Hovhannes Azarian (Azaryan)and Anna Kovhovmjian and Their Children


One of the most prominent Armenian families in Constantinople in the late 1800s and early 1900s was the Azarian family. They were the descendants of Bedros Azarian through his son Hovhannes.

Bedros Azarian born circa 1775 had at least three children: Hovhannes, Boghos and Iskouhi. I do know know what happened to Boghos and Iskouhi.

Hovhannes Azarian married Anna Kovhovmjian (Kouyouomdjian). They had Arisdages, Hagop, Stephanos Bedros, Vincent, Joseph, Andon, Katherine and Philomene.

Arisdages, Hagop (James), and Joseph became wealthy merchants who did business between the USA and Constantinople. Vincent was also a merchant who immigrated to Boston, Massachusetts. Stephanos Bedros became the patriarch of the Armenian Catholic church.

The family was Armenian Catholic and originated in the village of Perkinik near Sivas in Anatolia. I have not determined a relationship between my ancestor, Abram Azarian, and the family of Hovhannes Azarian. However, Abram Azarian was also from Sivas and was Armenian Catholic. It is possible that Abram Azarian descended from Boghos Azarian.

Note: The names are a little tricky and are not consistently written the same way. There are four issues here:

  1. Transliterating a name from Armenian to English and/or French - a direct transcription of the name from the Armenian alphabet to the Latin alphabet letter by letter. The problem arrises in knowing what a given letter in Armenian sound most like in English or French? Is a given letter in Armenian transliterated into English more like a "d" or a "t"? Is another given letter more like a "g" a "j" or a "k"?
  2. Anglicizing or Francofying (?) an Armenian name to an English or French name. i.e. Bedros to Peter or Pierre.
  3. We tend to think of spelling as something set and unchangeable. In the days before widespread literacy, however, "spelling" was more or less up to the writer, resulting in a wide range of spellings for a given name. I have seen records in Ireland in the mid 1800s where the same name appears five times, each time with a different spelling. My feeling is that this was also happening in the Armenian records.
  4. I taught myself the Armenian alphabet. My ability to read Armenia handwriting is limited.

As a result the spellings of the names on this page vary. But here is generally enough consistency to be sure of where a given record belongs.

Armen Gurekian, who has made major contributions to this page, also points out: "There are a lot of double names and nick names mixed up."

He also provides several examples of Armenian writing.

It should also be noted that the Azarians were well educated, Europeanized and multilingual. The certainly spoke Armenian, Turkish, French and English. They probably spoke other languages as well.

In the written records the names changed depending on the language of the record. For example: Hogop, James, Jacques. See James for variations on the name James.

Bedros Azarian (circa 1775-)

Armen Gurekian, a descendant of Bedros Azarian, has kindly shared information and images on this Azarian line.

Birth of Bedros Azarian: Circa 1775

More on Bedros Azarian from Armen Gurekian, July 2010:

"Bedros Azarian was born in Perkenik (Sivas) around 1775. He came to Constantinople where he make liqueurs in a shop under the walls of the Armenian Church of Saint Sauveur (Sourp Prkich)" [Armen Gurekian]

Marriage of Bedros Azarian: Unknown


  1. Hovhannes Jean Azarian (1795-1864) and Anna Kovhovmjian (Kouyouomdjian) (1801-1896)


    Born in Perkenik per Joe Topalian's footnotes Chapter 18, History of the Village of Perkenik, Chapter 18

    "[4] With the one noted "exception" of Der Michael, all of the clerics in Hajian's list were born in Perkenik. For this reason, Patriarch-Catholicos Stephen Peter X Azarian is not included in this list, because he was born in Constantinople, not Perkenik. However his parents were both Perkeniktsis. [J.T.]"
    Circa 1795 (Armen Gurekian, July 2010)

    Marriage: Anna Kovhovmjian, place unknown

    1820 (Armen Gurekian, July 2010)

    Note: Anna Kouyouomdjian born circa 1801 (Armen Gurekian July 2010)


    1. Arisdages [Aristakes & Aristahis] Azarian, (1821-1897) Merchant, and Hripsimeh Petmez


      "1/13 January 1821, the son of Hovhannes Azarian and Anna Kovhovmjian" (Per monument inscription in the Azarian Mausoleum in the Armenian Catholic Cemetery, Istanbul

      Constantinople. Per US Passport application.

      Sailing: Aristakes Azarian 29 May 1850 age 29, port of arrival Boston, port of departure Liverpool place of origin Turkey, occupation merchant, steamer, Asia,

      US Naturalization:

      In February 2009 John Salde-Baker sent the following email:

      "My grandmother, Mrs Caroline Fisher Heap Slade-Baker, was the only surviving child of Gwynne Harris Heap. He, apart from other duties, was U S Consul in Tunis and later Consul General in Istanbul (Constantinople).

      Last year I had forwarded to me 3 cartons of Slade-Baker memorabilia. I have recently retired and am now "getting into" these documents etc.

      I have come across a document from the Circuit Court of the United States, Massachusetts in original form with yellow seal regarding a declaration and intention made out on the 5th day of May 1854 in respect of Aristakes Azarian, in that he was to become a citizen of U S A.

      It was issued in Boston and confirms that he was born in Constantinople on the 5th Jan 1821 and at the time of this declaration he was 33 years of age and arrived in America at Boston on 5th June 1850.


      John Slade-Baker

      US passport application: Age 34, 5 ft 4 inches, eyes hazel, hair black, born Constantinople "naturalized citizen of US", application filed City of Boston, 4 January 1855

      Marriage: 15/27 June 1841, Hripsimeh (Horopik) Petmez daughter of Hovsepah and Mariamah Petmez (Combination of his grave marker and her grave marker)

      She was born 1821 (Armen Gurekian July 2010)


      1. Bedros (Peter) Azarian (1842-1906) and T'aguhi (Takouhi) Maroujian (Marouche) (1854-1939)

        Birth: Betros son of Aristakes per death record and baptismal records of his children

        Marriage: T'aguhi Maroujian, the daughter of Gregory (Grigor/Krikor) Maroujian (Marouche)

        1874 (Armen Gurekian, July 2010)

        "Aghavni Azarian (1831-1897) from her marriage to Krikor Marouche had 4 daughters and 2 sons (the first died young). The daughter of Aghavni, Takouk Marouche (1854-1939) married Bedros Azarian"

        Takouhi means "Queen"[Armen Gurekian, July 23, 2010]


        Bedros Azarian and Tagouji Marouzian had:

        1. Miriamik (1875-1956) and Leon Gurekian

          Birth: Miriamk Zaipsime, the daughter of Bedros, the son of Aristonisi, and Tagouji Marouzian, the daughter of ----, godfather Hovsep Azarian, priest, Hir-Azarian, 1875 (Holy Trinity) & (Baptisms City of Istanbul)

          Marriage: Leon Gurekian (1871-1950) (Armen Gurekian, July 2010)

          More on Miriamik from Armen Gurekian: Mariamik (Mariam) Born: Constantinople, November 18, 1875 - Died: Asolo, Italy, December 25, 1956. Married Leon Gurekian. One child, Ohannes. She is buried in the family tomb in S. Anna Cemetery in Asolo.

        2. Martha 1876-1876)

          Birth: Marta Anna Azarian, the daughter of Aristages (sic), the son of Bitrosi, and ---- Marouzian, godfather Hovsep Azarian, priest Hiratasitsas Azarian, 1876 (Holy Trinity, LDS Microfilm)

        3. Ohannes (1880-1902)

          Birth: Hovannes Arisda-en, the son of Bedros Azarian and Tagouji Maroujian, godfather Josep Azarian, priest---- --, born July 6, 1880, baptized July 28, 1880 (St Paul's AC)

          More on Ohannes from Armen Gurekian: Ohannes Born: Constantinople, July 6, 1880 - Died: Constantinople, February 13, 1902. He did not married.

        4. Yervant Gregor (1882-) and Anna Fessenmeyer

          Birth: Ersvan-- Gregor, the son of Bedros Azarian, the son of Arisdajian, and Tagouji Maroujian, the daughter of Gregory, godfather, Bedros Maroujian, the son of Gregory, priest---- born May 28, 1882 and baptized October 14, 1882 (St Paul's AC)

        5. Marriage: Anna Fessenmeyer 1907 (Armen Gurekian, July 2010)

          More on Yervant from Armen Gurekian: Yervant Born: Constantinople, May 28, 1882

          Married Anna .... ? (they lived a long time in Paris), after the death of Anna he lived between Berlin, Lausanne and (I think) Normandie.

          Information from his brother, Aristakes', son, Piero Azarian. Yervant died in Hotel Eden, Lausanne, in November 1970 and he was buried in an abbey in Normandy (place unknown for the moment).

          Hotel Eden, Lausanne, has been for a long time the residence of Yervant and my grandmother, Mariamik, when they was in Switzerland. I too passed many holidays there, when I was a young boy.

          (Armen, January 2011)

        6. Zabel 1885-1940 (Armen Gurekian, July 2010)

          Birth: Zabel Anna, the daughter of Bedros Azarian the son of Arisdajian, and Tagouji Maroujian, the daughter of Gregory, godfather, Josep Azarian the son of Isifanos, priest----, born January 12, 1885, baptized February 24, 1885 (St Paul's AC)

          Death: Zabel Azarian died 14 February 1940 in Paris. She is buried in our family tomb in S. Anna cemetery in Asolo. (Armen Gurekian, July 2010)

          More from Armen Gurekian: Zabel Born: Constantinople, January 12, 1885 - Died: Asolo(?), February 14, 1940 - not married. She is buried in our family tomb in S. Anna Cemetery in Asolo.

        7. Rita (1887-1921) and Guido Pabis (1876-1935)

          Birth: Rita---z--ni, the child of Bedros Azarian, the son of Arisdijian (sic) and Tagouji Maroujian, the daughter of Gregory, godfather, Bedros Marouzian (sic), the son of Gregory, priest----, born January 30, 1887, baptized May 25, 1887 (St Paul's AC)

          Marriage: Guido Pabis 1911 (Armen Gurekian, July 2010)

          More on Rita Azarian: Rita Azarian: Greek-Armenian, showed at the Salon des Artistes Francais from 1927 to 1930 - views of Constantinople.

