Haroutin is not known. However, his son, Hagop, baptized in 1893 had the same sponsor as Abram's son, Melcon, in 1901.

    There are two records connected to Stephan:

    1. Hagop, the son of Stepan Ezarian and Ba- Zarpanhian, 1893, godfather, Stepan Gougoujian.
    2. The second record is very hard to read due to a combination of the hand writing, the filming and damage to the page. What I can make out is that Stephan, the son of something that starts with "B", was the priest at the baptism of (can't read), the child of Abraham Azlanvitri and Holcomb Azarian, godfather, Netrjes (?) Azlanvitri, the son of Hovhannes (?), born December 19 1894 and baptized January 7, 1895. Holy Trinity.

  5. Holcomb Azarian (female), see Stephen above. She was the daughter of Anton Azarian and the Wife of Apraham Azlanvirti per a baptismal record in Holy Trinity Church in 1895 and 1896.

Other Azarians in The Records

As mentioned, the number of Azarians in the Catholic parishes in Istambul is, in fact, quite limited. The names are distinct enough that several of the Azarian families can be followed from one parish to another. At this time I do not know if any of these Azarian families were related to Abraham Azarian.

The records show that there were Azarians in Constantinople as early as 1831.

The records for Abraham and Lucy Azarian and their extended families were found in the churches of Surp Savour, Holy Trinity, and Surp Ohannes. Most of the records were connected with Surp Savour. Therefore, I will deal with these churches first.

The Church of Surp Savour Records


The baptismal records for Surp Savour started in 1888 and were divided by the first letter of the surname. Under the "A" there were 25 baptisms listed between 1888 and 1914 including the baptisms for the following Azarian children:

  1. Catherine Azarian, the daughter of Abraham Azarian in 1896
  2. Milkon Azarian, the son of Abraham Azarian in 1901
  3. Anna Azarian, the daughter of Abraham Azarian in 1908
  4. Heghine Azarian, the daughter of Abraham Azarian in 1910
  5. Eranin Zabel Azarian, the daughter of Abraham Azarian in 1914

All of the Azarian records for Surp Savour are directly connected to Abram Azarian or his brother, Artin.

Arevian baptisms in Surp Savour for the same time period were:

  1. Hom-as Arivian, the son of Artin Arivian in 1898
  2. Marteos Arivian, the child of Houlnan Arivian in 1906
  3. Anna Arivian, the daughter of Batist Arivian in 1909
  4. Hozsip Arivian, the son of Batist Arivian in 1901 (is this meant to be 1911?)
  5. The baptism of Miriam (the daughter of Haroutias) in 1913
  6. Et-r-n, the child of Batist Arivian in 1914

The marriage register for Surp Savour was divided by the first letter of the groom's surname.

There are records from 1846-1847. There is a break and the records restart in 1882.

Between 1882 and 1898 there were 20 marriages performed for couples where the groom's names started with the letter "A". Included in these marriages were the marriages for the Azarians:

  1. Abraham Azarian to Yeghisabet Hagopian in 1895
  2. Haroutin Azarian to Anna Ispirian 1911

There was one marriage for Arevian: Hovhannis Arivian to Ezisabet Gougoujian in 1900


The death register for Surp Savour Catholic Church started in 1890 and was divided by the first letter of the surname. I have not completely translated the death records because there are a lot of words I do not understand.

The following numbers of deaths were recorded under the letter "A" from 1890 to 1913 in the order listed: two in 1890, one in 1892, two in 1895, one in 1896, in 1897, Aristages Azarian ----, son of Hovhanno, one in 1899 , one in 1904, one in 1902, one in 1903, one in 1905, one in 1907, in 1906 Bibros Azarian, son of Aristagisi, one in 1907, one in 1908, and two in 1913. The death of Abraham's daughter Zabel was not listed.

The death records for Surp Savour include two Azarian deaths:

  1. Aristages Azarian, son of Hovhanno, May 6, 1897, place of residence (I can't read it yet but it is not Galatia) ------------, Dobouviah, Gatouan, cant read anything else.
  2. Bidros Azarian, son of Aristagisi, August 21, 1905, place of residence, (I can't read it but it is neither Galatia or the same place as listed for Arisbageo).