          More from Armen Gurekian, July, 2010: Rita Azarian married Piero Pabis 2 June 1911 in Constantinople. She died 1 May 1921 in Constantinople and was buried, in the soil, in the Armenian Cemetery of Chichli.

          Rita Born: Constantinople, January 30, 1887 - Died: Constantinople, May 1, 1921, married with Guido Pabis - Rome, two sons, Piero e Nelly

        8. Aristakes (1888-1949) and Maria Biraghi (1896-)

          Birth: Arisdajes Zalan, the child of Bedros Azarian and Tagouji Maroujian, godfather Josep Azarian, priest ----, born July 17, 1888, baptized August 19, 1888

          Marriage: Maria Biraghi (Armen Gurekian, July 2010)

          Death: Aristakes Azarian died in Milan 30 June 1949. He is buried in the cemetery of Giussano, near Milan.

          More from Armen Gurekian: Aristakes Born: Constantinople, July 17, 1888 - married Maria Biraghi (Milan), two sons, Piero e Rita

        9. Nektarine (1892-1908

          Birth: -i-pa-ine , the child of Bedros Azarian and Tagouji Maroujian, godfather, Josep Azarian, priest ----, born June 23, 1892, baptized September 27, 1892 (St Paul's AC)

          More from Armen Gurekian: Nektarine Born: Constantinople, June 23, 1892 - Died: Constantinople, June 23, 1908 - not married

          Will probate:

          Azarian, Nectarine of 76 Buyudere (Bosphorus) Constantinople Turkey spinster died 5 July 1908 Adminstration London 14 September to Takouk Azarian widow effects 5537 pounds 2 s and 6

          (Thanks to Toni Slade-Baker for pointing this record out - August 2014)

        Death of Bedros Azarian: Bedros Azarian, son of Arisdagisi, August 21, 1905, place of residence, (I can't read it but it is neither Galatia or the same place as listed for Arisbageo). (Death records of Surp Savour Armenian Catholic Church, Istanbul on LDS microfilm)

      2. Information on Bedros Azarian from Armen Gurekian, June 2010:
        Bedros Azarian died in Franzensbad, Austria, 3rd September 1906 and his corpse arrived in Constantinople (accompanied by his son Yervant) 8th September.

        Will London:

        Azarian his excellency Bedros Aritakes of 76 Buzukdere (Bosphurus) Constantinople Turkey died 3 September 1905 Austria Administration London 11 April to Takouk Azarian widow Effects 47714 pounds 4 s 4 (Thanks to Toni Slade-Baker for pointing this record out - August 2014)
        Takouhi Marouche died in Asolo - June 4, 1939. She is buried in our family tomb in S. Anna Cemetery in Asolo.

      3. Joseph (1846-1923) and Lucie Ananian (1848-1914)

        Birth: 1846 (Armen Gurekian, July 2010)

        Marriage: Lucie Ananian (1848-1914) (Armen Gurekian, July 2010)


        1. Hripsime (Horopik) 1888-1940 (Armen Gurekian, July 2010)

          Birth: Gourisise (?), the child of Josep Azarian and Lousia Ananian, godfather Bedros Azarian, priest-----, born June 14, 1888, baptized (?) 23, 1888 (St Paul)

        2. Ermine 1890- (Armen Gurekian, July 2010)

          Birth: Tagouji Ermine, the daughter of Josep Azarian and Lousia Ananian, godfather, Bedros Azarian, priest----, born May 28, 1890, baptized June 13, 1890 (St Paul)

        3. L(faded ink)s, the child of Josep Azarian and (faded ink, last name starts An), godfather, (faded ink), priest, (faded ink), born March 8, 1893, baptized March 10, 1893 (St Paul)

      Arisdages Azarian as a witness: Marriage of Anton Azarian, the son of Hovhannis, to Marina Mazarian, the daughter of Grigori, witness Aristanes Azarian, 1866

      Death of Hripsimeh Azarian, 1883: Haripsime Azarian daughter of Hovsepah and Mariamah Petmes born 1821 married Arisdages Azarian /27 June 1841 died 13 February 1883.

      Armen Gurekian, September 2010: "Death of Hripsime "Horopik" (.... ah the nikname ...) died the 13/25 Februrary, at the age of 62, at Buyukdere, in her home, Quai de Buyukdere n.97 (actually the Sadberk Hanim Museum) and is buried in the family tomb in Buyukdere.

      Daily Iowa Capital October 23, 1896, Des Moines Iowa, 1896


      Threats of Blackmail Make Him Wish To Leave Turkey

      NEW YORK oct 23, The Heralds' constantinople special says: Aristakes Azarian, a rich Armenian, and president of the chamber of Commerce wishes to leave here, he is so frightened the blacking mailing threats of his fellow countrymen.

      Also carried October 24, 1896 in the Galveston Dauly News

      Death of Arisdages Azarian:

      • Arisdages Azarian son of Hovhannos Azarian and Anna Kovjovmian born 1/13 Janaury 1821, married Hripsime Petmez 15/27 June 1841 died 18 May 1897 (Monument inscription in the Azarian Mausoleum in the Armenian Catholic Cemetery, Istanbul)

        To see a photo of the Mausoleum go to Armenian Catholic Churches, Istanbul

      • Arisdages Azarian, son of Hovhanno, May 6, 1897, place of residence (I can't read it yet but it is not Galatia) ------------, Dobouviah, Gatouan, can't read anything else. (Death records of Surp Savour Armenian Catholic Church, Istanbul on LDS microfilm)

      • Gardeners' chronicle, horticultural trade journal, Part 1

        Aristakes Azarian Effendi - With great regret we chronicle the death of His Excellency Aristakes Azarian Effendi, which occurred suddenly on the 18th ult., on board a ship as he was proceeding from Alexandria to Trieste. The deceased gentleman was an enthusiastic botanist and cultivator of tropical fruit-trees, many rare specimens having been successfully fruited in his extensive hothouses. among others being Anoma squamosa, A. Cherimolia. A. c. Loxenais, ....... The decease of his Excellency is more to be regretted, as his was the only establishment of the kind in Turkey. His remains will be brought to Bagoukdiri for interment."

        January to June 1897

      • Armen Gurekian, September 2010: "Aristakes Azarian died the 6/18 Mai 1897, at the age of 76, near Brindisi on board of the steamer "Bohemia" directed to Trieste. His family (the two sons and their wife and children) was on board. The corps has disembarked in Brindisi accompanied by Bedros ad his wife Takouhi "Takouk" (.... again the diminutive ...) and from there, after embalmed, via Trieste to Constantinople, and buried in the family tomb in Buyukdere the 11 June."

      SEE IMAGES BELOW for a picture of his monument inscription.

      Note form Armen Gurekian January 2011: I am sure that in October 1866 he went with all his family: (the two sons and their wives and sons) in Egypt (I have their photos there), to protect them against the pogroms in consequence of the occupation by young armenians of the Banque Ottomane of Constantinople at the end of the month of August. In May 1875 he embarked on the steamer "Bohemia" directed to Trieste and from there to Switzerland, but he died on board. I think his program was to go to Paris or London.

    2. Will probate:
      Azarian Aristakes of 22 Perchembe Bazar street Galata Constantinople Turkey gentleman died 18 May 1897 Administration London 8 December to Bedros Aritakes Azarian and Jospeh Aristakes Azarian bankers Effects 42771 pounds

      (Thanks to Toni Slade-Baker for pointing this record out - August 2014)

    3. Hagop Jean - James - Jacque (1823-) and Takouhi Terdjimian

      Birth: 1823 (Armen Gurekain, July 2010)

      Marriage: Takouhi Terdjimian (Armen Gurekian, July 2010)


      1. Bitros Azarian, the son of Hagop Azarian and Ta-ouji H-tr--- , godfather, Anton H-tr---, 1865 (Chruch of Surp Hovan, LDS Microfilm)

      Child: Pouzik (Armen Gurekian, July 2010)

      Marriage: Eugenie? (Armen Gurekian, July 2010

      Sailing 1855: Jas. Azarian age 29, merchant born Turkey, ship, Pacific, arrival, 30 May from Liverpool to New York, 30 May 1855

      US Passport Application: James Azarian, 14 October 1856, born Constantinople, age 29, 5 ft 51/2 inches black eyes, black hair Boston City.

      Note: The age is off in these two records. This is pretty common. I do not think there were other Azarian merchants coming to the United States from Turkey at this period of time.

    4. Stephanos Peter Azarian (1826-1899)

      Birth: c 1826 Constantinople (Information on the internet says he was born in Constantinople.)

      Patriarch of the Armenian Catholic Church:

      Stephanos Peteros Azarian (Stepan Bedros X) was the Patriarch of the Armenian Catholic Church from 1881-1899.


    5. Vincent (Vitchen) Azarian (circa 1829-)


      Son of Hovhannes Jean Azarian and Anna Kouyouomdjian (Armen Gurekian, July 2010)

      Birth: Circa 1829 Constantinople

      Sailing 1851:

      Vincent Azarian merchant from Constantinople arrived 5 September 1851 from Constantinople on the Marshall listing his intention to become an "inhabitant" of the United States.

      Passport 1853: Vincent Azarian, age 24, 5 ft 5 3/4 inches born Constantinople, city of Boston Passport Application black eyes, black hair 26 October 1853. He got his passport October 29, 1853.

      Boston Directories

      1855 Azarian, V & Co. 41 India Wharf

      1856 Azarian, V & Co. 41 India Wharf

      1857 Azarian, V & Co. 41 India Wharf

      1861 Azarian Joseph (V Azarian & co.), merchant 41 India wharf, house 904 Washington

      1861 Azarian V. & Co, (J. Azarian) merchants, 41 India wharf

      1868 Boston Board of Trade Azarian, Joseph 41 India wharf Merchant

      1870 Azarian V & Co. 41 India wharf 1872 Azarian, V & Co. 41 India Wharf


      Bark Amenia, Hamilton, Constantinople, V. Azarian & Co.

      MARINE INTELLIGENCE.; Arrived. By Telegraph. Miscellaneous. Spoken, &c.

      December 20, 1860, New York Times

      1862 The Great Wool Sale in Boston. April 13, 1862
      We have already noticed the main features of the extensive auction sale of Wool, in Boston, on Thursday last, the 10th inst. The Boston Commercial Bulletin furnishes the following particulars: "Considering that this sale was made in the very face of a new clip, the prices obtained were remarkably good, and though not perhaps up to the full expectation of the holders, yet higher than a majority of the company anticipated. The sale was very rapid, averaging just one minute to each lot. It will be seen by the detailed account given below that the buyers were largely manufacturers.

      6,000 Do. do. do. -- V. Azarian & Co., Boston.... 46

      New York Times

      V. Azarian & Co. in Boston

      Azarian, V. and Co was located at 41 India Wharf, Boston in 1860, 1866 and 1870. Listed as Vincent Azarian & co. in 1852. 1866 - Azarian Joseph (V. Azarian & Co.), merchant, 41 India wharf,

      Merchants' Magazine and Commercial Review, Volume 36 By Freeman Hunt, William B. Dana, 1857:

      "Of late years the Armenians of Constantinople seem to have become interested in the industry and trade of the United States. Several young men have been sent there, mostly by the American missionaries, to learn trades, who have returned here, and are doing well. The Armenian firm of Azarian, Father & Son, (an American one,) quite rivals the Greeks for its quiet enterprise and industry. It has done a safe and profitable business with Boston, and now owns several ships, under the flag of the United States, owned by the members of the house, who have become naturalized citizens of the United States."

      Shipments listed for V. Azarian & Co included:

      May 20, 1852 Departing direct for Constantinople The Bark Colcord, For few sons freight apply to V. Azarian & co. 11 & 1 Rowe Wharf

      December 10, 1852 Constantinople on the Bark B Colcord to A. Azarian & co. 7,227 pieces boxwood, 98 bags canary seed, 79 bales rags, 53 demijohns rose water, 122 bales wool, 5 pieces marble, 1643 sheep skins, 79 bales rags, 195 bales wool, 1 case to order (Boston Poat)

      February 1, 1859 - From Constantinople on the bark Volunteer, 214 bales of wool, 192 bags do, 530 do canary seed, to V. Azarian & Co.

      December 20, 1860 Cleared Armenia, Hamilton, Constantinople, V. Azarian & Co. (N. Y.Times)

      May 16, 1861 from Constantinople on the Bark Armenia, 654 bales of cotton rag, 1785 sticks of boxwood, 24 bags of canary seed, 35 live Angora goats, 4 live Angora kids, to V Azarian an & Co.

      1865, August 16, Importation, From Constantinople on the Brig Pandora 418 bales cotton rags do woolen rags, V. Azarain & Co.,

      May 27, 1858 "Boston About Home Matters - Entertainment of Mohammed Pasha Exclusive Among the Island of the Harbor." A Turkish Admiral was entertained on the Hingham steamboat "Nantasket". Among the three hundred quest was mentioned Vincent Azarian who "accompanied" the pasha.

    6. Joseph Azarian (1834-1899) Martha Baxter Bingham and Annah Evans Almay

      Birth: 1 January 1834 Constantinople (U S Passport applications)

      Marriage: Martha Baxter Bingham (Osmer Abner Bingham; Counter-Migrant by Philip S Thayer) circa 1858. See below.

      My mother, your great grandmother, Emily Bingham Suter, had a younger sister, Martha, who was very lovely and esteemed a great Boston beauty in those days. Indeed in rather recent years, I have heard old people who remembered rave over her beauty. There came to Boston at that time a handsome and able young Armenian, named Joseph Azarian, of a banking house in Constantinople. He came on business with letters to the Warrens (S. D. W. the paper manufacturer) and others and was taken up socially. He & my aunt Mattie met at dances etc. They fell in love and were married. My grandfather Bingham was heart broken to have his lovely Mattie marry one who was not only a foreigner, but to boot, a Roman Catholic. J. A.'s brother was the Roman Armenian Patriarch of Constantinople. There were two children of this marriage - Annie & Mattie. Their mother died when they were quite young, and nurses and governesses became the order of the day. Their father took them to his Constantinople home. Then later their father married the governess -an Almy she was - highly educated & quite able to (word ending in "ing") very acceptably his lovely estate on Prinkipo island in the sea of Marmora. As the girls became young ladies they met mostly in the social service the members of the various diplomatic corps. Annie met von Wietersheim, a German naval attache, later Admiral (word). They were married. There was one child, the Martha Clara von S you are to see. Her mother died when she was still a baby. The father took her to his Berlin home & his mother. Later he married again: Hedwigher name was a excellent person. And so Martha grew up a through going German, a (word) indeed of the old Prussian empire. And then she married a cousin von Stulpnagel. And there you are!

      1938 letter from John Suter.

      This letter was shared by Deborah Spencer in November 2010. Deborah is a Bingham descendant.

      There is more to the letter. I have only include the part that relates to the Azarians and those listed in the death notice of Anne Azarian Wietersheim, see below. MLB


      1. Anna Vincent Azarian (1860-1887) and Fritz von Wietersheim

        Birth: Anna Vincent Azarian, 18 August 1860 (LDS Submission to IGI)

        Marriage: Fredrich von Wietershein 05 Sept 1882 (LDS Submission to IGI)

        Friedrich von Wietersheim German rear admiral (Armen Gurekian, July 2010)


        1. Martha Clara

          Marriage: Von Stulpnagel, a cousin


          1. Ferdin
          2. Friedrich
          3. Annie
          4. Rose Marie

        Death: 09 May 1887 (LDS Submission to IGI) (Armen Gurekian, July 2010)

        Death Notice:

        Le Capitaine Fritz von WIETERSHEIM, Commandant de la Corvette Imperiale Allemande "Alder" et sa fille, Monsieur et Madame Joseph AZARAN, S. B. Monseigneur Etienne, Pierre X AZARIAN, S. E. Aritakes Effendi AZARIAN, et ses enfants, Madame veuve Jaque AZARIAN, et ses enfants, Monsieur et Madame Gregoire MAROUCHE et leurs enfants, Monsieur et Madam Andon Effendi AZARIAN et leurs enfants, Madame veuve COLLARO et sa fille, Madame H. H. BINGHAM, Monsieur H. W. SUTER et ses enfants, Madame von WIETERSHEIM, nee von Stulpnagel et ses enfants, les familles von STULPNAGEL, BRONSART VON SCHELLENDORF, et tous leurs paents et allies, ont la douleur de vous faire part de la pert cruelle qu'ils viennent d'eprouver en la personne de


        nee AZARIAN

        leur epouse, mere, fille, soeur, petite-fille, niece, cousine, belle-fille et belle-soeur, decedee a Prinkipo hier dans l'apres-midi a l'age de 27 ans, munie des Saintes-Sacrements de 'Eglise

        Vous etes prie d'assister a la ceremonie funebre qui aura lieu demain, Mercredi le 11 Mai a 11 h. du matin, a l'Eglise Patriacale Armenienne Catholique de Sainte-Marie, rue Sakiz-Aghadje, Pera

        Prinkipo, le 10 Mai 1887

        Captain Fritz von Wietersheim1, Commander Imperiale German Corvette " Alder" and his daughter2, Mr. and Mrs Joseph AZARAN3, S. B. Bishop Stephen, Peter X Azarian4, S. E. Aritakes Azarian4 Effendi, and his children, the widow of Jacque Azarian4 and her children, Mr. and Mrs Gregoire Marouche5 and their children, Mr. and Mrs. Andon Azarian4 Effendi and their children, Ms. Collaro6 widow and her daughter, Mrs. H. H. BINGHAM7, Mr. H. W. SUTER8 and his children, Mrs. von Wietersheim, nee von Stulpnagel9 and children, the families Stulpnagel, Bronsart von Schellendorf 10and all their family and friends have the pain of the sad loss they are experiencing in the person of


        nee Azarian

        their wife, mother, daughter, sister, granddaughter, niece, cousin, stepdaughter and stepsister who died at Prinkipo yesterday afternoon at the age of 27 years, bearing the Holy Sacrament of the Church

        You are requested to attend the funeral which will be tomorrow, Wednesday, May 11 at 11 a m, Patriacale Armenian Catholic Church of St. Mary Street Sakiz-Aghadje, Pera

        Prinkipo, May 10, 1887

        1Anne's husband
        2 Anne's child, Martha
        3Her parents
        4Her uncles
        5 Gregory Maroujian (Marouche) was the father of Takouhi Maroujian who married Peter Azarian (1842-1906 son of Arsitakes)
        7H. H. Bingham, Grandfather of Anne??
        8H. W. Suter

        This death notice was shared by Deborah Spencer in November 2010. Deborah is a Bingham descendant. She wrote: "I came across your website as I was looking up my great-great-great grandfather, Abner Osmer Bingham. One of his daughters -- Martha -- married Joseph Azarian. The other daughter -- Harriet Emily -- married Hales Suter, my great-great grandmother. I own a few Bingham objects, but I also have a letter from Hales' and Harriet's son, John Suter, to my mother, explaining who the Azarians and the von Wietersheims and the von Stulpnagels are. This letter was written in 1938."

      2. Martha Pauline (Mattie) 15 June 1863 (LDS Submission to IGI) (Armen Gurekian, July 2010)

        Mattie Pauline Azarian, father, Joseph, mother, Martha B, 16 Jul 1863, Boston, Suffolk Mass. Batch No C007700 (IGI)

        US Passport Application: Nov 27, 1888, Martha P Azarian, applied to the Legation of the United States at Constantinople, born Boston 15 June 1863 that her father is a naturalized citizen, soujourning at Constantinople left the US in 1882 bearer of Passport No. 93 issued a to US Legation at constantinople 15 Sept 1885 and that she would return to the United States "within a few years", age 25, 5 ft 2 inches eyes brown, hair brown

        Marriage: to Stanley Bird 19 November 1892, England, (LDS Submission to IGI) Divorced per 1938 John Suter letter.