Bidros and Arstages were father and son. See Azarian

They are the Azarians who are in the book Tarihi Surp Agop Hastanemizin Dünü ve Bugünü .

Other records for Bedros and Aristages were found in the Church of Saint Paul. These records will be discussed below under St Paul. Also see Aristages Azarian below. (The family of Abraham had no apparent relationship with the church of St. Paul.)

Surp Savour Records by Date

The record for Azarian in Surp Savour in order of date are:

  1. The marriage of Abraham Azarian (son of Melcon) to Yeghisabet Hagopian in 1895
  2. The baptism of Catherine (daughter of Abraham) in 1896
  3. The death of Aristages Azarian (the son of Hovhanno) in 1897 (See Aristakes below.)
  4. The baptisms of Melkon (son of Abraham) in 1901
  5. The death of Bibros Azarian (the son of Aristagisi) in 1906 (See Aristakes below.)
  6. The baptisms of Anna (daughter of Abraham) in 1908
  7. The baptisms of Heghine (daughter of Abraham) in 1910
  8. The marriage of Haroutin Azarian (son of Melcon) in 1911
  9. The baptism of Miriam (the daughter of Haroutias) in 1913
  10. The baptism of Zabel (daughter of Abraham) in 1914

There were 10 records in a 19 year span. This is quite a small number. Eight of these records were directly connected to Abraham or his brother, Haroutin. The two remaining records relate to Aristages Azarian and his son.

The Church of the Holy Trinity Records


The baptismal register of Holy Trinity Catholic Church is on microfilm #1037106. The register is divided by the first letter of the surname. There appear to be several sets of records and the dates are not always in order.

There are eight pages of baptisms for the letter "A" from Holy Trinity. These pages in the order they appear on the micofilm are as follows:

  1. Includes, 1869, 1870, 1871, 1872, 1876, 1875, 1876, 1877, 1882, 1884 and 1883
  2. 1889, 1890, 1889, 1891, 1892, 1893, 1891, 1893, 1894 and 1895
  3. 1893, 1894, 1895, and 1896
  4. 1898, 1899,1911, 1890, 1913, 1914, 1915, 1912, and 1921*
  5. 1896, 1897, 1898, and 1899*
  6. 1899, 1900, 1901, , 1895, and 1901
  7. 1901, 1902, 1903, 1879, 1903, and 1901
  8. 1903, 1904, 1908, 1907, 1908, and 1907
* Pages four and five both contain the baptismal record of Christine Azarian, the daughter of Abraham and Lucy Azarian. This is the only record for a child of Abraham Azarian listed in Holy Trinity. There were other records for the name Azarian and Arivian as follows:
  1. Pilomens Azarian, of Anton (?) Azarian and Tigouji Mazarian, godfather, Anton Hajitisar, priest Hir--- Azarian, 1876

    See Azarian

  2. Miriam Zaipsime, the daughter of Bedros, the son of Aristagesi, and Tagouji Marouzian, the daughter of ----, godfather Hovsep Azarian, priest, Hir-Azarian, 1875.

    See Azarian

  3. Marta Anna Azarian, the daughter of Aristages, the son of Bitrosi, and ----Marouzian, godfather Hovsep Azarian, priest Hiratasitsas Azarian, 1876

    See Azarian

  4. Marnrit Azlanvirtin, the child of Apraham Azlanvirti, the son of Hohoikori, and Holomb Azarian, the daughter of Anton, godfather Armasin Azarian the son of Antoni, 1896

    See Azarian

  5. Can't read given name, too dark and the page is partially torn, the son of Apraham Azlanvitri and Holombn Azarian, the daughter of can't read, godfather, ----- Azlanvitri, priest Stepan Azarian, 1895

    See Azarian

  6. Christine Azarian, the daughter of Abraham Azarian and Lousia Arivian, godfather, Avitis Hagopian, 1899

    See Abraham Azarian

  7. Note: The first two entries on page five are the same as two of the entries on page 4. All of the other entries are different. Entry number two is the baptism of Christine Azarian, the daughter of Abraham Azarian and Lousia Arivian, godfather Avitis Hagopian, 1899. The hand writing on pages four and five is different.

  8. Vurtosni Arivian, the son of Johannes Martin Arivian, the son of Marteosi, and --- Barrinian, the daughter of Hovhannes, godfather Alekovan Barrinian, 1895

  9. Hovsep Arivian, the son of Martni, the son of Hovsipas, and Ezisabet Gougoujian, godfather, Bosto Anrrian, the son of -ntreap, 1901

  10. Artsar Aspesian -oziat, the child of Artsar Hovsep, the son of Anton , and Zmatoplta, the daughter of Anton, godfather, Etosar Azarian the son of Hovsipas, 1903

  11. Asijis Pazehats Taz Pozostiats Arivian, the son of Hovpasis Arivian, the son of Hovsep, and Ezisabet Poaz-ustm, the daughter of Eranosi, godfather Hovakim Aslanian, the son of Monouni, 1903

  12. Mari Boso Aznavorian, the child of Hovhannes Aznavorian and ----- godfather Giori Azari(an?) the son of Minini. There are two dates in this entry 1904 and 1908.

  13. Hotourien Virgine Aznavorian, the child of Dikian Aznavorian and -----, godfather, Giori Azarian, the son of ----, 1907

  14. Miriam Aznavorian, the daughter of Hovhannis Aznavorian and ----, godfather Giori Azarian, the son of Minini, 1908

  15. Marinavid Azarian, the daughter of Gregor Azarian, the son of Ernesten,-----, godfather, Zokon (no last name) the son of Horoni, born May 22, 1907 and baptized on July 22, 1907



There is one death record for Azarian from Holy Trinity dated 1931. I have not been able to translate it.

Note: Anton, Aristagis and Bibros are the Azarians whose pictures are in the book Farihi Surp Agop Hastanemizin Dunu ve Bugunu.

See Azarian

The Chruch of Surp Hovan Records


There are seven pages of records for the letter "A" for the church of Surp Ohannes. Again the dates jump around quite a bid . These pages are in order of how they appeared on the microfilm as follows:

  1. 1864 to 1867 in order of date
  2. 1867 to 1871 in order of date
  3. 1881 to 1893 in order of date. See page 5 for the years 1870 to 1872
  4. 1881 to 1895 with one entry for 1883 between 1890 and 1895
  5. On the top of page five there are 11 entries which includes the following years 1897, 1898, 1881, 1900, 1903, 1905, 1907, 1922. The bottom of page five includes the years 1870 to 1872
  6. Page six includes 1874 to 1881 in order of date
  7. 1882 to 1888 in order of date

A count was taken of these records and next to each name a number was entered. The numbers start with 47 and continue 407, keeping the order in the pages as I have listed them. This results in some baptisms that occurred in the late 1800s being listed after baptisms that occurred in the early 1900s. I have kept them in the order in which they were listed. The Azarians and Arivians in the Surp Ohannes baptismal records are:

  1. Bitros Azarian, the son of Hagop Azarian and Ta-ouji H-tr--- , godfather, Anton H-tr---, 1865

    See Azarian

  2. Hamitas Hovhannes, the son of Hovsep Azarian and there is no listing for the mother or godfather, 1865*

  3. Mekasez Azarian, the child of Hovsep Azarian and Mariam T-nglri, godfather Bosos Ehinlii, 1868*

  4. Grigor Azarian, the son of Hovsep Azarian and Mariam T----ri, godfather Bosos Eninlni, 1869*

  5. Heri Azarian the child of Stepan Azarian and -p Mirz-ian, godfather, Bizras Tokarlin, 1882

    Question: Who was Stephen Azarian?

  6. Sofi Azarian, the daughter of Bitros Azarian and Miriam (no surname listed), godfather, Minas Aravian, 1883

    Question: Who was this Betros Azarian?