      Death of Martha Baxter Bigham Azarian 1868: 1868 (Osmer Abner Bingham; Counter-Migrant by Philip S Thayer). Massachusetts Death index Azarian, Matty B Brookline 1868 vol 212 page 263. See below.

      Sailing to Europe 1879:


      At 8 o'clock yesterday morning a crowd had gathered on the Cunard pier to see the departure of friends in the steam-ship Gallia.

      Among the Cabin passengers to Europe were Miss Ann Almy, Joseph Azarian, Miss A. V. Azarian, and Miss A. P. Azarian.

      New York Times

      The Anglo-America Times covered their arrival in England on December 5, 1879.

      Question: Ann Almy became the second wife of Joseph Azarian. Did Ann Almy already known Joseph Azarian in 1880 or did they meet on board the ship? John Suter said that Ann Almy was the Azarian governess.

      Passport of Anne E Almy, October 30, 1879: Anne E Almy born city of Providence, Rhode Island, 22 April, 1843, age 36, 5 ft 3 inches, brown hair blue eyes

      Some information on Anne E Almy:

      The 1870 census in New Bedford shows Anne E age 27, living with her mother Emily, age 42, siblings Walter age 19, Clarence age 17 and William age age 37, cotton manufacturer plus three servants.

      The 1860 census indicates that her father was Benjamin Almy born circa 1810, merchant.

      House of Benjamin Almy, New Bedford, Rhode Island

      2 Marriage 1880: Anne Evans Almy born Rhode Island circa 1843 married in Vienna, Austria.

      The Descendants of Thomas Durfee of Portsmouth, R.I By William Field Reed (Google Book)

      "ANNAH EVANS ALMAY, born April 22, 1843, married in Vienna, Austria, November 9, 1880 to JOSEPH AZARIAN, of Constantinople, Turkey; died in Constantinople, Turkey 9, 1899. They had JOSEPH AZARIAN, born in the island of Pinkapo, Constantinople, Turkey; a student in 1901 at Harvard College."


      1. Joseph A Azarian

        Birth: born at Constantinople 31 January 1882 (per passport applications)

        Hovsep Azarian, the son of Hovsep Azarian and no wife entered, godfather, Ariste Azarian, 1882 (Surp Hovan)

        Passport Applications:

        • Joseph Azarian born at Constantinople January 1882 "that my father emigrated to the Untied States, sailing on board the ................ from Liverpool on or about the 12 June 1857; that he resided 14 years uninterruptedly in the United Sates from 1857 to 1870 at Boston,; that he was naturalized as a citizen of the United States before the circuit court of the US at Boston on the June 1862" age 18, 5 ft 4 inched eyes brown hair brown

        • 1898 at Constantinople, same info

        • 1894 at Constantinople, same info

        • 1906 from Cambridge, Mass., Suffolk Co., student, other info the same.

        • 1917, Passport Photo of Joseph Azarian

        Marriage: Sc. Sch. 1903. Joseph Azarian to Ruth Streeter Dinsmore, at New Bedford, June 10, 1911 The Harvard Graduates Magazine (Google book)

        1920 Census: Azarian, Joseph A, age 37, born Armenian, father born Mass. mother born Rhode Island, farmer, Warm Springs, Inyo, California

        Marriage: According to the 1930 census Joseph married at age 40 to Louise who was 21 when they married. They had been married for 7 years in 1930. No children listed. Living in Pasadena, Los Angeles, California

        Death: Joseph Almy Azarian born 31 Jan 1882 "Other Country" died 31 March 1954 Los Angeles

      Immigration of Joseph Azarian, Senior: 1857 per various passport applications

      Passport applications of Joseph Azarian, Senior

      • 1862 age 28, rest of info much the same as other applications
      • 1870 ditto
      • accompanied by his two minor daughters (not named) and servants (also not named), same physical discription as 1894, rest of info more or less the same.
      • 1888 Much of the same.
      • 1890 Joseph Azarian born 1 January 1834 Constantinople, emigrated 1857 (no day or month) residence Boston, naturalized Circuit Court US at Boston, June 1862 bearer of passport #36 issued by US Legation Constantinople, 5 January 1888, occupation, banker, representing different American companies and Vice Consul Gerneral of United States (He was listed as the Vice Consul-General in Special Consular Reports By United States Dept. of State. Bureau of Statistics, United States Bureau of Foreign Commerce, United States Bureau of Manufactures November 12, 1890 (Google book))
      • Issued 8, Feb 1894 Joseph Azarian born at Constantinople 1 January 1834 emigrated to Unites from Liverpool 12 June 1857, banker and furnisher of American Arms age 60, 5 ft 3 inches, eyes black, nose medium, mouth large, hair gray
      • 1898 lists himself on a passport application as "representative in Turkey of Union ? Word Cartridge Cor. Of Bridgeport Conn. Something Winchester."

      1891 Census England: He was a quest in a hotel in London during the 1891 census.

      1865: Boston, Joseph Azarian 33, born Turkey, merchant, Mrs. Azarian 25, born Mass., Annie Azarian 4, Pauline Azarian 2

      1870 Census: Listed twice

      1. Brookline, Joseph, age 36, Mediterranean Trade Mech. born Constantinople, Turkey, value of property $5,000, Anne V age 9 born Mass. "Mirtha" P age born Mass., four servants
      2. Boston Ward 9, Joseph age 34, foreign Merchant Constantinople, born Constantinople Armenian, Anna B age 10, Mattie P age 7, both born Mass., and three servants (different that those in Brookline)


      • Mr. Jos Azarian age 29 merchant born Turkey, Mrs Azarian age 27 born France, Miss Azarian age 7 born France, Miss M Azarian age 29 born France, ship Arabia, 20 April 1863
      • 19 October 1885, age 51, Liverpool to New York Britannic, wrong images comes up on Ancestry.com
      Confirmation of Joseph as the brother of Stephen Azarian; History of the Catholic Church in the New England States By William Byrne, William Augustine Leahy (Google Book)
      "Mrs. Azarian was the wife of an Oriental merchant in Boston, whose brother is Latin Patriarch at Constantinople."
      New England Ancestors.com

      Osmer Abner Bingham; Counter-Migrant by Philip S Thayer

      "Martha Baxter Bingham, also known as "Mattie, was born in 1838, and died at Brookline, Massachusetts, of "consumption" on September 25, 1868. She married Joseph Azarian, an Armenian-born merchant of Boston and Constantinople, on September 22, 1859. They had two daughters, Annie Vincent (1860-1887), who married Friedrich von Wietersheim. a German rear admiral, and Mattie Pauline (1863-19__), who married Major Stanly Bird, of the British Royal Fusiliers, Seventh Regiment. Azarian was one of the small group of Greek and Turkish merchants (including Joseph Iasigi, Nicholas Reggio and Francois Braggiotti) living in Boston, who through their family and commercial ties increased the reputation of the city as a center for Mediterranean trade. Their contributions to enriching the social and cultural life of Boston have been largely ignored."

      The Beverly Yacht Club: List of Yachts Yankee Doodle Joseph Azarian, 26 feet

      1878: M Joseph Azarian explained "to the association for promoting a railway from the Bosphorus to the Persian Gulf" that "many Continental speculators were endeavoring to obtain concessions from the Ottoman government" for such a line. November 14, 1878, London

      Boston Globe March 22, 1889:

      Anna Almy Azarian, the wife of Joseph Azarian, wrote to the Boston Globe regarding the safety of Armenian and American citizens in Constantinople. She described her husband as:

      "an American gentleman, born in Constantinople, and who was naturalized in Boston in 1863; was drafted during the war and resided in America over 15 years. He now represents in this city many American industrial establishments." Signed Anna A Azarian nee Almy of New Bedford Mass dated Jan 25, Constantinople

      Will probate:

      Azarian Joseph of Prinkipo Princes's islands Turkey died 8 January 1899 Probate London 24 July to anna Almy Azarian widow effects 2323 pounds 14 s.

      (Thanks to Toni Slade-Baker for pointing this record out - August 2014)

    7. Andon Azarian (1836-) and Marina (Sourpik) Mazar

      Birth: Andon 1836-1898

      (Armen Gurekian, July 2010)

      Marriage: Sourpik Mazar (Armen Gurekian, July 2010)

      Anton Azarian, the son of Hovhannis, to Marina Mazarian, the daughter of Grigori, witness Aristanes Azarian, 1866 (Surp Hovan, LDS microfilm)


      1. Aza-ni, the daughter of Anton Azarian and Spia-his Mazapian, Sponsor, Anton Mazapian in 1872 (St Mary LDS microfilms)

      2. Fr-----, the child of Anton Azarian and ----Mazapian, godfather ----, priest, 1874(Baptisms of the City of Istanbul. See Azarian Records in Istanbul)

      3. Ohannes 1878 (Armen Gurekian, July 2010)

      4. Krikor 1879 (Armen Gurekian, July 2010)

      5. Aramays (Stipan/Etienne) born 1882 Constantinople died 1945 Paris

        1882 (Armen Gurekian, July 2010)

        Stipan, the son of Anton in 1882 (St Mary, Constantinople, LDS microfilm)

        ---- Armbis, the child of Anton Azarian and Srb---- Maza-ian, godfather Josep Azarian, priest, 1882 (Baptisms, City of Istanbul)

        Philippe Bodard, a French historian of card games, supplied the following information on Etienne Azarian in November 2016:

        Etienne Armais Azarian (1882-1945) ne le 2 novembre 1882 a Constantinople-
        Decede 1er novembre 1945 a Paris XVI, 55 ave. Victor Hugo
        Marie le (entre 1913 et 1917) en region parisienne avec
        Enfants: ? (a priori = zero)

        N.B. : il est indiquee ceelibataire, mais c'est faux. (bachelor but not true)
        Parents: - Antoine AZARIAN [ Andon sur http://www.maggieblanck.com/Azarian/Azarian.html ]
        - Serpouhi MAHAR [ Sourpik MAZAR sur http://www.maggieblanck.com/Azarian/Azarian.html ]

        - Vers 1913/19x : industriel (pas de preecision)
        - 1932 : Directeur de la Revue du Bridge (Bridge Contrat)
        - 1933/1934 : Directeur de la revue New Paris-York
        - 1933/1940 : Directeur des Studios Culbertson
        - 1933/1944 : auteur ou reedacteur d'ouvrages de bridge
        - 1944 : professeur de bridge, Directeur d'un club de bridge
        Adresse: - 191x /193x : 5 rue Gay Lussac, Paris V
        - 194x/1945 : hotel particulier, 55, avenue Victor Hugo, Paris XVI (private mansion) Succession: inconnue (unknown)

        Acte de deces: Le premier novembre mil neuf cent quarante cinq, sept heures, est decede, en son domicile, avenue Victor Hugo 55, Armais Etienne AZARAIN, ne a Constantinople (Turquie) le Deux novembre mil huit cent quatre-vingt deux, professeur de bridge, fils de Antoine AZARIAN et de Serpouhi MAHAR, epoux decedes celibataire - Dresse le deux novembre mil neuf cent quarante cinq, dix heures vingt, sur la declartion de Charles VOGT, cinquante huit ans, employe rue de la Pompe 80 qui lecture faite a signe avec Nous, Alix Maxime GUERRAU, adjoint au Maire du seizieme arrondissement de Paris, Chevalier de la Legion d'Honneur, Croix de Guerre.

        Le BRIDGE-CONTRAT en dix minutes par le systeme Culbertson AZARIAN (Etienne A.) and several other books by Etienne Azarian are available on line.

        Eitenne Azarian

      6. Anna married Vincent Kassapia (Armen Gurekian, July 2010)

      7. Colombe Azarian and Abraham Allahverdi

        Colombe married Abraham Allahverdi (Armen Gurekian, July 2010)




        1. Marnrit Azlanvirtin, the child of Apraham Azlanvirti, the son of Hohoikori, and Holomb Azarian, the daughter of Anton, godfather Armasin Azarian the son of Antoni, 1896 (Holy Trinity, LDS Microfilm)

        2. Can't read given name, too dark and the page is partially torn, the son of Apraham Azlanvitri and Holombn Azarian, the daughter of can't read, godfather, ----- Azlanvitri, priest Stepan Azarian, 1895 (Holy Trinity, LDS Microfilms)

      8. Philomene Fifi married Boghos Hadjibian (Armen Gurekian, July 2010)

        Birth: Pilomens Azarian, of Anton Azarian and Tigouji Mazarian, godfather, Anton Hajitisar, priest Hir--- Azarian, 1876, Church of the Holy Trinity (LDS Microfilms)

    8. Kathina

      (Armen Gurekian, July 2010)

    9. Philomene

      (Armen Gurekian, July 2010)

    Death of Hovhannes (Ohannes) Azarian:
    "Ohannes Azarian died 9/21 Mai 1864, at the age of 69, at Prinkipo, in his home in Villa Giacomo.

    Armen Gurekian, September 2010

    Death of Anna Couyoumdjian Azarian:
    Anna Couyoumdjian died 6/18 Mars, at the age of 95, at Pera, in the house of her son - the Catholicos Stepane Azarian, and is buried in the family tomb in Buyukdere

    Armen Gurekian, September 2010

  2. Boghos (Armen Gurekian July 2010)

  3. Iskouhi (Armen Gurekian July 2010)

Aristakes (Arisdages) Azarian (1821-1897)

In January 2009 Joe Topalian sent me a copy of a manuscript written in Armenian by the late Father Ephrem Bogosian, a Mechitharist of Vienna, about Perknik, an Armenian Roman Catholic village in the Sivas Provence of Turkey. Joe has been working on a translation into English.

In 2010 I was contacted by Armen Gurekian, an Azarian descendant living in Italy. Armen reads Armenian and was interested in the manuscript. He translated the page on the Aristakes Azarian into Italian and I have translated it from Italian to English.

To see the Italian and English translations go to Aristakes

Aristakes (Arisdages) Azarian (1821-1897)

Courtesy of Armen Gurekian, August 2010

Arisdages Azerian

Farihi Surp Agop Hastanemizin Dunu ve Bugunu with the kind permission of His Excellency Archbishop Hovhannes Colakyan

Photo Maggie Land Blanck, April 2008

Grave marker of Hripsimeh Azarian (wife of Aristakes Azarian)

Photo Maggie Land Blanck, April 2008

Grave Marker of Arisdages Azarian

James (Hagop Jean) Azarian (1823- )

Courtesy of Armen Gurekian, August 2010

Stephan Bedros (Peter) Azarian (1826-1899)

Stephanos Peteros Azarian was the Patriarch of the Armenian Catholic Church from 1881-1899. He was born in 1826. The information on the internet says he was born in Constantinople.

Farihi Surp Agop Hastanemizin Dunu ve Bugunu with the kind permission of His Excellency Archbishop Hovhannes Colakyan

Stepanow Pedros X Azarian (1881-1899)

Photo by Maggie Land Blanck, May 2008

Memorial inscription for for Stephanos Peter Azarian in the the Armenian Catholic Church of Surp Asdvadzadzin (the Immaculate Conception), Istanbul.

Photo by Maggie Land Blanck, May 2008

Portrait of Stephanos Petros Azarian in the Archpishop's residence in Istanbul.

Photo shared by Jan ACEMOGLU, May 2013

Portrait of Stephanos Petros Azarian.

Aghavni Azarian (1831-1897)

Courtesy of Armen Gurekian, August 2010

Hovsep (Joseph) Azarian (1834-1899)

Courtesy of Armen Gurekian, August 2010

Farihi Surp Agop Hastanemizin Dunu ve Bugunu with the kind permission of His Excellency Archbishop Hovhannes Colakyan

"Courtesy of Armen Gurekian, January 2011

On back: O. A. Bingham, age 62, 1871 - H. G. Smith, Studio Building, Boston"

Osmer Anner Bingham was the father-in-law of Joseph Azarian

"Courtesy of Armen Gurekian, January 2011

On back "Martha Azarian photograph du Portrait en Crayon H. G. Smith, Studio Building Boston paint Sept 1867"

Martha Bingham Azarian was the wife of Joseph Azarian

"Courtesy of Armen Gurekian, January 2011

Written on back: "1865 a Boston Mattie Azarian regie le 18 April 1865"

"Courtesy of Armen Gurekian, January 2011

Annie Azarian, daughter of Joseph Azarian and Martha Bingham

"Courtesy of Armen Gurekian, January 2011

Martha Azarian, daughter of Joseph Azarian and Martha Bingham

Andon Azarian (1836-1898)

Courtesy of Armen Gurekian, August 2010

Farihi Surp Agop Hastanemizin Dunu ve Bugunu with the kind permission of His Excellency Archbishop Hovhannes Colakyan

John and Brendan Freely in "a Guide to Beyoglu" state that #17 Bankalar Caddesi:
"Jeneral Han. Built in 1904-05, this was originally known as the Azarian Han, after its original owner, Bedros Azarian, president of the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce.
Betros was the son of Arisdages Azarian. He married T'aguhi Maroujian and had at least 7 children between 1875 and 1892. See Arisdages above.

Azarian Mansion Istanbul

When we were in Istanbul in April/May 2008 our local sources told us that this mansion on Istiklal Cadessi once belonged to the Azarian family, a group of merchant brothers from Sivas. However, John and Brendan Freely's "A Guide to Beyogly" says:

"This building was erected in 1870 by Koceoglu Agop Efendi, a wealthy Armenian banker during the reigns of sultan Abdul Mecet and Abdul Aziz, the latter having a private suite here. Since 1948 the building has housed the Atlas Cinima, and it is also the home of the Kucuk Sadri Theater and the Culture Ministry's State Gallery of Fine Arts, which sells antiques, gifts and Stamps. The entryway to the cinema leads into a monumental neo-classical hall flanked by marble colonnades."
According to Archbishop Hovhannes J Tcholakian's book L'Eglise Armenianne Catholicque en Turquie Hagop Guetcheyan who was the owner of many properties in Beyoglu built this mansion/hotel after a big fire ravaged much of Pera in 1870. Guetcheyan was a major contibuter to the construction of the chruch of St Jean Chrysostome.
Photo Maggie Blanck, April 2008

Photo Maggie Blanck, April 2008

Photo Maggie Blanck, April 2008

Azarian Mansion Buyukdere, Bosporus

Photo by Koko Capan, May 2008

This 19th century wooden villa located on the Bosporus in Buyukdere, Istanbul in now the Sadberk Hanim Museum. One of the largest mansions in Buyukdere is is the former "Azeryan Yalisi" (Azarian waterside mansion). There is a lot on the Internet about the musuem but little or nothing about the Azarian family that once owned it. According to our sorces in Istanbul at the time of our May 2008 visit it belonged the the Armenian Catholic family of Azarians from Sivas. There are a few hints of things related to the museum and to Azaryans on some Turkish websites. Turkey Travel Planner says:

"The villa, once the summer residence of Manuk Azaryan Efendi, an Ottoman Armenian who was Speaker of the upper house of the Ottoman parliament, has been beautifully restored and now serves as the Art History section of the museum."
Armen Gurekian wrote on July 23, 2010
" Please note that the "Azarian Yalisi" Sadbeck Hanim Museum at Buykdere (Azarian waterside mansion - old address "Quia de Buyukdere N° 97") can not be the summer residence of Manuk Azaryan Effendi because the property was owned by the family of Bedros Azarian (1842-1906) inherited from his father Aristakes (1821-1897). All his family and children lived there. His wife, Tokouhi Marouche Azarian, during her journeys in Istanbul, (the last in 1938) continued to use the house."
In 1910 Buyukdereh was described in A Guide to Constantinople:
"Buyukdereh, where are the summer residences of the Spanish and Russian ambassadors, and several fine villas belonging to wealthy inhabitants of Constantinople. The cluster of old plane-trees near the village is called Yedi Kardash (Seven Brothers) by the Turks."