  7. Onorin Takouhi Aravian, the child of Martin Aravian and Mariam (?) ---ian, godfather, ----- 1881

  8. Bitros (Bedros) Azarian, the son of Vine Azarian, and Mariam Ena-ezolian, godfather ---- Ena-esolian, 1884

    Question: Who was Vine Azarian?

  9. Zabel Azarian the daughter of Abraham Azarian and Lucy Arivian 1900

  10. Ermina Marta the daughter of Abraham Azarian and Lucy Arivian in 1905

  11. Hari of Hosep Azarian and Marian Ter-rian, godfather Peri Azarian, 1897
  12. Hovtas Martin Azarian, the son of Vinin and Mariam Azoniozian, godfather, Peri Azarian, 1879

  13. Srpougi Asirisian, the son of Hovhannes and Hatorine Poasoamjian, godfather Tare-Azarian, 1879

  14. Takou Azarioan, the child of Vines Azarian and Mariam Aza-olian, godfather, Peri Azarian, 1880

  15. Hovsep Azarian, the son of Hovsep Azarian and no wife entered, godfather, Ariste Azarian, 1882. Note: This was the son of Joseph and his second wife, grandson of Hovanhnes and nephew of Ariste (Aristakes). See Azarian

Notes and Questions:

  • *Was this Joseph the son of Hovhanees Jean Azarian (1795-1864) and Anna Kovhovmjian(Kouyouomdjian) (1801-1896)????? Probably not. His wife, Martha, in 1868 and another child was born to Josep and Miriam in 1897.


The marriage records for Surp Ohannes for the letter "A" from 1863 to 1878 listed under the first letter of the groom's surname include two Azarians out of 40 marriages listed during that time period:

  1. Anton Azarian, the son of Hovhannis, to Marina Mazarian, the daughter of Grigori, witness Aristanes Azarian, 1866

  2. Tatin Azarian, the son of Pesrgas to Mariam Menevizian, the daughter of Ga-bos, witness Megran Telian, 1876


The Chruch of St Paul Records


There were seventeen baptisms listed in St. Paul's Church under the letter "A" from 1880 to 1893. Ten of these baptisms were Azarians. There appear to have been three families of Azarians having children in the parish at the time. Two of the Azarians,e Bedros and Joseph were brothers. They were the sons of Arisdages [Aristakes & Aristahis] Azarian, (1821-1897) Merchant, and Hripsimeh Petmez.

  1. Bibros Azarian and Ta- Marougian (?)
  2. Josep Azarian and (his wife)
  3. Josef Azarian and Louisa Ananian

I have not translated these records completely.

Josep Azarian and his wife had:

  1. Epova--, child of Josep Azarian son of Mh--zi and Mar----T---, daughter of ---- Mh--zi, godfather Bozso Ehinian (?), priest ----, born September 12, 1881, baptized September 27, 1881

Bedros Azarian and Tagouji Marouzian had:

  1. Hovannes Arisba-en, the son of Bedros Azarian, and Tagouji Maroujian, godfather Josep Azarian, priest---- --, born July 6, 1880, baptized July 28, 1880

  2. Ersvan-- Gregor, the son of Bedros Azarian, the son of Arispajian, and Tagouji Maroujian, the daughter of Gregory, godfather, Bedros Maroujian, the son of Gregory, priest---- born May 28, 1882 and baptized October 14, 1882

  3. Zabel Anna, the daughter of Bedros Azarian the son of Arispajian, and Tagouji Maroujian, the daughter of Gregory, godfather, Josep Azarian the son of Isifanos, priest----, born January 12, 1885, baptized February 24, 1885

  4. Rita---z--ni, the child of Bedros Azarian, the son of Arispijian (sic) and Tagouji Maroujian, the daughter of Gregory, godfather, Bedros Marouzian (sic), the son of Gregory, priest----, born January 30, 1887, baptized May 25, 1887

  5. Aristajes Zalan, the child of Bedros Azarian and Tagouji Maroujian, godfather Josep Azarian, priest ----, born July 17, 1888, baptized August 19, 1888

  6. Necktarine, the child of Bedros Azarian and Tagouji Maroujian, godfather, Josep Azarian, priest ----, born June 23, 1892, baptized September27, 1892

Josep Azarian and Lousia Ananian had:

  1. Gourisise (?), the child of Josep Azarian and Lousia Ananian, godfather Bedros Azarian, priest-----, born June 14, 1888, baptized (?) 23, 1888
  2. Tagouji Ermine, the daughter of Josep Azarian and Lousia Ananian, godfather, Bedros Azarian, priest----, born May 28, 1890, baptized June 13, 1890
  3. L(faded ink)s, the child of Josep Azarian and (faded ink, last name starts An), godfather, (faded ink), priest, (faded ink), born March 8, 1893, baptized March 10, 1893

Josep who had Epova in 1881 had a different father and a different wife. I am not sure who he was.

St Mary


The records for Saint Mary's were also listed by the first letter of the last name.

The first set of records for St Mary's date from 1849 to 1873 and appear to be a little mixed up date wise. The order is odd with 1849 following 1873. There are only three baptisms listed for the name Azarian. The first is listed in 1872, then 1873, and finally 1849. The handwriting is very tiny, making it harder than usual to read. However, it is very neat and consistent making the patterns of the names quite clear. Although there are some slight variations in spelling, it is clear that two of these baptisms were listed in the "City of Istanbul" list (see below). The three baptisms are:

  1. Aza-ni, the daughter of Anton Azarian and Spia-his Mazapian, Sponsor, Anton Mazapian in 1872. See Azarian

  2. Tagouji, the daughter of Jo-o-f Azarian and Miriam Trn---ian, sponsor, Bozso -----narian, in 1873

    Note: Here is the Josep an Miriam combination again.

  3. Hapsa- -oaza--, the child of Ja--- Azarian and Tagouji, sponsor -lekian Azarian in 1849.

    Question: Is this Hagob (James), son of Hovhanees Jean Azarian (1795-1864) and Anna Kovhovmjian(Kouyouomdjian) (1801-1896)??

Out of 26 baptisms listed under the letter "A" between 1882 and 1888, there were two Azarian baptisms listed:
  1. Stipan, the son of Anton in 1882
  2. Marinapin, the child of --- in 1908

I need to work on these translations.

I do not know it they are related to Abraham Azarian.

There are no Azarian marriages listed in St Mary's records for the 1900s.

Baptisms in the City of Istanbul

The last set of records that I have came under a heading, "Baptisms in the City of Istanbul", film #1037109. for the years 1831 to 1883. There are a number of Azarians listed.

I have not translated very much of this record. I have no information on how this list was formed or why. I have no idea under whose auspices it was made. I don't know if it is for the Catholic or Apostolic church or both. The churhes are not indicated on this list. The list does not include the baptisms from St. Paul's church listed above so whatever it is it cannot be a complete listing of the baptisms for the entire city of Istanbul. It does however include the baptisms of Haro, the child of Jacob, and Aza-ni, the daughter of Anton Azarian, both recorded under St Mary's Church.

According to the list called "Baptism, City of Istanbul", there were 22 Azarian baptisms recorded in Constantinople between 1831 and 1883 (a period of 52 years). Even without a complete translation it can be observed that there is some interrelation between several of these records. Five of these baptisms are for the children of Josep and Miriam Azarian. The godfather for all the baptisms of their children appears to be the same person. There were three baptisms for the children of Anton Azarian and Srbou-Mazapian. There were two baptisms for the children of Hinin Azarian and his wife, Maria:

  1. Azavni, child of Hovannis Azarian and Anna Ersmanian, sponsor-----, priest---- 1831

  2. Anna, daughter of M-pin Azarian and ----- Hiarniajian, sponsor-----, priest----- 1832

  3. There is the gap in the records.

  4. Haro---, child of Jacob Azarian and ----, Godfather, Hin-Azarian, priest----1849 Note: Could be Hagob born 1823.

  5. There is another break of a number of years.

  6. ----, child of Jacob and ------, godfather----, priest--- 1865 Note: Bitros Azarian, the son of Hagop Azarian and Ta-ouji H-tr--- , godfather, Anton H-tr---, 1865 (Chruch of Surp Hovan, LDS Microfilm)

  7. -----, child of Josep Azarian and Miriam ---, godfather, Josep Azarian, priest---- 1865

    Note: Hamitas Hovhannes, the son of Hovsep Azarian and there is no listing for the mother or godfather, 1865 (Surp Hovan)

  8. Anton, son of Josep Azarian and Miriam -----, godfather, Bozso ----- priest-----1866

    Note: Not found in any church records I looked at.