Palais Azaryan - Azaryan sarayi - Palais des Eaux Argentees - Gumussuyu - Beyoglu - Istanbul Ottoman Empire (1453-1923) its in Taksim, Beyoglu

Photo courtesy of Armen Gurekian

"The "Azaryan sarayi - Palais des Eaux Argentees" at Ayaz Pacha was the Joseph Azarian's "Appartements Azarian". It was designed and built by my grandfather Leon Gurekian, architect, in 1903."

Armen Gurekian, June 2010

Collection of Maggie Land Blanck



There is no accompanying article.

Azarains mentioned in Articles and Books

  • Men At Arms

    The Turkish Connection The Saga of the Peabody-Martini Rifle by William O. Achtermeier.

    Makes the following references to the Azarians, father and sons. I am not absolutly positive but it appears they are talking of Arisdages Azarian and brothers. They are the only Azarians in Constantinople at the time who had enough clout.

    (Originally published in Man At Arms Magazine, Volume 1, Number 2, pp. -21, 55-57, March/April 1979)

    On March 11, 1873, Providence Tool secured the services of Azarian Effendi Pere et Fils of Constantinople to act as its agent to the Sublime Porte. Founded by the elder Azarian, an Armenian, in the early 1850's, the firm served as an intermediary for many American concerns wishing to do business with Turkey. (A few of Azarian's relatives working at his branch office in Boston had already become naturalized U.S. citizens.) Having worked as agents for Colt and Winchester, the Azarians were no strangers to the labyrinthine ways of Turkish armament contracts.

    Acting with the company's power of attorney, the Azarians procured two additional arms contracts: on March I1 for 300,000 additional Martini-Henry rifles and on August 23 for an additional I00,000 rifles. Providence Tool was now committed to a total production of 600,000 rifles, at that time the largest single order ever received by an American arms manufacturer from a foreign power.


    Once more the trusty Azarians stepped into the picture and presented a solution highly reminiscent of ad campaigns from present day loan companies: they consolidated the large debts and then arranged small weekly payments. By this agreement, the Turks would pay £18,000 a week for seven weeks, £20,000 the eighth week, and thereafter £12,000 a week until September of 1878. The tool company was not to demand any penalty fees, and would receive £50,000 as security for eventual payment while reserving 30,000 rifles as security until the £50,000 was paid. This amount would also-be kept by the company in rifles.


    Although it had successfully lifted the claims of Anthony and Winchester on the Middleton's cargo, the credit of November 24, 1877 could not fund continued production and a halt the following January left an unaccepted inventory of 16,000 rifles and 20,000 bayonets. Once again Anthony threatened to put the rifles up for sale. In short order the indefatigable Azarians came up with yet another payment plan for the Porte. Funding was to be from such diverse sources as fees paid by Turkish citizens to avoid conscription, proceeds from the sale of possessions of soldiers killed in action, and moneys which had been earmarked for railroad expansion in Rumelia. Providence Tool would release 15,000 rifles and 25,000 saber bayonets after receiving an initial payment of £37,346. Thereafter, for each weekly payment of £4,000, it would release another 2,000 Peabody-Martinis over a period of thirty weeks. If followed to the letter, the Turks would have satisfied their obligations to the tool company by November 21, . To no one's surprise, the Porte defaulted on the initial payment. And further complications were still to come.

  • The Reminiscences Of James Burrill Angell/ChapterIX

    (Google book)

    The summer of 1898 we spent in the island of Prinkipo, in the spacious mansion of Mr. Azarian, and with our launch made many beautiful excursions to the adjacent island and to the main land.

  • The Isles of the Princes; Or, The Pleasures of Prinkipo By Samuel Sullivan Cox

    (Google book)

    pages 148-149

    There is a Catholic Armenian Church in Prinkipo. The Patriarch, who is a brother of the Armenian banker, Azarian, conducted the services.
    Page 203-204
    A breeze springs up as we pass the hotels Calypso and Giacomo on the craggy shore of Prinkipo. The superb villas which crown the bluffs are on our left. The breeze struts the prismatic windmills in motion. The flag over he Azarian water tower is our own star-spangled banner.
  • Hamilton Literary Magazine By Hamilton College (Clinton, N.Y.)

    (Google book) After a pleasant journey from Glasgow to Constantinople, LEROY F. OSTRANDER, '94, finds himself in a stately mansion on the island of Prinkipo, the largest of the nine Princess Islands in the sea of Marmara, reached by a steamer in an hour and a half from the golden Horn.

    .................. Mr. Ostrander's one bright pupil is the only son of Mr. Joseph Azarian, a wealthy Armenian, whose American wife believes in the value of an all round American education.

  • Turkish Memories By Sidney Whitman, 1914

    (google book)

    So Great was the terror among the Armenians of position that one of the wealthiest, the banker, Azarian, to whom I had brought a letter of introduction from the London house of Rothchild, closed his place of business and fled to Prinkipo.

Azarians in the US State Department Papers, 1873

Papers Relating to the Foreign Relations of the United States By United States Dept. of State 1873 (Google Book)

Correspondence between Hamilton Fish and the United States Department of State April 19, 1872 on the subject of passports and citizenship:

Mr. Brown next mentions the case of Mr. Aristahis Azarian. Records has been found in this Department of the passport, No. 6696, issued to him under date of 6th January 1855. If, however, Mr. Azarian is an Ottoman subject by birth, and has made his domicile of late years in Constantinople, his case would appear to come within the rules of the circular from the Department of October 14, 1869 .

Mr. Brown next mentions the case of Mr. James Azarian. Record of the passport, said to have been issued to him by this Department, has not been found, but as the date and number are not mentioned in Mr. Brown's dispatch, it is quite possible that such a passport may have been issued at some time. The case appears to be governed by the rule just now mentioned for the case of Mr. Aristahis Azarian.

Note: He applied for a passport in Boston in 1856, see above.

Goe H Boker replied to Hamilton Fish:
Shortly after my arrival her Mr. Aristahis Azarian presented himself to me, exhibiting his old passport from the Department of State, and requested me to issue a new passport to him. Knowing that there had been a question as to his right of citizenship in the United States, which my predecessor, Mr. Morris, had refused to acknowledge, I questioned Mr. Azarian closely, and he professed to be able to obtain copies of his naturalization papers from the United States, and pledged his word to produce them within a reasonable time. Pending that production, to the time allowed for which I have place a limit, I instructed the consul general to protect Mr. Azarian as fully as though his claim were established. I hope Mr. Azarian may prove his right to citizenship of the United States for he is a very useful man to this legation, sitting as he always willingly does, as judge in the tidjarret or mixed court, in American cases, and there in displaying marked ability. We could more readily dispense with many a man of undoubted citizenship, in the American colony, than with the valuable services of Mr. Aristahis Azarian. In addition to the claim advanced by the two Azarians, Aristahis and James, a third brother, Mr. Joseph Azarian, is undoubtedly a citizen of the United States.* He resides in the city of Boston almost altogether, where he and his two brothers have in conjunction, an important commercial house. On the whole, this Azarian affair is pretty well mixed up, after the usual Levantine fashion, and whether Aristaahies and James can emerge from it as American citizens remains to be seen. I understand that there was no suspicion of the claim of the brothers Azarian to American citizenship until, at the death of their father, a few years ago, when they got into a triangular fight over the property of the deceased, and one brother denounced the others to the minister, the consu, and to everybody who would listen to him, more Turcico. Now that peace has been made among them, the prtesting brother would fain return his family to our fold more Turcico once more.

*Italics mine, MLB

Azarian Information and Images from Armen Gurekian

In June 2010 Armen Gurekian wrote from Triviso, Italy to share some images and information on the Azarian family of Constantinople.

Armen is the son of Ohannes Gurekian. Ohannes Gurekian was the son of Leon Gurekian and Mariamik Azarian (the daughter of Bedros Azarian and Takouhi Marouche(ian)

Armen wrote,
"Gay Head" sailing ship, navigating in the Bosforus, in the old oil painting (from Constantinople) in our "Villa Ararat" in Asolo (Treviso -Italy). In the painting the front red flag bares "AZARIAN PERE ET FILS", the back red flag "GAY HEAD" and the name of the ship, on the prow and on the poop is "GAY HEAD"."
Note: Gay Head is on Martha's Vineyard.

"The Azarian family also owned a large property in Pendik (Asian side of sea of Marmara, in front of Prinkipo islands), where they passed the holidays. There was gardens, lawns, etc."

The Azarians used to move on the Bosforus, form Buyukdere to Pendik, Prinkipo or the center of the town with their steam-ship named "Ararat".

The Azarians Leave Constantinople

Some of the little informations I have about the Azarian family collected from the private diary of my greatmother Mariamik.

After the death of Bedros Azarian, the control of the affairs in Constantinople passed completely to his brother, Joseph (Hovsep).

In October 1906 the sons of Bedros asked Joseph to divide their portion of capital stock and properties. I don't know how this was done.

In January 1907 Yervant leaves Constantinople for Paris where he marries Anna, without the permission of his mother.

In June 1907 departure of Takouhi for Lausanne.

September 7, 1907, Mariamik, her husband, Leon, and their son, Ohannes, leave Constantinople for Venice. In November 1907 they move to Rome where they live for many years.

January 13, 1908 Takouhi and her daughter Zabel are in Rome with Mariamik.

October 2, 1908 the mother of Mariamik comes back from Constantinople to Venice with Zabel, Rita and Aristakes. Nektarine died the 23th of June, so in Constantinople there was nobody else from the family of Bedros Azarian. I think they moved to Paris in 1909.

December 14, 1909, Takouhi and Zabel are in Rome at the home of Mariamik and Leon. They leave Rome for Constantinople on January 1, 1910.