  9. Mi-----, child of Josep Azarian and Miriam----, godfather Bozso----, priest, 1868

    Note: Mekasez Azarian, the child of Hovsep Azarian and Mariam T-nglri, godfather Bosos Ehinlii, 1868 (Surp Hovan)

  10. ----, child of Josep Azarian and Miriam -----, godfather Bozso -----, priest ---- 1869

    Note: Grigor Azarian, the son of Hovsep Azarian and Mariam T----ri, godfather Bosos Eninlni, 1869 (Surp Hovan)

  11. -----, child of -sa Azarian and ------, godfather-----, priest----. 1871

  12. Aza-ni, the child of Anton Azarian and Srbou-i Mazapian, godfather Anton Mazapian, priest---- 1872

    Note: This baptism was recorded in St. Mary see above. See Anton Azarian under the Azarians.

  13. M-rin, the child of Josep and Mariam Tn-rtian, godfather Bozos Enroufian, priest----- 1874

    Note: Not found in any church records I looked at.

  14. Fr-----, the child of Anton Azarian and ----Mazapian, godfather ----, priest, 1874

    Note: I did not find this in the church records I looked at.

  15. Miriam ---- , the daughter of -----Azarian and Ta Ma---- godfather Josep Azarian, priest-----, 1875

    Note: Daughter of Bedros and Takouhi. Baptized in Holy Trinity.

  16. Marta Anna, the daughter of ---- Azarian and Ta--- Mar--- , godfather, Josep Azarian 1876

    Note: Daughter of Bedros and Takouhi. Baptized in Holy Trinity.

  17. Jo----, the child of Josep Azarian and Marionia Tn-ian, godfather -e-Azarian, 1877

    Note: Not found in any church records I looked at.

  18. Ta----, the child of Hinen Azarian and Mariam A-a-e-zian, godfather, -eor- Azarian, priest----, 1880

  19. _eo-child of Sri-ian Azarian and Azalei M-lo-, godfather -----, priest---- 1882

  20. Josep, the son of Josep Azarian and -----, godfather---- Azarian, priest----, 1882

  21. ---- Armbis, the child of Anton Azarian and Srb---- Maza-ian, godfather Josep Azarian, priest, 1882

  22. Sofi, the daughter of B---- and Mariama-----, godfather, Minas Azamian, priest-----, 1883

  23. Birros (?), the child of Hinin Azarian and Marianme E-----Ian, godfather Sirobe E----ian, priest----, 1883

  24. There is a break of a number of years.

  25. Tabougi, child of Melcon Azarian and Gadarine Birijian, godfather, Anton Tobatian, priest----, April 29, 1890

    Note: Did not find in church records I looked at.

Possible Azarian Relatives

In most communities there is a group of people, "the kith and kin", who are related by blood, marriage, similar occupations, religious conviction, and/or place of residence. The kith and kin include parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, godparents, in-laws, witnesses, neighbors, and acquaintances. In the following section, I have attempted to look at the kith and kin of Abraham Azarian.

Of the godfathers of the eight Azarian children, Avitis Hagopian was a godfather twice, the other godfathers were Stepan Gougougian, Martin Margosian, Anton Aslanian, Tibladi Arivian, Batist Arivian and Haroutias Azarian. The Arivians and Hogopians are presumed to be relatives of Lucy's. The records show that Stepan Gougougian and Martin Markosian have more of a connection to Lucy's family than to the Azarians. See Arivian/Hagopian

Names connected with Abraham and Lucy Azarian where no real relationship has been established were Aslanian and Dezetsian.