June 2, 1911, Rita marries Guido Pabis

November 22, 1911, Takouhi is near Rita in Naples.

December 12, 1911, Takouhi is in Venice for one day.

May 10, 1913, Takouhi and Rita are in Venice for few days.

September 1914. All the members of the Azarian family, leave Constantinople, come to live in the house of Leon and Mariamik in Asolo. They will leave the 2nd January 1915.

May 1, 1921, death of Rita in Constantinople.

May 23, 1923, death of Joseph Azarian, uncle of Mariamik in Paris. He was 77 years old.*

During 1924 Leon builds the "Villa Ararat" in Asolo (Treviso, Italy) and from the 31th December they begin living in their new home.

About 1925 confiscation of all the Azarian and Gurekian properties in Istanbul from the Turk government.

June 2, 1926, Aristakes becomes an Italian citizen.

September 30, 1926, Mariamik and Leon become Italian citizens.

November 1, 1926, Mariamik - with an Italian passport - is in Istanbul to try the restitution of their properties. I think Guido Pabis, Zabel and Takouhi are also in Istanbul trying the same thing.

February 16, 1927, Mariamik obtains a partial restitution of their properties but for this, she is obliged to sell a part of them.

April 28,1927 Mariamik leaves Istanbul for Venice.

The history of the family of Bedros Azarian in Istanbul is terminated." Mariamik made many other journeys to Istanbul in the next years to administrate their properties.

My father Ohannes went many times in Istanbul during the seventies. He tried to restore the little house (the keeper house remained in property) on the left of the Azarian's house in Buyukdee (the "Sadberk Hanim Museum") but after a lot of difficulties he has been obliged to reject the idea and to sell the house.

In 1970 Piero Pabis, son of Guido, representing the majority of the Azarian family, and I, went to Istanbul, two or three times, to sell the property of Pendik.

In 1988 I went many times and once with my mother, Dina, in Istanbul to sell the "Gurekian apartments" (built for himself by Leon in 1906) in Ayas Pacha and the "Sima apartments".

During the journeys of my father, the mausoleum of the Azarian family was in good conditions!!!"

*Will probated London, Azarian, Joseph of 1 Rue Jules Lefebvre Paris France died 23 May 1923 Administration Londo 9 February to Ermine Narlian (wife of Nerses Narlian) effects 192 pounds 4 s 5 d.

Village of Perkenik

History of Perkenik, is a manuscript written in 1956 by Fr. Ephrem Boghossian

From the TRANSLATOR'S PREFACE by Joe Topalian

"The life of Aristakes Azarian stands out. In Constantinople of the mid 19th century, the Azarians achieve great wealth in international trade. Under the trade firm "Azarian and Son," father Hovhannes and son Aristakes build a renown state-of-the-art sailing vessel named "Armenia." It was used to transport goods between major ports, especially between Constantinople and Boston, Massachusetts. As an international banker and government representative, Aristakes earns high honors from Turkey and Europe. His many charities are legendary: In Belgium, he constructs girls and boys schools. In Hajin, he builds two beautiful educational institutions. To the school at Bandirma and that of the Immaculate Conception sisters, he donates large sums of money. His wife Hripsime was a great benefactor for the St. James (Soorp Hagop) Hospital and a shelter for the poor. The author states that it would take pages to show the extent of his charitable works. In some of these he cooperates with his equally famous brother who was to become the Catholicos-Patriarch Stephen Peter X.

See A History of Pirkinik

Greek, Italian, Armenian, Dictionary

Nuovo dizionario ellenico-italiano-armeno-turco [New Dictionary Greek, Italian, Armenian Turkish] By Aristaces Azarian, Stephanos Azarian Vienna 1848

"One last interesting sideline. In my library I have a beautifully bound 3-inch thick Greek Dictionary in four languages: Greek, Italian, Armenian, and Turkish. It was authored by the "Brothers Aristakes and Stephen Azarian" and published in 1848. Until I read the present book (i.e. this one by Fr. Ephrem Boghossian) I had no idea that they were Perkiniktsees.

From the TRANSLATOR'S PREFACE by Joe Topalian of A History of Pirkinik

More Photos of the Azarians

On July 14, 2010 I wrote to the Middle East Centre, St Antony's College, Oxford. OX2 6JF to try and get the use of the following images.

  1. 68-71 - The Azarian family at home
  2. 72 - Miss Long, Mrs Azarian, Captain and Mrs Hancock in a cabin of the "Imogene"
Album 3 "Constantinople 1900-1901"

RYAN PHOTOGRAPHS GB165-0248 Sir Andrew Ryan Photographs

Paul Azarian born in Constantinople circa 1816/18 in Boston Massachusetts - brother of Havhannes per Armen Gurekian

Birth: Circa 1816/1820 Constantinople

Immigration: September 20, 1853, to the port of Boston, on the S. S. John Winthrop, born Turkey, last residence Turkey, occupation merchant, age 35 (Mass passenger index LDS)

1855: Naturalization: Paul Azarian, of Boston, merchant, alien, born at Constantinople, 28 May 1820, age 35, arrived in Boston on or about 6 Jun 1855, renounced Abdul Medjid Grand (can't read) of Turkey Petition Date: 13 Jun 1855

1856 US Passport Application: Paul Azarian age 40, 5 ft 7 inches born Constantinople, black eyes black hair, 15 January 1856, Boston, Massechusetts

In June 2018 Armen Gurekian sent a copy of two documents dated January 15, 1856:

Boston January 15, 1856

Sir: A passport is most respectfully solicited from the State Department for Paul Azarian whose affidavit is here to annexed,

Very Respectfully,

You Obed't Serv't,

Paul Azarian,

to the honorable the Secretary of State of the United States, Washington, D. C.,

Please froward the Passport to V. Azarian & Co. Merchants, Boston, Mass.

United States of America, I Paul Azarian being duly sworn do depose and say that I am a naturalized citizen of the United States was born in Constantinople, Turkey age 40, 5 feet 7 inches, high forehead, black eyes, grecian nose, mouth, samll, hair black, complexion, dark, Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Azarian, V. and Co was located at 41 India Wharf, Boston in 1860, 1866 and 1870. Listed as Vincent Azarian & co. in 1852. 1866 - Azarian Joseph (V. Azarian & Co.), merchant, 41 India wharf,

Gregor (Krigor) and Manouk Azarian in Constantinople

In January 2009 Catherine Saiko kindly shared an Azerian "acte d'heritage" from the Patriarcat Armenien in Constantinople. The document is is French which Catherine graciously translated.

The Armenian Patriarchat certifies herewith, based on a document issued by the Armenian church of Pera, that Mr. Manouk AZARIAN, senator, son of deceased Krikor, originating from Constaninople, Ottoman subsect, who died in Pera on 17th April 1922, has left as sole heirs for his succcession his legitime wife, Madame Kohar, daughter of the deceased Mr. Hagob, his three major* daughters Mademoiselles Makrouni-Olga, Rita-Sophie and Lidie, as well as his two major* sisters, Mademoiselles Elois and Annig AZARIAN. It is also stated that the deceased did not leave any other heirs except the above mentionned, who are actually alive, are of Armenian nationality and are Ottoman subjects, living in Pera, Ayaz Pacha Djadde, appartment Azarian, no. 77. Constantinople, 23.06.1922

*[majeures - I assuume this means they are of age. MLB]

Kirgor (Grigor) Azarian and

Birth: MAYBE Grigor Azarian, the son of Hovsep Azarian and Mariam T----ri, godfather Bosos Eninlni, 1869



  1. Manouk Azarian (??-1922) and Kohar Hagop (?)


    Marriage: Kohar* Hagop (?) daughter of Mr. Hagop

    * Kohar is a first name meaning Jewel.


    1. Makrouni-Olga

    2. Rita Sophia

    3. Lidie

    Death: April 1922

  2. Elois Azarian

  3. Annig Azarian
Another Record for Gregor Azarian: Marinavid Azarian, the daughter of Gregor Azarian, the son of Ernesten,-----, godfather, Zokon (no last name) the son of Horoni, born May 22, 1907 and baptized on July 22, 1907 (Holy Tinity)

From Armen Gurekian July, 2010

Josep Azarian and Miriam




  1. Hamitas Hovhannes, the son of Hovsep Azarian and there is no listing for the mother or godfather, 1865 (Surp Hovan)

  2. Anton, son of Josep Azarian and Miriam -----, godfather, Bozso ----- priest-----1866 (Baptisms city of Istanbul)

  3. Mekasez Azarian, the child of Hovsep Azarian and Mariam T-nglri, godfather Bosos Ehinlii, 1868 (Surp Hovan)

  4. Grigor Azarian, the son of Hovsep Azarian and Mariam T----ri, godfather Bosos Eninlni, 1869

  5. Tagouji, the daughter of Jo-o-f Azarian and Miriam Trn---ian, sponsor, Bozso -----narian, in 1873 (St Mary)

  6. M-rin, the child of Josep and Mariam Tn-rtian, godfather Bozos Enroufian, priest----- 1874 (City of Istanbul Baptisms)

  7. Jo----, the child of Josep Azarian and Marionia Tn-ian, godfather -e-Azarian, 1877 (City of Istanbul Baptisms

  8. Epova--, child of Josep Azarian son of Mh--zi and Mar----T---, daughter of ---- Mh--zi, godfather Bozso Ehinian (?), priest ----, born September 12, 1881, baptized September 27, 1881 (St. Paul)

  9. Josep, the son of Josep Azarian and -----, godfather---- Azarian, priest----, 1882 (City of Istanbul Baptisms)

  10. Hari of Hosep Azarian and Marian Ter-rian, godfather Peri Azarian, 1897 (Surp Hovan)

Stepan Azarian and ---- Mirz-ian




  1. Heri Azarian the child of Stepan Azarian and -p Mirz-ian, godfather, Bizras Tokarlin, 1882 (Surp Hovan)

    _eo-child of Sri-ian Azarian and Azalei M-lo-, godfather -----, priest---- 1882 (City of Istanbul Baptisms)

Bitros Azarian and Miriam




  1. Sofi Azarian, the daughter of Bitros Azarian and Miriam (no surname listed), godfather, Minas Aravian, 1883 (Surp Hovan)

    Sofi, the daughter of B---- and Mariama-----, godfather, Minas Azamian, priest-----, 1883 (City of Istanbul Baptisms)

Vine (Hine) Azarian and Miriam




  1. Hovtas Martin Azarian, the son of Vinin and Mariam Azoniozian, godfather, Peri Azarian, 1879 (Surp Hovan)

  2. Takou Azarioan, the child of Vines Azarian and Mariam Aza-olian, godfather, Peri Azarian, 1880 (Surp Hovan)

    Ta----, the child of Hinen Azarian and Mariam A-a-e-zian, godfather, -eor- Azarian, priest----, 1880 (City of Istanbul Baptisms)

  3. Bitros (Bedros) Azarian, the son of Vine Azarian, and Mariam Ena-ezolian, godfather ---- Ena-esolian, 1884 (Surp Hovan)

    Birros (?), the child of Hinin Azarian and Marianme E-----Ian, godfather Sirobe E----ian, priest----, 1883 (City of Istanbul)

Tatin Azarian


Marriage: Tatin Azarian the son of Pesrgas to Mariam Menevizian, the daughter of Ga-bos, witness Megran Telian, 1876 (Surp Hovan)


Abraham Azarian and his relationship (if any) to the other Azarians on this page

A combination of records show that Abram (Abraham) Azarian was born at or near Sivas, Turkey circa 1865. It is highly likely that he was born in the village of Pirkinic. His parents were most likely Melcon and Gardar.

Abram Azarian married and his children were baptized in the Armenian Catholic Church. The connection to the Catholic Church is noteworthy as the majority of Armenians were Apostolic. Hovhannes Azarian and Anna Kovhovmjian (see above) were also Catholic.

Abram Azarian's wife, Lucy Arevian/Hagopian, was from the village of Perkinik, the home of Hovhannes Azarian and Anna Kovhovmjian (see above).

Family history says he was employed as a "purchaser for the French lines". Arisdages Azarian and his brothers and children were in the shipping business. See above.

Tom's older aunts made a big deal out of the fact that there was a place at the the Gregorian College in Rome for any Azarian who wanted to attend. They hinted at connections to higher ups in the Armenian Catholic Church. This may have been to Peter Azarian the Patriarch of the Armenian Catholic Church.

Often mentioned by the older aunts was that the family were "Pacradouni".

Armenian Catholics in Turkey

"The Catholics, as yet, so not number more than twelve thousand."

The Month, Catholic Magazine and Review

January - April 1884

1891 Annuaire Oriental

In July 2012 Catherine Saiko graciously sent me the internet connection to the Annuaire Oriental 1891 which contained the following listings for the name AZARIAN. 1891 Annuaire Oriental

  1. Page 525 3me Rue Boyouk Parmak Capou)

    105 Agopian, (Micael) Negociant

    107 Azarian (Antonine), banquier

    107 Azarian (G.) employe a la banque ott


    Mgr Etienne Pierre X. Azarian,. Patriarche de Cilicie.

    Azarian (Ant.), banquier, Grande Rue de Pera, 107. Azarian (Aristakes p.226 (3) AZAR - page 226 Azarian (Stepan), broderies, Kezabdjioflou. Han, 24, S. Azarian (Vit.), miroitier, Kurkdji Han, 11, 19, S. Azarian (Vit.), marchand, R. Djelel, 7, P.

    Azarian Pere et Fils, et negociants, R. Perchembe Bazar, 22, G.

    Azarian (St.), Kezapdjioglou Han, 24, S.

    Azarian (Vit.), Kurkdji Han,11, 12,39

    Azarian (Antoine); banquier.

    Azarian (G.), employe a la banque ott.

    Azarian (Yitchen), marchand. 9.

    Azarian (Bedros). Avocats : Ismail Hakki Effendi.

    and more

Annuaire Oriental 1895

In July 2012 Catherine Saiko graciously sent me a copy of two pages of the Annuaire Oriental 1895 which contained the following listings for the name AZARIAN.

Azarian, peintre-artisle [painter-??], R. Meche, 12 P

Azarian (Gregorie), R. Syra, Selvi, 55 P

Azarian (Ant.), Dde de Pera, 107

Azarian (Aristakes Effendi), de la maison Azarian Pere et Fils, president de la chambre de commerce de Constantinople.- Dom: a Bouyoukdere.

Azarian (Bedros A.) de la maison Azarian Pere et Fils - Dom: a Bouboukdere

Azarian (Bog.) bijoutier [jeweler], Zindjirli Han 6, s.

Azarian (Jos.), de la maison Azarian Pere et Fils, R. Arslan 15, P.

Azarian (Joseph A.) de la maison Azarian Pere et Fils - Dom: a Bouboukdere

Azarian (M.) forgeron [smith], R. Calafat -yere 85, G.

Azarian (Mgr Etienne, catolicos de Cilicie, patriarche des armeniens catholiques, R. Sakyz Agatch, P.

Azarian Pere et Fils banquiers et negociants; fondes de pouvoirs de la Cle d'assurance Alliance (Voir) annonce page 1315). Maison fondee en 1835 par Ohannes Azarian sous la firme actuelle. Proprietaires actuels Aristakes Azarian et Joseph fils de Ohannes Azarian, Bedros A et Joseph A. fils de Aristakes Azarian president de la chambre de commerce de Constantinople depuis sa fondation R. Perchembe Bazar, 22. G.

Azarian (Pouzik), caissier [cashier] a la Cle des Quais

Azarian (Step), [designer], Djedid yarem Ilan 23, S.

Azarian (Vit.) miroitier [glazier], Kurkdji Han 11, 19 et R Mahmoud Pacha 95. S. Com: R. Pancaldi 199 Pera. He was listed as retired in the 1914 Annuaire Oriental.

No Melcon, no Apram

Annuaire Oriental 1914

In July 2012 Catherine Saiko graciously sent me a copy of two pages of the Annuaire Oriental 1914 which contained the following listings for the name AZARIAN.

  1. Azarian et Cie, negociants, Bouyonk Achir Effedni Han, 28, P.

    [Azarian & Co. traders]

  2. Azarian (Apram), employe, R. Luledji Hendek, 113 G.


  3. Azarian (Aristagues), banquier, Imp. Lorando, 2, P.

    [banker, importer?]

  4. Azarian Effendi, senateur, Grand Rue de Pera, 77


  5. Azarian (A. T.) et Fils, draps, R. Elma-Dagh, 10, Panc

    [and sons, draper/linens]

  6. Azarian (Azarik), negociant, R. Elma-Dagh, 10, Panc.


  7. Azarian (Boghos), joaillier, R. Gul-Soudjou, 11 S.


  8. Azarian, (Carnik), chef de section a la division de la comptabilite centreal de la dette publique --tomane, R Avanos, 9, P.

    [section head of accounting division central public dept]

  9. Azarian (Garabad), tailleur, R. Tchailar, 13, P.


  10. Azarian (G.) commissionnaire, Whittal Ban. 10, S. Dom: R Pancaldi, 201, appart. Azarian, 3.


  11. Azarian (Gregoire), rentier, R. Nicahn-Tache 9, P.


  12. Azarian (Hratchie), mercier, R. Tachailac 84, P.


  13. Azarian (Joseph A.), banquier, Boul, Ayaz Pacha, 77, P.


  14. Azarian (K.), fournit, pr. tailleurs, Grand Rue de Pera, 608

    [provides (pr.) tailoring]

  15. Azarian Pere et Fils ---, banquiers et negociants, fondes de pouvoirs de la Cie d'assurances Alliance, Maison fondee en 1835, R. Perchembe Bazar, 22, G.

    [Bankers and merchants, officers of the Alliance Insurance Co.]

  16. Azarian (Setrak), pharmacien, R. Elma Dagh, 41, Panc


  17. Azarian (Stephan) , Djedid Yaren Han, 26, S.

    [linen printer]

  18. Azarian (Vitehen), rentier, R. Pancaldi, 201, appart, Azarian, 3


G.=Galata, P.=Pera, S=??

Numbers 1., 3., 13. and 15. are related to the Azarian Brothers, the sons of Hovhannes Jean Azarian (1795-1864) and Anna Kovhovmjian (Kouyouomdjian) (1801-1896) from Perkenik.

Numbers 5., 6. and possibly 16. have the Elma Dagh address in common.

Numbers 10. and 18. have an address in common.

"The senator" was Mr. Manouk AZARIAN. See Gregor and Manouk Azarian above.

Apram Azarian is my husband's grandfather. See Apram Azarian

Catherine also sent me a copy of the page showing the inhabitants of Luleji Hendek Street in Galata.
LULEDJI HENDEK (rue), Galata. (1)

La No. 21 a gauche dans la Grand Rue de Pera (No. 697), a la rue Bit Bazar [ 21 to the left of the Grand Rued de Pera (no. 697) to Bit Bazaar Street.]


  1. Azarian (Apram), employe.
  2. Mamon (Georges, bombotes
  3. Zarzavasakis (Dim), vins et mast.
  4. Arevian (Baptiste), proprietaire
  5. Mosquee Hodja Ali

The Ali Hoca Cami [Ali Hodja Mosque] is still at the corner of Hoca Ali Sk and Luleci Hendek Cd. Luleci Hendek sokak

Map collection Maggie Land Blanck, July 2012

This is a German Map so street names vary from English, French and Turkish. My additions:

  1. Galata Tower
  2. Rue Luledji Hendek the location of the Hoca Ali Mosque hence near the Arevian Appartement
  3. Holy Savior (Saint Sauveur de Galata) Armenian Catholic Church

Gurekian contains the Gurekian and Azarian family trees. Click on the tree in the lower right corner.

Abraham Azarian, born Sivas, Turkey, circa 1865
More on Aristakes Azarian
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