Mateos Dezetsian was the witness at the marriage of Abraham and Lucy. I have no other information on Mateos Dezetsian or any other Dezetsians.


Aslanian was a relatively common name. There are lots of Aslanians in the older records in Constantinople. However, the records for Aslanian in Surp Savour and Holy Trinity (the churches connected with the Azarians) are very limited. There are the following records for Aslanian in Holy Trinity and Surp Savour:

  1. Tiriziva the something of Hovhannoragis, age 80, died in 1899, Holy Trinity. It means she was born circa 1819.
  2. Hovakim Aslanian was the godfather for Adijis Bazehast Tazposo- Tivts Arivian , the son of Hovpasis, the son of Hovsep, and Ezisabet P----, the daughter of Eranosi, godfather, priest------, born --- 3, 1903, Holy Trinity.

    With the Arivian surname, there could be a connection to Lucy.

  3. Hagove Aslanian and Eleonora Poaztian had the following children:
    1. Alekosin Hogave, the son of Hogave Aslanian, the son of Hovsepas, and Eleonora Poaztian the daughter of Hovhannes, godfather Filitonzi Etneop, 1890, Holy Trinity.
    2. Etosar Aran, the son of Hogave, the son of Hovsepas and Eleonora Poaztian, the daughter of Hovhannes, godfather Bosos Aslanian, the son of Hovsepas, 1893, Holy Trinity.
  4. Hatabir Aslanian had:
    1. Filomina Aslanian, the daughter of Hatabir, the son of Asgisi, and Boza Mapsetian, the daughter of Minaso, godfather, Martin Aslanian, the son of Asgisi, 1895, Holy Trinity.

  5. Hovsep Aslanian had:
    1. Melkon Aslanian, the son of Hovsep Aslanian and Srpouni Holousian, the daughter of Hogoves, godfather Hovsep Beversinpian, the son of Bitros, 1898, Holy Trinity.
  6. Hovakim Aslanian, the son of Manousi, married Miriam Ghazarosian, the daughter of Stepan, witness, Hovhannes Eprimian, the son of Apraham, in 1904, Surp Savour.

    Hovakim Aslanian, the son of Gagarosian, had a son Hovsep, baptized in 1905, no mother was listed in the record, the godfather was Hovannes Eprimian, the son of Apraham, Surp Savour.

    Although the father listed for Hovakim is different in both these records, the godfather and the marriage witness are the same person. Given the limited number of Aslanian records in Surp Savour, I assume that Hovakim the son of Manousi and Hovakim the son of Gagarosian are one and the same person.

  7. Anton Aslanian was the sponsor for Ermine Azarian in 1905, Surp Savour.

    I cannot find a marriage or any children for Anton Aslanian.

Hovep Azarian



  1. Epova--- of Hovpse Azarian and cannnot read, (not Loozia Ananian) 1881

    Marriage: Loozia Ananian


    1. Tsourisase of Hovsep Azarian and Loozia Ananaian 1888 (St Paul)
    2. Tagouli Erma of Hovsep Azarian and Loozia Ananaian 1890 (St Paul)
    3. Cannot read of Hovsep and cannot read 1893 (St Paul)


Azarian In Vienna

In January 2009 Catherine Saiko shared the following:

I discovered that there were at least 2 Azarians living in Vienna:

  1. Aristakes Azarian, who was the 2nd Archbishop of the Mechitarists in Vienna (1826-1855). I do not know for the moment where he comes from (village/town of origin), but you might know that the Mechitarists were founded by Mechitar de Sebaste (Sebaste is the old Greek name for Sivas).

  2. Harantulie Azarian buried on the WIENER ZENTRALFRIEDHOF, which is the main cemetary in Vienna: Family name: Azarian, First name: Harantulie Buried: 03.10.1962 Friedhof: Wiener Zentral, Gruppe: 55,Gruppe-Erw: B Reihe: 3, Nummer: 62 Adress of the cemetary: Simmeringer Hauptstraße 234 2. Tor 1110 Wien

Abram Azarian
Other Azarians in Istanbul
Images of the Armenian Catholic Churches in Constantinople

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